Friday, October 17, 2008

oh well, 17days left... n it will be my sister's birthday!! okay, it's de start of A's too lah :( so guess this shall be de last post bah!! shall spend time more wisely! :D anw,my sis bought mi a jacket fr NewYorkCity wif mickey n minnie :)) so sweet of her lah! cos she say exam will be v cold so can where during A's!! muackss!!i simply LOVE it! n it's a jumper!

todae last day of official sch day!! how sad/happy! oh,it's juz too fast :(

stayed in sch to study.. thx beeping for ur sweet,thx wenfang for ur tt oil wiper? (i duno wadx tt call lah.LOL.) HAHA=) study half way they give so hmm,thx ar!! okay,im random.

look at those new china photos juz now,haven save in cd cos i duno where's cd. it's usually wif my sis lah.. so guess i'll burn into cd nxt tym.. okay,boring post n i shall nt waste ur/my time!!

THE RACE IS STARTING... okay,in fact it's sort of started--"


-loves beanbean :))

Friday, October 10, 2008

IT'S FRIDAE again n again n again D:
im so tired these days. eyes like quite dry sia. duno y sia, slp at latest 12+ but still end up tire. somemore i realli din do much! D: tt's even more weird lah.

jiajun calista n yanting thought mi n pam quarrel today --" i was like HUH?!?! wen yt ask mi lah. perhaps cos we din sit tgt wen study til 6pm bahx..LOL. den i burst out into laughter wen yanting realli thought mi n pam quarrel. anw,studying in sch quite efficient lah,wun hv much distraction n most prob wun fall aslp :D

smt i realli wonder im giving tt stress face or wad. some of my sec sch fren mentioned tt i look stress during exam period! well,those r wad some wrote in my autograph bk in sec sch lah.LOL. bought lots of notes etc which is damm thick n i doubt i hv de ability to finish them. so mgt as well so mani,can save money n paper :D but i'll buy those i nd de lah. LOL.

chatted wif mama ytd instead of dgn hmwk cos mama say v long din chat wif mi le. true lah,cos last time i'll chat wif her de. so wen i was like goin off den she ask whether i hv test de nxt day,so i sae no. den she ask mi to chat wif her. so i did. HAHA=) den at nite do case study wif eyes half closed --" but nvm,worth it since damm long nv chat le.HAHA=)

p.s: thx ms yee for ur concern:))

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

dogs r so damm cute rgt?

i love chengyee's blog de music sia!!! ( u can find her blog fr my link,LOL). I LOVE IT but i duno wadx de name of de song. my hp hv this music but it's played by flute which is damm nice!! i can listen n listen for more than 99545775^infinity times at one go. how i wish there's a musical box with this music lah!!! i'll buy (if it's nt too exp lah!!) HAHA=) so if u happen to c musical box wif this music do inform mi! LOL.okay,im random.

OFF TO STUDY!! cos tmr hv bio p1,maths lect n chem p3 mock. HAIX. it's okay.

im gonna say 1wk goin end again D:


Friday, October 03, 2008

sometimes i rather there's no wkend! i dun wan wkend to come so fast n go so fast n gonna say hi to a's tt soon :((

anw,MONKEY (sarah) din come sch ytd n todae! so pam pei-ed mi to go ms yew's lect ytd :)) THX MOON!! n she pei-ed mi for econs remedial!! w/o pam tink i'll bored to death or perhaps i wun go :X duno how to survive nxt tym! i realli nd someone i noe to pei mi! one is better than none n luckily pam is always wif mi thru'out my jc yrs! THX MOON AGAIN!! :))

anw,todae chem anling suddenly carry her bag like wanna go out of de classrm. den most ple were like HUH,so she say it's v cold here n then move to de seats behind. pam laughed n i din realli laugh or wad. so jeremiah say he thought we quarrel so anling move behind n i din care her! HAHA=) so funny lah. anw she wanted to pon bio, we hv nth to say so let her choose herself. so she left n ms wun saw her so end up she go --" we din hv much energy to do de bio p2 sia.. quite mani wrong :(

went yew's US remedial todae. in fact many sia's student went over to yew's--" sia like v ke lian sia... i realli realli duno how to do those qn lah D: but aft readin then time is okay lah,but if gonna do again nxttym, think i'll produce rubbish again D: cs sai asked y i nv look at de board wen yew goin thru de qn --" cos i was trying to solve de qn myself lah! tink if i listen w/o trying to solve it myself i still wun catch de ball! went wm aft tt n we played hide n seek --" okay,nt realli lah,but to mi n hl,we like realli playing hide n seek wif zy n yt lah!! ate mr bean's icecream :))

oh ya,ate long john wif sis ytd :) quite random but i duno y these days i feel like eatin so mani many stuff! mi n hl also craving for kfc!! HAHA=) oh ya,pam de other way round lah!! muz eat even if u dun feel like eating!! tt's wad i always do lah. but i rarely dun hv wei kou lei.. i cant even think of once --"

okay,enough le bah,i wan go do my stuff le :)

P.S.: i want self declaimed study leave too!!!! :))

Thursday, October 02, 2008

racing with time....
let's win de race bah!! at least try to complete de race! :)

-stop thinkin too much!!