Thursday, December 28, 2006


went 0ut wif pam..went 0rchard,bugis n imm!!!we din stay l0ng for any 0f de place lahx.. bought fila sp0rt sh0es tt cost 37.90 aft disc0unt at size is lyk juz nice lahx..wanted a bigger size but tt's de onli pair left..s0 i juz buy l0rx..but lyk juz nice lehx..h0pe it will becum bigger.. den went far east ate ice cream x) share wif pam!de ice cream n waffle nice!!rum n raisin..rec0mmended by pam..hv wine taste..den i bought triple c [crisipy curry chicken]..nice!!den de rain spolit de md hard t0 shop at 0rchard while went bugis..saw xq,huiyi n her frens in de mrt!!so qiao rgt?!?! haha =) we alighted at de same stop.. shop ard dere..pam bought a shirt wif cute wordings n a bag fr ink..but she regretted for buyin de bag cos its smaller den de other 1 in zinc!..but to mi almost de same lahx.. de person fr ink n0e pam fr lianhua!!amazing rgt?cos she oso fr lian hua!! well,im nt fr lianhua but she dun0 mi..den shop til 6+ n went to rain so heavy sia.but we still walk to dere lahx..damm hungry but din eat cos settle dinner at hm ma..den pam bought fila polo tee for her mama..oh,4gt smt..pam is moon while im's applicable onli for her lah..cos we went for honeymoon ma=)

went imm to make spect wif my mama,bro n aunt!!de spect cost 88bucks!!ok lahx!!wad amaze mi is tt my degree din increase!!it remain de same lehx!!500 degree for both eyes!de frame is purple de..ytd den i noe de purpose of multi coat!!it's help to prevent reflection wen takin photo!!haha=) i wear spect so long[more den 10 yrs ] yet i dun0!!well,it's nt late tt i noe nw lahx!!haha=)de person sae de spect mayb ready by onli aft 2jan..den i sae try to by this wk cos i wanna wear to sch ma..haha =)bro brought us to eat fish n co!!bro eat dorry fish tt cost 10.90 while mi n mama n aunt share de lunch wadever name i 4gt prawn,sotong,rice,fries n fish!but cost 20.90!!so we shared exp..somem0re nt full cos shared by some many ple..den de dish we ate is nt hot de leh..wonder y.. den ytd de jjc person FINALLY CALLED MI!!haha=) im same gp as pam!!**relieved**mi gp no 16,family no 4,colour is green!wow,daes r passin damm fast!!!nxt wk sch goin start sia!!im nt prepared yet!!n i keep goin out lahx.everydae!!spent damm lot of $$$!!

goin out wif zy xq n hl to ytd sae she cant go..she even sae dun msg or call her,...but she'll tell us wad happen nxt tym..hope nth bad happen lahx!!!hope we'll hv fun todae!!

Monday, December 25, 2006

H0 H0 H0~~!!!!
~~~***MERRY X'MAS***~~~

im back fr msia!!well,went on 23dec,but 5+pm den go!!n i w0ke up on 10+ lorx..c0s actualli wanted t0 set 0ff at 2+ but my sis lahx!she went w0rk den drag n drag til s0 late..n my other sis went rebond hair!!well,i juz wastes my dae lahz!!reach msia is lyk dinner tym at a place call san luo hai xian..onli de fried mee nice lorx..packed away black pepper crab!! went bath immediateli wen reach h0tel den eat crab while watchin jackie wu de sh0w!!nt bad!!

24dec--x'mas eve...
ate breakfast n lunch b4 goin city sq..we t0ok cab t0 dere at de price of RM8..ok lahx,den we sh0p til 5.15pm..all de gals[my sis n mi] buy nth but my bro bought shirt,jeans n sh0es!!power rgt? den papa came fetch us back c0s we'll hv dinner at abbt 8pm..den i went cut pers0n cut de hairstyle wasnt wad i wan!!argghh!!ask him cut fringe str de he din listen..arghh!!h0pe my hair will gr0w fast!!well,bath n ate dinner!!able to c my baby cousin!!she's damm cUte k!!2months old 0nli!!s0 small n cute!!she's cute!! ***ALL BABIES R CUTE!!***but my cousin is super cute!!

25dec--merry x'mas
ate breakfast n lunch dere..n walk walk lorx..saw a nike yellow sport shoes..nt bad =) n a puma pink sprt shoes..but i din buy...den went hm..ate dinner at wm... quite borin de x'mas bahx!! haha=) on hp den hv 9sms..haha =)

gtg=) bye bye =)

Friday, December 22, 2006

ragh!! bro is back!! = cant use c0m!! =(

well, gt to blog nw =)

went 0ut wif my 3rd sis at 2+pm..rain damm heavy lahx..n0 ch0ice,c0s she w0n a prize fr nuy0u..s0 mi g0 claim it wif her l0rx..i called de pers0n t0 ask where's de place..den i th0ught is near t0a payoh..but ltr reach dere realise wr0ng de=(s0 went bishan since onli 1 stop away..sh0p awhile b4 havin luch at yoshin0ya..nice =)it was lyk 4+pm n we realise t00 late so wanna take bus instead of train t0 de place,..near is at north n de other is at south lo..s0 far..sit de bus til sianx n feel lyk vomit..but de bus uncle v gd la=)c0s he sae he'll tell us wen we gt t0 de place =) unlike de rude uncle of bus XXX tt i aboard on15dec's nite!den reach de place,change bus,sit damm long n reach la.but alight wr0ng st0p!s0 g0tta walk in de rain =( but de ting c0st 100 over =) den went IMM t0 repair my hp..hp mad lia0..sry every1 if i nv reply u all!!i din meant's de hp la..always mad at wr0ng timin it repair..hv t0 wait for 2-3 weeks lehx..but nvm,i usin sis's old hp!ate l0ng j0hn=) nice =)went hm t00 late..c0s of tt bl00dy sl0w IMM bus lorx..dey shd hv m0re bus t0 transport de ple mahx!!s0mem0re x'mas lehx..still wan ple wait more den 30min l0rx!!end up went hm t0o late kana scold by mama!!but,nvm =)

went out wif eileeN!sry,i was late!c0s i decide to go out wif sis t0 take train tgt =) haha =) went plaza sing at 1+..eileen wanna g0 0rchard but i dun wan..c0s she's cuttin her hair at kimage at 3pm![[**cutting hair c0st 33.60bucks aft 20% disc0unt l0rx!!**]]went walkin ard while tryin t0 settle s0me stuffs..abt j0b tt f0und by yt..sry,i din any msg fr her..c0s my hp went mad tt tym..den i end up dunnd w0rk while yt n la0pos[zy n dn] hv t0 w0rk for at least 3 days..flyers' de j0b..1000pieces 18bucks..nt v gd h0r?well,ate at yoshinoya again!but nvm,de food is nice lahx..s0mem0re there isnt much ch0ices..den walk ard again n she went t0 cut hair..mi sat alone at 1 side for 1hr20min l0rx!!tt's s0 kind 0f mi rgt?but i asked de hairdresser i shd cut hair or shall i leave it longer..den she sae both oso can!!she even asked mi to perm!well,im nt goin perm for nw lahx..s0 exp $$ =( considerin to cut hair..but scare cut lia0 dun lyk.. =( den we went bugis..c0s eileen wanna buy bag..but we ate onli..din buy bag cos she din eyed ani of dem..i had a fun dae!!miss my frens sia..

stayed at hm.. guai rgt? slept til quite rest cant rmb lahxZ!!

went dental at 9+..change de colour to blue n pink=)a bit weird though..nxt appointment will be 29jan..2pm earli..means hv t0 leave sch earlier... =( den sis pei mi t0 bugis..walked a while..felt lyk eatin nuggets..but saw sweson..den feellyk eatin..but too exp lahx..s0 went walk walk ard..minkey sh0p hv sales!!wish t0 buy de shirt but t00 short..den dunn0 y damm hungry lahx,s0 mi n sis decided t0 eat..n we ate at swes0n!!my 1st tym k..c0s i p0or ma..ate fish baked rice [$10.90] n a set of salmon,chicken soup n ice cream[$16.90]!!yum yum!!it's realli nice!!but i nt realli full lehx..nvm,it's nice..but i tink de pizza place de baked rice nt bad lehx..den i went bugis de national lib,cos sis gotta work n i mit xq at 3!wanna go dad's shop but he's nt in..s0 i spend my tym readin newspaper n mag!!n listen mp3 lahx!den tym dun0 y passs quite fast,i read finish lyk 2.55!s0 i went t0ilet 1st lahx n went t0 old chang kee wait..den xq sae she'll late -.= nvm..haha=) den we hunt f0r xmas present...she saw clips n buy..den topshop de cloth she oso buy!!but it's nice lorx!!i 0s0 wan!!but no $$ =( de price ok la,topshop mahx!!24+..den walk again saw 1 bag cost 15bucks..she buy for her mama!!so guai rgt?den ltr she bought de pre..tok a lot lahx =) n she spent a l0t!!haha=)she spent abt 55bucks bahx!!den went hm 7+ c0s nd t0 eat tang yuan!!pass her de bks.. ate 5 tang yuan!! damm nice!! =) haha=)juz nw cs sae jjc person called blar blar..din ans cos eatin..nw regretted la..c0s these few days wun at hm..=( aniway,dawn will pei mi c0s she went australi t0dae!!haha=) lol-.=

gtg=) sry,l0ng post again =)

goin off to msia fr tmr to 25dec..

Monday, December 18, 2006

t0dae wenT queEnst0wn t0 hunt f0r sport sh0es wiF my la0p0-ZhenYinG..suPp0sing mit her at 11 de,but end uP 12.30pm c0s sis wanNa mi heLp her wiF her mp3..-.= THX LA0PO FOR UR uNDERSTANdINg=) s0 sianx wen de rain fall sia..but luckily we reaCh qUeeNst0wn stop lia0..den i leaD de wae,but lead t0 wr0Ng directioN =X den hv t0 ask ple..damm heavy c0s din eaT breaKfAst n lunCh,s0 bought a p0tat0 chips at 7-11..quite mani de,t0ok mi abt an hr t0 finish!!c0s walk n eat mahx..n hunt while eat =)

s0 mani sh0ps til we mixed up de sh0ps =( saw a few i quite lyk de but wadx i realli wan is a PINK N BROWN de sport sh0es..but wen i ask de sh0p 0wner dey all sae dUn hv=( 0ne even said it was 0ld design =( well,i lyk de tw0 col0urs de c0mbinati0n cant mehx..haha=) den saw a brown wif white n de other is purple wif white..b0th design r same t0 mi..but de price diff =( de brown is 88bucks while de purple 1 is 61bucks =( mi end up din buy c0s mama sae g0 truli asia[msia] t0 c 1st.. =( zy b0ught her's at kappa..50.90bucks..nice=) if i cant buy nike i may buy de same as hers =) well,t0dae laugh a l0t!!haha=) keEp j0kiNg ard=)lyk wen we weNt mac is lyk damm quiet l0rx..n mi speak damm l0ud..den ltr i din t0k cos i was lyk t0o noisy..den i ask zy y all ple s0 quiet de..den she sae c0s dey r on dey on!!haha=) i din realise sia!!image dey t0k to themselves!l0l -.= 0h,we saw a adidas sh0p n ltr wen we wanna find de sh0p again we cant find it!!haha=) n we sae it's gOne!! well,it's funni t0 experience urself lahx,sae here nt realli funni..but tt tym was damm funni..funni til we laugh til st0mach pain!![[**tt apply t0 mi lahx**]]zy even sae it's tiriNg t0 g0 0ut wif mi!!=( cos hv t0 laugh a l0t =)

oh,t0dae my hp weNt mad again lahx..cant reply t0 mani ple!!sry ple!!type msg half way den it switch off by itself!den i on it off=( pissed off sia!!den my mama called zy's hp!!den zy t0k is stranger n even g0in t0 sae "wr0Ng n0.!!" haha=) luckily she nv sae!!haha=) aniwae,i t0k damm l0ud in de sh0p lahx,tt's my habit lahx,cant chanGe =)

t0dae N level result release..0nli n0e h0w calista score!!4 for 3subjeCts lehx!!p0wer sia!!WELL DONE,CALISTA!!

well,t0 all my fren,n0 matter wadx de result is,u all hv d0ne ur best le!de best is yet t0 be!!! x) nxt yr feb will be my turn le,tink i will damm nerv0us de bahx..

ytd planned t0 go msia de..but rain damm heavy den cancelled liao..den stay at hm d0 nth l0rx =(

tmr goin oUt wif mama =) but dun0 where yet!h0pe it wun cancel at de end!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

ytd mit shan f0r lunch at pastamania=) saw huiyi hu is nw working dere!=) we place our order t0 huiyi n she gave us 10% disc0unt!haha=) thx w0rx,huiyi!! well,my sis sae huiyi l0ok mature!much mature den mi!haha=) aft lunch wander ar0und wm lorx!saw earrings!n i l0ve mani of dem lahx..shan oso..3pairs for 5bucks!but as we ch00se den c more we lyk!so instead of 3 pairs we bought 6pairs!!i love de earrings lahz=) n i paid la,cos lunch was paid by shan!haha=) den shan wanna go bukit batok de neighbourh0od c where gt salo0n..den i lead her de way t0 s0mewhere new la0po-zy's hse cos i rmb dere lyk gt sal0on..we st0od outside de sal0on n de person open de d0or n ask us nd help nt..den sis ask for rebond cost h0w much..n she say 90bucks onli!is quite cheap le la!den de person say my hair straight =) haha =) **happy** but is my sis wan rebond her hair nt mi lahx=)den dere cut hair onli 10 bucks l0rx!! s0 i'll c0nsider to cut hair!! my sis sae hebe de hair nice..but i dun0 la...on de way to mrt hv to cross de road ma,den a stupid idi0t car saw us crossin n it start t0 increase de speed l0rx..if hv l0rry i mgt juz bang at de idiot car ba!!den my sis sae "tt's h0w a accident may happen!" haha=) im angry of cos la..i so petty hor??so dun make mi angry la..=)

well,i was late lah..but la0po-dn later den mi=)den cy ask y we wear class tee..den i sae u dun0 meh..but is mi 4gt tell her!!aiyo,h0w can 4gt such ting..i even 4gt t0 tell her t0 brin 10 bucks for de bbq!! sry chengyee!!den went yt hse to take de food=)den we t0ok bus to lynette's hse..her hse nice lorx=)lynette keep askin us wanna put bag in her hse nt cos de table n chairs r wet aft d e rain,but we sae nvm cos we lazy to go up her hse ltr ma..den she keep askin den so funni lahx..haha=)we drank coke at her hse b4 goin d0wn to de bbq pit..den cy drink damm fast la..den mi wait for la0p0-zy lorx..but she finish 1st w/0 lettin mi n0e-.= haha=) den lynette ask "u all havin competition ar?" haha=) we saw someone in white tee at de bbq pit dere,den we tink tt's weekheng n de person wif hat is limyong! but gt 2 ple in white tee la,den we guess one is wk n de other is kc..haha=) den went down saw de ple is white realli is kc n wk..but de person wif hat is mark!haha=) wadever..

den we start explorin he condo lorx!but we went t0 de playground n walk de ting..a swingin bridge?i dun0 hw t0 sae lahx..haha=) den we went to de shelter at de playground n tok..den cy took out her comb which caught my attention..cos v big ma!haha=) den she took out another..haha=) den start rain liao=( but it stop quite fast ba..cant rmb..den we saw other playground,but tt's in water we cant go=( den we st0od outside s0me0ne's hse n saw a plant,n we start w0nderin wadx de fruit call..den i sae onion! =X den la0p0-dn sae lyk fang shi liu c0s lasttym she oso hv plant..den we saw limyong den he came here..den we ask him wadx de fruit call n he sae "strawberry?" n we all laugh la!!cos it obviousli nt strawberry mahx!!nxttym if can den i uoload de pic=)haha=) lim yong is a fake angmo k..haha=) but he's leavin s'pore le!so bye lim yong=) den we saw a figure walkin closer to us..n tt's ms chew!!n we sae "de rest r over dere!!" **pointin at de bbq pit** haha=) den we went to de club hse..nice lorx..much nicer den mine de!! den mi n cy dry our hair usin de dryin cos we sweat a lot n v hot mahx..

at 1st we felt guilty cos we din help n we sit dere n play cards..but ltr we help out a lot lorx!!haha=)we t0ok charge of one of de pit n bbq h0tdog,crab stick.....but eat hotdog n crabstick more!!yummy!!i l0ve eatin=)ermx,but de fire nt ting hua lei,cos lyk half way no fire den nd kc help to start de fire again..but overall it's fun=) den yt cant touch meat n she becum de water gal!!haha=)by de way yt's mama cookin damm nice!!i love de curry chicken!!th0se 0utside sell de hv one weird taste but her mama de dunhv!!it's quite pity tt her mama din open a vegetarian store la.. while bbqin mark wanna help cos of DE FOOD!!he keep sayin we go jjc blar blar wad if he go pjc hor?haha=) by de way a lot of de ple go jjc.. gt mi,huiling,zhenying,yanting,jasmine,dawn,huili,changsheng, guys i nt sure la..den ms chew sae we can set up a mini hillgrove gang!haha=)

den t0o late liao de lights went off n de guard ask us to lower our v0lume..den bbq de food we cant c whether is cook a nt lorx..haha=)den aft takin de photo de fire g0ne..den kc restart de fire again lorx..den we went to sit n dun0 hu step on smt n sae it lyk shit..haha=) but actualli is de curry chicken tt jiansheng dropped!!haha=) den we clear de rubbish on de tables=) tt's kind of us rgt? den we help kc wif de fire,but gave up ltr..cos we r leavin s00n..den i call james "xiao di" [even th0ught he older lahx] haha=)duntink he;s fierce..c0s la0p0-zy sae he l0ok fierce..haha=) well,den we t0ok s0me ph0to b4 leavin wif aisha's cam.. den on de way to de main gate of lyn's condo hv to walk thru a lights off liao so cant c anyting at all!!den we on our hp to c de steps!!haha=)den we lyk sort of a bit scare?haha=)den onli hv one bus at de bus stop..den wen de bus came mi n yt ask whether de bus hv stop at bb bus interchange nt..den he juz look at us n give a stupid look n close de door..wad kind of attitude lorx!!cy sae write a g0ng han t0 c0mplain!!!haha=)[so tt's de use of learning chi gong han bahx!!] den he lyk sppedin lorx..den wen hv turnin i will end up in de other seat..haha=) aft de bbq i still hungry sia..c0s nt a pr0per meal?haha=) den went hm n bath n watch ghost sh0w n yu le bai fen bai til abt 3am.. haha=)

realli h0pe can hv chalet sia..but t0o late lia0 le=( **sad** =(

Friday, December 15, 2006

t0dae goin class gatherin..bbq at lynette's hse!! w0nder h0w it will lyk!!hv t0 post nw c0s br0 will be back ltr!!mayb ltr meetin my dearest 3rd sis f0r lunch at wm de pastamania[spell wr0ng?hu cares?]-.=

spend a l0t tis h0lidae!! wah~~!!but i still wanna buy l0ts of stuffs!!i wan a new spect!!cos my eyesight gettin p0orer lahx! =(

these daes dUn0 y hp nt ting hua!becum faulty lia0!charge lia0 den a while n0 battery!!tink is de battery spoilt le ba.. sad=( haix.. h0pe can buy a new battery s0 wUn be s0 troubles0me l0rx.. a new hp will be much better 0f cos!!but br0ke lia0 la!s0mem0re my hp nt even 1yr..but s0on le!

my 2nd sis wanna watch my l0vely sams0on but she nv watch..s0mem0re i b0rr0w it fr ruishan lei..hv t0 return her de..w0nder my sis h0w l0ng den can finish!!n i hv t0 watch wif her la..nw 0nli epi2 lo..damm sl0w l0rx!!tink one dae i will spend de wh0le dae watchin it!!haha=)

w0nder still gt hu gt int0 jjc sia!!ermx..h0pe th0se wanna gt int0 it will gt int0 it l0rx =) haha=)

nth t0 p0st lia0..bye=)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

as a typical s'porean,i w0ke up 7.50am t0 check de p0stin result!thx GOD I GT INT0 JJC SCI STREAM!!! Yippee =)scare ltr i c wr0ng sia!aniwae,im relieved!!i l0okin f0rward de 1st dae of sch!!but i scare t0o la...haix..wadever... can gt into jjc sci for trial v gd liao la!cos my prelim score exceed de cut off pt ma! =X damm happi c0s my la0p0[hl n zy] n cs n yt 0s0 gt int0 jjc sci stream!!haha=) n 0f c0s yixiN!!h0pe we'll all in de same class!![quite imp0ssible lahx]

well,ytd went msia la.a place call bekok[m0st 0f u dun0 ba,but nvm=)],where my granDparent live..dere used t0 hv mani ple de,nw onli left a l0t of 0ld ple..s0 sad sia..n v quiet le=( dere's one sh0p n a hse la,but dey g0in sell de sh0p ba[tink s0] we went dere t0 drive s0me of de stuffs 0ut..=) by de way de j0urney fr s'pore to dere is abt 3 hrs l0rx..sianx lorx..nth to do in de car..haha=) but at least i can slp whereas my dad cant=)*im evil* den damm hungry aft de j0urney,s0 ate de want0n n0odle which c0st 2.60bucks onli leh!!s0mem0re is quite big de=)but i still nt full lahx..but i din eat animore le la=)but i l0ve dere de pai gu wang=) damm nice lor!!pack dere de stuffs n f0und a br0wn jacket..quite ok la,so i t0ok it=)but i dun lyk de l0go,where is damm big lorx..if dun hv tt ting wd be much better bahx! haha=)on de wae hm i ate de pai gu wang la,ate a lot=) haha=)den back fr msia to s'pore la,de rain damm heavy lorx..but we still rush hm lah..late 9 reach den reach hm..

well,update abt last fri [8dec] =) went out wif my pri sch fren=)we kb0x sing fr 11+pm til 5pm!tink we sang 5tym of yuan dian,n dunn0 hw mani tym of yi yan wan nian n i still believe!haha=) den went 0rchard de taka for dinner.ate mac c0s cheaper=)keep askin eileen whether i shd cut hair nt,but she ask mi t0 g0 kimage wif her t0 cut!it's lyk damm exp la..g0 dere once can let mi go neighbourhood de twice leh!haha=) but i still decidin whether i shd cut la.. den went hm.. i'll miss dem de!

sat n sun n mon cant rmb wad i do lia0,shdb at hm clearin de cupb0ard ba!but still nt d0ne wif de clearin slow,but hu cares? haha=)well,sundae de hong xin da jiang i pers0nalli prefer huang jun xiong[duno spell rgt nt] to gt de xin ren jiang!but is ple call de la,so nvm le lorx...

tues went out n b0ught a wallet!haha=) din expect i'll buy but i bought it in de end!cos it's 13.50bucks..quite nice=) but tt's de last piece le!but still in gd conditi0n la.s0 ok n i buy lorx..tink use wen sch reopen ba=)

tis blog skin is cute sia=)
n de previ0us bl0gskin lyk quite l0ng le,s0 decided to chanGe it=)
tt's kiNd 0f mi t0 update n change in bl0gskin sia=) lol -.=
gdluck all my frens hu takin N's result on 18dec =)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

sry din update for de past 1 wk..
i will update tmr=) haha=)
cos im in a rush nw..
scare tmr sia..c0s will n0e wadx jc t0 g0 for 2month c0urse!!hope i'll gt int0 jjc sci stream wif all my frens =)
god bless mi =)
wish my sis all de best for her exam =)
bye!! x)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

ytd din update cant bro dun0 y came hm..den wen he left my sis use c0m for her pr0ject--hu sae p0ly de life is easy?i duntink s0.. [[**tt's my pt 0f view,mgt nt b urs =) **]] well,s0 update nw =)

ytd is 6dec,which is D0E =) my la0pos[zy hl xq] will n0e abt it=)haha x) we planned to mit at 9.10 at bb wif la0p0[zy] n mit la0p0 [xq n hl]at g0mbak at 9 de..mi tis kinda pers0n late f0r mani tym decided t0 gt 0ut of hm earlier..s0mem0re i nd t0 buy battery f0r i rushed f0r de battery n wait for la0p0s atmrt dere while eatin my breakfast[h0tdog bread]..mi l0ng tym din eat h0tdog bread lia0..s0 it tasted nt bad=) haha =) den la0p0[hl] msg mi tt de 0ther la0p0 juz w0ke up n will late -.= den i was lyk "wad?shit,t0ld la0p0[zy] t0 wait at platf0rm dere"..den la0po[hl] call mi n i decided t0 ask la0p0[zy] f0r 0pini0n lorx..den end up mi mit her n we went city hall 1st..we sit 0n de bench while waitin la..den we play wif de slippers=)n she c my pic wif frens de n juZ laugh n laugh n laugh..s0 de tym past quite fast la=) haha=)0ur attire r damm 0ut in city hall l0rx..imagine beach wear at city hall... haha=) but ok lar..c0s u r nt de 0nli 0ne=)n we mit wif de la0p0s t0 fins xq's agent due t0 her pay..

we walked quite l0ng b4 reachin de place..n we t0ok wr0ng lift l0rx..la0p0[xq]'s agent de plact is at 4th fl0or..but de lift we t0ok d0esnt hv 4th started fr 12th?well,i cant rmb la..aniwae,dere de other pers0n in de lift t00..n wen we realise we r in de wr0ng lift is damm funni l0rx..xq kept laughin... n wen de pers0n gt out den we laugh 0ut l0ud!xq even ask mi nt t0 bl0g abt it..haha=) but sry,i bl0gged it x)it's ok t0 make mistake de =) aniwae we r inv0lved la..nt onli ur fault... den xq t0k t0 de agent while we wait 0utside..xq is a gd speaker's wad we tink.. tt's true k.. =)

we end up sh0ppin at suntec 0n 0ur way back t0 mrt t0 head f0r sent0sa!!well,tt's bec0s of la0p0[xq]...haha=) but we sh0pped a while 0nli la..we w0rried tt it will rain but lucky din rain la.. t0ok de mrt n bus t0 entry fee is 3bucks..i t0k is pr0ved tt i l0ng tym nv g0 sent0sa lia0! =X we waited damm l0ng for de blue line bus l0rx..more den 20min...n we r silence.. well,de fun part is ltr la!! reach dere we ate at k0ufu..xq hv her ai xin bian dang fr her mama n we ate jap rice is nice=)but cost5.90bucks..aniwae,we br0ke de silence while eating=)i 4gt hw dey link t0 tt ya0 ming l0rx...hey,he's nt my cup of tea l0rx.. he's nt mine k!! he's t0o tall f0r mi..i dun wan neck pain l0rx... we were at palawan beach la..den hl sae she wanna cr0ss de bridge..den i sae wen she cr0ss it we go demage de bridge..but in madrian la.. ermx.. lyk i sae guo qiao cai he.. it means u cross de bridge n damage de river-.= haha=) it supp0se t0 be guo he cai qiao l0rx..haha=) my chi standard dr0p lia0 sia!!=( **w0rry** n dey laugh at mi again.. haix,im so laughable rgt?..

den we went t0 cr0ss de bridge n t0ok ph0to n went back t0 de beach again.. de silence came back again..we juz kept quiet..but de silence was once broken by...[xq/mi?]well,we went to de water but din t0uch our sh0rts c0s we din brin xtra cl0ths[xcept hl] 0ur bel0ngings r quite far away fr us n we hv t0 turn 0ur heads 0ften t0 check f0r bad ple..den gt 3 guys sitting quite near our bags..[but nt v near la] n we hear s0me0ne sae "go la go la" n xq tink dey mgt wanna d0 smt t0 0ur stuffs..s0 we becum m0re alert=)mi n xq wanna make shit usin de sand..mine was t0o big la,n i duntink lyk shit..but dey sae lyk shit..i tink xq's more alike l0rx.. den dey sae c0s i make shit alm0st every m0rning ma..s0 i more familar abt it..well,tt's true enuff la=) shitting is gd for health lo=) s0 every0ne muz try shit everydae h0r!!..

xq suggested us t0 play de ting [o0ps,i 4gt wadx de ting.. ludge?]sry,i hv p0or mem0ry..pls be understanding=) it costs 8bucks but xq sae lasttym she play is 5bucks..s0 she went t0 ask de pers0n de price..n of cos de person sae 8bucks la,den xq sae can5bucks nt,cos tt was de cost of lasttym n we r student=) n de pers0n is damm gd c0s he sae k=) haha=) we were damm excited..but scare cos we dun0 wadx it abt..but i fun it fun for de 1st ride..lyk drivin a m0t0rbike myself?haha=) aniwae xq is huz in front of mi la..n i scare bumpin de wall n fly out of de i try to keep at slow speed=)safty cum 1st ma=) tt's de 1st rude,de 2nd ride im scared..tink i hv fear for height?haha=)so i v0lunteer for de middle seat!but it was fun!!we t0ok ph0t0 of cos=) but i scare hp will dr0p..haha=)even th0ugh im scare at first but we kept takin photo so din reallli take n0te of de height la,s0 nt scare anim0re..den wen st0p takin den goin end..=( sad l0rx..we din c de view.. BUT IT'S FUN!!I L0VE IT!!SOMEMORE IS W0RTH DE L0RX..=) i dun mind playin again=)

den we hv t0 leave sent0sa n g0 chinat0wn[suggested by de same pers0n as mentioned at previ0us passage] n we g0tta mit rs[my xia0 peng y0u] outside OG=)n we walk ard supp0se t0 n0e de place m0re den dem c0s i hv t0 g0 dere f0r dental every month ma..but wad i always do is dental den eat den go..s0 i onli dere's smt t0 eat l0rx..haha=)oh,by de way mi n xq ate ice cream wrapped wif bread =) nice,but gt durian taste leh..haha=)nvm,i eat durian de..mi n xq r bad "leader" cos we lead dem to wrong place ard china town dun follow mi hor..i will lead u to no where!den we decided to change l0cati0n cos dere's realli nth t0 walk l0rx..haha=)den we went city hall again..we wanna find a place where we can sit n chat n eat la.. n we ended up in THE PIZZA PLACE =)initialli mi hl n zy duno where to settle dinner n we wanna eat dinner at hm..but de price prove tt its much more worth to eat proper dinner instead of de snacks.. i ordered ham&mushr00m baked rice n ice lem0n tea,n we shared de potota wedges..cost mi 11bucks..nvm,cos its realli nice!!its worth! we chat while eatin=)n we plan to go rs hm one day make baked rice,cookies,n rs&xq swim while mi n hl suntan..n zy shall b amina..haha=) but tt's wad we plan la..n one day go out til nite c de lights in orchard =)tym juz flies lorx..8.30 den we step out de shop..

well,todae 7 dec,went remove de stitches..nt pain la..but mi waited quite long..but im late so i cant sae aniting..s0mem0re i l0st my appointment card again..haha=)den brin mama aunt n grandparents to vivo city..i so guai rgt?=)eat de prawn noodle at food republic den walk ard lo..wen to0k mrt back saw a little gal slpin on her ma's lap..den wen dey arrive their stop den her mama carry her..but de gals' slippers keep droppin den de ple ard her help her mama take cos de door already open..w0nder last tym i lyk tt nt!haha=) den use com de rest of de dae.. de way morning sis told mi dere's a job 8bucks per hr de,n work fr fri to tues..can earn lots n i can buy tings i wan!!den i call hl but she nt at hm..den i call zy n she can!!haha=) but wen i reach hm to ask my sis details den she sae no job for mi=( so i realli fated t0 be j0bless l0rx.. =( den i t0ld yixin n calista i'll be late for de gatherin..but nw everyting is back to sq one la..
tt's it...

tmr is pri sch fren de gatherin=) waitin this day damm long..but tiff nt goin=( h0pe tmr will be fun!!

my post seEms t0 be l0nger n l0nger sia..haha=)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

t0dae g0 0ut again..but quite late den out la..nth to do in de end up using c0m lorx..but n0 ple 0nline so i offline..den la0p0[zy] go online n msg mi ask y i nv online!haha=) den i tell her i Juz 0ffline!haha=)mi v kelian onli hv sch shoes,beach slipper n de pumps onli..den go interview wear slipper t00 informal lia0 so i f0rce myself t0 wear de pumps..damm hot n pain l0rx =( haix =( ... mit la0p0[dn] at g0mbak at 12.50pm..mi always late s0 decided t0 leave hm earlier s0 i wUn late f0r t0dae again =) but end up la0p0[zy] late!s0 mi n la0p0[dn] waited nxt t0 de lift at bb mrt l0rx =) my la0p0[zy] rareli late de w0rx! haha=) den we head JE t0 mit yt=)

we alighted at de wr0ng st0p[raffle] sia..den wanna walk t0 city hall but dun0 hw t0 walk..s0 end up take train again! =( den reach city hall went robinson for j0b interview..but dere damm mani ple l0rx..s0mem0re cant take leave de..s0 we end up nv g0 de interview..wasted our tym n $$$ sia =( den de pers0n ask us wanna t0 do admin w0rk nt...but we cant c0s we onli wan part tym job ma..she wan ple hu can w0rk for at least 3month..aiya,fate la..fate t0 be j0bless le la!! =( nvm,i shall enj0y tis break !!! =)

den we went BUGIS [i've beEn dere f0r de past2daes!]we decided t0 buy smt f0r j0j0 f0r her hse warmiNg n bdae..s0 we went sh0ppin at bugis juncti0n l0rx..saw XXX n XXX n XXX [cant sae thru here lahx =) ]... but we din buy 1st c0s to0 heavy lia0..s0 we wait lyk g0in hm den buy l0rx..

den went bugis st t0 fiNd my bag=) we walked ard bugis n sh0wed dem de bag i eyed pass few daes=) haha=) den mi saw de bag i lyk in de other sh0p n is cheaper!!haha=) den we asked de c0st 0f de bag n is 30bucks..den i ask "can 26bucks?" den de pers0n make a call[shdb her b0ss?]=) n sae "can" yippe!! x) thx t0 la0p0[dn]f0r tellin mi t0 tell de pers0n t0 sell 26bucks!haha=) i saved s0me $$$ =) den i b0ught it!!yeah!! finally b0ught it=) but tink i'll use it onli nxt yr wen sch starts? haha=) new de ma=) h0pe i'll take gd care 0f it la=) den i damm hungry s0 b0ught de fried chicky l0rx=) waited damm l0ng..la0p0s eat de p0pc0rn de s0 is faster.. den we find a place sit n eat lorx.. den la0p0s keep t0kin abt future while mi n yt eat n eat..but yt gt play her hp de car race lahx..s0 she din t0k l0rx.. n i dun0 y i eat damm sl0w larx..haha=) s0..aft eating went back juncti0n t0 buy pre l0rx.. i paid f0r everyting leh..s0 gd rgt? but 0f c0s dey muz pay mi back la..c0s i hv de card s0 i pay 1st l0rx.. =) den dey brin hm =) by de way de plastic bag fr de bag shop is damm cute!! i even asked f0r 0ne m0re f0r la0p0[zy]! haha =) den went hm l0rx..

nw watchin hua yang sha0 nian sha0 nu =)c0s wei xia0 pasta i watch finish le=) yippe =)
h0pe tmr wun rain c0s g0in sent0sa wif la0p0s rs n mel! h0pe it'll be fun =)

Monday, December 04, 2006

todae went out again=)went wn den went JE..reach JE den went bega c whether cy gt work nt..but nv c her..den mi n sis go walk walk...den went JE entertainment dere..c0s last tym my sis sae de ne0print sh0p nd ple..s0 went dere ask lo..but de pers0n sae muz at least 18 den can..s0 nvm lorx..realli realli n0 j0b le.. =( since in de shop mi n my sis t0ok ne0print lorx..c0s we c de backgr0und v nice=) haha =) den mi deco til v ahem**...s0mem0re wen print out den c one nv deco den i ask my sis..den she sae is mi nv deco..den i sae "reallli??? 6..s0 each mUz deco 3.." haha..s0 one of it is plain de lorx.. but had fun f0r de wh0le ting la=) den sis went t0 do project den mi head for bugis to mit my mama..den went bugis street to hunt for de ting i wan..den i saw damm of it is white n gold de puma bag cost 25bucks n de other bigger de cost 31.90bucks..i lyk de latter c0s bigger n nicer..i prefer bigger bag cos im big wad..haha=) but mama keep saying t00 big lyk wan go travellin..=( so end up nv buy again =( wanna buy leh..but last piece lia0=( hope can buy it s0on!! den went papa shop lorx..nw still at..haha=) tt's it ba=)

l0okin f0rward 6dec,wed de trip t0 sent0sa wif la0p0s n mel n rs!! h0pe wun rain =)

thur will go dental remove stitches... h0pe wun pain...

fri will c my darling pri sch fren=) miss dem..

h0pe we'll hv l0ts of fun=)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

yeah!! t0dae ate my taiwan fried chicken!!! =) went bugis n weNt bugis de QIJI f0r lunch..ate nasi lemak..nt bad=) nt $3.80..qutie exp la..c0s i no $$ ma =(den head t0wards OG..actualli s0me 0f de cl0ths nt bad la..haha =)s0mem0re gt 20% disc0unt =) but i din buy anyting..den went bugis street t0 buy my fried chicken =) haha =) den g0 walk walk 0s0 t0 hunt f0r my dream bag =) but de PUMA duno real or fake de..c0s $30+ onli..real de shdb mUch m0re exp de ba.. haha =)

den walk walk walk turn head saw a familar face..i saw XIUHUI!!she becum a sale gal..din gt t0 chat c0s my aunt din saw mi st0p n she jUz went ahead..s0 g0nna catch up wif her.. haha =) realli sry ^^ aft tt den went back t0 buy fried swEet p0tatoes n de bread n h0neydew jUice =) haha =) YUMMY x)while walkin back t0 de r0ad to OG ple kept pushing here n dere..hate tt idiot feel sia..den s0me0ne directli in front of mi step on my feet n v gt 0ff..den i damm angry n shout "0uch!!!~~~"" [nt v l0ud la] n give de pers0n a eyesight..den de person quickli gt rid of his leg n sae 'sry'... tt's wad he shd d0 lorx..nt i f0rce him..den damm sianx..

aunt went t0 de coffee sh0p drink c0ffee..den i sit dere n msg cy n la0p0[dn]..den a auntie ask ''ah gal,ur hp v nice leh..wadx de brand ar??" haha =)den i sae "ermx..let mi tink 1st..shdb panasonic vs3 ba..".. den she sae "newset de ar?" den i sae "n0 la..v old le =)" haha =)den aunt cont her sh0ppin in OG but i damm b0red..s0 i ended up sittiNg at de sell sh0es dere de sit n listen t0 my mp3 =) but nt m0re den 5min den n0 battery lia0.. =( den i sit dere n watch ple lo..haha =) den mama call mi fr JB but i din realise..den call dad n heard he sae mama will reach OG within we st0od outside n waited for more den half an hr... den i damm angry c0s i was carryin s0me heavy stuffs... den duno y i turn my head den saw my dad standin dere..haha =) w0nder if i nv spot him where will he go sia..haha=) den i ask y mama so long haven cum den he sae 50min haven tym up wad..den i sae " NT 10MIN MEH?!?!" DEN HE SAE "i sae 50min JB to bugis leh..where gt 10min so fast.." den i was lyk.... -.=

den we went back OG aft saw mama n i spotted myuk de one bag which is de shape n size i wan to buy..but cost $36..quite exp la..but gt 20% so is lyk ard 30bucks lo..den i tink here tink dere ended up nv buy =( nvm,i still hv plenty 0f tym t0 hunt f0r another bag =)den i ask papa to tune to 933 on de car but he sae "if i tune den dun give u 40bucks,if i dun tune den give u" den i sh0ut"ok ok dun tune =) i wan 40bucks!!!yippy i hv 40bucks for new bag le=)" haha =) n tt's y i ''earned" 40bucks t0dae =) haha=) den my papa sae cost i rareli ask $$ fr him so he give mi lorx.. den i sae "i shd ask for 60bucks rgt?haha" it's damm true i rareli gt $$$ fr him..c0s i always gt fr my mama ma=) haha=) so guai rgt?

well,long post again rgt? but goona stop here!cos i wan watch wei xiao pasta =) wanna finish it asap =) bye =)
**wish mi find my dream bag s0on=)**

Saturday, December 02, 2006

yippy! tmr g0in out wiF my aunt =) m0st pr0b g0in bugis =)den i can eat TAIWAN FRIED CHICKEN LE=) i've been waitin for tis dae damm l0ng k!tis wh0le wk onli tmr gt t0 g0 out!so ke lian rgt? but i haven pack finish th0se rubbish lo..c0s watching wei xiao pasta =) waitinG for ple to upload hua yang shao nian shao nu=) haha =) tmr i will eat n eat n eat =) but no $$ la..s0 dunn0 can buy anyting a nt =( s0mem0re im j0bless de..haix..anione wan mi?but every wk de s0medae cant =( cos i quite busy de ma =) nw i goin to chiong wei xiao pasta le =) yippy! while watchin feel lyk eatin pasta =( so mayb tmr go out nt onli eat taiwan fried chicken but oso pasta =) hee ^^

Friday, December 01, 2006

these few daes trap at hm!!damm boring!! c0s extracted wisd0m teeth ma.. mUz still at hm =( cant eat much=( HUNGRY!! I WANNA EAT DE TAIWAN FRIED CHICKEN!! haha x) i've tinkin abt tt f0r days le!!these few daes stay at hm walk youtube =) wei xiao pasta n hua yang shao nian shao nu nice!!haha =) tt's y i've been sittiNg in front de c0m de com wh0le dae watchin dem!! haha =)


I WANNA EAT N EAT N EAT N EAT [**but dun wan fat =) ]

wanna pack th0se rubbish dese few daes de..but decided to watch wei xiao pasta n hua yang shao nian shao nu since my br0 nt at hm =)i shall cont pack wen he retUrn! =)
haha =) back to my wei xiao pasta le =)
bye =)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

**pic for trip t0 vivo city n farewell party =)**

wah..face start swellin le..w0nder tmr can g0 0ut wif xq n la0p0 [dn n zy] nt.. =( perhaps i realli hv t0 stay at hm f0r one wk since i hv one wk mc ... =( ltr goin t0 pack again..t0o mani rubbish liao.. SHE de yi yan wan nian damm nice =) haha =) i'm l0okin f0rward f0r doe on 6dec wif xq,mel,la0po [zy n dn] =) rs still duno goin nt..h0pe by den i can open my m0uth big big n t0k l0ud l0ud =) haha =) ytd received a letter f0r de apply of merit bursary de..sad tis yr drop so much =( but at least still hv $$ la..but is half lesser =( but gt $$ v gd le la =) nw mi still remain jobless=( todae la0p0s[zy n dn] went t0 find j0b tgt..w0nder hw tings g0in on.. haix.. s0me0ne pls employ mi ba!! nw is full tym slacker..mayb slack for a month den muz start studi again..=( haix..

*pic fr gradnite =)...*

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

todae woke up at 11.34am.. damm in de more i slp de more tire am i..weird sia..haha=) drank milo for breakfast n porridge for lunch..but porridge was damm little..cos nt hungry at all.. =) decided to do some packin t0dae=) t0o much rubbish in cupb0ard's tym t0 clear dem!!

well,decided to sae smt abt extraction ytd la=) haha =)[*as some of u mgt interested..if no den nvm lo*] gotta take off everyting n wear de cloths dey give..den waited damm long..nd take out glasses den lie on de bed..den..
doc:"do u smoke?"
mi:"no la"
doc:" dun scare la.i wun tell ur mama de."
doc:"do u eat drug?"
mi:"no la"
doc:"dun scare la.i wun tell ur mama de."
doc:"hv u ever pregnant?"
mi:"hey,no la"
doc:"dun scare la.i wun tell ur mama de."
doc:"wan any music ma?"
mi:"nvm,dun nd"
doc:"free one la" n he on de radio... -.=

den he tried to inject de injection thrice but asked a specialist lo..she one tym den can liao..den mi scare scare lo..n listen de music... my hands damm cold..haha=) den ltr wad happen cant rmb liao..den suddenli wake up still lyin on de doc ask mi open mouth bigger so i open bigger lo..can feel wad de doc dgn but nt pain..so0n finish den change to de other bed..den lied on nurse ask mi slp but duno y v awake..end up listen mp3 lo..haha =) de tongue n lower lips damm numb lo..till ytd late nite den ok.. so,my dear fren,it wun b pain since dere's an injection..numb numb so wun pain pain =) haha =)
den mi gottna remove de stitches on 7dec..where mi hv gatherin wif pri sh ended up changin de gatherin on 8dec..sry pri fren=) n thx =) haha =)
gottna stay at hm these few daes..cant eat much but hv strength=) lol.. but face may swell la..haha =)

back to packin le=) bye =)

Monday, November 27, 2006

t0dae shall update my bl0g le=) haha =)
on sat[25nov] morning went t0 Je t0 make ezlink card wif zy..but i was late..haha=) den we went queue was damm long..we waited quite long..miss de place sia..c0s abt 4yrs nv go dere liao..haha=) mi din brin enough cash to make de card..den i borrowed fr la0p0[zy] $19 den up she no $$..haha=) but we tw0 t0tal up hv enough $$ la..den we mit xq n la0p0[dn] at 11den change to 11.30pm..den mi n la0p0[zy]went popular den we t0ok de train to bb den back to je again!!haha =) den ltr dey cum n we went to viv0 city was damm hot lo..n de place was damm big..all de shops nice..but t0o exp liao...went adidas shp n xq f0nd on a lime grEen bag n she wanna her bro to buy for her as a bdae cost abt $49.90..haha=)n we walk n walk n walk lorx..n we t0ok mani ph0to!!haha=) mayb can den upload nw if nt nxttym ba=)haha =) den we weNt t0 farewell party lor..but we were late..haha=)even though de farewell was quite simple n we played musical chair n duno de name for de other game..mani mosquito bite mi =( nw still itchy =( den we t0ok phot0 again lo..haha=)den reach hm br0 sae de happy feet de soft toy give mi!! =) damm happi =) but ltr he realise de day b4 was my sis's bdae so end up de happi feet was my sis de..but my sis sae nvm can give mi=) haha =) it was CUTE!!
by de way, a big thx to my JUNIORS =)N A BIG SUPER THX TO MY LA0PO-DN =) de bottle is damm cute lorx =)she muz be spendin lots of tym in it!!l0ve her=) haha =) den de juniors give de ''goodies bag'' was damm cute t0o..inside gt de f0reva frenship bear de keychain=) it's cute n i love it lo =)de letter oso damm nice drawing is nice =)haha =) dey shd write down de names in de msg dey left for de juniors...thx junior=) i love de stuffs =)

den 26nov stay at hm lor..

todae 27nov went to extract wisdom teeth..4wisdom teeth costs $720 lo..todae woke up at 7.00+ to eat lo..haha=) one big bowl of noodle n cup of milo..den no eatin n drinkin aft 8.30am..mi damm thirsty n hungry process of extraction dunnd sae alredy liao..haha =) but aft extraction lower lip n tongue damm numb..cant speak at all lo..gotta still at hm these fews de way de doc tried 4 times den can inject lo =( cos de vein on my hand t0o small liao..haha=) den end up tw0 d0c help mi inject..haha =) nw hv bruise liao..haha =)

wah..duno y cant upload some of de photo=( so i goin to upload realli little post=) haha =)

Friday, November 24, 2006

tmr will be sjab farewell party..w0nder hw i will be lyk..
tmr's planning:m0rning g0 make new ezlink wif my la0p0 da ren den mit xq n la0p0 [dn] n mayb rs[still duno goin nt] t0 viv0 city b4 g0 farewell!! it's been damm l0ng we g0 0ut tgt!!miss de daes!!hw i wish i still sec2!well,cant turn back de clock =( i'll miss dem f0r sure! scare cant gt into jjc..cos cutting pt exceeded 14..i gt 15 for prelim..shit..i dun wan to be al0ne=( h0pe jjc wan mi..pls wan mi k! haix.. t0dae is de onli dae aft 0s i stay at hm!!slp till 11+ or 12+ =) den use com de whole dae..change for choices f0r 2month c0ures.. c0s i wanted t0 go jjc badli.. haix.. pls grant my wish of gting into jjc! =(

Thursday, November 23, 2006

well.. juz nw went wm..shan bought a new hp!!well,it seems tt i more excited tt her!!as if it was mine!! lol .. i love de hp sia!!

well..thx yt for sendin mi de photo we t0ok on gradnite!my stupid cam s0 nt c00perative on tt day..blur blur one =( haha
well..alm0st everydae g0 0ut aft 0s!! s0 g0nna p0st smt abt de ''past'' =) but will be v summarize la!!

sat[18nov] went t0 jur0ngpt in de m0rning wif la0p0-dn f0r xq n la0p0-zy's pre!t0ok s0metym t0 find de pre..we din hv a pr0per lunch n we ate lao zhen ji[duno hw to spell!] mi ate yam pie n crab nugget while la0p0-dn ate currypuff n smt gt prawn?aft tt went JE f0r j0b pay was damm low!! $3 per hr? s0mem0re bk pr0m0ter! gt de j0b but ended up we [mi laop0-zy laop0-dn yt n cs-la0 sai] reject de j0b!!den went t0 but la0p0-dn sh0es n went imm walk a while!tt's de end of sat!

den sundae[19nov-happi bdae xiaoqing!] went to jb to search for shoes-i onli hv slippers!but ended up din buy cos dun hv my size!!mine 39 lah..la0p0-dn sure cant go dere buy cos her feet bigger den mine!! =X haha =)

den m0ndae[20nov] went JE for j0b again!but it was a j0b agence instead..aft tt went back to de shop which la0p0-dn bought her shoes c0s i 0s0 goin to buy!! aft tt we [ mi yt la0p0-[dn n zy] went to mit cy n went bugis t0 buy la0p0-zy clothes for gradnite!we spent quite little tym to buy sia!zy bought a black skirt den de halter n small jacket were paid by others as present!!tt's gd isnt it?den la0sai say metro gt job den ask us go orchard for interview..we went dere..but muz sign a 3month contract..mi sure take lots of leave cos extractin wisdom teeth n goin msia..n i plan to work for a month onli i din n de rest oso laosai dunno y angry lo.. nvm..i shall nt care..but by de way we r nt timid cos we duntink it's gd t0 sign de 3month contract n onli work for a month..somemore de pay seems high but wasnt tt high..aft dgn de calculation lyk onli $3+ per hr lo..fine....

den tues[21nov]went sch for de jc ting den went outram park for dental!ate laksa 3tyms per dae!!shan wan go shop aft her exam which is 7pm so i acc her lo..went jp..bought a cloth =)haha =) mi bought her a cloth oso k!haha =)back hm at 10+!

den wed [22nov-happi bdae la0p0 da ren{zhenyiNg)!!] stayed at hm till 5+ cos gradnite ma..nth to do at hm sia!!so while waitin for tym to pass use com stranger tok to mi but i gt gd hor?but i was busy so i onli say ''hi'' n ''bye''!! haha =) den mit hl lo..we took taxi to sch n it cost $5.90!!tt's exp rgt?cos peak hr ma..haha=) den we seems to reach sch too earli liao!!den went blk g to wait for de rest!pl wear till damm SEXY!!N pris l0ok so diff fr sch's my opinion la!we went to canteen to wait for cy[bad gal!!=devil x) ] den 0ne teacher came n ''scold'' us..askin us to go up hall n de gradnite will start within one min!last dae still wan scold...fine lo..but we waited damm long for it to start it was damm borin at de start lo..but we took photo ltr n lyk goin end den more fun..=) we to0k s0me fun photo in front of general office cos hv ball00ns=) haha=) it was fun!! den walk hm wif la0po-dn!leg pain+ scare heel stuck in btw de drain!!haha=) by de way de decoration on de wall in de hall make mi realise hw dirty de wall is lo..mgt as well dun put better!!ytd xq look damm cute!! haha =)

den todae[23nov] out again..nw in dad's shop..haha=) duno wad to do ltr..but ltr muz apply 2month course!!but duno dad's shop de printer can use nt!!if cant hv to go hm make!! haha =)

tt's it ba!!wad a long post..wonder anione will read lo..haha =)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

waiting f0r gradnite... lol -.=
so spend my tym findin de blogskin.. n tis is wad i f0und!! haha =) hv t0 be quick c0s nt much tym left!!s0 tis is juz a quick post l0rx!! haha =)

Friday, November 17, 2006

yippy!! 0s FINALLY FINSH!!congrate every0ne!! i g0nna be crazy s0on le ba =)Todae last dae of 0s but de stupid idi0t hist0ry was damm hard!!i c seq once de paper qn were so..idiot..0pen m0uth big big..dun0 hw t0 d0 ALL!!! den sbq was nt better..onli hv 3 source... his g0nna die tgt wif ss=( haix..well well well..st0p tinkin th0se!!0s 0ver s0 muz l0ok ahead ma!! but de resuLt lyk hv t0 wait damm l0ng l0rx!! =( gonna change bl0gskin..laop0 [dn] n yi lan la jiao sae cant c de wh0le bl0g..i shall change de skin.. =) im l0okin f0rward t0 g0 out wif all my fren!!but.. will i g0 find w0rk? but will anione wan mi in de 1st place? haha =) well..c 1st ba =) gong goin end s0on~!!will miss it f0r sure..but it end juz de dae b4 gradnite!!s0 im happi c0s if it end ltr i will miss it!!haha =) gradnite duno buyin cloth nt..haix..w0nder wad de 0thers will wear casual...haix.. well..gonna stop bloggin n search for blogskin!! bye =)

Friday, November 10, 2006

todae mit 1.40pm at sch wif yt n laopo [zy]..but 1.25pm jiu went 0ut 0f hse c0s de sky black black..while walkin heard s0me0ne call mi.. it was my la0p0 [dn] =) den we went to sch tgt =) **im nt al0ne =)** al0ng de way saw a plant on de wall..i find it funni s0 laugh lo..but my la0po[dn] dun find it funni..c0s she din gt t0 see de plant.. -.-" nvm,she saw it on de way hm le=) on de way laugh laugh laugh den we hard t0 tok sia..stamina damm bad sia..t0o l0ng nv pe?but pe always sit d0wn n had fun wif my chili family =)well,back to todae..wen reach sch,mani ple reach liao..but we'r nt late of cos..c0s we a guai stuDent =)we had a hard tym l0okin f0r table c0s mani ple + we r l0okin f0r a place tt hv fan n light [**our sch is a budget sch..nt all lights r on lorx ]..den we sit..n duno y laugh lyk mad..haha =) it's funni x) den start t0 flip thru notes again..but laop0 [zy] n yt haven reach..dey were LATE for 1.40pm de mitin..haha=) in fact is yt late lahx.. den t0ok yt's paper c lo..but end up din c much cos laop0[dn] sae we shdnt l0ok c0s goin start exam s0on..haha =) de rain was damm heavy table kana s0me water on it..nvm..but de wind was str0ng t0o..but luckily nth flew away fr my desk =) de paper intially i tok it was ok..but was la..fine..haha =) i mean.. it wasn't tt gd anym0re.. well,dun l0ok backward.. l0ok f0rward..tink t0o much 0s0 n0 use lia0 ..still hv 7 more papers t0 fight 0n =)den i shall be crazy =) haha =)
jiay0u !!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

8 more daes.. 8 more papers.. emath p2,amath p1,phy p1,phy p2,amath p2,chem p1,chem p2,his.. tt's it.. =)
im be FREE by den !! yippY!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

ytd was 1st written paper..emath p1 n btw hv 3+ h0urs de break..siaNx l0rx..damm h0t... n laopo [dn] tie hair den so hair..n her lahx..haha =) chengyeE oso hv tie..den lyk dey hv sae b4 wan tie tgt..haha=) but laopo[dn]sae din..haha =)aft emath p1 damm hungry..but we 11.50am den eat..po0r yt v hungry but eat sl0west..haha=)i s0 kind wait f0r her..haha =)mayb nxt tym hv such a l0ng break i shall brin mp3..if nt damm sianx..haha=)emath was 0k..but s0me qn i dun0 lahx..haha.. =) for ss.. merger,n0rthern ireland n welfare state came 0ut..lucky merger 0ut..c0s tt's de cpt i ''l0ve'' de m0st!! =) haha..BUT every part b is ask is blar blar blar wr0ng... well, i find it rgt..den duno wad to write for wrong...nvm.. =( sbq nv hard.. nvm..pass le jiu dun care le..muz l0ok ahead le.. tmr ENG..die..BETTER PASS N AT LEAST B4 HOR?!!?!hope can..but scare..cos my eng damm bad..den thur bio fri emath p2..tis wk seEms more relax den nxt wk sia..shd make 0pposite lorx..haha.. =) gtg n studi le..shdnt cum n blog in de 1st place..cos it shows tt im slackin =X PLS STOP SLACKING!! =x

Thursday, November 02, 2006

i'll be MUGGING these wks..WUN UPDATE OFTEN =) GDLUCK EVERY0NE!! **but i'll still watch G0NG ba!!** haha =)
if u ever visit my bl0g, PLS TAG MI =) so i'll n0e u miss mi=) lol...
back t0 mugggggg.. bye!!

m0ndae is de begiNning!!better buck up!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

t0dae earli bl0g s0 ltr can studi..s0 guai rgt?haha=)but i realli din studi much s0 far..haix..h0pe can gt wad i wan n de jc i wan!!mi wan t0 be same jc as my sec n pri sch fren!!!BINBIN,U G0T T0 JIAY0U LE!!!!but 0nce i w0ke up i use c0m f0r tis bl0g!!c0s my la0p0[dn] sae she cant see de stuFf on de rgt side..s0 i make n make lorx=)but tt was ytd nite de stuff le=X but t0dae i gt try t0 ''ref0rmate'' it t0 put de ''chilli family'' n ''kim s0on zu'' ting!! =)s0 la0p0[dn] u can see le ma??my sis n fren sae can lehx... =) mi ytd den received yixin's [kim liu s0on] invitati0n card!!it was s0 niceli d0ne n damm CUTE!!yixin hardw0rkin is still as neat as bef0re!!**envy** de pig is CUTE n de CARD IS CUTE!!haha =) i l0ve receivin n 0penin letter sent by frens [ nt fines or bill!!!!],duno gt wad feElin..haha =)

ytd de ph0ne cd nt call c0s 0ne 0f de rm din hang pr0perli-.-" BUT..ytd aftern0on onli my mama at hm den she onli use de ph0ne at living rm..s0mem0re she can use de ph0ne at abt 2+..means de ph0ne tt wasnt hung pr0perli was hung pr0perli earlier..but n00ne at hm lehx..s0mem0re mi haven reach hm ma..den hu press de ph0ne den??weird rgt?scary lehx..s0mem0re is my rm de..but currentli im usin my br0 rm c0s he's in camp ma..s0 onli wk end hv t0 g0 back my 0wn's gd tt de ph0ne wasnt sp0lit 0r wad..haha=)

well..mi gtg's tym t0 be guai le!!haha =) but in fact aft bl0ggin i wun start studi!!c0s i haven check mails n blar blar!! haha =) bye =)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

t0dae had my CHEM was 0k la..nt v hard [even th0ugh s0me ans r wr0ng n s0me dun0 hw t0 d0]..but 0berall it's ok ba...finished abt 20-25min earlier den duno shd d0 wad..den start washin de equipments..den t0k tt i shd test f0r GAS since i din test f0r any earlier...but i dun0 which 0ne t0 test..s0 end up ani hw pick 0ne test den on bunser burner..but nt l0ng den 5sec i switch 0ff -.-" c0s i duntink dere's ani gas in it..haha=)lucky n0 graph,if nt i dun0 is curve or str line...n no indicator is nded=)haha =) my tiltrati0n readin was 26.0cm cube..same as lynette..den our ans f0r 1st qn end up exactly!!haha=)but s0me ple de ple is 25.7..haix.. wadever..guo le jiu 4gt abt it le!!change d0 aniting nw wad..haha=) but de anion i wr0te i0dide for R but it supp0se f0r S!! grr... fine...but la0p0[dn] t0ld mi tt sshe hear mrs chew sae dunnd test f0r gas n her readin was 26.0!! lynette,we r safe =)heard tt de teacheRs fr 0ther sch v strict..check attire til damm hair,socks n wad so ever..s0 scary..h0pe i wun kana caught..mayb cut or pin my fringe? haix...

den went t0 ava rm for quar..but as usual we went t0 de t0ilet..den v funni l0rx..nt fan bian sae here..haha x)den went crazy again lorx..but mi ANGRY BEC0S 0F TT CHICKEN SAI L0RX!!acbc...feel lyk kickin him sia!!MR SAI,WE R N0 L0NGER GD FREN K!?!?!mi dun wan t0 be same class wif s0me1 tt pr0v0ke mi..s0..jc better STAY AWAY FR MI!!!den 0f c0s i speak t0o l0ud la..but i dun care..haha=) cant ctrl la..den i sh0uted at mr sai of cos..BUT HE SEEMS T0 BE NT LEARNING HIS LESSON!!IF U DUN LYK G0NG 0R WADEVER,JUZ KEEP QUIET..i dun nd ur c0mment's nt funni..well,i shall nt waste my tym arguing wif tt chicken!!!im DAMM ANGRY WIF TT CHICKEN!! todae hurt my la0p0[dn] again,,grab her hand t0 harsh..den she pain pain..sry^^ every wk ''bulli'' u..haha=) but u fit s0 nv injury badli..haha =) thx f0r nt angry=) but t0dae mark n tyfin nv take 0rder t0 buy f0od..s0 my laop0[dn] end up no panda t0 eat!!s0 ke lian..but we 0s0 nv eat lahx..den see yt's paper f0r th0se i duno hw t0 d0 de..but i end up nv d0 ani new hmwk t0dae.. =( aft quar mi laopo[zy] yt n pam went t0 de c0ffee sh0p near de sch eat..mi n pam 0rder tissue prata..we waited for abt 30MIN l0rx..den lynette 0s0 0rder tissue prata..s0 we end up waiting for de prata while 0thers eatin lorx..pam initialli use fork n spoon eat de but v difficult s0 end up she j0inin mi use hand eat=) but lynette still v si wen use fork n spoon to eat but de table hv many pieces 0f prata!!haha x) lynette is s0 funni..haha =)

den we went back laopo[dn] cs still haven ask finish..n dey were lyk askin for1hr+..den we waited for abt10-15min..but it was already3.15pm n ms chong hv t0 leave at 3.30pm...s0 onli pam gt t0 ask ms ch0ng qn n mi yt n la0p0[zy]..s0 ke lian 0r?..din gt t0 ask a single qn..but nvm la..s0me 0f it was s0lve by yt=) n de weather was damm bad sch became damm dark n seems t0 be at nite l0rx..realli...lyk sj camp tt tym..haha=)den wen3.30,de rain lighter n walk hm n bath n use com!!haha..den juz nw mama den realise i bought a new white watch!!haha=)n she guess it c0st $15!!haha=) but it cost onli $5 =) mi waition f0r GONG!!mr sai,pls dun sae animore!!wad can u do if i sae I LOVE YUL N G0NG? haha x)lala..aftern00n tt rain s0 sky black black n de thuder white white..den i tried call hm but engage engage n engage..den realise n0b0dy use de ph0ne at hm..s0 my hse ph0ne was sp0lit?.. lol -.-" h0pe nt..h0pe is we nv hang pr0perli.. -.-"

nxt wk will be 0s le..da jia yi qi jiayou w0rx!!! haha =)
gdluck =)
brin all de stuffs [ ic entrypr0of ] needed!! =)
**m0ndae paper is emath p1 n ss!!! **

Monday, October 30, 2006

t0dae g0nna jiay0u n studi f0r chem pract!!bi0 n phy pract die twice s0 better dun let mi die de 3rd tym!!so i shall studi!! nxt wk 0n will be t0ugh..g0nna studi n studi..n shdb unable t0 update le!!haha.. studi cum 1st k..but if u c mi online or blog,means im slackin n nt hardworkin lehx..s0 pray hard i wun t0uch de ''on''buttom of de com n start usin de com!!pls st0p mi fr usin c0m!!hu hv gd ways t0 prevent 0ne fr using c0m???..nxt wk will be 0s n i haven t0uch ani sci lehx..s0 disapp0inted 0f myself!!!but i cant sto0 slackking lehx..y huh???...

well,dere's n0thing t0 bl0g much lehx..ytd manage t0 finish DHS amath p1 n emath temasek p1 n read finish ss sec3=)finalli read finish sec3 ss de le!!but my revisi0n lyk damm sl0w rgt??cant believe 0s is juz nxt wk n im sittin rgt in front of de c0m..well,i will try t0 ctrl myself de =)but i dun realli rmb wad i hd read l0rx..=( t0dae will b studi chem n watch G0NG =)realli nice=) de s0ng ''perhaps l0ve'' is damm nice 0s0!!tt's y i change my bl0gskin c0s tis one hv de s0ng=) muackx!! but i prefer de pink skin=) but tis 0s0 nt bad c0s is G0NG=) hahahaha =)w0nder nxt wk on will i still stick in fr0nt de tv wen de needle 0f de cl0ck strike at 7pm!!...h0pe i wun..but i tink i will =X haha=)i l0ve G0NG N YUL =)


caijinG is cUte=)

tat's SWEET X)

even th0ugh i L0VE YUL,but i prefer CAIJING WIF SHIN


Sunday, October 29, 2006

ytd bro at hm s0 cant use c0m..but todae his G0NE s0 im here =) haha =)
ytd din d0 much ting l0rx..0nli d0ne 1 emath paper2..planned to finish 1amath n 1cpt of ss but end up watchin de tv de wh0le's bad of mi!!s0 i shall b determine todae to finish at least 1amath n 1cpt of ss t0dae!!N TRY T0 START ON CHEM PRACT =) haha =) quite little lahx..but im a slacker s0 tt's c0nsider mani f0r mi le!! =)
hw i wish 0s will end s00n but i dun wan it t0 start at de 1st place..c0s im nt prepare..started ss onli lorx..s0 slack.. but no md lehx.. sianx..s0mem0re s0 mani math lorx..can do til die f0r mi lorx..whereas some ple lyk zy n yt shdb finish most le ba..mi still struggling..
by de way,mr sai cs,pls link mi..if nt tues dere will be a sh0w k?mr sai sae he will dance ^^ haha =) s0 better link mi hor... =)
muz g0 n be guai gal n d0 hmwk le... h0pe m0ndae will arrive s0on c0s i wanna watch G0NG!!!nice nice =)

gdluck every0ne f0r 0s=)


Friday, October 27, 2006

t0dae im damm guai c0s i wake up 0nce de alarm rang=) haha =) finalli din 0verslept=)but saw cs's msg telling mi tt merger n venice is nt de last yr f0r tis yr!!ya..but venice is MGT BE LAST YR!!s0 nxt yr mayb still hv lahx..but MERGER...i THOUGHT I HEARD IT'S LAS YR FOR TIS YR!!BUT I WAS WRONG!! =x Ssry lahx..tym to dig my ears le!! cs n yt heard ms siew say that de 2 chapters will take out, but when take out still dunno!!! haha =) sry sry sry^^ haha =) finalli understand wadx cs t0k liao!! =X

ytd nite read finsh ss cpt2 merger=) finalli read smt le!!tat's guai of mi =) but while readin dere's small insect flew into de rm..I HATE INSECT!!so..i wanted to call my papa kill it 0r t0 chase it away lahx..but my kind sis sae since it's behavin n nt flying abt..let it be l0rx..s0 i let it 0ff n c0n't my ss..but ltr it started t0 fly abt den we sh0ut f0r papa!! haha =) but it was g0ngg0ng tt came t0 our rescue!!haha =) p0or insect..but i warned it nt t0 misbehave if nt it g0nna t0 die!!haha =) BAD INSECT DUN LISTEN TO MI LA..nw go heaven liao... =X im cruel..rgt? haha =X so DUN PROVOKE MI K?mi dun wan t0 be s0 vi0lent de..s0 DUN F0RCE MI =)

well, plan to finish c0ral amath p1 t0dae=) but onli d0ne3qn so far-.-" but i d0ne BPGH emath p1 todae=) yippy=)at least done smt t0dae le=) but hope i can quickli d0 amath l0rx..c0s still gt 6sch de amath nt done!!yt shdb finishin le ba!!keep askin mi hw to do where mi onli d0ne 1 paper -.-" ytd went west mall aft 0ur meals den we t0ok pic=) nt pic 0f 0ur 0wn but th0se cute s0ft t0ys =) cart0ons r CUTE!!haha =)

cant wait f0r exam t0 be 0ver sia!!in h0lidae md le!!damm it!!i shdnt hv tis md!! mi!!.....abt 9 more days will be 0s!!jiay0u ba every0ne!!dun disapp0int ani0ne w0rx=) haha =) i shd g0 studi le =)BUT!! mi shall watch 1st epi of G0NG since i miss it f0r de first 45min!!haha =) muz watch nw if nt i will 4gt de=X haha =) shall wait till 7pm again t0 watch G0NG!!! I L0VE YUL!!!!!MUACKXXXX =x

bye =)
rmb tues is CHEM PRACT!!! X)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

even th0ugh t0dae hv phy pract, mi ytd still can slp well=)t0dae wake up t0o earli liao..5.50am? den hv l0t 0f tym t0 sl0w sl0w d0 stuffs =) but earli is better den late lahx x)den end up papa drive mi t0 sch t0o earli den mi went up t0 de gym.. den mi c de gym lyk n0 sign 0f 4e1 or 4e2 de ren..den walk walk walk saw zhi wei at de staircase dere sitting.. she lyk damm relax lehx..nv studi phy sia.. (~*0*~) den mdm kh0ng went up de stairs wif a mask n she asked us t0 g0 d0wn t0 parade sq c0s we r nt supp0se t0 be at de gym!! pls l0rx.. we r SUPP0SE t0 in de gym k.. but nvm..we went d0wn den zhi wei ask de teacher lorx..duno wad trail f0r avian flu [duno spell rgt nt..]..s0mem0re is f0r SEC1 ONLI! s0 0nli sec1 will sick n nt de rest? lol -.-" jiansheng den b0rrow my hp t0 call chengyee c0s dey suppose t0 mit at 6.50 but js went up de bus himself -.-" haha.. luckily chengyee nv late sia =) haha =) den we proceed to gym n wait n wait n wait.. while waitin we de guai students 0f c0s d0 last min studi lahx =X den we ask mr l0h we shd make de cal 3sf or follow de smallest dp [lyk 3dp x 4dp den ans shdb in 3dp]..den mr loh sae eg a [by ruler] x b [veni. capal.] divide by c [ mircro.] ..blar blar..den lynette sae mr loh nd to write d0wn de a x b divide by c -.-" i tink she thought tt was a f0rmula ba !! haha x) lynette s0 cute sia!! haha =) [lyn,if u read tis pls thx mi=) ]

de phy pract wasnt gd for mi lorx.. i prefer prelim de...for mi much more easier qn 1 i dun understand de 2nd method lorx.. n i oso duno hw to plan de exp..den qn 2 it suppose to be a STRAIGHT LINE but i drew a CUVRE.. x( sad die n phy oso die le..chem better dun die if nt i realli die le =( wad i 0ways l0ok f0rward f0r pract is quartine =) haha =) c0s i wd went crazy but dgn my hmwk 0s0 lahx..haha x) but most tym is spend on playin? haha x)changsheng,yanting,zhenying n de rest went forward to ask ms siew smt abt ss den ltr a crowd appear behind dem..mi is in de crowd la..but mi gt b0ok ms siew oso ma=) den end up mi hv to wait lorx..well..nvm cos we still gt to ask ms siew abt ss lahx.. we gave her de 6seq hmwk den she onli marked4 of it..s0mem0re 1 of de qn mi onli gt 2 marks f0r writing2 pg?'s de c0ntent tt c0unts n nt de no of words... todae den realise VENICE N MERGER is de last yr being f0r 0s le!!!but venice is mos pro onli la=) haha =) duno venice 0r merger whether will 0ut f0r 0s nt lehx..c0s venice last yr came 0ut liao..but merger mayb ma..even it's out f0r's miss siew say de..

den we went crazy in de ava rm..t0k lyk sh0ut den ne s0re pain pain.. haha=) den mi violent kick huiling den u angry f0r a while..sry lehx..i din mean it de!! dun angry k? haha=) den mark n tyfin bought pandan n dere's n0 ch0c0 flav0ur den end up hl end straberry de which she duntink is nice..but!!! it's nice k..straberry flav0ur is nice!!! den tyfin n mark gave us l0ts 0f m0nster n0odle..s0mem0re it's FREE!!den we duno y lahx..c0s s0 mani lo..s0mem0re we din pay..but ltr tyfin ask f0r de dun0 wad ting in de m0nster mee..s0 he hv m0tive de..haha x)den mi back t0 normal n start dgn math..but s0me 0f dem still playin [hl js cy n jx]...mi a guai student k=) evident =) haha =) but ltr went crazy thr0win de paper ball at yt =) haha =) we 0s0 playin kan zha0!!haha =) onli js n yt will c00rdinate wif mi lorx=) haha x) if n0 yt n01 pei mi play le!!haha =) zy duno y dun wan play sia..s0 fun l0rx..haha =) wanna ask ms chong math but she hv meetin den end up went westmall kopitam eat...laugh laugh laugh..w0nder we can laugh till when c0s sec sch 0ver!! haha...

tat's it l0rx=) hahahaha =)
rmb chem pract is on 31oct[tues] !!! rmb brin ic n entrypr0of n calculat0r =)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

sry nw den update!! c0s sUndae mi went 0ut til late nite but i WANTED T0 UPDATE DE!! BUT..guesss wad? my c0m kana virus.. den mi tis c0m idi0t duno hw den i scare cant use c0m if nt c0m gt pr0b den it will b my fault!! s0 i juz switch 0ff it!! haha.. den wait till nw mi den use.. lol ... pls laugh al0ng wif mi =) nt laugh at mi =)
huiling laugh at mi wif i ask her wad de virus will do..will it steal password or $$ or wad.. den she sae i sae de virus lyk human..haha =) tis proved tt im a c0m can fight wif mi 0ver it lehx? x)

i noe huilinG miss mi n wanted mi to update my blog x) so mi hv a l0ng post todae =)hey danai,rmb to tag mi before leaving okiex?? haha x)

well.. sundae is a relax dae c0s i went 0ut =) din t0uch hmwk at all =X w0ke up 7am[papa kept ask mi wake up!!] den went 0ut at ard 9am?i shd wake up ltr if i noe so late den go out lo!! den we weNt t0 eat breakfast=)gt bread noodle blar blar blar.. n went t0 papa's sh0p..al0ng de way we saw tt BIG FAT WHITE CAT slpin outside a shop.. tt cat v lucky leh.. lyk gt ple wash n feed it..all it nd to do is slp de whole day lo!! unlyk us lorx.. rmb lasttym i saw it once lyin flat on de fl0or slping juz lyk human!!i tink it's nt a normal cat but a.. g0dness cat? haha.. den went msia f0r a while [ for an hour?].. b0ught cheese cake n 0ta bread =) yummy =)actually tt dae shan[my sis] wanted t0 d0 hmwk in papa's sh0p de..but mi request f0r her t0 shop wif mi in bugis =) she agreed =) s0 aft finishin 0ur lunch at dun0 wad place, we went SH0PPIN!!! de m0tive 0f g0ing out tt dae was to go temple to pray de..den mi nearli 4gt due t0 de excitement f0r sh0ppin=) 0f c0s i went dere t0 pray f0r 0s la.. nt 0nli mine but f0r every0ne i noe hu is takin 0s n Ns=) im s0 kind rgt? haha x) den i qiu qian..unbelievable qian is same as last yr de.. haha =) aniwae its a average gd l0t =) s0 im relieved=)den in de temple my mama n sis chat wif an old auntie hu is sufferin fr duno wad illness.. s0 ke lian.. haix.. nw muz keep fit sia..haha =)

den SHOPPIN START!! mi n shan went to bugis street=) she hunt f0r her sh0es n i juz l0ok ard.. we g0nna mit mama at 4.30 den i kept rushin her to l0ok her stuff faster c0s it was lyk abt 4.15..den we walk walk walk den i saw a white digital watch.. $5 onli alarm,stopwatch date n of cos tym la..s0 i bought it lo =) hee^^ finalli mi bought someting le=) den de person c0rrect de tym to 3.30..den i told him de tym shdb 4.30..den he sae is 3.30..den i t0ok out my hp n realise..ya 3.30..s0 i juz nw c wr0ng liao -.-" nvm..den we con't shoppin lo=) haha =) den mit mama n aunt in OG..we bought some personal items n my aunt bought a gif for my small cousin =) [de baby gal is nt even a month!! but i cant go to her man yue celebration at msia c0s i hc 0s!! argg....]baby's stuffs r cute sia!! small n cute lorx!!haha =) i wanted to buy sch bag de..but mama ask mi use my sis de..fine..nvm lo.. haix..
den we went to papa's shop..n tt big fat white cat is still slpin lo!! but tis tym round it was slping on a white chair placed at de center of de c0rrid0r!!de c0rridor is damm busy n it was slpin dere lo.. wad a lucky cat sia... den ltr we went to eat again =) o0ps..i 4gt where we went to eat liao.. haha x) nvm de la.. =) tt's end of programme 0f sindae...

den's a studyin day..mi din study fact i do emath..n read thru his ws [ since ans sheet is given,i shall nt do=)] n do bio ws [ mi nv do secti0n b de..bad hor?] ..n mi wait f0r 7pm for my GONG =) haha =) yanting so cute lo..called mi juz to ask mi whether gt gong nt cos channel 8 de 7pm show start liao.. den i told her.. ''it;s nt even 7pm lo'' den gong start on channel u liao..haha x)mi packed my bag for thur cos scare 4gt brin ic n entryproof den yanting ask mi to take exam on tues..den i told her i dun mind if she's de examiner=) haha. yanting is so cute rgt?

den tuesdae..mi oso v fuhua amath p1 n p2[ b4 prelim ms chong gave de] =) tt's my 1st amath paper for de past few daes.. =X cos mi focus on emath wad..haha x) tt paper nt v diff ba..but still gt blanks of cos =X den waited for 7pm for GONG again!! haha =) yul g00ng is mine k..tiff n zhenying n dawn pls dun take him away fr rmi!! ytd mi oso wanted to do another bio ws but wen wanto do realise de ans was printed for us!! =) yippy!! dunnd do juz nd to read =) i tink mr tam noe we wun do he mgt juz as well print out for us =) haha =) den i search for my phy bk den hope hv md to studi it..but i fall end up nv studi ytd... yanting is a dodo bird..dododo do until sick liao..s0 let's dun b a dodo bird k?

den wed..which is todae..i planned t0 wake up at 8.55am..but mi wake up at nearli 11am?or late 10am ba... haix..den studi phy guai of mi sia..haha.. s0 scare tmr de phy prac sia!! i want to pass my PHYSIC!!! HOPE WILL B EASY LO!! better dun end up lyk bio where de stuFfs r nt given n we started late n damm c0nfusin lo..cant gt gd result f0r bio liao..yet mi still hope depend on it f0r R5!! so..god pls ensure tmr's phy will be easy k..if nt is EVERYONE will understand n noe hw to do!! haha =)nw still stuggling for phy..hope jc dunnd liao!! n mi will wait for GONG again=) haha.. =)

wad a long post rgt?soorie lehx...
mi try to update if i can =)
jiayou f0r tmr's phy pract!!! x)
rmb brin ic n entryproof!!! x)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

thx t0 every0ne tt had link mi =)
well, t0dae is a b0rin dae lehx.. n0thing mucH t0 sae abt neh..
wanted t0 wake up 9am tis morninG end up slpin til 10+ -.-"
nvm,tt's quite earli in fact c0s i wake up at 11 de eariest usualli? =X
plan t0 d0 3 emath p2 todae..nw finished 2 le x) yippy!!0ne more t0 g0 =) but i nv d0 graph la,c0s n0 grapg paper liao.. so i be happi 0r sad lehx?.. haha x)
s0 far onli start math n a bit of chem le..sl0w rgt? cant help it lehx,i hv n0 md lorx =(

t0dae n0 sh0w watch=( hw i wish m0ndae arrive s00n s0 i can watch G0NG!! X)i l0ve g0ng =) YUL G0NG IS MINE!! X)y muz gong2 cant ple sia..i prefer nw de leh!!c0s gt my YUL GONG ma =)oh no,im realli addicted t0 it!! (*0*)but nvm la,take it as a resting tym? well,tt's an excuse lo-.-"

t0dae will be dgn math de wh0le dae ba.. wad a b0ring dae rgt? 0r shd i sae im t0o guai? but mi haven start any damm revision lo.. s0 sad =( 0s lyk juz 16days away? scary neh!!s0mem0re mi haven start =( hu can help mi add oil lehx?!?! mi nd oiL urgentli!! BUT NT FAT PLS!! im fat enough=( wanto lose weight but i cant resist th0se yummy nice f0od!!
=0, nw is diNner tym le!! yiPPy!! tym t0 eat le!! bye bye =)

Friday, October 20, 2006

hi pEeps =) tis is my first bl0g =) made it jUz f0r fUn =) wahaha xD de bl0gskin is nicex =) [f0r mi lahx] thx de designer!! hee^^ but mi sure lazy lazy wun update frequently de=) by de way my eNglish v lan..s0 dUn blaMe mi iF anyting wr0ng wif de p0st leh...i wUn h0ld any resp0nsiblE f0r it de =D hee =)i n0e n0tiNg abt it s0...ya.. so dUn blaMe mi f0r any ting wr0Ng h0r=)pls link mi ba =) hee ^^

sec sCh liFe nw is fUll stop lia0..miss all my frens =( haix.. h0pe 0ur frenship will last 4eva... muz keEp in contact h0r!!! 0s mUz jiay0u n h0pe t0 c my frEn g0 t0 theiR dreAm scH =)

studi n studi~!!!tt's b0ring....n0 ch0ice.. =(
0s cUmin
hv t0 stUdi!!iF nt waste f0ur yrs in hiLlgr0ve lia0!!
but at leaSt i gt t0 n0e many ple =)
haha x)

t0dae weNt t0 pjc de 0pen hse..tink we[mi yt zy hl] weNt dere t0o earli le ba,den all de ple dere all pjc de ren.. den we walk here n dere w/0 noeing where t0 go -.-'
den we weNt t0 de caNteEn t0ilet n w0ndeR iF wE can usE it nt [c0s scare is f0r de canteEn ple use ]de t0ilet quite cleaN [as c0mpared t0 0ur sch de]!! but wE fUss 0ver de toileT papEr tt's is placed 0utside de toilet c0s is bu fan biaN ma.. n den we went t0 find a beNch n sit in de caNteEn n start t0 driNk de gReeN tea n zy driNk de NeWater.. den yt n hl c0mplaiN tt de drimk make dem st0mach pain -.-'' bUt nt f0r mi,weird rgt? haha x) aft tt we wanDer agaiN while waitiNg f0r de academic tok which will start fr 2pm..n we saw Jasmine n de rest at 3rd fl0or n we at 1st fl0or?wave n hi to dem =)den we f0und de t0k place but de d0or was cl0se n we dun0 if de t0k had started nt n we sit 0utside-.- den we finalli decided t0 take a l0ok =) n realise de t0k oreadi start laio!! but nvm,we were nt t0o late ba x)
den aft de t0k we wander again lo.. weNt t0 de 2nd fl0or t0 watch de perf0rmers t0 perf0rm at 1st fl0or.. de chinEse dramma wad lyk ahem...
watch QUITE A FEW 0f my frens dere [sjab de] but dey nv sEe mi n we nt hi..ya..s0 sad.. rareli can see each 0ther bUt still din gt t0 hi..but tiNk dey nv seE mi ba...haha x)
den we weNt hm at abt 4.25pm c0s hl hv tuitioN ltr on..al0ng de way t0 bus st0p,we saw a swimminG p0ol in HDB area..eVen th0ugh it was l0cked,we still weNt t0 take a's de water f0undatain tt caught hl's eyes ba! =) n we t0ok 190 back t0 cck bus interchange... mi n zy was dammm hungry but hl was lyk rushin for tuition so we nv g0 buy f0od eat..s0 kind 0f us rgt? al0ng de way hm is damm quiet..we nv t0k c0s n00ne start topic -.-
n mi went t0 buy newspaper f0r mama n bought a freshly baked ham n cheeSe bread x) yummy!!tt's nice=)
tink g0nna st0p here..c0s wanna catch G0NG!! x)
it's a nice sh0w =) cant st0p watchin!!i gt addicted!!
i l0ve yul g0ng!!he's cute =) haha =)

pls tag b4 leaving h0r x)