Sunday, September 28, 2014

I'm missing Europe again.

Hello Europe.

Dear Europe, I miss you so.
Thanks for all the memory for the great 3 months, which are still clearly in my mind.
Thanks for teaching me life lessons, to be appreciative to people whom I love and loves me, to be appreciative of the world, country and century that I've born in and give me the opportunity to see a different world.

I was clearing some photos in memory card to make space for my sis's wedding photoshoot on coming wed and for my China trip in Nov. Every trip has their own fond memory, with different people who are close to my heart. Kinda excited for Nov's trip but I'm gonna miss you so much.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

My kinda perfect sunday

Hello Humans

It’s been a while since I’m here. So I’ve been busy with work and dating and hence not much of time to blog. Okay, what an excuse huh! But it really feels that way.

Oh well, I’ll just start off with something more recent, let's say today! It feels good to nuah at home and not doing much! Of course I’m not saying my day goes without much meaning, it is definitely a meaningful nuahing day for me! So I woke up at 8 plus on a Sunday morning and unable to sleep any further, washed up, had my breakfast and started packing my area. I’ve this habit of packing/tidying my area like table and cupboards.

I’ve also checked out the rates for HPV vaccinations and it really seems like Healthway Clinic is having really good promotion for HDB staff! I shall take my jab soon since I’ve really drag it for super ultra long. Have been considering to do it since last year but my then medisave doesn’t have sufficient money and I didn’t want to spend my parents’. And since I’ve been working for quite a while, it’s time to do it! Yes, I’m hoping to do it asap before Oct so that I can have my second jab before my family trip to China!
Yes I’m going on family trip to china soon!! It’s been quite a while since I last flew (Jan 13), let alone the last family trip I had (the last family trip was in 2009). Strictly speaking, it will be a 7/10 family trip as the 3 Ho sisters will be staying in Singapore, while the rest of us (including me and my bro) will be flying off from 1 Nov to 11 Nov! My boss is quite nice to let me off for this family trip as I’m going to use it as block leave. Kinda feel heart pain when I see the balance of my leave from 14 days to 7 days, lol. Pray hard it will be a safe and smooth and happy trip for all of us! And I know I’ll miss my bf badly. ):
Just had some tea and macaron made with love by love! I better eat it before anyone else kop mine! 14 macarons were gone in less than 12 hours. And check out the cute little macaron in ♥ ! I very bu she de to eat it!

Okay, off i go! Planning for something. Hee.

Till then.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Testing 1 2 3

Testing completed.

Testing if my blog is still working. Haha. Oh it is! I'll blog some other days.

Till then♡