Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hello Humans.

I made a mistake in the calculation, I need an A- for my CS or HS215 (the best both)! I don't want any drop in my cGPA which I worked hard for in previous sem. But I'm not doing much for this module which will be tested tomorrow. Notes not touched. FB articles not read. Just started reading the articles and dinner soon X:

Gave people wrong impression that exam ended and holiday is here! But somehow that's how I feel though I spent my day (ytd) reading biz law. 

LALALA, I'm happily imagine myself eating Mac Nuggets and trying to read FB articles posted by my CS lecturer.

Okay back to articles.

Till then.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

let me have these grades

Hello Humans.

Happy birthday to my most beloved sister! :D

Love you forever and everrr ((:

Anyway, HS301 evil devil is over.

I think most of us are happy that it's over but at the same time emo about how cruel it was.

For me, I think I'm more happy than emo since not much effort put it. emo shall come if I don't secure a B- at the end.

1 paper down, 3 more to go.

I've no idea but it seems to be rather slacky.

Hopefully this slackness will not yield a result that's too bad. I just need to score minimum of these to get a cGPA or GPA 3.66:
HS301 B-
HS401 B
HS215 B+
Biz Law S

Not greedy grades right? Yes I'll be very contended. So pray hard yay.

And being subjected to NTU's system for 2.5 years, I can't remember that the passing grade is a D and I always thought is C since it is 2/5. Come to think about it, having the misconception that C is the passing grade is good so that at least I wouldn't fall below it.

Hang on people, it's ending. (:

btw i hiccuped 10 times ytd. wth.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm year 4?!

Hello Human.

Whee, it's slightly good to clear AUs faster and to be in "year 4" for next course registration though i'll still be a 3.5 year student.


Cos we can register modules slightly early! (: But i'm not sure whether that applies to many of us, and if so that would be pointless. Anyway the worries for courses shall wait.

First paper- HS301 is coming in 2 days time, to be exact it should be 1 day. I'm still not even half way through. Fell asleep 'n' times while reading. I seriously love HS301. Anyway got back the essay today. I should say I'm happy and contented for a rubbish work to get B- (: I seriously have no idea what I was typing and that explain the 6 question marks I got from Harry. In fact I wonder how he mark and give me that grade. Recalling the HS205 essay which I putted in much more effort and got a C+ from him, I think this time round maybe he is being more kind.

Supposed to be studying, I came online to check email and that was my intention an hour plus ago. Maybe I should stop "checking" my email and go back to my lovely 301. No no, i think i'll go to TV soon. Stupid channel 8 is airing good nice drama these days. And after 行医 now got 星洲之夜. Why so many distraction?! Thank you very much channel 8.

HS301 please be nice, I want a pass, or a B-, though i know it wouldn't be nice, at all.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

jiayou HBB and others (:

A little note to myself and whoever taking exam soon:

oops, I'm a slacker. Yes ): But my eyes can't set on 301 for too long :/ I need some distraction to make myself slightly awake. I'm at modernity. Half way through the chapter, and that's third lecture out of the 11. okay okay I'm fine with a B- so give me my B- for this mod okay. C+ will be okay too but I'll still prefer B-.

It's quite rare (i think) for me to feel so nuah despite the fact that my paper is Thursday. This is bad. hopefully I'll stop falling asleep while reading such an interesting module.

Oh ya, course registration for next semester is here. Sian diao. 本来不关我的事, now need to do some finger war ):




The most demure and quiet lady among all my laopos. Despite all the silent moment, 你不说,我不说的moments, glad to have you around cos not everything have to be spelt out. Thanks for being there for each of everyone of us. I miss all our recess chatting session, where we rather have a grumbling stomach than to have meals. I miss all our SJAB training and camps despite the tough and torturous sessions. I miss how we used to hang out with sekchin. I miss the days that you sit right in front of me and we were the Chinese reps together (though we didn't do much for that). HAHA. 

All the best to my da lao po, I'm not a selfish laopo, please get a Mr Right soon. I mean, hopefully he will ride on a white horse and pick you up soon instead of keep you waiting :P But maybe you can share with us about him and get us approved huh! 毕竟 i'm your laogong right? HAHA(:  

Stay happy and healthy.


P.S. An early post for you just in case I'm guai and not using com on 22nd! :D



22 years old, but still like a kid! I remember around 8 years ago how our topic on potato leaves started our first conversation, the days where we trained n complaint about SJAB (and maybe bitch about it), the retard moments of you (haha yes you) and endless of awesome foursome dating. All the well-wishes to you, of course my standard wishing phrase of stay happy and healthy (: 

Oh ya, and congrats upon your graduation, last stage of education is coming and whatever major or school you're getting into, all the best to you :D


Friday, November 18, 2011

Exam sianness

Hello Humans.

Haven't been using com for the past two days.
Feel a bit guai but the photos above just betrayed me. :/

Anyway, this shows how bored am I revising for HS215-education and society.
Cam-whoring is part of killing boredom.

Center-parting me with a huge face. Hello high forehead.
Side-parting is still better right? But it will auto center, can't help it.

6 days to HS301, which I'm totally not prepared.
Not as stress yet but i can see it coming soon.

Hate the score for media in China.
Crapped for online discussion and I shan't care more.
Time to back to revision. CS or BU or HS301?

Don't wanna start HS301 cos that will be a horror. :X

Nice dramas are distracting me too.
9pm drama why so nice! The upcoming one also ):


P.S. I just realized I have a follower!
HAHA, and I go O.O.
Anyway it's PM!HELLO.

Monday, November 14, 2011

counting down

Hello Humans.

All assignments for this semester are finally done! *CLAP CLAP*

I'm not a good student, I just wanna crap finish my work and hand it in.

Quality? Substance? I don't give a big damn anymore.

Okay, not that I'm that bad. I tried to give what I can give, without using much of my brain juice.

These days aren't good ones.

Sick at the wrong time.
[WHY?! I haven't been sick for years!):]

Many distractions and stuffs.

Oh well, things happen for a reason.
(YES, damn reason reminds me of HS301.)

量力而为,这个semester我只想 maintain my GPA 就可以了。

Too much of a request? I'm not sure, but I shall promise myself not to fret over as long as get a cGPA of 3.66. CROSS MY FINGERS. 

Count-down: 10 days to exams, 17 days to freedom.

Okay, time for revision (like finally). 

All the best my friends, we'll meet up in December.

With Love,

Monday, November 07, 2011

okay, soci ain't that evil

Hello Humans.

It turned out that soci is being good and decided to give me exemption to start my FYP in y4s1 despite the fact that I will not be meeting one of the requirement. Thank You soci. But i'm so sorry that I'm still nuahing instead of chionging my HS401 assignment and get started with revision. :/

Maybe I shall side aside exchange stuff and get serious with assignment 3. My mind can't focus, RAH. I'll make sure it focus soon. soon soon.... .

Anyway, came across 芮恩's songs yesterdayThese songs- 讨厌 and   是谁 are pretty old songs but not bad huh.