Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hello Humans! :D

My EN121 module is finally coming to an end soon!(:

Today's is the last group thingy which is a presentation! I guess we did better than last week and I was not as nervous as last week :D Well, I was still nervous la, but that nervous. One more individual report which is a reflection and the big FULL STOP to the module!

I was indeed very stress last week cos of the time constraint to work with people we barely know. But hey, looking back it's actually bearable! I guess people in the team play a great part to it! (Poor Adele D:) They are quite a bunch of people who are cooperative, and thanks the guys who all stay in hall and can chiong at night. LOL. And yes, understanding! Cos a few of us got quiz/quizzes and they know we very stress and busy so they will spare a thought for our workload(: So actually it's quite fun doing the module with them :D

no more bringing heavy lappy to school with charger.
no more spamming each others email with EN121.

The majority of them are engineering students, 1 business guy and I'm the only "art" student. So they were expecting my angmor to be better! LOL, they must be joking la! Nonetheless I tried to edit the report by adding red comments! Then some say I like teacher! LOL. One even joked (i hope) that he felt offended cos I like mark his paper. HAHA! and then he shoot me by saying I edit already he still need to edit. WTE. Then the other person say I can just shoot him by suaning him using the phrase "double-edge sword" wrongly! He thought it meant win-win situation, LOL. Ann Nee, the other girl, say she can give me one pair of contact lens for the presentation! HAHA, cos her degree is 450 and mine is 500. Cute right?!

So yay, actually they not bad right?

Not that I'll miss them, but just that they are nice people to do project with.

Stress for this week ended with today's presentation. 4 things down this week!

More stress ahead man! D: Soon u will be seeing me ranting at cyber project. LOL.

JIAYOU. HOW BAD CAN IT BE RIGHT? (: (OMG i wanted to say it can get very bad. HMM)


Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's a record breaking week!

Well, see how you look at it.

So what record did I break?

1. Sleep at 4am on Monday, no I mean Tuesday, to have online discussion with my teammate on our part. Well, this is the "earliest" timing I ever sleep for project discussion! Actually I was quite awake at that time so took quite long to fall asleep! The good thing is I don't have school on that day but I have to study for my Wednesday's midterm paper. Luckily my groupmates quite not bad, cos I have to miss the project discussion due to my preparation for the test! (: Anyway, the test seems quite okay though obviously there wasn't enough time to write everything! And I guess everyone's answer are going to be the same. whatever, just can pass and maybe a B I'll be happy! B B B, many people still view it as a very bad grade. I got to admit that but HS205 midterm already made me so WTE so I shall be happy if I can even get a B! Oh ya, poor xq awoke due to the nightmare! D:

2. I left school at 10+ PM and reach Gombak looking blurly at the monitor which states "last train to Marina Bay" (Still got train la, but is towards toa Payoh). That happened yesterday. We had our project meeting at this ulu MSE lab! I was really alien to the place la! Got to ask the guys where the ladies and watercooler and stuff! Then when we left the place, I don't even know where we were heading. HAHA, but walk till the main road jiu know already la!

3. A week with 2 midterm quizzes, 1 report and 1 presentation! Wish me luck! I quiz down, report going down soon. The quiz for tmr I have not started! D: I was doing referencing, citation and editing for the report! Nonetheless everyone got do la! HAHA. Hope I didn't miss out anything. HMM. Then done the ppt for the presentation. I forsee another late night in school tomorrow! D: It's ending it's ending! (:

Okay, off to study my fundamental of Comm studies! It's quite common-sense till hard to read/memorize. RAH.



Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hello Humans!

Today is the last the day of "recess" week!

I only had this recess week feeling yesterday- wake up at 10.30am, read a few pages of soci readings, and watch hours of TV (十九岁的清纯 and 爱)! HAHA, i actually 不小心 sit on the sofa when i help my grandmother turn down the volume of the TV... But at night back to school work where I had online project meeting till 2am! Eh, not exactly that long la, cos we crapped/chatted. HAHA.

Anyway the seminars for EN121 finally end le!(: Shall endure for another 1 week for the feasibility analysis report with max 4000 words and another presentation and DONE! But sadly, I got quizzes in Wed and Fri. Think I wouldn't have time to study man D:

Actually this modules is rather tiring and stressful. All of them seems so power! They don't seems nervous for their presentation unlike me, who nearly screwed it up. The stupid sudden nervous which i just can't help it! D: But anyway,the module is not bad too! (: Got to know people in other schools and finally know how to access to the database etc from lib! My teammates are rather nice, 4 guys n 2 girls (inclusive of me). So the guys usually stay at hall to have night late discussion whereas the girls head home. NOT BAD RGT?! HAHA. And after 5 days, we realised the other girl cheated us by saying she have a dog call bobby! LOL. We took it (she have a dog)seriously cos she even say it's a chiwawa! It's only till when i ask her whether her dog bites her notes then she say she doesn't have a dog! HAHA.

Okay, wish me goodluck. And I wish you goodluck!(:

P.S. ZY and HL, all the best for your exams! Freedom is yours soon! :D


Thursday, October 21, 2010

一个简单的简讯, 让我感动与欣慰许久.
谢谢你, 朋友! (:

P.S. haha, 留言也算啦(:

It's Thursday! Two more stressful lesson then will proceed on to the scary parts of 2 presentation and report submission! Faster come faster go. Oh my, for once I actually wish Recess week pass faster! HAHA, cos it's NOT my recess week! And freak man, I got quizzes on coming week and stupid readings! D:

Take care people!(:


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

累了, 突然好想生个病, 一天躺在床上什么都不管.

哪怕一天, 一天也好.

It's been rather tiring and stressful these days.

Well, I'm STILL surviving, 我不会那么容易就倒下啦.

Chatted with Bay for a while yesterday! (: Thanks for your concern! Somehow I 蛮怀念 how we struggled JC! HAHA.

Anyway (almost) everyone is in this pool of shit together! 十二月 is coming.

After 58 days I'll be freed! :D


Friday, October 15, 2010

Hello Humans!

Recess week is officially here!

Nothing to be happy about it, just that it sort of indicate that half of the semester have gone and the tough is getting tougher. And holiday is coming, i mean the longer holiday that I will get to ignore studies.

Seriously got to catch up with my studies and hopefully I can fall in love with Karl Marx, Durkheim and Max Weber. Sometimes I feel I'm like wasting my dad's money since I didn't really listen hard enough in lectures. Yes, I do feel GUILTY. D: never mind, i shall try and keep trying to like what I'm studying. It's not too boring, in fact it can be quite interesting. However the interest doesn't run long.

Oh ya, slept rather late yesterday! I did my memo for my readings without reading them! And before I sleep at 2plus, I realized there're quite many stars! 16 over! Well, that's quite a lot to me, cos now I only saw one, which is damn bright! And I saw the half moon this afternoon! (:

EN121 starts tomorrow and SHIT got to wear SMART CASUAL! no shorts no bermuda no slippers! D: IT WILL BE FINE.

bean (:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hello Humans.

Yesterday's midterm was a disaster. DEPRESSED am I, bought Old Chang Kee Nuggets and curry puff and stupidly they increased the price! D: I shall not buy their food that often anymore! D:

Back to the topic, I was really O.O when I saw the questions, especially the last one. I starred at the question for more than 5minutes I guess. D: The second wasn't much better, I know what Adam Smith and Durkheim mentioned about Division fo Labor but I couldn't draw the similarities and differences! RAH.

OH WELL it's over.

Forget about it.

And yay, I'll be having school on Saturday and next week when the rest are holidaying! Tell me it worth the time! (:


Saturday, October 09, 2010

Hello Humans.

I've completed the short assignment which due tomorrow! (: It's just a short description on who am I and what kind of person am I. LOL.

Got to rush HS205 readings tomorrow and stupidly HS205 midterm is on coming Wednesday! I got quite a few readings still nicely place in my file since I printed them out! D: Hope tomorrow will be productive, unlike some other Sundays when my house is damn noisy and i simply have no mood to study.

Anyway, I just done the shooting today! (:

The place is quite ulu to me, it's somewhere along Sin Min Road, which is near Thomson Road! Luckily my dad drove my sister and I there! So the person helped my with the make-up and styling of my hair! The person praised my eyes nice and probably I should make a contact lens! HAHA. Well, initially they wanted to tie 2 pony tails at the sides after perming it, but it didn't turn out well so I suggested tying to one side. HAHA. The makeup artiste must be having a hard time doing my make up cos my eyes really can't cooperate! I was told not to put on my spectacle and with over 500 over degree, I simply can't see clearly! I can't see people's face let alone all those poses the photographer asked me to do! HAHA, and I have to say I can't see a thing without my spectacle and someone have to stand closer to me to tell me what to do! LOL.

And my freaking fringe! Keep "dropping" la! I'm thinking maybe I should cut back to bangs and maybe trim my hair since Adele also commented that the end of my hair looks dry! I think the photos are quite weird. The person still an wei me by saying I'm photogenic! LOL, my head like so big la! HAHA, anyway the calendar will only be distributed to SMRT partners and workers so not that bad la. Somemore the photo will be edited to "4-in-1 photos" consisting of me, 2 staffs and a cup of milo! HAHA. and it will be edited to pop-art (that's the name of the effect right?)! HENG LA! The experience I would say not bad :D

Have been blogging quite frequently. Just to rah some stuff out or relax before getting other business done.

Dec is coming.


Thursday, October 07, 2010

Hello Humans!

I guess it's a pretty tiring week. Not only for me but maybe for you guys too! D:

Poor eyes, you deserve a break. But not yet.

Probably this is just the starting and everything will end by Dec. Shall get used to it soon, i hope.


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Hello Humans!

Just a short updates! ( I realised it's not really short after typing the whole thing.HAHA)

1. COCO LEE is HOT. But sadly the attendance was quite disappointing. D: SAD FOR HER!

2. I met my primary school bestie EILEEN LIM YUAN LIN (correct a not ar ms lim?)! It was damn funny la! I was doing the survey with an auntie and Eileen spotted me! HAHA. And i actually mistook that auntie as Eileen's mama cos the auntie was waiting for her daughter and Eileen appeared. I was thinking what a small world! HAHA. HAPPY!

3. I'm very tired. thanks to surveying but money is always loved. Work hard earn more YES YES YES. Too bad I didn't managed to meet my aim target. Never mind, better than no money. Oh ya. Still need key in the data. Hope my eyes wouldn't play tricks with me!

4. Yes I got to chiong my HS205 project part one which due tomorrow. And another assignment due on Sunday. GREAT.

5. Tell me I'm lucky! I love contest and lucky draw! HAHA. My sister (yes she's my 伯乐 for all the contest and draws!) asked me to participate in the "SMRT COMMUTERS TO STAR IN ITS 2011 DESKTOP CALENDAR" thingy, which is just write your happiest moment with SMRT and I can have a chance to be in the first calendar for its 2011 desktop calendar and a large-format prints of the personal photographs and the calendar. Well, not really that I want to be a model, but the idea of trying out professional photo shooting is quite cool yay? And I sent in my entry, wait, I didn't make up the story but it's true! Shall not disclose here! HAHA. AND I'VE ACTUALLY BEEN SHORTLISTED! haha!:D If there's money it would be even better! HAHA.Oh man, my sister is so gonna hate me! HAHA

6. My primary class 6G actually wanna meet up! We've been "talking" through FB through the Primary 6 class photo which Sandy posted. HAHA. I didn't know I'm supposed to be the planner! LOL. Since they don't mind waiting till my final is over, and dear Eileen is willing to plan with me, YAY let's count down to DEC! :D


P.S.: It seems that time is really lacking and every week gonna pass damn fast. I can foresee Dec is coming soon with assignment/test every week. WE CAN SURVIVE.