Sunday, March 09, 2014

March Madness

Hello Humans,

Life is kinda routine and busy over the past few weeks.

Basically working life seems like the follow: waking up at 6.28am to prepare for work and countdown to lunch and then count down to 6pm or 5.30 for the end of working day and back home to have some rest if there's no meet-up. This repeats for 5 days before weekend arrives (TGIF). It's kinda sad that we spend our productive life working and almost purely just working. It strikes my mind one day when I realized spending 12 hours out of my house for work (including travelling time). AH, where's my meaningful life? Oh well, the thing to look forward to are meet-ups and relaxation. LOL.

Fortunately, my working life has been okay so far. My colleagues are pretty nice, especially my lunch partners. It's the only hour during our working hours to have some chillax. We'll usually have some random walk to NTUC or whatever bazaar if we have spare time during lunch time. A random colleague reminded me that it's good to have lunch partners but nobody knows if the clique would stay cos she has seen lots of cases. She even offered listening ears or be my lunch partner next time if I need. HAHA, I would say so far there are pretty nice people around. Work is getting tedious, making mistakes are common and inevitable. Datelines are drawing near or even some datelines are over but task not completed X: I can foresee March Madness coming, or maybe it's happening since the start of this week with some OT-ings.

On a side note, there are some happy things happening too. For example...

1) My second sister is married!
 So yes, I've 2 jie fu now. HAHA.

 2) Meet-ups 
 Marche for Adele's belated b'day (:

Brunch at Kith's Cafe followed by shopping with BFFs(:

 Sec BFF CNY meet-up at Pammy's house (:

Dinner meet-up with BFFs at Eggs&Berries (:

3) Staycation during CNY

 4) Dates (Park-toh / V-day/ Ikea/ USS)
Park is quite a good place to date cos it's quiet, free, spending quality time together and sweat together. (:

First V-day with my someone special. Yummy 3-tiers chocolate cake proudly made by him (:

At Ikea, with our random friend.

USS trip. We have couple face in this photo, don't we? 

Probably one of the favourite photo taken during our USS trip, outside our favourite ride (:

 Okay this is random but lovely macaroons that's not too sweet and without colouring from him! I'm totally lovin' it!

So despite standard working life, I'm still having fun thanks to people around me. March Madness is bad but still, I look forward every fun moment awaits with you, you, you and you(s).