Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hello Humans.

Please tell me tomorrow is not Monday.
Please tell me there's no quiz tomorrow! D:

I just read through the lecture notes, the 4 chapters are simply too thick! So I decided to do my other stuff like analyzing the video. Initially thought I could get over and done with it, but it's not a bad idea to postpone it so we can have more time to restructure our approach and do up our slides.

How I wish today is Saturday! I was like damn tired and sleep in the afternoon while I was studying for the quiz. One more month, one more month, one more month. Yes everything will get over very very fast as time is already not enough!



Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello human!

I dreamt of my besties this morning (yes this morning while my hp was waiting to snooze)! They must be missing me and yes, KTV is crying for me too. HAHA, I know I just went there on 5th march, but I don't mind going sing again and again and again and all over again! Though my singing maybe ahem ya, but hey, nothing wrong to like singing even if I don't sing well. TRUE TRUE TRUE? :D Okay that doesn't seems like the main point for this entry, but never mind. I'm so going to meet up with my lovers soon before we're are stressed with our exams and assignment though we're (or at least me) who are under stress le.

and I know someone is going to be excited to see me on Thursday! HAHA, say you're excited if I don't care you liao! HAHA.

anyway this song is nice man! :D

anyone searching for cute and unique earpiece? you can go HERE, where you can get them! :D

Okay that's all!

bean :D

Thursday, March 18, 2010

哈囖大家好!我将再次以华文出击! 哈!

pretty nails right? HAHA :)

Okay,最近几天都吃了超有罪恶感的食物!汉堡包,署条(麦当劳的摇摇署条和我家附近卖的cheese fries),otah, grilled fish batter rice 等等!D:真是难以抗拒嘛!

不知应该说还好星期二早上我家那座三个电梯一起坏掉!所以得走楼梯下去,虽然下楼梯还好,但一大晴早,天气又那么热,二十楼还真的有几分sianjipua!不过也好,至少有运动到啦。沿路下楼梯时遇到了一些人,他们都是往上爬的。其中一人是老婆婆, 还好她精神非常好,要不然不知她要如何往十多楼这样慢慢爬。

又搞定一个作业了(:不过我不该这么快高兴啦,还有一大堆等着我呢!D2500个文字的作文我连题都还没想!教授真聪明,竟然叫我们要先交一个作文大纲! 天啊,救救我啊!

多五个星期就考试了,六个星期后自由将是我的,我正等着那一天,那就是每天的动力!(:不过大一就这样完了!时间过得又快又慢!还有六个essays/assignment left 加油吧!! D 假日到时我要好好休息和好好enjoy! 哈哈,好像想得有点远吧。X

昨晚我很开心!!! (: 我终于收到了他的信!多年没联络的他信里好像很formal 或许真的是因太久没联络啦,真希望我们还是可以通过信联络(:.对了,我也发现自己的英文好像很烂,不过没关系啦,我的英文都没有好过!哈哈!况且singlish 比较 informal 嘛!好一个借口 X

Oh ya,
上回原定要去野餐的,但晓晴(I choose the right words right?HAHA)和我很有要去唱歌的冲动,所以我们去牛车水的ten dollar club 唱歌. 服务并不怎么样,都还没到时就不让我们唱!ANGRY SIA! D:


HAHA, seems like most of the photos me and xq, does that means that we sing the least cos yt and hl were singing most of the time? NAH! I'm not going to admit it was me who 霸占 the mic cos I still want to sing a lot more! HAHA, I think that applies to the rest of them too! Feels that 5hours is seriously not enough for 5people la! HAHA (:

So after singing we went to a very nice place to have our dinner! thanks xq huh! (: Rather cheap and nice food and nice environment la! :D Too bad yt didn't join us cos she have something on D:

It's good to share food with hl cos she'll take for you! HAHA

Fried yam! I tell you it's damn nice okay! And it's consider cheap la! $6 for 12pieces, so 1piece $0.50 only! :D

Bean :D