Saturday, January 29, 2011


Hello Humans.

Year Two Sem Two has started officially for a week!

Well, I was still in holiday mood since I cruised last weekend and I'm preparing to fly to China next week (Wed-Sun)! :D

OMG my aunt say it's rather cold at Hainan Island! Hopefully the weather will be fine with no rain and not too cold! And hopefully this time round I'll be guai and not skip school on Monday since tutorial will start officially for HS302!

Talking about modules, my timetable isn't finalised yet. But I got to get it settled by Tuesday night since I'll be away till the add/drop period ends. Since I've sort of decided to SU my HRM, i shall pia during my exams for that bloody day with 3 papers! And, I'm thinking of adding a module. But I've no idea what to add cos I don't want class with tutorial or too much writing. HAHA. And I just realised all my lessons end late (earliest like 5.30pm!).

Okay at least one thing settled over the weekend, that is application for INSTEP! I just follow Adele (and Jasmine and Hui Lin) since I've no idea what to apply. And since now there are 2 more people, the more the safer or merrier! so yay, shall see how! Btw I didnt include TW in since they didn't choose it and my mum is pretty against it for exchange. Actually the Uni in TW is pretty not bad in term of their ranking! Oh nevermind.

Shall off com soon and get prepared to go out for reunion dinner. And I've yet to read my reading and do the mindmap which due tmr. D:

and I've no update regarding cruise trip! really no time sia! LOL.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Back on land!

Hello Humans!

I'm back on land :D

Great trip with great sister (: By the way she paid for the trip! HAHA! Btw we didn't buy anything at all! Eh, except the ticket to Penang! Shall blog about it when I'm free-er. HAHA(:

And... I'm not a good student as I didn't attend school today! HAHA, I was too sleepy and I thought I have to do some finger-war! SOOOOoooooo, yes, I'm still holidaying X:

Anyway, I got COM204, a Communication Studies module which I thought I didn't get! HAHA. So now I've 5mods of 19AUs. All seems like essay-based. Wish me luck for this such a essay-ish sem!

I've no idea how am I going to survive through 16May2011 with 3 papers. I think I'll die, of course mentally. HMM, that's why I'm hesitating whether this shall be my final timetable for the sem. I wonder whether I should start using my S/U. But i heard Intro to Human Resource is pretty okay, if I can score why S/U right? Haix, and for this sem I only can use S/U on this mod. Or maybe I should get another mod and S/U it? 烦啦D:

Okay, school shall start officially tmr! and my lesson is from 4.30-7.30pm!

All the best for a new sem! :D


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello Humans.

These were taken after watching the movie! We forgot to take when we were having lunch X: So yay, only the 3 of us managed to take photo without wanxuan X:

Anyway, holiday is coming to an end. That's fast! It's like I'm going back to school AGAIN?!

NVM, I shall enjoy the last 3 days of my holiday with Royal Caribbean! :D

HAHA. Will back to Singapore on 24th Jan at 7am, which is just nice to make it for 9.30am's lecture. LOL. See I'm such a good student that I decided I shall not pon the first lecture. Okay, I shall not make it 100% just to play safe it the cruise arrive late or what then i shall miss my first lecture. LOL.

Okay friends, enjoy last few days of freedom! A new sem with a new start, for us to chiong chiong CHIONG! :D


Wednesday, January 19, 2011




10 reasons to be happy
1) Improvement in GPA (3.28->3.52 -> 3.75)
2) Improvement in cGPA (3.42 ->3.53)
3) My very first A- for my sociology core module (HS201)
4) No C and finally just one B-
5) I met my inital target of improving 0.2 for each semester (this target was made after Y1 S1)
6) I'm finally a "second-lower" class

10 reasons to be sad
1) Expectation not met
2) cGPA below 3.6
3) Risk of failure of application for INSTEP
I couldn't find 10 reasons each for being sad and happy. Ironically, though I've more reasons to be happy, one stupid reason of EXPECTATION NOT MET is bad enough. I would say expectation is the point here. I was freaking happy one year back when I got 3.28 cos that was my expectation. That goes the same for Y1S2. To be frank, I was aiming for GPA of 4. Say I'm greedy, which I think I'm not cos it's fairly reasonable to score better for electives. I took 4 electives and expecting some As, but chey none of them is A. I am truly disappointed.

so yay, my grades as follow:
HS201-> A-
HS205-> B-
EE8084 (Cyber Security) ->B
EE8086 (Astronomy) -> B
CS100 -> B+

HS201 was a bonus, I was expecting a B+ though my mid-term was A-, but apparently most people find the final paper okay. So Marx, Weber and Durkheim weren't that bad huh? LOL. HS205 was okay since it's within my expectation, I couldn't ask for more cos I know my lousy standard there. Though it's the worse grade, I'm pretty happy with it. Cyber, well, i think I can say I'm satisfied with it considering the fact that our project isn't really well done and i just screwed the final paper for Flora's part. So yay, I'm fine with HS201, 205 and EE8084.

It the latter 3 that made me feel so WTE. I was expecting or hoping for a B+ for astro and A- for CS100 and EN121. I know my hatred towards astro in the initial phase but my interest did grow! But ya, probably it's my fault for not completing the astro bank qns and the past year papers. Only if I've done so then I'll have the rights to complaint bah.

As for EN121 and CS100, my initial target is A, but lowered to A- cos I know I sucks at presentation (en121) and probably many will score well for both. The second presentation for en121 was okay, and the final exam for cs100 was pretty fine too. So lesson learnt, so my presentation sucks more than I expected. Not to compare with my teammates who score A or A+, they are good at presentation! And yes, they participate in class and answer the Q&A session! Okay, so that explains for my not-expected B+ which then sounds much more reasonable. CS100, I read the whole freaking TB. I've done the freaking past year paper. So why ain't I'm getting A-?!?! To comfort myself I got to say cos I was doing last minute revision and I finished the whole freaking TB in a rush just a few days before the exam. Yes bin, blame yourself for not being a good student.

okay, emo够了, Reflect 过了。不想了。

不信我不行,终有一天我会get that freaking 3.75 for my cGPA.
On a side note, I went out with university friends on 18th! Had lunch at Aston at The Cathay which is rather affordable! (: And we had movie too! :D

Okay that's all. Sorry for the ranting. I need a space to rant out. Since there's no one really available for me to rant at.



Sunday, January 16, 2011

Afterall, I'm not that anti-social?

Hello Humans.

It's Sunday. Another week has passed. How fast right? Next week is the last week of my holiday. The only thing I can look forward is perhaps my Cruise Trip.

Anw, I sort of meet a few new people this week!

First, it was on Thursday, where I went to Amore myself since my sister got to work. Yes, introvert Miss Ho, who is quite anti-social, actually can make new "friend". HAHA. Well, we were waiting for the pilate class to start so I decided to talk to the girl next to me. Her name is Deenise, just graduated from NUS. We chatted a bit while waiting for the next class too! Cos there was a 30 minutes break between the 2 classes. So yay, we attended New Body class. The classes were not that tiring as compared to the other classes I attended on last Saturday. LOL. Oh ya, there were just 4 people in each of the 2 classes! HAHA. And for the first class, all of us are first-timer! So after the 2 classes, I decided to use the gym! Gyming sounds healthy, shan't elaborate on how far i walk/run X: By the way, that Deenise added me on FB and she actually sings! HAHA, not bad huh! She still got her YouTube channel!

Second, it was yesterday. Eugene and I attended the executive summary workshop. Phew that he was late cos I was late too! HAHA, but some others worse, late for 30minutes? They shouldn't have the workshop that early man. I thought it was going to be a torturous session since it last from 9.30-4pm! But luckily it turned out to be okay! (: We had to do 2 group work during the session. Well, I guess my group consists of pretty good and funny people! They made the session to be so funny! HAHA, especially that uncle who emphasizes that he've been staying around that neighbourhood for 20 over years. LOL. That uncle is rather interesting and funny! I can't emphasize how much he's funny and interesting!
1. There's peak period for wakes - after CNY cos many people keep eating and all the diseases such as high cholesterol etc comes.
2. There's a gay street near the neighbourhood. We wondered how he knows about it and he keep saying he's been here for 20 over years.
3. He's just a few years apart from us- this really made ALL of us burst into laugh. Mean we are, but it's really unbearable! HAHAHAHHAHAHAH.
4. He claims that he's 25! How can that be?! We laughed even harder and louder! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Eugene couldn't stand it cos he's 25. LOL. So Amanda asked him to take out his IC to verify then he say "why leh, you want to see my address huh? I'm staying just that blk". LOL.
5.He was very surprised that we don't really understand dialects/hokkein especially when we are "a few years apart". LOL.
6.During the pitch/presentation, he even told the rest which blk he stays in.
7. His expression when we say he shall do the second pitch which he refused to and look straight and commented that the most he go toilet! HAHA.
8.毕业=失业。This makes sense.

Well, I actually find him a bit familiar! HAHA. But that's not the point! He may sounds funny and a bit weird but he's definitely successful, smart and eh, intellectual! He's pursuing Major in the NTU now! and his GPA is 4.67/5! Another he's not those old uncle but young uncle? HAHA. So well. Amanda and SuFan are NBS year 2 students who are rather funny too la. Seems like I'm the most normal human there. LOL.

Oh ya, lunch was provided at the courtyard. My lunch time=mosquito's lunch time! I got around 20 mosquito bites on my poor legs D: Damn itchy can. I've sent a feedback email to a Quality Service Manager! Cos I've added that uncle on my FB and he's damn funny can! He talk to me on FB asking me where are the mosquito! LOL. It's good that he didn't kana and commented that it's good cos it helps to build up my immunity! LOL. Then he gave me the manager's email and number cos he knows the person! LOL. Then he continued "If u kena fever within a week, then means u kena dengue ". I was like "Choy touch wood! Then must complaint already, not just feedback". Guess what? The next thing is the funniest of all "U won’t have the energy to complaint so better feedback now. So if u kena, after recover can complaint (provided if u r alive) lol" WTE right?!?!

AND YES, we (me zy hl pam cs) had steamboat at yt's house! (:

We were supposed to help out by reaching early. But end up the host is busy and we had to watch TV! HAHA, HL funny la, she recognised the wrong person as Toro! HAHA. And yay, had some chatting and live demo by Teacher Lim for the cute coiling strings around the pen! :D Steamboat was great! I wasn't really listen to their chatting over the dinner cos I was watching AI. LOL. Fruit salad made by YT/her family is nice too! :D We got higher at night. LOL. It's a pity that we forgot to take photo! LOL. Anyway, a great meet up yay! :D

Paiseh, didn't know it will turn out to be such a long wordy post! HAHAHHAHA. Hopefully that funny uncle made u smile. LOL


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

life's good

Hello Humans.

Isn't the weather nice? (:

Lying on bed till 11am, turning radio on and sing along. That's shiok okay. HAHA.

Time to start researching since the updated INSTEP brochure is out.


Sunday, January 09, 2011


Hello Humans!

Part-time ah Zhai is back on shift today!
My body is aching! HAHA, all thanks to Amore!
Finally made my second trip yesterday! Well, 10days gone. Left 20 days to make use of the 1-month membership!
Went for 4 classes- CardioLatino, CardioBlitz, Stretch Fit and Yoga! I didn't know they all can be so tiring. Aren't Yoga suppose to be very relaxing? HAHA. I think I nuahed for too long and my stretching and strength are lousy to the max! HAHA. Wait, these two are never good if I'm not wrong. Hmmm. Anyway it's good to feel the ache, this means that I got do some work out huh? HAHA. But the classes are so tiring that I wonder if gym is much more better! LOL.
Went Town with my mama and aunt on Friday! We didn't do much, didn't really shop also lah. Oh ya, saw Triya near PS when we were waiting for the green man! HAHA. She actually can recognise me (well I don't think I've change much except getting fatter and fatter) when we didn't see each other for 4 years or so! Okay we aren't those close friend and in fact we don't really talk, but she's quite a nice person besides being very angmor. HAHA. She's just graduated from University and searching for job in Singapore now! Well, I'm still in Uni Year 2 lah! It's a normal topic to talk about- what are you studing/majoring in?. Hmm, I guess that's a pretty aunavoidable question. HAHA. And the usual question follows- what do you all do in sociology?. HAHA. Well, the road isn't that long so we end the topic half way. LOL.
Davichi's songs are quite nice! Well, though I'm not very into K-Pop and I don't understand Korean language but the rhythm is nice! And I just realised it's been quite a while since I last changed the list of songs. So yay, a new list is here! Haven't been listening to music these days so I'm pretty outdated.
A couple of stuff to be done today. Not that having holiday and with not much other committment = free and relax okay! HAHA.
Can't wait to visit YT's house on 15th! HAHA. Hopefully we can really go there! HAHA :D

Thursday, January 06, 2011

悠闲的 lifestyle

Hello Humans.

Yesterday was G.R.E.A.T.!

I was leading a rather 悠闲的 lifestyle lah! HAHA. I went JP Amore with my sister for the very first time to have some work out! HAHA. Well, I can't find any proper sports shoes yet so we were in rather inappropriate work out attire. So end up didn't jog but brisk work and use those facilities! I'm actually feeling great with some aching. LOL.

Guess what, I went to WestMall library for hours to finish up the novel! Cos it dues on 7th and I was thinking maybe I should chiong finish it. And yes I did! It was just nice that when I finished my book it's time to meet Pamela and Jeremiah! HAHA.

Had dinner at Mayim or something like that! Great catching up with them! And yes, pam's fav term "disgusting" to describe school. HAHA. School wasn't as bad for me, that's something fortunate huh? But yay, I still don't really like school. yet.

They seems to have plan for the future. Or roughly sort of have some idea. Mine? I'm still not sure. Help out in Dad's shop. Or? hmmm. Though I'm old enough to think but I'm too lazy to think or simply I don't know what to think. HAHA. I'm still wondering whether I should minor in Chinese. and actually I don't know why I'm intending to minor in comm studies. HAHA. So actually things happened may not have a reason. It just happens.

Okay rubbish. I think I've slept too much! For almost 12hours of sleeping. HAHA. That's someting great for holiday! :D I didn't realised it's so late (4.28pm) cos it seems like 2 plus for me. LOL.

Anyway, pam reminded me there's only 2 weeks of holiday left. D: There's so many stuff I wish to do but not done yet. Haix.

Oh ya, I had one Mango Pudding all by myself yesterday! I think I've accepted mango! LOL.


Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Hello Humans!

I'm such an active blogger these days! Cos I'm ah zhai what! HAHA!

Anyway, I'm half-way through the novel "Why didn't they ask Evans?" by Agatha Christie. I love her novel, detective narrative. I love the big font and of course the content lah! Thanks to Sek Chin who introduce this author to us!

Well talking about Sek China, I didn't contact her for super long. She's sort of uncontactable D: Hopes that she's doing well...

Yes, I attended my cousin's wedding on 30th December 2010 at Amara Hotel! :D We aren't very close to her (or any other cousins) but that's not the point cos Wedding is always a joyous and touching event! :D Oh ya, I got my hair trimmed on that day at Chapter 2 at JP. It costs me $18 cos I got a $10 off voucher! :D I thought it's quite a different cos my dyed hair is gone and it's shorter now! But not many people say I look like I cut my hair! OKAY OKAY I BURNT MY HAIR CAN?! LOL, just kidding. Guess it's less obvious this time round cos my fringe didn't cut until too short! HAHA :D

While I was having breakfast buffet, I saw Jocelyn Yee! Godma say she looks like a Malay, though I think she looks like a Chinese and she has fair skin! Countdown at Amara, nothing much to say. No "live" fireworks since Amara is a pretty short-building.

Okay, finally meet up with dearest laopos on 1st Jan 2011! :D It's great to meet up with them right in the beginning of 2011! :D Too bad we didn't get to Marina Barrage as planned due to the rain and we had to walk towards city hall area even though we are quite under-dressed! LOL.

Great day spent with you girls! Thanks HL for your mineral water and the chocolate spongecake! And thanks XQ for your spongebob headset and sticker!

All the best for your studies + work! :D

Anyway, the INSTEP I was talking about in my previous post in more likely to happen in 2012 if my application goes successfully! The application closes in late Jan if I'm not mistaken. HMMM
And yay, the entrepreneur-thingy, we're going to meet up online today. Hopefully I wouldn't forget cos I'll be watching 9pm drama on Channel 8! HAHA.

I seriously got to do something to my camera! I wonder why is it so blur when the warranty just over and I sent it for upgrading or whatever shit before the warranty ends. D:

Okay, that's all!


P.S. I still wants to go barrage. Running on the grass carefree-ly.
P.S.S I want to go K soon! ARGHHH

Monday, January 03, 2011

Reflection time!

Hello Humans.

It's 2011. I wonder is it because that we're getting older and that's why we feel that every year is passing faster and faster. I'm turning 21st this year, in around 6 months time. That would means a step towards the "official" adulthood. It's so contradicting that when I was young, I hope to grow older faster. And now, I wish I'm still the small kid. Well, I believe not just me who feels that.

Arghh. Okay let's be realistic, people do grow older and accept the fact please. But somehow I think I don't really behave like one. I'm still the immature, indecisive, dependent, introvert, anti-social, sometimes a spoilt brat little Missy who don't know how to cook, wash etc. Life is so complacent here, my parents will just take care of the things. A lizard, a xiao qiao, or whatever shit, we just scream for our mama and she'll be there to kill all these monsters for us. I don't have to worry for many things, be it financial terms or whatever. Well, I'm not that rich but certainly quite well off as compared to many others (though it's hard to be 知足!). I thought of trying something different, probably different in some sense from the current ones. Yet, it's difficult to get out of comfort zone, isn't it?

So yay, growing up bit by bit I wish. Be more mature, understanding, decisive and more independent. It's hard for me not to be anti-social. I mean, I can be a real extrovert sometimes, but most of the time I'm an introvert. The companion makes the difference!

As a student, I wish that 2011 will be a year where I get back to the student who likes to study, to expect more besides just getting a B-, someone who stop avoiding tutorial. It's hard for all these to come true, and in fact I really still hate tutorial, so i shall ignore what I just typed earlier on. HAHA. Okay, a good student who do her part in studies and maybe get better GPA.

Actually I'm thinking whether or not to apply for INSTEP, which is to study overseas for a semester! I'm thinking that it's a rare good experience as a student to explore (though I'm not adventurous). My first thought is Taiwan! Well, so that I wouldn't have so much culture shock and they speak Mandarin! Yes, language is one my major concern. I know my spoken English sucks and that's why I'm trying to avoid those angmor countries and choose Asian countries. Moreover, it's cheaper! It's around S$5k-S$6k excluding all those shopping der! I guess as a tourist/exchange student I'll definitely play a part to boost the country's economy! HAHA. BUT the issue is that I've no one to accompany me to go Taiwan! Yes yes, I was just saying that I hope I can be more independent and it would be a great chance for me to do so. But it's overseas study for around 4 months! I seriously need some trustworthy friends to accompany! Not only for safety reason but the company definitely plays a great role in making the trip enjoyable and memorable!

So, another option would be France! Since Adele was hoping to go there, the issue of getting a companion solved. The school consists of 40% international students so it can't be too bad. Bad English isn't too much an issue too cos French is highly valued by the people over there. So the main issue would be not knowing or understanding French! Europe is such a beautiful place and it's definitely a great place to visit! But of course, the cost would be much higher! It's gauged around S$10K-S$12K! And I'm expecting the figure to be much higher cos even though we can save by eating cup noodles etc, we'll spend a huge sum on travelling!

Anyway, I got to admit that I did not do much research. My research sucks. HAHA. I seriously need to start doing some research X:

And yes, decided to join in my EN121 friends in the entrepreneur-thingy competition! I hope it will turn out to be fine and okay! Our previous team consists of 6 people, but now left the 4 of us. Yes I'm the only girl left but that shouldn't be something to be too worry on. We have not started anything but I guess we'll be meeting up soon to start working on the report for the first round of the competition. I hope it wouldn't stress me out cos it seems to involve high commitment and there will be some networking sessions (if I'm not wrong. and if yes I'm gonna be so sianx about it). Well, what makes me go for it? I'm not sure. Maybe it's the rare good experience (HAHA, I just used these words on INSTEPS too) and since I've nothing to add on my University life (I've no CCA) so why not do something to make it better? So hopefully it turns out good and not the other way round.

Most importantly is good health for everyone (my family, friends (you you you you you and you you you) and of course yours truly der!), being happy and contend! :D May I wish that all trips will be safe and enjoyable with laughter and fun. May I wish that those who are studying get better grades. May I wish that those who are working earn more money and more business please. May I wish that whatever we do will all go smoothly.

And yes, I got to slim down. My fats is growing and growing. How I wish the fats can be donated, or burst when my friends poke me. HAHA. Arghh. Since I got Amore 1 month free membership so why am I still nuahing at home and waste the membership right? LAZY PIG. That's why this stupid thing is forever on my list.

YES YES YES, I'M GREEDY. I got to admit the fact. HAHA

Okay, basically that's all.

It's great to be ah zhai! Staying at home, sleeping at 1am plus and waking up at 12pm plus!


Sunday, January 02, 2011

Reflection on 2010

Hello Humans!


Time to do some reviewing for year 2010! (It's never too late to review! LOL.)

How’s year 2010 for you

Well, I would say it is a pretty good and great year for me!


Firstly, I’ve been quite a lucky girl in 2010! I’ve won quite a few stuffs :D Yes I love lucky draws etc!!
1. An oven from a lucky draw in Cozycot event!
2. 1 of the lucky winner to attend Meet & Greet session with Wonder Girls!
3. $50 Capitaland vouchers by contesting in Lifebuoy’s “Singapore Let’s Get Healthier” Lucky Draw [Well, I forgot what I wrote!]

4. A $100 SpringField voucher by voting for my senior in Maybelline Power in You Contest!

5. Successful entry for “SMRT COMMUTERS TO STAR IN ITS 2011 DESKTOP CALENDAR” thingy, where I get to feature on their 2011 calendar with pop-art effects! And yes, and a poster-sized photo! :D No money reward but is good enough!
6. 1 month free membership for Amore Fitness! Drawn in Cozycot 9th Birthday bash! :D
P.S.: I hope I didn’t miss out anything!HAHA

I do consider myself very lucky besides winning all these, like I’m still alive on this Earth with people whom I love and people who love me! :D (You love me, don’t you? HAHA) Natural disasters, accidents, people being too emotional etc, life's so fragile.

Not much travelling in this year (as compared to last year, but I’m expecting morenext this year!) but nonetheless it’s a good year with some great experiences. For example, the very first Youth Olympic Games 2010 in Singapore! Well, it didn’t create a big coverage but as an individual I do gain quite a lot! Not only am I managed to know what the earth is Handball and watching chio Denmark girls and cute Korean guys when they were training for their competition, I also get to visit Universal Studio Singapore! Yes, it’s cool that I didn’t do much during the period of YOG (since I spent most of my time watching trainings and the rest of the time with Coca Cola), yet I still get to enjoy all the benefits. HAHA.
And ya, another good experience would be SMRT shoot. The shoot is just a short 1.5hours session but the experience is… pretty good! AND AND AND, to attend the meet and greet session with Wonder Girls! First time being so close to international celebrities! Well, we do consider them as international stars right? HAHA.

As for studies, it’s great that I find both the semesters pass pretty fast! :D Well, I think I will definitely still complain regarding to academics! If I don’t, something must be wrong. However, I guess my complaints getting lesser? Well, I hope that’s the case cos I don’t hate, I mean dislike, no no no, I mean I’m not so interested my major that much. HAHA. But I guess it is because I didn’t take that much sociology modules this year. My complaints would probably back soon cos I’ll be taking more sociology modules this coming semester! Anyway there’s some improvement for my reading- from 78 uncompleted readings in semester 1 to less than 10 uncompleted readings in semester 2! (: But I got to admit that the number of sociology modules was halved, that’s why the difference is that great! HAHA.

As for friends, I made a few friends! Like Adele, WanXuan (the 2 girls on my left and right!) and maybe some project mates(cyber,Hw111,en121) which I think are just hi-bye friends! I've known Adele and Wan Xuan better in sem 2! :D :D HMM, I guess 2010 was pretty much a gathering year too. Like with my laopos! :D

My dearest BFFs! :D

yes my dearest BFFs :D

Wenfang whom we known from China Trip! Companion really makes a great difference! OMG i miss those days!

And my primary school besties Eileen and YiXin! :D

Talking about primary school friends remind me of a psycho quiz fr YiXin as follows:
short-form used- Y:YiXin, me (B) and Eileen (E)
Y: think of an animal u're see in a park or forest (which I can't rmb) (B-monkey, E-dog)
Y: think of another animal (B-Lion, E-bird)
Y: you saw a house, is the door- open big big, half open or closed? (B&E-half open)
Y: you enter the house and you saw a table, what's the shape of it? (B-round, E-i forgot her answer! rectangle?)
Y: You saw a vase on the table. What material is it made of? (B-clay. E- Glass)
Y: There are flowers in the vase. How many are there? (B-3, E- a lot a lot!HAHA)
Y: You left the house and have to leave but there's a river in front. What would you do? (B- go back to the route where I came from. E- don't care just cross the river)

well, I don't know if I've missed out any questions. This quiz looks familiar anyway. HAH. Then YiXin continued to explain. The first answer (monkey) is to refer to ourself! Well, so I'm a monkey (and yixin say it's accurate cos i act like one, lol). The second one was our partner (lion). HAHA, monkey's partner is a LION! and again yixin say yes yes it's right cos I need a man who is da nan ren-minded to control me! LOL. Okay, i shall skip some cos i forgot. The number of flowers in the vase refers to the number of relationship that we'll have! It's damn funny cos Eileen say A LOT A LOT! HAHA! Okay, I'm seriously off-tracked X:

Okay, so actually I can't really live without my friends, though my circle of friends is forever so small but I love you people to bits! :D

Oh ya, I got a new HP- nokia E72. It's not a new news since that was 6months ago. It’s a smart phone since it can surf the net (definition of smart phone?), 5MP camera (though the camera sound can’t be switched off and the flash can’t stop blinking), with a colour that I think is pretty chio (violet!)! BUT BUT BUT, sometimes it lags. I wonder if I’m typing too fast or it’s simply slow. I think it’s the latter. And, it hang for a few times. HMMM.

So yay, 2010 is a pretty great, decent year for me. I’m expecting a better year ahead. I mean, I’m hoping for a better year ahead.

Thank You for everything in 2010, may 2011 be an even year for you and me! (:

bean. (: