Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hello Humans!

Last week was indeed my "recess week"!

I've enjoyed myself pretty much and got the "recess week" I deserve since I spent the actual recess week clearing another module! Yet, it is hard to get back to study mood! D:

Basically the previous week was like birthday celebration week! Besides xiaoqing's 21st on 13th Nov, we celebrated xq and zy's birthday on 19th as well! And yes, i celebrated my sister's birthday on 20th! HAHA.

P.S. This post shall be mainly photos! So you don't have to read too much of my lousy ang mor! HAHA(:

So yay! Xq's 21st celebration! Isn't the cake chio? It's similar to my sister's 21st cake cos ahem, xq showed the photo of my sis's cake to the person! HAHA. Of course there're some differences lah. AND I LOVE THE CANDLES SURROUNDING THE CAKE! MAD CHIO! :D

Fellow Hillgrovians! Don't really know them but we "know" each other! HAHA.

So well, it's the first time for me to attend my friend's 21st birthday party and to help out! So HL and I was quite excited! HAHA(: So we were assigned to tie up the balloons! Glad that they didn't ask us to blow the balloon cos the balloons would be small and ugly! HAHA. Oh ya! XQ introduced me to her friends by saying I'm her tall friend! HAHA, well, they were waiting for my arrival to put up the stuff! LOL. And I sort of heard one of them say "she's very tall!!"!
Anyway, we had fun tying up the balloons! There was division of labor- HL doing the tying and I'm the one choosing the colour! HAHA. Being so efficient, we have spare time to cam-whore and that explain why there are some many balloon series photos! HAHA(: The photos are pretty and have been uploaded to FB! Too bad some [in fact, most] of the photos are blur! D:

After completing our task, we heard a voice saying that we were taking too long! So we headed down with the balloons and continue with the help out! (: This is the birthday girl and HL!

And of course me and her! (: The "jeannette 21st" is damn nice right? HAHA, I paste it up there! (:

BFFs! :D

Photographer Ho, Birthday girl KE, Photographer Bay.

The Ke family! First time to see her brothers and maybe her dad? HAHA.


Her poly friends!

Of course must post more photos of us right? HAHA :D

Hillgrovians. Her upper sec classmates. A bunch of friendly, zi-high people! HAHA(:
So yay, my camera was signalling to me that it's going to die but it tried its best to hold its last breath! HAHA! So after the guests left, and left some guests, HL and I took some rest and sat outside the Chalet to chat! Nice chatting huh! After that was clearing up, which took pretty fast, and we washed up! We didn't sleep the whole night cos we have task to do! I tried to finish up the few pages of my readings which nothing much being absorbed cos the rest were talking about something funny etc! Then we started doing zy's birthday card! HAHA. DAMN FUNNY! you know i know so i shalln't disclose here! anyway the card is decent and nice what! HAHA.
We wanted to see sun-rise. But too bad, it was drizzling! D: So we back to Chalet and slept for 2 hours! (: Good that xq's parents came over to fetch her and her super-ultra lots and heavy stuff! :D Headed for brunch with HL and 3 of xq's friends! The guys are damn crappy and indecisive! So HL and I pretty much enjoyed ourselves for this event huh!

We celebrated xq's actual birthday and another november baby-Zhen Ying's birthday! (:
All who attended! HAHA(: Another CHIO PHOTO OF THE DAY! lol.
I'm so sorry xq for making you carry the heavy lappy! But I didn't predict you'll go shopping and have to carry so many stuff! HAHA. But thanks for not scolding me huh! HAHA.

Happy birthday girls! (:

The chocolate one is nice!

xq and yt! poor yt left behind her thumbdrive in school library! Luckily it was still there when she got back! :D
ex-gombakers! (:

me and zy! :D


yt says that spect makes our face looks bigger or rounder! So we have to remove spect when take photo! SO CUTE RGT?(: But i thought it's the opposite? HAHA. anyway xw loves to kajiao me whenever i take photo sia!

Okay, let's see. Does spect really make my face bigger? I don't think so leh!

HAHA, xq making fun of my display picture! LOL,我竟然还不要脸的说“那个人人赞美咧!"

This woman huh, haix! HAHAH:D

Simple card and practical present from me hl xq yt pam cs! :D

Okay that's the end! we laugh a lot that day! Though it may not be well-planned, hopefully everyone enjoyed yay! We'll meet up soon! I'm so going to marina barrage! HAHA
Shall update on my sister's birthday celebration in the next post!
School is like ending soon and exam seems like coming yet i'm not doing much. HBB, what have you been doing? FB? Blog? read xiaxue's blog? okay, must be day-dreaming then. LOL
bin. (:

Monday, November 15, 2010

like I said, 人真的是不知足的动物.

Human is indeed contradictory.

Okay, I shall let the optimistic-me dominate my mind. Well, I got a B for my astronomy quiz! I really don't know whether I'm happy or disappointed! This time round I don't know what's the average grade, B doesn't seem to satisfy me much, with many people getting As etc. Moreover, it's 30% weightage of the final grade and I'm aiming for an A for this module. This means i really have to pia for my final exam to get an A+ in order to get an overall A. It's difficult BUT it's possible. YES, just read those freaking interesting notes and understand the whole universe! Okay don't need know the whole universe la. LOL. Anyway good for Adele! She didn't really study for it and she got an A-! :D It's good! Perhaps she got start awake in lecture? HAHA, i shall try to open my eyes bigger and try to be attentive!

Anyway today's recorded presentation sucks. Besides being late, the freaking headphone comes with a spolit microphone! And I only realise it after I finish my presentation. it's like WTE. Somemore the professor was about to chase me away since the batch for next slot is coming in. So I told my tutor about it and I got to record it within 15minutes D: Phew that he allowed me to do it again, if not GG. Anyway it's damn weird. I got to stare down into my notes while presenting, so actually can't see my eyes! As in will only see my eyelids. LOL. And I can't bother much, just wanted to finish it and off I go for meeting which I late for 30minutes.

It's good to declare that I've only left 1 project! :D

This photo not bad right? (: if all the troubles like bubble then good, burst and gone! LOL.

Anyway I had great weekend last week! Shall blog about it soon! :D

And, I'm going to enjoy another "weekend" for Tues and wed since i've no class on Tues and wed is holiday! Shall rest and slack today and hopefully my engine will work tomorrow! (:

Music therapy is great. Looking through the photos taken over the weekend is even greater!:D


p.s. I think i'm getting greedier.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hello Humans!

I always thought the week after recess week is the most hectic week. But well, this week is pretty busy too! 3memos, 1midterm test, essay submission, e-learnings.

yay, 2 down this week, 2 more (1presentation and 1project) to go! And since previous weeks were spend on rushing assignments, my readings suffer and I damn hell lot to catch up! Not so many excuse for not reading now! X:

Anyway, this week got back the 3 previous tests! I'm pretty happy with my result! :D Even though I got below average for one of the stupid soci mod, I was appearing so happy that my friend say I shouldn't be so happy when I'm like below average! HAHA, I was happy cos I didn't fail the paper which there is high possibility I will.

Yesterday, we got to know our result for CS100 (comm studies) and whee, 36/45. I think I'm quite happy, though I'm thinking I could have done better! D: Anyway there's about the average so yay, okay!

And what makes me more happy today, of course not stupid astronomy, but my HS201 soci mod! I finally see a A- for my soci mod so far in my uni life! :D And out of the 3 questions, I managed to get A+ for one! I'm super happy okay! Although my 2 others questions got B and B-, the A+ alone can make me smile liao la!

And today's astronomy test, eh. I didn't really prepare much for that freaking 15mcqs which have 30% weightage. The notes just put me into sleep. It's been quite some time since i read n slp n read n slp n read n slp n read n slp. that's bad. Anyway, overall it seems okay. thought now i realize a few i got it wrong and there isn't much for me to score. Average score perhaps will make me happy!


i'm angry she's late lah! NAH JUST KIDDING! I'm so nice where will angry right? HAHA, but maybe I have some other stuff to do so, nevermind! So I brought her around the school and we had to find this ulu techno plaza to submit my stuff. Had lunch with yt before we "study". "study" wasn't productive for me, as usual, astro notes makes me so sleepy! somemore the wind keep blowing! OMG. D: and then hl crash my soci lecture! HAHA. so how was it hl? :D


and yes, this week coming to an end! Sat is coming! :D

shall go makan, then do memo, and if possible start preparing for mon's presentation stuff!

bean (:

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Hello Humans!

How was your long weekend? (:

I tried to be a good girl and stayed at home without stepping out of my house for three days!

This long weekend doesn't seems to be a relaxing one, as there're lots of things to be done- essay, memos, project, readings, elearning etc. After the coming weekdays I can enjoy my weekend with my laopos! (though I got to prepare for presentation on Monday) :D And bay is coming to my school on Wednesday and she's going to crash my lecture! HAHA. Hopefully she wouldn't distract me!

6 more days to xq's birthday! :D Can't wait for it! :D :D :D :D

Anyway, it's always nice to have some chatting and crapping! (:

My grandma very cute! She asked whether I'm studying cos study must read out loud one! But i was using lappy to do essay! so well, when i read through my incompleted essay, i did it so loudly that she woke up from her sleep X: I'm definitely not bully the old folks in my house! HAHA

About 39 days to freedom.


Thursday, November 04, 2010

Hello Humans.

It's good to receive good feedback! (:

I wonder how I presented during the last presentation! But somehow it's quite surprising to hear Adele and Eugene(one of my teammate) to comment that I look confident during the presentation! HAHA. He even tried to inspire me to speak confidently everyday cos it can change people's first impression of me! But well, that will be so tiring! And stupidly, he even sent me the article (a school newspaper) on him so as to inspire me -.-

Anyway, Valerie, Adele, wan xuan and I wasted our 4hours break yesterday! I just read a short paragraph of the readings and we were chatting! X: Well, Adele and wanxuan went for blood donation so not that bad. We had lots of laughter though we were supposed to be studying! Anyway we went to this reading room which actually is like a canteen-you can eat and discuss there! and it's 24hours! HAHA. Oh ya, wanxuan offered to lend me her liquid eyeliner cos i told her i only tried the pencil one and it's difficult to draw! LOL. and Valerie tried the mascara before we left for lecture! HAHA.

I got 42 days to freedom. It seems far yet not too far. :D

Have to do my essay on City Harvest Church again for part 2 which due in a week's time! Thanks Valerie and Adele for giving me some ideas! :D

and yes, my laopos are freed from exams le!