Thursday, January 31, 2008

hello ple.

tis wk is a TEST wk.glad to sae im still survivin =) wed had gp,thurs maths tmr bio more to go! anyway im bloggin cos i finish study for bio le!!BUT i'll go re-read ltr ba..hope wun fail,cos it seems to be de onli hope in i failed all my tests!!org chem test fail,4m careless.even though with de addition of de 4m,i'll still fail,but at least nt tt bad ma. disappointed cos din expect gt so lan de=( so nd to copy 3set of 101rxn for mr azmi.i shall nt^%##@%$ since it's my fault.RAH. econs fail too.even more RAH.i thought can pass de la,but still fail by 1m v bu shuai!!! even sarah who nv change de qn can pass la=( maths class test can dunnd sae,expected to gt tt 1m onli. as for maths lect test,i duntink i'll do well [as in pass].

well,tues mr azmi dismiss us early =) pract was juz demo=) n tt day heard serene sae she more comfortable speakin in chi!!is lyk "HUH?!". cos she lyk ang mo gang de ma..HAHA=) so tt's shock mi n jas [i tink]. civil we decor de class.all last min de. mr azmi gave 10bucks for us to buy materials!! so kind of him rgt=) so we wrote our own name n juz put on de noticeboard.HAHA.last yr keep use 104 but tt wasnt our civil class until tis yr.BUT tis yr we dun gt to use de class except for civil.RAH.[anyway gt a class de v funni.guess is s30 de ba.HAHA=)]. chenyaan dunno y edward is king.HAHA=) long story ba.LOL. went hm aft tt n try to do maths tut 13A. unfortunately aft finish tut,fall aslp -.=" so i din do much for assignment.HAHA=)

wed had gp test. de paper do b4 de lo!! mi pam n jon did de freakin paper at china!!but i cant recall wth de ans for AQ la. so i lyk wrote out of pt since i duno wad de qn is askin for.n some qn i dunno. RAH.had banni meetin which was so %#@%# cos dey wan us sing CNY song atmosphere so dead la..went eclub. discuss abt stuff. oh,u noe our sch de korea guy-PARK? he join eclub sia. somemore is bu4,which is in de bu im in.LOL.den we discuss tingy n he sae he'll design de survey n ask ple do.shock us la,cos lyk enthu?LOL. tt aaron sae mi n grace nv listen chit-chatting.RAH.we din chat ok.we were talkin abt wad they talkin n discussin serious.nvm. went hm n studi for maths. fall aslp as usual. but tis time slp 1.5hrs!!! n i miss de final epi for coffee prince[directli translate fr chi =X ]!! tried to ren nt to watch but end up slp.wake up jiu 11+ liao =( nvm,shall go youtube watch if gt tym. HAHA=) anyway pc seems to be quite ok. run 4rounds ard de fleid. lyk never-endin de sia. den did usual stuff.i realli prefer wed's pc session!!=) cos time pass faster=) but was damm hungry cos i din eat breakfast. oh ya,my leg dun ache fr pc!!WOOT=) as in my leg usualli ache de ma.haha=) aft de girls dismiss de guys haven ma.den they hv to run on de track.HAHA=) den they lyk wanna run dun run.LOL.

thurs.todae pass quite fast de=) chem mr azmi ask ple to do de qn. den he wrote de qn on de board.den he write quite high den nd tall ple to do.LOL.luckily tt qn i noe sia.HAHA=) den he sae can be teacher.LOL. anyway learn smt new fr him todae!!is abt bird la.HAHA=) din gt to eat b4 maths lect cos de canteen flooded wif my stomach keep making noise during maths lect test=( de test was usual,i duno hw to do. so went hm aft sch n study bio n here i am bloggin =) tmr bio test,n out wif sis=) oh ya,tmr is jeremy's bdae! =)


this wk pass damm fast! CNY cumin =) WOOT=)

bye. gdluck for every1's test=D

Monday, January 28, 2008

todae no morning assembly. was drizzling.BUT we still hv pc=( was lyk hoping de rain will gt heavier so we dunnd to ran.HAHA.but end up we still run. so we run in de rain. at 1st thought,"wa,so gd ran 1 riund onli meh?!?!" den de cher sae todae we'll ran 2.4km trial =( we were lyk "WTH LA,raining lei!!" so we hv no choice,we hv no rgt,n we run lo. b4 running did some stretching. so i run walk walk walk run walk walk jas ran pass mi twice.n it took mi 18min to finish de 2.4 la. EXPECTED.mayb nxttym i shd walk lesser ba.LOL.

drank 2bottles in sch onli=( usualli 3de=( nvm..econs,bio n gp were stoning periods for mi. quite tire. brain juice MIA.. anyway edward tried to be lame during bio.cos 1 of de ans is CAP,so he drew a cap nxt to his ans.HAHA=) try harder nxttym huh?LOL.went cultural studies n replied zy's letter n wrote 1 paragraph for econs=) but i nt tt bad ok!i read de slides n gt listen lei!!multi-task!!HAHA=) anyway some stories quite interestin=)

ok,de main purpose of this post is....... :
EX-S25,GATHERIN ON 16FEB (SAT) AT ALEX'S HSE OK NT AR??? ex-s25,if u c tis,do pass ard n tell mi/jeremy/lunfa->he's de organisor.HAHA=) it's nt really planned but ya,this date can? n de venue ok?LOL.

ok ok.. i shall go do econs. i LOVE ECONS to a certain extend.HAHA=)
hello world. i shall briefly blog abt some stuff cos i shdb dgn econs tut rgt nw.HAHA=)

ms huang is a realli nice teacher!! :D s28 was naughty on fri cos we din realli do wad we r supposed to do,n we r sianx n tire cos it's de last lesson of de dae n it's fridae!!HAHA=) so she went out of de classrm n back wif choco!!so sweet of her!! but too bad,i din eat it! =( i ren cos im wearin retina u c.nd to remove it b4 i eat so i din eat cos i lazy =X naughty estee juz ate de choco wif her retina on.HAHA=) aft tt everyone guai guai start workin.haha=) so teachers,nxttym u c de class sianx sianx tire tire shd noe wad to do ok?!!? HAHA=)

had chem extra lesson til 4pm on fri. onli went thru 1qn for gaseous topic n we did de mindmap for de entire time left.RAH.went bugis wif pam n anling :D SHOPPIN TIME!!woot=) i finalli bought de tee=) I LIKE MUSIC :D they shd make it I LOVE MUSIC LA!!haha=) but i haven try sia.scare too small=( pam bought a tube,which i lyk long ago but im F-A-T u c.HAHA=) we ate mac as dinner,n as usual,pam din eat much of her fries so i help her finish hers. n i keep suaning her !!HAHA=) 1ST was during gp lesson talking abt de gene can differentiate tall more den de race. secondli was de giraffe tee we saw at bugis[de tee gt 3 giraffe wif diff heights]. thridli is tall ple hv fresh air at crowded place.HAHA=) i din suan her liao but she keep hv de mindset tt i suan her.HAHA=) reach hm at 9++ =)

sat do hmwk!!!!

sundae,went msia.din do any hmwk. tt's bad. left tonnes of work to be done. RAH. anyway i went city square shopping centre. gt msia de superstar.. de grp is call DNK if im nt wrong. D-dick,N-nick,K-ken.HAHA=) v kelian sia.cos nt much ple dere. LOL. but dey sing nt bad lei!! so mi n my sis went in front of de stage since there's so much space la.HAHA=) n we onli watch a while jiu go liao. den they gt games to win smt.shd go la,cos dere nt much ple n nobody noe mi dere=) HAHA=) den gt qian ming hui but onli a few ke lian. anyway we took photos of dem in case nxt tym they popular.HAHA=) last tym [yrs ago] sun yanzi went bukit panjang n i nv take pic of hers!!tt tym she still new so nt v famous. n tt tym dunhv camera sia=( RAH.

ok,i shd go.BYE

Thursday, January 24, 2008

hello world.

i gt my retina on tues.RAH. it's so mafan la. muz wear in ALL THE TIME except eat n brush teeth. so i gonna remove it b4 i eat n put it back into my mouth aft eatin.TT'S SO MAFAN!!!n i cant eat whenever n wherever i wan!! so once i remove it,i'll try to eat til full so ltr wun suffer too much. I CANT SPEAK PROPERLY WIF RETINA!!! :( $#%$#%$ i cant pronounce "s","fool","stupid" etc.RAH,so irritating la. imagine i'll hv to wear it for a yr n i keep speakin lo feng-ly la=( de plastic tt limit de movement of my tongue cause difficulty for mi to speak normally sia=( 1plastic at de top in de mouth n de other below.RAH. de dentist sae de teeth tends to move back for de 1st yr so nd to wear it all de time. for 2nd yr jiu can slp den wear. Oh,de dentist wanted to give mi de BLUE retina box but i dunwan dark blue.i wan bright colur so i can find it easier.HAHA=) n i chose ORANGE :D haha=) sianx,nd wait for a yr.=( i miss's much much more convenient n i can speak normally la!!n it's colourful.HAHA=)

well,mon's pc was ok :D finalli i sae mon de pc ok sia!HAHA=) we ran 4 rounds wif a short stretching break den we "cycle" n do other leg ex =) wed de pc as usual,fast quite fast n still can tahan=) ran 3rounds n did some ex =) guys v ke lian cos they nd to ran mani mani rounds!!too bad guys hv to go army!so ENDURE!! =)

had econs test on wed. studied. de notes was rather short.9pgs onli test was ok BUT i din manage to finish!hv ans planned in mind but no tym write=( SAD. had maths test todae.semi-studied.but i duno hw to do de test=( disappointing sia=(

anyway we had spring cleaning on wed=) so NO CCA=) i did sweepin for our class=) but i tink it's still quite dirty la de floor. took bus n walk hm wif jeremy n jeremiah. they so bad la,keep luff at me cos i cant speak properly!come on la,i wear de retina less than a day tt time ok!!HAHA=)n tt jeremy dun luff hor,nxttym u braces liao oso nd wear retina den my turn to luff at u!!WAHHAHA=) by den i onli nd to wear at nite=)HAHA=) n ya,we play zhong ji mi ma along de way back 1 kana suppose to treat drinks BUT jeremy din treat.nvm.end up we all all gt kana.HAHA.n we play play play talk talk talk til mi n jeremy over-shoot la.c we so nice pei jeremiah walk so long.HAHA. jeremy show mi his japan trip de photo.too bad i din finish looking thru =( nvm,nxttym den c again.HAHA=) i wannna go japan too!RAH.

todae while waitin for 174,de busstop dere gt a weird uncle.he asked serene[who is at de opp busstop of mine] "ni shi shen men ren" [i duno de pin ying la]. den he walk to de busstop where we r.den he kajiao estee.HAHA.den chenyaan call sarah,so funni la. luff luff luff.den de uncle oso gt luff.LOL.n de uncle took de same bus as us. he din tap his ezlink n kana caught.den i walk 1st duno they wanna go up nt,den pam say up,den de weird uncle follow behind mi.den i up de uncle oso up. end up the rest of dem go "1st floor" i went down lo.HAHA. den saw a uncle who i saw last time at de busstop.he even said bye to mi n sarah when we sae bye to pam n estee.HAHA.

aft tt went bank to help my sis update her bank bk. den rush to hillgrove cos laopo xiaoqing taking her O's =) waited for her quite long outside de gate. xiuhui was dere too waiting for her fren. glad tt xq score well for her O's !!!:D WELL DONE XIAOQING!!! =) hard work realli play an impt role for getting gd result. well,went to foodcourt to settle xq's lunch. saw my sis n she join in.i din eat cos i lazy to remove my retina [ c,so mafan] n my stomach juz keep make noise=( discuss abt de courses. guess xq nw buzy tinkin of which courses to choose sia! anyway,sms-ed my pri sch fren. glad tt some did well too. but my laogong (calista) lyk quite sad sia=( ple,stay cheerful! u all tried ur best liao wad,so no matter hw much u tink cant change de score gt going :D choose a course tt u'll lyk n likely wun regret. last yr i choose de sch quite fast cos i juz wanna go jc. n is jjc. so ya. anyway saw yunjia n jasmine [juniors]. yunjia sae she cant go jc but poly can. glad tt she wan poly so tt's ok =) as for jasmine,she score 26. tink juz nice can go poly. jiayou ple=)

rah,tmr gt chem extra lesson til abt 4pm =( chem tut is so difficult la.i duno hww to do man=( tmr goin SHOP WIF BAD PAM!!haha=) anyway,wkend gonna do loads of hmwk sia.cos study tests den nv touch hmwk =X omg,no slacky wkend=(

lunfa,quickli go plan s25 outing hor.mahjong miss mi.HAHA=)

well,im using my bro's hp for de time being=) samsung D900. nt bad la. but beside LAG LAG LAG,it's still LAG.haha=)but nt too bad=) n de battery life nt tt gd. nd to charge charge charge.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

blog quite frequently these days but rarely online sia.HAHA=) but hope nxt wk wun blog much cos i tink tym to study 2tests sia=(

well,went out wif my laopos todae.da nai wanna buy CNY cloth. went to bugis den find place for lunch. went yoshinoya but aft findin a seat n finish Q-ing,we realise sundae lyk no student we went out of de shop n head to long john=) so we ordered combo1,which hv 2chicken onli la.den i juz use de fork to eat de chicken w/o cutting it into pieces cos v mafan ma. den duno y de stupid chicken drop n land on de floor. somemore it's in de pathway la. so malun la. n i onli bite it once!! i left with 1chicky n fries lo. but de 2nd chicky i eat den left 1mouth den it drop on my leg!%#% in total,1 whole chicken is lunch wasnt full. oh ya,we chat abt facebk.HAHA=) funni la dem,duno how to add ple!LOL.but i oso nt realli gd sia.anyway i personally prefer friendster.nt so mani application la.too mani lyk v messy.HAHA=) but i hv loads of applications la=X

went bugis street n start SHOPPIN!!damm long nv shop la!!eye-ed on quite a no of shirts sia!!but i controlled myself :D i din buy anyting sia=) da nai bought a top at fox,which i love it too!!guess i'll grab it SOON!!n laopo bought a top,a belt,a leggings!!so mani stuff huh?HAHA=) anyway i eye-ed on 2 shirts which is GREEN =) haha=) hope can buy but i'll c 1st. cos i haven buy bottom. anyway.MY SHOPPIN SPIRIT IS BACK!! nw i feel lyk shoppin sia!! RAH.i dun wan sch man.

anyway,received a msg fr a unknown person todae..
unknown [U]:hi...
mi [m]: sry,hu r u?
[u]:am jovi
[m]:sry,wrong no.
[u]:wanna talk abt de loan
[m]:do u noe hu am i?

RAH.tis person ar.duno who de hell la.duno mi still wad talk abt loan tis person is still unknown.LOL.

anyway,guess wen sch start i quite enjoy to be at hm!cos can rest n do hmwk n rot n slack=) but i miss shoppin nw!RAH. anyway nxt wk hv econs n maths test. tink both v hard.maths cpt 12 i totally duno a single hell for cpt 11,tt was thought in china n s'pore but both places i din pay attention wen de cher teachin =X tests will be on wed n thurs=( tues gonna collect my retina!!estee shdb gotten hers ba!

i dun wan mon.beside it's de start of de sch wk,it's oso a day for pc.HAHA. hate it.HATE IT.

oh ya,i wan a mahjong session!!but i dun gamble u c!!HAHA=) JUZ PLAY pls organise one ok?HAHA :D

ok,i wanna do hmwk. im so guai =) LOL. left loads la.chem tut,maths tut,study econs n maths. tt's a lot=( bio ws loads duno n dun intend try again.HAHA.

the golden path's final epi is tmr!!hope de new drama wun hook mi!!WAHAH=)ok. realli gtg.LOL

Friday, January 18, 2008

maths lect mani pon cos of chem lect test. of cos i went lect but i gt read chem notes la,but listen to mr sia at de same tym la=) so i nt v bad=) had duty at cookiehse,din noe they gt sell cereal tut qn3 de ratio is 3:1 but duno which 1 is black which 1 is yellow sia.den my ans opp fr pam's de.RAH. ate b4 lookin thru chem again. chem test was HARD FOR MI la.i din finish usual.realise i always nv finish my paper de sia.RAH.but i can say this time study organic chem is nt as bad compared to studying for re-exam!! HAHA=) glad tt im nt so resistant to organic chem nw=) GP watch a video "DNA-the promise and the problem". a gd n interesting video i shd say. Beside GP,it's abt bio, maths n econs!!HAHA=) so cute la. we lyk recapping for the rest of de subjects.LOL.but tis gp lesson is interestin n im nt tire at all=) well,there's always a purpose for us to watch video la. gt 1 part is abt de future ple mgt design their babies!!t's lyk so EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! imagine everyone hv perfect babies,with de type of eyes,nose,features characters etc fake la. so GDP is gd for health tingy but nt for designing baby la!!

went np openhse.saw a pri sch fren,edwin,n zhien.HAHA.well,this yr de goodie bag nt bad!!HAHA=) gt a pencilbox with loads of highlighter!!gt ink a nt i duno la,haven go try =X oh,i sound so cheapo.HAHA=) n gt notebook=) last yr de still haven use sia.oh ya oh ya,still gt a donut fr donut factory!!YUM YUM!!n v cute la,gt a sticket says "Goodluck for ur O"!!donut is de shape of"o"!!SO CUTE RGT.haha.n we gt loads of drinks!!so v heavy went ard c c n eat eat lo.den ard 4pm those s-pop ple came. den we still walk walk.den go dere c c. cos we leavin liao ma,den mani ple sia.n i sae chen diya n jiaying[shdb]!de crew lyk make them a path to walk n i duno n i nearli walk de path la.HAHA.den tis diya walk pass den i realise OH,NT FOR

went jp aft tt.bag was heavy.carrying it is a torture man.RAH.walk walk den went ntuc buy aunty.but fine.u ple abt same age as mi so u all oso aunty uncle!!HAHA=) ok ok juz kiddin.da bao kfc n ate some b4 we left. quickli blog b4 my bro back!!

anyway,last yr de tis period i shdb playin r u!!HAHA=) in fact i quite miss 1st 3mths period sia!cos go sch but dun realli listen to lesson,den keep play play play!!play dai di n MAHJONG!! 1st tym pon lesson,1st tym mahjong,1st tym bowling!!HAHA=)so tt period quite mani 1st tym?LOL. i miss playing dai di during breaks.i miss playing bowling aft sch. i miss playing mahjong at james/alex's hse!! RAH.i miss mahjong.super long nv play sia!!last tym play was lyk during class chalent la!! =( new yr cumin!but ya,no mahjong cos no venue!!!RAH.i wanto play mahjong!!! =( tire. ytd tried to study chem. but i fell aslp at 11+ while i holdin on to de hydroxy notes sia!!den i keep change position but still cant help it. so end up,i 2 den slp,but in fact,i was slpin all de while fr 11+ to 2 la.HAHA=) tmr muz to as much stuff as possible sia. cos sundae goin out =)

anyway,mr sia said he heard a china sae tis in de cinema
"You see no see? You no see I see." HAHA=)

ok,gtg. it's tv time!!i love 9pm show [ de golden path] n 10pm show["coffee prince"]!!WOOT!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

thx jas(keychain),fengyi(chopstick) n yonghong(hp pouch) for the china present :D

today keep hv de pon pc idea. as i said,i so guai wun pon de la,so went in de end. IT WAS DAMM COLD!luckily nt onli mi feel tt la.HAHA=) but aft running i still cold while others nt cold liao.haix. well,i prefer pc on wed much much more!! cos de teacher seems to be better.LOL.i used to think she bad cos our pc session wif her last yr quite tough as compared to others teachers la.HAHA=)but nw it's de opposite!!HAHA=) last yr go de turn to be bad,last yr bad den turn to be gd.HAHA=) so if wanna pon pc pon mon de.LOL. anyway, we run 2rounds:D den do de climbin of stairs la. but todae de much more better den mon de!!mon de is torture la!! starts to lyk de teacher le=) hopefulli pc lesson wun keep torture us la.HAHA=)

gp lesson was de last lesson of de day.but guess every1 sianx n tire den nt much ple listen to ms huang's lesson.HAHA=)but she gd la,nv scold us!! =) quite tire durin gp but wen release jiu much more awakw. as usual la.HAHA=)

duty at JJ affinity. too long nv duty dere den mani tingy forget!HAHA=)thx estee's rescue!!cos she noe lots more den us =) some j1 turn up.eclub for todae i was quite sian.RAH.glad im back hm le.HAHA=)but nd study chem organic test sia. ytd tried study,but aft 15min jiu fell aslp liao =X so i slept at abt 11.30pm =) keep hv de feeling i slp v long sia.den 4+ 5+ wake up tok 6liao.HAAH=)

oh,starhub plan due i muz upgrade asap sia.but todae use bro's hp seems nt bad.LOL. but de voucher for starhub extend til 22jan onli sia=( RAH. if k81oi n k770i same price,which 1 will u all buy?HAHA=) users of these hp, can tell mi gd/bad of the hp?HAHA=) thx :D

ok,shall go study le.cos at nite wanna watch tv n sure fall aslp wen time is 11.30pm. BYE =D

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


tt's lyk so fast la. lyk juz put den so fast jiu remove. ok,i put it for 2yrs 24days :D LOL. but i wish can put longer cos realli gt used to it liao la!! nw w/o braces,realli feel weird.2yrs nv feel my teeh w/o braces n nth scratch ur lips.HAHA. estee removed her braces ytd too.HAHA=) we removed it at de same date.LOL.n we both feel weird la. feel tt my teeth is BIG!!hopefulli is realli too long nv c them liao.HAHA.ok,will try to gt use to it asap!! xD by de way,our teeth feel so smooth la.HAHA.

ytd nv go cultural studies cos gt dental as mentioned earlier,i goin remove braces.i was late for 15min den nd to wait for 1+++ hrs!! process of removin spent less than 20min i guess.much much faster den putting it on 2yrs ago. thx shan for pei-ing mi:D went to bugis to find mama den mdm low[eclub cher] saw mi.HAHA.den my mama n her talk talk talk.n mdm low is pregnant!!juz lyk wad yifang guess!!HAHA=) ate quite a lot. ate 1stick of chicken,den 1ham n mushroom bread,then fried chicken n 2packets of's nt my dinner la.went dad's shop aft tt n do some hmwk.den went yishun cos my bro nd to return to camp so we ate our dinner dere.reach hm abt 10+ 11 end up nv do hmwk =x n i miss 9pm n 10pm show!!RAH.=(

RAH. keep hv de idea to pon sch on's so bad but cant help it.nt becos of cca but becos of stupid idiot pc.HAHA.sounds stupid rgt. dun wan go pc so dun go sch.BUT I WUN DO TT LA.i so guai leh.HAHA.nv pon sch b4!!HAHA=) anyway,pc is realli a torture n i hate tt.I HATE RUNNING. I HATE PC.RAH.

dawn's bdae cumin!!haven gt anyting for her sia!!hmm,muz go buy it 1 day sia..RAH. nd spend money again. but tt's ok :D haha.

anyway,i still haven buy hp!! fr nov07 say til nw haven buy!!RAH. even though most ple sae buy w580i,but realli gt many ple de keypad crack i tink i shdb wun buy it.den i thought of k770i. den my bro sae back de old stuff.which is true la.his samsung de hp is in oso 3.0mp but gt 1gb=) but de bad is no radio.HAHA.if i deal with him,den he'll go buy a new hp,n i'll gt his hp. if no deal,then he'll juz trade in his hp.RAH,i still duno deal or no deal.

ok,organic chem test cumin!! muz go study!! RAH. gdluck everyone =D

Friday, January 11, 2008

it's gd to noe tt someone hu u v long nv contact still rmb u :D HAHA=) ytd receive dawn's sms n we start sms lyk de past again=) tt's realli reminds mi of de past where we always sms BUT we dun realli tok to each other=) anyway im v glad n touch tt she wanne give mi smt but i nv re her[i went msia last dec n i din receive her sms wen i back],n she wanna put it in my mailbox but cant.HAHA=) so she end up nv put. but it's ok,i've recieved ur sincerity!!:D thx my dear fren!! HAHA=) anyway it's SWEETS for xmas la,so luckily she nv put it in on 21dec cos i back on 27dec.if she put it in den sure kana complain tt loads of ants at de mailbox dere.HAHA.'s finalli fri!!2days of rest :D but nt realli since there's plenty of hmwk to be done.n org chem test is on fri! sat n sun nt realli restin day ba.TT'S SO SAD. somemore still gt econs grp work tingy.HAIZ..

anyway,i start to dun dun lyk [whick is fine] GP lesson!!thx ms huang man=) tink she's a gd teacher :D HAHA=) at least she teach more detail ba=) i'll still say she gt ms chew de shadow.HAHA. =) oh ya,ms wun,my bio teacher,was my 2nd sis's bio cher!!HAHA=) my sis say ms wun is a gd cher but she can be v fierce til de whole class v scare her!!HAHA=) perhaps 1 day i shall ask ms wun whether she rmb my sis.HAHA=)

anyway my class is goin to make class's lyk finalli!!cos last yr we wanna make but de fprm disappear twice la.anyway we're goin to hv 2class tees,so hope we dun nd to wear uni everyday ba=) anyway if gt class jacket den gd!!HAHA=) by de way we hv to tuck in our tee,gt a cher mr X keep catch those nv tuck in de sia.lyk so funni.HAHA. but ya.......

oh ya,for cultural studies im gonna take de chi de!!cos shorter ma =) but my class most ple take malays de. anyway 73bucks sia.RAH.muz rmb to brin on mon sia.

anyway mon i mayb taking out braces le!!so fast la!!i dun wan=( so hope de small gap haven close den i can put 1 more mth.HAHA=) de braces wif mi for 2yrs + liao sia,nw it gonna leave mi lyk v weird sia. n my teeth lyk finalli can cong jian guang ming la.LOL. n ST[estee] goin to remove hers on mon too!!HAHA=) at 1st thought can go dental tgt with her but v long den realise cant cos ours de is at diff place-.= RAH

ok,im tire. these days nv watch de korea show at 10pm!!go do hmwk but less den 30min jiu fell aslp den 11pm jiu go slp liao.HAHA=) n tt's apply to everyday except todae!!HAHA=) i even go slp w/o packing my bag.RAH. so guess i shall go slp nw cos im realli tire. scare ltr end up duno type wad ting den post.HAHA=) tt tym v tire den i write letter to zy n hl den write wad i oso cant rmb n gt wrong tingy.HAHA=) so as to prevent tt,i shall sae BYE to all=) take care :D

oh,freakin mon is cumin!!PC again =(

Monday, January 07, 2008

welcome back to studies OGLs!!HAHA=) finally classrm nt tt empty since de 6OGLs in my class is back! =)

1st period jiu pc!!'s super ultra bloody stupid ok.change fr uni to pe tee den to uni.RAH.less than 1hr of pc can kill mi man.RAH.running 3 rounds is lyk nv ending la.finalli wen it ends,the cher wan use to do more running.but tt one more ok la. but my heart beat damm fast!!realli lack of exercise sia. but i realli hate pc!!pc freak mi out.RAH.oh,we saw this cute big heart shape made by de planes!!IT'S DAMM NICE OK!!haha=) it's specially for JJ!!tt's wad jasmine said la.HAHA=) took height n weight which i RAH.i din grow, onli 170cm la. jeremiah taller den mi sia!! I LOVE GROW OK!! but grow in vertical way nt horzontal la!!i damm super fat la..v heavy la. even though i wanna throw some fats away,i still HATE PC. changed to uni durin break.sticky sticky so dirty sia.RAH.

my new bio buddy is chenyaan!!well,1.5hr pass quite fast.she teach nt bad xD had econs lect aft bio. pass quite fast =) i damm hungry. but wen eat den nt so kai wei liao =( HAHA,it's ok.i still finish it anyway=)

gp do paper2.RAH.i duno hw to do man. din read the passage clearly too.den v sianx but gt 1.5hrs for us to do it.ans seems lyk all crap out de man=( cultural studies at LT2. de LT was damm noisy la. well,duno shd choose de chi or malay de course. chi de more exp [$73] but ends faster!!malay de take v long but v cheap [$10]!! HAHA=) so i tink i shd take de chi de to save time!!but my edusave no $$$ sia=( 73bucks of cash is so^#$# la!! anyway, de 2 outrams so damm funni la. outram shel wanna return outram yh his shorts,so outram shel pass it to mi to pass to outram yh.but tt outram yh sae it's nt his. den de 2 outram start to argue abt de shorts.HAHA=) SO DAMM FUNNI LA!!HAHA=) outram yh insist tt de JJ shorts is nt his but outram shel sae it belongs to outram yh!!HAHA=) i duno where de JJ shorts end up in nw.mayb in de general office de "lost n found" ba.HAHA=) n tt yuankang v noisy sia. go n die wif outram la.HAHA=) oh,i shdnt say go n die. die is a v v sad ting. i shd sae shuddup will do.HAHA=)


anyway,MC king pass away le. so sudden rgt?life is fragile so i shd STOP asking ple go n die. go n do smt else ba..LOL. he left so sudden,but glad tt he hv loads of frens in his life! =) wish him all de best in heaven...treasure ple ard u!! but ple tends to treasure de person or ting wen it's gone n nv back. =( haix..

RAH.hv to do maths tut n bio tut x(

gtg. BYE.


Saturday, January 05, 2008

internet FINALLY BACK :D
well,internet kana cancel cos we din pay de bill for mths =X HAHA.this prove tt im poor ok. anyway,glad tt im using it todae!! initially planned to out wif shan,my 3rd sis, to her sch so tt we can use internet for sch work.somemore my bro is back at hm ytd la.BUT in de morning he received a call n he gonna rush back to his camp.heard tt someting lost so they nd to find. poor bro out fr 8+ til n nw haven back,guess de ting is nt yet found =( but if he's back nw,i cant use com to copy maths lect notes n chem ans for re-exam n blog!!HAHA=) hope he'll find de ting soon aft i done wif com =) so i use com tis whole day to copy stuff n finally i can blog=) but my com dun hv microsoft so de chem ans incomplete sia=( nvm..

well,wed sch canteen was rather empty n quiet la. is lyk where's de J1s?HAHA. went over to OG table since pam yanxi n qianyun n kerrick dere. we hv to line up accordin to houses-bannister,bikila,owen,rono. dun c any purpose in it la. so man fa la.den cant rmb de place for my class la.y dun juz line up accordin to class la..gonna be far far away fr my laopos!!cant tok to them b4 AHAH la.. =( had prata.plain de cost 60cents,wif egg cost $1.20. so exp can.but cant blame la=( anyway,egg cost 60cents is realli exp la.y wif egg is $1.20 nt $1.10 ar? cos de price for plain onli increase 10cents..or mayb de 1 wif egg cost $1.10 den i 4gt?LOL.

chem lect talk abt EXAM EXAM N EXAM.rah.scary la.tis yr sure a tough 1 for sure la. =( i still REALLI REALLI HATE ORGANIC CHEM.wad for noe de rxn la=( but no choice,muz rmb even though nth abt org chem is stored in my memory la.=( mr azmi r more serious n strict tis yr..nv do tut den OUT u scary hor? but luckily 1st dae he nv do tt.but i did my tut=) he check 1 by 1 sia,but he nv check pam de!!den i sae "mr azmi so trust u!" to pam. den mr azmi heard n sae cos hers v thick.LOL.mine oso v thick lei!!But he still check 1pg by 1pg.HAHA=)but it's ok since i did my work=) anyway i used to nv do all so ya..HAHA=) de 2nd lect which is de proper lect,i nearly fell aslp la. but aft lect i v awake. den fy dey all ask y.den i sae cos chem lect finish =) HAHA.

at 1st still v sianx gt pc for 1st dae but woot,no pc!!tt's realli a SUPER ULTRA GD NEWS OF DE DAY=) we were prepared for pc even though we dun wish to hv pc la.HAHA=) so in de end we hv 1.5hrs of break :D i miss hillgrove de pe lesson!!warm up den talkin session wif my laopos n yt!! nw is run run run.=( hv same pc lesson as s29 on mon, den same wif s31? [sc's class] on wed.

econs lect we sit de 1st front row sia!! so damm in front la!! cant fall aslp n muz sit properly!!so nxttym muz chiong for de 2nd row!!HAHA xD if nt i sit til v bu zi zai.LOL. s29 sit de last row.laopo hl complain too far.den i front row complain too near.HAHA. econs tut had discussion for tut 9 case study..yes i did it during holidae but some of my ans totally wrong=( RAH. thx ed for helpin out for qn d!! HAHA=) even though is short,better den nth wad :D

had gp as de last lesson of de dae. met my new GP teacher ms HUANG =) she's nice ok.HAHA=) at least nw she's nice. tink as time goes by,she'll gt to be more fierce cos A's lo..she gt de shadow of my sec sch eng teacher ms angela chew to sae lei.i oso duno.LOL. so in her 1st GP lesson we din do much n she release us abt 45min earlier=) tt's so nice of her!! n we onli nd to do 1newspaper article unlike last yr!! :D so we wait for 2.30pm for eclub.RAH.a short meeting onli la.LOL.but we gt clean up sizzlinice n do some stuff til 4+ 5+ =)

anyway, lesson ends at 2pm everyday for mi!!except mon,cos gt cultural gt cca. so other days shdb 2pm jiu can bye to sch=) but de sianx ting is pc on mon!!somemore is de 1st period la.WTH poor mama will hv to wash 1 more tee on mon!so stupid to wear tie n uni for morning assembly den change to pe tee for pc immediately la.RAH. oh,n there's a new rule in jj. MUZ TUCK IN OUR TEES!!!tt's lyk so.....RAH. as if our mind will change wen we tuck in la.LOL.

had maths lect on thurs. din realli study for it.WHY? cos my leg pain n my back [tail bone dere] super pain til cant tahan la =( rah,HATE's nt de 1st time liao=( so end up flippin 3cpts,leavin intergration untouch =( n i duno hw to do de test!! heard tt those fail will hv to stay for remedia class. i wonder if i kana is gd or bad sia.cos my maths is BAd n if kana den mayb can help=) but if kana means i'll hv lesser time for myself.RAH.anyway,during de test de hall is damm noisy la. we were dgn tests n they enjoyin.RAH.n i cant concentrate la=( keep stare at de wall. n too much time even though i din finish cos i duno hw to do. =( oh,i pass my retest for maths=) juz nice =) oh by de way,mr sia like my class de best amg his class!!he sae we v guai!!HAHA=) mayb juz tt other class naughty ba!LOL.

met my new bio teacher ms wun.she's a friendly n nice teacher i guess=) but sure will fierce if she nd to!!HAHA=) but i believe my bio will improve!! i like bio!!but i HATE DNA STUFF N GENTIC STUFF which we're studyin in jc nw.RAH. of cos wun 4gt mr er!!he's a gd teacher too ok.he told ms wun to treat us gd leh!n mr azmi told her tt too!!HAHA=) so cute rgt?

by de way,marianne came to sch on fri!!gave us a pleasant surprise=) had lesson wif her!!realli miss all de stupid stuff we did de yr b4!! but for sure,poly will be a better choice for her! anyway,she confused many teachers on fri la.HAHA=) had lunch wif her,pam,jeremiah,anling n jeremy at wm. jeremy took de same bus as us so we ask him along n he's fine wif it=) so we crapped on bus =) jeremy goin put braces soon!!HAHA=) anyway estee removin her braces on 13jan n mine shdb on 14jan!!HAHA=)

i wanna buy hp. either k770i or w580i ba=) promotion for both hp was $98 =) anyway de promotion was over so gonna wait for de nxt 1. asked around n most ple vote for w580i!!HAHA=) so which 1 will u buy?pls tell mi if u're readin tis=)