Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Third week of final sem

Hello Humans,

it's week 3 for school. That's kinda fast.

The feeling of sianness came every Monday night, knowing that I have to go school on Tuesday was quite ): I have 6 days of weekends and 1 day of weekday, HAHA. But don't be jealous, cos having a one-day week is making me sian in terms of going to school. But I'm happy that I can nuah the rest of the week. Nuahing is one of my favourite but that's certainly not the only thing that I do.

Anyway, will be starting interview sessions soon for my FYP! Okay, I mean I've started asking people when they are free and stuff like that. Thanks to people who are willing to help. :D Of course I'm still on the midst of lookinig for more people while trying to finalize those nterview questions. I hope my questions wouldn't be too stupid or weird. Pardon me my friends, I'm not good in all these :X

On a side note, happy that I managed to run 5.5km yesterday. Not a big deal to you but yes for me,HAHA. Second session of pilates in school today and NPM is not coming due to her dinner date. Hopes it will be good and it wouldn't get too much of pilates sores!


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hello Humans,

Final semester as an undergraduate started this week. LAST SEMESTER, which came way too fast!):

I was considering over two soci modules (1. Sexuality and 2. Power Politics) and I wasn't quite sure which I'm going to take. I'm fine with any of these topics, any of these professor, having to come school for one or two days (just that Monday wouldn't be a "free" day D: ) is fine for me too. But to be frank, sexuality's course seems attractive cos the kind of readings, movie that Genaro going to give us to read/watch, and I'm good with doing stuff myself (as in assignment). But we got to buy books that gonna cost extra money and I should I need to change course I'll need to get to YanJia. As for power politics, the course that I've already registered for,  it seems more challenging cos the readings are eh, some seems to be quite dry and there's pair/group work and an innovative assignment. But not to deny there's interesting element (i hope). And NPM is taking it and we can have our lunch tour in between our lecture and tutorial! Hmmm I'm still considering but somehow, I think I may just stick with power politics. Last sociology module, hope it will turn out okay.(:

Anyway, I have this sudden urge to try all these places! Food look so yummy!! :D

1. Antoinette
2.Food for Thought
3. Tiong Bahru Bakery
4. The orange Thimble

肥死人, HAHA.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 resolution

Hello humams,

Happy 2013. Hopes that it has been good for you so far. As for me, it still pretty awesome since im just back from my short get away from bangkok with my laopos (; it was the first time for our foursome trip and i hope more to come in our life. (:

And here's a list of new year resolution for 2013!

1. graduate smoothly in months time
    That means all the best for my FYP and hopes that it wouldn't turn out too bad. Also, i hope to at least maintain my cGPA of 3.8 though it is a bit tough.  Hmm. so I'll just try huh.

2. Good job upon graduation
     hopes i'll have clearer mind of what i want to work as before graduate and land myself in a decent job with decent pay.

3. Get my driving licence
    Registered myself with bbdc last dec and hope i can get my driving licence by end of this year! If i can get it by june, that would be one of the best birthday present. Haha. If not, I dont mind it as belated present. To be frank, im scare of driving on road so wish me good luck (:

4.Know the basic of ukulele
    ukulele classes will be starting soon in late jan! Hopefully by end of this year i can learn the basic of it and perhaps play a few songs!

5. stay healthy and fit
    i kind of like the healthier lifestyle of going to the gym for once or twice a week though there isnt any weight lose yet. hopefully in year 2013, i can maintain this healthy lifestyle with a healthier and fitter and slimmier body! I have not lose any weight that i gained after im back from my europe trip and for this year,  i hope i can aim for 55-58kg. Haha i know it is super ultra difficult but hopefully getting back to my weight last year will be okay. People say aim for the start so u'll land on  the moon so see how huh.

6. travel
    Travel is really a luxury and i know ive travelled quite a lot last year for my europe trip. Indeed it was a great experience to fulfil my university to do wish list and though ive been to a number of places, most of them are just touch and go. I think ive covered less than 3% of europe but of course that is better than nothing (; so in 2013, a year of student and working life. Somehow i hope to have a break in between where i get to travrl a bit. It can be work and travel or voluntary trip to developing countires. Actually Ive thought about it last time but didnt really think about it. Maybe it's the time. Haha. Anyway I was thinking if voluntary work should be done in the local or overseas cos flying to the country is like wastting the money :/ maybe all these will become my grad trip huh. Lol, but seriously i don't know yet and Grad trip is still unknown :/

7. better skin complex
  Ive no idea what happened to me but my skin was damn jalat in 2012. I mean i don't hv a good skin to start with but it got worsen and i was so unhappy with it. So  please give me back my not so good but not that bad skin in year 2013

8. remain happy and be happy

9. Still waiting for my 等久久的人。

That's all.

I know a lot of typo for this post. But tying with Hp isn't easy and I sort of get frustrated and hence not editing much :/

School's coming. Back to student life yo.