Monday, March 28, 2011

and yet, student life

Hello Humans.

I slept before 12am yesterday! I was super uber tired from reading all the stuff for today 2 quizzes. Woke up at 6.20am to study, helped a bit (: The papers weren't as good as I thought, but since they're over, I shalln't be bothered till the result is out.

Relaxed myself by watching "It's a small world" (: It's a good programme to watch to destress! :D And yaya, fb-ed and blogging! HAH. short one only lah!

Time to get back to work, gonna do up the slides for saturday's pitching. Arghh, pray hard max 2 people do pitching the best so I can don't need present! HAHA.

Oh ya, tried chicken rice from Canteen B for the first time after almost 2 years in NTU! It's rather oily, and YiLin commented it's salty! HAHA. but it's cheap-$2!(: okay that's being random.



Friday, March 25, 2011


Hello Humans.

Seems like a week passes pretty fast even during school period. Why? Cos every week is like chionging for something. Weeks after recess week is the worst period of every sem I guess.

These days weren't very good.

1) I'm not performing, and I hate it.

->Freaking B- for my COM204 assignment cos I wasn't doing what was expected. Supposed to write a news story but I did something like features/advertisement. I was really sianjipua! D: Why didn't he correct me when I told him I'm going to introduce places for supper?! ARGHH. I seriously need to reconsider my intention to minor in communication studies. I got to admit I can't write. Definitely not in angmor, maybe I still can try Chinese next time, but should be not much better. Oh well, I don't even really know why I thought of minoring in it. Being a chinese journalists doesn't really sounds realistics, and am I really interested in it? HMMM, maybe i should just take modules (hopefully interesting) that may helps to pull up my gpa instead of dragging me down. Shall reconsider this when I'm free.

-> My HRM quiz one is below average! D: Okay, though I'm just 0.5m away from the average, I still don't feel good! Ya ya I didn't touch that freaking TB, it was so unbearable to read it!

Guess I need to decide whether or not to SU either HRM or COM by 17april, or maybe SU both then I'll whole-heartedly (like real) to my sociology modules.

2) My HS302 flew and got stuck in the tree yesterday! D: Adele and I was studying and the stupid wind blew my notes again. We thought some how the paper will just fall on the ground so I didn't really run for it. GUESS WHAT? it flew "out" of the building (we were outside LTs) and eventually it got stuck in between the branches of the tree and then it dropped onto the ground. I couldn't save it since it's at somewhere out of reach. Okay, Prof Prem, I didn't make it for that chapter cos it jumped down.

HS302 quiz was over (: But the essay was like crap, which i totally crapped through. Now I'd rather do Wubiao's 4 work problems!

HS314 and HS207 quizzes on Monday. I don't have much hopes for them. My eyes can't stay long on the 314 books on men's health. Arghh, 70% more to go! D:


Friday, March 18, 2011

Short updates

Hello Humans.

I've decided to stay faithful to Singapore by staying here to celebrate her birthday. I'm not going to China in Y3S1. Yes yes, NOT GOING. Hopefully I wouldn't regret. (:

Have been sleeping at 3+/4am from Monday to Wednesday. Bad for health. Hungry pangs, dried eyes and pimples are signs of sleeping late. Anyway I'm glad that I went out with laopos yesterday and had my beauty sleep from maybe 1+am till 11am (:

Yesterday was great. Bought HL's present part 2- A Carol Rino wallet! The original price is $95 but there's a 20% off so it's $76 for a real leather! (: Went KBox with XQ and HL! Sang for around 2.5hours for $6 per pax! :D Okay, to do a strict calculation it's not the cheapest promotion! But anyway it was certainly a great session! Especially when XQ and HL sing those angmor songs! HAHA. And we had dinner at Hans after ZY join us! (: LAOPOs are loved! :D

Okay, hopefully i can do some readings on the book on Men's health tonight.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hello Humans.

How's your recess week so far? I've been slacking and enjoying myself till today, no i mean yesterday. Taking a short break here X:

Meet up with Moon (Pam), Jeremy, Jiro and Edward on 12th March (: It was just a short 2 hours meet up! HAHA, the BB community had lunch at Mayim at Westmall for around an hour and spent the other 1 hour cam-whoring at coffee bean! I hope we wouldn't be blacklisted for that outlet X: Short and sweet session! I bet Edward must be wishing for bowling but paiseh that I got to go! Moreover Jeremy was heading to City Hall. HAHA.

Impromptu outing with Bay on 13th March! Thanks for accompanying me! :D Hope you had fun despite all the waits! HAHA. and yes, thanks for praising that my hair is nice! LOL. Will get to see you on Thursday so don't need say too much here. HAHA.

14th March was spent in school. Attended the GIP talk. I seriously still have no idea whether I should go or not. I've no time to think for now, maybe a bit later or after I have my sleep huh? LOL. Anyway, the programme startes much earlier than I thought! The whole programme last for 22 weeks, from 4th July till 10th Dec! My holiday will be shortened and the semester is much longer! Apparently there aren't many people, or HSS people, most are business or engineering students. Arghh, i was thinking of updating about this but suddenly don't feel like saying liao. LOL. Oh well, the estimated expenses is around SGD7k, and the allowance is pretty low. And the study component is a specially designed module on chinese language or china history etc! OMG reminds me how I fall asleep during China history class back in 2007 in zhengzhou. LOL. But that can counted as UE, and can be included for minor in Chinese! Oh well, I can reconsider minoring in chinese liao. LOL. Okay, I think I need some time to write down reasons for going/not going by wed. Go or not go? HMMM.

Went into hostel for the first time! Some more is guy's! HAHA. The "locked" gates are false sense of security sia. Even I can "break in" la! HAHA. Had discussion for our business plan. The room pretty decent! It's even bigger than my brother's room! HAHAHA. Brain was pretty dead during the discussion, as usual X: Luckily it was quite a short one, an hour plus! (:

Suddenly feel so, flooded with so many things to do that I'm not sure what to do first
1. GIP
2. Biz plan
3. 207 essay
4. Answer interviews for the biz comp
5. Presents and cards

No, I'm not ranking, I'm just listing. These are just the main stuffs. Feel so sian cos like so many stuff to be completed by this week. Sometimes I rather there's no recess week. LOL. Oh well, the 2 guys in the team more jialat cos they have FYP. Okay, so I'm not that bad.

Okay, enough of rest. it's 2.38am. maybe i shall touch on a bit, wash up and go my dreamland. lol.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hello Humans.

We are pleased to inform you that you are selected to participate in our programme, details of which are as follow:
GIP Work & Study: China

Yes yes, I'm so fated to China! Adele and I was like, eh we got in?! *in low tone* We applied for this sort of last minute. Since our application for INSTEP weren't successful and the dateline for GIP study programme was as close to INSTEP's that we didn't have time to research on the latter. Thus, we applied for the Work & Study: CHINA. WHY CHINA? Cos the choices are quite limited- China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. Somehow China seems to stand out among the rest and that's why we/I chose it. But, I'm not sure whether I should go for it. I'll be able to clear 16AUs- 6AUs are for my studies (for 2 modules) and 10AUs for working in a company. Which university? Well, I'm not sure whether we'll get to choose or they'll allocate for us. The university looks pretty great - Fudan, ShangHai Jiao Tong, Suzhou uni, Tian jin and Tsin Hua (I hope I didn't spell them wrongly). These schools are pretty famous, yes they are.

HMMMM. But I'll have to chiong my sociology modules when I'm back for y3s2 and probably in my final year too! That's bad, cos my GPA will suffer with bloody sociology modules. Oh well, if I were to risk, meaning to rejct this offer and pray hard that I can score well for this sem to obtain a cGPA of 3.6, then I can try applying for INSTEP and GIP for Y3S2. If I don't get any then it's just too bad and I'll have to guai guai stay in NTU to study. 3.6, attainable? I'll have to score gpa of 4 for this sem, which I don't know whether I can achieve. Even if I can, people who apply for INSTEP have much decent GPA and I'll have lower chance D: There's really opportunity cost huh?

ARGHHH, shall attend the talk on Monday and decide how. China doesn't sound that great, but travelling from china to TW,HK, Jap and Korea sounds nice! HAHA.

Anyway, here comes recess week!

Time really flies! This sem passes rather fast. Week after week, recess week is here even without me counting down to it! I foresee that this sem will pass pretty fast, without me doing much countdown. Nonetheless I'll countdown to 18th May, the day full of stress with 3 papers.

Oh well people, get some rest and fun before getting back to work during recess week (: Hard-core mugging can pause and maybe it's more efficient after so resting?

Have a good one.



Sunday, March 06, 2011

Love weekends

Hello Humans!

I sort of missing fringe at this length. Maybe I should get a cut for my fringe soon. HAHA. perhaps D.I.Y..

Anyway, yesterday was great! :D

Dad invited me and shan to have breakfast at McDonalds! We went to the near one which is near NP. My dad is so cute la! He was like "HUH!" when we told him that there's no offer on Saturday. HAHA. Then he blamed my sister for not having it with him on Friday cos she wanted me to join them! WHEE, both of them so cute can! Anyway, he was saying that it would be great if we can come to have mac breakfast to "relax" once every month! Well, we'll see how! Since my dad will be the one treating us! HAHA.

Headed to dad's shop and cleaned up his office before heading to meet my second sister (xin)! :D We went shopping at Bugis and Town! (: We spent a great deal of $140, all paid by my sister of course! HAHA. That's why I love shopping with her cos I wouldn't be paying! WAHAHHAHA. She bought me a slippers and a sandals! WHEE. and bangles! HAHA, basically she's willing to buy if I eye on anything cos we rarely shop together.

Okay, I'm not an evil sister. I spent her money wisely (: I look at the price tag if the figure goes much above the expected price then byebye! She was asking me why didn't I eye on any top/dress then I tell her cos I'm used to buying not-so-exp stuff (it's subjective but ahem, I love cheap goods) -.-

I know I know, I shouldn't be buying those cheap clothes that are produced in a poorly-conditioned factory where the workers have to work 7days per week with super low pay since the company is sucking all the money. Oh well, I know I'm indirectly supporting this unethical capitalism but I'm so sorry. Maybe they're of bad qualities. Maybe I should stop supporting this. Maybe, maybe.

Anyway,we spent almost 6 hours non-stop without having lunch (but of course we had snacks-sushi, bacon sausage, fruit juice, jelly, famous amos cookies and brownie) shopping! HAHA. We finally got to rest at around 9pm to have dinner at Hans! By the way, we only went Far East! HMMM. Xin ordered the horfun which we love! But surprisingly there's a **** inside which she nearly swallowed! Well, it's a non-living, but it's a metallic thingy! D: We told the manager and got a new plate. She was too tired from all the shopping and the managers seems to be quite sincere so we let the matter off. After finishing her hor fun, the waitress came to our table and gave us ice-cream! HAHA, not bad (: Had a great chat with her over the dinner too! Though we were damn beat off but yay, it was a great day! :D

I think I spent this weekend quite fulfilling (: Though I waste my whole Friday (okay too exaggerating, I mean up till 6pm) on COM204 assignment and shopping on Saturday, I managed to read my HS314 notes for next next tutorial and mind map for it! Well, not that I'm guai or what, cos I can foresee busy weeks ahead! Moreover, quality time was spent on Saturday.

Okay, it's dinner time!

Hopefully I can continue reading later! HAHAHHA, though I think it's quite impossible.


Friday, March 04, 2011


Hello Humans!

Seems like I'm a slacker who can affords to blog and blog X: Well, I just completed my COM 204 assignment one! I submitted just nice 6pm! LOL. Though my internet went siao and hung for 15minutes and I got to restart my lappy! Phew that it was sent before it hangs!

Aren't the food look nice?! HAHA, please say yes! :D
By the way thanks Bay helping me edit! HAHA(:

Okay, off I go.



Thursday, March 03, 2011

“We are pleased to inform you that you have cleared the preliminary round and have made it to the Semi-Finals, under the General category. Congratulations!”

Hello Humans,

“We are pleased to inform you that you have cleared the preliminary round and have made it to the Semi-Finals, under the General category. Congratulations!”

12th Start-Up@Singapore Preliminary Round Results‏ was released on Monday.

I actually feel quite nervous when I received the email, not knowing whether our team will make it through. Surprisingly, this pretty good news didn’t really make me super happy. It’s good to be one of the top 35 best plans selected among all the submitted entries. I guess it’s the effort, work and presentation that lies ahead that worries me. Now we have to develop the 3 page executive summary into a 25 page business plan. Hopefully I wouldn't be as tedious as I think, since we've done one business plan for the module within 1 week before.

The semi-finals will be on 2 April and the business plan has to be submitted by 26th March. Oh well, that’s the busiest period of the semester with 1 essay and 4 quizzes. D: Since like I better start chionging some of my HS314 and do up the mindmaps so more time can be devoted for the preparation of the quizzes, essay, assignment and the business plan.

Recess week, shall not be a relaxing week though it ought to be D: My friend/tutorial mates were damn surprised that there's an essay and quiz after the recess week! HAHA, one even say "shouldn't the recess week for us to rest?!". Actually I've got used to recess week being one of the busiest week instead. Since essay will be chiong during that week. A good thing is that I only have one essay for this sem! Moreover it's a pair/threes assignment! :D

Nonetheless, I'd still wish for some rest and pleasure during recess. Who needs some music therapy? I realise it's been quite a while since I visit KTVs leh! Hopefully I'll be available for one day with someone/ people (ahem,hints to those who say will accompany go one. I still got evident one leh!)! HAHA :D

I should be doing my COM204 assignment now, instead of typing post after post. I've been ponning this COM204 lecture (I only attended once). Not that the lecturer is boring, just that I've no mood for the lecture and the lecture seems to be pon-able. Just read my notes will do. :D Seems like I'm really a bad student. Oh well, at least I tried to read my notes right? LOL.

It's 8.58pm yet I've not eaten. Partly cos my dinner (my mama) is not back and I'm still a bit full from my Mr Bean set meal and cheese hotdog. X:

Stop slacking, time to work.

Enjoy your weekend! :D

P.S. Ideas.Inc (another business competition)'s result will be out tomorrow. Oh well, what if we make it through once again? xP


Cruise with Yes 933. Okay, I mean my sis

Hello Humans!

I'm finally blogging regarding to cruise trip (21st-24th Jan 2011)! :D It's my second cruise trip whereas it's my sister's very first time! The first trip was with my godma and grandparents when I was 7 years old. :D Nonetheless I was quite excited cos it's the first time the two of us "travel"!

We saw JiaHui as we were checking-in! She's so tiny can! I'm like giant besides her! Too bad I didn't get to see other DJs yet. So off we went to board the cruise and had our lunch and explored parts of the cruise! (:

Our room is only ready after 1/2pm. So we went to this entertainment room for youth. Played this "table-football" (sorry I don't know the actually name for that). The cruise started moving in the late afternoon when we were at the lounge for yes933 cocktail party (:

The 3 groups were having cocktail competition.
Ivy: Poison Ivy
ZhiYong: Cruising on cruise (winner! I got quite surprised cos I thought he's not so popular but I'm so wrong)

All the DJs were present, so why not take photo with them when there isn't really a crowd! :D My favourite is still zhouchongqing! HAHAHA:D

Of course my sister loves chongqing too! Oh ya, weibing said our camera's flash is too power! LOL. I got to admit it, it can be good and bad. HMM. Anyway, so we had dinner at Romeo and Juliet. We had to change our dinner timing cos we missed our slot for attending the cocktail party! Oh well, the person still lied to me by saying that the punched sea pass can't be used as the hole means that the meal was taken! LOL, end up that hole just means that the cardholder is not 21 years old yet! HAHA. Dinner was fish and duck! Pretty not bad! I love the appetizer!

Ended our day 1 by 吹海风 (: It was pretty cold but it's damn shiok! We slept at 12plus! HAHA :D

Day 2

We had room service to avoid the breakfast crowd at windjammer! Lazy we were, we woke up at 7plus! HAHA. By the way, it feels good to be served! Loves the bacon cos it was still crispy! :D The portion was pretty fine, since we're not going of a full breakfast to go for jacuzzi (is this how u spell it?)

Had breakfast part 2 then washed up and had lunch before landing Penang (:

By the way it cost us USG90 (for 2 pax) to land penang! And instead of shopping and eating, we choose the more "educational"/"cultural" one- to visit craft batik, butterfly farm, fruit stall, malay village and penang bridge. I sort of regret cos I didn't get to buy/eat any food from penang! D:

So this is our first stop- Craft Batik Workshop. People got to surround the table to see the craft work. If you're short please make your move faster or ask people who are blocking you to adjust their position in a polite way. Making a TSK sound with a stupid idiotic face does not help. How can such a basic manner lack in a body of 20 years old (or so) with a less than primary school mentality. Even the little boy asked if I can let him stand in front! (Paiseh, I don't mean "you", i mean "her".) Never mind, luckily my mood wasn't spoiled. It's all done by hand, and perhaps that's why the price for it is so high. But somehow I was wondering if the money goes to the labour who have to do all those stuff or the profit just goes into the owner's pocket.

Second stop- Penang Butterfly Farm
The description of the place on the brochure: 100 species of butterflies, waterfalls, ponds, wooden bridges and rock tunnel. Strictly speaking there isn't error in the description, just that the scale of the waterfalls, wooden bridges and rock tunnel aren't as big as what we thought.

Served us right. It was horrible. The butterflies are like a fragile sheet of paper flying around. Wait, there's a difference, paper isn't disgusting but butterflies are! LOL.

These disgusting creatures are found in the butterfly farm too! The stupid disgusting lizards are gross!!! The man-face beetles are rather adorable! :D

So after a horrible experience with the disgusting living things, we headed to the local fruit stall and spice stall. One should not have an expectation that is too high. The so-called local fruit stall and spice stall is just along a road, and indeed just one and only stall there-.-

So the next surprising stop is Malay Villages. I thought we'll really visit some places like the one we have in Singapore. But the bus stopped in front of a few Malay Kampong houses. -.- So we were supposed to just take a few look. A family was having their dinner when we reached. The little boy in the family left his seat and sat on the stairs in front of the main door. He's quite adorable, smile at the camera when we took photo of him! HAHA.

The last stop: Penang Bridge- the 5th longest bridge in the world! Well, we could only starred at it from far -.-

Took some photos before we return to the cruise. We were sort of waiting for the DJs who we didn't see for the whole day. LOL. But end up they were so slow that we decided to board the cruise first.

Had dinner at Romeo and Juliet again (: we always had our dinner there as we don't want to squeeze with the crowd at WindJammer. Moreover, we were being served since it's fine dining. The meals are pretty fine, not fantastic.

Washed up, watched some performance and headed to casino! Yes, I can enter casino!! HAHA, as long as you're 18 and above you can play! So my sister and I played "Big or Small" and we earn -USD50! D: Luckily we know our limit, if not we'll like some others who lost much much more (3-4 digits). By the way I was so determined to find out where's the fries! Cos I saw someone was holding a plate of fries while we were admiring the night in day 1. And whee, we managed to find it (: I love the fries! It's a bit like Long John's! :D Oh ya, had cheese pizza too! So fattening to have them like 1am + X:

We spent whole of day 3 on the cruise itself! Didn't land on KL since we've been there before! Had Jacuzzi after breakfast in the room, but this time round was indoor cos the crews were having drills. Oh ya, we played table tennis for the first time in our lives! It's pretty fun, since the both parties have no idea what's the proper way and rules! We played for quite a while and burnt some fats :D
My sister helped me with my hair dying after our lunch at WindJammer! (: Basically I was sleeping away while she was doing her job as a hairdresser! HAHA. Washed up, explored the cruise and had dinner before heading to Yes 933 Gala Night!

Gala Night!! :D We managed to find seats at the middle second row, which is quite a good seat though the guy in front of us is blocking our view at times.

Performances by DJs. Most (weibing, peifen, jiahui, jiafa and chongqing) of them sang. The first games was like they stood in one line and have to pass down the message through actions. The audience Ivy was very LOL cos she didn't remember the actions passed down to her (she's the first receiver!!). The DJ Ivy's actions were damn obvious! It's a song name "sorry that I love you". HAHA, then the message just went wrong down the row and chongqing wasn't able to make any guess cos he only received 1 of the 4 actions pass down -.- HAHA, end up he and zhiyong have to do jumping jack. LOL.
Chongqing sang 3 songs, including Fann Wong's song. HAHA.By the way, I was invited to play the second game by weibin, cos i was looking at her -.- Well, they are 3 teams of 3 team members each. The task was pretty simple- peel the orange and arrange them into "21" and have some more designs. (: Not bad, since I managed to get a 933 laptop bag by just peeling and arranging the orange!

Jiafa and Ivy put on a magic performance, still not bad la. LOL.

They were back to the identity of DJ. Happy 21st Yes 93.3!! :D

Gala night ended and we headed back to room to change and roamed around the cruise for the last one night. And yes, I had cheese pizza and fries again! HAHA, yummy!!(:

Day 4 morning, I was seriously feeling sianx cos it's time to face the reality. Moreover I was supposed to head to school for day 1 of the semenster! But ahem, I woke up a bit late and wanted to stay longer in the cruise X: I'm never a guai student in Uni. Too bad.

I miss cruising! Time flies, this post was supposed to be up 6weeks ago! This shows how "busy" I am huh? HAHA, "busy" cos I'm busy yet not really busy. You get it? Neh, nevermind. China photos most probably will be up on fb soon. As for post, HAHA, maybe during holiday? LOL.