Sunday, October 30, 2011

School updates

Hello Humans.

I have decided SU business law. Not a very tough module but I have too many SU to spare. LOL. Just that I have 9AUs left and I don't think I'll be using much in my remaining semester so I shall just use it this semester.  Plus I didn't buy the textbook and I don't think I'll score an A or A- or B+ so SU will be a good option. This means that my final exam period will be relatively lighter since I only have 4 papers to do, and one of it is being SUed. GOOD. Maybe this means that I should work much more harder for other modules. Not a very good semester anyway. But come to think about it, it still endurable.

By the way, I've updated the music of this blog! Hebe's songs are loved to the max! I don't know what happened to yanzi's song but I shall add next time if I remember.

And, I have sort of thought through. If soci decided to be mean, then I shall stay in NTU to study. I will not graduate late just for USA exchange. It's not worth it. I can always go there next time! I can apply to GSS/prelude/work&travel so things aren't that bad IF i can't go. Or worse come to worst, I can always go there as a traveller. And I actually can work harder to pull my GPA with next semester in NTU. I know it's almost impossible to pull up to a second upper, but I'll still try, since at least if I try, I can maintain my current GPA and not fall. Okay, at this these are what I've been telling myself while trying to match courses to GT. At least I wouldn't feel too shocked with rejection. Okay, to go or not to go shall be known tomorrow. If soci decided to be kind, maybe I shall study harder for sociology, LOL.

On a side note, HSS and NTUSU exam welfare thingy is here again. That's fast. These signal that exam is coming and catching up work should start soon. Oh well.


Friday, October 28, 2011

overseas studies

Hello Humans.

I switched off my lappy immediately after my previous post cos I was seriously tired. And I just fold my arms and sleep. 13 hours of sleep really made it better(:

Shuttle bus experience for yesterday was bad. My balancing sucks to the core and had a mini dance in the bus with the turns. I can't wait to reach pioneer. HAHA. Anyway bump into Jeremy in NTU so we took the bus together. Maybe his friend will hate him for not buying Mac with her. LOL. Anyway, dinner at KFC and udders with Adele was great! (: We had good laugh and the choco kitkat icecream+waffle is nice! :D

Anyway, seems like things are more or less confirm that I'm going for USA exchange. But worries is here again!): Going for exchange in 3rd year is seriously troublesome! As required to start GP/FYP in 4th year, I should have completed 8 sociology PEs with a grade, meaning those that cleared during exchange are not counted since they are ungraded. Emailed Prof Prem and hopefully as a kind man he can make a waiver for me to start GP when I'm back from exchange with 6 sociology PE! Cross my finger and pray. If he doesn't agree, seems like my exchange trip will be gone. What's more important than doing GP right? I want to graduate on time with my friends!

Meanwhile, maybe I should still plan for:
1) Course Matching
2) Pay MRV fee + SEVIS fee [after receiving Prof's reply]
3) Book appointment for VISA [after number 2]
4) Get my health check done, maybe on Tuesday but still need to be after Prof's reply.
5) Flight? Maybe flying off on 31 December. A new year for a new start huh?

Anyway, Atlanta didn't snow for quite some time, I think 100years or so. But recently, snow is back! It snowed in late dec 2 years back and 9th Jan last year! I don't know if I'll have the chance to see snow! LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW~~ But we were told that the temp should be around 13degree celsius in the morning and 0 degree celsius at night  when we reach there in Jan. HMMM.

Also, I need to check for travel in December. Seriously I think flood in Bangkok doesn't seems to be okay by December. Even if there's no more flood, it will be very dirty. Why flood why flood?! ): Okay I'm complaining when I can't travel, shouldn't people living in Bangkok complain more since it affect their lives? Anyway, maybe I should check something out about tiger, since zaobao states that tiger is willing to offer  2 options for traveller to Bangkok
1) delay plan by 7days without any charge
2) change of destination without admin charge but traveller will have to top-up for the difference of the tickets.

Though I don't want to change of plan, but it seems that we have to, if necessary. If really can change without admin charge then I don't really mind changing destination! Maybe to Hongkong? Since I might stop by Taiwan next year already (my mum reminded me that). HAHA, okay that was just what I was thinking, have not discuss with the girls. But i shall check out with tiger website first. And maybe I should try contacting the hotel in bangkok to see whether they are kind enough to refund us some money, why not give it a try right?

And I have decided not to join the guys for the real business cos I doubt I have the commitment and time. Time to think whether I should SU my business law since I might not have chance to use all in my 4th year if I'm going on exchange. Many things to do again! ):

Anyway these are the photos taken when coconut bay bao bao crashed NTU to study(:

And this is the comfortable lovely shoes mama bought for me :D


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Worst period of Y3S1 is OVER! (:

Hello Humans.

Life was a torture for the past few days! I wonder how people sleep only 3 or 4 hours a day can tahan. I've been sleeping late or should I say early since it's like midnight. Byebye essays, assignment and presentation (: Okay not that I've cleared all assignments for this semester- there's still a 30% HS401 assignment 3! At least the most dreaded period is over and I should feel happier. Worries shall wait again.

I was very stress- mentally and physically. was hungry but didn't manage to eat all the rice. Wasted food ): and shitted as usual. Anyway, stress didn't become motivation. All I want is JUST GET IT OVER AND DONE WITH. I seriously hate 301. I love 3 classical theorists much much more. CONTEMPORARY THEORISTS i hate you all. Too many of you that I can't distribute my love equally hence decided not to distribute at all. Essay was like crap and I wouldn't be surprised getting a B- or C. Though C is kinda sad and bad (which really is) but I think that where my essay will stand and i can't be bothered much. presentation was like crap too. As in the preparation work. Adele, I'm so sorry. My brain really not functioning and I can't upload any theory/theorist into my brain. Thanks for your hard work for this damn presentation. LOVE you! :D HS401.. I hope it will be better than assignment1, but report was done within 3 hours and submitted at 3plus cos I can't take it but to submit and sleep. Ponned tutorials and didn't do mindmaps thanks to all the stupid assignments.

This is bad. I think it's been quite long since I have that kind of attitude. It sucks cos I feel stupid and my brain seems to be lost and not found. I think it is the case for this semester. The other stress period was last year's recess which eventually turn out to be okay. what's wrong for this semester? I think it's just because of the heavy concepts, stupid presentation and ya the most hated thing presentation. LOL. Okay since most are done for this semester than I shall not complain.

Anyway, I've received acceptance package from Georgia Tech! And I got to reach there by 3rd/4th Jan!
Applied for International House but still have many things to do! Health check, booking flights, and course matching! Courses offered and seems like nothing much to take for sociology! ): I'm so sian diao cos planned to take Race & Ethnicity in year 4 cos it seems to be one of the few to be taken in GT. And stupidly, they offer modules that I've taken in my past 2 years in NTU- Globalization,  Health & Medicine and Science & Tech. -.- why don't they offer interesting modules just like what they've offered last spring? ): I shall to think of what to take man. Too tired to see now, maybe I'll do it tomorrow afternoon.

Got to think whether to S/U business law and to think whether I should really do something real for business with the guys. Someone got lobang but I'm not as keen already. Shall think about it. Maybe tomorrow. Good good, everything tomorrow then think.

Maybe I should just off lappy right now and rest my eyes (and brain. wait, it's lost so nvm). Thanks lappy for working nearly as hard as me for the past few days; You've been good. Tie for you to rest too. Night.


P.S. flood in thailand pls faster flow into the sea! by 3 weeks time. okay 4 weeks.
P.S.S. all the best for your exams- hl and zy

Saturday, October 08, 2011


Hello Humans.

Sometimes I wonder if people look for serious partner in relationship or just with a play play mentality.

Do you date someone whom you think you'll be with for the rest of your life, or perhaps your partner just matter for a few months in your life, and you have to keep changing your partner to fine the "right" one.

Not that I'm against those relationships that do not last, by that I meant those that last around 1-4 months. If you don't try, you'll sort of not know whether he/she is the people whom you can be with. And people do go with their feelings.

I've not been into any relationship in the last 20 years (going 21) in my life, but I believe most people sort of have the ideal type of the the other party. Ideal type, meaning your prefered characteristics of the other half. Tall, honest, faithful, filial, humorous, cute and the list goes on and on. Well, all these are subjective. And your partner maynot possess all these qualities as the "feel" is ulitmately the main thing. Of course who doesn't want a tall guy?! I'd love my kids to be tall, so I must find a taller man.

突然觉得下雨时有人帮忙撑伞的感觉应该很不错嘛。 HAHA.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Recess week

Hello Human.

Recess week comes and goes.

It's the last day of recess week, which I didn't even count down for. Maybe it's time for me to start counting down for holiday in December.

Felt so nuah for this recess week though it shouldn't be the case. There's so much to do, I'm just too lazy. I simply sian diao for essays and readings ): Momentum shall be back soon, I hope.

Anyway, this recess week is pretty much of meet-up period! :D

Dinner with Bukit Batak People [20th Sept]!  (Not during recess week but near to recess week!)
Simple dinner at Mayim, our usual makan place. All of us from bukit batok area and we are all from NTU EXCEPT ONE-Edward Teng (That's the guy in blue).
Had a super belated mini birthday celebration for him. I laughed at him and commented that he looks like my grandma who don't know how to smile in front of camera. HAHA X: Classmate for 6 years, this guy is really easy to bully X: But I'm such a kind person, will scold him only when necessary! 

Dinner treated by him followed by ice-cream treat by Jiro! HAHA :D What a treated-by day for us! 

One-fine-day meet up with laopos [22th Sept]! 
Meet up with the girls at Marche at Vivo City! :D I was the only first-timer to marche! Food and place pretty not bad. Great companion that made time pass super fast! We chatted till near 11pm without realizing how late it was!

Food that we ordered (: Smoked salmon is too salty for me and it goes well with the rosti! Rosti is nice but looking at the amount of oil added is kind of scary! Pizza was kind of hard, wasn't as tasty as what I/we thought ):

We chatted about various topics! Talked about education (linked to sociology of education-.-), school stuff and BGR! XQ super cute still say wanna introduce his bf's friend to me cos he's very tall and we are quite compatible (agreed by his bf). She even go into the extend of going to her FB to search for the guy photo! HAHA, in fact she made us to guess which guy she was referring and we pointed at the same guy! Damn funny can! Then we mentioned about USA and I mentioned that I prefer Asian people like CHINA. OMG, can you imagine I said the word? Cos I was thinking of Chinese but China came out from my mouth. -.- 

Anyway zy talked quite a lot this time round huh! Love really hard to say. Shake head.

NPM + Jiro's 22nd [29th Sept]

Had subway and udders at Westmall before heading to CCK for KBox! Oh ya I saw James at Subway! HAHA. Maybe I screamed (cos I nearly drop my tray of food) too loud that he noticed me -.-

3 hours of singing is seriously not enough! ): Didn't manage to sing lots of song, sianjipua la!! Yanzi, SHE and Hebe's songs are so so so so so nice!

Headed to Jiro's house after my date with Adele.

 This remind me how bad is pam's Chinese! HAHA

 Food that he ordered! Nice! (:

Anyway his house is super neat and cozy! Got the granny rocky chair, nice and cute kitchen, weird bedroom door and arrangement! And it's weird to have so many mirror and 4 clocks at the living room/kitchen that are all different timing. HMMM.

Out with mama + Tiffany's 21st [1st Oct]
Went to temple to pray before shopping at OG. Got a zhong qian, which is pretty not bad. Mama asked on behalf of me and got a good qian. HAHA(: Actually it seems to be like every time I go to ask for qian, I'll get something good. This make me think that I'm actually quite a lucky girl, HAHA. Like Jiro said, I seems like no 关 to pass, unlike pam who got a lot. LOL. Though it may not be a good start of something, but eventually I'll end up with something up to my expectation or something good in some sense. I wouldn't say that I've no  to pass at all, just that eventually they will turn out to be fine? At least that have the case so far, and through hardwork and effort I put in of course. LOL.

Bought a shoes in OG with mama's money! HAHA, this time round I wouldn't be nagged for spending cos she wants to buy me the shoes! Then can become their member also la. Shoes pretty comfortable, hopefully it will last! :D

Meet up with Yixin + her bf and Cal at JP before going to tiff's birthday party!(: The couple damn cute okay.

Reached Tiff's house pretty on time. Her mama is damn cute and social-able! I was amazed that she call me Bin Bin! HAHA, cos I never expect her mama to remember me when we only went to her house once or twice when we were in primary school (that's 9years back)!She then explained that she remember taking photos for us and I am the tall girl! HAHA. Damn cute. She even introduced a guy to me -.- Btw, this guy is tiff's sister's fiance's friend. She then tell me how good the person is! HAHA, but that guy doesn't look tall so I said I prefer guys to be taller than me. And guess what she replied? Love is blind! HAHA, she then gave example of her friend. Why everyone so concern about my relationship issue?! HAHA. All in all, her mama is damn cute. Oh ya, I didn't realize that Tiffany's family is bilingual! Her mum speaks in Mandarin while her dad speaks in English! I always thought that her family is very angmor! X:

Anyway, tiff's party theme damn nice! Love her dress, decor, food and of course her family and pretty her! (: Awesome session! Great time for me to catch up with primary school friends too! :D Hopefully meet up with the rest too, when Eileen back! (:

Photos aren't up so shall see how!


P.S. byebye recess week