Wednesday, January 21, 2009

hello (:
just to blog for a while, shall reply tags 1st (:

15 Jan 09, 22:32
pamela: sms me n u will noe more=) haha.
bean:HAHA, den u work til wen? just asking cos mine is most prob til this coming sat, if nt mayb extend til feb until i find a new job. LOL.

16 Jan 09, 00:50
qing: nono! i remembered but suddenly forgotten:(:( i invited Zy and HL but nt sure they got receieve
qing: ya loh, u online nvr chat w me and said byebye:(:(
bean: i did chat wif u but someone was busy wif her project! im nt blamin u of cos lah! it's perfectly correct to stay focus wif impt stuff(: jiayou wif ur project! esp de one which is indiv for u! (: HUGS!

19 Jan 09, 00:14
fengyi: ohisee. hahaz. u working there till when? erm work sucks. haha. no la still okie but not veri good cos of the boss. lol. take care!:)
bean: most prob til coming sat, but mayb will extend til feb. u leh? i tink most try to get use to working den will better bah (: keep working wif aunties mayb im one of them now. LOL.

19 Jan 09, 16:18
wenfang: cool! haha, what you working as?oh is bin ask nuah de arh. haha. i just know all of us had a good laugh over it. miss those times!
bean: HAHA, saw pam's re? to find out more, sms her! i din sms her leh,cos she din sms me!LOL. jk. i miss those time! feel like travelling!!(: but BROKE neh. ):

19 Jan 09, 22:52
zhen ying: long time never talk to you le!!!
bean: YES!! glad tt u noe n u still rmb me! HAHA(: how's workin at mummy fav place?HAHA(: accordin to wad i read seems okay lah.. in de sense okay lah.LOL. but at least it's near ur hse n u can save lots of travelling fee! n dun nd wake up so early! so how's ot n work til late nite? gt c any interestin ple or any ple u interested?HAHA(:

20 Jan 09, 09:31
yixin: link me @ binx2!
bean: okay, i'll try to link asap(: take care dear!

20 Jan 09, 21:08
jaime: yah! but now working not bad lei! haha..but maybe full time working adult life not as gd..
bean: yes i agree, guess now still shdb okay compare to full time working adult which i tink is much much much more stressful! HAHA(:



workin is coming to an end soon! mayb but mayb nt. i've been working for ma biao for 1mth! tt's pretty long n i tink time really pass v fast! is like so fast jan goin' end n here comes CNY! n i dread to admit tt A's result is coming out soon. i rather work blindly without knowing A's result. oh well.. ytd's nite was pretty fun. had a damn gd laugh wif long ge and de other xiao di. we were packin stuff for de hamper dept. me and xiao di went up to help long ge since we were quite free and they rushing for hamper. n i seriously crapped a lot! de 3 of us just keep laughin! i miss those factory girl moment since v long nv do mah.HAHA. but i wun go help when de guys r there. they smoked lah, i dun wanna die so fast lah. all of us (me , xiao di n huihui) cant tahan them smokin sia. so mgt as well help at 1st floor.HAHA.

okay,i wanna slp le. it's goin 12am leh. i nd slp! BYE(:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

taggie replies.. :

13 Jan 09, 10:06
hUi LiNg: bleahx! long ge miss me more okay!!! arhhahahax.
13 Jan 09, 10:05
hUi LiNg: anw tt show is breakout4! haha. not breakdown!
13 Jan 09, 10:04
hUi LiNg: At ma biao, got a customer refer me as aunty too lah! mayb that uniform is too aunty liao!!! lols.
bean: is it? why didnt i know abt it?!?! only recently there's one person call me aunty! de rest call me xiao jie lo! de aunty who called me aunty duno how to zou ren sia!RAH! okay, i duno break wad lah, but sure nt break up!HAHA(: those new guys din work for ma biao liao! left de same 2 guys. but ytd come another boy, all younger than me sia. by de way, gt 1 is de ah lee's son, they call him xiao lee/jian sia, quite nan ting to call smt jian ( u gt wad i mean?) and there's another guy fr IMM came for 2 days n he's damn nt fit lah! im kind enough to talk to him lah! LOL. n tt ah pui say im more auto than de IMM guy!lol. oh, seems like im so active talking abt guys! but my life now is just these ple n aunties and more aunties! RAH. im nt even chasin aft any drama now!):

13 Jan 09, 18:56
jaime: heyy..working not bad right! hahah!
bean: working is getting better and better each day bah. though can be tiring but having money is de BEST (: but i guess study will be much better than working when working life really start lah.. HAHA.

14 Jan 09, 00:09
pamela: yea u miss me rite? i miss our honeymooning la. meet up soon ya=)
15 Jan 09, 19:50
pamela: ya working. haha. eh is not me leh!im the one who say nuah! forgot was describing wat lol
bean: i noe u miss me v much!!HAHA(: duno when we'll gt to meet up! scully is wen we gt back result sia. i dun wan gt back lah! just keep on waiting for result better!LOL. where u working now? why me, as ur honey, duno?!?! D':

15 Jan 09, 11:03
wenfang: PAM! REPLY ME! hahaha. bin, rmbr the 'nuah' thing in china? pam asked what's nuah. we all can't explain the meaning. haha. (: yeah, working now. admin position. (:
bean: guess i was de one who asked wadx nuah leh /: HAHA(: it's v hard to explain/ describe tt rgt? but guess i somehow know lah. pls get an admin job for me! i wan it. (:


nearly fall down while rushing up de stair ytd. gt myself a blue-black at my left elbow. damn pain can. but better than i fall down or roll down de stairs lah! HAHA. n both of my thigh duno why gt blue-black sia. haiz.. anw, today 1st time go work at 10am! woke up at 8+ which seems to be v late to me lah! cos usually i wake up at 6plus so i can take red line (i wanna sit, so rather wake up earlier,LOL) so ple say im siao, wake up so early so as to sit?!?HAHA.yes, is there anyting wrong? somemore morning train so squeezy lah! n i gt to read newspaper n play sudoku while travelling! so it's pretty quite worth to give up my slp for these (:

no offday for this wk ): tinkin whether i shd gt a offday on mon so i can pack stuff (: but there'll be no money earned for tt day! so im still considerating whether i shd gt an offday.

by de way, many ple ask whether im fr CHINA. i was like NONONOOOOOOOO!! IM SINGAPOREAN LAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! perhaps is my chinese too power lah! cos i tend to speak more properly while serving customer so they may mistaken me as someone fr china. RAH. mayb i shd show them all my singlish den they know lah!~

it's so nice to chat wif yt online today(: it's been so damn long since i online okay!HAHA(: come to tink of it, it's been long long time since i talk to my frens like yt n pam etc!HAHA(: but no worry, i wun 4gt u all de lah! just make sure u ple dun 4gt me can le!HAHA. okay, time to say byebye(:


Sunday, January 11, 2009

taggie replies.. :

9Jan 09, 18:14
hUi LiNg : did yellow talk to u more often now??
hUi LiNg: dont bully log ge hor! lols.
bean: hey, u tink im u meh? i dun bully ple u c!HAHA(: but i tink long-ge like me quite much!!wahahah! he miss me even though i just din work for a day! n to him is like 2 days!HAHA(: R U JEALOUS? hee... oh, tt yellow gt talk to me la! but i dun wanto talk to them him. HAHA(: so are u inviting me n treating me for de show breakdown?(:

10 Jan 09, 15:37
chang sheng: its normal to experience customers who claims that we got bad service, i also. every job also sure got its bad and good. BUT WE MUST HANG ON!!!
bean: hello cs sai!! thx thx!! (; actually i din bother much abt those ple liao! cos sure hv these ple de lah! n i do hv a fault tt i duno the stuff well.HAHA. but i din memorise lah, goin' say bye bye when chi new yr arrive! guess u enjoy teachin pretty much!! well done! it's nt an easy job (:

10 Jan 09, 20:25
fengyi: which shopping centre u working in?:)
bean: ermx, it's nt in shopping centre de.. it's those old shop with 3floors (: opp OCBC building (: how's work?

10 Jan 09, 22:43
pamela: say u bad service just scold them. let them see experience what is really call bad! haha
bean: hello MOON!!!it's been damn long since we last communicate sia!! HAHA(: gd idea sia! but being a kind soul, i shall endure n ENDURE n endure (: HAHA.

11 Jan 09, 21:05
wenfang: hahah. is pam working too? i think now, alot of ppl start their convo with "so, are you working now?" hahah. (: whack the customer lah!
bean: i duno whether pam is workin or nuah-ing at hm/ always go out shoppin!!HAHA(: u can ask her thru here n if she's kind enough she'll tell us!HAHA(: it's common lah! so are you working now?HAHA(: yes, u're working if im nt wrong!LOL. i dun wanto dirty my hand! i just wan to wash my hand! haha. i just walked away fr de customer aft some1 come to deal wif de customer!HAHA(:


OH WELL, 958 dj came to ma biao todae! tink i'll be much much much much more excited if dj fr 933 is coming down lah!HAHA(: anw,de presence of these ple doesnt concern me much. NO, it concern me cos there were pretty much ple! these few days many ple lah! is like can work continuously fr 9am til abt 7pm lah! n hv to rush for meals which is damn unhealthy! ): but de crowd is expected to increase for coming days/weekends!

i love aunty fen! she'll put us ( it's no longer us since hl is nt working wif me le!HAHA) me into her shoes lah! like she'll ask de customer to carry 1carton of abalone to his car when de customer is a fit young man!HAHA(: unlike some others who may ask me to stop dgn whatever im dgn to carry de stuff.HAHA. im nt saying who is bad now but who is GOOD(: cant blame those aunties also lah, it's v normal to ask de young fit one to carry heavy stuff and climb up de stairs. i'll of cos ask de young part time ple to carry stuff if im a aunty too lah. n guess wad. a lady ask her kid to say "thank you aunty" to me after her lucky draw! though i was screaming like "WTH,IM NT AUNTY OKAY! U DEN AUNTY LAH!" in silent, i still v politely thx de aunty.

work is getting okay, since im occupied most of de time. but i just dun like to stop dgn wad im dgn to do smt else. RAH. okay, shall stop bloggin liao! it's been quite long since i work til 6pm only! HAHA(: BYE!

Friday, January 09, 2009

hello (:

im finally havin my off day n get to slp til 10am (: goin' out ltr wif my sis! WOOHOO~!! worked 12hrs for 3days straight n im pretty tired lah! but i cant resist to $$$ though de pay isnt great!

oh well, mum n aunt went over ma biao ytd! we went er jie's cafe to eat dessert! yes, during my working hrs! though i was quite guilty since i go eat wif my mum instead of working , but er jie approved! so why nt rgt?HAHA(: so they chatted while im eating durian sago n hongkong style burburchacha! quite nt bad leh(: went back to de shop wif mum they all cos wanna buy stuff also.. as u'll gt a chance for lucky draw for every 100bucks u spent, my mum n aunt entiled 2. n wad surprised me was tt both of them won B prize (wine n honey)! i was expecting "thank you for ur support.." so i was like " wow, ni men zhong jiang le!!" luckily de ladyboss nt there, if nt i mgt gt myself a chance of getting nag by her /: n those who went for lucky draw ltr won smt leh!! woohoo!! so im quite happy though i was quite sad in de morning! cos i keep write wrong for de hamper lah! i even asked de customer to check whether de stuff i wrote is correct lah! so i went to de cashier n say 900bucks over.. den he was quite angry cos de total shdb ard 4oobuck only. den i asked him he wan hamper B+ rgt? den he say is D+ -.- so de ladyboss nag nag nag. oh, wadever. luckily de aunties quite gd(:

n yes, i was confused over some stuff too! a customer asked if they cd change de wine in de hamper n i was told NO so i say no. den they v angry lah,say last yr can. den tt mr yellow (a uncle who works in de shop..only hl noe who is he) tell de customer they CAN CHANGE de wine. so de customer v angry wif me n say i hv BAD SERVICE. wth can, yes i hv bad service since i duno abt de stuff well lah. but ltr i ask de aunties they say nxt time still say NO. ok ok... BUT im glad there's customer who praise me(: as in gd service lah. haha. i must admit tt im nt gd at promoting de stuff n i duno abt all those stuff even though i've asked those aunties 1000 times. LOL.

okay, here's some pic taken wif hl (:

before work.after work.

bhl,long-ge n me! (:

hl is like promoting her watch! i din force her to promote her watch! i just wanted her to pose like she holding her hair but de camera din capture in it's cut off..

(: (;

now im working alone liao, n hl is working wif zy at shop n save! we're all hardworking ple who wanna earn more money though de pay is nt tt high! LOL.

OKAY,shall go alrdy!BYE(:

Sunday, January 04, 2009

hello (:

today is last day working wif hl in ma biao!! im left all alone!! im goin be a lonely soul fr tmr onwards! thinking abt it now makes me damn sianx lah! okay, i noe nxt time working usually is alone de lah, but it's really quite sianx lah! hv been thinking whether i shd change a job. there's a drink promoter job available ( but i haven call) which hv MUCH better pay than de pay for my current job! but de shop really need ple now so nt v gd to leave them...BUT de pay is really quite low leh! even if work at nite de pay is still de same! n who dun wan more money rgt?is like 1 day $30 more lah! HAHA(: okay, im still considering. told de person i SHDB can work til chi new yr. HAHA(:
anw, took pics wif hl n long ge!HAHA(:woohoo~~!!hope she can send to me asap! :D

sis bought c902 (: so gd 5mp lah! i wan a new hp too!! wonder if shd gt de same or t700 which is like nt bad too. HAHA(: any gd cheap hp to recommend?HAHA(: