Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hello Humans.

A long post ahead, for this very last day of 2009.

Guess I should be contended with my grades. Though I always say if can pass everything I'll be very happy, but it's always not the case after I pass everything. Okay, I'm happy with no C and everything pass :D But I have to admit I'm quite disappointed with all the B-s, but oh well, that's good enough, moreover I still have so many semesters to work harder :) And isn't my result within my expectation? HAHA. This is how I 安慰 myself. And thanks those who are concern like xq and cs Sai :)

So this how I fared:

Academic Year 2009 ,Semester 1 Study Year 1
Course Course AU Grade Course Type
Total AU Earned 16
Term GPA 3.28
Exam Status:- Satisfactory

Total AUs (Academic Units) required is 146, so 118AUs more to go! I wish I can survive through my university.

To my dear friends who felt the same , let's 加油吧! :D

Year 2009 is ending after around 12hours later and 2010 is coming. How fast, I wish 时间可以倒流,让一切停留在无忧无虑的日子. Like now.

I've blogged regarding to his year in another private blog with my laopos, I shall edit a bit and post it here :)

After A’s, enjoy and work. Waiting for A’s to be released. Work. Release of A’s, worry for university. Work and struggled. University starts, struggle starts.

That’s how I sum up 2009.

To me, 2009 pass quite fast (N.A. when I'm the process of studies and work). I have to agree with zy and hl that this year is a pretty different year and we get to have a real taste of office politics. We had a really long so called school holiday, with me taking up jobs as fast as I dropping them down and be unemployed for the very first time. First job in Horsebrand was not bad, but that's really a labour job but good experience. And most of the time passes quite fast. Flyer distributor and working at starhub and Singapore Flyer were super short working period, with most lasting for a week. I realized that I'm really a slow decision maker, give up easily(or rather say I don't have much determination for what I don't like to do and if there's an easier way I would opt for it) and I seriously hate front line job. Working as admin assistance at Tuas is the job that I held for the longest, and that's 3 months only. It's the most pleasant job among all and I finally fulfill my wish to work with papers and computer :D People are nice, but I don't know what they are saying at the back. Perhaps they don't just talk about xiaoqian behind/in front of her, perhaps about me too, hard to say you see. I pity her, for people treating her like that. But I was wearing a mask too, I'm guilty too, cos I can't swear I didn't mention any negative sides of her. So I think it’s a must to learn some skills to manage relationships between colleagues which would be helpful next time. I don't want to be the next her, which makes going to work like going to hell.

As for studies, I really still prefer sec/JC life. I miss uniform. I miss my classmates who will be around me in tutorials/lectures constantly instead of having stranger classmates that are around in the same small tutorial room. Though I hate PC (okay this is random) and I wasn't close with my classmates, but at least there're one or two that you can rely on, one or two that you can ask them question. Now? I don't think I've make such friend. or maybe one if I have to really squeeze out from my mind. Though university I've so called one friend who is with me most of the time, I don't think we're close. We didn't choose the same electives etc. How sad. What can I say? Maybe I've yet to adapt to stupid university life which I find more stress than sec/JC. To me, it's people that makes the big difference I guess. It's not like what the teacher used to say, university is less stress place among sec and JC/poly. I think in sec you'll stress about getting into JC/poly/even ITE, then JC/poly you'll stress about getting university. It's endless of stress to move to the ultimate education level which is university. But I find there more stress D: Perhaps I'm building a wall around myself, so I don't get to know many friends. But if you ask me to lame around like I used to with them, I think that's pretty hard. I don't know why also. Oh ya, I don't really like the irregular school timing though there're more time allocated to us. I still have to wake up in the morning to squeeze in the morning train. That might not happen next time with new timetable and earlier classes are preferred to have more time to be spent.

Year 2009, I travelled quite a lot too. Referring to oversea trips etc. As usual, I don't take in account for those less than 1 day trip to JB to my dad's shop doing nothing but eating la. First was Sabah with my grandparents and my godma in May, then China and Desaru trip with my family in Nov and Dec respectively. Great escape from reality and stress. Sabah trip was to escape stress from work, then china's was to escape from studies or rather exam.I don't blame it on China trip for my not so ideal result since the trip destressed me. (:

Physically, I think I got grow also! Size of course getting bigger la, but that's what I really hate D: More run huh? Perhaps that must wait till next year liao (oh well it's coming). Mentally I don't know if I've grow. I think I'm still childish and given a choice I would like to stay childish yet to be more independent. Perhaps I'm getting more independent, all thanks to uni. But as for whether I'm happier or more sad this year, I think it's average. Seems that the happiness is neutralize by all the complaints sia. HAHA.

So yes, this is a year of transition like what zhenying said. And to continue her line, I'll say adaptation is importation for this transition if not you'll be complaining like me. HAHA(: I complaint a lot this year, this shows how typical singaporean I am. HAHA.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hello Humans.

Goodluck for my result, which will be released tmr. Goodluck to whoever getting theirs too :D Hope will pass everything. But when everything pass, I'll get greedy and complaint that I could have score better. That's people right?LOL.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hello Humans!

I have many photos to upload here YET I'm too lazy. It's like never ending, cos I'm too lag... Photos include:
1. China Trip
2. Making Card session with HL
3. Outings with my sister
4. Meet up with laopos
5. Malaysia Trip

And each include 100over photos! How great if I were to upload them in facebook and blog right? Whenever I have the mood, blogger just fail me D": Or perhaps I should just upload all those photos in facebook and put the link here right? HAHA :D Not bad, maybe I should try!

Anyway, it's really PHEW that it was a sunny day on Christmas (: Desaru was hot and filled with organic fertilizer[=animals' da bian like chicken's] smell. The grass damn wet too, I nearly slipped la! Oh ya, there were more aunties than kids, which quite surprised me. LOL.

First we went to the fruit farm :) We tried to listen to the guide but we lagged quite behind so we just miss almost everything that the guide said X: Then we headed to the bee & honey thing which is quite boring cos I think we went for such thing/talk for quite a few times back in Thailand/Indo when I was a kid.

Mini zoo is really a mini zoo, with some goats, chickens, rabbits,blah blah blah. Quite cute la. The monkey was horrible! It RANT at me which scared me!D": I didn't do anything but to take photo of it,luckily they tied it la!HAHA.Had fruit buffet which is quite disappointing cos I don't really like fruits that are not cold. Moreover it's not durian season!! D': They should provide more honeydew and watermelon. Next was our lunch buffet :) The dishes not bad, the prawn is nice. But this idiot girl cut my Queue and her brother was like "eh you sure like that can a not?" Seriously I can just cut back easily with my sisters in front BUT I didn't. I'm too kind soul you see. Damn her.

Then we headed to the beach and initially we thought it will be quite sianx cos we didn't know we'll go beach (I think everything is written on the "timetable" but we just didn't read it X:). The sea view is nice, the wave is strong, the air is fresh and the wind is cooling! Not forgetting the blazing sun too:D I was pretty surprised when I see my dad and sister flying a kite! HAHA. It's been super ultra long since we fly kite together! We used to have many gatherings at the beach etc when we were young! :D The kite cost RM12 but we all had fun! It's so hard to fly it la! My sister damn cute, the kite was flying high up and to make it fly higher we need to release the string, but the string damn short and we didn't know the string is NOT attached to the handle or whatever it is, so the kite just flew away in the wind! -.=

Then we took the private bus to ostrich farm. Indeed there are many ostriches but the land seems to be quite limited. Anyway we witness a ostrich laid egg! HAHA. After the egg was laid it just stand up and seems like nothing happened la! COOL! The ostrich egg is rich in protein if I'm not wrong, and is RM50 each! Tried their kaya made with ostrich egg which replaced the normal chicken egg. It's more creamy but I prefer chicken egg. I dare not try the ostrich egg...

In the late afternoon, we continued to have our early dinner. Dad was quite happy to recall his childhood over there (I don't know what's the place name.). I didn't know he once lived there together with my grandpa a few years! HAHA. The lobster and crab were not bad, but now I have many ulcers D: (That were contributed not only from this meal la).

Next was viewing of fireflies at kota tingi (is it?)! Took a boat with xiao qiang on it D: Saw many fireflies in the mangrove (I think) la! NICE:D It's like light bulbs on the christmas tree and goes bling bling! Moreover it's christmas that day :D

The Desaru trip ended with our night stay over in Zon hotel which we always go. And that's how my christmas is spent! :D

So that's day1. Day 2 I've nothing much to say. Wanted to trim my hair but end up I cut it. HAHA, that's as usual cos I always want to have long hair, yet when I want to trim it I end up cutting it short again D: Sisters rebonded their hair and we had dinner at new hongkong restraunt :) It's a celebration for my grandpa's birthday and a treat from my sister's bf :D The dishes were nice and the service was not bad :) Oh ya, the crab is damn clean too! :) The roasted Pig is nice too. HAHA.

Day 3 was nuahing in the hotel room in the morning and had lunch at the restraunt in the hotel. Not bad :) So I actually had good meals these 3 days with prawn and fish :D Went to westmall to have dinner and saw my primary school friend EILEEN when I was in the car! Surprised that she saw me too and waved to me :) Then when I had my dinner and bought stuff from supermarket, I saw Ms Chong, my SJ teacher in charge! Chatted a while before I left. It's really quite long since I see her! Then my mama was in the car nearby and she thought ms chong is the primary school friend I mentioned earlier on then she ask my dad why my friend like auntie. HAHA.

HAHA, okay. Here I'm back to Singapore, with 2009 coming to an end and school starting in 2 weeks time. Result will be released soon too. Pray for the good!

LOVES,bean :D

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hello Human.

Going Malaysia from 25 Dec to 27 Dec! This time round going Desaru! You know the fruit farm etc, ya, yes we're heading there tmr so pray hard it wouldn't rain tmr! :) It's really weird for my family to go there since it's usually a family with SMALL kids to go, and you can imagine I'm the youngest in the family already...HAHA. But I approved going there since it's been so long since we go to places like that! :D

Anyway did I mention about i want to change the frame of my spect? No worries la, not that I so money wear for less than a week then want change new spect la! It cos when I got my new spect I realise the craving wasn't great in the sense that some plastic chipped off! Moreover there are some scratches on the frame so I asked for a change. It's definitely my right since I paid $150 for it. Anyway the salesperson is good and polite enough to offer to change a new frame for me but I'll have to wait for a week. I'm pleased with the reply :) But come to think about it actually it's weird! Like one week later I get to change for a new frame (of course with the same design la) though I'm wearing the new one NOW. So don't tell me I'm wearing a old one from somebody. HAHA. The person better give me a decent good one if not i shall expose to blog or fb la. LOL. If I'm xiaxue then have more power la, HAHA.

Anyway, are you curious with my new frame? if no, you can read other people's blog already! For those who are interest. here it is:

I'm still trying to adapt with it and make it part of my life.HAHA. I'll try to like it again and accept i.HAHA. :D anyway the spect keep dropping la, make me look like old granny!LOL. And and and, despite I have difficulty looking at words that are far away, my degree didn't really increase. It's a difference of 25 degree only. Yet I still can't really see words that are too far away as usual... :(

Okay that's all.

Enjoy your day~


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hello Human :)

Blogger is not really behave as well as yesterday... So though I wanted to post photos for my top-one trip with hl, but guess I'll just post a few pictures first and upload the rest when blogger becomes more guai :D Anyway I have not send the rest the photos for our last Thurday's outing. I'm so sorry but uploading to mail really take ultra long and each mail I only can attach 3-4photos! Guess that day alone we took 100 over photos la! HAHA :) But no worries, I will send to you girls when I have the time and mood!

Top-oned with hl :)

Great but somehow I still wish to ask for more! HAHA.

HL singing her fav wang fei by xiao jin teng! HAHA. I'll try to K more of this kind of songs next time. TRY.

Hog Breath Cafe. So here's the today's special :)

My best laopos :D

Actually I find this picture pretty decent :D

Today was supposed to meet up with yixin they all and I have been waiting for this day quite sometime, so pretty sad to say it was cancelled ( I think I did mention about it). Cos it's been really long since we all gather... Went out with 2nd sister and brother! We had great lunch at din tai feng with dad :D Their xiao long bao is really nice la! HAHA. I can recall my taitai session with hl last time! HAHA. Causal walking here and there and we didn't buy anything beside food! TAKA is really a good place for snacks (also a place for me to have a small hole in my pocket) :)

Nice right? :D Anyway paiseh la, these photos no link with the post but it's good to take a look at the photos before reading the next paragraph :)

Had fun playing with my brother's i-phone.Pretty fun with all the games/applications la! played this game call "play fish" or don't know what to measure the size of your brain. Surprisingly I scored GENUIS for my first try! HAHA. *clap clap* Followed by scientist and nerd for my second and third try! (Meaning lousier and lousier -.=)

Lastly, it's christmas eve soon ! And christmas is coming!


LOVES,bean :D

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hello humans.

I really hate planning for course!

I wonder when will result out, NUS seems to release their result le...

And I feel weird wearing my new spectacle. It seems to be the more I look at it, the more it doesn't seems to be as nice as what I thought. Anyway it's quite different from my old spects cos this time I bought a plastic one.

Sad to say Primary school meet up is cancelled D":


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hello humans!

I've been going out these days! It's time I should really consider whether I should have Friday class and i sort of think I should... Oh well, a night class would be too tiring right? Moreover there will be school the next day and there will be tutorials before the night lecture also... Hmm...

Anyway, I had a great Thursday with singing with hl and meet up with my laopos and laopo's bf! :D I don't know why but I seems to prefer slow sad songs to be K-ed, HAHA. Maybe next time I choose those slow songs first then more fast (and happier) songs next time :) So happy finally go sing BUT time always pass so fast la! Anyway took video BUT whenever I want to take a video with me someone will interrupt! Not hl but my hp la D: Okay, next time I'll upload the photos here :)

After singing we went to meet up with the rest at Hogs Breath Cafe :) Though we made a serious mistake but it's okay! At least we get to go CHIJME( spell like that?) and eat their food. But quite unsatisfied by their service yet there's service charge. Oh well... Belated gifts to xq and zy, hope you girls will like them! Especially the cards! HAHA:)

Yesterday went town with second sis :) Walk and ate and shopped :D She bought 2 dresses lah! Wanted to buy for her but end up she pay it herself,HAHA. Meet shan and we head to her friend's 21st birthday :)

I realise I have many photos to be uploaded to com/fb/blog. HAHA.

P.S. When will our pri school picnic be?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hello Humans.

Went out with second sis yesterday :D

First we went JP and had KFC black pepper chicken buddy meal as our lunch :) Not bad but quite spicy, I don't know why it turns more spicy after drinking the drink and continue eating the chicken...HAHA. Anyway searched for spectacles and after damn long then i decided to take the $150 one :) Anyway it's sponsor by my sis :D I had a hard time deciding to take the $150 one or the $180 one. The former is more conservative, as in not so bright and loud, with brown and pink. The latter is quite loud and bright so i hesitated to take that. But what my sister said was true, the latter one I would get to wear if I were to work, moreover it's better brand with better quality. HAHA, saw Evelyn (shan's friend) and her relative was looking for spects too! Seek for their comments and still indecisive! Oh well that's me. Finally decided to take the first one :) Quite surprised that my degree didn't increase :O Hate the heavy rain when we leave JP and head to JE D: The rain should rain at the correct timing! Like 2-5pm? HAHA.

Okay, going JB soon.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Hello Humans.

Didn't really rest my ached legs after the jog last Wednesday. I really very laoya lo, legs ached for many days just like PC need 1week to recover-.= Actually there're plenty of photos for me to upload but I'll do it next time since I've not upload them to the laptop.HAHA :D

Thurs- went out w second sis and dad in the morning for car servicing. Had great lunch at Shokudo Japanese food bazaar :D Sis wanted to treat but end up dad treated us (HAHA, i don't have to spend with dad around!) Anyway the bacon&cheese omelet is great :) After our lunch we went to see other cars, no intending to buy it now but most probably next year. Then Sis went home while i meet up with yt zy pam and cs sai at Jurong Point :) Great meet up but too bad hl didn't join in. To my surprise yt's family was there at the foodcourt too! HAHA. I will not order walnut dessert next time, unless my sister is there to finish it up. The almond one is acceptable :) Felt like slapping cs sai's act innocent face! Oh ya, saw fengyi and jon too! HAHA.

Fri- Went JB and bought secret recipe cake :D

Sat- Went many places with Shan! First we went Chinatown for cozycot's ginvera workshop, followed by compass point! First time to sengkang compass point,initally feel that the place quite big but actually okay la. Then we went City Square Mall, Singapore's first eco shopping mall and went dad's shop! :D Anyway mum killed a baby lizard in my room! that's freaking disgusting right? I mean the lizard (especially a baby one!) is disgusting of course! I HATE LIZARD. I wonder what happen next time if my kids were to ask me to kill lizard and xiaoqiang and other insects-.= Cos I always ask my dad(if he's in the house)/mum to kill them for me!HAHA. But my mum afraid of xiaoqiang too but of course as a mum she will kill it for us, my mama so great right?:D (okay,i guess many mama is like that)

Sunday-Finally at home and did some tidying :) Watched THE HOST on channel U which I've been waiting for quite some time since the advertisement. But to my disappointment, it wasn't as great as i thought. Instead of focusing on pollution (ya true the film mention how the US scientist being the evil to pollute the Hans river), the films seems to indicate more on how scientist misuse their power in the sense that there's no virus from the monster but they claim there is etc. HAHA, and the funny part is they use a U.S scientist as a evil person but a brave U.S soldier to kill the monster. Okay, i don't know how to say it here, i shall just talk about it with my sister.

Another thing to mention about yesterday was a car accident near Little Guilin. Scary lah, it was almost 11.30P.M. then a very very loud brake sound followed by BANG BANG BANG. Many residents including me went to the balcony to take a look and saw a car on the pedestrian walkway! Some even more san ba to go down to the pool to have a clearer view-.= Oh well, if they were to help it's okay, but if they were just to kaypo then if there's really problem, the first aiders still need to control the crowd. Meaning there's more job for them to do! But I guess there's no casualties or passerby (phew!), if not they would die will the ambulance coming so long after the accident!

Mon- In my dad's shop now :D Did some stuff on my to-do list before going out with dad to settle some stuff and to have lunch! Visited Aunt at her workplace too! Ate bean curd, egg tart and youtiao before back to shop.HAHA,I'm gonna be so FAT. Had a few things to blog about today but i forgot what i wanted to blog. D: Anyway I hate drivers who horn other drivers for stupid reasons! Drivers are suppose to be patient la, if the car can go it will go, if not have to just wait mah! Okay, i don't want to think what else to blog since this post is quite long winded already.HAHA.

Take care1

LOVES,bean :D

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Hello humans!

I'm so happy now! :D Not that I've win a lucky draw (though i wish i won, HAHA), but amazingly I went for a run jog today! :D It's really WOAH for me cos' as a person who dread running and didn't run for almost a year, i finally decided to join my 2nd sister to gym! :D Jogged 2.7 KM for 30min, including walking for almost 10min! I very happy i tell you! HAHA, slow as it seems but i'm super happy now with my aching legs and arms! people who know me should know I HATE 2.4km for NAFA. HAHA, i can recall how pamela encouraged me to run 2.4km last time. HAHA

anyway walked to westmall and did some purchases! That contributes to burning more fats :D HAHA. But as a reward i ate a fried chicken wing and here comes all the FATS. lalala, never mind it's okay :D


Monday, December 07, 2009

Hello Humans.
Second post of the day. Have the urge to blog again, HAHA(:
Planning timetable is really a sianjipua task! D': There are 3 prescribed sociology courses, all fall on Mon-Thurs so quite happy cos quite possible to make a 4day school week. But after discussing with Adele, we wanted to take course(s) without examination at the end of the sem, so we wanted to take HW111 but stupidly the lect fall on Friday! I wonder if I can/will pon that stupid freaking an hour of lect! And thinking whether should add one course on tues and my tues lesson will end at 8.30pm, then if add another course on friday also can la, then i'll guaiguai go for the HW111 lect. Oh well, I shall think about it by 22dec cos that's the day to register our courses, sianjipua, this time round i must camp in front of my com liao! Anyway dear friends of mine in NTU do you all want to take same electives or GERPE with me? HAHA.
Anyway, yesterday watched the charity show. It's been really really long since I watch charity show. I used to love to watch but hmm, i finally watch it yesterday. It so sad to watch the show la, I'll learn to love my fat legs and fat arms cos it's better to have fat legs and arms than having no legs or arms! And so happy to listen so many nice songs from the singers! :D But i suddenly thought of NKF and RenCi with their past shows and news with law suit issues...
I have yet to look through the china photos! Should i start packing my stuff or look through photos? But I've been using com the whole day! So bad for my eyes! Oh ya, I need to make new spects...........
Okay, LOVES,
Hello Humans.

I have only completed two task on my to-do list. That's pretty slow. Anyway have been going out these days and finally I'm at home today! :D [Anyway 313 open already! Pretty crowded but i didn't go ther shop, just to bypass it to MRT.] HAHA. Wonder if I should tidy up my cupboards or should I start planning my timetable. I think the latter is more important and maybe I should do it first.. Thought of taking the same course or electives with my friends but wonder what common course we wanna take sia... And this sem I should take 6 courses le lah, i think i should...

Anyway, felt like doing some reflection/review for the courses i took last sem:
HS101: Out of all the courses I prefer this the most, be it the content or lecture. HAHA. I think it's the lecturer that makes the different. But i don't really like the tutorial, in fact I don't like any of the tutorials of all the courses. HAHA. I hate reading the course Textbook of classic readings and ten questions. The former is so long and dry that i didn't read for my weekly reading and I didn't even read it for my exam! As for the latter, it's long and naggy! But I managed to read/browse through it la. Anyway this is the course for sociology and hopefully I'll get at least C for my exam for this paper.

HS102: Singapore in Transition... It reminds or rather recap some social studies topics on history of Singapore... But through it I learn more about Singapore's policies! Like The great marriage debate, the functions of housing policy that amaze me. Not a too bad course BUT i barely read half of the readings of this course. The readings are long with small sizes, some are interesting while some are not....

HS103: Global problems... I used to think it's good to have cheap labors (to have cheap labor cost) for consumers so as to lower the prices. Of course as a consumer I would think that as it will maximize my consumer welfare, BUT i neglected the fact that these workers are being exploited. Imagine they worked so hard for a day and only earn that USD$1! That's like WTH right? But it's so contradicting, I wish they can have higher pay yet consumer can still enjoy cheap goods, but the producers wouldn't want to reduce their profits. How sad. D':

HC450: Chinese semantics. My friends S/U it but i didn't. The paper was hard, cos I didn't memorise the book titles and the authors,pray hard that I'll pass. Anyway this course is quite interesting, knowing more about chinese characters and chinese, but as a non-chinese major and this course is a 400 level course (meaning usually for 3rd year students), we the non-chinese major were like lost most of the time in lecture. HAHA, luckily i have nice coursemate like shumei and huisi (: And the teacher is quite okay, not strict with us. (: That makes me feel like taking chinese course again BUT writing chinese character these days seems to be so tedious and many chinese characters I don't know how to write already! ): Maybe I should keep taking chinese to keep myself know how to write chinese words-.=

HW101: Craft of writing... The only course without exam :D Though the class is very interactive, that's why I don't really like it. HAHA. And as can be seen from the course name, it's about writing la, but I don't think my writing have improved. HAHA.

Hopefully I can plan a timetable with less then 5 school days! [the best with long weekend from fri-sunday!] And maybe not so early like 8.30am in the morning, maybe 9.30 is preferred but got to see the time slot. ): It seems that many end quite late, that's worse cos afternoon lesson is so tiring and can't go out etc.HAHA.

Anyway, I seriously want go K-Box soon after my throat is feeling better!

LOVES,bean (:

Friday, December 04, 2009

Hello Humans.

I decided to blog about my sister's 21st birthday :D


The birthday girl:)

The curry chicken not bad :D

I like the cereal fish :D

The prawn is nice too!

Playing daidi(: It's damn shiok cos very long didn't play daidi and it's kinda destressing during exam period!

qinyi and shan.

her besties.



shan and parents :D




:) need to say more?

My dad so naughty want to kiss her :D

Her sec frens

Her besties :D

With her Sec Sch classmates

With her poly friends

Sandy Shan and Vera

:D :D :D

Her cute 21st birthday cake with ribbon (birthday theme :D)

Cutting her 21st cake :D

Xin and Shan :D

Grandparents :D

Female lead of the day :D

da jie and shan.

Shan and jeremiah.

Shan and her fren.

Vera and Shan (:

we were surprised that i look much taller than my sister.

Sorry that it's blurish.

We didn't know our legs were in the same pose! HAHA(:

my er jie.

My da jie.

Xin and Happy birthday(:

Me and the birthday balloon :D

Her birthday card from some of her friends.

Shan and grandpa

Aunt and shan :)

That's all. I didn't post everything of course, just selected some :D A simple birthday celebration would be great enough. I just wonder what will i plan 2 years later, a simple one like my sister's or a even a simplier like my brother's! HAHA. Aiya, still so long, wait till later then think la. HAHA. Anyway I'll be the last one to celebrate 21st since I'm the youngest. But the youngest since to getting so old le. My grandma was quite surprise when I tell her I turning 20 next year.HAHA. (:

LOVES,bean :D