Saturday, May 25, 2013

A relaxing fulfilling day- if only it's always holiday

Hello Humans,

Today is a super relaxing day! Okay not really, cos I had a presentation this morning for the HSS OEP. It feels so weird to be with kids (they are just a few years younger than me) who I don't know but most of them knowing each other. It's gonna be hard to communicate with them. Is it because I'm getting old and anti-social? HAHA, I think it's more likely cos I'm not going to be studying in school with any of them I guess. 

But anyway, today is relax yet fulfilling cos it feels that I have done some stuffs within a day. Shopping with ZY at Jurong Point was really impromptu. She happened to saw my yesterday's post this morning and texted me before my meeting end! (: So window shopping turned out to shopping since both of us bought something. I was eyeing on some dresses but it was really my problem. The dresses are damn short, WHY CAN'T YOU ALL BE LONGER HUH?! And another problem of me is that some dresses that I have been trying are quite nice-fitting at the lower part but too big at the top. Seriously, I have heavy bottom! ): Okay that aside, we were happy to see pretty shoes at Rubi. Yes, Rubi! Gonna admit that I don't really like their shoes cos some of the quality very cui and it feels like cardboard. But a pair of shoes really caught my eyes with it's pandan kaya-look-alike green! HAHA. It really looks delicious and pretty and it's $10! So yes, i took quite long to decide to buy it and we spotted a lot of other pretty shoes! ZY was kinda sad cos she recently boughts shoes at much higher price and she was eyeing on new range of Rubi shoes. HEE, sorry to keep that shoes in view. :P And ZY bought a top, hopefully she will wear it often (:

So after shopping was gyming. Actually I don't do much in gym. I'll usually try to jog for 30 minutes (with first 5 minutes walking as warm up) followed by 5 minutes cool down. HAHA, my timing can be cui but for hater for running, I consider that's very good already. *CLAP CLAP as encouragement* LOL. But anyway cos I'm those kind of people who can sweat damn easily, so it's good to have some sweat out sessions. (: Today was windy, so I decided to sit by the swimming pool to enjoy the wind with my music. IT IS SUPER AWESOME. That would really be a luxury in hectic life (in the future) but I guess once in a while is good enough. I realized I like to live in my world world, lying somewhere, listening to music and enjoying the wind. Just like in barrage. LOL.

That's about it for today. 


Friday, May 24, 2013

Solo window shopping

1. $43.90 New Look floral skirt.

 2. $49.90 New Look white dress.

 3. $69.90 Zara green dress

 4. $81 Laneign basic set

 5. $49.90 green dress from Orchard Central

6. $39.90 green dress from Orchard Central.

Was window shopping alone in town before meeting my sister. It was quite relaxing and enjoyable to enjoy the Japanese noodles and matcha before walking around. Only managed to get items from Daiso cos the cheaper price makes me more willing to spend. Amazingly the pocket size tripod stand works but sadly the food stuff that I got from Daiso ain't really nice :/ Looked around at clothes at New Look, Zara, Cotton On etc and photos above are some of the stuff that I thought are not bad and tried them on. Sadly, I think I wouldn't be considering item 2 and 3 as the former is quite simple but too expensive and item 3 is surprisingly too big (I took size M) and probably size S would be too small. Okay, maybe I should be happy for that so that I can eliminate more items on the list. HAHA. Item 5 and 6 seems a bit too expensive too but they are quite nice! The same goes to item 1. HAHA. Laneign products look pretty good too and I saw a pair of Scholl sandals which are damn comfy ($42).

GSS when are you officially coming?! I'm gonna walk around to see see look look before spending unless I can't resist the temptation. HAHA. But again, money drop from sky please. Or is it time to start job hunting? X:

Probably another solo window shopping tomorrow at JP since I need to go NTU for some meeting. haiyo, Saturday leh.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

meet up with loves

Hello Humans,

Here's a very outdated update regarding meet up with my loves! :)

This was taken during BFF meet up in Feb at LingZhi, my first time trying vegetarian buffet! We decided to have steamboat cos it was near Chinese New Year and perhaps steamboat will have more feel. HAHA. Anyway I always look like giant next to them -.-

Hello to our Mushroom hotpot buffet!I think the soup base on the left is original and the one on the right is tom yum (:

Please boil faster cos we wanna eat.

We had some dimsum too. Overall we think it's not very worth it cos it's quite pricey with quite limited choice of food. Being called mushroom hotpot buffet, I was really looking forward for more variety of mushroom but disappointingly, there is very few that we can choose from. ): So probably I wanna visit it anytime soon X:

But anyway the quality time with friends is always loved! We then proceed to town area and not knowing what to do, we wanted to head to some free museum. But we had to change our plans due to the change in weather! Seek for a shelter at TCC and we had coffee and chatted. (:

Me and xq shopping at topshop cos she wanna spend her vouchers.  Haha. This kind of hairband seems to be wore during photo taking only. Haha


Birthday celebration for Bay and YT at Eight Treasure (:

This looks so like a family photo and I love everyone of us here! :D

These are the food that we ordered: Satay, cereal prawn, pork, kang kong, and 猴头菇。I was really hesitating whether or not to vote against 猴头菇 cos it sounds so... you know right. HAHA. Not yeah end up we decided to give it a try. Great food and great friends, hope the birthday girls are as happy as us. HAHA. 

Dessert time after our dinner. Had a hard time finding table for the 6 of us but nonetheless we got it (: after that was home sweet home since yt working the next day.


I can't wait for the picnic session on coming saturday with you girls! 


Monday, May 13, 2013

Things to do during this so-called break.

Hello Humans,

I am not sure whether I am having holiday or is it consider a break between school life and work life. It's only the fifth day after my paper. I have been doing things that I like so far, like staying at home, tidying, eating

and eating

and eating.

At this rate of eating, I guess I will become a super big fat pig soon. Here are some of the stuff that I probably have to do while having my so-called break.

1) Get my gyming regime back.
Having an almost 1 month break from gym and entering it again on Saturday with just a 3.6km jog, my legs are still aching right now. LOL. Twice per week regime was reduced to once and zero and hopefully it will slowly come back again. I seriously need to lose some fats and oil. With the obsession with carbo like rice and noodles, and fried food, I doubt I can have a good clean diet. :/

2) Start my practical for driving.
I hope once it started it will just get going and I'll get it over and done with instead of having breaks in between and forgetting all the skills and being unfamiliar with stuff and back to square one. I am hoping to start my driving lesson in June, so if I were to do it twice or thrice a week that would be the best. 25 practical lessons at non-peak hours would cost around $1550 ($62 x 25).  I do have some money for that but I will be super mega broke after that. I am waiting for my OCBC ibanking device so that I can have some money in my BBDC account to make booking. Happy waiting.

3) Save my lele and practice/learn it.
Did I mention that the string of my lele snapped and I got to do some operation for it. Maybe I'll look at Youtube if not I'll send it to hospital which is super not worth it cos changing the string cost around $15 and I got it at $28 or so? I can't remember. Oh well, I'll see how.

4) Tidying.
What to say more, that's one of my favourite hobby. HAH. Actually that is what I have been doing since my exam and I still have a long way to go! I think I can just stay at home for an entire week or even weeks just to tidy my room, excluding my sister's territory. I am actually not even done with one cupboard. Clap Clap. I have a lot of junks or stuff to be thrown, recycled (i.e. my soci notes HAHA) or donated (i.e. unwanted use-able stuff). I'm trying to make more space or changing some space allocation for our stuff. Despite getting 2 cupboards from Ikea, I think we are still facing space constraint.

5) Job Hunting.
Actually I am no an unemployed since I am not actively finding a job in the market. Oh well, but I think I will fall under that category soon when my job hunting starts. A standard question that I receive is "eh you graduate already right", "eh you found job?", "what can you work as/what you wanna work as?"etc. They are super common to receive and I know it's hard to avoid though I hate to reply since I've no clear answer. I wonder when I should start my job hunting. Ideally it should start soon so I can nuah and rest and do whatever I like and by the time I've enjoyed finished it's time to start work and earn money. But, lack of motivation and being so sian about taking more responsible and stepping into the next phase of life, I am not really prepared and I am truly not really excited, yet. It's not like I don't have to work since I don't like or I shouldn't drag or maybe I shouldn't be so fast to judge since I've yet to experience it. But probably I will... start it soon, when I feel like. X: It can be quite stressful when you see people getting job or even started working already. My mum was telling me that I have to start work soon cos I've been spending and eating. HMMM.

6) Me time.
Yes I want more Me Time. I think it's really a pleasant to live in your own world for a while. Perhaps having a cup of tea in TCC at vivocity, looking at the pretty habour front scene and read a good read. Okay I have not been to there but I once saw a photo there which makes me have this mental image. HAHA. As for good read, I don't really read, but I still have the social studies textbook that CS lent me, random. HAHA. But anyway, that sounds good for a perfect afternoon, all by yourself. Okay, money money. Oh ya, I also thought of penning down some stuff, like super outdated Europe trip or whatever when I have the time. A good way to reminisce the good times (:

7) Catch up.
Break is also about catching up with your loved ones- your friends, family and yourselves. HAHA. But me having break doesn't mean the whole world is having break. Those who want to meet will meet, coordination can be a bit tedious but arrangement can be made.

I have been spending online by buying online deals X: For example, Japanese buffet, Korean buffet, Gelish maincure and pedicure, haircut and leggings. HAHA. I was really tempted by some other online deals. That's aside from the singing and make-up class that NPM bought for the both of us. Not going out doesn't really mean not spending X:


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cheers to all mothers

Hello Humans,

First of all, to all the mothers, be in human, animal, gender or whoever,


My mama highlighted one important point, if only people treat their mama well just on this day throughout the whole year, it's quite a sad thing. I find it quite true cos we usually just take our mamas for granted (i.e. like cos she will always be there for you etc) and probably children reward them or celebrate their contribution on mothers' day. I guess we don't have to treat our mum great delicate everyday or too frequently but giving them small little things that they like as and well is probably better. HAHA. Like getting them Old Chang Kee chicken wings or curry puff or yam pie, 粽子 from 和记 , bringing them to mayim for meals, or having coffee breaks randomly in the day and buying them wanbao etc, I think these small little things makes them happy and I myself feels happy too. HAHA.

But nevertheless, cos of this special day plus we were out plus I have craving for 小笼包 plus we walked past dintaifung while finding foodcourt, I suggested treating them! HAHA. So happily we queued and got our seats pretty fast.

Mama and I while waiting for our food.

Godma and Grandpa.

Here's our 小笼包! yummy! But mama was saying Mayim's is better than this, somemore cheaper! I think they taste about the same. HAHA.

I mad love this fu zhu prawn thingy. It's damn expensive. Such a small serving but $9.80. But why you so nice?!?!?! 

We waited super ultra long for this curry fish head. Perhaps cos we have nothing else to eat cos we finished all our food and they served us our plain rice so we thought that it's coming but it is not. $26+ with a not so big serving, we still it's quite worth it cos the curry is really nice! They used a lot of shrimps for the natural sweetness and the curry is piping hot that I scalded my tongue -.-'

My mama making wishes. So did my godma. HAHA.

Thank you mama for bringing me to this world on 27th June 1990, and of course giving me a super big and loud family by giving birth to my other siblings. Thanks for risking your life to have me at the age of 40. Thanks for playing with me, taking care of me, and doing everything for me.

Thank you my godma, who dote me since the day I was born. I know I'm your sweetheart and everyone knows that with your biasness! HAHA. Like during Chinese New Year my godma will write my name "小彬" on the angbao so that she wouldn't give it to the wrong person cos that angbao got more money. Thanks for buying hashbrown from McDonald whenever you visit us over the weekend when we were still kids. Thanks for caring and treating me like a kid even up till now.

I think I am very blessed, cos I have two mothers. But I got to admit that sometimes we take a lot of things to be granted, and even if we do know that they are precious, we tend to forget them and only be reminded once over a blue moon. They are getting old, with more wrinkles and white hairs. I think I need to learn to treasure them more.

I am not flaunting loves from my mamas. I believe that yours love you to tiny little bits of you, loving you despite the fact that you can be damn stupid and annoying at times, and they can do it via various methods. You may find their nagging irritating, or being impatient with that just like me. But you know you still love them and so do them. Be it whether they are around, I believe deep down their love will stay with you, with all the great bonding and memories you all shared.

Cheers to all mothers.


Monday, May 06, 2013

exam countdown: 2 days

I should be studying like the good rabbit above but i'm actually not. Last revision for exam in ntu but wasn't that motivated but of course I tried to study or at least do some note writing which doesn't look as nice as the past notes I've made.

I'm getting more random. Off to continue my 311.