Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hello Humans!

Is the weather driving you crazy?

I'm going crazy soon D: THE WEATHER IS SUPER ULTRA HOT! I've to clip my fringe and tie my hair and roll my sleeve! D:

The hot weather has not only irritate me but also drop my efficiency! But never mind, I shall be happy that I manage to finish one reading today! In fact, I'm quite happy with my catching up of reading so far (: Guess that's the 5th readings that I've catch up this holiday! Okay, I shouldn't be so happy since I'm supposed to read them long long long long ago! HAHA. A lot more to go! Jiayou ba HO BIANG BIANG :)

Yesterday channel 5 was airing TITANIC! It's nice, no matter how many times I've watch it! :D I shall watch it again during my long holiday IF possible! Actually I've start writing my to-do list for that long 4 months of holiday! Call me kiasu but that's kind of motivation! :D

Today is the last day of CNY and tomorrow is MARCH! Workload is gonna be heavier and life in school is gonna be shittier! So I shall try to relax a bit this recess week! Look forward for gathering with my besties on Friday! :D

AND AND and, i've accepted YOG's duty! But my duty is damn oh well, it's stretcher bearer -.= Perhaps I was in SJ so they assign it to me. HAHA. The task is quite different from what I'm expecting so oh well, hope it will be fine :D

That's all! I should be analysing video instead of blogging. HAHA

bean :D

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hello Humans!

I'm glad that this week is coming to an end! And recess week is coming! :D Okay, recess week doesn't mean FUN and PLAY but a less stressful week to rush assignments, catch up with readings which I seriously need to complete, doing Mid-Term test (essays) for HS203 and not forgetting to meet up with friends! :D

Monday's mid-term quiz was rather okay, considering that I only read the lecture notes and the main points at the end of each thick readings. Anyway I'm glad that I pass, cos the tutor went through the paper with us (:

Wednesday was a terrible day. Had presentation on a very difficult reading which I don't even understand! Thanks Valerie for her help though she also don't know what's the reading about. HAHA, luckily the tutor also say the readings are difficult to understand la! Midterm for HS204 was after a 1.5 hour break. I read the lecture notes only, didn't even read a single reading from that course la! The paper seems not so bad, but that worries me more cos there must be a trap lo. Moreover my attitude was like get it over and done with, so I don't really care about it at that point of time.

And HW111 assignment one is submitted! So happy la! Cos one more assignment/presentation on to-do list is being strike out!:D But assignment 2 and 3 coming and have to do them at the same time!

Okay, the above is filled with words and probably you people are sianx already! No worries, cos below all photos! LOTS LOTS LOTS!Not that I'm so free but I uploaded them while I reading a reading! Anyway all the photos are taken on the same day! Went sentosa with my family and meet up with my dearest at yt's for reunion dinner! So here we go for the eventful day!:

Taking monotrail to sentosa:D



mama was saying that this piece of art is so bao lu! HAHA :)


It's good to have a toilet the elderly! :D

We only look at the outside since we're not going to pay $100 for the entrance fee! Moreover I'm not even 21!


We bought almond milk choco :D

Left sentosa and headed to yt's house! check out the attendance :D anyway there's the other guy but he was busy eating so he didn't get to take any photo! HAHA.

cs sai then suggest the following photos:

shy wei jun.

Okay that's all! there're more CNY photos but i guess next week then upload.