Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hello Humans.

I was thinking half the year 2011 have gone. It's time to do some reviewing and to look through the reviews that I hoped to achieve in year 2011.

Yup, cleared a few, some still in the process, and some are still working towards it.

Joined EN121 friends in the Startup@Singapore competition. It's good enough that we managed to get into semi-final. That's pretty good enough I think. At least we tried, and we managed to get something in return (:

Yes better GPA is obtained this semester. The process of getting better GPA will only end when I'm officially graduated. I'm aiming for a GPA of 4.24 to get a cGPA of 3.78. I believe that starting with a low GPA doesn't mean I'll get stuck of a low GPA forever. We have to work for what we want. I hope this mentality will stay with me till my University life ends man.

Was kind of disappointed the other time when we couldn't apply for INSTEP and it disturb me for quite some time. This time round I'm glad to say that I have a chance to apply. Shall do some research soon, one fine day when I feel free-er. Not only would I apply for INSTEP, I'll apply for GIP too (: I'm such a dependent person so I must go with someone whom I can trust and rely on. Yes yes you :D [I supposed you're a reader of my blog,PM!]

As for slimming, I think it will take forever. HAHA, so that shall be skipped.

Health have been so far so good. Think I didn't get sick so far, it's a good sign. Or should I say normal since I rarely fall sick? Choy touch wood, we shouldn't take good health for granted. Yes good health forever! :D


P.S.: Updates on Birthday and Sentosa + Out with adele Soon (:

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stars War

It was bad.

I Hate It.

I felt my heart pump damn fast. Not a good experience.

Got crashed.

My brain and fingers actually couldn't function proper when the time turn 1.29pm.

Why didn't I get HS319 and HS401. ARGHH. And stupid COM206, what you mean I'm not allowed to take?!

Wish me luck during add/drop period when school starts.

No love,
Irritated and angry Bean.

Stepping into adulthood

21st Birthday (27th June 2011)

Hello Humans.

I've officially enter adulthood.

What a coincident, my mum's lunar birthday actually falls on the same day as my angmor birthday! Good cos' we get to celebrate today! HAHA. My grandma was like "are you a Chinese or an Ang mor" when I took her that it was my Ang mor birthday! HAHA(: Then I answered I'm a Chinese who had Angmor education!

Anyway, actually we just had a simple lunch together at Mandarin Court.

It's "free" since my mum joined their membership! Of course we have to pay for the membership, but the benefits for member aren't really good, at least that's what we feel. Other hotels seems to be better! OOPS. And guess what, we actually brought the wrong voucher and the person actually wanted us to visit the restaurant again! Hello, we made all our way there liao leh. HAHA, luckily my mum managed to talk till the person allow us to bring the voucher back within the week! HAHA. Anyway the wine that we are holding is free too! Wine wine wine, maybe I should learn how to drink wine huh? HAHA.

Lotus Soup was the first dish that was served. Tastes not bad! I even ate the lotus which I don't usually eat! (: The baked fish was nice too! :D Smooth and not dry!

This is the third dish, 2 prawns and 2 slices of duck meat! I love prawn but seriously why must they add wasabi to the sauce for prawn. I dislike the taste.

Fourth dish: Mee suan! Just nice we get to eat mee suan on our birthday! :D To me it's a bit salty, but overall it's nice (:

And the manager gave us shou tao! :D Cos I mentioned to the manager that it was my mum birthday and we came here happily to celebrate and it wouldn't be nice for them to ask us use that stupid voucher next time when we made the trip down specially that day(since need to make reservation etc). Happy us ate the shou tao :D

Last dish of all is of course dessert: jelly! :D It tastes sour but nice! :D

Took some photos before we left the place! Initially we planned to have some shoppings since we have quite a few vouchers to be spent. But end up my mum went to my dad's shop and my sister came to accompany me! HAHA(:

Cam-whored in the toilet with shan before shopping!(: I bought a $29.90 Mango dress and Shan bought a $19.90 shorts at Uniqlo! Actually I wanted to spend my $100 Springfield voucher and I don't mind adding $40 to get both a dress and a top. But the salesperson said we can't use it for promotional item. What's worse is that they weren't sure whether we could use it since they don't usually see it! Hello, it specifically state PS outlet and usually don't see it means you saw it before! Angry am I, I flared at the person! HAH, neh just kidding. I was just using my angry tone. Got to rush off so the person suggested that they will get back to me after they checked with their supervisor. I'm not an unreasonable customer and I couldn't bear to make them pay for the $100 if the voucher is not supposed to be used. But hee, they called and said I can use the voucher to get that $99 dress. (:

Anyway, have you ever heard that in fact of celebrating your own birthday, maybe you should celebrate it for your mama who had a hard time giving birth to you?

Thanks mum (and of course dad) for giving birth to me. At age of 40, giving birth is definitely not an easy task. Perhaps my mum was trained since I'm the fifth child. Nevertheless, it was a hard time giving birth to me. I refused to come out. HAHA. And actually my dad thought that the fifth child is a boy cos naughty me sort of gave the wrong signal during the ultrasound scan.

Thanks for giving me a big and warm family. Though a big family may have many disputes and it can be damn noisy since all of us speak quite loudly (damn disturbing during exam period) but big family have its benefits too! The family get to save money by passing clothes, textbook, shoes and whatever down from the eldest child to the youngest child! That explains why my uniforms for Kindergarden, Primary school and JC are not really my size! Skirts were super short and blouse changed colour! HAHA, no choice, it's not that wise to waste money to buy a few sets of uniform for 1 or 2 years since I've no younger siblings to pass to. And actually I grow very fast, that's why I was almost my sisters' height even when I was young!

As the fifth child, I get to be doted by every single one. I don't know why but I seems to be the guai-est among all, and that explains why I'm being doted. My birthday seems to be the biggest in the family. Like there'll be cakes etc. HAHA, maybe I'm the first to have birthday since the rest are in July, October and November! (:

Thanks for giving me the best. Be it health, education or what. Thanks for the birdnest before final examinations. To be honest my parents aren't putting much pressure on us for our studies. Though they may have some hopes for us, like hoping us to get in Commonwealth/Swiss Cottage Secondary School which none of us did (I don't know why but they mentioned one of these schools before), they don't really matter if we could get Second Upper or Second Lower for Honors. It would be good for us just to graduate from University. Doesn't put much pressure does not mean no pressure. HAHA, somehow they do get disappointed at times. So, actually I'm the one who put pressure on myself for studies. I don't mind being stressed as I think it's sort of motivation. But overstressing is something I know I'll try to avoid if possible. Yet I don't think I've ever reach that stage yet.

I don't know why I seems to be the bubbly cheerful lame person to most. And perhaps people may presume that I or anyone who are bubble cheerful and lame should not feel emo or sad at times. I don't know but maybe I'm one of them. Humans have emotions, so I'll say cheerful people have the rights to emo too? HAHA. Of course emo emo jiu hao, emo should have its limited period and should not be too much. Okay I'm getting off topic.

For the past 21 years, I've been living a good life. I'm surrounded by nice people who love and cares about me, be it family or friends. I've maintain a good health overall and have achieve rather good academically. So far so good. Good is a subjective term, but in my life is good according to my dictionary.

Thanks for everything.


P.S.: Updates on Bean Creamy 21st and Holiday in Spore soon when I have the time (:

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hello Humans.

Life seems to be a little busy. I don't know why. I should be a ah zai but i've been out these days. So who say life without work is gonna to be free right? HAHA.

Out with mama and godma to JP on Monday.
Visited Seahorse to settle some stuff. It's quite a pity that despite giving them two chances they failed to deliver the bedside table in good condition! ): It's a nice-cushioned purple bedside table that both my sister and I love! Though we don't really need it, we still bought it! HAHA, not that we love to anyhow spend our money but we can donate the old one away. The first time it came with a corner of the top that is dented. The second time was with a missing leg. Though we can't do a refund, at least the person is willing to allow us to buy their stuff using that balance. Shopped around and I told my mum maybe I should learn how to wear heel! HAHA, not those will "gen" but those more stable ones like wedges or what do you call them? Tried a few pairs but got none cos what I eyeing aren't not that comfortable or there isn't my size. Had dinner at the outdoor coffeeshop. Well, not really outdoor cos it's like a shop on it's own with those nicer table and air-conditioned. The food weren't that delicious and the person keep making mistakes! Like we ordered for 2 bowls of noodles and 1 plate of rice. She gave 3 noodles and 1 rice. Then we don't like chicken breasts and made request upon order but all chicken breast. I don't want chilli but there's chili. My mama want mee they give gou tiao. Then bill also key wrong and give wrong change. HMM, luckily we are in good mood if not...

Went JB on Tuesday and tried curry fish head which is nice! I don't know where's the place so don't ask me. I didn't know Malaysian's style is got add cabbage in it! The curry is damn nice and make me damn full! HAHA. Basically didn't do much as usual. LOL

Surveyor Job
Went to TP for a surveyor training with HL, Adele and Val! (: First time there and tried their food! Miss cheap food in school! HAHA, trial surveying HL is quite funny for some questions! HAHA. and Adele so bad, use the LT's computer still say is me! Shake head! Visited SIM new building on Thursday! Not to go there visit only but to work! HAHA. The four of us decided to try the data entry! To be frank I seriously don't mind data entry job, for short period of time. I don't mind this kind of "boring" job but seriously the pay could have be more attractive! We are seriously underpaid due to our "slow speed". Had a great laugh with HL till my back pain, you tell me funny not! HAHA.

Kickboxing is making me aching! Hopefully some fats are burnt. LOL.

Shall try surveying tmr! Hopes it turn well!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lovely June with great people!

Hello Humans.

Finally have some time to update here. (:

Basically this is how I spent some of my days:

Gathering (Singing) with University friends on Wednesday[8th June]! (:
Starting from Left: Valerie, yours truly, Adele and YiLin

Met Adele at 10+ at Harbour front to send her hard-drive to hospital! It was a ulu place and we got to walk under the hot sun! Sat and crapped in the air-conditioned room while hard-disk is under operation!

Lunched at mac before heading to Chinatown to meet YiLin and we took quite some time to find $10 club! Val who was late reached shortly after us! HAHA. First time for me to sing quite a number of ang mor songs! Quite fun when we all sang together(: Dinner at People's park complex/market before heading home. Sole of sandals came off and I was damn sianjipua and worried that's a bad sign. LOL.

Honestly speaking, I didn't know what to expect for the result. I would really wish for good GPA to pull up my cGPA and to meet my target GPA of 4. Yet, finals were unpredictable and my estimated pre-final grades were far from the grades that I wished for most modules. Checked result after getting home. Saw cGPA 3.66 which is above expectation of 3.6. I was a cGPA 3.53 and the jump in figure did put me in some doubts. I was wondering how did I manged to get such improvement? Didn't I expect myself to do badly/not as good for some papers? To get a cGPA of 3.66 means B+ for each modules. I know probably some people will think "neh it's just 3.66". But to me that's good enough for the time being since it's within my goal. (: I don't expect a big jump which is unrealistic you see.

By the way Adele called me twice to inform me the update of cGPA and release of individual module's grade. Sorry that I might be a little rude by saying "why are you calling me" cos' we've said that we'll communicate through SMS/MSN. Paiseh that I sort of need time to "sort my feeling". HAHA, thanks girl for being the one who always update me regarding school issues! (:

I was surprised by my result:
HS302 A- (Which I "demanded" a B)
HS314 A (Which I was hoping for a A- or B+)
HS207 B+ (A paper which I had bad feeling cos I was totally blank)
COM204 B-
HP805 S
Term GPA: 4.13
Total AU Earned 19
cGPA: 3.66

I got my first A for Sociology and managed to pull up my 302 from C+ to A-[my second A- for Soci]! (: Of course for HP805 I was expecting S cos I confirm wouldn't fail. But all my Soci modules really surprised me! Pleasant surprise (: A A- in for HS302 probably mean that I got A or A+ so as to pull up my C+ (:The only wasted in this sem is COM204 cos my grade drop to B- D: Too bad I couldn't blame COM204 cos it's my lack of interest in it. And too bad my electives which are meant to pull up GPA in fact pull my GPA down. Anyway I was really happy for the result and glad that I was a mugger during the exam period. Yet I can feel the stress of achieving my targeted GPA of 4.24 for next sem so as to pull my cGPA to 3.78. It's actually possible to get 4.4! As in I calculated if I SUed my COM204 instead of HRM, which I think I'd probably get a B+, my GPA would be a 4.4! HAHA. But I don't intend to use any of my remaining SU of 9AUs if I were to minor in both Communication studies and Chinese. So being a mugger weeks before exam and staying away from FB does help in one way or another. Anyway, it's possible to improve and pull up GPA bit by bit! Jiayou people! <3

[I actually look back on my posts on how i felt for each modules,HAHA]

By the way I've applied partial exchange to NUS! (: Hopefully I can get it so that I can clear my COM mod with ease! But I've only a few friends in NUS who wouldn't be taking COM! D: Anyway I'll be considering overseas exchange soon! Really don't know where to go as in France would be somewhere great to visit. But if I were to go France instead of Taiwan early next year, I'll missed out the taiwan trip with my family (if there's any). Though this time round I can apply for INSTEP, it's quite a low GPA to apply for it. Shall think about this issue soon.

Pizza-hut-ed with Dad&Shan @ Nex before meeting up secondary school besties at Lot 1 [9th June]!(:
Ordered our favourite Sweet&spicy chicken drumlet which never fail to make me so happy! HAHA. Tried their seafood baked rice, "fried sotong" and chicken spaghetti wrapped in paper! Sorry that I don't know their proper names. HAHA. I don't like sotong, like rubber -.-The chicken spaghetti wrapped in paper was okay, but a bit pricey. D: A treat from me became a treat from Dad! HAHA (:

Met up with HL ZY YT Pam and CS at pasta mania for dinner. I was wondering what to eat since I had pizza, baked rice and spaghetti in the afternoon thus I ordered pasta. HAHA. Short and sweet dinner and continued to catch up with the girls at Mac(:

Kickboxing with Shan @ Orchard central [10th June] (:
Whee picked up something new this holiday-kickboxing! Well, we're only going for 5 lessons at a rate of $24 if I'm not wrong. It's damn tiring can! D: My whole arms (wrists+lower arms+upper arms), back and legs are aching! D: That was just after 1 hour of lesson! 4 more lessons to go! (: We were craving for some mee sua but the price increase to $3.80! So end up I bought subway instead! D: Planned timetable at Dad's shop and was doing up my goal-list! Guess I'll be taking 5 modules of 3 sociology modules and 2 minor modules-chinese and/or COM.

Science Centre with Laopos [11th June] (:
Thanks to bay and YT for donating blood, we get to go to Science Center after years. Oh I just recalled that my last trip to there wasn't in Hillgrove, but in JJC due to some biology thingy! HAHA. Had big breakfast at Mac before exploring the exhibition. We weren't very active like little kids who are curious of many things. We took photos and even sat for more than an hour to talk! Went IMM to have lunch and shopped in Daiso! Daiso is full of temptation, so many cute stuff! HAHA, I managed to resist and didn't spend a thing! But ahem, I'm thinking of going Daiso again someday with my sister! X:

HAHA, a long post. I'm lazy to split them into different entries. And probably I might not have the time to update them again. HAHA.

Have a great weekend.


Friday, June 03, 2011

out out outttt! :D

Hello Humans.

I keep thinking weekends are a few days away but actually it's just tomorrow!

HMMM, I think i'll be back to broke status very soon. I'm lazy but I'm not rich.

Out on Tuesday with ZY to town! I was so sorry that I was late for some valid reasons and dearest ZY didn't put it to heart! WHEE(: Shopping was great! I mean window shopping for me. HAHA, surprisingly I didn't get anything unlike ehem! HAHA. Enjoyed eating 小黑 at town and drinking free Starbucks drink + eating popcorns at Starbucks with ZY! :D

Out with Adele, Valerie and Wanxuan yesterday! Met Adele earlier and had some walk at Bugis before heading off to Clarke quay. Dinner at a Japanese restaurant at The Central! (: It's $15.30 in total, though not bad but it's rather salty! Oh ya but the egg was nice(: Had a walk along Singapore River with a cup of ice-cream while deciding where to go next! HAHA, we walked one big round cos we couldn't decide what to do next. It was just 7plus! So we headed to this pub and shared a jar of strawberry Margarita! Well, Valerie suggested this meet-up cos she remembered me saying that I've not drink/pub before! HAHA. So yes, I gave my first pubbing experience to them! Anyway it's $30+ per jar so still quite okay (: BUT the drink wasn't nice! D: I didn't like it even at the first sip. Had slightly more than a cup but I didn't finish it cos I started to feel my heart pumping! It's better to stop since I don't know when I'll get drunk. Anyway I didn't feel giddy or what but I just need toilet quite urgently to relief. LOL. Poor Wanxuan who drank 3/4 of her drinks vomited when we got to the toilet! But glad that she was okay after that (: Had "supper" after that at mac and chatted (: Oh ya, Valerie scared me when she said there's a group of gang looking at us when we leaving liang court! Night life is some-what scary. I think i'll prefer to stay at home at night and watch my 9pm drama next time. HAHA. But yay, it was a great try! :D At least pubbing is better than clubbing I guess :D Photos with adele once again. HAHA. Let's be patient and wait for her hard-disk to recover(:


P.S. The alcohol percentage of magarita is rather high! 20-30% for ours! o.o