Monday, January 29, 2007

viv0 was fUn but tiring!!we were zi high c0s even th0ugh de bands were nt playing th0se high or nice music but we still lyk damm high=) but mi v tire la..den gt light sticks..ivan n kenneth gt make a fl0wer using de light sticks..den dey pass d0wn..den it end up t0 be wif mi=)den i put d0 my head damm big l0rx..wen dance hv t0 rem0ve c0s v heavy n will dr0p!had l0ts of fun=)dance a l0t t0o=)

tuesdae had de J1 leader welcum's at 4.30pm where we dismiss at 1.00pm..den we[mi n pam] went JP wif edward den end up we cant shop..den we went back t0 sch to play's our daily r0tine k..haha=) den went de J1 leader tingy la..we separated la..c0s is in new gp-LG2..n0 1 in de gp i n0e except zhenxiang..he same OG as mi same ma..den i gt t0 n0e a gal-esstee[tink spell wr0ng]..den we played games..m0stly water games but i din realli gt wet=) tt's gd c0s i dUnnd t0 change =) den m0st ple went t0 change of cos..den dinner tym nt hungry n nt full..den zhenxiang ask mi if nd t0 sit acc0rdin LG den i sae shdb no..den yt dey all sae i v fierce..s0 i asked him whether im fierce nt den he sae no!!=) finally s0me ple sae i nt fierce =)den sing n dance!!fun=) my dance partner was zhenxiang..he kept ask if im fine c0s he keep on kickin my legs..den i sae im nt patient la..s0 im fun..but i l0st my v0ice n keep c0ughin..i declare im sick k.. =(

wed was e-club la..den we always gt last min n0tice..den we asked yanxi y n she sae c0s we always din g0 e-club..but it's nt tt la..cant make it on sat c0s went viv0 den tues's tingy we 0s0 dun0 ma..den james n huili oso went but dun0 y huili dun wan e-club..s0 if she quit,james quit,jas quit,cs will quit..well,im nt quitn n s0 is pam.. =) haha..den we r supp0se t0 set up a f0od stall sellin sweet c0rn =) den v buzy la..pam gt ch0sen as ic den mi gt help de way,my v0ice return=)

thur n fri is t0 l0ok f0r de sweet c0rn suppli0r n de butter..thur went l0ok for sweet c0rn at JE,where we realised dere's de supplior's no n ate mac at imm..c0llected my HP to0=)fri we walked a l0ng way t0 find de supermarket...

sat we went back t0 sch t0 help mi sell l0ve fiesta de tickets..ate 2waffles bef0re sellin de tickets..mi n pam 1 gp while hl,zy n yt 1 1st n0 ple buy fr mi n pam fr de 1st blk..but aft playin de swings we cont sellin de tickets n we manage t0 sell all de 5 n 2 of our class de =) haha=) unbelieveable sia!!yt sick s0 din sell le..den pam fall sick de nxt dae..

these daes will br buzy f0r l0ve fiesta!!!!c0s class 2 stalls den e-club 1..den heard tt J1 leader oso hv..well..h0pe it will be fun n all de eff0rt will be worth=) mani news saying tt 2feb/5feb/9feb will gt back 0's result!!mi dUn wan t0 gt back on 2feb c0s 3feb will be l0ve fiesta..gettin back de result may spolit de md la..=( mi n0 l0nger feel lyk takin back sia..scare i d0ne badli n stuffs!!i still dUn0 where i wanna g0..JC or POLY!!i dunlyk jc de studi n pc BUT i l0ve de lifestyle n atmosphere..i dUnlyk poly c0s nd spent l0t of $$ on cloths n transport n i dUn0 wad course t0 take..n of cos i dUn realli lyk de lifestyle la.. well,i aimless la..argghh~~!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

g0nna summarize de wh0le p0st=)

0n 1st tym f0r chem pract,mi n pam cant find de lab..den we de guys in fr0nt 0f us r fr our class,s0 we f0ll0wed de way dey r sport attach de la,n 1 of dem is de superman la[JJc 0rientati0n camp edward will n0e hu]..den de guys ask y we f0ll0w dem or stuff lyk tt den we sae we r fr de same class-.= den i sae if nt f0llow u all f0r wad l0rx..den de superman sae mayb u all juz wanna f0ll0w us-.= wadever..we r nt flirts k.. kana sc0lded by de chem cher,ms lin, c0s we were late while de rest of de class r seated at their seats..

0n wed de ec0n tut0rial was lyk..s0 ke lian?as in de teacher mr tan v ke lian..n0e wad ma?my wh0le class decided t0 p0n ec0n..s0me1 fr 0ur class saw de p0or teacher writing smt 0n de whiteboard n was lyk preparing f0r less0n while his waiting f0r us..den we feel realli damm bad..we wanted t0 tell him as de wh0le small gp but scare ltr he sae he'll teach de few of us..den we cant go for de less0n since s0me of de classmates hv g0ne hm..g0in f0r de ec0n less0n will mean tt we ps dem..well,my civil tutor,ms lee, t0ld us tt de wh0le staff rm n0es abt it liao!!in fact mani class knew abt it t0o..n she sae nxt tym do oso muz do w/o ple n0tice,if nt den dUn d0.. we lyk s0 bad rgt?1st wk of pr0per less0n den we pon lia0..can u imagine wen we realli decided t0 g0 f0r jc?aniwae,my class is united h0r? haha=)

thur had pc [pe] less0n..where we onli run f0r 1 r0und!!mani other classes run m0re den2 sia!! n0e y ma?c0s de teacher sae we did a great j0b=) as in he wanted us t0 land de same leg at de floor at same timin..s0 de "leader" give a timin "1 2 3 4 left rgt left"..we sh0uted initialli but t0o tire end up din..but ltr some sh0ut 1 2 3 4 n s0me sh0uted left rgt left!! tt's much better n fun n easier=)de pc less0n fun 0verall=) mi n liu li stick tgt..we din want0 g0 f0r pc c0s damm tire la..but we went c0s i s0rt of f0rcin t0 run wif mi !!i'm bad rgt?c0s she's havin c0ugh..well,gt t0 n0e her better la..s0 nt bad..she l0ok lyk 1 fren of mine..clarssia fr kc..oh,liu li is fr sj t0o..but z0ne 7..

t0dae we p0n pc c0s we wanted t0 go ngee ann poly open lyk damm rush lyk..we pon our pc whereas cs din lo..s0 we waited f0r him f0r half an hr..which is lyk 3.30..den reach ngee ann is lyk abt 4+..den we went t0 sch 0f business..i dun understand aniting fr de trip t0 dere sia..cs oso..s0 onli pam n0e wad de pers0n sae!!haha=) den we rushed t0 ps f0r OG dinner c0s we scare we mgt late la..c0s is lyk damm late..we h0pe tt we r nt de latest la..but we reached dere abt 15min late onli la..[we expected t0 late for at least half an hr]..n we st0od at de ctrl station dere waitin for abt dun0 hw mani min den went outside n saw jack..went pizza hut =) nice =) spend 12.50 in t0tal..ate 2slices of large pizza,2small chickenn drums,onion ring,de other ring,garlie bread,mushroom soup,coke n plain water!!s0 is lyk quite ok la..but is lyk s0 far la..reached hm at ard 11!well,we r damm noisy at pizza hut k..but i din care much since mi pam yanxi n qianyun r at 1 corner which is near de wall la=)we shared de f00d=)aft eatin is photo takin tym!h0w i wish i hv c0llected my hp at imm!!arghhh!~~we took pic,make noise n keep waitin dUn0 f0r wad lo.. we n0e a secret fr de past senior n he treated us mac!!we ate mcfluury =) nice=) n we went hm aft tt.nic was damm quiet in de train la..surprise sia!!but jean n n jack sae nic mgt nd s0me tym al0ne s0 leave him al0ne..well,im nt sure goin for de nxt OG dinner nt leh..s0 late n tire sia.. haha=) well, will gotta c 1st la..

my chem cher nt tt bad fact bio cher,econ cher n blar blar cher oso quite gdz!!oh,GP oso..dey r friendli n nt v strict on us..unlike la0p0s' class hu dey descibe all/most of de cher r strict..s0 scary rgt?luckily mi 07s25 sia=) haha =)

well,goin viv0 city tmr la..h0pe will be fun!!=)

Monday, January 15, 2007

t0dae receive tymtable for de 2month c0urse!!de tymtable is lyk "wad de~"!! wen,we gt dismiss ltr n ltr everyday la=( m0ndae 12.30 but fri 4.30! arghh!!i prefer de opp way l0rx!s0 i can l0ok f0rward de nxt day!but nw i h0pe nxt day wun arrive t0o s0on!!s0mem0re fri de pc de on3.30 to 4.30 lorx!!argh!!s0 late den ex lo..shd m0rning den ex ma!!

had chi sae de merlion lo0ks ugly n esp de one at sentosa!!den i dUn0 i shd laugh or sae wad la..math less0n is still tt "foll0w~?"..dUn lyk him lei..c0s he keep j0kin wif th0se nt funni's lame k.. bio sounds hard's apply to econ too..hv t0 intro ourself b4 lesson n say y choose econ..-.= i said i dun lyk hist0ry n i wanto try out lo..haha=) den we played de dun0 wad game t0 n0e s0me stuffs abt ec0n..well,i gonna sae smt which yixin may envy =) wen play tt game tt superman same group as mi!!haha x) but i din tok much la..haha=) t0dae chi n bio less0n de pr0ject0r a bit faulty..make mi tink of hillgr0ve sia!!

t0dae we [mi pam n edaward] dismiss at 12.30 ma..den edward ate fish n chip which is damm little?but is 2bucks la..den he nt full he bought a drink n bread..den mi n pam ate rice..den we tok t0 edward hu we din realli t0k t0 de past few yrs!i asked him "if u're hungry,wad ting is de cheap but can make u full?" den he sae "bread..50cents onli=) " den i was laughin la..c0s he sae til v funni.. x) a piece of bread he sae til s0 happi!haha=) den he ask us t0 g0 cafe..well,tt's means he wanna treat us rgt? but we wanted t0 wait f0r yt dey all la..meanwhile nic was dere t0 entertain us la=) he played de cards,sayin de stupid story..den he sae i noob..well,im nt k..juz tt i dun understand im n00b?wadever wadever wadever~~!!in canteen yanxi sit beside mi ma..den mi pei her go buy her take de chicken rice den edward dey all tok i nt full den buy another plate t0 eat!!haha=) lol-.= den..abt 2 den went cafe..den mi n pam keep ask edward treat us..but he wun la..haha=) nvm=) we were j0kin de ma =)play cards..den drank de drink.. initially we din buy anyting s0 we stay outside de cafe which is damm hot la..ALL THX T0 EDWARD =) haha=) but we end up buy stuffs fr de cafe n went hall t0 submit de l0ve fiesta tickets..n went f0r de interview!!

i was damm nerv0us f0r de interview was lyk go in as a gp of 5ple..but n0ne 0f de ple i n0e la..den de person ask wadx de colour of de water in de bottle..i sae colourless,den de other gal sae colourless oso.den de person move smt behind den de colour "change"..den 1gal sae de water is colourful..den de person ask wad if he open de cap n overturn de bottle..den i sae " de water will flow out,wet de floor" haha=) lol-.= den he ask us t0 use a single w0rd t0 describe ourself..den i sae im l0ud..but i tink i sae wrong sia..shd say i cheerful sia..haha=) den he ask wad will u do wen u hear music? den a gal sae "stand up n dance!" den de person on de music n n01 stand..den i was "stand la" haha=) well..tink im nt perf0rmin gd sia..wadever.. h0pe we'll all gt tgt =)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

t0dae is an0ther b0rin dae..mama ask mi want0 g0 msia nt..initalli wanted t0 cos hm n0 f00d..but lyk rainin den i duN wan go..aniway she b0ught packed f0od f0r us =) din slp til 2+ pm =( but i wake up at abt 11.30 =) nth t0 do..sianx!!rah rah rah!!

my hp is readi f0r c0llecti0n..but mi dun0 wen den gt go imm take sia!!i wan my hp!!h0pe can go c0llect asap =) fr tmr 0n n0 more mass lecture=( g0nna f0ll0w class le!!means i hv t0 make m0re fren n gt t0 n0e ple in my NEW CLASS!! h0nestly,i din n0e hu's in my class leh!!i 0nli n0e gt mi,pam,zhichiew,my cousin!!imagine dere's 21 ple in my class n i onli n0e these few?!?! well,i dun t0k to my cousin de..s0 is lyk i onli n0e pam n zhichiew..n i duN t0k to zhichiew de..s0 left wif pam onli!! haha=) i rmb dere 2 gals call jeamain n yiqing de..but 4gt wadx their l0ok =X

juz heard fr zy tt de OGL interview is tmr!!im scare k!! h0pe everyting will g0 smoothli lahx!!i duN wan admin stuff hor..i want0 hv FUN =) but being oGL for de ple of de same age as u is damm weird la.. tt's wad i tink la..

oh,hu hv de OG ph0tos we t0ok? can send to mi ma? haha=)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

t0dae slept til ard 3pm!! ** HAPPI**
t0dae d0 math..finalli n0e h0w t0 d0! =) well,ytd miss 0ut bit n pieces sia..c0s ytd t0ok 174 bus hm den in de bus gt a weird pers0n la..din gt t0 c de person's face but he's wearin red jacket n blar blar..funni la..den gt ple take ph0to=)haha x) n ytd mi n hl went eat cheese tart,i wanna treat her de..but she dUn wan..den i gave de auntie 10bucks s0 hl's share will be included..but end up she gave mi de $$ n i c0unt is f0r my share onli.. -.= nvm............ 0n my way hm ytd saw zac n his galfren..haha=) funni sia..he ask mi if i n0e de gal nxt t0 her nt..den i sae ur galfren la..den he sae she sae he always nv intr0 her t0 his fren..haha=) so funni..den he ask hu in JJ den i sae zy yt huiling huili dey all..den he ask huili nt follow mark n bryan t0 pjc meh..-.= hw i n0e la..den i keep sae bye c0s i dun wanna be light bulb la.. haha =)
h0pe tmr can slp til late late =)

Friday, January 12, 2007

t0dae is raining dae!! * rain's cumin!rain's cumin!* it's true tt rain is cumin la0po[dn] sae rain is havin c0ncert tmr! n0 w0nder n0wadaes rain s0 heavily! ha -.= well,t0dae GP less0n de teacher tok abt dun0 wad ting..i tink is lyk rain's c0ncert ticket c0st $888 stuffs la,den dey sae it's under entertainment..den i sae is under weather =) i t0k i said quite s0ft , but dey [la0p0 zy,yt] 0s0 heard!!well well,it's ok =) went f0r 30min break bef0re math..math suppose t0 be de easiest sub de..but nw i dUn even understand wad de lame teacher is teaching sia..wen i nd him t0 sl0w d0wn,hw speed!wen i h0pe he speed up,he sl0w d0wn!!arghh~! den nw hv t0 d0 de tut0rial la..b0th chem n math ba.. JC is g0nna be t0ugh=( h0pe i can gt into it n survive!!

m0rning went t0 OG table,th0ught gt ani big news t0 be ann0unced..but i wait n wait but n0 news..-.= we juz sit dere n damm quiet la..but clara tried t0 t0k to us wen she arrive..n we l0ok at her ne0prints..den clara sae nxt tym we shall go!=)well,we'll c abt tt=) she t0ld ask tt her seni0r gt ask dem t0 g0 lau yu sheng tgt,tt's y she 0s0 ask us if new yr wanna g0 lau yu sheng nt!!she s0 cute n funni h0r?well,she's cute wen laughin! x) helped yanxi t0 buy egg bread..she wanted t0 treat mi by givin mi de $$ for 2 sandwiches! tt's nice of yanxi =) but of cos i din buy my share la,i s0 gd hor?den she ask mi i gt ani stuffs t0 eat..s0 i t0ok out my m&m n we start eatin=) she oso t0ok out de ch0c0 strawberry for mi t0 eat=) yum yum =) mi yt n la0po-dn wanted t0 hand in de application form asap c0s de deadline is t0dae 12pm..s0 we wanna pam la0po-zy n cs t0 decide faster..den de simon le0ng t0k a bit..den we submit de form..h0pe can be OGL=) n be a w0nderful craZy OGL =) but imagine u r a OGL f0r de ple of de same age as's lyk weird la.. haha=)

la0po-dn brought mi t0 eat ch0c0 cheese tart!yum=)it taste lyk de cheese cake which i usualli buy fr msia=) we wanted t0 g0 a c0ffee sh0p t0 eat but dere n0 0utside f00d all0wed..s0 we went t0 0ther place..we eat while chatting=) tok abt mani stuffs lyk camp n class..we chat til 3+!haha=)ermx..l0ng tym din hv l0ng chat wif her le!!c0s mayb 2 ple easier t0 tok? haha=)wen went hm den realise din take umbrella s0 rush back t0 de place where we umbrella nt dere,but de 2 other pers0n still dere..but i dun0 where's de c0ffee sh0p so i din find anim0re n headed hm..s0 i l0st my umbrella durin rainy season!! rah~~!! =( aniway,thx la0po-dn f0r offerin her help t0 find de umbrella f0r mi=) haha=)

oh,mi gtg,br0's back!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

my bi0 teacher is my "form teacher"!! =) t0dae's less0n b0ring sia..everyting s0unds b0ring t0 mi leh..n0 md f0r fact i dun realli lyk studi sia..i l0ve jjc..but i dun realli lyk de studi part..hv t0 walk here n dere for less0ns..i much prefer sec sch where we juz sit n wait f0r teacher t0 gt into de class t0 teach!!i cant f0cus wen havin less0ns wif big gp of ple l0rx..s0 end up i learnt nth s0 far? fact de less0ns r sort of recapin th0se taught in sec sch..but l0ts mi 4gt lia0=( nvm,i'll try t0 f0cus n catch up de!! =) de breaks in btw less0ns r lyk.......... we feel tt we r lyk PIG L0rx..c0s we gt slpy..den during breaks we EAT N EAT..s0 nw is lyk getting fatter n fatter le=( arghh.. it's okiex t0 eat..BUT BUT BUT!! it's damm exp leh..i ate 4.50bucks of f00d t0dae..but im nt full serving is t00 small..but a bigger serving is m0re exp =( im p0or k=( IM BR0KE =( but im hungry t0o lahx =( rahhh!! during break ate rice wif fries,fried chicken n dun0 wad fried f00d..c0st 2bucks..ok la..but lunch spaggetic[dun0 hw t0 spell**my eng sux**] wif a fried chicken cost 2.50bucks =( s0 m0re nt full leh=(

mi,yt,pam n hl ltr dun0 y went mad la..keep sae "put ur rgt hand out,put ur left hand out.put ur rgt hand out,put ur left hand out, WADEVER WADEVER WADEVER" =) n lame claps.. den rainin ma..den i sing "rain's comin,rain's comin"haha=) n rain is cumin wad =) den we lyk "playin"'s realli true tt wen A GP OF PLE DGN STUPID TING TGT,IT WUN BE STUPID ANIM0RE..IN FACT,IT WILL BE DAMM FUN!! nw still w0nderin abt de leader f0rm tingy sia.wanted but s0rt of scare? haha=) well,i tink im givin it a try=) aniway m0st of my frens r tryin=) n dun try wun n0e de 0utc0me ma=) haha=)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


went back t0 hillgr0ve t0 sell l0ve fiesta tickets..each pers0n hv 10..mi n pam n qianyun pass 5 each to yanxi..yanxi damm c0nfident sia..she even asked for 50more..but de person gave her 100!!wen we reach hillgrove is recess for lower sec..but we wait damm long for de permission fr v.p..nt her fault but de cerk's fault la!!she din pass de letter to our vp lo..n she put it on de paper..d0es she expect de paper to fly to vp dere??well,vp n prin r nice ple=)vp restricted canteen as de onli place..but i din gt to sell any!!den saw ms ch0ng=)she all0wed us t0 g0 her class ask=)damm go0d=)but i still sell n0ne!!we cheered for 3e2'07 n ms ch0ng=)ms chew 0s0 v gd..hear she bought 5!!tt's nice of her=)actualli dey wanted t0 give mi de $$ fr ms chew,but huiling n zy seems to nd it more den mi,so i gave dem..den ltr we went hse to hse..sold 2=) yanxi helped mi sold 3 n yanting helped mi sold 2=) thx a l0t to u gals!! but nw i left wif 3tickets!!hu wan??wan let mi n0e k?dUn wan go 0s0 can buy fr mi=) haha=)


less0n start!!but is mass less0n..s0 is 0ne big whole gp la=)haha=)had pe..ran 2rounds n played ball n0 gd de..i wanted to stop it r0llin but i dunn0 hw t0!!well,i even kicked it futher n hv to ran dere to take de stupid ball..den ltr did de mistake again..tis tym i even fell..haha=)luckily nt pain=) den in btw hv mani breaks..EAT N SHIT r wad i do lo..dun0 y la..feel lyk im a PIG!! =( spend a lot of $$ sia=( less0ns were quite b0rin lahx..s0me i nearly fell chi teacher v cute n funni la..n lame oso=)lyk v easy gt bullied de =) haha=)ate chicken ch0p as lunch..quite litte but 2bucks la..we said we wan chicken chop wif rice but de auntie gave us chicken chop wif fries -.= nvm,beside tt de de food is salty n nt h0t enuff n a bit little,it's nt bad la=)


b4 assembly in de morning went to pass reflection of camp to jean..she asked hu my silbling..i ans 85,86,87..den she dun0 wad i tokin abt!!haha=)den i told her th0se r de yrs my silbling born..haha=) she got confused la..den nic sae every morning hv to go 0ur 0G table !! i was lyk "wen do we hv a OG table?" nvm,fr tmr onwards shall go dere den=) but my la0p0s will damm miss mi sia..haha=) pam n mi din go for pc [pe]..her leg pain den i pei her..but my stomach oso nt gd la..shit during pc is ok to skip pc todae=) im bad=( but we helped to carry de benches liao la..s0 nt tt bad aft all=) less0n still same la..ec0n seems t0 be hard..but better dun be hard sia..watched debate during chi less0n..debate over whether money is de cause of all bad & evil stuffs[ dun0 hw t0 say la]..its btw china n msia de..msia seems t0 be m0re friendli n funni while china seems t0 be more strict n fierce!!haha=) msia w0n=) yipee=) haha=) den ate lem0n chicken rice as lunch..nt bad c0mpared t0 other stuffs quite cheap lia0..den went cca 0pen hse..registered f0r e-club n interact club..wanted m0re for e-club la..dun0 y..nt becus nic is e-club la..but it seems more useful?haha=) den interact club oso nt's meaningful la=) but if i join i wan teach de kids=) but i scare ltr i t0o fierce/tok t0o l0ud den scare de p0or kids..=( perhaps im juz lyk wad nic sae..a 7.5/10stars gal..s0 dun try to be funni h0r..i will nt entertain u de.. la la la.. asked nic t0 write de rec0mmendati0n f0r de leader f0rm tingy..he wr0te tt i help th0se hu lag behind..but i felt tt im de 0ne hu lag behind sia!!haha=)tried walkin hm juz nw..nt v far leh!!haha=) perhaps nxt tym de weather gd n earli den can walk hm fr busstop=)oh,de keychain which my juni0r bought f0r mi dropped!!i dun0 where did it drop sia=( sry !!i shd hv be m0re careful=( rah!!!~~

Saturday, January 06, 2007

it's FUN!

on 3jan2007 is 1st dae of sch,which is admin dae la..b0rin cos is lyk hv talk de wh0le dae long..n u hv to sit til backside n spine pain..we had nasi lemak for lunch..wanted to eat chicken rice as it's being recommended by de OGL..but de Q too long liao n nt enuff tym so hv to eat other stuffs..n de talk con't aft subject "showcase" la..but mi n pam no mo0d c den we went to sit la..den de OGLs join..den we cant slp den hv to play la..haha=) den talk con't lo..din realli listen to de tok bad of mi rgt?aniway,6+ den release..reach hm damm tire n hungry la..den nxt dae still hv camp n hv to pack..den lyk so mani stuffs i cant find lo.. well,i packed half way n went slp.haha=)

for de camp i'll tok nxt tym ba..nw slpy..n i watchin hua yang shao nian shao nu n tokin thru msn wif hl n no tym..pardon mi pls! haha=)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

wow,s0 long din update le!! haha=) actualli nt v l0ng lahx..tmr sch goin start le!!excited,nervous n scare!!haha =) h0pe tmr will be ok! hear tt tmr will end at 4+!!s0 late!! tmr goin sch wif 2hl[huiling n huili]!my dad will drive us to sch=)

oh,let mi wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR!! GT GD RESULT FOR 0S!!=)

went out wif my besties to t0wn..went til 10+ =) had fun=) to0k ph0tos which r damm nice!!but earlier smt happen which cause xq feel bad!!xq,it's nt ur fault k!dun feel bad!!

went msia in morning..bought a pair of shoes..cost RM29.90 onli!!which mean less den $15!! 5+ went jojo de hse warmin..her hse damm far away fr de busstop sia!! jojo,thx f0r ur invite!thx for de nice f0od to0!!tt day md quite ever step on my tail i scold..haha=) so dun try mi=) im petty!!n of cos,bad tempered!so dun pr0voke mi hor..

went out!

went city hall..stay over nite at swisstoel hotel to watch fireworks at marina!!it was dam nice k!!but de bill was big to ba..i dun0 since i din pay =) haha =) DE FIREWORKS R NICE!! but lyk quite short sia!!it was lyk juz in front of mi! lol -.= wanna t0ok pic but hp memory FULL!!!argg!!nvm.i can focus wif my eyes =)aft everyting,de ple went cars damm poor ting,cant move cos ple r walkin across de roads lyk mad!!haha=) i tink it was funny leh..haha=) cos de police cant do much..hee^^ im bad!!but tt's least to mi lahx..=)

1 JAN 2007
;;**HAPPY NEW YEAR!!**;;ate de baked rice=) nice!! shop awhile at bugis..den went imm to0k my new spect =) it half frame,purple,simple=) haha =)

woke up at 2pm!!haha=) prepare sch stuff!n slack n watch tv =) goin slp nw!cos tmr hv sch le!! nite =)