Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello Humans!

Finally meet up with Pamela and Yt together with HL and ZY on 29th May :D We went shopping around Bugis for the whole afternoon! I've no idea why my legs are aching and why my back hurts. Old already man D: Whenever I spot somewhere I can sit I'll rush to there to sit. HAHA (:

And we had dinner at a vegetarian restaurant Roma's Deli!(:

tingting and zhen ying(3rd pin yin)!! :D

ZY and Pam. Pamela, I trust you leh, so can not lie to me again leh! At least I'm your honey leh!HAHA(:By the way how could you bear to lie to me! D:

HL the distributor and me! :D

HL have the habit of having her drink before her meal whereas my habit is the other way round!:D

Our dinner! :D Not one only la! The 4 of us shared 2 pizza(:

Candid photo of me! Pam you power, took photos of us secretly!

Pamela being the photographer and the one whom we thought will treat us. But it turned out to be YT being the one who paid the bill!! THANKS YT huh! But we not so bad got pay her back la! :D So the whole day I only ate a piece of walnut butter cake for breakfast and 4 pieces of pizza. Sad to say that we were not full after eating the pizza D: Initially back home was tempted to eat second round of dinner but was thinking maybe I should control a bit. BUT BUT BUT I failed! D: See, dieting will never happen to me!

Dearest, lets meet up soon again! Hopefully at ehem place! HAHA:D But too bad she don't visit my blog! HOW SAD!

Oh ya, I spent my whole day yesterday in front of the com and manged to finish Down With Love! Watched 2 epi of xia yi zhang, xing fu! :D PPS is much much better than youtube, at least it would stuck middle of nowhere! No chionging of drama today, going out with sister again! HAHA. Shall not spend too much money. Broke. D: Anyway chatted with jeremy on msn yesterday! So long didn't contact sia! And he's not going to SMU already, cos he reapplied for NTU this year and it went successful! Smart lo. He was quite shocked to hear there's no 3rd class honor for NBS. Actually quite sad for NBS cos though 3rd class is really nothing much, but it's better than getting nothing.

Okay, take care(:

bean :D

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hello Humans :D

I was tidying my cupboard last few weeks and found my secondary school skirt! So I tried it and realized how fat I've been growing since secondary school! IT WAS DAMN TIGHT D: Think it's really time to do some exercising one fine day! yes one fine day. I think I still can look a bit student with school uniform la. Anyway my room was in quite a mass due to the tidying la.

Birthday cards from my laopos :D Oh ya, the one on the extreme left is my sister's.(:

And my sister found these puzzles during the tidying:
Long time didn't play with them! But still quite challenging la, so long didn't play. LOL.

Yes I made them! For my lovely sister (:Cute right? :D the one on the right is supposed to be a chicken but I keep thinking it's a duck till the whole thing is done. HAHA.(:

And I watched Shrek with my sister and brother on Monday! My sister's friend managed to get the tickets at cheaper rate of $3.50! :D But overall I guess part 3 and part 2 is much much funnier! I was quite surprised that the movie was quite short! Anyway I love the following characters la!

HAHA, I LOVE Ginger! :D

bean :D

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hello Humans.

My Year One Sem Two result is OUT!

I didn't know till Sharlen SMS me yesterday night! Well, I thought it's supposed to be out on 1st of june... So I switch on my lappy though I don't intended to. I would say that I'm quite happy with my result! :D Though it's quite far from the ideal grades to obtain, I improve by 0.24 and managed to get GPA of 3.52 which is just nice for a lower second class! I know it's still quite bad but hey, it's good to improve and there're rooms for improvement! :D So hopefully I can keep improving every sem then I'll be super happy le!

MP8083->A :D :D :D :D

HS202,203,204 and HW111 are core modules that I must pass in order to process on smoothly, so can pass I'm quite happy le! Moreover HS203 (related to economic), HS204 (related to culture, self and identity) and HS219 (sci and tech) are very difficult! (at least to me la)! I've no choice but to take the cores but I was damn regretted to take HS219 at my second tutorial! All I remember is complaining it to my friends and praying not to be called in the tutorial. HAHA. HS202 was quite okay considering the tutorials require the most 10% interaction with the rest! HAHA. I guess taking modules with no tutorials do me more good! LOL.

Well, a B is good enough for me! I wonder why people are so sad for getting Bs. Perhaps it's the lower expectation that I have. People, kan kai yi dian ba! But frankly speaking I was quite disappointed to get a B for my HW111 cos my assignments managed to get A-,B+ and a B-! But I believe it's the B- and the stupid e-learning quizzes that pull down my grade! (cos I've done some calculation to show whether there's any calculation mistake by the teacher). Oh well, I shall put in more effort for e-learning quizzes next time!

As for my MP8083, which is an engineering module (Frontier Engineering) for Unrestricted Electives,it's rather a GREAT SURPRISE! First time in my University life I see an A on my result! I'm damn happy can! Cos I didn't expect my kiddish poster, the last-minute MEMS report and the crappy final paper help me cling an A!

Did some calculation, overall GPA for year one is 3.4! RAH! Nearly hit 2nd lower honors la!! 6 more sems to go! Bye Bye B- and hello more B or even B+! HAHA. I guess my motivation is improve my GPA by at least 0.24 each sem to get rid of 3rd class! JIAYOU BA!

For those are not so happy with your result, we still have 2/3 more years to go, so let's jiayou ba!:D

bean :D

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hello Humans!

I'm here to blog about my Malaysia trip from 8th-15th May 2010 Malaysia trip :D

My sister and I stayed at the hotel while the others out for movie since we wanted a haircut! :D

Giving a stupid look. HAHA.

Grow longer faster! Hopefully it will since I trimmed my hair! Anyway my hair is rather straight as compared to my sister! Refer below:

She rebonded her hair last christmas. As for me, I've never tried rebonded :D

Trim or not.

Waiting for bathroom=watch Television. 3 generations over here :D

Trimmed my hair!:D The hairdresser seems to cut till quite short! D:

:D :D

Dear Ke Yi loves this hand sign! :D

Taken by Ms Ke Yi :D

Godma and I :D

I like this photo :D

I told her I'm just a 5 years old kid :D

Grandma holding the flower happily :D it's from my godma :D


HAHA, Ke Yi wanted to give flower to her mama. so she approached my sister to help her get a flower from the counter. HAHA. :D So cute and sweet!

KeYi wrote to her mama: I love you. (she doesn't know how to spell it. she just copied what we wrote. LOL)

Ke Yi and uncle:D

Aunt and KeYi!


Harley Davidson!! I read it in one of my Sociology readings! If not I wouldn't know what is it. LOL.

So many of them!!

Happy Mothers' Day! :D

And we headed to KeYi's house the next day! (: that's her nursery uniform!

So basically our routine is to wake up, wash up, breakfast, prepare to fetch KeYi, play with KeYi, watch Movie using our lappy (luckily we brought it!) when KeYi having her nap, bathe, watch TV, dinner, watch TV and sleep! :D

She wanted us to teach her dancing! HAHA.

See, she's damn excited can a not!

I'm dancing!;D

Dance or stretching? I'm not sure. HAHA.

She tickled me! HAHA. :D

Cute right? :D

Oh ya, she loves taking photos. I was damn worry to let her hold my camera!

The above photos were taken by Ke Yi. actually I like those photos :D

She posed! :D

Grandpa :D


with shan! :D

with ME!:D

And yes she helped us take picture again :D

HAHA, she act shy one la!

The place quite nice right? (:

KeYi's funny classmate! :D

All cute litte kids. But I dislike one of them. It's bad to ask your mama to carry your bag. And little kids should hold their mama's hand when crossing the road! Bad manner you've got. Hmm.

On the day that we were leaving, it was one of KeYi's classmate's birthday. So they gave out present to each of the little kids :D

If i'm not wrong the Indian boy was the birthday boy :D

She's a well manner girl! :D

Joanne, she don't talk to anyone in the school. And she cried when her mama helped her to take her shoes from the shoe rack..

Walking her home! :D

Walking her home! :)

KeYi shared some of her goodies with us! :D it's been long time since we had Jelly!


Nicely decorated bag. :)

Sweet smile! :D

Little kids love small presents! ;D

She loves to pose.

Okay that's all for the Malaysia trip photos! :D I enjoyed my stay though the routine can be quite boring, but i get to play with KeYi and get an experience of having a younger sibling! :D Hopes she'll remember me when she gets older cos I don't know what was going on in my life when I was 3.5 years old!