Monday, May 30, 2011


Hello Humans (:

I'm finally stay at home again! Great to wake up at 10.30AM and nuah around! Currently trying to catch up a Korean drama which I watched half way last holiday! LOL. And yes, surf net randomly.

Actually I'm supposed to think whether or not to have a mini 21st birthday celebration! It's quite contradicting in the sense that it would be good to have a celebration to see people who I don't get to see often but actually I'm thinking whether or not to ask people who I don't really talk much to. And in fact, I still feel kind of weird. HAHA. So, to have or not to have?

Anyway, here to post some photos taken over the weeks:

#1. Starbucks mugging with Adele and Yi Lin.
Had First mugging session with both of them! (: Well it's not the first time with Adele but first time threesome at Starbucks lah (: Spent quite a bit over there. D: Library is still the cheapest option man! HAHA (: Yilin is not seen in any of the photos above cos we were serious muggers (ahem) and we only took photos when we had breaks! And Yilin actually go shopping during the break! HAHA.

#2. Post-Examination Dinner with Adele and Valerie.
@ JP's soup restaurant(: I ended my HRM paper early by leaving the hall 35minutes earlier! (: Poor Adele ate 180g (or so) of Korea maggie cos she thought dinner will be late! HAHA.

Cam-whored before val came (: And we finished a plate of samsui chicken before she even arrived! X: No la, still left a few pieces. HAHA.

Hungry Adele who is not really hungry.

Chatted over the dinner (: The lights were rather dim and a full-stomach made me feel sleepy! Will be meeting the girls soon this Thursday with Wanxuan (:

#3. Dim Sum buffet with Lao Pos- ZY and HL.
First ever Dim Sum buffet (@Toa payoh) with my laopos! (: Paid for the price of 2 for 3 person (:

Dim Sum....

And more... (:

Seems like I took damn many photos! I mean bay took many photos of me! HAHA. She didn't upload some of them on fb so perhaps that explain partly for my so-many-photos. HAHA.

Shopped a bit at Toa Payoh before heading to town. Here we are at Orchard Central camwhoring(: I like orchard central for its quietness! But things are rather expensive here huh!

#4. Out with sister.
Random outings with shan(: Anyway we had Thai Lunch at Central Thai at Orchard Central cos it was having some 1-for-1 sales (:

Shan ordered her favorite green curry and I ordered chicken fried rice. By the way, their menu is in Thai and translated to English! Good way to learn thai huh? Gai=chicken, Goong=Prawn! HAHA. Oh ya, I love pandang fried chicken. Too bad it's too expensive! But we still gave it a try! (:

#5. KBox with Adele.
Photos with Adele and not uploaded cos her HDD is currently on strike! So naughty huh! Anyway first time singing with university friend! 3 hours of singing is really short! Moreover the person forgot to operate our room! As in we sing half way then the system says something like our room not activated and worse still, "this is our last song". I was like WTH waste our time so I called the person la! Too bad our list of songs still deleted D: Nice singing though there were times of awkwardness. HAHA. Oh ya, how could I forget to mention the 1 hour plus of waiting for the shop to open at fareast! HAHA. Brought Adele to the shop to try the yellow dress I mentioned earlier. LOL.

Okay, till then.

bean. (:

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hello Humans.

only if hair can grow as fast as fringe! anyway my hair looks guai here (:

Some photos taken when I was tidying my stuff days back:

My aunt's! (:

Sec 2 D&T work (:

Doggies and piggy are besties (:

Yesterday was great to have dim sum buffet with 2 laopos-HL n ZY(:

We had it at a place call Swantow, where we enjoy buy 2 get one free buffet from 3-5pm.

I don't know, somehow the dim sum wasn't that tasty, we'd blame on the stupid fan which caused our dim sum to be cold and dry D:

The manager actually gave us a stupid dubious look as if we couldn't finish our food! So !@#$%^&* right?! Of course we didn't waste our food and we finished them all! NOTE: Wasted food will be charged at ala cart price.

Anyway it was damn funny cos HL thought NORMAL people would like cha siew su and so she asked for 6. End up me n HL don't really like it but forced ourselves to eat it. First time that i ate 2 big cha siew sus at once! And when I asked for 2 long of shuai jin bao/prawn dumpling, the waitress gave me total of 3 longs! Too bad they don't really like it and I have to finish 2 longs! HAHA(: I'll be careful next time when I make orders. LOL.

So after knowing each other for 8 years, I finally know that:
1)HL doesn't really like cha siew su (so am I)
2)ZY doesn't really like buffet

The aftermath of buffet was bad. My back hurts! Well I don't really see the link between but it's a fact that my back started to ache after buffet D: Walked walked in town and took photos at orchard central! (: Photos with bay, got to wait for her to upload.

Oh ya, saw a pretty yellow dress at fareast! It's a pity that it's too short! Sometimes I'd wish I'm 1cm shorter and 3kg lighter. LOL. Anyway I came across the same/similar piece! It's cheaper than fareast by $14! No wonder sometimes people shop online!

Anyway, I got the good girl look as pointed out by Bay and ZY! HAHAHA(: Yes I knew it!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hello Humans.

I'm almost done with tidying my room! (:

Grandparents coming back to stay with us, back to ti-lam days but i don't mind! ::D

Being Ah zhai is great! (: Outings soon yay!


Friday, May 20, 2011

perm, yay nay?

Hello Humans.

I actually thought of perming my hair when my hair gets longer. Hence I asked my sister to buy the $48 voucher from one of the online deal thingy.

Well, I'd love to try it one day but my hair seems to be so guai! As in ya there're split-ends and the rate of growing is slow, but my hair is guai in the sense that it goes to the "right" direction! I actually don't bear to heat it! D: And actually my hair is quite straight! Okay, at least it's quite straight to me.

Hmmm, perhaps I should just let it grow naturally. LOL.

Here comes weekend, have a great one(:


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Course review!

Hello Humans.

Examinations is over, here comes holiday!

Though it's not a long-waited holiday since this semester passes pretty fast! (: I think it's a good sign anyway.

As a tradition of concluding and putting some thoughts for each modules I took, here comes the conclusion I have:

(Anyway, I only took 5 modules this semester.)

1) HS302 Understanding Social Statistics [CORE]
My first reaction was like MATHS?! I knew we going to touch statistics for sociology but I "didn't know" I got to take it like so fast. Prof Prem, who is a new prof, took our lecture group. Well, didn't really like his slow teaching style at first cos it seems to "waste" time. But in fact I realised I prefer that so I can read the lecture notes while he teaching and if I don't get it I'll just have to wait for that part. Moreover, we can do the homework during lecture! Naughty Valerie end up like us doing the "homework" which is supposed to do at home! (that's what she said!) HAHA. And I prefer to be taught step by step (: Tutorials were pretty fine since free-from-stress! As in the tutorial is just going through those homeworks which weren't that difficult. Midterm was a disaster despite the fact that I thought it was okay! D: A C+ really hit me bad cos I thought I knew the answer. And yeah it's stupid essay portion was pull down the grade! Stupid essay for statistics. HMMM. Finals seems to be pretty easy AGAIN. I finished it almost 45minutes earlier after checking for 3 times. Yet I stayed and continue checking the whole paper twice again. I hope this time round i got them right instead of getting the wrong feeling again. I want to pull up that stupid C+ for my midterm. I demand a B, can I? It's hard though, since many scored well for midterm AND i supposed they'll do well for their finals too. OH WELL, if only that I scored well for my midterm D:

2) HS207 Understanding Globalization [PRESCRIBED MAJOR]
This module was taken out of not choice. This module was taught by Caroline Puss, a swiss professor (: Swiss! How great would it be to go Swiss right? HAHA. Anyway, I thought I wouldn't take something related to globalisation but end up I still take. HAHA. I guess for most lecture my body presence without my mind. LOL. Tutorials were pretty fine since there aren't formal presentation. We had tutorial in interactive tutorial room, where we can sit in groups to discuss and then connect our lappy to the screen. Didn't like the idea initially but actually not bad cos if we were to present, we just sit and talk! I only presented once but I read all the tutorial readings! HAHA(: Met good people who made the tutorial not so bad too (: Did essay with Valerie and Yi Lin (: Too bad, our essay didn't get the grade we want D: Finals was BAD. I couldn't understand the paper. It's the first time I feel so blank for a paper! Not totally blank-minded but I just couldn't understand what the questions are asking for. Reluctantly, I squeezed whatever came across my mind and do the paper from the back. I felt so stupid that the 40marks question was asking for something which I know, yet the inability to apprehend the question made me lost them D: ARGHH.

3) HS314 Health, Medicine and Society [PRESCRIBED MAJOR]
I enjoyed this module the most for this semester! Prof Genaro, a Mexican who stayed in Japan for a few years/interested in Japan, is quite a good professor! (: I got to admit that I dislike his lecture at the start cos' there's no headings! HAHA. But as time passes, I think his lecture is pretty enjoyable! I like all the movies he showed us-Das Experiment, Girls Interrupted and the Sea Inside! Wait, I don't really enjoy the last cos not as drama as the first 2! You may want to watch them, they're all award winning movies (like Oscars award)! Tutorials were pretty okay too, we had to discuss the readings by each contributing (provided that the tutor calls me) some points to the mindmap on the whiteboard(: Readings were readable, some quite interesting to me! Despite the fact that I didn't complete both books for the CAs, I managed to get B+ which I'm pretty happy with! But I managed to finished the book on Understanding Men's Health before exam la. The one on women's is too repetitive. Finals was a bit hard, still I hope for A- or please at least maintain my B+for this module!

4) COM204 Basic Media Writing [UNRESTRICTED ELECTIVE]
Took this elective since I've the thought of minoring in communication studies. Honestly speaking I was quite stressed out with Duffy, an angmor, as my tutor! The tutorials were meant to be quite relax but still i do get stressed up sometimes. LOL. There was once he asked us about our favourite website. I was HMMM what's my favourite site? I only go Facebook, blogs, hotmail -.- So I thought of XiaXue's blog. HAHA. I'm not going to say what he said about it but he commented that I'm like people without stress! I forgot how he put fore but he mentioned something like that. HAHA, am I really someone without stress? I don't know. To some yes, to some No. I remember someone asked why do I look so happy or another stating that I look damn stress for exam. LOL.

5) HP805 Introduction to Human Resource Management [PRESCRIBED ELECTIVE]
A rather slacky module which I like! There's only 3 hours of lecture from 4.30-7.30PM. I felt so guai that I attended all his lecture (though I sneaked off early for 1 for Biz plan meeting,HAHA)! The textbook is so thick that kept me away from it. Read through 4 chapters for Finals which is very not bad liao! Since it's the last paper on Monday (I had 3 papers on Monday), I decided to SU it! Sadly, the essays came out to be easy! As in there're all within what I expected! Too bad I SUed! However the True/False was quite tough but i only checked once and left the hall 30minutes earlier(: Oh ya, I came to learn something important. READ EXAM QUESTION CAREFULLY. Don't just vomit whatever you know. Maybe you can, but something relevant please. For instance, I heard this girl telling her friend she know how to answer the question on How to speedily reduce labour surplus and she listed everything (all the 9 methods). She seems to missed out the word speedily. To be frank I nearly wrote all too, but I realized it while I copied the question as part of my answer for the first line of my answer! HAHA. End up I prevented myself from writing 4 or 5 items that are irrelevant (:

Anyway I realised that I always learn the most before finals! HAHA, that's when I can feel that in fact I've learnt so many thing! HAHA. That applies in all levels, maybe except in Secondary school. LOL

And I actually felt that I'm a mugger for this examination! Perhaps I had longer study break this time round that I felt that I should make use of the time to study. Went to library to study with HL, adele and starbucked with adele and yilin! (: And yes I stayed in my room to study and study! Sorry but I felt like praising myself for studying and not to be lured by computer! X: I have to pull up my GPA, I'm no longer that complacent. I need a better GPA. But I got to be realistic. I know what I wish for and what I worked for may not be what I get. Honestly speaking I don't think I'll get what I wish for based on how I felt. ARGH, shall wait till June 6th/19th then worry.

Oh ya, got to know a few new people from Sociology too! HAHA.
1. Yi Lin- Not that I know her this semester only la, in fact I know her in year 1 sem 2. But this semester, I got to know her better cos of HS207 (:
2. Sarah- Got to know her through HS207 tutorial. She's a friendly and easy-going person, I like! HAHA.

Okay, I'm so sorry for such a wordy post. It's so kind of you to read till this part. It's okay if there's no one who read till here cos at least I can always refer to this post whenever I want. HAHA.

Have been tidying up my cupboard and I'm still tidying! Finally I decided to recycle my Biology and Econs notes! D: And haha, I love to tidy cos I'll get to see those work that I've saved! Like a book on creative writing. BHL is so mean la. I shan't say more. HAHHA. People with the book, go read it. The girl before her will hate her. OOPS.

Okay shan't talk more, the post is getting too long! night! (:

BEAN. (:

Saturday, May 07, 2011


Hello Humans.

I sort of like this photo! (:

Is it obvious that I cut my fringe myself? xP It's quite expensive to get it cut in a salon. HAHA, anyway i like this photo cos of my hair! As in I bun-ed my hair and tatah, it seems like permed hair to me! Of course not those kind of properly permed hair der! And I like fringy at this length too!

Hair seems to grow quite slowly, with all the split ends D: Since I've dyed my hair this late Jan, I used a ruler to measure the length of those black hair. HMM, 3 months grow around 4cm. Not too bad la. Okay, this is how random I'll get from boredom of studying!

Anyway, today is a big day! Whole family went out without me since I'm the only one who is not eligible to vote! Neh it's okay. I've finished HS302 and time to move on to COM204.

5 days to first paper, 9 days to freedom!



Friday, May 06, 2011


Hello Humans.

6 days to first paper, 10 days to freedom.

I THINK i can start to feel the stress now. Seems like many things have to be completed.

6days, I don't know that's near or far. But whatever read through didn't really uploaded to my tiny brainy. Stupid statistics is such a sadist. Revision have been quite okay, though lagging behind as planned.

Neh, I'm still not very stress to the extreme. At least stress is finally like coming, push push push.

Okay, back to stupid statistics.

People jiayou okay! Don't too stress and let's date after exams/projects!