Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello Humans!

Today's update:

Meet-up dinner with my laopos! 14June
Went out with my Godma before meeting the girls! My Godma had her knee checked and we had lunch at lucky plaza! The price range is as standard as outside where one plate of chicken noodle is $3.50 and the curry chicken rice is $3.50. (:

Barbie! At Ngee Ann City (:

Classic black dress.

Headed to Chinatown since initially planned to meet the girls over there, I was lucky that my godma is able to accompany to walk around Chinatown to pass time! But sudden change of plan did affect my mood(venue was changed from chinatown to bugis, and zy late notice of not coming) ! D: Tried to put myself into others' shoes and I think maybe I shouldn't feel that way too quickly... And I would say maybe there's reason for something to happen in that way. I used to don't quite like meet-up dinner cos I think since we meet up we should stay together for a longer time to keep each other updated with their lives. Yet that require longer meetup time which means getting home late which I don't quite like too. HAHA, contradicting right? But now I'm quite okay with meet up dinner since I know it's hard to coordinate everyone's time for a meet up session, let alone those with one whole day event. Nonetheless, I'm happy that the dinner meet up went on :D Had a great time at Roma Deli and the hotel located near Bugis Junction! Photos below!:

The girls ordering our dinner and me taking a group photo(:

A proper group photo (:

Oh ya, I got my advance birthday present- capitaland voucher! (: THANKS HL ZY XQ YT CS PAM! (: I got the shoes which I thought of buying! (: Luckily I didn't buy it the other time cos it's has discount now! HAHA, still left 2 more vouchers since the shoes cost $48.90 but I don't want to waste that $1.10 so i paid $8.90 in cash. I can slowly see how I can spend them since they can last for a year! That's something good about getting such present! You can get something you really really want/wish for without rushing etc! CS and I am so loving vouchers and perhaps we will ask for it for the future birthdays! HAHAHAHA. Anyway I don't appear to be very happy or excited with the girls gave me the voucher, I don't know why! Maybe I was a bit tired that day!

HAHA, i didn't talk much in the hotel cos it was rather quiet there, and they were talking about some business&finance modules. Talking about business modules reminds me of GERPE that I have to take one fine day! Wondering if I should take Finance for coming sem. Anyway HL is damn cute to suggest to accompany to JB to help out in the shop when she heard that I have to go alone the next day! HAHA, cos she at home too bored liao! Thanks girl, but I still went ahead with my mama!

XQ suggested taking the photos below:

Hope to have an outing with my laopos with full attendance one fine day! (I think that one fine day gonna be long long away since laopos starting school soon!) I missed the impromptu outing to marina barrage with the girls cos I was away in JB! D: Never mind, just remember to bring me go there one fine day! (: I have not been there before!
Have been travelling to JB for many days for the past few weeks! Though my sister and I do not have much knowledge on HP and Laptop, and knowledge on how to differentiate a real or an inspired(fake) item, we still tried to help out in the shop (: This is because we have more basic knowledge on IT as compared to my mama and my grandpa! Also, we can accompany our grandparents(: Not only did we helped out in the shop but we also had some shopping in the nearby shopping mall (City Square). JB trips are always unfixed thus affecting my planned schedule! RAH, never mind. My uncle finally go down to the shop to help out so I guess I don't have to go down too often le! :D But my grandparents keep ask my mum when I'm going down! HAHA.

Coming up soon:
1.Meet and Greet Session with Wonder Girls! 17June
2.First ever vegetarian BBQ experience with ZY HL YT CS PAM FY!! :D 18June
3.buffet. 23June
4.Ikea. 24June
5. My small two :D 27June

bean :D

Sunday, June 27, 2010


OMG, so fast hit the figure ''2'' in front, feels a bit weird!

Enjoyed my day out with my sis! Shall update it one fine day! :D

And thanks for friends for all their wishes! :D

And and thanks for dearest BFF including my laopos, and my sister and family for their presents or angbao! :D

bean :D

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hello Humans!

I’m damn lag in updating my post, finally at home today and I shall upload photos to lappy (:

Anyway, another year has passed! I'll be visiting NDC for dental check up again! Nearly forgot that since appointment was booked a year ago! LOL.

Today’s update:

Bye Bye Citroen Picaso, Hello Toyota Estima! 13June

Both my sis and I were rather sad to change car, since we've some feeling for the old car! It feels almost the same when we moved to BB from JE, though the feeling wasn't that strong as compared to the latter. It seems to be the case when you're losing (or changing) something then you realise the good of the old. Took some photos with the car before we headed down to Ubin (if I'm not wrong) to collect our new car(:

Dad and Citroen. Dad bought it without informing us la!

Dad loves his car. To be honest, we used to keep complain about how Citroen is not as good as the previous one, such as the squeezy back seats where my sister and I have to seat when there are more passagers. But not forget the merits are the cool rooftop (pandon me cos I've no idea what is it called so i shall just call it rooftop) and nice colour it has! (:

Front view of citroen(:


Back view of citroen.

Left side of the car.

Continued photo-taking inside the car (:

The car was damn bright after we open the cover of the rooftop (:

Taken through the glass rooftop (: NICE weather :D

I think the brightness makes this photo quite nice (: I LIKE IT :D

Godma's blur face. So cute right? (:

I like this photo too (:

The glass rooftop.

Closing the cover...

The lousy aircon at the side which is not performing up to standard.

Anyway we had our lunch at shi wei xian! We simply love the food there! (:
Left over fish bone! Obviously I've forgotten to take the fish when it served! When it came we just ATTACK!!! The steam fish head is damn nice! Especially the gravy! Actually all their dishes' gravy are damn nice! You can just finish one bowl of rice just with one of the gravy la!

Waiting for the next few dishes! (:

Dad getting angry cos wait too long for the food! HAHA, no la, actually the waiting time is quite okay, but it's so hard and xin ku to wait for yummy food! HAHA (:

Still waiting.. Where's our toufu prawn and sweet and sour pork?!

Deliberately left some rice for the next few dishes (:

YUMMY! Crispy, hot and nice! (:
And yes, I've forgotten to take the dish toufu prawn! I love that dish the most! Great day with great meal! (: So after that we headed down to ubin.

Dear car, don't miss your daddy and mummy and of course me! You'll find another good owner soon! (:

New car- toyota estima! (: Dad wanted a hybrid car initially, but no good price is being offered D:

Dad and the rest checking out the new car whereas my sister and I was rather sad D:

Me to toyota: because of you we have to say bye bye to citroen D: .

My sister welcome the new car more than I do. That's just according to the photos la. HAHA

Citroen was left behind when all of us were in toyota to get to know more about it.

Leaving the place. Too bad we couldn't catch the last image of citroen D:

Anyway we're gettingtrying to used to the new car! I still can't recognise it from far like I used to, and I thought that I'm waiting for the old car. And I got frightened by the car once when the slide door doesn't close in the rain! Scare us indeed, cos we can't even force it to close! That's something bad for a so high tech car, LOL. But dad managed to close it in the end by doing something which I don't know.

Bye Bye SE and Hello Nokia E72! 13June
So after collecting our new car, Dad drove us to suntec. I didn't expect to buy HP at the recent PC show at Suntec, it was quite an unexpected one! We wanted to check the broadband stuff but end up me being the one who buy HP. HAHA. Since I got a $70 voucher which due in a month's time, why not buy it? Moreover I was considering Nokia E72 already. Anyway I think I need some time to slowly explore my HP!

Nokia Eseries (: with purple pounch!

It's quite slim!

Treat it as a mirror!

RAH. I'm quite confused D: Does Wifi require charges? I always think the answer is no. But using the Internet requires data processing thus require charges is it? And what the world are IDEAS and OVI? Being the member doesn't mean I'm subscribing to their services right? I'll rather not have the services if i need to pay extra out of my monthly plan! RAH, seems like I need to make a call to SingTel or anyone out there know the answers? LOL. And yes, I need to get used to the small keypad with my fat fingers! The sound recording doesn't seems to be good. The basic functions seems okay (: Finally have a HP with radio, large memory, 5MP camera and it's violet! :D
So in conclusion, 13June is a byebye and hello day! :D

Coming up soon:
(1) Meet-up dinner with my laopos! 14June
(2) Meet and Greet Session with Wonder Girls! 17June
(3) First ever vegetarian BBQ experience with ZY HL YT CS PAM FY!! :D 18June
(4) JB.
(5) Buffet.23June
(6) Ikea Trip.24June

Bean (: