Tuesday, May 29, 2007

well,t0dae s0 p0wer s active for 12 hours w/o f0od..l0l...

h0pe tmr's camp will be a great 0ne..details will be given nxt tym..

all de best t0 every0ne =)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

woot,ytd quite pr0ductive :D as in tried dgn chi wb..did almost de wh0le dae la..l0ads dun0 but ya,i juz anyhw ch00se n fill in de blanks =X den write wad hmwk t0 be d0ne..a l0t sia..RAH!!den start readin bi0 enzymes =) but fall aslp AFT finish readin =) well,gt a no of qn sia..WHY WHY WHY?!?! haha=) at least i did smt for 1st dae of h0li =) well, search my cupboard too.. i din throw any sec4 tb=) n a amaths nb n bio file=) yeah!!can do reference if nd =)

tried bio enzyme tut todae=) did th0se teach de le=) haha=) den c thri bi0 assignment..gt qn sia.."WHY WHY WHY?!?!" -.="den do nth MUCHle.. keep watchin tv=X

h0lidae gonna be busy sia.. well,gonna chi0ng for hmwk..h0pe i can chiong i mean..haha=)

by de way,my sis b0ught 1kg of nougat =) yeah!!i keep eatin it la..nw left abt half or 3/4 aft opening for 1dae..haha=) s0 damm nice la..

RAH!!hw i wish can upl0ad pics to my bl0g sia..but no tt ting..usb?wadeva it called..haha=) hate it sia..but my hp quite ok =) haha..is de usb's fault..rahrahrah..

it's gonna be a RAHRAHRAH HOILDAE :D

Friday, May 25, 2007

PW gr0up =)
mi n marianne =)

i miss o7s25 ple... rmb 1june gatherin!!! x)

superman fr BANNISTER :D




R0N0=everyting 0s0 DUN0 =X

yup,these r ph0t0s f0r sp0rts meet..these r fr yifang's bl0g cos i din use hp durin sp0rts meet...

t0dae is last dae of sch!!w0ot!! but de h0lidae md nt realii wif mi.. =( h0lidae is mean f0r relaxati0n but pile 0f hmwk la..n l0ads of activities!!RAH!!s0mem0re i nt sure gt wad hmwk la..everyting juz thr0wn t0 us la..hmmp... well,nd t0 check gt wad hwm s0on if nt l0nger will 4gt m0re =X

mon: happi c0s last wk of sch =) rain s0 nv g0 assembly..marianne sick s0 nv g0 sch!miss her tt dae!!well,did my duty al0ne..AS USUAL..i always d0 duty myself la..c0s 0thers nv g0 den 2ple fr my shift de quit..rAH!!nvm..i still can c0pe la..h0pe n0t much customers =X haha..tt's bad la..supp0se t0 h0pe more customers de merrier la..haha=) went for dental aft pw..put pink n purple aft much tinkin..l0l.. tink nxt tym will try grey--rec0mmended by yanxi..haha=)

tues:chi listenin compre practice..gt full mark=) if real tingy full mark jiu ha0!!haha=) but tt listenin nt realli hard..c0s is s0ft..=) pc we waited damm l0ng f0r nth la..de female cher cant d0 anyting t0 us c0s tt 0lder pc male cher sae we muz wait dere..WTH la... den is rainin la..den he sae rain cant run s0 wait...RAH!!waste our tym la..den rain st0p aft abt 30 min ltr den we hv t0 run 2r0unds la..rah..den aft dismiss mi n pam wan to re try nafa station..she try standin board jump..170++++ cm!!well d0ne!! i nv re try for tt c0s i n0e i sure cant d0 better de..but sit n reach i reach 39cm =) break my 0wn rec0rd..keep tellin de cher i wanna retake but he din care mi la..den i keep sh0uting " i WANNA RETAKE!!" but he nv hear..den pam n estee sae den he hear..RAH..den mi n stay back to c0unt de beat..lalala

wed: pw was a free period..used it t0 read chem..but end up listenin mp3..den anling suddenli sae nd ic or ezlink for spa..den i shock cos i din brin both..den damm panick la..haha=) den ask james he sae no..haha=) den sms mr azmi den he sae "no nd lahx"..haha=) den i damm relieve la..den ec0ns i damm w0rry la..den keep tinkin h0w h0W HOW?!?!haha=) den nv listen t0 wad cher sae n t0talli l0st..RAH!!but luckily is dunnd la =) chem spa was ok..as in nt lyk trial i s0 damm nerv0us til everyting hv t0 d0 more den once..nw once onli =) d0ne titrati0n quite fast c0s i n0e calculati0n will kill mi..n i hv full h0ur t0 do..haha=) tink change correct to wrong ans..RAH...den hv cca.. den eat chicken burger..1st eat jj de..nt bad=) haha=)

thur: had chi listenin compre..tis tym rather hard la..lalala..n0 pw s0 left sch earli..den went JE to help sis l0ok for shoes n buy stuffs..c de granolar bar [quaker] damm nice la!!10 bars $6.70..s0unds exp t0 mi..but lasttym g0 7-11 c it c0st 1.20buck per bar!!s0 it's rather aff0rdable s0 i b0ught it =) yeah!!nice man =) haha =) reach hm jiu quickli do gp n chi c0s nd studi for maths test n gp test..end up nv t0uch gp la..clearli n0 tym la.. weather s0 damm h0t la..

fri:last dae of sch!!! =) gt a cat walk pass my class durin moring assembly..den gt a cher makin ann0uncement n pt at s0mewhere out direction..den ple seems lyk l0okin at us..den we [ mi marianne cheryl pam shijie n jas] blur blur n w0rry la..c0s we dun0 wad he said n wad we d0ne la..haha=) den aft s0 discussi0n marainne n jas went up de grandstand ask..haha=) luckily he's nt p0intin at us =) *relieve* den go pc..run2r0unds..n0n st0p de..den jumpin jack we did 60s..den free pc..mi yq fy cy din play sit 1 side watch dem play..marianne n pam gt pe poach dere..den yq sae estee h0ld de ball v l0ng c0s she dun0 hu t0 pass to..haha=) n it's true la!! =X feel lyk playing but dun feel lyk playing due t0 de H0T WEATHER n de stress fr de tests..RAH!!maths test was horrible terriABL VEGETABLE la..i n0e n0ne..WTH la..de c0ncept mi start t0 n0e lia0 but dun0 y i dun0 hw t0 d0..RAH...den chi cher sae go china chem cher 0s0 nv go..but we'll hv xtra less0n..hw man...shd i still g0 china for 3wks when bio n chem cher nt goin?...gp we din take de test..s0me t0ok s0me din,,THX T0 ANLING..haha=) i realli nv t0uch de n0tes de dae b4 la..den we take it on tues[2nd wk of june] dentake aft content test..duntink i hv much tym to read since i'll be g0in msia aft my eclub camp..lalala.. we[ mi pam marianne anling jon cheryl shujie] r suppose to do 3 articles within an hr in de lib n hand in to her..we juz crap thru la..haha=) n i haven finish de last article..=X hack care la..lalala..she shd rest at hm instead of goin sch la..den had bi0 less0n for enzyme..p0or j0n dun hv bi0 backgr0und sia.. but i lyk 4gt 0s0 =( nvm..den stay back to l0ok at de practical..DISGUSTING LA..for saliva part..haha..saliva contain amylase,which is an enzyme..haha.. ya,went for eclub ltr..we din realise tym pass s0 fast la..haha=) reach hm 8++.. yeah,tmr dunnd go sch = can use com/studi... =)

well,ple can STOP linkin mi n him le c0s he's attached =) YEAH!!haha=)
well,h0pe can make full use of tis h0li =)
be a mugger =)
n relax at de same tym =)

take care ple,c0s more ple gettin sick..
xia0qing takin her 0s chi on cumin m0n...a big GDLUCK TO HER!! :D
h0pe eclub camp will be fun =)

gtg..bye =)

Friday, May 18, 2007

earli morning went sch with de BLUE PONG PONG!!haha=) but i haven make finish la=( den huiling n huili gt help mi with it!!thx l0ads to 2HL huh!!haha=) den de md was quite nice at de morning lia0 =)

well,todae REALLI ENJOY PC!!!! :D we hv t0 run 2 r0unds f0r warm up den free pc =)..but we onli run awhile den keep t0kin n playing la!!haha=) den we play CAPTAIN BALL!!initially onli s0me gals,den all gals,den wh0le class decide t0 play =) 0verall it's fun!! even th0ugh i failed t0 be a gd catcher..but i keep asking ple t0 take 0ver de chain c0s i realli cant catch onli ball!haha=) but i was able to score some la=) wanted t0 t0k t0 jiajun s0 can distract him,but den n0 t0pic..hah =) time juz flies la =( hw i wish n0 ec0n den we can play 1 more h0ur!! wow,1st tym i l0ve n enj0y pc s0 much!! feel lyk playin m0re even th0ugh im nt gd at it!!but nxt wk jiu last wk den everyday 0s0 cant lia0 =( h0pe cher will give more free pc la..den we gt t0 play amg ourself den can b0nd 0s0 =) o7s28 rox!!

time pass rather fast t0dae..ec0n was quite a fast 1..t0k will gt back our test but we din.. went maths lect aft tt..onli a few went..less0n time will con't to s0 as t0 be fair.. =) de fire alarm rang,but mr wee keep askin it's de fake de -.=" haha= ) s0 we keep dgn inside la..if is reali fire den we r gonna die man..haha=)

sport meet was rather fun!! :D mi n marianne were rather zi high la..haha=) we keep sh0uting since de start den nt awhile jiu throat pain!haha=) den i mist0ok a j2 as j1 sia..haha=) it's ok la,cos nv c him b4.. wadeva de case la..haha=) den w0rry tt de s0re thr0at will be v pain n my v0ice will nt return!!but it return rather fast=) l0ve mi thr0at sia!!muachx!! haha=) anyway,jiajun b0ught 2 coconut for de class :D thx ar =) tw0-eighters were rather on =) we keep cheering even th0ugh de atmosphere nt realli dere..haha=) n thx for de milo taken by serene n estee [ s t v w x y z] =) well,bannister won 2 awards.i nt v sure wad prize but 1 of it is cheerleadin!!! haha=) muz be hv mi lahx,den s0 p0wer la!!haha=) but we cheerin de same cheer la.. haha=) well,wen we saw mr er we keep er er er but he din care la..den j0nathan make til v er xin la..haha=) but finalli mr er gt hear us,if nt c us la..haha=) well done jasmine sarah cheryl n shijie !!! :D oh well,marianne sae wanna take l0ads of pic de..but we onli t0ok 1..n tt 1 is nt realli nice..haha=) nvm,we shall take nxt tym =) 3cheers n cheers for BANNISTER x) n0 1 is l0ser n every1 is WINNER =) oh,we sing damm l0ud f0r sch s0ng!!but was off beat u c..haha=) n s0me part nt sure abt de lyrics =X haha=) tt was rather fun to0!!but depends on md de la!! b0ught de spirt ice but end up drinkin it myself sia..haha=)

anyway,t0dae was a enj0yable day!!s0 happi even th0ugh l0ads 0f hmwk f0r wkend!but aft wkend jiu last wk of sch le!!YEAH!!!

well,for s25 gatherin,de venue realli messy sia..alex's hse or east c0ast? haha=) s0me wan alex's hse s0me wan ecp..well,shall we d0 v0ting?haha=)

for de dance,mi n pam lyk n0 c00rdinati0n sia..haha=) but it's ok..all we nd is TIME!!lol..n practise? l0l..h0pe will end s0on la!! lol..

MY PERSONALITY [done by my sis usin de internet lahx :D ]
The One Person: Independent, Determined, Individual, Brash
We all know people like this! They are the headstrong, determined individuals who constantly strive for more. It is okay, although difficult, for them if everything does not go their way. They usually have a set course of action, and will follow it to completion, and you should follow their instructions. These people do well in roles where they have relative autonomy, with good reliable friends and associates in the background. Their secret is that they really need support although they rarely will ask for it.These people have a magical flare about them, and it may seem like they have the knack for manifesting their needs at a whim. However they tend to blend this magical side of themselves, with an air of practicality. Their motto is (Get the job done, and then we can celebrate..).

is it true?haha =)

well,gtg for slp!!seri0usli nd slp!!juz nw already fall aslp thrice while usin c0m =X tc every1 =)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

well,NAFA finalli is 0VER!!! =) tink gt mani i gt A C D E la..haha=) can pass jiu v gd le..i v easy c0ntented de.. de rest of my class lyk keep aimin for A~!!scary la!!well,prepared to run 2.4 on fri,but rainin..s0 did de other stations-shutttle run n standin board jump..i run thrice la..twice drop de w0oden bl0ck!!*RAH* WTE la..waste my energy!!! standin b0ard jump gt 152cm..DEPR0VED!!!=( but finalli pass in jc lai!! by de way fengyi run til v tai tai lei!!haha=) cute sia..den she keep WAD THE HELL...haha=) wad a funni class i hv =) had 2.4 on tues.. i was 1st fr behind!!haha=) it's ok for sure man!! i pass jiu k le =) if i run 3sec faster den can upgrade to D!!aniwae thx jean kawai n nic f0r de enc0uragement la=) c0s i keep walkin..haha=) n thx sister f0r her drink!! s0 nice of her!! haha =) rah!!by de way de guys run damm fast la!!u can c their legs 0pen s0 damm big while runnin la!! den lyk dey reachin de ending pt dey realli will chi0ng la! den jiajun j0nathan yonghong all chi0ng de lo..aniwae dey p0wer la..9+ 10+min onli la!!**clap** j0nathan asked y i nv sh0ut his name-.=" well,i din sh0ut f0r ani0ne de mahx..haha=) oh,i tink i sh0ut f0r jiajun cos he was s0 damm fast la.. de i lazy t0 sh0ut lia0..

i finalli pass smt!!pass chem assignment=) well,u mgt tink y i s0 happi la..c0s i FINALLY PASS =) marianne pass to0 =) hi5 man!! h0pe bi0 n chem will pass t0o!but chem was realli hard f0r mi..perhap due t0 de imcomplete revisi0n?well,i din finish readin chem la!!fall aslp while readin chem..s0memore de slp is til de nxt morning wen de cl0ck ring!haha=) den realise i lying on my bed den de paper under mi!! =X i nd slp!!RAH!!bio tok is essay..scare mi la..is structure essay..la^3..t0ugh 1 for mi la..everyting is s0 damm t0ugh la =( haix.....

f0rm f0r g0in china was c0mpleted n handed in!!h0pe n0 regret!! well,onli j0nathan mi n pam g0in!!haha=) j0nathan will be damm l0neli n kelian!!hu ask y0ngh0ng dun g0 la..keep sayin he haven ask his mama..tink he cant survive w/o s0me0ne bahx!! haha=) cheryl 0s0 nv g0 la..nvm,at least i hv pam!!j0nathan hv n0 1 !!haha=) nvm,still gt mi n pam...=) by de way,th0se super b0 lia0 ple link US due to de l0ud v0ice we hv..L0L lo..p0wer lo..N0 C0MMENT...

went JE on tues,saw cute stuffs!!but was undecisive t0 buy them..s0 well i din buy..but i went t0 buy de nxt dae la..haha=) nice tokin sessi0n wif jaime!!haha=) well, d0 i realli l0ok lyk a librarian? *rah* well well,i nt onli a librarian but a qualify 1st aider [ to a small extend] =) s0 a pers0n wif l0ud v0ice still can be a librarian hor!! =)

t0dae pw less0n finalli can draw on yq's paper =)
i wrote " ur yh"
she write " ur j0nathan"
den i write "my classmate jonathan"
den she write "ur fren yh"
den i write "ur boyfren yh" [it's ok if u dun0 wad im t0kin]
haha=) i w0n =) prize pls :D

t0dae had de dance rehearsal!!RAH!!im a "guy" due t0 my height..haha=) ok ok well,it's fine... but de dance lyk..erm..dun0 hw t0 sae..nvm...la^3...

tmr sports meet!!n0 GP!!YEAH!!!but hv make up less0n nxt wk!!arghhh~~!! h0pe banni will win tmr!! =)gdluck for de all de runners =)

oh,s25 gatherin on 1june!!yeah!!s0 happi!! =) haha=) well,shall s28 0s0 hv 0uting?haha =)

--time t0 be mugger=) bye=)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

todae had chi 0ral..quite mani w0rds i dun0 sia..tt j0nathan still sae onli a few hard w0rds onli..RAH!!well,jc chi 0ral style is WEIRD la..0ral infr0nt of de classrm,den de rest of de class sitting at their seats..RAH!lyk tt where gt gd lorx..0ops,s0und s0 singlish!haha:D well,kana LUFF by de class c0s i sae T00 L0UD!hey,i tried t0 l0wer d0wn my v0lume le lehx..yet de wh0le chi class luff lahx [acc0rdin t0 minmin]!! RAH!! den i 0s0 luff den kana "sc0ldin" fr cher =( rah! th0se she ask i n0e n wanna sae more den she stop mi,i dun0 wad t0 sae den she expect more..RAH!dey shd c0nduct oral 0utside de class la..s0 de student can c0ncentrate sia..haha=)

maths test n chem test were horrible terriBLE VEGETABLE!!rah!!i seriousli dun0 hw t0 d0 la=( mayb im nt w0rkin v hard? haix.. wad de pr0b wif mi sia..W0RK HARDER!!well, this machine [mi lahx] is breakin d0wn man.. =( gp "test" for c0mpre i failed terribly la..10.5/35..RAH!summary part i realli dun0 hw t0 rephrase la..den all de mark g0ne..n0 more pt mark lia0..**sad** well,yh pass sia.. 22 or 23 i tink..wala0 lei,dey tt tym t0k t0k he still gt s0 high man..RAH!! tmr hv compre real test,scare =(

jc is realli killin mi.. w0nder hw i gt m0tivation last tym sia..i wan dem back!! life's s0 HARD in jc.. hw i wish im back t0 sec2 or 3 lahx!!

t0daae j0nathan n edward run 5000m n jas gt run too,cheryl high jump..we [ mi marianna pam jaime estee serene minmin] stayed back to watch dem run..de guys r realli p0wer lahx..dey DIN GIVE UP n RUN 12.5 r0UNDS!! if mi 6rounds 0s0 cant tahan l0rx..j0n nv walk at all sia..his face damm pale lahx..every1 tink he's g0nna faint la..haha=) den we caught edward walk a bit..haha=) mi n marianne decided to buy dem drinks for THEIR SUPER HARDWORK :D s0 kind of us=) as usual lahx u c =) well,we r damm n0isy c0s we keep sh0uting la..haha=) we sh0ut "cheryl jiayou" "j0nathan jiayou" "edward jiayou" "jasmine jiayou" haha=) oh,n we sh0ut " i ama sunnyboy" for edward n "horny jiayou" n "gt milk" for j0nathan..haha=) well,i tried t0 m0tivate dem by saying "if u wan water den run faster" haha =) but a guy heard it n sae i v bad..haha=) den i sae no lo..haha=) wadeva man..im nt g0in care him..haha=) aniwae, WELL D0NE JAS CHERYL J0NATHAN N EDWARD!! :D

went hm wif estee sarah pam n yt..haha=) quite crappy la..alight saw jeremy..crap more den..haha=) i intro minmin to him n he hear i sae mimi..lol..haha=) jeremy did 8 for guy pull up!amazing sia..haha=) well well well,ytd t0ok bus wif estee..actualli she's nt tt quiet..if u tok t0 her,she'll t0k more n more =) haha=) interestin =) h0pe t0 n0e m0re abt my classmate sia...

well,I WAN A O7S25 gatherin lehx..be it alex hse or wad la..haha=) s0me0ne 0rganise leh..l0l..

well,gtg..nw 9.58pm but i haven t0uch bag!RAH!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

MY EZLINK IS FOUND !!!! :D phew...=) well,i asked de ctrl station staff..asking whether dere's ani missin card..haha..den she sae yes!haha..den i s0 damm excited la..keep sae out my name..den she sae she paste my ezlink card on de glass since i left on fri til ytd nite!! haha=) luckily i asked t0dae,cos she was abt to send de tingy back[i dun0 where's de back she refer to la]..lucky lucky sia..haha=) so afterall it's n0t my imagination tt i add $$ to my card =) haha=) by de way, de staff is IRENE LOW!!thx for "saving" my 5month old ezlink card!!! x) also a big thx to yt hu called mi ytd nite to check whther i can find my ezlink nt even though she's nt feelin v well.. =) n hl marianne dey all =) thx ar =)

well,t0dae had nafa for de 3stations-- sit n reach,incline pull up n sit up..well,sit n reach did worse den tt tym try de =( 34cm onli..but ok la,haha=) quite gd for someone cant stretch lyk mi..den incline i intend to do until de passin onli..but de rest sae 18-19 is A..wow..i did 7 onli la..it's my 2nd highest record sia..haha=) c0s sec sch do 1 or 2 jiu dunwanna do liao..haha =) anling cant realli do it cos she do 2?de rest did 18 and above bahx!!haha=) **clapclap** sit up was ok,did 31..tt's ok for mi la..last tym sec4 mi n jas onli do til de passing!!haha=) s0 nt sporty i m la..haha=) mi h0pe can pass jiu gd liao..s0 easy contented rgt? well,de guys do ave 4 pull up..s0 ke lian la..haha=) aniwae,standin board jump n shuttle run i die liao la=( 2.4km pray hard will pass too..HAHA =)

ytd, 4gt sae a malu stuff..will briefly sae onli la.. will i try to step on de coin if it drop on de floor la,den wen at western store dere wanna give $$ den de $$ drop n ROLL..den i try to step but it was kana kicked instead..haha=) den tink i shout too loud?lol..den de $$ roll to nxt nxt store la.. den de Q look at mi..RAH..nvm,it make mi more awake..haha=) i dun0 hw 2 put into words la.. l0l..

went wm bought lot of food..haha=) for my family u c..i s0 guai =) den goin out wm c yt =) den i went buy more food den suddenli c her back..haha=) den my food nearli drop on de floor n she save it!! thx =) if nt all de food lan sia..haha=) den went popular wif her b4 goin find ezlink =) THX YT FOR DE RESCUE=)

ytd online fr 6+ to 12+,end up chatting n din do much hmwk!rah!!nd chiong liao..=( i shall do my hmwk nw..bye =)

Monday, May 07, 2007

well,last fri was raining in de morning s0 we had ind0or pc..run 5 r0unds ard de classrm blk..tink of escapin t0 de t0ilet t0 weewee but i t0o guai 0f c0s din..haha:D well,all J1 gals r FORCED to try de HIGH JUMP!! RAH!! n0 0ne dare t0 jump la..imagine every1 l0okin at hw u jump lahx!! den YIQING S0 BRAVE BE DE 1ST TO JUMP for our class :D mi pei marianne n anihw jump la..chenyaan commented i jump til very funny!! i rolled twice when u landed la! x) funni? i dun0..i keep laughing aft jumpin la... l0l.. de J2 guys oso l0okin..ok la,cos dun0 dem..but J1 guys came nt long b4 i jump..RAH..aniwae JUMPed le.. haha:D

well well well..my ezlink card dun0 ran to where lia0!!WTE [ wad de earth] la!!realised it wen i aboard bus la..wanted t0 take cert but din brin ic den ezlink dun0 where s0 wasted de trip la..HILLGR0VE I'LL BE BACK!!! haha =) aiyo, tt ezlink card last dec den make sia.. abt 20bucks to renew de leh..**sad** i cant even recall whether i gt add $$ to de card on fri n 4gt put inside wallet...h0pe IM WRONG N IT'S SOMEWHERE IN MY WALLET OR BAG... econ test was horrible terrible vegetable!!!i dun wanna fail sia =(

bio less0n suddenli wanto go toilet..den j0nathan went liao den cher sae i want0 g0 wif him ar..RAH..i dun use GENT k..i use LADIES de hor.. deN i dun0 wad i said la,tink sort of "of cos go dere de la" **p0inting de l0cation of LADIES.. hey ple,there's NO LINK BTW HIM N MI K.. RAH..den yiqing went t0 de toilet wif mi..den i ask yh wanna go tgt nt..haha=) went in n0 t0ilet paper den aft use den c gt -.=" nvm....

by de way,fri jiajun told de class gt a creactive mp3 wif 1GB costs 69.00bucks!! feel lyk buyin sia!! haha =) it looks lyk tis :
can i hv it?which colour is nicer? lol..
hAHA.. =)
gtg le..haven do gp essay =X

Friday, May 04, 2007

well,m0n we went Vivo for class dinner :D we went Terra,n i had fish n chips..nt bad =) yh sh0wed s0me card tricks..s0me success s0me n0..it's ok,practise make perfect =) esp gt s0me0ne s0 smart t0 help u!!haha =) u n0e hu im referin** well,de waiter drop de sause n it kana my legs n sh0es n anling's t0o..RAH!!yh shd hv finish it la..RAH!! went outside Terra n de class keep taking ph0tos!!haha :D io7s28 ndeed cam whores sia..deN went mark n spencer..we made lots of noise..de salepers0n lyk nt happi..haha:D din care much aniwae,but we v gd gt out de sh0p quite s00n..oh,jeremiah damm funni la.!!c0s he's l0oking at shijie's dress n he tried to put in front of him la,deN he put damm high la,it's lyk a tube de la..haha=) well,he's a guy la,s0 mgt nt n0e tis stuff bahx..-.=" HAHA :D went to the rooftop to tok n relax..yi qing and jaime and feng yi left nt l0ng aft tt. well, mi pam maria anling jas chenyaan n de guys stayed longer til 10.25pm..we played truth or dare.. luckily nv kana mi =) HAHA :D Jonathan was dared to do yipaundernei[wadeva--dun0 hw t0 spell lahx].. haha =D Then Jeremiah kana but he ch0se true,den we n0e his secret-->the someone he likes is nt in our class..den chenyaan oso chose true la..c0s it takes a long tym to tink of de qn..wen she's unable to ans de hard qn..well,every1 went hm tgt..yh n chenyaan live nearer to vivo la..den laugh at us cos we nd to hv a quite long travel..s0memore we r s0 damm tire..well,it's true la..but hv l0ts of fun!!!

o7s28 at viv0 city :D

PW gr0up :D

smelly OUT-RAM :D

my dearest classmates :D

s28 guys

i failed my chem bio maths test sia..onli pass chi..sad la..but expected s0 prepared liao,if nt will be more sad..chem failed by 2m which is i damm careless..nvm,learn fr my less0n..bio fail by1 m..nvm,nt o.5m cos heart will more pain.. well,tink cos gt too distracted in class as i cant ctrl n tok la..muz learn nt too tok too much in class..sry if we've disturb u all during lesson sia..haha :D well,nxt wk hv maths chem econ test...hope i wun gt some mani fail again la..RAH =( tis wkend damm mani hmwk..esp GP =( oh well,GP test i gonna fail too la..1st tym in my life fail s0 mani tests at 1 go sia=(

wed had dengmi com,din noe we nd to do individualli 1st..so mi n pam was lyk "huh?!?!" wen de person said tt la..haha..s0 tt 30min we juz crap thru lo..n damm hungry la..yq gt 45/100,mi 35/100 den pam 15/100..den pam told us a ans she tok of but she din write..den mi n yq find her ans v funni la..but it end up c0rrect!!haha :D de ms ng,our chi cher,sae we onli nd 5m more to gt into de final!!haha :D no fate la..s0 nvm =) jiajun b0ught satay but he din eat,s0 end up we eat..thx jiajun =)

well,de guys lyk to pair ple up sia..yh u better dun regret hor..ltr yq innocent but kana drag in btw HILLGROVE n OUT-RAM..haha=) finalli can find smt to shot him la.. =)

de 3wks china trip i realli feel lyk goin for de moment!!but $2500 la..my family so p0or la..well,h0pe can go la..haha=) tink my class onli mi pam maria jonathan n yh gt raise hand la..but some ple lyk yq wanna go nov de la..haha=) but i nt sure aniwae...

well,i shall be a gd mugger la..cant afford keep failing tests =(

gdluck for every tests n exams :D