Sunday, August 29, 2010


I must be dreaming when I choose my courses-.-

Just realised that there are tutorial and damn PRESENTATION for my non-sociology modules!(I was still so damn Happy in my previous post) That really freak me out and I'm reconsidering to take them! Moreover one of it have essay just like my sociology modules! OH MY! I want to pull up my GPA, not down! D:

I hate it that I'm happy for nothing. I'm thinking of switching the module on cyber security to astronomy! HAHA, well, that's just for some general knowledge and there's100 over vacancies. Somemore the final exam consists of MCQ! HAHA. Also, I'm thinking whether or not to drop the module on Engineer and Society. It seems quite okay at first since it relates to singapore and some engineerin stuff. But there's presentation and essay which made me reconsider it. D: 真茅盾!Cos I'm still thinking maybe I can still keep them. Should I? RAH D:

But yay, I've decided not to take minor in Entreprenuership! I don't want to go OBS camp. I hope Adele wouldn't blame me for being such a 三心两意的人!I'm considering whether to take up minor too. What to minor? I've no idea yet. Actually I thought of minor in Chinese so perhaps it will come in useful IF I really step into journalism and perhap I can write in Chinese (my angmor is too bad). Well Well Well.

Anyway it's quite amazing that I've actually READ the sociology dictionary! HAHA, I was just looking for familar words that I've learnt in year one(and of course I just read those familar words) and I'm just at alphbet C! Came across two concepts- alienation and anomie which I used to think they are the same but the dictionary put they contrast as one another! OMG. See, this is my standard in Sociology so far.

I'm wondering if I have school tomorrow. Since usually the tutorial starts on week 2 and Monday is just a tutorial day.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Hello Humans!

Time flies! 4 months of slacking is coming to an end. D':

I didn't do all the stuff on my to-d0 list for this ultra long holiday. Things like jogging, badminton and job hunt did not happen. Well, at least I've plenty of rest and fun. At least I TRIED to help out in my parents' shop. At least I've learnt something new such as volunteering in the first ever Youth Olympic Game which many Singaporeans don't bother about, but I've benefited from the 7days of volunteering. I don't meet many new friends, I don't even think we will keep in contact or what, but at least the short hours we had is pretty okay! Moreover, I've learnt what is handball and meet all the nice, pretty and handsome athletics. They have to train super hard just for the game, for their countries, and of course for themselves. 果然是台上一分钟,台下十年功! 输了没关系,下次再接再厉就好。 Also, I've meet up with my beloved friends and tried vegetarian BBQ! Sorry for not being able to have meet-up with some of my friends, but we'll meet up one fine day yay?

Well, I still dread school. 4 months of slacking is so long that I've got used to this kind of lifestyle. No work, no studies, no boring readings, no travelling to NTU, no praying for not being called by tutors or lecturers, and of course no presentation. Okay, time to face reality and embrace my Year 2 Sem 1! I'm hoping for a better circle of friends, not that the current one is bad. I mean I need to enlarge my circle of friends in school. Nonetheless I still hope that I can stick with Adele and Valerie, but we're not always in the same tutorial group or taking the same modules!

The allocation for GERPE is out today! SIANJIPUA! D: I only got 4 modules:
1. HS 201 classic social theory
2. HS 205 organization and organization change
3. EE8084 cyber security
4. MS 4030 engineers and society

I bet I'll suffer badly for classes in HS201! It's all about thoeries which I seriously hate in Sociology! Perhaps all those theories are the main reason for why I don't enjoy my course. I'm praying that EE8084 and MS4030 will be fine since there's no tutorial and basically that's the reason for choosing them! HAHA. I've to admit tutorial is my 致命伤 so if I can escape from it, why not? I still got to add 1 or 2 more modules for this sem, 14AUs for this sem is just too little and I believe I can study more la. A third class honours is definity not enough so I'm hoping to improve more this sem, and hopefully I can acheieve a second lower honours gpa this time round. I shall 朝着目标冲啊!! (though it's hard to cast aside all those negative thoughts!)

Anyway, I shall pray to get a free Tuesday and the rest of the modules like CS100, BS101 and maybe EN105!

EN105 is a entrepreneurship modules that will complete in just one week but that all the sessions will take place in the one and only week of holiday D: HOW HOW should I take it? Please advice! :D


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hello Humans!

I've completed my 7days of volunteering for YOG :D

Well, I think the 7days pass pretty fast!
I'm quite lucky to have my duty dates on the earlier/middle part of YOG cos teams will come for training for the matches. Fortunately, I was able to watch trainings for France,Egypt and Korea guy team on my day1 and a friendly match between Denmark girls and Brazil girls on my day2:D

On day 3, I met another stretcher bearer (jing xin) and a paramedic assistant (according to her facebook, she's maria sam. Well, i forgot her name X:) Maria looks like a Malay, that's what most of us would assume since her skin tone looks like what the Malays would have. Well, she's from Myanmarand she's a Buddhist instead of Muslim! The In-charge didn't issue her the meal voucher since he/she thought she was fasting! HAHA. That's quite bad for people to assume that she's a Muslim as she adores pork very very much! HAHA, people would give her a weird look when she queue for non-halal food sia! We had a long chat which lasted almost 2.5 hours since no team turned up for their training! Nice to know her cos time really pass faster that way! After she left, Singapore boy team came for their training. Well, the coach is a China lady who speaks Mandarin. The Chinese in the team have to translate for those non-Chinese in the team. Well, I couldn't catch what the coach was saying and it's quite amazing that those boys managed to. Unlike the boys from other countries, Singaporean boys are rather not-so-build and they have the average height of normal Singaporean boys in their 15s. After that was Egypt team. Damn tall can! This guy was like playing with the handball as if it's basketball. So the ball roll towards my direction so I picked it up. His freaking knee caps were above the normal canteen table whereas common people like me have mine below the table top! D: I was truly amazed by his height-2.11M! OMG la!

Day4 was the most sianz day! All trainings for handball were cancelled or no show D: Was like waiting for our lunch and off we go! Got to know an Indian lady who is 28 years old but still studying nursing in poly. Well, she keep went for nursing then navy then mass comm and back to nursing! At least now where her passion lies! A doctor came and sit with us and we had a short chat. I find it so irritated and sianjipua whenever people ask me what's sociology is, what I like about it (i'll just say i still don't find my interest in it and they will go on asking why), what can I be in the future etc. The 2 of them commented that it would be better to switch since I don't enjoy what I'm doing. Well, where my interest lies? I don't know.

Day 5 can fight with Day4, cos just one and only swimmer came for swimming. She's from Indian. The only happy thing is that she gave us pin! HAHA :D A paramedic (HanLiang) was trying to chat with me since we had nothing to do and I was playing the game in my HP. Well, we chatted for quite sometime though I prefer to continue with my game. I think he realised that and mentioned that if he don't chat, he would fall asleep. Then I told him that he can sleep and I can wake him up when there's anyone here for training! HAHA, so I managed to get back to my game! :D Anyway this guy is 23 years old but still servicing NS since he had completed his university in California! Pro lo! Meet up with Aunt at JP and did some shopping for groceries :D

Day 6 was assigned to swimming pool again! It wasn't that bad this time round. There were China and Japan teams. I was turning my head around and happen to see this guy swimmer heading to the guy change room and I just starred at him. HAHA, and he smiled to me la! WHEE, ME ME ME ME! Guess that he's from China, but he's still quite cute-looking and those muscles he has wasn't that scary! LOL. But chey, no pin for me la, LOL. Then later, the 28years old Indian lady told me that the photographer was talking to himself! HAHA, but actually he was talking to her/us but we didn't notice! HAHA. Then he asked if I could help him with his photographing of the Jap Swimmers! Well, I only managed to catch bit and pieces of what he said since he's a Jap. So he took photos for each of the swimmers and I got to hold a thing which is to make the photo seems like 3D. And too bad, he only thanked me verbally without any pin! My friend was like "why don't you ask from him since you helped him?!". Well, the other uncle stretcher bearer asked the Jap photography regarding to the pins and he said we can buy it ourselves -.= Headed to PS to meet my sister after my duty to buy a pants since we can enjoy a 50% off. (:

Day 7, I have to station at Stadium and sadly no team turned up! I was hoping to see the Denmark girls for training or any other teams so that I wouldn't be so bored! walked to swimming pool then to the handball hall and then received news that Denmark girls are coming! WHEE! So we just stationed ourselves there!Well, my friends didn't get to watch any handball trainings since they have their duties on much later dates!

The team spilt into 2 teams with 9 shoes in the middle. After some time, we realised that they are playing tic tac toes! Quite an interesting way of playing the game and for some running huh! I felt so happy la! Then before the team leave, the coach asked if we want any Denmark candy! Since he offered us, why not try right? I was quite shock cos i was expecting it to be sweet since it's CANDY! but nah, it has a unique weird taste to me! Nonetheless we replied it's nice and if we can have any pin! HAHA. Then he said he don't have anymore and maybe we can get it from the girls next time. LOL. We were waiting for the next team to come but we decided to try playing with the ball. So end up the Singapore Monkey Ball girl team was there practising/playing monkey ball! HAHA.
Headed to NTU to visit YOV! Thanks Adele for being my personal tour guide! :D Well, YOV wasn't as big as I thought. Visited booths and rested in a media or don't know what room! Headed to Pasir Ris with her since I still have time, moreover she was going to get my present! HAHA. Thanks girl for your USEFUL and EXPENSIVE present! I was very surprised when I see a book in the plastic bag! HAHA, hopefully it will come in useful to motivate me or to create some interest in me towards Sociology! :D Headed to Tiong Bahru Plaze hoping that I can buy Handball finale tickets for me and ZY and I was told that it's sold out! super ultra sad can D: Left with no choice, I left with a sad heart and headed to chinatown to meet my BFFs!Poor XQ and me shared the claypot rice and a pathetic mushroom dish which the latter cost $5.90. Overall, a nice and short meet up! :D

Before eating our food!


Stupid mushroom! I will never ever order you! D:

I trying to catch Handball finale online but it's damn lag D:

Anyway, should I cut my fringe or let it grow so i can tuck it at the back of my ears next time? HMM, tell me via tagboard yay? (:


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello Humans.

Done 2 days of duty, still got 5 more days to go! (RAH, by then 1 more week to school)

So far so good (: Guess day 2 is better than day 1! Hopefully it will get better day by day! :D (though still quite friendless cos "friend" keep changing or most of them are nurse/doctor/nursing student/relevance field!)

Anyway, I have been watching handball trainings these 2 days! Finally know what handball game is like! HAHA. They have to put some glue/glue-like thing on their hands so that the book can stick to their hands! Korea guys training is rather interesting and the Denmark girls are damn chio! :D I wonder why those kids (they are younger than me D: ) look so mature, or not like their age. well, that applies to most of them. HMM.

Anyway meals are great so far! Had pasta and tempura yesterday and spaghetti+chicken+carrot today! :D

Okay, off i go!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hello Humans.

I'm quite active here these days since I'm at home and will get busy next week! I'm assigned to Jurong West Sports and Recreation Centre, which is the training venue for swimming, handball and football. HMM, going to "work" from 17-23August!
17,18 and 19August: 8am-3pm
20,21 and 22August: 7am-3pm
23 August:7-12.45pm

So I guess I have to excuse myself from meet up at night cos I have to wake up early the next day! Sorry people who wanted to have meet up! D:

Well, yesterday's YOG opening ceremony is much much better than the combined rehearsal! :D It was quite different actually. Cos they didn't show many stuff during the rehearsal! For instance, the dragon which is supposed to "walk"/"fly" above the water just "walk" in front of the audience seats during rehearsal. As usual, I think fireworks are amazing and pretty! The Flame was a WOW too! :D But somehow I feel that the screen didn't capture the night scene of Singapore that nicely! Even photos from the net is much much nicer! LOL.

Anyway people, you can catch YOG live at
HERE! If I'm not wrong Cheryl, the Singapore swimmer, didn't make it through the semi-final D: Well I believe they tried and do their best already bah. All the best Singapore! :D

Okay, I came across this:

Get fit while getting Ready

Banish that classic excuse — “I don’t have time to exercise!” — by sneaking mini workouts into your daily routine. Follow this and you could shave off an extra 100 calories from your day. Get a move on!

In bed
Upon awakening, immediately do 20 crunches on your mattress. Or try the dead cockroach — raise your head, arms and legs towards the sky then shake arms and legs vigorously for a minute. This helps strengthen the core as well as promotes healthy blood circulation.

At the bathroom sink
While brushing your teeth, do
10 leg squats. Keep feet a little more than hip distance apart, then bend down so that thighs are nearly parallel to the ground. Hold for a second before returning to standing position. This firms up the quadriceps or thighs.

In the Shower
Before getting yourself wet under the shower, take a body brush and dry brush the legs from the calves upwards towards the thighs and the heart. Doing this regularly aids in lymphatic drainage and also results in lessening the appearance of cellulite as well. Do this for about a minute per leg.

At your dresser
While blowdrying your hair, step side to side like you would when you hit the dancefloor. Do this until your locks are completely dry or until the end of a three-minute dance track.

At the front door
If you’ve always opted to flag a cab or catch the bus to get to the MRT station, slip into running shoes or snug flip-flops and take a walk instead. Walking is the easiest exercise you can do to manage your fitness. Also skip the lift and escalators and take the stairs. Your glutes will thank you eventually!

HAHA, cute right? I have not try that, maybe you can(:



Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hello Humans!

Like I've said, I'm going to blog about YOG!

Today is the day! It's like so fast! I still remember around 2 years back when JJC was sending volunteers to cheer for singapore and hoping that we can host the game which we did! (: And yes, all the countdown etc, and now, today, it's the day! (: I do feel proud that singapore is hosting the FIRST YOG! Perhaps more people out there will realize Singapore as an independent nation instead of a state/whatever of China. We are the focus, at least for the coming weeks! :D

Well, actually I've not been to any training! YES NONE! The training date which I was told was on 7August thus I planned my Malaysia trip so that I can attend the training. But sadly, on the date that I've to travel to Malaysia, I received an email saying that I've to another training on a Friday, which I would be in JB already. So I missed the trainings and the other training since I wouldn't be back at the allocated dates.

Well, all those were just too last minute. Nevermind, I think I still can handle the position which is stretcher bearer. I would rather there will be nothing for us to do since if there's anything we have to do, it would probably means that some accidents or whatever happen and someone don't have the ability to walk. I hope I don't have to render any first aid skills since I don't remember any! I've not meet any of my teammates. Hopefully they're nice people to hang out with since I guess we'll have nothing much to do. Anyway, I'm going to be at Jurong West Sports and Recreation Centre! Well, it's a training venue (not competition venue D:) and I'll be covering duty for handball, swimming and football! But sadly medics are back of house, meaning we can't see they train also la D:

Okay, went to watch YOG opening ceremony combined rehearsal. Audiences were warned not to bring camera to take photos of the event. As a obedient girl, I didn't bring. But hey, why are all the rest of the people fishing out their cameras and snaping the event? I shall follow them, so that I can say I've watched the raw parts of the event! HAHA! But I'm not going to post them here.

Anyway, I felt quite disappointed after the rehearsal. Not just that they didn't give any goodies (ahem, typical singaporean you see! But they even asked us to pretend we have them-.=), but the overall of the event. I believe there's a huge room of improvement for the performances. I think they have to work much harder to meet the standard which I don't think they have reached that day. Well, I don't mean all of them. More specifically would be technical stuff and the flow of the performances. There were quite a few silence moments, screen cut off etc. I pray that it will be a successful event today, and it will be! :D

The largest floating stadium in the world if I'm not wrong (:

Hello Singapore flyer! I heard a Mother told her girl that the flyer takes an hour to complete one round when the daughter asked her mama why the flyer isn't moving! HAHA, the correct answer is 30minutes! Why I know? Cos I took it before der!

Drizzling D: But heng it was gone after a while! :D

The heliex bridge! :D the same girl behind me asked her friend whether she've learnt about DNA, her friend replied nope. Then she say "how about cell"? and the other said "nope". Anyway the flyer looks like a small crown on my head! HAHA:D

We reached rather early. Bought quite many food as dinner. Well, time was hard to pass and we had to cam-whore.

Pizza :D

close up view of the pizza. Not bad la. We also bought floss bun from breadtalk, muffins, biscuits, bacon stick and sushi! It was like a mini picnic! HAHA. :D

Eh, shan and 2 calefares.

I used to like Merly more. But after watching the front part of the event, I find Lyo very cute too! HAHA!

E v e r y o n e
Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Theme Song
Ken Lim © 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (SYOGOC)

Tabitha Nauser
Walls are down
Hopes arise
Rings of the world unite

Steve Appleton
Every child
Has a wish
To glow like the stars above

Jessica Mauboy Bridge 1
Lift our voices as victories blaze
This is the day to win with grace

Raise your hand for our generation
Fly the flags of every nation
Reaching out for that moment in our lives
Raise your hand for our generation
Living out your aspiration
Time to fly way beyond the skies
A world that shines for everyone

Jody Williams
Be the best
Go all the way
Friends beyond the race

Sean Kingston
Cheer the joy
Share the tears
The journey remains our pride

Bridge 2 *
Lift our voices as victories blaze
This is the day the world will shine on for everyone
And yes, I've collected my pass and stuffs that voluteers would receive. 2 YOG tees, 1pants, 1guide, 1 waist pucnh, a sunblock, and a packet of wet tissue. The photo on my pass was the one I took at the headquater which the system didn't recognize and requested me to send again-.- Anyway I can go YOV, ALL competition and training venues with my pass! HAHA, looks nice as compared to my sister's since hers only got one venue. Okay, wish that Singapore will host the event successfully and smoothly! :D And may I have a pleasant experience yay!

bean :D
Hello Humans.

The only constant is change.

Oh well, just a short visit around Jurong East Ave 1 where I had my childhood reminds me so much memorable stuff! We went to the playground where we used to hang around the balance beam (which is gone now) and the sea-saw while waiting for dinner (at a nearby coffee shop) to be ready. Anyway that coffee shop used to have a few stores and mainly tend by some Chinese selling drinks, noodles and 煮炒. But now, it's only one indian stall selling curry fish etc. I miss the coffee shop. My sister and I used to have Mee Pok there before we head to school (afternoon shift). Also, it was where I tried Mee Pok with Ketchep which eventually I fall in love with! (: HAHA. And yes, we do da-bao some dishes there such as those fried sweet and sour pork without the sauce (which is just fried pork balls) and 辣椒菜不要辣(since one of my sister don't eat chilli and tomato sauce, we gave in!).

Walk down the row, there's a clinic which we used to call it as 姐姐医生, perhaps that's one way of making little kids not so scare by drawing the doctor closer to the kids by naming the doctor 姐姐. It's gone and replaced by another private clinic.

There were a few big MaMa Store. Now they still remains, but at a smaller scale. Thanks to 7-11 which took over half of one of the store D: I miss the coconut/red bean ice-cream which cost 50cents. I don't mind to have one early in the morning but too bad, it's not even available D:

Across the road was my kindergarten. The place looks quiet and empty, but I was thinking that since it's under PAP so maybe there's still a high chance that it will still be there. Sadly, it's replaced by a childcare centre and it's under renovation D:

To our disappointment, we headed to the floor where we used to stay. I love my previous flat. It has a super spacious living room, a big balcony where my dad had 2 big fish tanks and some plants/tree, and it's 2-storey! (: However it's quite small for the second level. There're 3 rooms- one is the masterbedroom where all the 5kids (my siblings and I) occupied, 1 room which my parents took and one more room which was unoccupied which then opened up so that my grandparents can have the room when they visit us. Oh yes, and the bathroom is damn scary with many lizards hiding near the toilet bowl or the ceiling above the bowl and the slide door was faulty D:

I miss the stairs that I had to walk everyday. I miss shouting out from the balcony to my mother and aunt who were heading to the void deck of our flat and then we would hide when all the rest of the passerby look up (see, that's how I train my voice). I miss the malay uncle who stay at the same floor as us! Well, he's old, probably unemployed or retired, a smoker with a cat that roam around and it would sit outside his house and scare people. I miss walking to my primary school (JPS) and going to Aimee's house(lower primary)/zhu'er/calista/eileen's house! I miss how we complaint about Jurongville secondary school complain that we(JPS) occupied their space which is definity untrue. Sadly, the old site of JVSS is under some construction and the whole building was demolished, which is quite sad too la.

I miss life there. Well, I spent half my life there, and the other half in my current house. It's 10 years! Well, it's quite hard to believe 10years have passed. I'm no longer the young little kid, of course you wouldn't stay the same after 10 years. I'm 20 years old, schooling and slacking. Well, I've no clue what I will be and what I want to be in the next 10 years. Ambition? Nah, I doubt I've any in mind now. Used to have but hey, those are childish thinking when I was much younger! Teacher, DJ, entertainment sector, lawyer, air-stewardess and blah blah blah. I would say they're dream rather than ambitious, and they change when I was watching different dramas. HAHA,小孩子喜欢乱幻想嘛!Come to think about it, these are quite unrealistic or not suitable. For example, teacher must be able to teach and be patient which I think I can't handle both. Air-stewardess must have the look and multi-linguistic and height (which I've priority in) is no longer the first requirement. Oh well, I shall 乖乖study and see what I can do with my degree.

OMG school is starting soon D: I know it's consider a very long holiday since NTU has extended our holiday due to YOG. BUT who doesn't want to have some fun and enjoy holiday? 30th please don't come too soon! Though I'm expecting it to arrive very fast since I'll be volunteering for a week for coming week. Then I'll left with one week before school starts. D:
Front view of my notebook for coming sem! Well, it's JJ orientation book which I used a bit only. So I changed the cover by pasting other papers on it (: And yes, with my beloved spongebob! :D Hopefully it can bright up my day in school when I'm dying. HMM.

Back view of my notebook (: Perhaps i can look at the green grass when my eyes are tired, or maybe I can look at the red chair to stimulate some creativity out of my tiny brain when I need to(For your info, red helps to stimulate creativity. Read from some magazine!).
14August2010 marks the YOG opening ceremony! Remember to catch it at Channel 5 at 7.45P.M! Might blog later about YOG stuff!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Hello Humans :D


Not much difference to me! I'm holiday-ing already and jobless, so it doesn't make a different to me and like quite bo hua! HAHA. Anyway, S28 is going to have a meet up but I'm going to make it a miss! I'm sorry though I thought I'll go for a meet up session if there is, but I think I would like to have a rest at home with my lappy and TV :D Moreover, I just went marina bay sands not long ago, which I'm going to post today. HAHA.

Have been seeing many photos from friends going overseas on Facebook! Though I didn't have overseas trip, but I had "holiday" with my family in Singapore. HAHA, it sounds quite ridiculous but yes we spent 2 days in hotel! We watched NDP preview and went Marina Bay Sand :D Again, this post will be flooded with photos, as usual :D Holiday Inn

hotel is actually better after renovation :D
We had dinner at 阿一天下. After which, we walk walk at Orchard Central Rooftop garden :D
Be careful of the stairs :D

Young kids playing at late night.
The one on the RHS looks scary without head. HAHA

We can see marina bay sands from there!

Breakfast with shan at coffee bean since there's 1-1 breakfast set :D

Or this is paul? HAHA, okay there're some facts which i learnt about octopus :D
#1:Its blood is blue instead of red!
#2:An adult octopus can squeeze through a hole the size of a 20cents coin! Did it learn Yoga?!
#3:The octopus is extremely intelligent and can use logic to figure puzzles out!
#4:Octopus does not have any bone!
#5:Great eyesight but stone deaf! HAHA
Interesting! Isn't it?
Then we walk around orchard central...
Reminds me of magic school bus!

Then we headed to swissotel (i guess so)

We can see these in our room! :D
So smart of me to take the singapore flyer ride before quiting the job! HAHA.

And we waited for NDP preview to start so we can watch in the room. But it was far too early.

Dearest grandparent!

Camwhoring is always the best to pass time :D Shan and I decided to go walk walk and explored esplanade (don't know how to spell) link :D And I played with this machine which helps you to take a photo and try different makeups that the shops sell! HAHA, it's lauched in korea, pretty fun to play with :D

And shan played with this. It's 3D by the way.
Another machine..
Parade starting..

Lotus in the progress.

Is she from singapore idol too? too bad i only watched the first season.

I think he's from singapore idol too, the latest winner rgt?

our flag!!

It's hard to take photo of them! they fly damn fast la! D:

"president". I used to think those 大人物will really come even for those rehearsals and preview when I was young. HAHA, 太天真了!

Nice nice :D

They love to have some fireworks in between performances so the audiences will be more high!

Long bus queue! It reminds me of my SJ NDP duties when I was sec 3! OMG that's 5 years ago! But I believe it was really a good and fun experience though it can be quite tiring :D Nonetheless, I've watched fireworks many times :D

I was waiting to capture photos with durian shell, marina bay sands and some fireworks! :D the fireworks look like tiny liite stars! :D LOVELY! at least to me, it's lovely!

We had dinner after watching the NDP preview! It was pretty late and we were starving! Had dinner at Kopitiam where the GSS allows us to enjoy 1 for 1 set meal. The laksa was great, but the price is even better. *ahem* The set meal consist of one main course which has to be noodle, 1 drink- barley or soft drink and a dessert- i had durian puddings! :D It cost $28 per set and that surprised me since we didn't check out the price before we had the meal (since it was introduced by my godma).
My laksa!
Shan's meat plus noodle.
Then shan brought me to marina bay sands :D The journey was rather a long one. We were full and tire and the weather was simply too hot for us to handle D:

Nonetheless, we still went ahead and reached YOG park.

This lady refuse to allow me to take a good nice photo! Shall crop away her next time! HAHA

Saw an auntie climb above the wall to take the photo, which attracted many attention. Oh well, we worry for her safety since she's no longer young. HMM

Excited am I.

The bridge reminds me of ms wan who taught me DNA. I tried to explain to my sister about DNA but I think it was quite a failed attempt! I only can remember it's negatively charged, double helix, C T U G A and, eh some bondings.

At the shopping mall! Quite amazing some shops were still operating at 11plus or 12pm! Well, that's pretty good since the crowd was still quite heavy. Oh yes, I saw damn manu ATM machines around the casino! Worry that many Singaporeans will sink into gambling which may lead to future crisis... It's hard to say, I might go gambling when I fuifill the age limit (if not im be fine with SGD10,000 or jail or both) and perhaps I would love it and continue with it and tatah, a 烂赌鬼诞生了! LOL.

Hotel lobby

We got so tired and seriously need some aircon and have a seat! So we camwhored! :D

Then we had some walk walk again. So cute rgt the little boat ;D

very thick!

Hey, I'm no lesbian, but I love my sister :D HAHA
Nice :D
So we headed back to wash up and sleep :D Brought my family there the next day :D

I don't camwhore much with my family beside shan you see, HAHA.
Well, went JB for a few days last week, shall update next time!