Tuesday, November 27, 2007

had eclub on mon fr 12.30pm til abt 6.30-6.45pm!! RAH. wad a long workshop man. well,it's a eclub workshop tt teach u hw to write business proposal,marketin,sales n etc.so it's quite useful in a sense. but im juz too sianx abt it. imagine u're trap in de rm for abt 6hrs la.. haha=) but wed shall be de last section le=) anway they tried to shorten de workshop le =) de workshop quite ok even though de time length is long la.. =) tues we had loads of fun tokin abt gals stuff.cos we're planning to sell pdt for gals man..HAHA=) n tt AARON is so interested in it la..HAHA=) we ordered mac,which i tok it's for lunch since i din eat mine. but aft de mac came,it was left at de back of the rm while de person con't tokin..so de fries turns soggy[spell lyk tis?] luckily i onli order machicken x) we did some bu discussion wen we were given tym to discuss abt other stuff=X hope tmr's section wun be boring !! =)

tmr goin sch fr 9-6+!!havin meetin den de workshop.totally a eclub day man.

thurs im out wif my laopos!!!finalli aft so damm long,we r goin kbox!!HAHA=)im excited. tt ms ma oso v excited.HAHA=) tt dae sure gt a big hole for my pocket/wallet sia...

todae went out wif sis to repair her lappy. de person sae mayb is de software prob,but she went sch de person sae is motherboard[i duno wadx tt] prob.so a wasted trip. den went dental. since xmas so put RED N GREEN for my braces. DAMM WEIRD OK. my nxt trip to dental is lyk on 14dec,which means haven xmas!! RAH. so i shd put other colour man!!well,perhaps i shd nt smile wif my braces if i take pics!! but tt's depends!! oh by de way, tis de conversation i had wif my dentist..
dentist :"u con't to put de rubber band in de way u did last mth,den aft tt wen de gaps close,u can remove ur braces."
i was lyk "HUH?!?! so is hw long?"
dentist:"abt 2 mths lorx"
mi :"wah,SO FAST?!?!"
dentist:" v long le leh! 2yrs alrdy!!"

RAH. i dun wan so fast remove lei!!HAHA=) cos im used to it! but sooner or ltr nd remove de la. anyway,i dun lyk retainer [ i duno hw to spell],i rather put braces la..HAHA=) oh,as if i can choose!HAHA=)
so went shop a bit wif my mama=)

i wanto watch ENCHANTED!! it seems to be a nice show =) n ple say it's a nice show!! i dun lyk to watch movie tt's cartoon,but dere's a "live" tingy for enchanted =) n i love those musical de..i mean dey'll sing de la..HAHA=) hope can catch it soon!! mayb during de outin wif anling dey all? cant wait man!!HAHA=) I so damm long nv go watch moive!!de last movie was "JUST FOLLOW LAW!!" haha=)

rah! i've been out since last fri non-stop til tis thurs!! i nd to touch my hmwk which i din do for long tym!! i wanto do hmwk!!RAH!.. so weird of mi sia..HAHA=)

well,tt tym did some packin of letters fr my frens!! fr pri to jc de=) those wonderful memories r so damm gd!!i feel happi + sad while readin every single of dem!!i realli miss my long lost fren!! ='( i miss de tym i spent wif dem!! rah. lost contact wif a few of dem n i dun hv their contact no or address!! =( tink im gonna write letters to my beloved frens!!

i miss PEIYI,who's my besties wen im p1-3! tgt wif huishin n yvonne,we r de besties!! of cos i miss HUISHIN n YVONNE!! peiyi n yvonne is totalli lost contact =( huishin at least in JJC =) but we're nt tt close u c =( rmb wen pri3 de cher hates mi n of cos i hate her too. den mi n huishin always tok in class n she'll aim at mi..RAH.n aft 3mths,she left to other country[i guess newzealand?] den ms roshida came =) rmb de kiddish stuff we did n de names we had?HAHA=) p1-p3 we always tgt sia! hmm,but p4 steamin den kana separated n we led diff life le =(

i miss NG HANWEE!!!he's my 1st fren in pri sch!!we gt to noe each other on de 1st day of sch!! n we r BEST FREN SINCE P1!!BUT,aft kana separate class,we din contact much!! u realli changed alot!! i MISS U BADLI!!5yrs nv c each other le!! but im sure u're leadin a happi life rgt nw la..

i miss AIMEE,who im v close durin lower pri? i cant realli rmb =X cos we lyk same class most of de tym thru'out our pri sch life!! HAHA=) But im sure wen lower pri,i keep go to her hse[be it play or wad la]!!cos she live juz a few blk away la..HAHA=) den she hv a v cute little sis=) enjoyed everytym spent wif u!! =) HAHA=) my sis even went to ur bdae party!! i still rmb we went to zoo tgt to do de zoologist stuff!HAHA=) N we hv to catch a lizard which is so disgusting n of cos we din catch la..HAHA=)

i miss de tym i spent wif all my pri sch besties!! EILEEN,YIXIN,CALISTER,SHIMIN,TIFFANY,MICHELLE!!thx for givin mi all de wonderful memories!! xD u gals r GREAT FREN!!glad tt we still hv contact once aft long tym=) hope to hv meet up soon?HAHA=)

i miss HUILING,ZHENYING,XIAOQING,RUISHAN!!!even though we still gt contact each other n hv outings,but i miss de tym back in SJ!! kana praised tgt,kana punished tgt,luff tgt,drill tgt,1st aid tgt,work hard for competitons n camps...OH,i realli miss those tym even though it's a tiring process!i dun regret joinin sj,cos i gt to noe u ple,n most imptly,gt closer tgt n becum BESTIES !!! nt 4gting gossips sections n dgn public duties tgt too!!oh,hope our frenship will last,n i believe it will last =D it wun end up lyk lower pri sch's frenship? cos we start growin up at upper pri le mahx!!HAHA=)

I miss SEKCHIN,who's my sec1-4 besties =) she's a quiet gal but she's a great fren.I HATE PLE TO TOK BAD ABT PLE.u gt wad i mean.so ple,dun anyhw say abt some1 or someting if u duno anyting abt it.she's a strong gal =) glad tt she's in jj=) but we rareli contact=( hope she's dgn well in her life nw =)

rah.I WANTO WRITE LETTERS TO MY FRENS!!!but duno hv tym nt sia.RAH RAHRAHRAHRAHRAHRAH.nvm........

there's so mani ple i wanna say but my sis nd to use com le..rah.oh,if ur name is nt dere,tt doesnt mean i dun miss u!!HAHA=) juz tt .. haha,u noe..

de song "wen u're gone" is so nice=) woot=)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

happi bdae to my sis =)
she'sNINETEEN alrdy =)
wish her gd health n keep tt smile on her face=)

well,i've changed my blogskin =) but tink there'll still be changes here n dere bah..

ok,went out wif sis since todae is her bdae=) woke up earli in de morning to accompany her to sch=) she hv lesson at 9am. so aft reachin her sch,which is ngee ann poly,we went to de canteen for breakfast=) wanted to eat WAFFLE but dey din sell it todae. RAH. made my way for it man!!n wad i gt?"sry todae nv sell." RAH.dere waffle v nice=) crispy crispy de=) n is cheap!!less den 1buck i tink=) anyway my sis recommend western stall's breakfast.BUT de stupid paper in front of de stall says "SAT OFF 24NOV" RAH. seems lyk all de stuff dun hv!! so i end up eatin mee siam which my sis sae nt bad=) it's 1buck =) so tt's my breakfast=)

so my sis brought mi to de lib b4 she head off for her lesson. so im alone in de lib. b4 she left, we went to de toilet. it's total darkness la..den my sis sae is sensor de..den i sae mayb muz wait for 9sia..HAHA=) aft saying den my watch struck 9am den de light on.HAHA=) i've to wait for my sis for abt 4.5hrs,so i brought hmwk.BUT i did none!!y? cos i busy makin her pre =) it's a art n craft tingy la..made a chicken [i made halfway den realise is a chicky.nt a duck!! =x]]keychain for her=) spent less than or abt 2hrs to sew de chicky n make her a card=) but in de end she've earli dismiss at ard 12 so she saw de card.HAHA=) so de eating start again =)we shared a spicy potatoe chicken sandwich=) nice even though is exp!!2.80bucks neh!!bought a brownie den we go canteen 4 i guess n i ordered de jap food for 3bucks onli!!nice n cheap=) my sis ate yong tau fu which is nt bad too=)
so we go bugis n take pics=) 11bucks!! so exp. n de pics nt realli nice. haix. nvm=) anyway,saw huili n triya on de same train!! de world is so small!! shd sae spore is so small!! HAHA=) den walk walk a bit lo. oh,i cut my hair.FINALLI i cut.ok,i cut my fringe and trim de back. nt much changes sia =( oh,den de hairdresser cut so fast la.. so i cant enjoy lo =( n wen she finish i din even noe!! so,i spent 20bucks on my hair.it's so damm exp. i shd cut somewhere else which is cheaper n nicer!! anyway i cut at bugis street. HAHA =) so went hm aft tt while my sis meet up wif her fren for celebration =)

so aft bathin n eatin i end up sitting in front of de com. =X tmr shdb goin msia =) mon n wed eclub,tues hv dental. omg,i seems lyk OUT everydae. gulity of nt touching hmwk!! RAH!! better do some when hv tym!! omg,i so damm slpy!!it's 2liao!!

ok ok here i go =)


Thursday, November 22, 2007


my laopo da ren!! u're finalli 17th!! =D tis hello kitty cake is for u!! HAHA=)


phew!!finalli over le!!well,i tried to be a gd nerd hu keep study.yet,de drillin process starts juz be4 de dae i hv chem!!so,de apartment juz rgt above mine jus...






i was lyk ^%$#&^!! can i throw the drills away man..RAH.so,i was lyk tryin to study while de drilling process starts fr 11+ to 6+!! oh,i juz cant conc!!my mum did call de management tingy to ask,but they said it's 13th and 23th floor renovating nt 27th..RAH.so is our ears playing tricks on us? it's so damm obvious is 27th floor!! ok,so i juz anyhow study chem n maths de past few daes!! my motivation n nerd side kana drill away by 27th floor man!!hmph!

anyway, chem reexam i tink either same or similar to promos? anyway i 4gt hw's de promos paper lyk le =X maths was ..ya..duntink will do well. sad huh? hope i'll pass even though de chance nt high ='( well,there's onli 1 or 2 teachers in de lt5 durin de re-exam man. hw r dey goin to ensure no 1 copy or cheat la.. well, saw some cheat man. so,u noe.lyk cheat themselves!!

anyway,todae's post will be damm long!!but full of pics!!woot=) well, ytd[im bloggin initialli on 21nov de,but juz nw bz nv blog den con't is alrdy 22nov liao..] is indeed a CRAZY n ENJOYABLE DAY!!even though there's maths re-exam,i had loads of fun!! of cos de fun nt fr bloody maths paper but wif mY LAOPO HL xD we r goin to ...


finalli we go dere la!!HAHA=)it's my laopos's 1st tym goin dere man!!HAHA=) anyway,we r celebratin our wedding anniversary !!haha=D de rest of my laopos mgt jealous man!! =X oh,pls dun jealous laopos,we shall hv a kbox section SOON =D pls set a date asap k? well,aft cravin for LONG JOHN so damm long, we had our lunch at LJS!!woot=) tt's mark de start of todae's plan,no,i mean ytd plan. haha=)

so we ate tis...

we chat loads n of cos,crap w/o fail x) so we spent abt 1hr eatin n crappin!! luff til damm xin ku!my back was so damm pain but i juz cant stop luffin! so i catch my seat so i can eat w peace w/o hl's luffing face in front of mi!!HAHA=) so aft "den guang wu can" ["lunch under light instead of candle lunch"], we head for IKEA!! well,as u ple n0e tt i dun speak too soft,we were kana "complaint" by a mum hu told us to stop tokin/lower vol cos her son wanna read his storybk. i was lyk,shd i be angry or sry for speakin too loudli. den i decided tt i shd angry.HAHA=) come on la,it's BAD TO READ ON TRAIN!!she shd tell her son to STOP readin!!so,it's her bad NT MINE!!haha=) anyway,it wun spolit my md of cos =)

we started cam-whoring while goin rounds!! woot=)

ok,tis's meant for PICKIN POOP!! HAHA!! n we r lyk.. tryin to use it as utensil -.="
it's so bu wei sheng rgt? but IT'S CLEAN la!!haha=)
so we con't walkin n cum to this part tt sell lamp. n it becum our hats =) WE LOVE SPORE!!cant u c y? =)
im holdin de white puppet n hl holdin de yellow one..
SEE NO EVIL,HEAR NO EVIL!!so let's can see evil =D
x'mas cumin!!proudli present to u....... x'mas tree= D
ok,my laopo is nt short.y? cos de x'mas tree is much shorter den her!!look,she's proud of her height?
this is my DREAM BEDRM!!wen i young la!oh,im still young of cos!! dun u tink it's colourful? n there's loads of place for mi to throw my junks in!!xD

ok,this's my laopo's dream kiddy rm!!she wan de other rm de,but dere's too mani ple dere n it's hard for us to cam whore..so she took this instead..
my laopo sae she wanna cook for mi!!WOOT=) she so power cook dunnd c de pan sia!!
=) aft "eatin",we r happi=) tt's y tis pics is taken..
perhaps,we r arguing hu r responsible to wash de dishes..so we had a fight. my laopo even wan a divorce!![look at de paper on de table].. HAHA =)

BUT..as a gd laogong,my laopo dun wanna to divorce in de end n we r on gd terms again =) so we r dian-ing each other even though we r at work!! HAHA=)
so we took another pic wif this mirror =D

anyway,wanted to take pic with a green table but dere's 2 person dere so we decided juz take tis one =)
since both of us use de toilet bowl,we shall clean it tgt !! 1st tym washin toilet bowl ok!!

ok,so we took pics wif these cute stuff =) de spider enjoying being high up n de ostrich's head nearli eaten by mi!!

i dun understand tis..my laopo shdb afraid of such a big spider on her shoulder.YET,she SMILIN so HAPPILY!!
so we walk n walk n walk n hl saw this. it's short. well,my pose weird huh? de legs i mean.haha
tis's hl saying HI =D well,2other gals saw us takin photos n they wanan take too!!HAHA=) we r so influential!!

anyway,WELCOME TO OUR LIVING RM!!take a seat if u wan =)
welcum to CHANNEL NEWSAISA?haha..

ok..im waiting for her to fix de meal.. i wait til damm hungry she still at dere smile smile smile..HAHA=)
mirror mirror mirror!! of cos muz make use of it la!!

ok, we lyk tis living rm!!so we wanan take pic wif it!! i put self timin n place it on de shelf n take w/o knowin my face kana covered with de price tag tt's hangin in de air,..n tt MS BAY keep luff luff luff..rah
my LAOPO lyk tis!! cosy livin rm sia=)

tis pic looks weird..
ok,saw JACK-my OGL =) he's wif his fren.shdb JJ de oso ba..HAHA=) we r havin OG OUTING on 23nov!!well,back to topic..these bears looks damm cute!!dey are goin to hv their meals!!4of them wif 8seats=) well,there's nt enuff seats for my hse man.haha=) so we took pics wif it since we cant brin de bear hm.. =(
hl says"i wan de bear!" n i sae "i wan de x'mas tree!"
i wanna bath de.hl wanna peep la..luckily i cover myself in time!! =)

hey ple,u noe wadx HUA XIN? my laopo know lwi..n she goin to show u ple=)

tis is call HUA XIN !!

to prove tt im a gd nerd,look wad im holdin!IT'S A BK! =) wad abt hl? she onli n0e hw to play.she c hold de frog la..HAHA=)

zilian-ing [we lovin' it]

ok,these r my babies =) so CUTE RGT? they r twins by de way xD

hl wanna sae HI to everyone=) n thx for cuming my blog!
this is de kiddish painting done by her..
n this de more pro painting damm by mi..HAHA=)
MS MA CARRYING A MA!!...HAHA=) she din manage to ctrl it well so de head was slanted..HAHA=)

we r nt in ZOO,so we're nt holdin SNAKE.instead,we hold DRAGON =)

n wif these=)
c de diff skin colour we hv!! FAIR vs BIAS!! =x
=O!!! [ i lyk tis!]
BULLY HER!!=) i look so idiotic sia!!but hl too. cos she kana hit by mi yet she =)!! [i love tis]
her turn to revenge!! HELP MI!!!...
Ok,my present for hl,her present for mi. of cos de GOLD is for mi n GREEN for her=)
but i spot de other nice de. RED=) So hl decided to give red de to mi so i change 1 for her too =D [i lyk us more=) ]
im holdin FLUTE? hl holding GUN? [i love us] =D

xian ren zhang!!=) laopo ask mi to touch de spike cos v shu fu,den end up loads stuck on my middle finger sia.. i wanna tell mama she bully mi ='(

ok,able to upload these photos cos hl sent to mi cos i sent to her thru hp.HAHA=) well de qty of de photo mayb poor cos it;s my 1.3mp cam hp..HAHA=) thx gal for be so efficient to send mi de pics!!

ok,juz nw wanna pack cupboard so took out everyting.but dinner cum + watch tv so end up ltr den con't. but ltr end up usin com til nw! so im NT packin le.HAHA=) wait til tmr den c hw.haha=) anyway,sj frens mayb hv a SLPOVER!!!shdb at rs's hse!!=D but de host haven decide can a nt la..HAHA=) so we r waitin for her reply! so excitin man!!HAHA=) hope she'll sae can go!! =) ok,it's 2.34am!! i duntink i wanna to contribute to de wastage of electricity tt can be saved for nxt generation!!HAHA=)

anyway,there's quite mani stuff for eclub man..PAM MUZ HANG ON N JIAYOU!!u can de la=) dun 4gt gt mi =)

ok,so off i go! my bed miss mi =)