Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yet another week

Hello Humans,

Time pass super ultra fast and it's Tuesday again! ):

Have been going out for the past 3 days from Saturday to Monday.

Saturday was a short mini-gathering for some of us (me hl zy yt and maybe hl's bf), all thanks to yt (: We didn't managed to play any games but we were on time for food! HAHA, we reached the place at a perfect timing cos dinner buffet just started. Dinner was followed by 灯谜,which all of us aimed to guess right 1 question each and to get the present. HAHA. it was quite challenging cos we don't get to read the question but to listen to the question only, no visual aid a bit hard for us to guess huh! ): But anyway, I managed to volunteer and guessed the correct answer for the question of guessing a word “天破顶” and won myself a mug! Joked that it will be bay's present next year! I'll really give it to her in its original form if i remembers! :D Glad that though we are all busy, we still managed to come together for a few hours (:

Sunday was family day, where my family and I went to look at houses! HAHA, yup we like to look at houses though we don't really have intention to buy them. Nevertheless those display units are really nicely designed (:

Went to JB on Monday and it was really a eating day. I ate freaking lot for 5hours and that was quite 辛苦 cos bloated stomach is just irritating ): Shan't list down what I ate though I told zy what I ate, haha, I don't wanna sound like a pig though I am one.

And... I am finally done with my HS222 presentation after many editing! Decided to do on 2 articles instead of just 1, so it will take around 21 or 22 minutes. Hopes it will be okay on Thursday! (:

Decided to rest a bit after editing HS222 presentation by blogging, guess I'll bathe soon and perhaps start my FYP soon. Sorry FYP, I didn't touch you for 2 weeks already and my concern for having something to 交待 professor is here again ): It's so irritating leh. I thought of not going school tomorrow cos I've nothing new for her. But tomorrow is last time of seeing her before recess week, which is next week! Oh well... stupid FYP ):

And I can't wait to watch stupid Jap variety show at 8pm! HAHA


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

it's another week

Hello Humans,

it's 八月初三now. Twelve more days to 中秋节. I'm very tempted to accept YT's invitation for Saturday 中秋节's celebration and hence I was urging HL and ZY to finish their assignment asap so that we can go together! Girls, please finish them or at least done up with most part of your assignment okay? (:

Yesterdays was supposed to collect my lele but due to shipment and customary delay, we can only collect it from 19th onward ): But the thing is we're not free to make a trip down to collect it any time soon. Lele, please guai guai wait for your mummy okay?

But anyway, Shan and I brought mum and godma to Chinatown for lunch! Introduced them the vegetarian restaurant that YT/XQ brought us to years ago! It was a good session- eating and chatting session. Mum revealed that she used to copy her classmate during spelling test and how her teacher would suan her when she kana caught. HAHA.Walked a bit before Shan and I left them.

Anyway, Shan and I had a rather expensive dinner- $30+ for 2 pax at Ion Orchard. But it was a good experience in that Japanese restaurant! The food is nice (I ordered fried pork and Shan ordered Salmon Soup) and I got to "fry" my own porky! It was another happy meal of that day since both of us like what we ordered (:

How fast is another week. Time is passing at a super fast rate.

I kinda have this love-hate relationship of my current lifestyle of nuahing, watch TV, out with family days followed by going to school. I've been neglecting the last part and going school is almost like a chore. ):

Oh well, I starred into computer screen for hours and days for my memo and finally I think it's done cos I simply feel sian doing it. I shall edit it and use it for my presentation. HAHA. Wait, maybe I should do more research for FYP so I have something to 交待 to my professor tomorrow. LOL.

Okay off I go, can't wait for Channel U program at 8pm cos it's freaking funny (:


Monday, September 10, 2012

Family Days

Hello Humans,

I was supposed to do some research for my FYP over the weekend but it turned out to be family days. HAHA, don't know if that's good or not.

Anyway, went JB and we had our favourite curry fish head + duck + rojak + yong tau foo (: Walked around in City Square mall after lunch and we wanted to try mooncake! But the stingy person didn't manage to catch the hint that we wanna try pandan flavor mooncake. SO STINGY CAN. So we went to another store but it's kinda sticky and we didn't like it. Can't wait to go Takashimaya for mooncakes! :D Dinner was at Chua Kee, another favourite place to eat in JB. (: So basically it's a family eating day. LOL

Impromptu shopping at Bugis with my second sister yesterday. We spent most of our time walking around Bugis Street, which changed a lot since my last visit with her!As a guai sister (ahem),I didn't manage to get anything though she's the bank of the day. Okay I did try to find something to buy but there isn't much for me to buy. I would say one dress is mine IF I can fit nicely into it. HAHA. After that we meet Dad and Shan for dinner- Fish head and sambal kangkok. (:

Will be meeting FYP prof on wednesday and I haven't been doing much. I'm super lazy and.. lazy. Tell me how can I ever meet this:

Timeline for my FYP prof.

Oh well, I'll die if i follow it. There are days which I confirm plus chop will be out or nuahing but of course I can't show it out to prof right? HAHA. Oh ya, I still need to do up a list of reference for her too. Okay more for myself since it's for own use but she wanted us to show her. Argh, haven't read much how to do sia ):

And, I'm going for an interview tomorrow! Scary much, I haven't been to interview for super long time! 

Okay stop collecting dust and perhaps shall get started soon.


Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Hello Humans,

It's September 2012!

Glad that besides school day on Thursday and Friday, I have family time with my beloved family (: Think most of the bonding time are meal time, HAHA. My dad loves to bring us to eat fish head, so we had one in Chinatown market last Monday and the other on Sunday (: He wanted to bring us since the day we were back and the other one was meant to welcome my brother back too. My brother went to Macau with his colleague and he left the group after a week to travel Seoul on his own for a week. It was a bit worrying when we know typhoon hit Seoul but glad that he's fine and all. Not bad huh, at least he got to experience typhoon! Anyway he really backpack sia. For 2 week journey, he just carried a backpack with him, the one that I used to travel for my 1 week travel in Barcelona and Italy. Love Macau goodies and masks that he bought (: He bought 2 bags also, by right they are meant for himself but we "snatched" it over. HAHA:)

Tried Manhattan Fish Market for the first time last Monday and Tuesday for dinner with family (: Thanks to sister who bought the deal! The wait was long and irritating on Monday and thus I decided to go down earlier on Tuesday to make the order so we wouldn't have to wait that long (and that worked!). Oh ya, and we had our favorite 食为先yesterday (: 姐夫 brought us to NUS for dinner yesterday too, mini wok was nice and the portion is big. But this morning my aunt, my mum and me was having stomache! ): We figured out that it is probably NUS's roti prata ):

So.. with all the goodies how to jian fei right?! ):

Anyway I was thinking of changing HP soon since Nokia's battery is a bit sot sot.  I was very tempted by iphone 4s but it is really kinda expensive, the screen is kinda small and it is really everywhere! I was in a queue and I turn left and right and even stretch my head out- iphone iphone and more iphones.And then there's S3 with lots of new smart features and all. So I was setting my eyes on Samsung S3 and iphone 4s till my family 炮轰me that the 2 phones are too expensive. It was only then I "清醒“ cos the phones are really expensive and most probably I wouldn't use a lot of those wow features. And they keep reminding me how much I've spent this summer and I'm gonna spend more coming Jan. HAHA. Hence I'm shifting my attention to HTC and HTC One S seems not bad. But after reading the comments on HTC SG FB, my mental image of HTC being quite pro and good shattered. Most complaints are regarding its screen and it's malfunctioning phone. And there's only Taiwan hotline, though I don't mind speaking in mandarin but the concern is that perhaps they wouldn't care much about overseas complaints... And so I'm looking at LG optimus 4x HD. It seems pretty good and the functions and features are not that bad AND it's much cheaper :) More research gonna be done, I'll just see how and meanwhile hope my E72 remains as guai as usual. HAHA. Anyone out there have good phone to recommend or anything they heard good/bad regarding HTC One S or that LG phone?

Meet up with secondary friends was great. We had dinner at Roma Deli- shared pizzas, baked rice and baked pasta, followed by icecream at Bugis Plus(: Thanks for the free icecream CS Sai! And Moon, thanks for saving one bottle of chocolate with love from your solemnization (: And seriously, i feel like a goo-do when I was like "what is bugis plus?!". HAHA.

Short meet up with a JC friend on Friday. We aren't close and hence I was pretty surprised that she initiate for a lunch in school. I was sort of worry that she'll sell me insurance, HAHA! But heng she mentioned that she doesn't like friend who does that, phew so i'm saved since she's not one of those :P Lunched at Canteen One and she introduced me 小笼包! But too bad she was too full to have 小笼包, perhaps I'll try it next time then!

Okay, gonna start working, first presentation of this semester will be on Friday. Wish me goodluck.