Friday, April 27, 2012

6th Final in NTU in progress...

Hello Humans.

 6th final in NTU.
I'm still surviving well after 3 papers! 
Though my first paper HS316 sucks like shit and I was totally tired after that paper + COM254 almost a quarter of the paper not answered, but this exam period doesn't seems to be that stressful.
6 more days, 2 more papers, each with 30% weightage.
Will resume study soon, after this post?
I hope.

 3 pairs for $5. Super long didn't buy earrings already! 

the three 阿姐many many years back! Fann Wong looks like Faye Wong and Ann Kwok like so young! Fake tattoo very "in" last time if I didn't remember wrongly. HAHA(:

Now. All very pretty and looking great! Ann Kwok already 39 years old! Oh my tian. 

Hello pandas playing different sports. If you don't know what sports game to watch (for many Olympic) then can randomly pick one from here huh! (:

That's all.
Hope xiao ge will email grade soon.

And all the best to all having exams! it's ending!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Randomness while studying

Hello Humans.

before mugging sets in:
 Food from Chillis

 Pei Fen at Kose's event at OG. Got a prize for answering Q&A and Shan luckily enough to got lucky draw prize (but they are still the same thing-a spray for hydrating,haha but better than nothing)

 Hello Panda that accompany through the study sessions.

 Sweet and Sour fried fish from SIM. taste not bad but I cant really taste the fish :/

 Hello to Fox! 

 Me Too doesn't like fox.

 Ham and Cheese bread for lunch.

 Pretty bun that's messy.

and mugging continues...



Sunday, April 15, 2012

Chillis with JPS BFF

 Hello Human.

Mark and Spencer Potato Chips are damn nice.

 Lunch at Jcube yesterday with JPS BFFs. We got a nice seat!


 Happy 21+1 eileen! (:

Super love this brand. The chocolate cake is damn nice that I've to keep eating it!

Evil them say I look sick. Guess I need more sleep though I'm catching up with sleep these days.



Tuesday, April 10, 2012

yummy treats from Taiwan!

Hello Humans.

These are some goodies my family bought from Taiwan:

It doesn't really look appealing to me but I shall try it! But guess it's still left untouch on the table. HAHA.

Random food like sweet potato chips.


 凤梨酥 with salted egg!! SUPER LOVE THIS ONE! All eaten finish already! ):

 So basically there are three types. The top right side's is green bean with red bean! DAMN NICE ALSO!!!! :D
It's available at the airport, I think it's the taoyuan airport. It's not that cheap I think, around $10 per box or so. But worth trying! (:

Say hello to cutiesssss! :D MeToo, I don't know if it's time for you to take a rest :X

Food from canteen 4 (if I'm not wrong). Fried fish with salted agg, super nice. It's $3.80 or $4.80, I can't remember :/

COM222 storyboard. I know my drawing not zhai, but I've no other alternatives. Anyway it's over! WHEEE.I'm so happy that COM222 is over!

So I've cleared COM222 and Socis :D Left team paper for COM254 and a report for CO265A but I've no idea when the report due since I wasn't informed. -.-

Anyway got pleasant surprise for HS4016 social movement essay and crappy memo! :D She's kind enough not to deem me as late!