Saturday, August 30, 2008

RAH.i shd do those holiday assignment 1st instead of dgn those rev pack (din do inorganic yet). know shd hv done it long ago but no tym to do last tym lah! :/ my pace damm slow lah.RAH.

BERRIES R GD FOR BRAIN(if i din rmb wrongly). it's stated somewhere in a mag. tink it helps to slow down brain ageing or duno wad (oh man,i 4gt!). anw,it's gd lah! tink i nd to eat A LOT cos it's so obvious tt my brain nt working well lah.RAH. sweet potato is rich in vit A n grapes helps to prevent cancer!! so ple,EAT MORE OF THESE STUFF!!HAHA=) BUT im nt sure whether these r rgt cos i may rmb de wrong stuff. perhaps it's juz mixed up or worse,it's totally wrong.HAHA=)

well well,taggie replies:
-BEANBEAN~>pam: nah,i'll still maintain my loudness so u dunnd to worry :)) ermx,i dun wan pull my ears. can i pull urs?HEE:)
-BEANBEAN~>serene: i read ur blog! HAHA=) i doubt u'll gain any weight lah! u're SO SKINNY!!!! tink u gain 10kg also can!
-BEANBEAN~>lunfa : HAHA=) yes to a certain extend but there's nt much restriction fr my parents anyway.LOL.
-BEANBEAN~>huiling: u muz be dreaming!! dun slp too much lah,if nt duno wad reality n wadx dream!!HAHA=) how's blogging?LOL.

Friday, August 29, 2008

back fr shopping wif pam hl zy n YT! it's so amazing la!! cos zy n yt wear DRESS!!den mi hl n pam wear more casual but still ermx,nt so casual like shorts n tee!LOL. cos hl smsed yt to wear dress!! HAHA=) so this is de tym see yt wear dress! n we trg her to go shopping -.=" HAHA=) anw, she cute lah! went buy shoe den late! poor pam hv to walk in de rain cos she miss de bus n she was late. end up yt n zy much much more late!!HAHA=)

went marina sq etc. ate the cafe cartel which is having promotion. damm worth it lah! 9.50bucks hv soup + bread (freeflow but we 4gt) +drink + fish n chip + dessert!! LOVE IT man!! :)) by de way,hl thought muz wait to be seated so we stood them. but they were looking at de menu. but mi n zy n yt(i guess) waiting la,den inside those ple look at us.HAHA=) cos there gt a sign reading pls seat anywhere lah.HAHA=) so malu-.=" din buy anything cos im broke n my mama reminded mi nt to anyhow spent $$ wen she's aboard!HAHA=) saw many nice cloths n dress which is damm tempted to buy but of cos i wun. cos it's too exp lah!! nt uploadin de pics cos i haven upload them into com.HAHA=) n some nt wif mi.

anw,i want my fringe to grow longer asap!! i dun mind it will poke into my eyes SO PLS GROW FASTER!! anw my fringe rarely poke into my eyes despite it's length cos my spect will block it.HAHA=) chem prelim paper is ready. FLUNK FLUNK FLUNK.damm RAH can. goin back sch wif pam on wed. scare will 4gt sia :x

back to de quiet hse n bath etc den use com. hungry le so guess i'll stop here n it's 8.47pm so i shall go eat my dinner! HAHA=)

P.S.: it's so weird to be in a quiet hse.
my hse is so damm quiet now. left mi n my third sister at hm onli cos de rest of my family went overseas for abt 8days! n my sis working so im like hm alone, dun realli like cos it's TOO QUIET. for ple who called my hse b4 or wad shd noe wadx de normal vol my family member talk lah! hl said tt my hse gt ple quarrelling but we were juz talkin.. pray hard these few days all de monsters (lizards n xiao qiang) wun come out if nt i'll go crazy! to de monsters: shoo~ better gt out of my sight! if i see u u'll die immediately! dun let mi see so u at least can live for a few more days!!LOL.

they left at ard 3am to de airport,so mi n my sis wake up see them go out. din send them off cos de taxi nt enough seats for 8ple.HAHA=) so went back to slp lo. but duno y cant slp la! so i slp for abt 5hrs todae cos aft my sis went out for work den i wake up liao. did some tidying n de hse LOOKS neater! :)) but i din clean de hse cos i juz put de tings back in order -.="

goin out ltr,so pray hard tt de weather is fine!or at least dun rain :))

okay,tt's all ple! BYE :))

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


2nd post for de day!!

im done with smt on de to-do list n ms bay already noe liao!!HAHA=) okay,shall go move on to de nxt one!!

juz nw tok to huiling n pam. pam remind mi abt yanting.HAHA=) cos yanting said technology fair instead of IT fair which ple usually say.HAHA=)

rah,hl made mi so HUNGRY!! im so damm hungry n those pic make mi even more hungry!!i wan go eat them!!HAHA=)

okay,enough le!BYE=)

*jumping up n down screaming* :)

brought this bag to sch n they thought it's a NEW bag... BUT... it's old de la!!

de bag so kelian la,gt crack so i use scotch tape!HAHA =) anw it's still use-able so why throw rgt? LOL.

i muz say todae's chem p1 was de most chiam paper! most of us dun hv enough time sia. n wen ms lim sae 15min left i onli done like 15qns (out of 40) la,so i juz anyhow chiong sia :(( played badminton (FINALLY) after de paper. now hand pain leg pain sia.LOL. but it's fun n i still wan MORE!! :) went wm bought some stuff den hm sweet hm. tidy up my table onli n here i am cos bro's out so muz use com now.HAHA=)

some random pics: *clap clap*

my sis v sweet,save 1packet of cracker n sweet for me cos her fren bought them fr japan! :) de biscuit is nt bad lah, quite salty n similar to wanwan cracker! :))

de ONLI stuff i bought for myself during last malaysia trip (sarawak-miri). de earrings looks nice but it's so damm diffcult to wear! i still din manage to wear it!RAH.

*yum yum*

*class photo :) so exp la,2for 5bucks!somemore there's no names below! tt's y i wrote it down myself b4 i 4gt all the names!!by de way,s28 is having a class outing on fridae! but i'll hv to give it a miss! enjoy ple!! :)

ok ple,can u guess wad is this?..........

well well,IT'S A MARKER! lol,but it doesnt seems to be wad i want it to be! :( perhaps it's too fat bah. spent like an hr plus on it but it turn out to be.. nvm!. pam commented tt it looks like torch light -.=" oh, by de way,this is for mr azmi! jaime collecting all de "cards" to give azmi!

as i said,did some tidying jus now. so saw LETTERS fr my frens n some pics! nice n miss them!!:(* fr sj juniors
*these r all de letters my laopos (hl n zy) wrote to mi!! but i wrote more than this cos i hv to write to 2 of them!HAHA=)

*mi n eileen wen we sec3 :))

*mi n eileen :) pei her go cut hair n buy her sch bag!!HAHA=) yes,i rmb all these!LOL.

*we took 2neoprint on de same day cos de qty of de 1st one v lan :X

*eileen's handmade bdae card!!!MUACKS!!! :))

*we(eileen n mi) always write letter wif "top secret" during our pri sch days! actually i miss those days la!recess dun nd eat den can drink 1bottle of water den go play HIDE N SEEK!lol.

fr calista (my pri sch laogong!!):)) these days totally din contact wif her liao sia :((

*nice rgt? is not drawn by mi lah!!HAHA=) it's drawn by artist TAN YIXIN!! damm nice lah!it's exactly de same as my sch's basketball court(aka morning assembly ground). she drawn it during class( if i idn rmb wrongly) n she gave it to mi! so naughty la,nxt tym she cant sit beside window if nt she'll start drawing again!

*kim soon zu-->party gal. actually i duno where n how does all these names come fr!!'s done by yixin too:))

*oh,this is my pri6 bdae present fr yixin!so cute rgt? :))

*yifang (yixin's older sis) n mi! well,we were in de same pri sch but we duno each other. but of cos we noe de presence of each other lah!LOL. last tym always thought they're twins cos they born in de same yr! so... their mama v power!!HAHA=)

*this is smt fr peipei,my pri sch fren too!! so nice of her lah!she v random cos it's not bdae present or wad leh!so sweet of her! anw,lost contact liao! :(

ANYONE NDS PHYSIC BOOK? think it's rev bk/tys fr my bro! haha=) he was wonderin y i nv take his phy cos he duno i din take phy!LOL.phy vol 1
phy vol 2

okay,here's 11days of holiday (self proclaimed 2more days)
relax THEN work!!
BYE :))

Monday, August 25, 2008

* i wan another ESCAPE!!!*

Saturday, August 23, 2008

HELLO PLE, there's 4days left for 3prelim papers!! it's going to end SOON :) well, hv been countdown since de start of prelim la!HAHA=)n im pretty sure it's goin to end v fast! so damm excited cos i realli dun hv much md left for prelim n tt's super ultra like jus waiting for prelim to end so i can do those stuff i wan! :)

anw,ytd had chem p2 n econs p2. din finish both cos either duno or nt enough time :(( perhaps i nd to write much more faster nxt tym bah :( okay it's over n i shall nt talk abt it liao! de break btw chem n econs was like more than 4hrs. ate n studied n crapped wif pam. these days onli de 2 of us honeymoon cos anling rarely turn up. to our surprise,she came for econs p2 la! well,she din take econ p1 so i dun c de nd for her to come for p2 :X den in de morning b4 chem she haven turn up,so de guys said she's preparing for de olympic closing ceremony! SO BAD but IT'S SO FUNNY la!! so we keep laughing but end up she turn up so...... wanted to walk hm ytd de BUT mama ask mi buy wm n ntuc buy stuff. so din walk hm even i said okay to hl. but luckily rain so even if my mama din ask mi buy stuff we also wun walk hm!HAHA=) oh ya,laopo hl mayb will become other ple de laopo liao sia.HAHA=) yt shd noe wad im talking abt. n she may move back to gombak!HAHA=) okay okay,im juz kidding! so dun take it too serious ok? anw,congrates to ms bay! HAHA :) OOPS :X

din go yt's hse make sushi todae cos planned to study maths BUT i 11plus den wake up :( den jiu watch olympic n eat :x den use lappy , so haven start. RAH. juz know tt stat will take up 66% of maths p2! duno tt's a gd ting or bad ting cos my stat sux but pure maths nt much better :(

oh ya,lee jia wei din win bronze medal sia,quite expected cos de china guo yue is powerful! wang nan keep smiling no matter she win or lose a pt la. den my mama was like y this person keep smiling den de other no expression de.HAHA=) both zhang yining n wang nan v power la! HAHA=) i like feng tian wei! well, i mean she can play table tennis ( i nearly type badminton -.=) well. her score damm near to zhang yi ning's la!! if she gt into de bronze medal match tink will hv higher chance of winning sia :) but nvm,guess all de players gave their best le bah :) who will dun wan a olympic medal la!!HAHA=) well done!!

oh man,my to-do list (for aft prelim) is getting longer n longer!
(1)go shop shop even though i no $$
(2) go kbox if can
(3)clean up my hse if there's no monster(lizard,xiao qiang etc )
(4)change blogskin
(7)repair some of my stuff
(8)play badminton!
(9)out wif sis :)
(10) tidy up my files n cupboards
(11) etc

off to study maths!! shoo~

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

hello,im lack of discipline n tt's y im here :X wanted to update some pics but im using lappy even though my bro is nt in. COS HIS RM GT XIAO QIANG YTD'S NITE N IT GONE MISSING :( hopefully we'll find it's dead body somewhere in my bro's rm instead of it flying ard in my hse! n surprisingly i managed to on this lappy w/o realli rmbin de password!HAHA=) n i managed to connect de wireless :) okay tt's BAD in the sense tt i'll use lappy if my bro's in! so SD is indeed impt!HAHA=) 

oh ya, i was so bo liao de other dae cos my sis saw a lizard in de living rm. den we were like calculating de no. of lizard living in my blk (making de assumption tt there're 2lizards in every hsehold,tt makes up to 180lizards juz in 1 single blk!) den my sis sae there's more lizard in de whole world than de total human population.HAHA=) quite true i guess? as we noe lizard can break its tail,so im wonderin if they'll accidently break their heads or wad.HAHA.

realised my circle of frens realli is a SMALL circle. well, tt's excluding those hi-bye fren la. BUT it's realli gd enough to hv tt juz a few close fren :)) of cos i dun mind making NEW frens BUT im nt tt friendli lah. well,in de sense tt i wun make de first step.HAHA :) anw, it's more difficult to make more new fren nw. i can be crazy but depends who im with. but usually im a  v normal person la. okay,i mean im a normal person lah! DER~~!! nonetheless,im happy wif my circle of frens n i appreciate them a lot okay!!! :D

hv been thinking of some stuff sia :X like stuffs to be done aft prelims n A's! HAHA=) okay,i noe tt shd be done aft those exams but it's realli out of ctrl! IM SO DAMM EXCITED!! :) cant wait sia!HAHA=) nonetheless,i'll still try my best to FOCUS n stop thinkin of playing n stuff!:)

tried chem p3 at hm again n realised i chose de wrong qn! as in i din choose de one tt'll score more :( gt many ans wrong also lah :( doubt can pass tt paper.RAH.

wadx de purpose of studying so hard now? gt a gd paper of qualification to secure a gd job so can enjoy life? or to make us stress? well,it's impt to manage stress. indeed it's v impt. perhaps education can make us endure n manage our stress better? or make it worse? nonetheless,studying shdb easier than working i suppose? i nv work b4 for ur info.HAHA. anw, im studying for de sake for studying la. simply none of those subject interest mi anymore! n i dislike chem de most :X perhaps tt explains y i sux at it. but nvm,shall JUST DO IT :) juz a few more mths to stare into jc stuff so better make use of de time n treasure last few mths wif them!! afterall,it's smt tt everyone hv to experience rgt? a happy little kid who are enjoying his/her childhood will still grow up n face all these stuff too rgt? so it's impossible to remain HAPPY all de time bah.. u may call it cruel but tt's life :(

okay, guess this post is quite rubbish lah. no idea wad im blogging too. perhaps juz wanna exercise my fingers n take a break by stop looking at econs related stuff.HAHA :)

RAINBOW WILL ONLI APPEAR AFT DE RAIN. so do endure even though u're facing de heaviest storm to enjoy de raindow :)

oh shit,feel like watching olympic :X okay SDSM!!! BYE.

oh man,im so into de korea drama! :X

Monday, August 18, 2008

back fr todae's chem. totally no time to finish la :(( somemore i tink those parts i left out can help mi gain a few marks :(( okay, blame myself for not study finish :X din put in 100% effort to do well for prelim. well, it's like juz another paper. HAIX. of cos there's exam mood BUT... well well well... 9more days to FREEDOM :)) im goin to GO OUT!! :) i wanna play BADMINTON !! :) okay,im nt gd at it but feel like playing aft watching de badminton match on fri! HAHA=) laopo hl say im like a kid.
well,I MUZ ADMIT TT IM OLD :( these days my brain realli nt functioning well!! aunt told mi wad to buy n i wasnt able to recall wad to buy. on de train rmb is buy beehoon nt rice,den i suddenly thought tt i nd to buy newspaper which i juz bought -.=" ytd sis ask mi to tell mama abt tt shit (unknown shit) on de window twice yet i failed to do so cos i simply FORGET. wonder where's all my brain juice!!!

anw, MICHAEL PHELPS is damm powerful la!!! 8 GOLD medal in a single olympic game!! I tink de rest of de swimmers sianjipua la! can get silver or bronze jiu v happi liao.HAHA=)

SINGAPORE GOT SILVER MEDAL :)) tt's GOOD enough!!! china is indeed too powerful!! watched de match ytd instead of studying :X tink most ple did tt okay!! so im nt tt BAD :) OKAY,back to topic! WAN NAN fr china is realli damm powerful la!! even though at 1st c her bu shun yan but her skill realli made mi WOOT!!! :) nonetheless,spore did ok even though hmm.. i tink they can do much much more BETTER lei!! nvm,it's SUPER ULTRA GD liao! muz step by step can not too ganjiong.HAHA=) even though they're nt born in spore but they're still sporean,trained in spore etc,but wad most impt is they represent SINGAPORE! okay, in conclusion, IM HAPPY :)) it's silver olympic medal lei!!HAHA


Sunday, August 17, 2008



:) / :(

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

helllo ple :)) was checkin mail den come over here :X i tink teddy bear realli damm cute la. okay,random post...
anw, im nt sure whether de other party is a female or male... since there's no ribbon or wad to indicate.. but i tink de one covering her eyes is female :)) but of cos, can female-female too!! juz like how i give surprises to my laopo (**wonderin whether i've ever give surprises to them**) HAHA :))
ate dinner at yt's hse,damm nice okay! as i said,i onli eat yt's mama cook de vegetarian meat!! ( i guess so)

did some test n ya,IM CHILDISH! :)) im still a kid deep in my heart n of cos outside my heart! sounds weird..LOL.

BYE :))

Friday, August 01, 2008


finalli can use com aft so mani days la.HAHA=) cos this wk hv 4 tests. now's study break,soon prelim den A's!! sianjipua sia :((

ponned gp lect wif hl on tues. i so bad ask her pon :X walked hm tgt wif her since jeremiah jeremy n louis wanna go eat lunch. de weather was damm bad okay! :( guess walkin hm is de onli time tt i exercise sia! im so gd la,ask hl to join mi "ex".HAHA=)

took class photo on tues instead of wed cos mr azmi hv gd ties wif de cher.HAHA=) so we dun nd to wait damm long on wed since other classes taking on tt day.HAHA. chen yaan was damm funny la!! dun believe? pls refer to de photos! HAHA=) but hillgrove's phototakin session is much much much much much more better la!!gt pro ple arrange height ,take photo etc..much more better ok!! wed's dialogue was quite a sianx one since nth much.
look at chenyaan!! she's de one jumping la.HAHA
short tie

gp lesson on thurs v funny la. ms huang was telling us wad things to take note den she wrote some stuff on de board. eg "the children was..." . den yh funny la, he asked whether de sentence is correct. so everyone laughed la. but he still duno de sentence is wrong la. den he was lyk "so is was or is.." -.=" so funny rgt?HAHA=) finalli had 1 hr aft gp den jowell came over to ask whether he can sit wif us. of cos say can la,since he bought his food n there's like no seats in de canteen. but is lyk damm weird la,WHERE'S HIS FRENS?!?! den pam was lyk "who is he??".HAHA :) anw he's j1 eclub de la.he was in my grp during eclub camp. den aft we return our plates,he's still eatin but we leavin. den he sae his fren is juz de table behind -.=" den we were lyk Y STILL SIT WIF US?! den his fren hv those qnmarks on their faces la. so mi n pam hv bigger qn mark.n HAHA=) it's gd to hv a gd laugh b4 maths test la :)) maths test was a RAH. i duno how to do damm lots la. sort of expected liao. :( had econs lect aft maths test. v funny la,ms aw was telling us to draw a 5-6line diagram,then estee's onli hv 1 line!!1 LINE DIA!!damm funny la!!den i sae it's cute.HAHA=) den ms aw say we shdnt encourage each other fr dgn de wrong things.HAHA=) was damm sianx n tire la. but still walk hm wif jeremy n jeremiah. they crapped a lot la. i wasnt in much md to crap wif them.but jeremiah seems to be out of ctrl n keep laughin -.=" went to some nearby mama shop to buy newspaper instead of goin mrt station cos jeremy says there's newspaper selling in de mama shop. n TATA,there's no more newspaper.RAH. so walked to mrt to buy lo. jeremy was guilty cos our hse is juz so damm near yet cant go back. oh anw,there's new bakery shop at mrt station :)) YAY :))

ms wun is definity a GOOD TEACHER:)) she's damm funny can. had bio lesson fr 12-1.30 todae at lab1. den hv wireless mic so she walk ard wif it.HAHA=) aiya,duno how to sae. den de door kana closed due to strong wind,so she go close it n test whether de mic can be used outside de classrm.DAMM FUNNY!!haha :)) marked maths mock test.flunk but gt much more than i expect lei. walked hm todae wif hl,jeremy n usual crapped but todae wasnt so much in de md.perhaps too tire liao. i v nice keep talkin to hl n ignore de 2behind.HAHA=) den jeremiah keep making noise la! anw,hl damm funny! THX LAOPO FOR DE EXAM RATION PACK!! u noe i noe jiu ok liao!!HAHA=) den they were lyk acting like how we behave.RAH. SO DAMM FUNNY. ok,we realli like les BUT WE'RE NOT!! we're juz husband n wife!!HAHA.den hl suddenli sae wanna eat prata. of cos i dun mind so we go eat. we so nice,let 2J hv er ren shi jie.HAHA=)

BY2 :)) i tink they nt bad la. but seriously,they shd brush up their chi!!

anw,hl lose de bet la!! de "2songs" is de same! so is 1song! ms bay thought de verse n chorus is diff songs!! n finalli laopo zy prove her wrong!!HAHA=) anw yt zy n hl all say it's diff song la!hump.LOL. below is de song im refering la.HAHA=)

ok,bye. guess i wun be bloggin much this period!BYE :)

MUGGING IS SO DAMM FUN. u get wad i mean. :)