Monday, June 30, 2008


thx those who wished mi happi bdae :)) n those lovely presents :))

i love u ple :D glad to hv u ple esp my laopos n yt pam cs sai :))

will update SOON if possible.

pics :
de top is fr my besties!! [hl zy xq yt pam cs sai] short hair?!

new shoes :))
fr cs sai pam zy yt hl xqfr pam yt hl zy xq cs sai :))

fr laopos
laopos n laogong :))
de card which makes mi sianjipua but it's damm cute!!
fr dawn :))
fr sekchin :)

oops,haven take pics for present fr s28 n jeremy!! n still, thx ple :))

Thursday, June 26, 2008

hello!! :) im finalli back to blog!

well,holiday damm bz,esp last wk hv to pia for MYE. amazingly i din fall aslp much while studying til 1am everyday for bio n chem! tt's so unusual.
well, YAY,MYE's over :))
RAH, i flunked it :(((
so damm disappointed la =( i dun understand y chem some mani organic qn. c liao everyting blur =(( prelims soon den A's. tt's so damm fast ok :(( n yay,there's a 1wk study break b4 national day!nw nt so worry abt smt :))

well,todae bio chenyaan told me my hair a bit brown. i was lyk "my hair nt black de meh?!" LOL. a bit brown nt bad cos can save $ on dying it rgt? but lyk heard b4 tt black hair become brown means hair nt healthy cos lack of de colouring.. i duno true or nt la :/ ms wun funny la,thought hv 1.5hr of lesson wif us but onli hv 1hr. poor bio onli hv 2hrs/wk instead of 2.5! :(( 2hrs of maths was ok yet a bit sianx. luckily to me de time seems to passs quite fast,so wun be tt boring. went thru tut&ass 22 :)) oh ya, my class finalli hv FULL ATTENDANCE todae!! tt's lyk de 1st tym for this wk!! so wow,cos din expect XX will come :X v bad of mi to interpret wrongly la. thought she wanted to pon maths cos i told her maths 2hrs. tt's so bad of mi!! :X but hey, mi v patient de leh! been thru nai li da test (a patient training course) since last yr!! aiya,if u dun gt it den nvm!HAHA=) waited for econs in canteen n we were invited for duno wad pam serene was lyk HUH?! lol. anw had a funny chat wif them. abt XX. :X econs lect lasted 2hrs! i thought onli 1hr la!!was damm hungry n slpy BUT i tried to stay awake ok!! but i failed to at de later part :X by de way im seating in front of ms aw somemore la :X sry but tink i din slp v long le :X ate waffle den went hm. bus-ed wif pam jas jeremy jeremiah,qianyun edward louis took de same bus too :)) de bus ride was rather funny. crapped a lot. thx to hao peng you sia!! lol. walked hm wif 2J [jeremy n jeremiah] n crapped. HAHA=) so funny. nxttym huiling move hse den if same bus wif 2J den can walk hm wif dem :)) yi lai can exercise,er lai can save $$ :)) anw,jeremy was surprised tt i managed to find which unit he lives in!!cos this guy 4gt take his bottle n ask mi take for him n return to him when i gt hm. so i sms-ed this person to ask him gt out of his hse cos i'll reach soon. but he wasnt there wen i reach so i called him.n he din i went to his blk n call^9999 him. fed up. wanted to leave his bottle there or juz throw into de bin BUT im so kind la! so i went to 12th floor( i onli noe which level he lives :x). went up, stood there for quite some time cos duno which unit -.=" den i lyk heard a woman's voice den a guy's voice which sounds lyk jeremy. so i tried my luck n press de bell.TATA~ i gt it rgt :)) this person made mi wasted duno how much time n he watch tv la!!nw he wonder where i live. yes,6th unit la!or de 4th? or 3rd? or 2nd?mayb 1st unit la.actually is 5th. HAHA=) oh ya,im still seventeen todae ok :))

went jurong point wif sis aft sch ytd. anw stayed in sch cos we r allowed to gt out of sch onli fr 1pm! %$^%# we dismiss at 12 la!! so ate den do hmwk.but fall aslp den went to shit :)) ytd's morning was BAD. my dad hv app so hv to go sch myself. suppose to meet 2HL at gombak at 6.40 but i woke up at ard 6.40-.=" i din hear de alarm at all la!! :(( my dad funny la,woke up at 6.30 saw mi slpin but din wake up.onli til 6.40 den he ask-.-" so i chiong here n there n din gt to shit (i'll try to shit every morning!LOL). was lyk "late for sure" den my sis was lyk "u dun go sch le la".HAHA=) but i went la.left hm b4/ard 7am. rushed to sch n managed to reach sch b4 de AHAH song being played! was damm sweaty cos i walked to sch at v fast pace! glad tt i din break record la!!HAHA=) back to topic,went jp wif shan den shop ard n eat eat eat :)) reached hm at ard 7pm :X pack my cupboard but haven pack my fail. tink will pack it ltr ba :)

i dun realli rmb wad happened so i combine them. did revision for MYE during de break b4 de paper. well,gt 2gals talk damm loud la. HELLO,cant u c there's ple studying ard?! mi n pam was damm pissed off so we went for earli lunch."thx" gals huh. flucked de papers. well,it's so powerful to pon sch de 1st few days of sch rgt?hmm.. it's too powerful for most of us to do..

2sis of mine go US n nw mi n my 3rd sis go their rm slp.HAHA=) we lyk explore their rm la.n it's seems to be much more tidier than ours :X

my siss in U.S. :))

oh ya,huiling moving hse this wkend :(( tt means no1 will ask mi eat stuff wif her n get fat tgt wif mi :((no1 will remind mi to buy bread n newspaper :(( no1 will pei mi walk walk n buy stuff. no1 will crap wif mi at gombal. no1 will wait for mi/for mi to wait at gombak D: D: D: so can u dun move?tt's a nono qn la.but lyk tt i no more portable reminder sia. ;( but luckily she moving to woodlands la,so i wun be de last to alight!HAHA=) so evil of mi but yay. but poor gal will hv to travel longer n further le. do set ur alarm earlier hor ms bay!1st,xq move.2nd hl move. dun tell mi im moving hse sia. or zy? or yt? or duno hu la.LOL. lesser n lesser live ard gombak D: RAH.

some pics fr papa's day :))

ok,gtg do stuff le!! wkend is coming :)) bye ple :))

Saturday, June 14, 2008

hello ple :)

finalli im back!! cs sai funny la. ask mi whether im ok cos i din update my blog n i din online.HAHA=) im ok la!! i gt use com juz tt din smt appear offline or lazy update blog. but here i am!! tues n wed had intensive bio lesson. tink was ok =) went chinatown to develop photo at 0.15cents each.even though quite far for mi but it can help mi save $$$ so y nt? =) somemore total no of photos abt 800 (my sis n family etc),so save quite a bit of $$ =) went dere twice cos 1st tym duno y all my photos nt in de cd,onli my sis's inside=( so went there again. WOOT,SO HAPPI TO C THOSE PHOTOS DEVELOPED!!=) even though some pics unclear cos they were taken wen i hv my 1.3mp cam hp.but still,i developed some pics fr it cos i tink quite memorable=) oh ya, wenfang if u're readin this,pls rmb to brin ur thumbdrive wen sch reopen!! :))

fri went dad's shop in de morning den went to shoppin to find dad's present. bought a belt cos de 1 i bought for him last tym spolit liao. had an exp dinner wif my family to celebrate daddy's day n an SUPER early bdae for my dad=) cos 2of my sis are leavin s'pore to US for 5mths-6mths on mon's midnite!!well,hope they will hv a super safe trip!!duno y i tink there lyk quite dangerous sia :X i love spore cos lyk so safe n peace.HAHA=) so hope they can adapt themselves there asap :)) ok,back to topic,de dinner was salty n de sauce gt lots of corn flour. our mouth full but nt stomach la. aiya,duno how to sae la,if u gt wad i mean den yeah,if nt 4gt abt it.LOL.tried red wine which i dun like :X i dun lyk beer too. pale water taste de BEST :)) oh ya,tea cost us$38,so exp la!!

sat went ZOO wif besties :)) meet xq den zy n hl.went mac n they gave mi surprise=) well,IT'S MAC AGAIN!but tt's fine.xq told mi she wanna eat harshbrown so we went there.wen she sae hl they all eatin,i was lyk "they will eat meh?"as in i feel tt they'll eat b4 they out la.HAHA=) so they play a prank on mi in gave mi a v simple board wif some drawings which is damm diao(1991-100cm-.="...,n de chair incident). den de small cake appear n de real big decent card (board[NOT CARDBOARD!]) comes!! :))[RAH,cant upload pic.nxttym ba] THX LAOPOS :)) so we went ZOO n walk walk walk. well,it wasnt as exciting n interesting than i thought :X so a bit disappointing.BUT HEY,at least is free ticket cos ms bay n her sis gt donate blood n they hv free tickets for us!!THX THX ar=) watch elephant show which is nt bad,elephant ride was ok [ms ke wanna take de ride badli so i pei her!!c i so nice!HAHA=)]. anw,de elephants lyk v kelian la.imagine ave 50kg per person,den 4ple means 200kg!tt's so heavy la!! oh ya,we ate fish n chips =) damm full la!! n i (in fact is hl told mi) saw JEREMY while we eating!! HAHA=) but he din c mi n i lazy go da zhao hu. actually todae quite many ple go cos they hv free tickets as they donate blood la. so mani ple la.ok la.LOL. was damm hot n i sweat lyk mad. went cck walk walk n wat dinner wif hl n zy.den went buy dinner hm n here i am!:) ok,so wordy.pic time la!! :D
lots of pic this time round!!!
eating cake :)) =)
SO damm CUtE =))
hello polar =))
waited for this damm show for 30min n de "show" last abt 5min or so.RAH.
mi n xq waiting for elephant ride=)
mi n huiling :))
xiao laopo n da laopo :))
mi n zy :)) i damm stupid la,sae nxt tym muz buy de cup tt will glow,den they sae is de light n i was enlighted -.="
us :))
my lunch =)
mi n xq's backview
xq n mi (last 2ple)
scare my slippers will drop :X
took mani times of elephant rides in thailand b4:))
heehee =)
other zoo's pic wif xq :)

well,my family usually celebrate my chi bdae,which is on duan wu jie :)
mi n grandparents :)) papa n mi :)) mi shan n grandparents :))
my cake =)
mi n cake=))

random pics: for sekchin =))
card for sekchin =))
stuff jon bought fr JAPAN!!!

pics for ecp wif yt pam hl n zy :))

yt n mi
camwhorin at gombak
aunty bay
aunty ho zy n mi

photos fr eclub camp 2008 =) : jaime n mi=)
yifang n mi =)
playin bridge

1st lunch for camp
dinner for day1 spicy lunch for day2
i cleared it!! taste nt bad actually...
wanna play speed
grp3 =)
banni-J1,owens-mi n yf
j1 playin
yf gigi binbin
dinner for day2
breakfast for day3
fr j1
photos at xq's hse=)) :

so cute!

studyin :))
hl n spongebob
my babies
i love studying!!! :))

ok,guess i wun update tt frequently ba!! time shdb spent wisely!! :))

P.S:this wk is ending sOoN :((