Sunday, November 30, 2014


Hello Humans.

I haven't been here for quite a long while again. Life has been pretty not bad, especially I just had my long holiday away from Singapore. 

Actually there are many people who are traveling during this period, many of them headed Europe and most people were quite surprised when I told them I'm traveling to China. I didn't think too much when I first received that kinda reaction as probably people wouldn't think of going China yet or youngster seldom goes China. But come to think of it, that kind of attitude seems a bit, wrong? I mean, what's wrong with traveling to China? There're plenty of pretty sceneries in China that worth the trip, regardless of your age. Does it more superior to travel to other countries, especially Europe or the States? Maybe, since these places are much further and the cost of travel expenses is likely to be much higher too. So it kinda put you at higher place when you're saying you're traveling to these countries as compared to China. 

I have to say I'm guilty of that at some point of times. Being envious of people traveling to far away places, being able to afford the cost of traveling and explore pretty places. Or perhaps when people say "wah u travel to Europe before!" Sometimes I'm caught in that too. But part of me will remind myself that isn't it a privilege to travel, regardless of where you're traveling? It seems that travel becomes a need instead of want, and thats kinda dangerous and scary. I did thought of wah I haven't been travel for 1.5years! I myself, as well as some others, commented that it was such a long period. But hmm, is that 1.5 years really that long? Come to think about it, it's okay. So perhaps my next long trip wun be anything soon Huh, hahah.

In anyway, I enjoyed my trip to China. I feel very fortunate to be able to travel and ahem, falling to the category of people who finds travel as a form of escapism. It been so long since I take such a long break from work, and I worked barely 10 months then. I appreciate times with my family, since I'm either busy with work or dating when I'm in Singapore. I appreciate the good nice meal I get to enjoy in Singapore and be thankful that I'm well fed at home. I was kinda meh whenever I see the dishes in China as they keep repeating and lots of oily and stay food. But again, I tried to tell myself it's their culture and their lifestyle. And, we are considered eating much better food compared to the locals so why am I still complaining so much right. 

I have to admit that I found this trip wasn't the best, since there are many types of sceneries and I seriously find Jiu Zhai Gou really much prettier. But again there are some pretty and interesting places that I went for this trip, which I'll probably tell more about it next time.

Ah, human is so complicated and contradicting. So am I. And perhaps, so are you.

This wasn't my intended topic, I wanted to talk about something else but it just came to my mind since I was looking at my photos from China haha. 

Oh wells.

Bye human.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

I'm missing Europe again.

Hello Europe.

Dear Europe, I miss you so.
Thanks for all the memory for the great 3 months, which are still clearly in my mind.
Thanks for teaching me life lessons, to be appreciative to people whom I love and loves me, to be appreciative of the world, country and century that I've born in and give me the opportunity to see a different world.

I was clearing some photos in memory card to make space for my sis's wedding photoshoot on coming wed and for my China trip in Nov. Every trip has their own fond memory, with different people who are close to my heart. Kinda excited for Nov's trip but I'm gonna miss you so much.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

My kinda perfect sunday

Hello Humans

It’s been a while since I’m here. So I’ve been busy with work and dating and hence not much of time to blog. Okay, what an excuse huh! But it really feels that way.

Oh well, I’ll just start off with something more recent, let's say today! It feels good to nuah at home and not doing much! Of course I’m not saying my day goes without much meaning, it is definitely a meaningful nuahing day for me! So I woke up at 8 plus on a Sunday morning and unable to sleep any further, washed up, had my breakfast and started packing my area. I’ve this habit of packing/tidying my area like table and cupboards.

I’ve also checked out the rates for HPV vaccinations and it really seems like Healthway Clinic is having really good promotion for HDB staff! I shall take my jab soon since I’ve really drag it for super ultra long. Have been considering to do it since last year but my then medisave doesn’t have sufficient money and I didn’t want to spend my parents’. And since I’ve been working for quite a while, it’s time to do it! Yes, I’m hoping to do it asap before Oct so that I can have my second jab before my family trip to China!
Yes I’m going on family trip to china soon!! It’s been quite a while since I last flew (Jan 13), let alone the last family trip I had (the last family trip was in 2009). Strictly speaking, it will be a 7/10 family trip as the 3 Ho sisters will be staying in Singapore, while the rest of us (including me and my bro) will be flying off from 1 Nov to 11 Nov! My boss is quite nice to let me off for this family trip as I’m going to use it as block leave. Kinda feel heart pain when I see the balance of my leave from 14 days to 7 days, lol. Pray hard it will be a safe and smooth and happy trip for all of us! And I know I’ll miss my bf badly. ):
Just had some tea and macaron made with love by love! I better eat it before anyone else kop mine! 14 macarons were gone in less than 12 hours. And check out the cute little macaron in ♥ ! I very bu she de to eat it!

Okay, off i go! Planning for something. Hee.

Till then.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Testing 1 2 3

Testing completed.

Testing if my blog is still working. Haha. Oh it is! I'll blog some other days.

Till then♡

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Hello Humans.

I am 24th. Just the other day I was thinking what I’ve done for the past 24 years of my life. Childhood was pretty happy. Big family that is pretty well to do with my dad supporting all of us and we’ve nothing much to worry about. I’ve gained enough attention and love since young since I’m the youngest. OOPs, I’m not trying to brag but imagine being the youngest and smallest and cutest back then. Haha. Moreover I’m so a good girl. Even up till now okay. I got through my childhood and teenage days pretty happily, without much worries except for academic wise. Not a smart kid to begin with but effort did help a bit. So last year marked the end of my education life and I’ve graduated happily in my dream school.

So yes, 2014 was the new chapter of my life- kinda, in the sense of stepping into working world, being in a relationship and all. Work has been pretty okay for me and I’m really fortunate that I’ve a good boss and my colleagues around me are nice! I’m definitely lucky to have a good boss, who is motherly, willing to spend time and effort to coach me and explain stuff to me. There was once I randomly said I like kit kat and kinder bruneo and she asked if I like chocolate. I said yes though I’m not a big fan of chocolate. And guess what, she bought me kinder bruneo! HAHA. My colleagues around me, like my lunch partners are awesome too cos they made working life so much more bearable! It’s like we can talk about many stuff and we do play among ourselves. Hahha. Well, maybe that’s the case cos we are from different department but I’m lucky that the few of us got in around the same timing (: Of course there are too many people in my workplace and there will be some people who doesn’t like me, they will also people who enjoy being my friends. So I’ll just focus on the happy side and work will be better! Though workload can be quite tiring and being the only MP staff in my section can be a bit challenging, I shall take it as a chance to expose myself to more things.

Coincidentally, my birthday also marks the 200th day of our relationship! We were quite surprised and happy cos isn’t it too coincidental?! HEE. So yup, for the past 222 days I’ve been indulging myself in my love with my love. I’m thankful for a thoughtful, tolerating bf who have to deal with my xiao qi-ness. I wonder if we are still in our honeymoon period or hahah, we are and will always stay sweet together. Of course I know in a relationship that there should be both happy and not so happy days, let’s try to be optimistic! We have not in war before and he knows I’m worrying for one cos we have no idea how it will be. Please don’t forget what we are supposed to do when the time has come.

Anw, YW and I have been trying to find myself a hobby. He was very encouraging, asking to me try baking since he can teach me how to. I confessed to him how stress it might be at times since he can get too strict while baking and baking to me it’s something that should be stress-free and enjoyable. Tried cooking and it was pretty okay so we’re still trying more dishes. I guess there are still many fear within me to be conquered.

Talking about hobby, those hobbies and routines that I’ve tried to establish last year were gone): I’m back being a fatty with lots of food and barely workout. WHERE’S MY HEALTHY WORKOUT REGIME ): it took so much effort and pain to keep up with to hit gym twice a week and once work life starts, it’s gone. OT sacrifices our gym schedule): And yes, where‘s my book? I haven’t been reading for almost 6 months. Trying to get back to reading by reading my bf’s book- Letters to a Young Chef. So hopefully it kicks start my reading and let me understand more about more bf. But hmmm, I haven’t be actively reading it.

Oh, I’ve unlocked another life achievement and that is getting my driving license after learning practical driving for a year. Almost half of the time I was waiting for test but never mind, I finally did it and it was much a relief! I hope I’ll be a responsible driver and not to do those stupid mistakes which I hate drivers do (: I remember one of the instructors said something like to drive safely and to keep in mind that you wanna be home safely to join your family for dinner every day. Kinda true(:

Supposedly a post on reflection for the past 24th years turned out to be a bit like recent update. HAHA. Okay, till then.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dear's 27th (:

 Hello Human,

There's a reason love May despite the hectic work. But May started with lots of fun and love! Hee.

So it was YW's birthday and I planned the activities for the day. We were supposed to go to Snow City but thanks to me who booked the date wrongly, we gave Snow City a miss that day and headed for brunch at Prive Cafe! (: I was unable to make reservation since they don't take in reservation under 6 pax for weekend brunch, but to my surprise, there was almost no queuing time! And our food were served in no time too! 

 Dory fish burger :D

My shy bf with his fish and chips.

Food served hot in pretty happy colours! Taste wise pretty not bad, or perhaps everything taste nice with good mood. hahahah. A bad point would be that it was quite noisy on a weekend brunch hours. We could barely hear each other but i think YW shouldn't have much problem hearing me. Had our bill and explored around the area which is much quieter and peaceful! It's good to have a good after-meal stroll, looking at pretty things at the piers and fishes (: But seriously, the sun was too hot and we decided to walk back to Vivo City to have some aircon. HAHA. 

Headed to his house and we went to NTUC cos I decided to be the cook of the night! HAHHAHA. Yes, it was a surprise but i wasn't very confident even though i tried to find recipes that are friendly to newbies. Felt quite lost getting the ingredients and i felt even more lost thinking what to do in the kitchen. Though he was supposed to wait for the dinner, he helped! HAHA. I'm so sorry but I don't cook. So he encouraged me and asked what help i need. (: So i gave him instructions, missing some steps since i didn't refer to the recipe. And tatah~

 Cheesy baked mushroom with asparagus and tomato! Changed the ingredients a bit but never mind huh! I was quite funny cos i forgot to ask him to add seasoning. like salt and pepper. And i only realised it when they were baking half way in the oven. And suddenly he asked me which dishes need the garlic that i asked him to prepare earlier on. Oh well, yes it's this dish again. And to make me feel not that bad, he said it's okay cos he got garlic powder and we can add it in later. X:

 Cheesy baked chicken wrapped with bacon! And yes, I prepared almost all steps for this dishes. But I forgot my olive oil, salt and pepper AGAIN. He was like it's okay cos bacon is fat and salty enough plus the cheesy it's okay without the seasoning. Ahhh, thanks for an wei me huh!

 Potato apple salad! I prepared them myself!! Except the boiling part. He says it tastes awesome. HEEE. And finally I didn't missed out anything.

Oh well, just 3 dishes are enough to stress me. But it's a good start with a thoughtful and encouraging bf :) He even praised that I'm born to cook since we managed to cook 3 dishes without much reference to recipe plus it's common for beginners to feel lost in kitchen. And our dinner ended off with cakes (and ice-cream from NTUC) we bought from Prive cafe which are pretty nice too :)

Lemon Tart

Red Velvet cake


So on his actual birthday, I took off to spend the day with him! It was a simple day with meals and dinner but it was great enough (:

It started off with a surprise to his house with a cake! and guess what, he was guessing that I might turn up in his house already. LOL. this guy huh, keep destroy all my surprises one leh. Seems like I can't hide much stuff from him..

 Forced him to make wished! HAHHAHA. Rushed to our Jap Buffet and watched Spiderman after that! It wasn't that bad and to my surprise it's actually quite nice. HAHA. Had our dinner at nana green tea after that and nuahed a bit! 

A simple birthday and I hope you've enjoyed your special 27th with me! (: 
And thanks for doing stupid silly things with me. Hee.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Dress that I've gotten from JB 1 year plus back for my da jia's wedding. Didn't get to wear it cos it's black and white. But wore it anyway for er jie's solemnization. The length is just nice for my height, but tube dress makes me fatter. haha.

Okay, i'm too random.


Sunday, March 09, 2014

March Madness

Hello Humans,

Life is kinda routine and busy over the past few weeks.

Basically working life seems like the follow: waking up at 6.28am to prepare for work and countdown to lunch and then count down to 6pm or 5.30 for the end of working day and back home to have some rest if there's no meet-up. This repeats for 5 days before weekend arrives (TGIF). It's kinda sad that we spend our productive life working and almost purely just working. It strikes my mind one day when I realized spending 12 hours out of my house for work (including travelling time). AH, where's my meaningful life? Oh well, the thing to look forward to are meet-ups and relaxation. LOL.

Fortunately, my working life has been okay so far. My colleagues are pretty nice, especially my lunch partners. It's the only hour during our working hours to have some chillax. We'll usually have some random walk to NTUC or whatever bazaar if we have spare time during lunch time. A random colleague reminded me that it's good to have lunch partners but nobody knows if the clique would stay cos she has seen lots of cases. She even offered listening ears or be my lunch partner next time if I need. HAHA, I would say so far there are pretty nice people around. Work is getting tedious, making mistakes are common and inevitable. Datelines are drawing near or even some datelines are over but task not completed X: I can foresee March Madness coming, or maybe it's happening since the start of this week with some OT-ings.

On a side note, there are some happy things happening too. For example...

1) My second sister is married!
 So yes, I've 2 jie fu now. HAHA.

 2) Meet-ups 
 Marche for Adele's belated b'day (:

Brunch at Kith's Cafe followed by shopping with BFFs(:

 Sec BFF CNY meet-up at Pammy's house (:

Dinner meet-up with BFFs at Eggs&Berries (:

3) Staycation during CNY

 4) Dates (Park-toh / V-day/ Ikea/ USS)
Park is quite a good place to date cos it's quiet, free, spending quality time together and sweat together. (:

First V-day with my someone special. Yummy 3-tiers chocolate cake proudly made by him (:

At Ikea, with our random friend.

USS trip. We have couple face in this photo, don't we? 

Probably one of the favourite photo taken during our USS trip, outside our favourite ride (:

 Okay this is random but lovely macaroons that's not too sweet and without colouring from him! I'm totally lovin' it!

So despite standard working life, I'm still having fun thanks to people around me. March Madness is bad but still, I look forward every fun moment awaits with you, you, you and you(s).


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Work-life balance? Maybe.

Hello Humans,

Finally it’s weekend again!

Well, somehow this week pass slightly faster as I’ve assigned stuff to do. I spent almost 3 days working on it, OMG so slow can. I can’t imagine next time when there are much more stuff for me to do and doing each of them at such a slow pace.

I’ve really become fatter with this desk-bound job. A bit confusing cos’ it should almost be the same when I’m holidaying since I nuah a lot. But perhaps I do go out walk a bit during holiday. As for work, we only get to walk about when we travel, short mini shopping during lunch time and minimum walking in the office itself. Snacking isn’t helping much, when I can’t control. Those colleagues whom I’ve talked to know that I’ve food stocked up in my work station. It’s quite funny that they thought I’m healthy. It’s a false impression from some snacking on fruits. Lol. But anyway, it’s hard not to be hungry during working hours. Tell me how, I have to stop eating. Just 2 weeks of working become so fat already, I can’t imagine how fat I’ll be in 1 years’ time. HBB, you need to stop snacking if not CNY chiam liao. Talking about HBB, my colleagues are like “laughing” at my nickname in office. Nickname as in the short form for our name created for our email etc. I’m HBB. It sounds damn like HDB. HAHAH. Quite funny hor.

Hopefully work will become better, and when work comes in, I’ll be able to deal with it.

TGIF yesterday and met up w YW to Chinatown! It was suggested by me cos it’s CNY mah, we should go there walk walk and get the CNY feel! He actually has not come to Chinatown during CNY period before! How can it be?! Such an anti-social person huh! We took quite a while to find the La Mian place cos his sense of direction isn’t very good. The La Mian is pretty not bad, but the portion is quite small. After dinner, we started walking along the CNY streets. It wasn’t very crowded at 7plus so we managed to walk around, eating samples and see stuff quite easily. Had waffles from The Loft cos he was having some waffles craving or more like his tan chi bing is acting when we walk pass the board with waffles. The waffle isn’t very nice leh, as in doesn’t feel fresh. But anyway, the place is kind of cozy and we spent quite a bit of our time there nuahing. (: Gonna head home since it’s getting late and we got ourselves stuck in human traffic jam at the CNY streets. We really couldn’t move at all, with everyone feeling so packed. One woman even shouted “don’t push la”. Another uncle got angry and shouted back saying CNY is like that one, if not happy just go home and sleep, which I find kind of true. HAHA. People coming here should expect this kind of crowd and isn’t this quite a good squeezy experience? I hope it’s sort of a good experience for him and us and everyone. HAHA.

Love Fridays and weekends! Enjoying my nuahing session now with my radio on and I can’t wait to see my laopos tomorrow for CNY shopping! (:



Sunday, January 12, 2014

Just some comments for working life

Hello Humans,

Working life has been okay so far. I can’t comment much after just 7 days of work. But of course, I’m still adapting to waking up and reaching home when the sky is dark. Time becomes something awkward- precious after working hours so that I can spend time with myself and people I love and of course catching up with sleep YET I’ve been counting down to lunch time and knock off hour every single working day. ):

The first 2 days were pretty honeymoon period where I just read information from the intranet and newsletter to gain insight of my job scope and about the organization. The remaining days were busy with hand over procedures. I spent almost all the time for hand over and information seems to be flying everywhere. I was so lost and stone at some points of handover. Not having access to the programmes is definitely not helpful. Thanks to my boss who seems really nice and patient, she allowed me to digest the notes for days. She even had small talks with me every day to make sure I’m okay! (:

To be honest, I’m still digesting my notes after 2 days of looking through the notes I’ve taken during the hand over, the notes given and the systems that I currently have access to. I feel guilty for taking so long to digest them but I can’t help it with all the notes everywhere and not in order.

People here are, well, I can’t comment much again since I’m still too new to even start interacting with some people. In general they seem okay, I’ve not seen any evil people around yet. Just a pity that I haven’t really got to talk to people from the same department as me.

But anyway, just 7 days of working I've enjoyed some good food! First it's from Departmental Lunch and then it's CRG Lunch Buffet. I need to shed some fats by eating slightly healthier food and move a bit more which are not really easy to even start. HAHA.

A new week ahead, wish me good luck. And same to you, have a great week ahead (:



Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Reflection of 2013. Resolution for 2014.

Hello Humans,

Happy New Year!

It’s the first day of 2014 and I'm spending it well alone at home, enjoying my me-time with my lappy, music and tv. Oh well, it’s a good time for me to do some reflection of the past year and set some resolutions for this year!  Checked out what I've set for 2013 and seeing it is quite…well... HAHA.

1) Graduate Smoothly [Goal Attained]

So yes, I’ve completed my final semester in NTU earlier this year, crapped through my horrible FYP and enjoyed the last phase of my student life. As expected, it was difficult to maintain cGPA of 3.8, let alone pulling my degree to Second Upper Class, I think I’m quite okay to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Second Lower Class. Wearing a mortarboard was like a lifelong goal for me since I was a young schooling kid and I couldn't imagine I've achieved it. Yes, 人生重大目标No. 1 has been fulfilled! Happy that I did my family proud, especially my parents who see us through university. It wasn't easy, though my parents are financially well to support all 5 children of theirs’, but let's not forget about all the hard work that they paid off for that.

2) Good Job upon Graduation (Decent Job with Decent Pay) [Goal Attained]
My only paper for my last semester in NTU was 8th May 2013 and my convocation was on 26th July 2013. Job hunting was irritating and I was so busy with nuahing and only started job searching in mid/late June. I wouldn't say I didn't care much about job searching cos that will be lying to everyone. I think it’s more like I’m stressed at times when there’s no news or when people around me started stressing me out with my job hunting progress. I’m okay with being jobless, since I don’t mind having a long break before work kicks in. But having to find job (on and off) for good for 5 months is too long and tiring. The job hunting process took longer than expected and I’m glad that it ended in early November when I got a job offer from HDB. It ended my 4.5 months of job hunting. On a side note, work gonna start tomorrow! Wish me luck.

Resolution 2014 #1: Smooth career in HDB, good colleagues and boss(es), a friendly work environment and me performing well as an employee. Somehow I hope I can survive through the first year and get re-contract or a permanent position after the first year. We'll see how it goes.

3) Get my Driving Licence [Try Harder]
Started learning driving in June 2013 despite learning the theories in February. Driving wasn't something easy for me cos I get freaked up all the times, especially when I’m allocated to this fierce and unfriendly instructor. But the good thing is that most of the instructors are pretty friendly to us (my sister and I) and sometimes we even chatted. I was quite confident for passing my driving test in just one try but unfortunately I got freaked out during the test again and thanks to my lousy driving skills, I gonna take the test this February! Wish me luck, I wanna get that driving license, stop wasting my money and stop seeing those driving instructors.

Resolution 2014 #2: Get that damn driving license

4)  Know the Basic of Ukulele [Try Harder]

I got my hands off ukulele on the last lesson of basic ukulele class, partly cos it was really difficult for my fatty fingers to press on those tiny strings and thanks to my poor coordination, it makes playing ukulele such a tedious task! It seems like singing (off tune at times) is much easier than playing an instrument. I thought the string got snapped off during the tuning on my last lesson and it was just recently that I realized it’s not snapped off. HAHA. Okay sorry LeLe, it’s my fault. Perhaps I should really try harder to learn ukulele again. It’s supposed to be the easiest instrument to play! Okay, I’ll try.

Resolution 2014 #3: Get my fingers on LeLe again. Learn a few chords that I'll be able to 自弹自唱。Super difficult and hard to achieve, we'll see how, it might become resolution for 2015. HAHA.

5) Stay Healthy and Fit [Yes and No]

Met my targeted 58kg so kinda shed some Europe fats BUT after the Christmas festive my weigh started to gain again. HAHA. Looked through my Record/Report Books that I weighed 53 kg (163 cm) when I was 12 years old and 56 kg (170 cm) when I was 18 years old. And now, standing at 171 cm, I’m weighing 58.5 kg. I think I gain around 3 Kg after every 6 years huh! I need to get back to my healthier lifestyle of hitting the gym which I stopped months ago due to all my nuahness and dates.

Resolution 2014 #4: Exercise more, eat lesser or more like eat healthier (e.g. lesser maggie? lesser chips? THIS IS DIFFICULT.Arghh). Aim for 57kg? HAHA.

6) Travel [Yes and No]

Didn't do much travelling in 2013 such as graduation trip or overseas voluntary trip. But I’ll glad that just one year ago, I travelled with my BFFs to Bangkok Thailand from 5th Jan to 8th Jan 2013. It was a short and sweet get-away trip and I can’t wait for more foursome travelling next time! Was kinda excited when my sister suggested going Hong Kong in December 2013 which got cancelled off but never mind. I’ll visit Hong Kong one fine day. Well, I don’t have plan for travel for this year, but who will mind to go on holiday right?! I’ll see how my schedule will be like for this year and hopefully get to travel to somewhere?

Resolution 2014 #5: Go on holiday to a place. Maybe, if I feel like.

7) Better skin complex [Yes and No]
Skin got slightly better this year compared to 2013. Hopefully in 2014 it will be better :D

8) 等久久的人

9) Remain happy and be happy
I’m overall a happy girl in 2013, with all those stuff happened in 2013. Tried new things such as going for musical concerts, having lots of me-time and family time, having some lucks of winning lucky draw to concerts or movie tickets or random gifts and changing statuses (e.g. from being a student to working adult, meeting someone special etc). I hope I'll continue to be blessed with lots of love and happy stuff this year and of course bad things can happen to make make a better and stronger person but hopefully those bad things will be stuff that are manage-able. 

Resolution 2014 #6: Be a better individual for different roles in life. For example, I haven't been a good sister/daughter at times with all the talk-back or being headstrong. Sometimes I hope I can learn how to be a good one but it's just.. not that easy. So yeap, learning to be good in different roles, especially those new roles that I've gained. 

Resolution 2014 #7: Getting a job means saving should start soon. HAHA, time to fix my saving account. HMM.

Resolution 2014 #8: Continue my reading momentum. It's not easy to get back on reading momentum. I'm glad that I've read a couple of books by Mitch Albom and Agatha Christine during my long break between school and work. So hopefully I'll continue this good habit of reading. HAHA.

That's all for now, it's long enough. Wordy post that serves as reminder for myself. HAHA. Thanks if you read through.

2013 is a past tense, all the good and bad stays. May we learn from the bad ones, and the good ones continue in 2014. As lunar 2014 gonna be 犯太岁for me and most of my friends, let's hope we'll survive through this not-too-good or not-too-bad year ahead! :D

And to people who are close to my heart, thanks for staying in my life and playing a part in my life. I hope I did in yours too.

Lots of Love,