Monday, December 31, 2007

hey ple,IT'S NEW YR!!IT 2OO8 LE!! BYE 2OO7!!

may all de unhappiness,obstacles,stupid idiot stuff sae bye to us, n all de happiness,joy stuff fren us!! =) i shall nt sae all de happiness be ours!v fish monger leh..HAHA=) anyway,even though im at hm,but i can c fireworks!!HAHA=) BUT DAMM SMALL LA. it's ok la. somemore i c fireworks fr 3places!!HAHA=)im nt lying k!!HAHA=) 1 fr durain shell dere,1 fr vivo or somewhere dere[i suppose dere cos dere gt countdown party] n 1 FR johor[my parents sae dere's JB]!!HAHA=) cant clearli so juz c awhile den back to com =X

i shall say im quite happi since 2oo7 wasnt a v pleasant yr for mi.. for studies aspect for sure.HAHA=) it indeed is a torture. hope de end of 2oo7 is de end of =(.. hope in 2oo8 i'll be back to a gal who dun realli dislike studying, n gt improvements for studies :D tis yr is a v imp yr hope it'll be smooth=)

but of cos there's some happi stuff for 2oo7 la.HAHA=)
-gt to noe bunch of gd ple in o7s25 =)
-gt into s28 which is a SUPER ULTRA GD CLASS WITH GD PLE N GD CHERS =)
-gt to noe PAM,MARIANNE BETTER,nt 4gEtin anling xD
-gt to go CHINA with FRENS=) of cos gt to noe nice ple lyk WENFANG & CALISTER =)
-gt to "slack" for studies,which is a torture instead of a gd one..
-gt to feel "depression",which is impt =)


2oo8 is de start of torture too.a even higher level of torture!cos A's's cumin =( but i guess ple will start to work hard wen de time cums rgt? juz hope there's lesser up n downs in 2oo8.of cos,i wan better result!!RAH.

ANYWAY,i've done chem :D finalli=) nw left maths.maths haven even do a single qn man. luckily i gt de ans.HAHA=)oh gal,dun be so bad hor.i'll try nt to copy de ans=) but i'll do reference of cos.HAHA=) BUT,mayb i'll out tmr.i mean ltr wen de sky is bright.HAHA=) tt's means i cant do maths.rah.shall c hw..

sch goin start.SIANX.i muz find joy in studies. so i can enjoy de process =) but,searchin still in process la.HAHA=)

-gt serious with studies
-gt serious with studies,NT FORGETTING TO ENJOY STUDYIN[with addition of dgn stupid stuff :D ]
-find interest n joy in studies
-be a happy gal with minimum worries xD
-lose weight pls [i din wish to grow taller.LOL]
-do wad is planned on time!!!
-gt wad i wad=)
- find goal in life! impt impt.. xD

ok,enuff of crap. duno wad to blog tt's y crap loads. sry for all de nonsense huh.LOL.

im damm hungry nw.RAH.dgn maths nw.well,duno wen will blog again. mayb nt tt soon cos aft sch start tink gt a few tests n stuff.

so BYE:D

Sunday, December 30, 2007

WOOT!! hv been dgn hmwk these days! seems tt i lyk quite happi cos i finish econs!!tt's lyk FINALLI la!! i haven touch maths at all n left chem carbonyl tut too! RAH.onli left 2 days to finish dem sia! somemore still gt testS la! %$#^#%$ nd do revision sia=( anyway these days done a no. of hmwk which make mi feel GOOD!!LOL.even huiling praise mi yong gong.HAHA=) but sch starting so no choice la. but i muz admit la,i gt anyhw to do some cos realli duno =( duno can finish all on time not. anyway planned to go ecp todae de. but i hv no md wen i juz back fr msia so it was cancelled! sry laopos!! somemore todae de weather damm gd to go beach la!! =( but we'll still go out somedae? HAHA=)

anyway,i haven buy HP=( rah. mayb muz wait til aft sch reopen den buy ba. cos nowadays nt free. =( sianx la,1st day of sch jiu gt pc n cca!!RAH. 1st dae jiu late hm. somemore duno y feel tt thurs lyk gt test.HAHA. im nt ready for sch sia. can 1mth ltr den sch reopen?oh,im dreamin.. but hu dun wan sch to start ltr? sch start=torture start. RAH. anyway marianne wun be studyin wif us wen sch start=( who shall do all de stupid stuff wif mi??PAM U BETTER COOPERATE WIF MI HOR!! xD

happi bdae to YIXIN :D

tc ple,enjoy last few days of holidae =)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

hello ple =) im still in MSIA!! BUT im goin back to spore todae=) so i've been stayin in msia fr 19dec to 27dec!! woot! initalli thought 25dec jiu back but go uncle's hse=)

anyway,juz breifly blog abt msia trip =) cos left loads of hmwk sia=(

19dec JB: went to msia quite late,din do much =(

20dec KL: morning head to KL,went to de DA MA ZHI de mo tian lun lo. tink in total abt 30min,which is more den 6rounds la.den ltr few rounds v sianx cos keep see de same ting!HAHA=)anyway nt bad la!1st tym take mo tian lo=) aft went shopping at KL CC[twin tower dere]->BIG!! n shop at TIMES SQUARE! these 2 shopping centres damm big la!! 1shoppin centre=2or3 of spore's!!anyway dere sell cheap stuffs!regretted nt buy more =( gt go night st but eat steamboat instead of of shoppin!regret =( bought 2tees[quite small,mayb give sis,HAHA],1small bag.sis bought more! anyway 2 of my elder sis went to de indoor theme park to tour guide say it's de biggest indoor theme park in asia.WOOT.mi n shan din play cos we wan SHOP!haha=) ate steamboat at de roadside which my dad wants. RM1.50 per stick!!so exp la! n de soup dey din change sia!so dirty.regret eatin dinner instead of shoppin at de nite st la!RAH. oh anyway,there's a little boy call qi rong,he's quite cutev guai la.2.5yrs old=) he keep want us play wif him on bus!!he lyk givin "stickets" n "money" to us n he sae call "JIE JIE JIE JIE!!" n most imptly,he likes mi de most!!HAHA=) play wif him de whole dae la! den wen we alight de he'll sae "JIE JIE, WO MEN GO SHOPPING!!".de he'll wan us to hold him!so cute la!!haha=) oh ya,he doesnt noe hw to make "twist"!!he onli noe hw to make "gun"!!HAHA=)

PICS FOR 20 dec

he prefer bost of us amg all my sis! xD

hello cutie =)

his trademark "gun" pose

twin tower =)

mi n sis=)

family photo =)


twin tower =)

mi n shan =)

mi xin shan =)


mi n shan

21dec jin ma lun: fr KL to JIN MA LUN damm far la,tink most of de time we spent in de bus de whole dae. de place is coolin in de afternoon but cold at nite.visited bee farm,tea farm,strawberry farm n nite market=) but din buy much=( anyway,we tried to pluck de strawberry ourselves=) nice experience but there's isnt much strawberry for us to choose to pluck since there's limited area for pluckin=( bought wallets =) din play much wif de little boy cos scare his mama dun lyk.HAHA=) BUT my sis still play wif him la.n i oso gt join in la. den wen alight he still wan mi to hold his hand!!so cute.den my sis ask him he prefer which sis,den he so mi!!WOOT=) he's so loveable jiu lyk mi :/

pics for 21dec tea farm

tis plant reminds us abt a monster in a story in Our pri sch tb!!HAHA!

mi n 2nd sis=)

twist xD

msia's flower [da huang hua]

mama n jiejie=)

my aunt =)

mi n "heaven bird"

container wif BEES [bee farm]

eatin strawberry xD

hello strawberry farm!! :D

my aunt cum godma=)

1 2 3

bee farm

22dec jin ma lun cum JB: initially sae back to KL but duno y change to nth.WTH.nvm,we spent de whole day in bus AGAIN.visited 1 shop n off we go. de journey is super long. luckily i din vomit la.HAHA=)

pics for 22dec mama n papa =D

my family,excludin bro who's at de other part of msia wif his fren :D

in front of de waterfall =)

mi n 2nd sis xD

mi n my beloved 3rd sis=)

23-24dec: stay in hotel. shop at de shoppin mall. bought 3pairs of earrings,1bag,1necklace,2pounch and 1tee n gal's stuff =) nt my share onli la,gt my sis de too=) we seems to hv purchasing power! everyting SALES!!

oh ya,went to a toilet in City Square,which is a shoppin mall la. guess where de toilet cleaner gt de water for de mop? SHE DIP DE MOP INTO DE TOILET BOWL!!EEEEEEEEEEE!!!tt's damm dirty la! imagine dere's shit on de toilet bowl..

wen de mop being dip into de toilet bowl,de shit say

"oh,it cumin!!it cumin!!~~"


"oh,im on de floor nw! dun step on mi!!!"

ok,it's nt funni. wadeva..

25-27dec: went uncle's hse! played wif my baby cousin KE YI!!she so cute la!at 1st duno hu r we den keep crying but ltr she keep want use carry her!but i duno hw to carry a baby sia! it's my 1st time carry baby sia!HAHA=) but i tink i carry her in wrong position so she nt comfortable.HAHA=) she keep ask us to give her biscuit eat even though she juz eaten her meal la! den she'll keep cry if we dun give! anyway bought a shoes =) shop at city square again! wanna buy a tee tt cost RM10! i wan a new piece since de display is dirty i sae "can i hv a new piece?" den de stupid salegal make de irritated sound. den i sae "this 1 DIRTY lo!",den tt idiot sae"TT 1 NEW ONE ALRDY". of cos we walked off n din buy. im damm angry la.feel lyk slappin her but as a kind human,i shall nt dirty my hand. de boss so ke lian hire her man! RAH!

anyway,din buy much overall la =X HAHA=) ANYWAY,there's lyk nth to buy for u ple! so.. SRY AR..:/i onli bought some chewy stuff la..HAHA=)

anyway,guess i gain super ultra more fats fr this trip la!! cos keep eat den slp la!! RAH. hu wan FATS?i noe pam sure wan de! oh, 11pm at my uncle's hse seems to be late cos every1 will go slp.HAHA=)

taggie re :D
mi~>[yixin]: HAHA=) so u mean mine is low ar? i tink quite high liao lei!LOL.i change quite slow. anyway de blogskin nt realli nice lei.. -.="

mi~>[jingyi] : HELLO=) sch goin start liao sia..SIANX!!!

mi~>[wenfang,zhenying]: thx,but de blogskin nt really nice lei. but orange nice=)

mi~>[shel]: thx,ftw means wad ar?LOL. merry xmas to u too =)

mi~>[jianshen]: HAHA=) u still can recognise sia!GOOD =D anyway de pics so tricky la!HAHA.

mi~>[huiling]: HAHA=) belated merry xmas to u laopo =) i noe u miss mi la,but i still in msia!! HAHA=) so xq hv leave on 28 or 29dec ar? i duno i gt de mood to go nt lei.cos nt much tym for mi to do hmwk liao =(

mi~>[fengyi,jiro,lunfa]: sry ar,merry belated xmas!! HAHA=)

mi~>[zhenying]: thx,but de blogskin tink gt nicer de juz tt change it in a rush.HAHA=) belated merry xmas to u too =)

thx ple for ur blessin n wishin! :D may 2008 be a better yr for those tt suffered in 2007!!HAHA=) gdluck for our A's.RAH.

ANYWAY,I LOVE SECRET RECIPE'S CAKES!!damm nice n cheap in msia la!!HAHA=) 1 piece onli RM5.5o!!!tis lyk de price of spore's la!! anyway ate mani pieces wif my sis of cos!!HAHA=) oh,tt's so fattening la.RAH.


i wanto buy HP!!RAH!!xmas sales shdb end liao=( RAH.












Tuesday, December 18, 2007

i took a IQ Test in facebook.. de result is:

You got 22 questions right out of a possible 30.You took 12 minutes to complete the test.We estimate your IQ to be: 124... The average person has an IQ of 100 - if you are over 100 you are above average!

WOOT!! so is my IQ 124?HAHA=) i tink wait long long bahx!! cos where got so high la..somemore de IQ test gt some i duno den juz anyhow do!HAHA=) u may tink it's low or wad but to mi seems quite high!LOL.but quite happy to c tis figure =) WOOT,IQ124!LOL,let mi happi awhile ok?HAHA=) wanna hv a detail report cos nd $$$,so of cos dun wan le la.HAHA=)actually hw ple noe how high is their IQ ar?take test lyk tis? ple,if u hv facebook go try den c whether most ple will hit more den 100 ba=) den i can c hw accurate is it xD serene's is 141!!tt's scary la!!HAHA=) anyway de highest limit is lyk wad ar?LOL.

anyway,took de optical test.. de qn ask de colour of A n B is (i)same (ii)A darker than B (iii)B darker than A. de qn is sort of it la...

de ans is de colour of A n B....

.. is (i)the same!! tt was my ans cos i expected tt's de ans but de ans seems to be (ii) i use PAINT den erase de rest onli left A n they realli same colour sia..HAHA=)

here's de other rod in de centre rgt,compare de colour.

(i)left n rgt side of de rod is same colour

(ii)left side of de rod is darker den de rgt side of de rod

(iii) rgt side of de rod is darker den de left side of de rod

de ans is (i) de same =) tt's my ans too cos same as earlier prediction.HAHA=) i tried usin PAINT again n it's true.HAHA=)

anyway,relatives fr msia came spore,so my mama dey all out n no food at hm.dey ask mi join along but i will waste my whole dae cos i'll sit dere n gao zi pi.HAHA=) den i sms ple for address den i also told hl.den she sae she free. so end up we decided to go bishan lib to do hmwk.HAHA=) den ltr xq called den she join along too.HAHA=)we din plan tis before hand la.HA=) anyway din do much in lib la,cos u least i did some parts la.better den ms bay.HAHA=) anyway xq bought her hp le! SE 770i!!it looks better den de pic ba! cost $188 for starhub plan.RAH.3.2mp lei,gt radio somemore!HAHA=) anyway we tried findin vegetarian food for dinner but bishan dun hv!!RAH.they shd hv at least a vegetarian store near mrt la!!anway,so we went to AMK to eat dinner=) had a fun dae. even though din do much hmwk but laugh realli loads!HAHA=) told dem we'll gt darker even though under light den i accidentli sae gt UV light.HAHA=) of cos they cant stop laughin la!HAHA=) but tt tym i gt watch fann wong de 1 tv program gt sae tt!!HAHA=) NVM. n abt y ms bay eat de slowest!HAHA=) cos her family is 9pm den eat de,but we 8+ jiu eat so she muz eat slowli so can eat "tgt" wif her family!!HAHA=) den loads la.KEEP LAUGHIN =)
at junction 8 =) wif mickey's hand xD
merry go round!! xD we r still little kids xD in lib =)

drew by xq =) juz realise our names gt IN.. if mine is BING BING,den all ours end wif ING.haha=) tink we look quite alike in de pic?but i look nerdy in de pic!!HAHA=)

anyway,goin off to msia on 19dec!! shdb back on 25dec if i gt stay over at my uncle's hse=) can play wif baby cousin=) but,nt sure yet la.HAHA=) Hope will enjoy de trip n dun rain too heavily.LOL.

take care ple=)

Monday, December 17, 2007

set alarm at 9.15 todae but wen it ring,i decided to slp more. den end up 12.45 lyk tt den wake up.HAHA=) so skipped my breakfast n wait for lunch which is at to pack storerm n found loads of food=) some expired liao =X

den did some parts for econs holidae hmwk.rah.i duno wad de qn ask la.RAH.gonna leave blanks =X still left piles of how how.rahrahrah.

i wanna write letter to MICHELLE ANG,my pri sch fren,but i dun hv her no n address=( asked some of my pri sch fren but they oso dun hv =( glad tt yixin say she's goin plan an outing=) but still nd wait quite long! =( but seems lyk sch goin start n some of them workin so quite hard to find tym=(

RAH. anyway,watched star award juz nw. so sad la, joanna peh din gt top 10. =( but nvm.. glad tt zheng ge pin gt best actor since he lyk rareli gt =) quite surprise tt huang bi ren nv gt best actress but lin xiang ping nt bad in de show la=) de 7princess onli 3 gt sia. surprise? HAHA=) anyway lui n show went star award!! WOOT=)lol. they r mine.LOL. cs smsed mi to tell him de best news presenter -.=" tink he workin so cant watch.HAHA=)anyway ding su hua gt la. i hope de guy tt sia,cos he lyk nv take b4?LOL.

hey,ask u all ar.if a unknown person add u in friendster n de person ask ur msn,will u all give?HAHA=) dun feel lyk givin sia.cos nth to talk.HAHA=)

OK,im still quite awake=) shall do smt useful.BYE=)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

went sunplaze n ate at a name i 4gt liao but de chicken soup and mushroom soup is realli damm nice :D de baked fish is nice too.HAHA=)had a hard tym findin de restraunt hide at a corner la.RAH. den went junction8 walk walk. wanna go visit laopo de.din inform her cos wana give her surprise u c.but she no longer work dere's ok gal=) at least u work b4 n these days gt earn jiayong lei!! ur laogong nv work b4 so kelian rgt?HAHA=) so cheer up hor=)

i wanto bake cookies n cake!! RAH. even though i duno hw to bake cookies n cake la,but dere's a tingy call recipe =) mi n laopos wanna bake but none of us hv oven at hm or some cant due to some reason =( RAH.

todae is 15dec liao,no i mean 16dec liao. so damm fast jiu goin xmas den sch goin start!RAH. loads of hmwk haven even touch!RAH.muz do muz do!better do more before go off to msia sia.RAH.

Friday, December 14, 2007

todae went dental. de dentist sae if de small gap btw my teeth close jiu can remove braces le!!RAH, tt's fast la! rmb lasttym mama ask mi go put den i dun wan.but still Q juz in case i change my mind. hu noe i really decided to put braces.HAHA=)'s goin to be removed!RAH. hope de gap wun close so fast ba! HAHA=) as it hope it will take more den a mth to close so nxt visit i dunnd to remove!HAHA=) somemore aft removin braces,nd to prepare abt $440 for de retaina!! tt's so exp la!RAH. somemore makin de retaina nd some tym la..den nxt appointment is on 14jan08 den my bro is leavin to new zealand for 3wks tt day! RAH.hope de timing wun clash cos morning i still gt sch!!HAHA=) n i dun realli lyk retina cos i tink braces looks nicer den retina.HAHA=)

aft tt went to chinatown ate some stuff. lyk porridge.nt nice de lo.somemore $3.20 la!RAH. den off i go to msia n shop in de supermarket=) bought loads of junk food.oh,tt's sooooooo bad of mi la.RAH. nvm,den had lunch.HAHA=) den keep rain rain raIN RAIN RAIN.den trap in dad's shop den de rain nt so heavy den go city square,a shoppin mall at JB.din buy anyting except food.HAHA=) gt jam,sianx.but luckily de jam nt SUPER heavy =) den had dinner=)HAHA=)

anyway hai hao nv sae wanna meet sis aft her paper at 3pm cos im back spore at 6pm!HAHA=) if i meet her,she muz wait for mi 3hrs! so luckily nv meet her=) HAHA=) anyway, xiao zhu went j8!!RAH. actualli goin j8 was 1 of my plan of de day.juz tt i go JB so plan change lo.HAHA=)

nvm,mayb tmr den out.depends bah=) HAHA=)


THX PLE FOR TAGGIN =) sry if my post is hard to read =X


Thursday, December 13, 2007

ytd went yt's hse=D before tt wanna buy waffle at DONUT DONUT as breakfast de.even though is drizzlin,but nd wait quite long for de train so go buy lo. den saw huiyi.she goin gombak mac to meet her fren. den aft we sae bye aft crossin de traffic light,i den realise de shop is close.den hv a closer look de signboard no longer dere!! wah,so kelian sia! onli a few mths jiu close down sia.. den i sms hl she sae de day b4 jiu close down le.RAH.they shd close down todae so i can still buy de waffle for de last tym ma!HAHA=) even though their waffle is nice,but i tink lyk a bit nt clean sia.cos gt loads of flies fly n rest on de donuts! there was once i wanna buy a donut den de flavor hv loads of flies on it. but luckily de person give mi de dun hv flies on it. at least i din c any fly touch it la.HAHA=)

so i took de train toward batok lo.beside mi gt a weird guy sia. tink he's lyk singing malay songs train damm quiet but onli gt his voice?LOL. tink many ple look at him cos he's de onli 1 makin noise but he din care la.HAHA=) den alight train saw kerrick.dun tink he gt c mi.HAHA=) rmb O1 tt tym gt e-web den gt de string?he's still wearin it!OMG!it's lyk de colour turn fr pink to white to grey!HAHA=)

went yt's hse n start do hmwk. din do much cos do den talk den do den talk.HAHA=) den ate lunch at her hse=) den off we go do hmwk n talk-.=" duno y tym pass damm fast la,n we din do much fr 10+ to 3pm!!HAHA=) anyway,yt's bro,weijun quite guai le la.LOL.he p3 onli so holidae v free.HAHA=) ENVY!! dey bought a honeydew de mai ya tang for mi=) woot! lol. so at 3 zy came n off we go to play badminton =) weijun came along wif his bike n racket.HAHA=) so we keep playin badminton til 6pm =) yt went up 1st cos she v tire.HAHA=) nw my rgt hand damm pain sia.HAHA=) rah. so damm tire. slp v earli,lyk 11+! even ms ma slp ltr den me!!HAHA=)

1dae juz pass lyk tt le lo.LOL.

todae stay hm watch finish gong zhu xiao mei since i nv watch it for 2 wks le!!HAHA=) den mayb do econs?LOL

tmr gt dental at earli sia. WAH,my braces lyk goin pei mi for 1more mth onli!! hope can drag a bit longer!HAHA=)

RAH. i onli grow 3cm fr p6 til j1!!tt's lyk so RAH rgt? i noe yifang will wanna kill mi but she wun bear too.cos if she kill if,she wun hv a gd entertainer lyk mi.HAHA=) ok,i flipped thru my pri sch report bk,which include all de height n weight n etc la.HAHA=) hw i wish can go back to pri sch la..HAHA=)

P4: 1.53M 35KG [UNDERWEIGHT!! xD]
P5: 1.62M 45.5KG
P6: 1.67M 53KG

rah. is lyk so nt rgt rgt?HAHA=) as in i grow lyk 9cm den my weight shoooooo so much la! =( nw my weight xx kg =) HAHA=) it's a secret hor!LOL. anyway, so of my fren,lyk U n U n U [LOL], is lyk wanna lyk 45kg la.HAHA=) tt's my p5 weight k!HAHA=) pri sch n sec i used to go to health promotion board,cos they say im too tall for my age. but luckily my dad is tall so r my sis n bro =) HAHA=) n luckily in my class there's some hu r similar or same height as mi=) HAHA=) rmb lyk p5 tt tym de cher lyk quite shock to c a student weight abt 40kg,n tt's mi la. den he sae "who is HO BIN BIN?". den i stand la. den he diam diam le.HAHA=) so funni la. RAH. i juz wan grow a bit taller n lose mani kg.HAHA=) den more balance ma.RAH.

ok,enuff of crap le. gtg to watch gong zhu xiao mei =) woot=)

Monday, December 10, 2007


so ple,better DUN provoke mi! if nt u'll realli hw to spell D-I-E!! im serious k.

i cant stand it la. pls dun ask mi to sit cos im nt in de md to play. RAH. keep ask us do tis do tt. dun do or do ltr den nag nag nag!


if u noe hw to swim,tt doesnt mean u noe how to dive. if u noe hw to use com,tt doesnt mean tt u noe everyting abt com!! i noe tis is quite common sense BUT some ple juz duno WTH im tokin abt. i dun wanna argue liao, waste my breath sia!!! ask ple dun go out den u ownself keep plan to go out.RAH.i wanan break de rules man!!but im a guai gd so im trying to be gd.but pls dun push mi to de extend!

n im nt so damm free ok. i gt my own stuff to do! even though im nt in de md to do hmwk,n im lyk nt dgn hmwk,tt doesnt mean im free. oh,dey dunno tt holidae oso hv hmwk. lyk hw mani holidae i hv liao la.. of cos there's mani hmwk to be completed in de holidae la!! i gt my own plans dun keep plan tingy for mi n somemore is i dun lyk de. wad u lyk may nt be wad i lyk.

i WANNA SHOUT man!!!

ok,im tryin to ctrl!

i wanted to do hmwk todae de,but guess i wun hv de md liao.RAH.but will still try to do la.

anyway, wanna blog abt other stuff de.. but.RAH. OK,i'll still blog nw!!
trying to change my md.LOL.

had external bazaar which is a stupid eclub tingy for us to "clear stock" n at de same tym do charity ba. our bu dun hv anyting to sell so we help bu1 to sell JJ pdts n those earrings,necklaces etc. de price for some stuff,in fact most of de stuff de price is juz to high. i wun buy those JJ pdts la,let alone those other customers. anyway,mi pam yifang went to hv breakfast b4 our shift. they ate nasi lemak n i ate yam paste!de yam paste nt realli nice cos lyk too watery.waste my $2.50 sia!! ='( so aft breakfast our shift start lo. mi n pam slacked for de 1st shift cos no ple so we juz sit dere n ROT while yifang n grace walk ard orchard to sell de stuff. den we hv break so we go walk walk.took neoprint wif yifang cos pam dun hv de md to take. de pics r nice=) cos gt mi ma!!HAHA=) BUT we wear owens [green] den end up de colour nt nice for our sleeves. but overstill a gd one=) laugh a lot while takin de neoprint cos v funni ma!HAHA=) den go back n slack at booth there even though we r de mobile de =X somemore we ate lunch during our duty!!=X anyway gt sale which is nt Bad le la.HAHA=) so we hv another break den find yt a while n walk walk again. i wanna look for atm cos i dun even hv 5cents wif mi but i wanna buy fbt for my sis. so we walk fr somerset to orchard n found atm at tangs.HAHA=)so we rushed back n caught in de rain! so we ran lo..den reach dere still earli cos dey juz start packin-.=" so we ran in de rain for nth!! rah. waited for de bloody bus for damm long..shd go hm myself by train den can faster n save de bus $$.RAH. oh,de bus nt v gd sia. for de bus we took in morning i cant rest my head la.den de bus we took back to sch my leg cant move at all.imagine those taller guys la,hw they goin to sit la.RAH.

hello town again.LOL.went tcc wif xq n hl=) zy din join us cos she go to her grandma's hse. =( we had a nice chat in de cafe!! we ordered coffee n sandwiches=) cos rainin so quite cold den hl wanna order hot coffee. de wen de coffee cum,i tried nt to laugh cos hl's coffee is v small!!HAHA=) [pls refer below for de pics!] end up i burst into laughter la.HAHA=) SO MEAN OF MI la..HAHAH=) so we chat abt lyk everyting.HAHA=) fr hair,shampoo,skin care,studies,de golden compass n etc!!HAHA=) oh,xq sae she's goin to join de facebk.den we ask hl to join too but she din even hv friendster la!den we ask her to make a blog den she sae her eng v bad. den wad abt mi?my eng more bad but im still bloggin.HAHA=) ple readin my blog shdb noe mi alrdy n u ple shd noe my eng super bad n singlish de ba..HAHA=) anyway,xq asked we'll choose our jobs according to passion or $$. gd qn indead. it's v hard to find job tt's our passion n earn big $$. xq sae she'll wan passion den hl sae she'll wan $$..HAHA=)i'll choose $$ de 1st den change to passion de. cos muz earn $$ n save up to hv a sense of secure ma.HAHA=) n $$ is impt la..

these r de photos we took xD

xq hl n mi at TCC xD comparing hl's coffee wif xq n mine......HAHA xD
proudli presents to u hl n her coffee.
xq n her sandwich n coffee =)
de oreo ____ coffee i ordered. i 4gt de name =X NICE =D
Ham sandwich xD
look at our BRACES =Dlaopo hl n mi =Dlaopos xD

laopo xq n laopo hl :D

spent 12bucks at tcc. sat there abt 4hrs den we go walkwalk at fareast =) duno wen will be our nxt outing =( but guess will nd wait quite long.

watched tv for v long tym aft reach hm=) i miss de actor xie shao guang!!he's a v gd actor but so sad he's no longer in mediacorp le='( guess he's nw workin for passion x)

so todae hl start wokring!! wah,mani ple workin sia!gd, den hl can give me jia yong xD

tink im ok nw xD LOL. anyway,im some1 tt can gt angry easily,so ya,dun force mi to be fierce to u..HAHA=) but my temper is getting better i guess. LOL.

oh,mo nui you xi is a funni korea show! go n catch it urself=) HAHA=)


Thursday, December 06, 2007

today is o612o7!!! which means is D.O.E!!
woot!!! ok,u ple may nt noe wad im tokin abt,guess onli hl,zy n xq noe!!HAHA=)

D.O.E=Day Of Enjoyment xD


let's enjoy our day todae!!xD

we came to an agreement to go out on every 6th of dec!!it's de 3rd yr i guess!! xD but sad to sae tt xq is workin so we hv to hv a make up D.O.E!anyway,zy cant keep under sun so we cant go to de beach! ='( any1 out dere hv gd place which is FUN N CHEAP?mind intro?HAHA=)

oh,so todae im at hm!!finalli=) nt bad la,quite enjoyable since it's been so long tt i stay at hm for de whole day=) woke up at 12+ den ate cake as breakfast =) den online wait for hl,but she v long den online!but nvm cos meanwhile i dgn mu own stuff ma!im lookin n sorting de china pics which i received fr wenfang de day b4!! x) lookin thru it brought back loads of memories!! i wan go back to CHINA!! x( well,had lunch den hl online so we chat abt de nxt outing=) but we couldnt tink of any place to go on sundae! movie,kbox,zoo= too exp! beach=zy cant! =( RAH. hl found a job! muz give mi jia yong hor[hsehold expense]!HAHA=)

well,still sortin de china pics! too mani u c! n i wanna pick dem n develop dem!! x) woot! sure cost mi a bomb cos so far i count de cost lyk alrdy $130+!!omg,where to gt de $$? of cos my bank la!!HAHA=) cos it's my own memory so i shall pay for it myself=)

well,im goin msia de jin ma lun n KL fr 19-23dec xD no shanghai x( but nvm,tink can spend more in msia compared to shanghai=) hope will hv loads of fun since it's been so long tt de whole family travel besides goin JB xD HAHA=)

hv been usin com these day frequentli,duno y sia..somemore keep bloggin rgt?so guai but in wrong area!shd go study instead=( BAD GAL!

ok,enuff le.BYE xD

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

ytd went town to meet anling n pam as mentioned in ytd's post=) we juz walk n walk n walk n walk. cos lyk nth to we went to TANGS to find yanting since she's workin there but we cdnt find her.wanna give her surprise de but no choice hv to ask where's she.HAHA=) aft tt we went fareast. ate fried food again! but shared wif anling so nt tt bad=) pam was troubled by de stupid eclub cos de fridge goin to be removed todae,but todae we gt outing wif wenfang n calista.HAHA=) so in de end she decided to go sch in de morning to do de stuff. mi n anling was lyk tinkin we shd meet at 2pm den go for kbox!!but anling thought mi n pam wun wan,den i tok anling n pam dunwan.HAHA=) wad a waste la!!HAHA=) if go kbox den dunnd walk so aimlessly la!HAHA=)

so aft anling collected 2 tickets,we had dinner at shaw lido dere. damm mani ple la!cos find a proper table wif chairs la,so we took de seats at de side..had kfc. HAHA=) u noe my braces rgt,gt put rubber bands. den usualli aft de whole day,both of it will break i ordered zinger for dinner.once i open my open den 1 of it break.HAHA=) so i was lyk telling marianne de ther rubber band will break soon den i hv to prepare la.cos it usualli break aft each other -.=" so aft saying tt,de rubber flew..HAHA=) so it ended more den 2metres away fr where we were sitting n it lies on de floor.HAHA=) so we were lyk laughin lyk mad la!!HAHA=) den anling went to buy her meal but she took a long tym so i decided to find her. den i walk 1 round nv c her den reach de place where den c her.den pam was lyk goin to find mi to tell mi anling is back.but luckily she nv go cos if nt will merry go round!HAHA=) imagine ltr marianne hv to go find pam.IT'S A CYCLE.haha=) so aft she took de 2 tickets which were fr her venue n timing is diff la!! so we wanna change wif others so we cd watch it tgt. luckily we met gd ple!! xD de 1st couple we asked dun mind to watch it 3omin earlier!luckily juz nw nv fight for seats wif dem!HAHA=)

so we went toilet b4 goin for de movie. marianne doesnt noe hw to read sign.HAHA=) den de sign v arrow pointin for gents is toward de ground-.=" so nd go basement la?LOL. aft we went to release in de toilet,we juz wanna go str in,no1 check our tickets sia!den we were lyk "huh,where check?nd check?" HAHA=) so in de end,de person gt check de tickets. de chair rox la! i mean it can ROCK la.HAHA=D so we tok quite loud since de movie haven start.we were 30min earlier u c. so took pic wif marianne=) b4 de movie still gt intro other movie rgt,marianne was lyk saying all nice n she wanna watch!HAHA=) those movies realli look interestin n nice! RAH.. MUZ CTRL.!! ok,de movie is nice.anyway de movie is "THE GOLDEN COMPASS".u mayb wonderin y im watchin it since it haven start showing.HAHA=) it's preview!so guess i cant tok much here!haha=) i dun realli noe wadx it abt at 1st so ok ok,but aft in front part more understand den find it nice!!WOOT=) it's nice nice nice nice=) mayb i too long nv watch movie? but it's realli nice la!HAHA! =D but still gt part 2 n 3! means i muz catch it!HAHA=) i tink worth watchin ba =) somemore is F.O.C!! XD so muz realli THX ANLING!! so we went str hm aft tt cos it's 11+pm hm super tired la! but worth it=)

went sch reach sch at abt 9am. dad din drive mi to sch=( tired tt i press de alarm n con't slp.but luckily out of sudden rmb nd wake up so wake up lo=( RAH. so i was packin my bag n my GC drop on de batteries all flew out n roll =( n 1 of them went missing.RAH. den de stupid fridge gt ice so we hv to knock la.RGT HAND DAMM PAIN NW LA!STUPID FRIDGE!!so we knocked ice for de 3 fridge.GALS POWER sia!HAHA=) dunnd aaron we still can knock de ice.LOL. was supposed to meet yt at 10 but end up reach her hse at ard 12!! =( so gulity la=( wanna meet her for hmwk n i propose to meet earlier so we can do more.yet i change de tym fr 9 to 10 den 12 reach!!so sry gal! ='( scold mi if u wan. xD ANYWAY,I LYK UR HSE DE FOOD!haha=) as in i dun lyk wegetarian food u c.but yt's hse de is nice!i duno y leh!HAHA=)

meet wenfang at JE,den she received calista's sms saying she cant go!!%#$&%$$@ how can u lyk tt ar?!?! hump.ANGRY LE LA!! so we went IMM instead of vivo!wf ate her lunch at LJS den we start window shoppin=) i stupid la,u noe tester for perfume rgt,gt de paper tingy lyk i haven spray anyting den i smell de paper-.=" HAHA=) went giant to check out eclub stuff=) ate sushi too=) aft tt jiu go off liao.we took shuttle bus since it was raining heavily outside. since de Q for clementi de is shorter n hv seats,n wf takin it,we sat dere n wait. luckily de bus is nt flooded wif ple!n we managed to gt de seats we had in in de sittin arrangement la!it brought back memories!!miss de 6 of us tgt! but for pam is 7 ple cos gt her AHEM.HAHA=) somemore is raining,which is similar to a bus ride in n raining heavily.HAHA=) met my sis at clementi n ate tom yum kuay teow at gombak mrt station dere!damm hot n spicy la!HAHA=) shared a donut n waffle wif her as dinner! so little for dinner man!

anyway,to HUILING XIAOQING ZHENYING,i checked wif de office le.for de ktv rm nt deposit of 200bucks n nd to inform dere earliest 1 wk before de actual max hr is 2hrs!but can extend 1hr if no1 dere. den aft tt 1 hr still no ple den can extend another 1 more mic too.LOL. but too exp even though can gt de deposit back how? if u read tis,pls re thru tag or sms?HAHA=)


findind stuff for eclub.RAH


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

yeah,bloggin rgt nw. oh,im saying fei hua. but nvm, tink u all used to it liao. anyway im bloggin wif my dad's lappy in his shop =)

well,goin to meet anling, pam n marianne ltr at 4pm at orchard =) go walk walk chat chat i guess. n catch de golden compass=) anling hv free tickets for it so we watch it lo.HAHA=) i wanto watch enchanted!!! any1 haven watch but wanto watch?HAHA=) so far hear tt it's a nt bad movie =) except zy hu sae it's nt nice!HAHA=)

juz had lunch =) yum yum.. waiting for tym to pass so i can meet dem up so tt's y im here.but i brought hmwk to do in dad's shop la. takin a rest la.LOL. bad excuse of mine.

ytd went ngee ann poly den had breakfast!ate de waffle!yum yum!v crispy!shdhv chose choco insteaf of kaya cos choco de nicer! but my dad chat wif mi til 8+ n we decided to walk wlak in de campus. den we went into de lib cos im goin to study dere while waiting for my sis to be released.den xq called. she cute la,but v poor tingy cos crystal bay ps her n waited for an hr+! den she ask whether i can go BB pei her for abt an hr b4 she go to work. den i duno hw la. cos mi stomach pain wanto shit but de lib light is 9am den can i went to elsewhere shit.LOL.den i duno wad to do. to pei her or stay in sch. cos i tag along sis cos she wanna intro gd food to mi n we goin out ltr on. so i tok to xq while i shit.HAHA=)so funni la. so i told her i can chat wif her to help her pass her tym cos i dun feel lyk travelling. sry xq,i realli dun wanna travel n i duno de way out to for contributing to ur hp bill...her phone bill bao we chat til abt 10am,havin breaks in btw cos she eat breakfast. den off she go for work for de 1st day. 1st day her md jiu nt v pretty nt gd sia. anyway,hope she's ok le=)

ple,if u wanna change de timing or even cancel de outing,pls do inform those involve much much earlier. if mi out liao or even reach de meeting place den u tell mi it's cancelled,i'll be damm piss off de. i duntink anyone will lyk tt la.

so ate de bento set at canteen 4.canteen 1 de is much much nicer!but canteen 4 de is cheaper de. comparin both canteens,1 de hv much much more ple!mayb due to de gd food dey provide!HAHA=)so went to wm walk a while n check out HP.. tink nokia 5610 n 5310 lyk nt bad. anybody out dere hv these hp?r they gd?shd i consider buyin dem? HAHA=) 5310 de more exp. so mayb will buy 5610 instead of 5310.but depends bro offer to exchange hp wif mi cos he wanna gt SE k810!HAHA=) I duno shd agree nt!mayb terms n condition apply ? LOL. but my bro's hp is a gd hp.juz tt it doesnt hv radio la..

aft goin wm,went ps walk walk n sis bought a shirt. den we went town n i bought a shorts.HAHA=) so we collected de watch tt repaired n had out dinner=) duno y reach hm damm tire!lyk usin msn still goin fall aslp la. HAHA=)

tmr hv gatherin wif wenfang cal n pam n myself.LOL. aaron cant make it,jon in china.too bad.HAHA=) hope will hv fun today n tmr sia! =)

anyway im BROKE! X(


ok.times up.BYE.

Monday, December 03, 2007

went JB todae. did nth except eat.did some research for hp thru internet. w660i seems to be nt bad. but my sis wanna to buy tt!! RAH. duntink i'll buy w580i,cos tt's realli too exp. im nt rich u c.HAHA=) n if it lost,im so damm ='( la.. so i wan a gd nice cheap hp!lol.

well,mama told mi we're goin msia! but nw mayb change to china!!HAHA=) they're still planning la,but so last min huh? anyway u'll wanna spend $300+ to go msia KL or $800+ to ShangHai? HAHA=) i'll choose shanghai cos gt to take plane n is a longer trip=) de last tym i take plane is aug but tt's wif fren la=) de last tym wif family is lyk 5yrs ago wen we went beijing! wonder end up will go msia or china or elsewhere sia. anyway china is havin winter rgt nw! cool man!last tym i went in late nov v cold liao,nw muz be freezin la..HAHA=) i was hopin to go taiwan cos tink there more fun n can buy more stuff! but lyk dunhv much promotion for taiwan? din hear my mum mention taiwan anyway=( anyway,hope dun go msia or thailand cos went n times liao.HAHA=)

tmr goin to my sis's sch[np] again!!HAHA=) hope de waffle store is open cos de waffle is realli nice!! v crispy x) anyway she onli hv 2hrs of lesson! so i can do stuff in de lib n off we go to somewhere? rah. i duno where we goin -.=" tt will hv to depend on whether her watch is repaired nt.HAHA=)

牛仔很忙 by 周杰伦 is realli hard to sing.HAHA=) i tried to sing along but it's so damm fast. HAHA=) anyway it's a nice song i guess?HAHA=)

by de way tt tym went kbox wif my laopos,mi n xq sang 戀人未滿 by funni la.i duno hw to lyk she sing a line den i sing de nxt.den de pitch is quite high. den de last line lyk cant hit.HAHA=) den we burst into laughter.HAHA=)nice try la=) nxttym let's try =)

ok,off i go to pack wad to brin tmr.HAHA=)

dun 4gt to gt smt for mi!!HAHA xD

Saturday, December 01, 2007

back to post=)

had e cube workshop. had meeting at 9am til 11+. den shuqing say it was de ahma's wake tt day. so sad la,she always cum to sizzlinice to collect de cans n speak to us in dialect tt i duno.nw she's gone =( shuqing wanted to go to de ahma's wake but we hv eclub,so we din go in de end. aft de workshop is lyk 7 liao.den de pres of eclub,i duno hw to spell his name,say fri gt meetin cos de external bazaar mayb change to mon.i was lyk WTH man!! everyting is lyk so damm last min la.imagine ple alrdy fixed appointment la. their last min change of plan will affect ple to last min change their plan which will affect others if mani cant make it,den it's TOO BAD.ok,i was damm pissed for no reason cos i lyk ntn on on fri. but,haha,it's a day i can stay n hm to do my stuff n eclub wanna eat tt day fr mi.HAHA=) anyway,wen he say external bazzar change to mon,i was angry too. but happi cos we can sell de drink if can la..SAD?y? cos we alrdy sae out wif anling!!RAH.luckily de outing change to tues=)den waited for 174 for abt 45min!!RAH. shd hv take 157 instead man!!so went hm quite pissed off la..HAHA=)

29nov n 30nov
went outing wif my laopos!!meet zy at bb den hl n xq at orchard.had lunch at take foodcourt which is quite exp!! some1 asked hl whether de seat is empty,den hl tok he ask any1 sitting dere so she shake her head..HAHA=) SO FUNNY la.. went kbox aft tt x) seems lyk most songs were chose by mi n hl!!finalli hear zy's voice la!!HAHA=) chose quite no of songs tt de titles dey duno n i hv to sing a line den they noe.HAHA=) so mi n hl sang BDAE SONG to xq n zy n gave them their presents.hope dey'll lyk it =) kbox was quite ok todae,as in it's 12.50 for 5hrs of singing =) realised tt mayday had impacted xq..SRY GAL!!so went to hv subway for dinner since we duno wad to eat. de service was nt v gd in de person din realli provide gd service.oh,wadeva. so went hm aft tt=) we were so damm noisy in de train usual u c..HAHA=) so we're goin to hv dvd marathon!!so i gonna check out fr de "function rm" sia. ok,i shall do tt asap ok?haha=)

dinner at SUBWAY=)cam-whoring process start...=)it's a cycle. cant u c?LOL

OK,we r suppose to do "xi nu ai le" for de rest of de photos...

so went hm n hv a quick bath.sry i was late to meet pam n jeremiah at 10.30pm at gombak to send our classmates off to china!=) couldnt slp well in de train cos too noisy least gt to rest our eyes=) so reached there ard 11+ or ard 12 =) den go viewin hall to meet dem=) mi n pam ate be4 usin jon's lappy=) by de way,can make use of econs while we search for food sia.cos dere's lyk nt much shop open den we went to a shop.price inelastic can lemon tea cost 1.60!!tt's exp la!rah.n de breakfast set cost 3.80 man!outside sell at 2bucks onli la! but we were too hungry so no choice la. we din slp at all man.quite awake in we sent dem off lo.LOL. de feelin is so damm diff fr being sent off la!! how we wish we're flying off tgt wif dem man!! poor jeremiah send classmates twice tis yr n his lasttym takin plane is wen he 2yrs old!!ok,aft sendin dem off,mi n pam were lyk duno where to go cos it's lyk 7+ onli den eclub starts at 10.30. jeremiah suggested tt we shd go hm for a nap so tt we can rest at least a bit ma. but i lazy u c.if i go hm,means i wun out again for bloody eclub.but we hv nth to do man. but,we end up goin hm so i din go eclub. poor pam,guess she go alone? cos our bu onli left her n she hv to go.sry gal,i made my stand quite clear earlier liao.. so dun bash mi up when u c mi de nxt tym!!

s28 ple tt goin off to china:yiqing fengyi jon edward yonghong jaijun cheryl jasmine n shijiehope it'll be an enjoyable trip for them!!

had a super long nap tt day but did some chem b4 slp!HAHA=) so i slpt de whole dae n miss my lunch!so lyk aft dinner i still hungry la. lol.

wanted to out wif sis to her sch so i can do some hmwk den go for de IT fair tgt at expo. but there was objection fr my famili.LOL.cos i keep goin out u c. de whole wk i keep OUT OUT OUT la.den in de mornin my mum ask mi n my aunt to go out,so at hm onli my grandma.den i was lyk RAH.din u all ask mi to stay at hm n nw i guai guai stay at hm n every1 is OUT!rah. NVM,i wun out since i've plan wad to do.HAHA=)

oh,by de way,chem revision ws de ans is nt post up accordingly to de dates tt they state! hw can it be de case la!! on de com juz for it tt dae den no ans post up.RAH.oh,mayb dey scare some ple will juz copy de ans or wad so ever ba..

life is so damm predictable sia. de ahman incident n de drangon boat de. haix. it's so sad wen u read de articles abt it la='( so muz treasure every1 beside u cos u'll nv noe wad will happen de nxt moment =(

ok,i shall go off le. rush gong zhu xiao mei epi 11 den do hmwk!! =x