Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hello Humans :D
Aren't they cute? Piggy is my second sister's, the MeeToo is mine. :D

Readings just put me into sleep. See, the words are so small!!! D: Yes, I'm lagging behind for readings again! Once again I doubt myself taking Sociology, I don't see myself in that field after 4 years of struggling. Do you see yourself in your field? if yes, good for you.

I love my notes to be colourful! HAHA, as usual. Guess this course (HW111) is the most interesting course so far! Besides a big bonus of NO THICK READINGS, the tutor/lecturer (same person) is quite nice! AND AND AND there's no final exam :D Though there'll 3 assignments which include a group presentation on a case study... Okay, I know I've complaint a lot about University, treat it as I'm 发泄ing okay? HAHA :D Oh well, had CNY shopping/ outing with my 老婆s last Saturday :D

We had lunch at HANS :D This is my grilled pork chop :D

Xiao Qing's fried rice with egg :D Hui Ling's was similar...

Zhen Ying's fish and chips :D

It's rather hard to take group photo! THANKS to the mirror :D

Okay, we didn't really shop for CNY since most of us got our stuff. Poor XQ still didn't buy.

"how do you think about this one?"

"let's go la" It was really HOT last Saturday! I was melting and burning la! Face was red and sweating like mad D: Went shopping at Orchard and took photos at orchard central before home sweet home. :D

I think this candid photo is nice :D

ZY and HL :D

Nice weather :D

xq and hl :D xq was quite irritated by the wind (refer to her top).

And I was pretty annoyed by the wind too! Though I was hot but the wind came at the wrong time D: See my stupid fringe is flying la. That why sometimes I really hate my fringe for not behaving D: One possible reason came across me was that perhaps I block the wind for them so their hair didn't fly like mine.HAHA. Anyway this photo reminds me of the photo I took in China with Pamela they all in shao lin si.

So I changed my parting to the side, which is better. LOL. XQ asked me whether I having bangs. It's supposed to be bang, but I forced to put my fringe to a side to let my forehead breathe. LOL.

And we ended with group photo :D Guess our next outing will have to wait for quite some time! I have quite many tasks to be completed:
1.HS203 presentation [8Feb]

2.MP8083 Mini case study on selected robot [12Feb]

3.HS219 presentation [17 Feb]
(which is straight after CNY holiday.So I have to complete it before CNY since I'll be away from SG)
4.HS202 midterm quiz [22Feb]

5.HS204 midterm [24 Feb]

6.HW111 Assignment 1 [25Feb]

7.HS202 quiz [19Mar]

8.HS204 presentation[14 Apr]

9.HS219 Essay [14Apr]

10.HS203 midterm quiz [unknown yet]

Of course that's not the end, there are still some with unknown datelines D: Wish me luck.

Anyway, I scared myself for spoiling the zip of this cute sponge bob file I bought last year!But phew I managed to save it! SO HAPPY la :D

Anyway, I'm doing HELLO KITTY ROBOT for the mini case study on selected robots :D I know the image is quite blur, sorry ar:X I have not done my research.

AND yes, do anticipate next post if I'm efficient and have the time (which I doubt)! Perhaps I'll post up AH MEI'S CONCERT :D Tmr is the first time I go watch concert! Somemore is Ah Mei's one! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :D

LOVES,bean :D

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello Humans.

First week of tutorial is over. Add/drop period is till coming Sunday! I think I'm going to stick with my engineering electives since it does NOT have any tutorial! It will be graded based on 3 mini case study (robotic,nanotechnology and one more I can't remember) which stands 50% and another 50% will be on the final exam. As for the other elective, which is another sociology course on science and technology, i wonder if I should take. It's 4Aus and fills in my break! But there's essay, presentation and thick readings D: Moreover there are many/mostly year 4 student! Oh well.

Anyway, I have 2 presentations on a specific week, if I'm not wrong it's the week before CNY cos I don't want to do it after CNY. Cos I wouldn't be able to enjoy my CNY and there're essays and mid-term tests to clear after CNY and before/after the holiday.

Okay enough of words, guess I should show some pictures first:)

As mentioned in my previous post that my mama and sister (and of course ME!) went for NTU's parent's day. The turn-up was, oh well, SAD! It's the first time they having such thing, which I guess they might stop having it next time. Anyway the above photo is me and my mama in Nanyang Audit :D

Me and sister showing off our pretty nails :D We waited quite some time before the ceremony start. Glad that they provide breakfast which is damn nice! Especially the siew mai! :D

This reminds me of JJ talent time 2008, where we helped out in the event :D


President of NTU :)

:D After the speeches and performance ( My mama and sister fall asleep! Though ya is performance for parent then better don't too high or rock or whatever but the programme seems to be a bit dry...) we had our lunch! The lunch was nice too :D

Back to school! This is my mama in HSS Audit! It was my second time there, cos it's open last year and this year I have one lecture there :D

Okay, now is HSS speech -.- My mama was sianjipua cos she chose the quite front rows and quite center... HAHA, and she can't sleep too openly due to this nice seat!

Sister and I while waiting for the speaker...

Somewhere near the new HSS building :D Nice right?

Mama and me :D

Anyway we saw many birds that afternoon! It's rare cos I have not seen it before in school! And is it telling us something is going to happen? I wonder.

Then we explored the Yunnan garden nearby! Okay we didn't really explore, just went there take a few photos:D

same pose! :)



Our dinner at JP :D

Fish soup! :D

jia xiang! jia xiang!mian mian mian!

Dinner time! :D

Then I waited for brother in JP while the rest went back. Saw CS Sai and he thought my brother=my bf! LOL.

Okay enough of parent's day!

Anyway let me introduce you my new friend!
MeeToo! HAHA, bought from China at RMB10 i guess! This rabbit good, cos always accompany me in school (though it's too cute for me,HAHA) :D

And yes, Monday was Adele's birthday! She gave me this the next day:
Her birthday cake! :D

And a truffle that she made! :D chocolate is loved!

Okay, just a random photo. Actually I quite like the combination of chicken wings and noodles.HAHA.

Pamela has been stalking me! Saw her in WestMall yesterday and today in school! And saw yiqing, who clearly didn't realise my presence in bus!

I've lots of readings to be catch up, even for the very first week. And I'm so ashame to say I only read ONE reading -.= The words just put me into sleep mode D:

Okay,it's 8.47pm, I should go for my dinner!HAHA.

Meet up with laopos on Saturday for CNY shopping (though I don't have to buy le I guess) :D

Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAREST SMS-MATE ms dawn! (:


P.S: Photos are smaller this time cos I need them to be uploaded asap:D