Tuesday, July 31, 2007

i n0e i shdnt be here..but yes,im here!! lol.. i shd be muggin rgt nw..but i hv to use com to check eclub tingy on de talk tingy..end up usin it..sounds bad but onli listen songs la..tym is 6.43 yet i haven start study..y? cos i dgn 2006chem ct paper..in fact i copying de ans la..haha=) i flunk my GP maths n econs!! rah!! anyway,i lyk sick,b4 paper stress den aft paper laugh even though i n0e i flunk it..haix... im hungry..dun0 y ytd n todae keep hungry..ytd dinner ate 2bowl of rice but still nt full..nw im hungry..rah!! anyway,gtg..STUDY!!!woot!!

gdluck people=)

common test is endin SOON!! :D

Thursday, July 26, 2007

woot!! i shall blog b4 my bro cum back!! well,tmr hv to go sch myself..in fact is ourselves..wif 2hl..haha=)

well,CT is NXT WK!!! gosh man..i haven start study lei..i wanna start asap!!i wish i can!!since i hv de md to study org chem n econ!! rare man!but ya,i din make full use of de tym la.. i shd hv SDSM..haha=)

todae pw lect so malu man.. there's a stupid word tt we all dun0 wadx tt..den jas ask mi ask,den i dun0 y sae so loud tt he go nxt pt liao..haha=) den he ask wad la..den de LT ple laugh..lalala..den he sae ltr c mi..OK..i realli dun0 wth de word is man..but he ok la,i went c him to tell him i realli dun0 wadx de word mean..L0L..

hey world!!i finalli PASS SMT!! i pass my maths test!!15/30!!but 2m is for neatness de,so nt accurate la..but wadeva,i pass=) chem WA pass 1/3!! chem WA results suddenli gd den ok den bad!! LOL!! hope i can pass for my CT!!i MUZ PASS CT!! but i onli sae sae hv action =( haix..

ytd yifang became my music provider!!nw i hv loads of songs tt i eyed!!w0ot!! THX YIFANG!!
went hm wif huiling n zy..weilun n cs 0s0 dere..den cs ask mi abt wisdom teeth..den de 174 came but we din n0e,but hl n0e den she go take bag..den de bus juz went pass la!!de bus is damm empty n is double deck somemore!!beside us,there r still mani JJcians dere la..den we all complain abt it la!!so funni.. so while waitin we chat n crap xD there's one of my fav u c =) we tok abt wisdom teeth..onli i extracted dey haven!!haha=) so im de most mature de=) w0ot!!but mayb i extracted my WISDOM teeth,i becum more STUPID!!rah!!haha=) well, dey sae i lan liao..hah=) we also tok abt la nina n la nino tt will affect de weather!!onli mi n weilun noe!!haha=) i knew it cos i did an article on it!!so cute rgt de nina n nino..1 little gal de other little boy..well,i showed hl de article todae!!i so nice rgt? as usual la =) weilun v kelian everytym in bus muz di tou si gu xiang n he lyk v depress..cos he cant stand uprgt la..haha=) cos he t0o tall den muz bend his head!!den everytym he'll juz take de front seat..but ytd we sat de most behind de..haha=) den he wanna tok but we dun wanna listen den he hit my bag..den i sae i dun lyk but he cont..so i kick him lo..haha=) den ltr mi hl n zy tok tok tok =) den tok weilun so petty angry..but he din =) den i wanna tickle him den he sae he dun lyk ple to touch his ple..haha=)his ple lei,nt him..haha=) well,i was DAMM hungry while waiting for tt stupid bus!!4 157 came lor!!den went to bakery shop to buy waffle!!saw my dad's car while crossin de road!!but none of dem in de car c mi!!rah!! ms bay duno y dun wanna go hm..so we walk 1 round haha=) den we chatted!wad a nice chat wif her!! hmm..we decided to hv a CHILLI FAMILY GATHERIN b4 i go off to china!!w0ot!! shdb on 8aug =) wanted 9aug to watch firework de..but mi 10aug 6am muz reach airport..haha=) so ya!! im lookin forward it man!!w0ot!!

i'll be leaving to CHINA nxt nxt wk!!isnt fast?haven prepare yet man!!haha=) l0okin forward t0o!!n all sub teachers r goin!!it's a v v v gd news!! i n0e i'll be miss by mani !!w0ot!!

i shd b productive!!so off i go!! bye!!

[[wun be bloggin these days bahx!! miss mi !!! xD]]

Sunday, July 22, 2007

mi n marianne wif our plaited hair by jaime =)

hey!! quite long nv touch com le!!

ytd was yiqing's bdae!! HAPPI BDAE TO HER!!!

well,finding eom article while my bro is still slpin..still haven find..tink my mtd of findin gt prob if nt y take so long man =( wellwell..CT is nxt nxt wk n goin off to china nxt nxt nxt wk..s0 fast man,.. worry for my ct cos i still fail every single test i take..wth man..rah!!

sarah becum lame le..hope she recover s0on =) played tennis on fri..rgt hand [wrist] pain sia.. did pw quite fast which i din expect -.=" so funny la..de rest gone den mi n ed 0s0 wanna go but nd tc of jaime's laptop..so i to0k lo..it's s0 light man!!ed so gentlemen rgt? lol.. he gt offer to take but it's so damm light tt i wanna carry =) share icecream wif jaime!!yam n cookies n cream!!yumyum =) den went hm wif hl yt n zy =) went wm to buy SMt 1st..haha=)

thurs visit jeremiah..he's ok le=) great..n he discharged ytd!! =) poor boy..

wed had eclub..v few turn up..nvm..


realli nd studi le..cos ct cumin..but im nt makin use of de tym =( sad..

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

todae had Chi LC..was quite hard..de beef noodle de hear b4 liao..my mani frens 0s0 heard it b4..=) my ans is exactly de same as PAM,YIQING,YONGHONG N YIFANG!!w0ot!! hope we all manage to gt all rgt =)

well,hv been finding eom article since ytd,no,i mean todae de midnite ard 2 den i slp..but i cant find any..=( wth man =(

i failed my bio test=( expected cos i din study!!haha=) take it easy x) but quite sad la..mcq lei..RAH!!nvm.. THX CHERYL FOR HELPIN MI FOR BIO!! X) wad a helpful buddy =)

my n0se is red..sunburn.. haix..
so random..
well,todae durin maths lect,i s0 kind remind mr sia to tell de lect grp abt his mistake la..den wen i cant c wad he writing, he sae den is die..den i sae shdb blind..l0l..RAH!!
early dismiss fr bio..w0ot..arranfed chi file in de new study environment--de benches along de corridor=) lol..

ok..off i go to look for my eom article..rah!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

w0ot!! i 1 week nv update!! well,nt enuff tym la.. =( rather packed these few wks.. =(

last tues[10july]
had A level chi oral..i did badli =( sad man!! it's chi oral man..it's smt i can at least score better de.. but nw..haix..tink mani os0 v sad over de chi oral!! hey ple,it's onli oral!!still gt LC which is tmr n written paper de!!use dem to pull up our score!! well,ms ng sae our qn shdb de hardest so far!!rah!!de examiners r rather unfriendli..smile to dem dey din respond!! rah!! we stayed back for bio consultation..we din read de notes s0 hv nth t0 ask..so we ask him whether we can leave we hv nth to ask..he seems to be sad la..den we feel bad..so we stay back =) he reteach photosynthesis in de canteen with his laptop~!! den s28 [except a few who din turn up] crowd ard laptop n listen to him teachin!!s0 cute of us man!!haha=) so funni...9+ den reach hm =(

last wed [11july]
cca dae lo.. ate de waffle..nt bad=) but i prefer softer de xD unlyk de rest..haha=) mi n yifang's brain nt realli workin..t0ok damm long to count tingy..rah!!7+ den go hm =(

last thur [12 july]
HAPPY BDAE MAMA (my real mama,nt marianne !!xP )
lesson til 4.30pm..den went sizzinice..pam gt meeting so wait for her even though we'll go diff way..haha=) den mi n yifang do hmwk..til 6+ 7+..den mit my sis at JP for dinner [long john] n walk ard b4 de movie start..meet up wif my bro t0o =) den we went to watch HARRY POTTER=) actually de movie NT BAD=) W0OT!!but i tink it can be nicer de lei..haha=) but overall,it's nice!!=) reach hm 12+ =( den rush to read for bio!!rah!! i hv maths n bio test man!!yet i onli read bio photosynthesis note,leavin maths n enzyme notes rotting.. =X fengyi ask mi to stay overnite for od..so i ask my mama n she sae up to mi..i so bad la..instead of study go "play"!!haha=) which means i decided to stay overnite=)

last fri [13july]
bio n maths test damm hard!!rah!!hu to blame? myself lo..nv study!!rah!! played netball =) nt bad la,time quite fast jiu pass liao =) den aft sch went yq's hse [at 4+] to do pw..rah..we do pw til 9+..den edward sae he wanna finish tt 9pm show den go..so mi n jaime left w/o him =) haix..but our draft2 nt completed =( nd to do it again tis wk!!

last sat - sun [14-15july] OD!!
left hm at late5..along de way to mrt realise w/o hp..so rush back to take!rah,juz bath den back to sweaty=( den rush to mrt station la..den miss de train nd wait 8min! den i thought i'll be damm late cos 6.10 liao..but luckily i reach in time wen 174 came =) woot!! reach le meet dem den went hall..mass dance wif jonathon.. so sry la..i always dance guy's de den dun0 gal's de..s0 ya..kept dgn de wrong steps la..haha=) THX JON FOR HIS CONTINUOUS REMINDER TT IM A GAL!!lol..ate dinner n off we go to toa payoh standium..play black magic in de bus..luckily gt mi la,if nt dey cant play..haha=) cos i dun0 hw to play black magic..rah!!but at least i level1 la..de mrt de ok la..den cheryl v noob v long den realise..haha=) had dry run which is messy..nvm..den dismiss at 11+..den we went to de hall,suppose to slp but we play de indian game..haha=) we onli sabo yh =) n tt's de fun part=) jiajun kana eat raisin which he hate..haha=)well, at 1st mi n marianne onli wanna walk 1 or 2 rounds de..but de rest all aim for 50 laps man!! n dey run de lo!! den jon ed jj cheryl fengyi run..mi n marianne n jaime walk..den i v hungry...s0 i t0ok milo n jaime wear her sport shoes so she can run..den left mi n marianne walk..den de stupid milo spill out..rah..den walk wif it on my hand..cos too hot liao..den james thirsty so i gave him de whole cup..so he own mi 1 cup of milo =)ed lunfa n his gang reach at 11+ ba..cdc ple..at 1st c dem so slacky cos dey sit dere do nth..but ltr dey gt run la..well,mi n marianne decided to walk 20rounds,but increase it to 25 so w can combine to hv a medal=) keep seeing Tze hong[dun0 hw t0 spell n read] n his jurong gang..well,tt tze hong lyk nv stop running la!!so power!!tt stupid yuankang..rah..lunfa run wif his long pant,damm hot de long..wonder hw he tahan..i dun0 y i super hungry..mi n marianne cant tahan so aft 25laps off we go eat!! ate 1 currypuff n 2cups of milo..den wen he reach de hall to rest,de person say it's time to wake up-.=" rah... ate breakfast tt is beehoon n hotdog with chilli..den 1 dry run den start liao..mass dance wif jon n off we go to de track to support de GOH to run. den his 2nd laps dun0 y we als0 f0llow him run la..haha=)well,we went to help jas to ask ple hu r walkin to move to de outer lane cos nt mani listen to her..poor jas la..so mi n marianne help her..s0 ple r cooperative but nt some..rah..some soo childish la..shoot rubber band -.=" de cone keep fallin down den we hv to make it stand!! our duty is teach ple hw to use de wheel chair but no1 ask so we end up using dem ourselves!!we play wif it n use it to help us finish de freakin 25laps!w0ot! de handicap so kelian hv to use their hands to move de wheelchair which is so energy consumin la.. mi n marianne decided to do 25more laps each so can gt de other medal=) woot!!1st medal in my life!so kelian rgt? anyway,jaime help mi buy my mac lunch=) thx=) den duty which is so slpy.. n 3pm went bugis n walk to little indian to find my parents..reach dere eat liao den my papa sae goin off liao..rah..my legs damm pain den i reach awhile jiu wanna go!!rah..ate dinner den went hm do bio respiration mindmap n find articles b4 slp..slp at 9.49!!earliest so far man!!w0ot!! even though is tiring,but i cimpleted walkin 50laps n helpin to minus 50 fr de goal of laps=) w0ot!!so happi la!! n gt de medal of cos!!n oh,thx yf for helpin mi to take de official pass which i gave jasmine!!thx gal!!

two-eighters tt stay overnite xD

it's us again =)

shadows!! guess which 1 mine!![marianne mi jaime fengyi ;D]

hey ple,by rgt i shd b finding article for eom..but i bloggin..i mgt nt blog for wks due to lack of tym!dun miss mi !! oh,todae 7 MIA fr s28..marianne cheryl jas shijie jeremiah fengyi jiajun all nv go..so naughty.. aft pw i wanna go JE lib but took de bus at wrong busstop..so end up at boon lay..rah!!so i go hm lo..rah!!gtg for eom tingy!!bye =)

tmr Chi LC!!gdluck ple n rmb to brin entry proof n ic =)

Monday, July 09, 2007

gt back maths function test..gt 10/25..haix..if i wrote -ve sign i mgt gt 11!! rah!! nvm,de BEST IS YET TO BE =)haha =) tt sarah weird weird de..call mi den ltr dun wanna tell mi wad..mayb cos she knock her head rgt at de morning ba..haha=) so careless of her!!den keep callin her "sarah" den she ask "wad" den i sae "nth" =)haha ;D had cup n00dles b4 civils..t0ok quite long t0 eat c0s hv t0 settle s0me stuff.. s0 we late for civils..but nt tt late la..haha=) oh,onour way to civil class saw lunfa n his fren..dey walk damm slow la..RAH!!den i realise lunfa cant walk too out of de cooridor cos his head [in fact his hair] will hit de tingy..tink he UM CHIO lo..haha =) mr azmi told quite long b4 de real civil tingy start.. well,den had econ lect which is damm borin.. i onli kick my bag so it'll land in front of mi de step..den marianne luff..cute huh? i wasnt payin attention at all la..so bad..help mi sia,my econ is S!!rah!!bio was borin,tink i dun realli lyk tis topic =X i feel s0 bad la,cheryl ask mi de qn i all dun0..haha=) den i ask her qn she will help mi..rah..so i sae be my partner v ke lian de..haix.. pw was ok la..we luff a lot as usual..lol..

by de way,2 ple mentioned abt my hair t0dae.. firstly,yanxi sae i shd trim my hair..secondli,estee sae i lyk straighten my hair cos todae's hair neater den usual..haha=) i prefer messy hair =) weird? tt's ART!!hah=) she sae im vain wen i ask her neat hair better or messy hair -.=" if im vain,i'll make sure my hair is neat all de time man=) haha=) so,de conclusion is,im nt vain =) w0ot!!

tis wk shall be a busy wk..tmr chi oral den hv bio consultation [7-8.30pm],den wed cca,den thurs til 4.30 den nd chiong for bio n maths test on fri =( fri mayb nd go yq's hse do pw..rah..

well,nt realli productive..hate it=( i shall studi for my chi test tmr..oh,i havin chi oral tmr..scare sia!!gdluck everyone =) bye =)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

she finalli seventeen.. haha=)

well,todae is hmwk dae..cos ytd spent my day out liao..to0k back BAD RESULT..disappointing result indeed..but expected la..so ya lo..shall go petrol station add more oil.. rush thru some hmwk n finally finish chem HOLIDAE ASSIGNMENT..wah,it suppose to be complete way back la..haha=) but i did it =) lalala..short post juz to sae happi bdae to pammy=) so i shall go do hmwk again =) bye xD

Saturday, July 07, 2007

haix..p00r result =( shall studi harder =( pls push mi to studi..i hate bad result..but cant help it.. bad result is back!! rah!! sec life de result is de best in my life..de memory dere oso v gd..haix..nw back to pri sch--> p00r result!!rahrahRAH!!nvm,nt 1st tym anyway,studi harder..tt's wad i shd do instead =)

tues havin A' level oral..SCARE..even though is chi la..but din realli practice lo..n my chi is gettin poor but my eng din improve..WTH sia..tinkin back,mr yang[sec chi cher fr sec2-4] is realli gd..prepare us since sec 2.. th0se practice r realli mean gd to us even though we dunlyk it at first..but it realli help!!THX MR YANG!!miss his chi lesson sia..can slp w/o gettin scold!!haha=) i miss my maths teacher too..MS CHONG..she's so damm gd compare to mr sia!!my maths is a E nw..sec is A lo..haix.. RAH!!tt's all i'll sae..t0o mani hmwk le,gtg..

bye =)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

CHEM lesson lyk quite fast finish..haha=) den hv an hr break.mi n marianne wanna be productive..cos we nd to eat,go kbox[nt SING but mi nd buy pen n foolscap],do chem pract,n chi compo[for marianne]..s0 tt 1hr rather short cos chem gt eat away s0me tym.. civils is quite sianx.. quite squeezy den cant stretch=( gp was grp presentation,our grp yonghong go=) at least he willin to go =) w0ot!! oh,i shd use OUTRAM instead of YONGHONG..haha=) de my intro damm mani mistakes..RAH..nvm,my eng sux la..haha=) gt use to it man..woman hv to gt use to it t0o =D maths test doom man!! actualli is 15m den he change to 25 mark lo..den onli 2 qn n 5 parts -.=" 1st qn 3m n i spent lots of tym dgn it la..den de rest all 5marks n i dun0 hw t0 d0 la..haha=) den mi hv lots of FREE TYM la..den go liq those cancelled stuff cos CLEANINESS [by rgt is neatness,but nw is by left] 2m..haha=) so i tried writin de test NEATLI..h0pe can hv tt 2m..fail tt test for sure man..tmr jiu chem test..dun wanna fail it man..but is ORGANIC CHEM--i HATE it!!RAH!! oh,dunnd go chi cos cher nt goin,juz hand in compo jiu can leave =) yeah!! den n0 pw lect s0 t0dae is lyk dismiss at 1.30!!earilest to go hm t0dae sia!!haha=) den saw jeremy at 174.. so mi him n pam chat in de bus..haha=) den went buy bread n cakes.. den jeremy so mean sae shd buy both at same shop..den i sae my grandma prefer panda bread.den he sae smell de panda leave b4 eat plain bread..so tt's hw he treat de old in his family !! **hor hor** haha=) den dun0 suddenli he sae abt de person hu accidentli fell down fr de condo..den he sae is my blk den i sae no..den i tink is his blk instead..haha=) but tink we read de diff articles sia.haha=) wadeva..anyting.. thx anling for de bookmark tingy =)

oh well,my fren test!! w0ot!!
1st goes to MARIANNE!!!she n0e mi de best so far!!haha=) pam muz be jealous..haha=) she 90m sia..haha=)
2nd goes toPAM N FENGYI!! haha=) well done huh? =)
3rd goes to LUNFA..haha=) is he my cousin? u guess lo..if sae out den is tellin u all de ans for fren test..haha=) by de way we hv de same surname =) but YH n JAIME r both GOH yet dey nt cousin.. =)
4th goes to CHERYL N OUTRAM!!w0ot.. =)
5th goes to JAIME hu juz pass my test!! at least gt pass la!!
de followin ple failed my test!!hw cd u all huh!!haha=)
JON,JIAJUN,EDWARD,JIAXIN,UBITCHUBITCH[i dun0 hu sia,kindli state ur name if u c tis :D thx hor]...
well,JON N JIAJUN nvm la,juz n0e dem abt 3months..but hor,EDWARD N JIAXIN u all n0e mi 4yrs liao man,still fail!!haha=) but nvm,juz a test la.. =)
thx for spendin ur tym takin my test =D
wen c jiajun n jon take my test den i wonder hw dey n0e i gt test..haha=) den jj sae he gt c my blog de but nv tag-.=" kindly tag nxttym huh?..lol..

gtg study chem...sooo nt productive todae,cos earli reach hm onli eat even quite xin ku..haha=) greedy pig sa..bye ;)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

well,tmr hv maths function test! shdnt be here but ya,im here!! well,de class [except pam marianne yiqing jaime] bought mi a belated bdae pre!! w0ot!! s0 nice of dem huh? well,its a PURPLE pencil!!de zip de..somemore gt my NAME!!w0ot!!is jj n yh go buy de!! amazin huh? at 1st yh say dey 2 buy de den i was lyk expectin smt weird la..haha=) but it turnout to be a pleasant one :D THX YONGHONG JIAJUN JON EDWARD JEREMIAH ANLING CHERYL JASMINE SHIJIE FENGYI SARAH ESTEE SERENE CHENYAAN :D

today was ok,juz tt teeth pain cant realli bite!!rah!!so a greedy pig lyk mi suffer todae!!onli ate 1piece of bread,1piece of rougan,1packet of vitasoy,2cups of milo,half bowl of rice n 2 pieces of small chicken =( haix.. somemore crampin..haix..


i shall back to hmwk n studi!! w0ot!!GDLUCK EVERYONE :D

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

yiFAnG tagged me and asked me to do accordingly.. so now it is.
Please read the rules first: each player of the game starts off by giving 6 weird things about themselves. Peolple who get tagged needs to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. in the end, u'll need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

actualli im a SUPER NORMAL PERSON,but yifang/xiaoqing [n 1more person-tiff?] wan to mi smt weird abt myself..well,here it goes :D

[1] i usually will punch hole when i receive ws or notes instead of waiting til de tym to file them..
[2] i hv laogong but i hv laopo too x)
[3] i dun realli lyk to tok while bathing/brushin teeth.
[4] sometime i'll tok to myself or laugh to myself =)
[5] i hv a v long neck =Z
[6] i dun lyk to studi in a t0o quiet environment

6people choosen:
[1] YiQing
[2] Marianne
[3] FengYi
[4] YongHong
[5] LunFa
[6] Sarah

im goin china wif pam n jon fr 10aug to 31aug!! woot!!3wks long man!! decided v long n tt's our final decision!!haha=) cute huh? mi n pam will hv to do some shoppin tgt!!n we hv to rely on each other!! tis tym realli is HONEYMOON!!woot!! by de way,tink jon's stead is goin t0o,if nt tink he wun be so steady wanna go china la..haha=) guess mani ple will miss mi sia!!sry man!!haha=) den i wun to able to update my blog!!but ple,u guys/gals still muz tag mi!!wahhaha!!hmm,guess t0o earli t0 sae these!!haha=) yup,common test is one mth ltr!! n my result still lyk shit..onli gt a A for chi,S for econ,de rest C D E..cant rmb de grade sia..den wanna ask mr azmi again but he off his laptop liao..nvm,sat is meet-de-parent session..asked my mama to prepare to c mai jiang hong!!haha=) it's time to pull up my socks!! oh well,im nt wearin socks nw..mayb ltr den pull up bahx =) i've been draggin hmwk which is damm bad la..my maths n chem holidae assignments haven complete sia!! sad!!

had a breAK ytd man!!thx to YOUTH DAE!!woot!! made de fren test tingy..so sry i fail cheryl's test!!haha=) lunfa sae i look lyk slacker for cca sia..realli?wadeva man..im a v hardworkin cca member k..wahaha!!dun u dare to sae no,if nt i'll teach u how to write si or spell die!!haha=)

todae had yoga!quite ok la,but im nt a flexible gal la..wadeva..anyting..overall ok lei..gd for health so i dun mind =) GP hv grp work tingy!! mi fengyi so ke lian gonna do wif OUTRAM!!haha=) he damm funni la..keep saying "highly" n he sae muz laugh out/laugh finish den will hv strength to rub de transparency -.=" OUTRAM JIU SI OUTRAM,SO WEIRD..haha =)

went OUTRAM for dental..late as usual =X well,duno wad de dentist do to my teeth la..den she sae nd put dunno wad ting-.=" lol..de 2 rubber bands r put!!my p0or teeth will hv to suffer AGAIN =( somemore nxt appointment is aft trip to china sia..means i hv to wear it in china t0o -.="

well,is lunfa my cousin?im nt goin to sae=) go take test n c de ans bahx!!oh,can go do lunfa's test t0o..his onli 2 person done =X

Monday, July 02, 2007

**IM BACK!! :D**
go take my test =)

well,22june was SHIJIE's BDAE=) so happi bdae gal!! went lib to do hmwk wif xq n yt..n i was 1hr + late!! damm sry but ya,luckily i inform xq abt it la..late due to stockcheck tingy!! but so sry to yf too leh!!cos she do de callin!! honestli speakin,i tink i hate callin ple hu i dun0..haha=) ya,so yf is so kind enuff to call de supplies =) we din gt to find table n chairs in de lib,so we sat on de floor n use de sofa as table.. done most of my econs =)

4gt wad i do on 23june liao..haha=)

24june went lib do hmwk wif my sis!!im so guai man!!haha=) but i onli do some parts of chem..so nt productive la..wanna eat de waffle which smells damm great but was sold out aft lunch time!! RAH!!im gonna eat it one dae!!

25june sch start=( haix..1st lesson maths jiu return test paper..expected bad result liao..so ya,i gt 8marks onli..la^3..oh,it was last dae of sitting beside yq during bio..aft 25june,she's no longer my bio partner!! =( sad lei,cos i always can ask her stuffs n she always gt do bio ma,so can ask her lots of stuff!! but ya,cheryl is my new bio partner tgt wif an ling=) hope we'll hv fun tgt ;D PW lesson we h vto hand in 1st draft for written report..mi n fengyi went lib to print it out..luckily jeremiah was dere to help if nt we wun n0e wad t0 do..haha=) thx jeremiah!!den we walk back to classrm la..but on stair i look thru de stack of paper den weird weird sia..cos dun hv some pgs..so we realise we din print out everyting-.=" s0 we went down again to print out..haha=) den fy keep print de "print" buttom cos nth come out..n i realise is n0 paper.. aft putting paper,mani pieces of paper came out..haha=) so funni.. n de fund of PW is using up so we nd pay 1bucks..den mi noob la,change $$ wif edwar den end up i n0 $$ pay la..haha=) so noob sia!!den we laugh til siao!! woot!!rush to lavender to collect password..fell aslp la..but at city hall jiu wake up due to de call fr my mama..haha=) had dinner wif mama papa n bro den went dad's shop..manage to eat de waffle tt i missed on sunday!!yippY!! den sent my bro back to camp n went hmwk..din do hmwk tt day cos too tire..haha=)

26june.. gt back GP test..phew..pass both content n essay test..im easily contented wif juz a pass!!tt's so bad la..but for nw,a pass is my aim,nt a or b..haix..prove tt my studies is gettin bad to worse la..=( tired shooting netball..woot!!nt bad X) had chem aft pc..gt back test n i quite surprise n happi to c 15/30--PASS!! but binbin is a honest gal la..spot mr azmi mark wrong n told him..so 1m gone n i gt 14/30--FAIL!!haha=) n mr azmi sae im honest n shd add my ap mark!!woot!!

27june!! MY BDAE!! everyting was per normal la..jaime gave mi present wen i walk pass sizzin ice!!thx gal!!went to OG table sit..but suddenli feel someone behind mi so i turn behind la..den yt n de rest of HILLGROVE GANG behind..so nt someone-.=" dey sang bdae song to mi =) OG TABLE DE PLE OSO SANG=) woot!! den zy pass mi de present n dey ask mi go dere open it..well, i guess de present is a watch since it's a citychain's plastic bag..haha=) n im rgt!! open de box v carefulli cos i dun wanna break it..haha=) but im too gentle u c..den cant open n was force to be more violent..den it ting nearli drop which scare mi la!!so i sat on de floor n open!! A BIG WHITE WATCH :D oh,n a spongebob KEYCHAIN n A NECKLACE!!well,de necklace i hv a same one BUT MINE IS gold n tis is silver!!!lol..well,went morning assembly den yq gave mi present!!haha=) thx yq huh!!everyting per normal lo..boring econ lect la..chem pract was ok but quite messy but is easy ba?haha=)mi took mani tissue paper la..den give some to estee ;D went eclub aft tt,election lo..result will be out nxt wed..woot!!yf gave mi de present fr her n yixin =) did stockcheck t0o=) la^3..


thx to YIQING for de CUTE DRAGONFLY EARRING :D [im flying nw x) ] n for being de 1st to wish mi happi bdae [she wish happi bdae on 26june 10.14pm cos she's goin slp..haha]

thx to JAIME for de CUTE correction tape n de bdae greetin at de morning =)

thx YIFANG N YIXIN for de GOODIES!! even though im fat enuff,dey still wan mi to be FATTER!!


thx YIXIN for de happi bdae wishin!!she's de 1st to msg mi!!00.01am man!!woot!!

thx JON for being de 2nd person to sae happi bdae!!00.02am sia!!haha =)

thx PAMELA for being de 1st frEN hu sang bdae song to mi!!00.04 am x) muackx!!

thx EILEEN my pri sch les to msg mi at 00.08!!thx for rmbin my bdae=)



my famili celebrate wif mi durin de holidae..lunar bdae which fall on dumpling dae!!haha=) grandpa bought mi a choco cake which is damm nice!!love it man!!haha=)

woot,im seventeen le!!

28june..mr sia 4gt to take his bk which left at L42 ba..den n01 wanna help him take so he hv to get it himself..we sae "EXERCISE IS GOOD FOR HEALTH!!" haha=) n his bk was gone..wif ans somemore..den he dun wanna fren yq..haha=)

29june..had pC in de morning.2rounds den play netball wif pam marianne,sarah,fengyi,jas,cheryl n shijie..hillgrove gang n sarah 1 team den fengyi n jas n cheryl n shijie 1 team..FUN :D but nd clear de ball n run to de circle to throw de ball..haha=) manage to score 1 ball=) hha ;D pam funni la,ask her clear ball she walk behind de white line-.=" had chem WA which i sure doom cos i n0e none..but i feel guai n honest lyk marianne n pam.. lol.. serve us rgt? nonono,we r juz too guai..haha.. =)

30june..went bugis wif hl n zy..meet hl at 10.30 at gombak mac do hmwk i i finish bio onli..end up tokin n eatin fries la..haha=) den went eat at bugis pastamania which taste BAD =( SHOP ard b4 go lib..de lib damm quiet sia..but spent lot of tym findin de ting..n i onli can find mobile communication which i dun0 can use for eom nt.. =(

1july..went JE lib wif sis..did some hmwk..suddenli feel lyk goin to sing so i pester sis go kbox..haha=) but damm exp la,36bucks man..a bit regretted leh..haha=) but i tis tym gt sing w/o de singer la..haha=) n de mic is much much better tis tym =)

woot.. tt's all..wad a long post..rest ur eyes!! c pic ba=)

outing wif laopos!! [4gt wen liao]

KBOX!! mi zy n xq

mi n zy ;)

mi n hl =)

it's mi n zy AGAIN X)