Friday, August 26, 2011

Instep and GIP

Hello Humans.

As overseas exchange have been on my list before graduation from NTU, I've applied for INSTEP and GIP weeks ago.

I wasn't pinning much hope for overseas exchange (im not very sure why) and the urge of exchanging aren't that strong, so I was like didn't bother much about them cos the worries shall comes if only it is necessary.

And now, worries is here. (And, I can't find my thinking cap.-.-)

The result for both were released few days back.

Just before the official date of the release of INSTEP round 1 result, this is what I got:
"Dear Student,

We thank you for your patience and recent INSTEP application.
As you are aware, we endeavor not to have double offers with GIP. Thus, after careful review we are unable to offer you a placement in INSTEP (round 1) as you have been offered a GIP placement.
Congratulations on your placement in such a wonderful program. I’m sure you will enjoy your time overseas immensely!!
Thank you,
I was like "AM I OFFERED A PLACEMENT IN GIP? WHY DIDN'T I RECEIVE EMAIL FROM THEM?!" I was quite disappointed cos' I got "rejected" from INSTEP due to the unofficial offer from GIP. Why can't INSTEP offer me a place since they release the result earlier than GIP (GIP didn't indicate when the result will be out)?! But oh well, GIP's application deadline was far before INSTEP. And it's official offer from GIP, is that just an excuse to deal with the overwhelming application for INSTEP?
And the next day, this is what I've received.
We are pleased to inform you that you are selected to participate in our programme, details of which are as follow:
GIP Study: Georgia Institute of Technology, United States of America...."
Oh well, now it's official. I wasn't as happy as I thought I would be if I got selected for it. To be frank I prefer INSTEP cos I've put Sweden and Netherlands!
1) It's like I prefer Europe than USA, though language will be an issue in Europe. My bad for dropping French.
2) Surprisingly, Georgia Institute of Technology is my first choice, out of RPI and UW. Why do I say it's surprising is that though there's a list of Sociology modules that are offered in GT, they are rarely offered! Oh man I've to clear at least 3 Soci next sem if not I can't do my FYP sia.
3) Another thing,which is a major issue, is Adele didn't receive email from GIP! ): How can I, such a dependent person, go overseas alone?
4) And yes, money money money. Estimated cost is like $15.200. Estimated cost only leh, tell me money drop from sky can.
5) I need to renew my passport before exchange cos mine expires in Oct 2012, where December 2012 is the required. If I were to renew it, hopefully nothing will go wrong from my BKK tickets (pray hard like what adele said!).
6) I'll be badly missed by some people, like my sister! HAHA(:

Thought of risking by rejecting GIP and wait for second round for INSTEP. That's risky in some sense that I may have no chance to go for overseas exchange, plus companion issue. I think GIP will hate me if I reject them again, cos I rejected the work and study programme to China by them last semester X: But I will have to reject them if I can't add Soci mod.
Maybe I shall just attend the briefing like last semester, then decide how. Maybe maybe. Any suggestions?


Bye week 3

Hello Humans.

Week 3 of school has ended. How fast right?!
These weeks have been pretty busy.
Timetables has finally finalized! I'll be having 3 days week for school- Monday (7hrs of lessons!), Tuesday and Thursday! (: Dropped my Chinese, French and Communication Studies (COM206) for Business Law (GERPE) and an other elective Media in China (CS8004)! Hopefully right choice is made cos whatever I'm taking are so unexpected. Electives better score well, cross my fingers. 3 days of school makes me feel a bit slack, but there're so many things to do! But at less 2 out of 5 modules aren't that heavy (:
Anyway, after 2 years, I'm finally taking same course as my BFF la! CS sai sort of "introduced" me Media in China, and we attended our first lecture (okay his second lecture) together with Adele (:
Every week I feel that I'm rushing for my HS215 readings (for mindmap) and HS401 readings (600-700 words of memo) D: Oh well, it will get better I guess. x: Have been neglecting other modules like HS301 and assignments ): Okay, things will get better as it goes.
Anyway, Adele is so sweet to get me these from her BKK trip:
A small yellow pouch and a hair clip! HAHA. She was asking me to guess which colour she intend to give me and I was like "oh man you want me to make a guess huh?! purple is my favorite colour but yellow looks nicer!!" So, i answered purple or yellow. HAHA. Luckily made the correct choice! :D thanks adele! :D

Attended Internship fair in NTU on Wednesday!
Went all the way to NTU just to collect brochures and write our contacts -.- There aren't much choices from HSS/Soci undergraduate. Sianjipua. Anyway we were a bit overdressed cos actually many people dress in their normal school days! LOL. But there are still people in Shirt and Pants and Tie and Blazer! So we aren't that overdressed. Anyway my outfit is not formal right? It's more like smart casual or semi formal. Okay, I don't know which category does it lie.

Presidential Election tomorrow! No chance to vote like again. Too bad can't visit Hilly, LOL. Never mind, at least I still have 2 birthday parties to attend tomorrow! :D

And yes I'm so in love with Channel 8 9pm drama! Loves Lee Nan Xing, HAHA(: Mediacorp these days have nice 9pm dramas! why why why seduce me?!

Bean (:

Friday, August 12, 2011

readings?! ):

Hello Year 3.

I'm so not prepared.

Timetable has yet to be finalized. Camping is a chore.

And I have no idea what I'll be taking, hate it.

There're weekly assignments due on week 1- 2 readings for a mind-map [done with readings but not mind-map] and 3 readings for a review of 600-700words [Readings are starring at me].

Can't imagine that's for weekly basis! Apart from other readings from another sociology mod and Chinese module (and maybe COM's).

I was thinking if given an option where you can choose one, would you go for an exchange or a minor (in Chinese)? It's a either-or question. I was just wondering...

On a side note, tried Korea stall in Canteen A for the first time! And finally get to try this:

Avocado milkshake from Canteen A! Pretty nice and affordable! $1.80 per cup! :D

Someone recommended me since last year and I finally get to try it. I thought it's some apple juice when he asked me to try-.- Thanks for the intro friend, a friend who I won't get to see in school anymore.

With very limited amount of love,

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Staycation at Sentosa!

Holiday yo

Hello Humans.

I'm like spamming my blog with posts -.-

But never mind, I just want to update stuff before school starts TOMORROW. That reminds me of my remaining 70+ pages of soci readings for tomorrow's lecture. I'm so slacky and lazy to read them. It took me 2 hours to read 11 pages yesterday! Can't really remember what I read, but should be something related to social facts as thing? Oh well.

Anyway, I've been to help out my dad's shop for days! Not doing sales but as a cleaner. HAHA. Wait, not really a cleaner, I don't know how you gonna spell it, is it ah sum or something like that? The second floor just renovated and since I'm free of studies and quite good in tidying things, I decided to tidy my dad's and my sister's office(:

Some stuffs I found while tidying my dad's office! The radio on the top LHS is quite old, just from the pattern you should be able to tell it! Dad wanted to throw it away but stopped by sis cos it's actually functionable plus very got 味道!

Do you know what's on the top RHS? It's actually Tamagotchi, a childhood toy! Each of us got one but it's spoiled/no battery. Remember last time I'll feed my pet with lots of food and let it shit without clearing them! HAHAHA, I'm so evil!

The bottom 2 items are quite old too! Didn't know my dad bought and collect those CDs! HAHA. The pink booklet is actually passport! Cute right?
Was craving for curry vegetable from this vegetarian stall at Tekka Market. Love their curry vegetable! Wanted to add fried beancurd skin but too bad, SOLD OUT! D: So I ended up eating very healthy- curry veggi (not so healthy though), bean sprout and long bean. LOL.

Went out with sis on 28th to catch our hairy Harry Potter! (: Had Macs for lunch before movie! McSpicy is super nice as usual! Have you tried the Spicy Mcgrill? I think it's not bad but sort of expensive. The meal after changing to twister fries and ice milo cost near to $9! I could have eaten some other better food. So yup, just to try it for once and only and shall switch back to McSpicy. LOL.
The movie theater was quite empty, we weren't very early, perhaps like 10/15minutes before the showing? Probably most people catch it once the movie is out, but I'm glad that the theater wasn't pack (: Anyway I'll miss hairy harry.D:

Came across this store call Bonjapan or related to Bonjapan at Orchard Central. As you can see from the name, it's related to Japan! Japan's packaging is indeed great and nice! We were tempted so we spent our $10 OC voucher and some cash in the store!
The strawberry chocolate on the top is $3.50 with 7 small packets inside. Not bad cos sort of expensive? HAHA, Japan food is seldom cheap anyway. The candy with cute container costs $3.60. Of course it's not as cute as hello kitty's but it is much cheaper! Anyway I suppose the candy taste the same for both!

And we also bought this honeydew-flavor cake from the store!
It was quite disappointing as I thought some creamy filling will be inside! ): Plus the flavour is not as strong! ): A packet with 9 packets inside is $12! ):

Anyway got their membership card! It is super cute! Plus it's free! (: HAHHAHA. They only accept 5000 member annually!

Okay this is random but this makes me like a person who adores blue flower. LOL.

Was testing which bag to bring for school but most of them are school-unfriendly! For instance, this bag is damn heavy despite putting so few items-wallet, umbrella, bottle, jacket and a pile of paper ):

Back to school is super sian. How can 2.5 months pass so fast?! Well, I'm expecting 2 years to end pretty fast and I'll be wearing a grad robe with a cert in my hand like this:

HAHA, that was taken 2 years back when I've no idea which Uni and course I'm going into. But I chose the right one- NTU Bachelor of Arts (Honours). So even if I didn't get to take family portray when I graduate, I'm still in the right outfit. HAHA.

Anyway I'm not looking forward to year 3 as it's bad even before it starts! I might be having 6 hours of sociology lectures followed by 1 hour of sociology of tutorial (after 1 hour break) on Monday. Tell me how not to complain and dislike Monday! 6hours of lectures for straight is a mental and physical torture ): Guess I may have to bring apple, banana, sweets and biscuits to munch during lectures! The course coordinator even anwei me by saying I'll have a easier week with 3 days for school. I'd rather a 4 days-week with less packed schedule.

Plus I have to appeal for my COM module, so mafan! ): And the Chinese module (HC252) that I've got is related to sociology! LOL. Maybe I should appeal to another Chinese module. But a cute thing is that we can use either English or Chinese to deliver our work for that Chinese module! Yet, Chinese readings make me feel so O.O. It's not like those juicy gossip news on Wanbao but those intellectual stuff in Chinese. HMMM.

I've to prepare myself for all those heavy reading from ALL modules that I'll be taking (maybe except for COM, I've no idea) and essays!

Targeted GPA of 4.24 seems to be impossible, but i'll still try to work towards it. There can be miracles, when you believe. HAHA, reminds me of that song. Anyway I hope I wouldn't fall too back. I foresee a grumpy me complaining about school for the next few months. I can feel the stress, so pardon me from doing it on my blog/FB.

December, I start counting down soon. LOL.


Saturday, August 06, 2011

Hair Cut

Hello Humans.

I've cut my hair weeks ago. Okay, perhaps I should use the word "trim".

I was struggling whether or not to trim my hair as is like damn dry at the end but it's starting to grow longer! Chopping it away means I'll have to wait for it to grow.

Nevertheless, I decided to go for a trim at Chapter 2 again! Not that I'm a big fan of them but just that I've the $10 off voucher from them! HAHA.

And I camwhored before getting it trim, I'm so missing it now!
My hair doesn't look as horrible in the photo man! As in it looks quite okay, not that dry with split-ends etc right! LOL.

A male hairdresser attended me, not shuai one.): And his hands are like damn big! When he washed my hair I was like "OMG I hope I wouldn't have concussion!".

Anyway I prefer getting my hair cut by a female hairdresser, too bad I didn't get to choose!

Felt my hair is much shorter though he say he'll be cutting away 1 inch! Oh well, maybe is 心理作用, cos many people also say I trimmed my hair., not cut. Worse still, my family didn't really notice. HAHA.

So that's before & after. GOT DIFFERENCE RIGHT!

Anyway, headed to library after the trimming. (:

Wanted to find novels to read but I couldn't find authors who I'm interested in. So end up I grabbed some book on Bangkok and flipped through!

Bus-ed to SIM by 154! I took around an hour to reach from Boon Lay Bus Interchange! That's super ultra long right?! Okay, at least I don't have to squeeze into the train at peak hour and change it to bus. HL reached earlier than me! So paiseh! X: So she's the one who don't mind accompanying go SIM to collect my payment for PA surveyor job! Plus she just ended her work. HAHA.

Oh ya, Mr Vincent Chua, the director of the survey, is such a friendly man! HAHA, I found him very familiar till I go home tell my sister, then she say he's the in-charge for LTA survey too! HAHA, NO WONDER!

Anyway, after collecting my beloved money, we had our dinner at Pine Cafe at NP(:

Our second time here! But it was busier and noisier as compared to the last time we came! ): My chicken carbonara was bad cos the pasta damn soggy ): Lucky there're fried popcorn chicken and prawn for me to munch on! HAHA(:

THANKS BAY FOR ACCOMPANYING ME! zy and xq don't jealous okay, cos you two also very busy plus HL also working for PA survey. HAHA.

Great and fulfilling day isn't it?


Meet up!

Marina Barrage with Adele [26 July' 11]

It's been on my to-do list for a year and finally I get to strike it off! (:

Our original plan was to go Raffle Places to get Adele's glass slippers that worth $500, but she decided to collect it next time since she doesn't want to carry with her to camp.

I wouldn't say we reach there very early. It was almost 1pm. HAHA. To my surprise it's actually quite a small area, as in it isn't as big as what I thought. There was no crowd, it was a Tuesday afternoon by the way.

We were quite worried since it was drizzling and there were dark clouds above us! Yet we decided to stay firm and continued eating the food we brought! Oh well, we brought quite few food! But it's okay, we can "jian fei" a bit, LOL.

We finished the food we brought quite fast! Luckily Adele brought along Monopoly Deal (I got the name right, right?)!

It was damn shiok and relaxing eating, listening to music and to play cards under the sun! But wait, NEVER CROSS YOUR LEGS TOO LONG UNDER THE SUN! I've learnt my lesson, thanks to the sun, now i've damn uneven tanned skin! It's very obvious on my legs and now it's peeling! Damn disgusting okay. My hands get itchy and peel off some-which is bad and should have let it "heal" naturally. LOL.

And yeah, we saw people taking wedding photos! Would you want to take yours with buildings or flowers/green? I actually love both! HAHA.

There were NTU graduates taking photos too! Mine will be in 2 years time! (:

Time passed rather fast and Adele got to leave to meet her friend for her second BKK trip discussion! Took some jump shots before we left! (:

Oh man, she's in BKK NOW! My turn will be soon- 3rd to 6th December! Yes it's finalised and I'm so going to look forward it! Cos it's my first time travelling with friends! :D

Jurong Safra KBox with YiQing [4 Aug'11]

Meet the girl at Boon Lay and off we go to sing! (:

To be honest I was quite taken aback when she jio me out to sing! Stress you know, cos Jurong gang is well-known for their good singing voice! HAHA, anyway I'm glad that we decided to go for KALA card cos' YQ doesn't have the card and she don't mind getting it! (: She suggested KLunch which I've never tried before. Well, KLunch is just 3 hours and you have to multi-task by singing and eating, which wouldn't really be hua if you were to be as calculative as me. HAHA.

When she sings, I was like OMG why your pitch so high! HAHA, she sings like xiao mei mei cos her usual pitch is already high! HAHA. 3 hours of singing is really not enough! But luckily we didn't get chased out at 6pm! :D Great singing session that sort of mark the end of this holiday! HAHA. And yes, the aircon is freaking cold! D:

I'm trying to update random updates before school starts. HAHA.

Till then (: