Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hello Human.

It's so sianx to go back to school tomorrow and have make up lesson at 8.30am followed by a project discussion which don't know will turn out effective not! especially it's the recess week!):

there are 9days for the recess week, and 2 days gone ): i have not touch any thing related to studies except printing out the notes -.= hope i'll have a 1 or 2 library trip to study! lots to do!

anyway, friday's gathering with laopos was great(: next one fine day will come soon (:

oh ya, i still love the idea of having dreams though they can be really happy or disgusting. i had a few disgusting one like my tooth have many holes which indicating that it's rotting or something like lah! happy one includes good result (but that's in the past,now usually dream of getting really bad result). HAHA.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Hello Human.

I blogging in school for the first time! Oh well, by right there's a group discussion on the project today but it was cancelled cos most of us didn't do research ): i tried to find some, eh, so called the basic as mentioned by valerie. SIANJIPUA la, cos i like keep finding the same old thing. I can say i did research but incomplete. HAHA. anyway, most of us are struggled to study today's HS101 test. The test was OH WELL, pray hard i'll pass, just pass and i'll be over the moon. the MCQs are like WTE (wad-the-earth), really test on most or all the readings. Of course i didnt manage to read all the readings la.HAHA. so i just anyhow shade X:

Wanted to watch ming zhong zu ding wo ai ni since i missed it for 3 days!Praise me for being a good girl cos i forgo my dearest TV for my studies!LOL. oh well, cos the chinese assignment due on thursday, that's why i have to chiong it. So i just anyhow type la, and i nearly forgot about the conclusion! only remember it when i was in library going to print it out! HAHA,luckily i went chinese library and i can type chinese(:

Sort of relieved now cos this week is ending, end of chionging for chinese assignment with all the dialects and end of midterm test for hs101(: And i'm meeting my laopos later! like finally right?!?! :D :D and next week is RECESS!!!

Recess.. oh well, sound nice but it's still will be a busy week lo. there'll be a make up class on mon and project discussion after it. hopefully it wouldnt be cancelled cos the project due when the school start,so left one week only. yes, ONE week only.

and, there're some many assignments/ tasks to be completed! :
1)HS101 project part 2
2)HS101 tutorial homework (including 3long readings D': )
3)HS102 individual presentation (YES I HATE IT)
4)HS102 group presentation (including discussion,research,meet up etc)
5)HS102 essay (it's supposed to due on 3nov but changed to 12oct, that's 2 weeks earlier la!)
6)HS103 essay

Okay, i have not touch on any yet, research gotta be hard ):

and there's a lot for me to catch up! i didnt read many readings these 2 weeks cos i was doing research for chinese,so the to-do list keep going on and on... D':

perhaps i should do my research now,HAHA. i just did some housekeeping for my email and fb! LOL.




P.S/S: anyone want go lalala? (:

Sunday, September 20, 2009


NO SCHOOL TOMORROW! Isn't that wonderful? :D

trying to type my chinese assignment! quite challenging huh?!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Hello Human.

One week just pass again.

For next week, chinese assignment due and mid-term exam for ONE module! the chinese one is shifted after the holiday! and got to do reseach for the group project! oh well, i haven even do research for my own essays,luckily they are due on nov. actually i'll rather the chinese test next week, cos after holiday also have many stuff due. really sianjipua la. had 2 online meeting with my projectmates (there're 9 of us,which is the whole tut class). actually not productive one lo, we spent 1.5 hours deciding when to meet face-face -.-

anyway, the rest of the post will be PHOTOS (: realised i didn't upload much photos for previous posts.HAHA.

Taken during my birthday (: i miss my long hair!

Cycling session(: see what's near me on the floor! DIAPER! OMG.

Group photo at ECP.

NICE(: fr ding tai feng(: i dated hl if im not wrong...

me and xiao long bao which is damn nice (: we were having high tea like tai tai (:

this was my lunch. it wasnt hot lo ):

zhen ying and me @ orchard botak jone

Our yummy lunch! (:

meow meow who made lots of noise.. oh ya, it's afraid of bay! cos bay was frightened by the butterfly and the cat frightened by bay. HAHA.

WHAT A WASTE! we're not wasting food! hl didnt realise that's beef until it was served.. and i wanted to finish my own share before helping others..HAHA. and i dont really eat beef.

that's us in ION toilet(:

Okay that's all (:
LOVES,bean :D

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hello Human.

I finally can upload pictures (: but i wouldn't be uploading much since I've do my assignment ASAP since it's due on friday. RAH, I've too much to include for the assignment which is on significant events that i remember from my earliest memory to the present. Come to think about it, most of them are from the younger period of me. I can't really think much for the period from JC till now. since it's significant event, think i can skip these 2 period. HAHA.

Oh ya,these days are terribly hot! the sun was so strong that i could barely open my eyes on my way back home yesterday! the earth is really getting sick! and when the weather is so hot, we tend to on air-con or fan for longer hours, which then leads to global warming and even hotter weather! OMG, by then i will really melt la.

I went comex on saturday with my parents and shan (: as usual, the place is flooded with people. managed to buy harddisk and memory card(: I didn't manage join S28 dinner, PAISEH! X:

Okay, the below 2 photos are xiaoqian and i (first picture); sam and i (second picture). both of them are from Choon Heng, which is my previous workplace. Don't think I've ever post photos of them.. or i did? i can't remember. i'm sorry that i still have not go bugis with xiaoqian which we agreed. HAHA,okay one fine day when i we free (:

Oh man, i feel like going this place! the last time i went was on 30th/31st july...HAHA,which is not very long ago. But it's a destressing place!


Friday, September 11, 2009

Hello Human.

i feeling so no life now, okay I'm still alive, yes i know that. but somehow i envy those with life and coping with their studies. i don't join cca not that i want to focus on my studies, okay, i don't even read all my readings. my friend was saying that i must be a person towards arts since i take soci but i say no, i don't even read! then she was then why you choose soci not science? i was like .... oh well, thought of changing major BUT think i'll end up compaining again.

Oh ya, met an auntie who lives at 30th. I used to see her every morning fr sec-jc (cos she fetch her son to sch and i go sch) so we got greet each other. but now lesson start later so i don't see her anymore until a few days ago! i didn't recognise her, HAHA. chatted in the lift and she was asked if i grew taller. then i said: no, i very long didn't grow le! HAHA. think we too long never see each other!HAHA. and she agreed. then she ask where i study and studying what. then she was "OH IM STUDIED SOCI TOO! BUT IN NUS!" haha, if i study in nus, she'll be my senior!LOL. anyway her son is taking O level this year and she asked me whether JJ is good. I was "Eh, not bad la.but don't get too involved in all those leadership thing,HAHA" then she said she told her son the cut off point is 10 to stress him, then i was like "HAHA,no la, my batch 15 or 16 can enter le!". actually JJ is not bad, at least looking back now, i no longer regret entering it. (my mum wanted me to go poly) but i do not deny i regretted not going poly in j1 when my result like shit.HAHA. i still miss my friends. even though there's only pam and anling, my other besties still in the same school and we can always meet up. unlike now.... SHOO,move on move on moving on.

Anyway, didn't know that most schools (pri,sec,jc) are having their holidays now! no wonder the mall is so crowded! HAHA, I was like hoping that their holiday end soon so that i don't have to sqeeuze etc. Okay that's a bit bad.

Meet up with laopos is really hard, all our timing so different ): next week will be their mid-sem test week so they aren't free. then when their test is over, it's my turn ): okay, i only have 2 courses that have this mid-sem test, but lots of reading!! especially the chinese semantics which sometimes i understand but most of the time scratch head with my friends ): talkin about chinese semantics reminds me of the assignment! OMG, i so going to touch it after finishing my HS101 project part one which i hope i'll do later...

so girls, when are we going to meet up?


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Hello Human, I'm back.

Was busy with the stupid solo presentation, so got to read and think and do the slides alone ): anyway it's over. PHEWW. but it wasn't done smoothly!): !@#$%^& for the first time in my life i got to bring laptop to school and to do stupid presentation alone. the cable doesn't want to co-operate with my vaio. so at first there's no input then later is frequency out of range. i was WTHing cos almost the class have reached. luckily constant and the other girl (oops, i keep forgetting what's her name, I'll name her a kindsoul!HAHA) were kind enough to help me out kindsoul even lent me her laptop though the battery was running low. And finally the cable and projector decided to co-operate with her acer(phewwwww). I'm sooooo gonna thanks them (i mean the girls, not the IT stuff) la (:

then at first decided to go woodlands library to study with hl n zy, but it was canceled suddenly): i was very sianjipua but still went there to study since it's planned. i had my breakfast at long john and saw this cute little boy who wave at me!so cute can, i must be cute enough for him to want to play with me!HAHA,okay I'm puking too. so went to the quiet reading room and sat there for four hours. spent the entire four hours thinking of my HW101 which is due on coming monday while listening to my mp3. anyway, the quiet room is really quiet, my mp3 volume at 2 la!HAHA. then met up with zy to go causeway walk walk to look for her bag and my shorts. HAHA,in the end we walk 1 hour plus only X: and she didn't get her bag cos left the display only. i don't like display item. everyone also touch it before and keep zipping the bag. so dirty and pro to damage!HAHA.

anyway, i was in my school chinese library finding stuff for my chinese assignment. then the guy beside me ask whether im from taking chinese major then i say no. then he say " i thought you're memorizing the dic!" i was like LOL. then the other day, i was flipping the dictionary and the girl beside me ask me questions. then she wanted to help but can't cos she didn't take the course. so she asked her friend but he also didnt take. then he ask me im in which year and i told him year one. then was like oh jiayou.HAHA. anyway the girl very kind! she helped me ask the librarian or senior how to use online chi dic which maybe easier(: it's good to have helpful kind soul around! (:

okay, wanted to blog more but it's getting lengthy. and my 10pm drama start already! so ya,too be continued? depends..



Wednesday, September 02, 2009

shoo shoo, shoo away next week!!

time is like not enough sia...