Wednesday, November 29, 2006

**pic for trip t0 vivo city n farewell party =)**

wah..face start swellin le..w0nder tmr can g0 0ut wif xq n la0p0 [dn n zy] nt.. =( perhaps i realli hv t0 stay at hm f0r one wk since i hv one wk mc ... =( ltr goin t0 pack again..t0o mani rubbish liao.. SHE de yi yan wan nian damm nice =) haha =) i'm l0okin f0rward f0r doe on 6dec wif xq,mel,la0po [zy n dn] =) rs still duno goin nt..h0pe by den i can open my m0uth big big n t0k l0ud l0ud =) haha =) ytd received a letter f0r de apply of merit bursary de..sad tis yr drop so much =( but at least still hv $$ la..but is half lesser =( but gt $$ v gd le la =) nw mi still remain jobless=( todae la0p0s[zy n dn] went t0 find j0b tgt..w0nder hw tings g0in on.. haix.. s0me0ne pls employ mi ba!! nw is full tym slacker..mayb slack for a month den muz start studi again..=( haix..

*pic fr gradnite =)...*

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

todae woke up at 11.34am.. damm in de more i slp de more tire am i..weird sia..haha=) drank milo for breakfast n porridge for lunch..but porridge was damm little..cos nt hungry at all.. =) decided to do some packin t0dae=) t0o much rubbish in cupb0ard's tym t0 clear dem!!

well,decided to sae smt abt extraction ytd la=) haha =)[*as some of u mgt interested..if no den nvm lo*] gotta take off everyting n wear de cloths dey give..den waited damm long..nd take out glasses den lie on de bed..den..
doc:"do u smoke?"
mi:"no la"
doc:" dun scare la.i wun tell ur mama de."
doc:"do u eat drug?"
mi:"no la"
doc:"dun scare la.i wun tell ur mama de."
doc:"hv u ever pregnant?"
mi:"hey,no la"
doc:"dun scare la.i wun tell ur mama de."
doc:"wan any music ma?"
mi:"nvm,dun nd"
doc:"free one la" n he on de radio... -.=

den he tried to inject de injection thrice but asked a specialist lo..she one tym den can liao..den mi scare scare lo..n listen de music... my hands damm cold..haha=) den ltr wad happen cant rmb liao..den suddenli wake up still lyin on de doc ask mi open mouth bigger so i open bigger lo..can feel wad de doc dgn but nt pain..so0n finish den change to de other bed..den lied on nurse ask mi slp but duno y v awake..end up listen mp3 lo..haha =) de tongue n lower lips damm numb lo..till ytd late nite den ok.. so,my dear fren,it wun b pain since dere's an injection..numb numb so wun pain pain =) haha =)
den mi gottna remove de stitches on 7dec..where mi hv gatherin wif pri sh ended up changin de gatherin on 8dec..sry pri fren=) n thx =) haha =)
gottna stay at hm these few daes..cant eat much but hv strength=) lol.. but face may swell la..haha =)

back to packin le=) bye =)

Monday, November 27, 2006

t0dae shall update my bl0g le=) haha =)
on sat[25nov] morning went t0 Je t0 make ezlink card wif zy..but i was late..haha=) den we went queue was damm long..we waited quite long..miss de place sia..c0s abt 4yrs nv go dere liao..haha=) mi din brin enough cash to make de card..den i borrowed fr la0p0[zy] $19 den up she no $$..haha=) but we tw0 t0tal up hv enough $$ la..den we mit xq n la0p0[dn] at 11den change to 11.30pm..den mi n la0p0[zy]went popular den we t0ok de train to bb den back to je again!!haha =) den ltr dey cum n we went to viv0 city was damm hot lo..n de place was damm big..all de shops nice..but t0o exp liao...went adidas shp n xq f0nd on a lime grEen bag n she wanna her bro to buy for her as a bdae cost abt $49.90..haha=)n we walk n walk n walk lorx..n we t0ok mani ph0to!!haha=) mayb can den upload nw if nt nxttym ba=)haha =) den we weNt t0 farewell party lor..but we were late..haha=)even though de farewell was quite simple n we played musical chair n duno de name for de other game..mani mosquito bite mi =( nw still itchy =( den we t0ok phot0 again lo..haha=)den reach hm br0 sae de happy feet de soft toy give mi!! =) damm happi =) but ltr he realise de day b4 was my sis's bdae so end up de happi feet was my sis de..but my sis sae nvm can give mi=) haha =) it was CUTE!!
by de way, a big thx to my JUNIORS =)N A BIG SUPER THX TO MY LA0PO-DN =) de bottle is damm cute lorx =)she muz be spendin lots of tym in it!!l0ve her=) haha =) den de juniors give de ''goodies bag'' was damm cute t0o..inside gt de f0reva frenship bear de keychain=) it's cute n i love it lo =)de letter oso damm nice drawing is nice =)haha =) dey shd write down de names in de msg dey left for de juniors...thx junior=) i love de stuffs =)

den 26nov stay at hm lor..

todae 27nov went to extract wisdom teeth..4wisdom teeth costs $720 lo..todae woke up at 7.00+ to eat lo..haha=) one big bowl of noodle n cup of milo..den no eatin n drinkin aft 8.30am..mi damm thirsty n hungry process of extraction dunnd sae alredy liao..haha =) but aft extraction lower lip n tongue damm numb..cant speak at all lo..gotta still at hm these fews de way de doc tried 4 times den can inject lo =( cos de vein on my hand t0o small liao..haha=) den end up tw0 d0c help mi inject..haha =) nw hv bruise liao..haha =)

wah..duno y cant upload some of de photo=( so i goin to upload realli little post=) haha =)

Friday, November 24, 2006

tmr will be sjab farewell party..w0nder hw i will be lyk..
tmr's planning:m0rning g0 make new ezlink wif my la0p0 da ren den mit xq n la0p0 [dn] n mayb rs[still duno goin nt] t0 viv0 city b4 g0 farewell!! it's been damm l0ng we g0 0ut tgt!!miss de daes!!hw i wish i still sec2!well,cant turn back de clock =( i'll miss dem f0r sure! scare cant gt into jjc..cos cutting pt exceeded 14..i gt 15 for prelim..shit..i dun wan to be al0ne=( h0pe jjc wan mi..pls wan mi k! haix.. t0dae is de onli dae aft 0s i stay at hm!!slp till 11+ or 12+ =) den use com de whole dae..change for choices f0r 2month c0ures.. c0s i wanted t0 go jjc badli.. haix.. pls grant my wish of gting into jjc! =(

Thursday, November 23, 2006

well.. juz nw went wm..shan bought a new hp!!well,it seems tt i more excited tt her!!as if it was mine!! lol .. i love de hp sia!!

well..thx yt for sendin mi de photo we t0ok on gradnite!my stupid cam s0 nt c00perative on tt day..blur blur one =( haha
well..alm0st everydae g0 0ut aft 0s!! s0 g0nna p0st smt abt de ''past'' =) but will be v summarize la!!

sat[18nov] went t0 jur0ngpt in de m0rning wif la0p0-dn f0r xq n la0p0-zy's pre!t0ok s0metym t0 find de pre..we din hv a pr0per lunch n we ate lao zhen ji[duno hw to spell!] mi ate yam pie n crab nugget while la0p0-dn ate currypuff n smt gt prawn?aft tt went JE f0r j0b pay was damm low!! $3 per hr? s0mem0re bk pr0m0ter! gt de j0b but ended up we [mi laop0-zy laop0-dn yt n cs-la0 sai] reject de j0b!!den went t0 but la0p0-dn sh0es n went imm walk a while!tt's de end of sat!

den sundae[19nov-happi bdae xiaoqing!] went to jb to search for shoes-i onli hv slippers!but ended up din buy cos dun hv my size!!mine 39 lah..la0p0-dn sure cant go dere buy cos her feet bigger den mine!! =X haha =)

den m0ndae[20nov] went JE for j0b again!but it was a j0b agence instead..aft tt went back to de shop which la0p0-dn bought her shoes c0s i 0s0 goin to buy!! aft tt we [ mi yt la0p0-[dn n zy] went to mit cy n went bugis t0 buy la0p0-zy clothes for gradnite!we spent quite little tym to buy sia!zy bought a black skirt den de halter n small jacket were paid by others as present!!tt's gd isnt it?den la0sai say metro gt job den ask us go orchard for interview..we went dere..but muz sign a 3month contract..mi sure take lots of leave cos extractin wisdom teeth n goin msia..n i plan to work for a month onli i din n de rest oso laosai dunno y angry lo.. nvm..i shall nt care..but by de way we r nt timid cos we duntink it's gd t0 sign de 3month contract n onli work for a month..somemore de pay seems high but wasnt tt high..aft dgn de calculation lyk onli $3+ per hr lo..fine....

den tues[21nov]went sch for de jc ting den went outram park for dental!ate laksa 3tyms per dae!!shan wan go shop aft her exam which is 7pm so i acc her lo..went jp..bought a cloth =)haha =) mi bought her a cloth oso k!haha =)back hm at 10+!

den wed [22nov-happi bdae la0p0 da ren{zhenyiNg)!!] stayed at hm till 5+ cos gradnite ma..nth to do at hm sia!!so while waitin for tym to pass use com stranger tok to mi but i gt gd hor?but i was busy so i onli say ''hi'' n ''bye''!! haha =) den mit hl lo..we took taxi to sch n it cost $5.90!!tt's exp rgt?cos peak hr ma..haha=) den we seems to reach sch too earli liao!!den went blk g to wait for de rest!pl wear till damm SEXY!!N pris l0ok so diff fr sch's my opinion la!we went to canteen to wait for cy[bad gal!!=devil x) ] den 0ne teacher came n ''scold'' us..askin us to go up hall n de gradnite will start within one min!last dae still wan scold...fine lo..but we waited damm long for it to start it was damm borin at de start lo..but we took photo ltr n lyk goin end den more fun..=) we to0k s0me fun photo in front of general office cos hv ball00ns=) haha=) it was fun!! den walk hm wif la0po-dn!leg pain+ scare heel stuck in btw de drain!!haha=) by de way de decoration on de wall in de hall make mi realise hw dirty de wall is lo..mgt as well dun put better!!ytd xq look damm cute!! haha =)

den todae[23nov] out again..nw in dad's shop..haha=) duno wad to do ltr..but ltr muz apply 2month course!!but duno dad's shop de printer can use nt!!if cant hv to go hm make!! haha =)

tt's it ba!!wad a long post..wonder anione will read lo..haha =)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

waiting f0r gradnite... lol -.=
so spend my tym findin de blogskin.. n tis is wad i f0und!! haha =) hv t0 be quick c0s nt much tym left!!s0 tis is juz a quick post l0rx!! haha =)

Friday, November 17, 2006

yippy!! 0s FINALLY FINSH!!congrate every0ne!! i g0nna be crazy s0on le ba =)Todae last dae of 0s but de stupid idi0t hist0ry was damm hard!!i c seq once de paper qn were so..idiot..0pen m0uth big big..dun0 hw t0 d0 ALL!!! den sbq was nt better..onli hv 3 source... his g0nna die tgt wif ss=( haix..well well well..st0p tinkin th0se!!0s 0ver s0 muz l0ok ahead ma!! but de resuLt lyk hv t0 wait damm l0ng l0rx!! =( gonna change bl0gskin..laop0 [dn] n yi lan la jiao sae cant c de wh0le bl0g..i shall change de skin.. =) im l0okin f0rward t0 g0 out wif all my fren!!but.. will i g0 find w0rk? but will anione wan mi in de 1st place? haha =) well..c 1st ba =) gong goin end s0on~!!will miss it f0r sure..but it end juz de dae b4 gradnite!!s0 im happi c0s if it end ltr i will miss it!!haha =) gradnite duno buyin cloth nt..haix..w0nder wad de 0thers will wear casual...haix.. well..gonna stop bloggin n search for blogskin!! bye =)

Friday, November 10, 2006

todae mit 1.40pm at sch wif yt n laopo [zy]..but 1.25pm jiu went 0ut 0f hse c0s de sky black black..while walkin heard s0me0ne call mi.. it was my la0p0 [dn] =) den we went to sch tgt =) **im nt al0ne =)** al0ng de way saw a plant on de wall..i find it funni s0 laugh lo..but my la0po[dn] dun find it funni..c0s she din gt t0 see de plant.. -.-" nvm,she saw it on de way hm le=) on de way laugh laugh laugh den we hard t0 tok sia..stamina damm bad sia..t0o l0ng nv pe?but pe always sit d0wn n had fun wif my chili family =)well,back to todae..wen reach sch,mani ple reach liao..but we'r nt late of cos..c0s we a guai stuDent =)we had a hard tym l0okin f0r table c0s mani ple + we r l0okin f0r a place tt hv fan n light [**our sch is a budget sch..nt all lights r on lorx ]..den we sit..n duno y laugh lyk mad..haha =) it's funni x) den start t0 flip thru notes again..but laop0 [zy] n yt haven reach..dey were LATE for 1.40pm de mitin..haha=) in fact is yt late lahx.. den t0ok yt's paper c lo..but end up din c much cos laop0[dn] sae we shdnt l0ok c0s goin start exam s0on..haha =) de rain was damm heavy table kana s0me water on it..nvm..but de wind was str0ng t0o..but luckily nth flew away fr my desk =) de paper intially i tok it was ok..but was la..fine..haha =) i mean.. it wasn't tt gd anym0re.. well,dun l0ok backward.. l0ok f0rward..tink t0o much 0s0 n0 use lia0 ..still hv 7 more papers t0 fight 0n =)den i shall be crazy =) haha =)
jiay0u !!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

8 more daes.. 8 more papers.. emath p2,amath p1,phy p1,phy p2,amath p2,chem p1,chem p2,his.. tt's it.. =)
im be FREE by den !! yippY!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

ytd was 1st written paper..emath p1 n btw hv 3+ h0urs de break..siaNx l0rx..damm h0t... n laopo [dn] tie hair den so hair..n her lahx..haha =) chengyeE oso hv tie..den lyk dey hv sae b4 wan tie tgt..haha=) but laopo[dn]sae din..haha =)aft emath p1 damm hungry..but we 11.50am den eat..po0r yt v hungry but eat sl0west..haha=)i s0 kind wait f0r her..haha =)mayb nxt tym hv such a l0ng break i shall brin mp3..if nt damm sianx..haha=)emath was 0k..but s0me qn i dun0 lahx..haha.. =) for ss.. merger,n0rthern ireland n welfare state came 0ut..lucky merger 0ut..c0s tt's de cpt i ''l0ve'' de m0st!! =) haha..BUT every part b is ask is blar blar blar wr0ng... well, i find it rgt..den duno wad to write for wrong...nvm.. =( sbq nv hard.. nvm..pass le jiu dun care le..muz l0ok ahead le.. tmr ENG..die..BETTER PASS N AT LEAST B4 HOR?!!?!hope can..but scare..cos my eng damm bad..den thur bio fri emath p2..tis wk seEms more relax den nxt wk sia..shd make 0pposite lorx..haha.. =) gtg n studi le..shdnt cum n blog in de 1st place..cos it shows tt im slackin =X PLS STOP SLACKING!! =x

Thursday, November 02, 2006

i'll be MUGGING these wks..WUN UPDATE OFTEN =) GDLUCK EVERY0NE!! **but i'll still watch G0NG ba!!** haha =)
if u ever visit my bl0g, PLS TAG MI =) so i'll n0e u miss mi=) lol...
back t0 mugggggg.. bye!!

m0ndae is de begiNning!!better buck up!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

t0dae earli bl0g s0 ltr can studi..s0 guai rgt?haha=)but i realli din studi much s0 far..haix..h0pe can gt wad i wan n de jc i wan!!mi wan t0 be same jc as my sec n pri sch fren!!!BINBIN,U G0T T0 JIAY0U LE!!!!but 0nce i w0ke up i use c0m f0r tis bl0g!!c0s my la0p0[dn] sae she cant see de stuFf on de rgt side..s0 i make n make lorx=)but tt was ytd nite de stuff le=X but t0dae i gt try t0 ''ref0rmate'' it t0 put de ''chilli family'' n ''kim s0on zu'' ting!! =)s0 la0p0[dn] u can see le ma??my sis n fren sae can lehx... =) mi ytd den received yixin's [kim liu s0on] invitati0n card!!it was s0 niceli d0ne n damm CUTE!!yixin hardw0rkin is still as neat as bef0re!!**envy** de pig is CUTE n de CARD IS CUTE!!haha =) i l0ve receivin n 0penin letter sent by frens [ nt fines or bill!!!!],duno gt wad feElin..haha =)

ytd de ph0ne cd nt call c0s 0ne 0f de rm din hang pr0perli-.-" BUT..ytd aftern0on onli my mama at hm den she onli use de ph0ne at living rm..s0mem0re she can use de ph0ne at abt 2+..means de ph0ne tt wasnt hung pr0perli was hung pr0perli earlier..but n00ne at hm lehx..s0mem0re mi haven reach hm ma..den hu press de ph0ne den??weird rgt?scary lehx..s0mem0re is my rm de..but currentli im usin my br0 rm c0s he's in camp ma..s0 onli wk end hv t0 g0 back my 0wn's gd tt de ph0ne wasnt sp0lit 0r wad..haha=)

well..mi gtg's tym t0 be guai le!!haha =) but in fact aft bl0ggin i wun start studi!!c0s i haven check mails n blar blar!! haha =) bye =)