Sunday, July 27, 2008

pics onli~!! :))

waiting for lib to open! hl fall in love wif my watch!
HERSHEY!!to hl! mi :X

w/o glasses! tried to open my eyes bigbig :X ms bay
lim yu zhong (i doubt u can c him here,cos i din even c him myself!).
oh ya,there's bats in sch! this bat always on de same spot. it's cute hangin on them but it's definity nt a cute one if it attack u!
fr dawn!! went her hse to pass her hmwk n she gave mi this!! YUMYUM!!
i love this biscuit! :))


Friday, July 25, 2008


today is a long day!went lt3 for maths us instead of lt2 which i planned to go. cos im a kind soul u c.HAHA=) luckily there's dawn,if nt damm sianx la. it's de 1st time im sitting beside her during lesson even though we same class for 4yrs! realli miss sec sch life! used to LOVE CHEM,LOVE MATHS,LOVE BIO BUT NW I SEEMS TO HATE ALL OF THEM :X turn back de clock? stop dreaming la!LOL. oh ya,dawn show mi her class tee b4 us lesson start. den mr chia saw n he ask mi how's their class tee-.=" so i replied "ok lo" den he ask again. den i sae "nt bad". well,he's expectin a "yes,v nice" fr mi la.but im nt goin to sae it cos i tink it's realli ok lo.HAHA :)

I LOVE FRI'S WALKING HM SESSION! :)) well, todae is de onli dae i walk hm la.haha. enjoy crappin la. can 4gt things n pain.hl shd noe wad pain im refering!HAHA=) crapped until we siao diao n laugh damm loudly! :)) walk half way jeremy rmb tt he nd to collect a mail,so jeremiah n him walked back to wm.mi n hl con't to walk hm cos walk so far liao la!! anw i hear MEAL instead of mail. -.=" den i was lyk wonderin y he hv to collect his meal.LOL. but i manage to realise it's mail nt meal. oh ya, tt jeremy sent sos msg to ask him help him find his bottle-.= went into de classrm 4gt greet de cher.(tt's so rude :x ) den i asked if there any BLUE bottle. den some1 took out a BLACK bottle. den nvm lo. den receive his sms saying it's BLACK -.=" anw, this is de 2nd time la!! so he own mi a MEAL. lol. oh ya,it's nt like wad pam think la.

had econs mock ytd. i spent damm long readin de qns la.dun wanna choose de wrong qn n i duno which 1 to do =( micro dun hv COP la=( so i hv to do mkt failure since i cant rmb elasticity :X did 2macro qn. hand damm pain la but still quite happi. nt tt de paper is easy but it's lyk i can complete 3essays in de given time period :)) BUT i tink i din write everyting la.but still it's ok. how i wish ms aw will mark la!! but she's nt marking =( even though this chance (rather high?) i'll fail but yes,i wanna c how i score la :((( if it's prelim den gd,so 1paper done.LOL. had dinner wif my mama sis etc. walked pass de bakery shop at de mrt station. de cake selling at half price. den wen we walk back hm, de cake r selling at $1 per slice! den there's a cake being cut into 4,so it's $4 onli! it's normal bdae cake size u noe?!?! tt's so cheap la!BUT de person so clumsy (oops :x) drop de blueberry cake =( but we bought other 2 at a total price of $6 onli!!HAHA=) BUT de bad news is they're moving!! :( so there's no bakery shop in my region la =(( hope there will be bakery shop ard SOON!! but de gd ting is MR BEAN is renting a stall in 1of de mrt stalls la :)) YEAHYEAHYEAH :))

wed stayed back for some talk.damm sianx can :((

bz wkend ahead! :( bio mock,inorganic chem,gp content quiz n maths mock! :( somemore there's lots of rev ex to be completed by wkend :( i doubt i've de ability la :( RAH.

by de way, my rgt leg is sufferin fr bruise la. 3 big bruise on it la. 1 is i knock against de side of my bed (in fact my sis's bed) den hv blueblkack liao. de nxt day i stuck my leg in de bench. actualli is i haven move both my legs out of de bench jiu wanna walk. so hello 2big bruises! luckily i din fall la! ok ple,pls take care! bad weather! many ple sick.BUT also muz xiaoxin,dun lyk mi so many brusies!!

ok.gogogo le.BYE :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

thx for all de encouragement u gave n i truely enjoy de time we spent tgt!! :)may u hv a smooooth future(endexxxxx->duno how to spell :X) sia!!


mr azmi so cute sia,bought curry puff n fried banana for us!:)) these days seems to be quite cooling due to de weather sia. PLE DO TAKE CARE OF UR HEALTH cos this kind of weather will gt sick easily!! muz drink more water hor!

well,approximately 4mths to freedom. tt's like quite long yet nt much time left.. HAIX HAIX HAIX HAIX HAIX HAIX HAIX HAIX. damm jealous wen my sis go kbox la! like abt4ths nv go liao..nvm,wait til 4more mths jiu can go liao! :))

ok,actually nth much to blog. damm tire la. %$#$



Wednesday, July 09, 2008

hello :))
long tym nv use com sia. ever since 2july.. ok nt v long la,juz 1wk -.=" anw,use com to save pics fr pam's cd :)) those china photos :)) well,it's been sooo long BUT nw den we hv those photos-.=" still haven gt some fr huang lao shi sia. RAH. anw.. come here to blog too.. der~....
ytd was her bdae :)) nw we same level liao. wahaha :) combined forces to buy her a watch n a wallet :)) glad tt she's using them now la! cos last yr de pre she din use :(( oh ya, jaime was lyk more anxious to open de present la.LOL. aft pam took out de wallet den yiqing n jaime were laughing cos they wanted to buy tt wallet for mi.HAHA=) so qiao la!! anw tt wallet is chose by yanting :)) cs sai din join us to buy de pre cos i thought we goin causeway-.="
I LOVE LONG WKEND!! how i wish there's always 3days for de wkend la! den life wd be much better off.. anw,failed my bio p1 which i thought it's manageable n most prob can pass BUT..RAH. MORTAILITY...i hate u!! RAH. GP was terrible too.RAH. as for chem,im juz hoping tt i wun fail til super ultra lan. im hoping for a 30/80 or so la. tt's a fail but i realli duno all those stuff :(( all in all,i onli manage to pass maths out of sooooo mani sub :(( n i still kana US programme.. cos my overall for maths still FAIL. nvm,i dun mind goin. anw changing fr classrm to LT :)) but separated fr my laopo HL :(( RAH.

usually i dun walk hm unless gt ple pei.HAHA=) if nt de way hm will seems to be v long n boring.HAHA=) BUT walked hm wif hl todae. :))even though she live at woodland but she pei mi walk :)) so sweet of her!! :)) [ anw tt our 1st tym walking hm tgt! HAHA=) ] so i pei her walk til mrt there. den saw my bro n sis goin for lunch so i join :)) de noodle so cheap la!$2.30 onli!! like quite hard to find this price de noodle liao..HAHA=) but de noodle quite limited so eat already still nt full..


FR S28 :)) THX S28 :))
vouchers... yq asked mi wad i wan but i duno. so TATA~~


BYE :)) stay tt smile on ur face ple!! :D

stop running here n there!!RAH.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


BUTBUTBUT, a lot of careless la! byebye 5marks :(( nvm,better learn my mistake!! :))

wellwell,even though i noe im goin fail chem n gp,but still hope wun fail too badli!! *pray hard* hoping bio will pass even though it's lyk impossible.LOL.

OH YA,cs sai muz take care hor!! duno y he hv GXY. if u duno wadx GXY den 4gt abt it ba.HAHA=)

I HATE XIAO QIANG!!every morning c 1 xiao qiang sia.RAH. GET OUT OF MY HSE LA!! if nt u're goin to die one fine day.

duno y these days so tire. at nite cant study or do hmwk. i'll juz switch off la :(( shall go do stuff le! BYE :))