Friday, March 23, 2007

ytd had 2 hrs break,s0 my class hv class b0nding sessi0n =) gt t0 rmb de faces n names of my classmates!!sad t0 sae tt s0me din turn up=( NVM,de 14 of us hu turned up had fun=) it was led by wan er [jasmine] =) self intr0 b4 playing games=) de games fun la=) gt t0 hit pam n yq x) haha =) but tym pass quite fast away..went bi0 which i nearli fall aslp but i din..but nth gt int0 my head la..n i c yt slpin!haha=)it's funni t0 c ple slp la..nw i n0e y dey all s0 happi wen i slp during lecture!! =) aft sch went b0wling wif pam ed james..onli de guys played..mi n pam v guai eat le jiu take out math read bin0mial!!aft tt went james hse f0r a few r0und of mahj0ng=) l0ng tym din t0uch it sia..haha=)yanh0ng ask mi t0 tell him a le sia0 hua["c0ld" j0ke],den i sae "sia0 hua,im bin[ice] ma,s0 is c0ld le lo"haha=) duntink funni or lame la..but he sae i lame..but i realli a lamer la..c0s my leg muscle pain la,s0 mayb walk deN lyk laming..haix.. sad sia, 2 of my classmates - crystal LEE SHUI JIN n yh2[YANH0NG] received a call fr OG tt dey r transfered t0 s29!!sad la!!is lyk their name n face i rmb la..n i tink dey nt bad de la.. RAH!! give deM back t0 s28!!

t0day was a sh0rt dae =) yanxi treat mi eat seaweed at de OG table=) THX x) deN pw i nearli slp..s0 sian de exam paper..t0ugh f0r mi la..but nic sae easy..wadever la..deN went for an hr break,ate prata n dirtied de table wif sugar!!haha=) wen tryin t0 stack up de plate,i pour de sugar int0 de b0wl of curry,den it end up on maria's legs!!haha=) sry lei!!ur legs r damm sweet =) den i blew deN it end up on maria's bag!!sry!nw ur bag s0 sweet huh? MARIA IS SUCH A "SWEET" GAL.. went pc..we run 3 cher asked us t0 line up in 2 INFRONT of her..but dere's space la..s0 maria n i n pam went in ft0nt of her..end up we leadin de runnin..haha=) but i run damm slow la..s0 maria run wif wan er ...b0th gt stamina u c..i t00 lan..den mani ple overtake..expected..haha=) but im nt de last la=) den we gt int0 circle in 0ur class den d0 ex la..haha=) its more fun t0 ex in tis way!!weird h0r?my classmates n i lyk s0 happi c0unting la..haha=) deN every1 form a circle t0 d0 kallang wave!legs damm hurt la..cant walk properli la..b0ught drink rgt aft pc which is damm c0olin=) chem lecture i was payina attenti0n..keep tokin or rather playin wif maria..haha=) n we keep lauhgin la..even la0po hl can hear..n yanh0ng even l0ok at us..tink we laugh t00 l0ud..nvm=)even th0ugh nt listenin t0 lecturer but im readin de n0tes myself in de lecture=) s0 nt tt bad rgt =) dismiss n went f0r black pepper chicken s0ur s0ur de..den mi n zy din eat..went JP t0 buy s0me stuffs..deN pay Q damm long la..deN i Q for lyk 3o min deN realise im in de wrong Q..RAH!!n00b la!!deN went hm n start use c0m til nw!haha=) by de way,jeremiah,an ling n jiajun r j0inin s28..s0mem0re dey r fr s28 de la..dey kana transfer t0 s28 c0s dey dunnd take chi lia0.. gd tt jeremiah n an ling is back wif us=) haha=)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

1st dae of sch tis mon[19mar]!!wear new uni..weird weird de feeling la..excited yet nt used to..haha=) reach sch lyk onli i wearing tie..haha=) c0s i wear it at hm lia0 ma.. 1st went OG22 den g0 class o7s28..shocking sia..onli 4 guys out of 21ple!!haha=) 17gals n 4 guys!! haha=) civil tut0r is mr azmi [ask mi!!] haha=) he teach chem de..means n0 more ms lim de cute cher hu will chase aft u if u din go lecture =( mr ask mi shdb quite gd de ba..h0pefulli la..mem0rised de guys name quite fast =) but de gals til nw i still dun0 gt hu sia..haha=)onli n0e a few la..crystal sae my eyes v fierce-.=" haha=) jasmine [wan er] is de gal hu danced on stage,s0 i rmb her..shi jie de gal with braces,sharon de sporty type,j0nath0n de rich,yanh0ng is yh2 since y0ngh0ng is yh1..haha=) de rest 4gt le..haha=)lecture damm b0ring la..slpy lo..met up mama aft sch at JE..

ytd lecture were sianx 0s0 la..but i din fall aslp aniwae..s0 guai =) aft sch gt meeting for eclub=( it suppose to be a debrief but de debrief was onli 1 line n ms tiong went on t0 de other project -.=" pc was lyk damm t0ugh st0mach pain den endure n ran 3 r0unds..den ltr still hv t0 run 2 more..wth la..damm xshe asked ple t0 v0lunteer t0 make ann0uncement f0r eclub de nxt will wan lo..deN she ask mi n pam =( RAH!!WE DUN WAN LA!!den she asked f0r de v0lunteer f0r other tasks!!we wan yet cant!! rah..end up stayed late t0 practise de stupid one line " for those hu r interest,pls visit de booth outside de love fiesta rm where u can gt more infomation,n pls write ur name dere by tis fri.thx n hv a nice dae." lol..initailly onli mi n pam de..but qy joined in too=) her eng damm gd la..haha=)

todae,boring la.. but i s0 guai d0 chi wb ex la..haha=) but i fall aslp durin esther lee's bi0 lecture..n it was 0bvi0us tt i was slping la..i was leanin on de wall la..keep telling myself but t0 slp but end up slpin..pam suddenli woke mi up deN damm funni la..she sae even weilun can c i slpin n rina 0s0 saw tt.. haha=) nvm..nt de 1st tym falling aslp la.. pls dun let mi sit near de wall nxt tym!! well,ple sae i t0k v l0ud can j0in student c0nsel n can sh0ut durin m0rning assembly -.=" HAHAHAHA =) zy sae i always hv sad sad sian sian look..haha=) i din mean t0 give tt kinda face la..0s0 dun0 my face is sad n sianx..haha=) t0dae cca open hse..j0ined ch0ices lei..haha=) den suddenli popped up a meeting.. we hv t0 d0 de pr0p0sal..s0 we took up de j0b lo..we wanted t0 make pillow keychain..we'll gt t0 make it if de pr0posal gt ch0sen la=) haha=) but will hv t0 sew la..can die..haha=) by de way,my stomach n leg is aching lyk hell la..RAH~~!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

supp0se t0 wake up at 7am de..end up mi n my sis cant take it n slp til nag us c0s he hv t0 drive us t0 np[sis wanna hand up result tingy] n my dad hv tings t0 do..hmm,gt d0ne within 30min :) grabbed a packet of potat0 chips b4 leavin de hse..sis n mi eat de wh0le packet as breakfast!!unhealthy huh?headed off t0 np where i b0ught 2waffles rec0mmended by my sis :) nt bad lei!!crispy de=) deN we went dad's sh0p awhile b4 g0in bugis..dere's nt much sh0p 0pen in de m0rning in bugis street la..aniwae we dun intend t0 sh0p time!!s0 we t0ok train t0 lavender...i led de way t0 c0nc0urse since sis dun0 de way...n i n0e de way la..haha :) hmm..b0ught h0neydew s0ya milk at mr bean..taste a bit weird la..but 0verall ok..b4 g0in c0nc0urse i requested sis t0 take pic f0r mi in fr0nt 0f SJ hq..n00b rgt?haha=) s0me mem0ries flashed thru my mine la..trg f0r c0m,nite trg n c0m itself..haha :) went basement t0 find de sh0p but it wasnt dere..guess sis rmb wr0ng level..but dere's a cd sh0p playing classical music which is damm nice k!!de cd c0st 10bucks..s0 i din buy..found de sh0p at level 1 instead..l0l...

late f0r de 0uting wif pam yt la0po-zy hl..supp0se t0 mit at 12.15 at pasir ris de..end up i lyk 12.50 deN reach!!SRY PLE TT IM LATE!!t0k 403 t0 pasris de bus wanna listen t0 mp3..but tink de ear pieces spolit..onli gt music but n0 s0und fr de singer-.=" rented a bike..5bucks f0r 2hr..dere's l0ts of turns la..hate it since i dun0 hw t0 still beginner k ;)we climbed de maze halfway thru de biking j0urney..mi n pam dun dare t0 climb sia..haha=) even th0ugh i may l0ok fierce but i v timid de k?!?! haha=) w0nder hw mani ple will believe tt..aniwae,had a hard tym climbling t0 de t0p..requested a kid t0 take de's nice.. **look b0ttom ;)

we con't de j0unery la..aft returning de bike,b0ught snack n drinks n we eat...haha=) gt ple play kite ..deN de kite fly t0 hl dere-.=" den well pam stand up,de string was nxt t0 her neck la..haha=)mi n pam had our h0neym0on under de sun,in fr0nt 0f de sea,= ;) zy hl yt went f0r de wind was rather str0ng..shiok x) but de sand keep enterin my mouth la..we sat/lie on de sand/rock,n keep takin pic!!haha=)due t0 de str0ng wind,our hair damm messy la..but s0me nice la=) haha=) we wanted t0 suntan u c =) we got damm sandy aft lieing on de sand la..went t0ilet t0 wash away de sand n t0ok s0me ph0t0s!!haha=)mit up wif them n played de swing n took photos!!left de place n went hm..missed hua yang since i bath 1st..g00na catch up by u-tube..haha ;) my hands r rather red..sunburn!!h0pe can darker la..but everytym it turns white again!! rah!!aniwae, i had fun t0dae =D

f0und my br0's ec0n guide bk =) by de way,is it call guide bk?wadever..i tryin t0 read it in front part which intr0 ec0n n de stuffs taught s0 far..but i still at opp0rtunity cost la..0pporting c0st : de c0st 0f any actitivty measured in terms of de best alternative forgone...haha=) i din mem0rise it..i typed directing fr de book =)h0pe i'll be able t0 read til wadx c0vered..oh,i hv bi0 de guide bk fr my sis too..but i d0ubt i'll read it la..haha=)

im trying t0 adapt life ba..learn t0 lyk de dislike..lyk studies!!rah..i nd m0tivati0n lei..

pics of de dae!! [onli fr yt since pam haven upl0ad..] **I L0VE T0P 2 DE X)**


i simpli l0ve u all!!



let's eat!!

d0 u agree?

tt's character =)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


nic,jack,yu feng n ivan

star x) [cl0ckwise:mi pam clara qianyun yanxi]


miss de m0ments we shared!! x(

de guys!!

mi n qianyuN


OG16 x)

cl0ckwise:jean nic yanxi qianyun yeeteng sheila

OG 16 gals =D

mi n jean

cl0ckwise: jean nic jack xinyu ruth mi pam x)

went bugis street t0 hunt f0r la0po-zy's bag...b4 tt went t0 yoshin0ya f0r lunch since there;s n0 subway..i w0nder y i ate quite fast t0dae la..haha=) as usual,my la0pos p0ur their drinks int0 my cup..haha=)it was rather quiet la..c0s we din t0k much.. =( sad rgt? dun0 lei,lyk a bit apart? h0pe i was v v v super wrong la.. well well well,back t0 t0dae stuffs!! zy t0ok quite sh0rt tym t0 buy ch0ices ba..she b0ught de white zinc bag which i eyed!!haha=)it's t0talli white la,s0 muz take xtra care wif c0st $38.90 but de baragined price was 33bucks=) i want it t0o!!! but i b0ught de sh0ulder nt l0ng ag0 la..but i wan it la..aniwae,i wan shorts,skirt,cl0thes,sling bag,sch bag,sh0es n belt!!! but of c0s i wun buy la..tink if i can buy ani 0f de ab0ve deN v happi le la0p0s sae if i gt pay deN d00m c0s i'll spend all de m0ney!! haha=) but dun 4gt im a tinker k..i'll try t0 save s0me $$ de =)went int0 a sh0p tt hv de puzzle de..i want puzzle t0o!!is nice la..even th0ugh nd l0ng tym n patient t0 c0mplete it,de sense 0facc0mplishment is lyk w0w!!haha=) i've a puzzle la,but i dun hv de frame..s0 til nw i haven start putting de pieces tgt.. we realli hv nth t0 d0 la..walk here n dere la..den lyk 5+ dey wanna g0 hm..s0 i went dad's sh0p.. dad din buy my share f0r dinner..s0 end up i ate his while he juz ate small p0rti0n of it..haha=) tt's nice rgt? hmm... tmr g0in cycle wif la0p0-zy hl,moon[pam] n yt=) h0pe de weather will be damm gd n de sun damm bright!!c0s i wan sun tan =) i dun wanna be s0 white la..o0ps,i mean fair..haha=)

tings may be appear t0 wad it is.. but it may be otherwise..hmm.. dun0 wad crap i t0kin la.. can friendship realli last f0reva even if there's lack 0f c0mmunicati0n? rahrahrah... perhaps,we may nt be as cl0se as bef0re..frEn cum n's life huh? but i dun wan it la..better dun happen 0n mi.. i wan my freNs k...t0 be with mi....i dun wanna be de l0neli's y i changed my bl0g skin =) haah=)

i regretted f0r nt being OGLs sia..stupid huh?s0 im tinking 0f j0inin nxt yr de 0rientati0n!!haha=) but i w0nder can a nt la..tings n decisi0ns will change as time pass..s0 we shall wait n c...

my sub c0mb0 is H2 ec0n math chem n H1 is bi0... i dUn lyk chem which is abt 0rganic chemicals..i catch n0 ball abt it since sec4..rah..n0's c0mpuls0ry t0 take la..den bi0,DNA which i dun lyk..i dun0 wad de cher teach during sec4 DNA tingy la..n i din even studi tt part for 0s..but luckily 0s din cum out la..ec0n lecture i dun listen during pae..onli start listen on de supply n demand graph part..haix..l0ts of ting hv t0 catch up sia..i seri0usli dun lyk studies..h0pe 0ne dae de studi md cum n i juz studi n studi la... i wan gd result but im a slacker u c...ple,pls make mi studi ba...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Wu~ Woo-Oh Oh-Oh
那一年顶楼加盖的阁楼 什么人忘了锁
是谁找不到 未满十八岁的我
你是一滴滴隐形的眼泪 风一吹就乾了
只能这样了 是吗

同时甜蜜与心碎 是你的幽默 还是温柔
是瞬间烟火 还是不甘寂寞 第一次你抱紧我

轻轻的亲亲 紧紧闭着眼睛
是你不是你 说不定 还不一定梦一样轻的亲亲 不敢用力呼吸
不敢太贪心 太相信 我的幸运 百分之百是你

思念被时光悄悄的摇落 酸酸的咬一口
青春的苹果 香香的催眠了我
是你脸粉红了我的耳后 烫伤了我额头
现在想起来 会痛

同时甜蜜与心碎 是你的幽默 还是温柔
是瞬间烟火 还是不甘寂寞 第一次你抱紧我

轻轻的亲亲 紧紧闭着眼睛
是你不是你 说不定 还不一定梦一样轻的亲亲 不敢用力呼吸
不敢太贪心 太相信 我的幸运 百分之百是你 Ho~ Wu-Ho

轻轻的亲亲 紧紧闭着眼睛
是你不是你 说不定 还不一定梦一样轻的亲亲 不敢用力呼吸
不敢太贪心 太相信 我的幸运 百分之百是你 Woo~

我不会怪你 对我的伪装
天使在人间是该藏 好翅膀
人们愚蠢鲁莽 而你纤细善良
怎能让你 为了我被碰伤
小小的手掌 厚厚的温暖

你总能平复我不安 的夜晚
不敢想的梦想 透过你的眼光我才看见 它原来在前方

没有谁能把你抢离我身旁 (我身旁)
你是我的专属天使 唯我能独占
没有谁能取代你在我心上 (我心上)

拥有一个专属天使 我哪里还需要别的愿望
小小的手掌 大大的力量

我一定也会像你 一样飞翔 (一样飞翔)
你想去的地方 就是我的方向有我保护 笑容尽管灿烂

没有谁能把你抢离 我身旁 (我身旁)
你是我的 专属天使唯我能独占
没有谁能取代你在我身上 (我身上)

拥有一个专属天使 我哪里还需要别的愿望Woo~

要不是你出现 我一定还在沉睡
Oh 绝望的以为生命只有黑夜
没有谁能把你抢离我身旁 (我身旁)

你是我的 专属天使 唯我能独占
没有谁能取代你在我身上 (我身上)

拥有一个 专属天使我哪里还需要别的愿望 Woo Wu Woo Ho~ Wu~ Ho
went t0 take $$$ fr de he shi g0ng hui,which is hakka de ass0ciati0n ba..'s lyk getting m0re ke lian each yr i g0 ple r damm old le..hmm..recieved de $150 den eat since there's buffet of de traditi0n hakka f0od =) nice=) deN wen bugis.. wanted t0 buy a sh0rts but mama sae de qty lyk nt v gd..s0 end up nv buy =( i wanted t0 buy a belt but i din.. but i b0ught a belt f0r my dad since he wanted wan=) n i 0wned him a bdae gift la =X we headed t0 bukit timah dere f0r chicken rice=) it was my treat k!!tink it's my 1st tym giving treat...l0l-.=" dinner c0st $59.90.. s0 half of de $$ i gt t0dae was used!!

yeah!!0uting dae wif my la0p0s [ zy hl xq] t0 east c0ast park!!mit up crystal much ltr la..went bek0k hawker for lunch..onli mi n xq ate .. quite full..xq t0ld us l0ts 0f her stuffs!!we hv mani much t0 sae..c0s my life is b0ring k..xq wanted t0 n0e de lyris f0r ze mo ban by S.H.E!!haha=) den we keep listening t0 de song n even sing in de bus=) haha=) headed ecp den rented bike..6bucks for 2hr..hv a hard tym starting since l0ng tym din bike..haha=) but i managed t0 bike la.. FUN =)well,nearli fell d0wn fr bicycle sia..BUT DIN!! but my leg kana a bit bruise again la..but nt pain=) we cycle n sing lyk n0b0dy's business la..haha=) it's shuang k..but my t0ne damm weird c0s de bike lyk nt g0in straight.. weN my bike stop n nd t0 restart,it will take a long tym..den zy will be dere waiting f0r mi t0 g0 1st!!tt's sweet of her rgt?haha=) thx la0p0-zy!!!mi n xq damm thirsty s0 we gave up on cycling since left abt 15min..we returned de bicycles n buy drinks fr 7-11..i b0ught 2drinks since i was damm thirsty la.. mit up wif hl n zy b4 g0in beach for de wind =) ermx..i b0ught s0me chicken rings since i b0ught it de day b4 n i l0ve it k..s0 i eat n eat lo..t0o bad xq cant eat la..

den crystal on her way here..mi n xq wanted t0 g0 t0 de busst0p s0 crystal will n0e which st0p she shd alight..BUT..mi n xq gt l0st..funni huh?den we called crystal t0 check where she rgt it's a few st0ps aft passin vjc la..but crystal sae de bus pass vjc L0NG AG0...ya,she's oversh0t since she din c us.. haha=) xq asked mi hw dumb can we be..n i sae "lyk tis".. lol-.=" cant ctrl n keep laughing la.. xq told crystal t0 alight at de nxt st0p n we shall g0 n find her..she sae she's near PARKWAY PARADE..but we saw a MARINE PARADE..-.=" s0 we c0nfirmed de l0cati0n wif her..we tried getting help fr de passer by la..but gt 2 0s0 lyk l0st..s0 de blind is leadin de blind...but a passer by t0ld us de way la..haha=) den we called crystal while walkin t0wards de bus stop..n crystal asked xq in de ph0ne whether i was wearin purple!!haha=)ya,she's able t0 c mi x) YA,FINALLI F0UND HER!!returned t0 de beach deN we talk n talk!!l0ng tym din chat wif dem le..even th0ugh same jc wif hl n zy la... =( ate ice cream b4 we left..xq n crystal ate dinner at subway..n mi zy hl went hm... zy wanted t0 buy sling bag s0 we decided t0 g0 bugis on wed.. haha=) we all kana sunburn la..xcept hl hu is dark already.. but t0dae my skin lyk nt red lia0 lei..haha=) well,ytd lunfa ask mi whether i gt g0 for t0dae's outing..deN i was lyk "huh?wad 0uting? gt outing meh?" deN he sae is class 0uting g0 i g0 my bl0g c marianne's tag..l0l-.=" i din receive her sms la..l0l-.=" nvm la..even th0ugh i n0e le i tink i wun g0 since i went ytd!!n my butt n sh0ulders r damm pain la..haha=) sry guys ar, nt i anti social la.. is tire u c..haha=)

by de way,i wan my old class 07s25!! i miss my class's nt easy t0 hv a str0ng b0nd lyk wen our frenship str0nger deN kana separated la!! hate it!! tt tym i was online .. den jermaine sae she'll miss teasin mi!! ya!!i will miss her t00 la!!she's 0ne of de classmate hu i tink i can click on.. hmm..sad.. deN jingu0 sae he w0nder he'll miss mi nt!!haha=) n0e y? he miss making mi angry n mi sh0uting at him la=) weird h0r? where gt ple lyk others t0 sh0ut at him de.. haha=) he 0s0 miss run behind mi n smack my head -.=" well,i'll let u smack my head if u can la..but i'll smack urs t0o =) haha=)but i dun understand wad he means during breaks he make mi angry..dun tink he gt make mi angry during breaks la.. ya,i'll miss sh0uting at him n calling him xia0 qi gui la..n disturb him by smsin him!!c0s he wun re mi la!! x) i'll miss liuli sending mi all de s0ngs she hv in her hp!!i'll miss yk n zc's singin in de class!![even th0ugh dey sing lyk....] i'll miss weilun jingu0 daria menghan ervin hweeb0on for ponning less0ns!!i'll miss de "BIN BIN" tingy by jeremiah..i'll miss jeremy hu pr0vide mi ans f0r ec0n..i'll miss anling n cassandra f0r goin less0ns wif us even de rest pon..i'll miss lunfa hangin up wif edward!!i'll miss junkai hu is de pon star n shiniNg f0r nt g0in all less0ns!!i'll miss alex f0r his gener0us!! haha=) did i miss 0ut ani0ne?[th0se in same class wif mi de f0r de real tingy-->pam edward maria yq yh i din menti0n here la] haha=) basicalli i'll miss every0ne in o7s25 for de 1st intake.. ='( h0w i wish we can stick as 1 class!! =(

Friday, March 09, 2007

sry!!these days busy s0 din update bl0g...

actualli can dUn g0 bec0s of de release 0f posting result..but we gt e-club tingy la..s0 hv t0 g0..we [mi pam n Qy] went t0 sch at de n0rmal timin,which is 7.20+ la..deN lyk J1 la..we went OG for de cutting of de paper la..deN is lyk 8+ s0 we went 0utside t0 c de tingy la..i was damm relief wen nic sae we gt in jj n wen i g0 c happi tt all my frens manage t0 gt int0 jj=) den i send sms t0 inf0rm my frens..den we start dgn de f0rfiet tingy n nic p0n a l0t of less0ns la..m0rning we d0 games stuffs f0r de 02 ting..deN aftern00n we d0 de wrapping 0f de prizes which r 3hampers..which c0sts 40bucks..n we wrap it til v weird shape sia..haha=)

weNt jjc t0 rep0rt n gt int0 my OG22!!den gt t0 n0e tt j0anne n xinyuh n zhi chiaw same OG wif mi=)dey had all de b0ring talks la..c0s we heard th0se talks b4 during 01 lia0 ma..but we left at 2pm for eclub tingy..breif de j2 abt de games even th0ugh dey n0e de games lia0,but nic sae muz sae s0 i juz read word for word lo=) den we find de b0xes but everywhere 0s0 cant find =( den went kbox c but de pers0n hu rec0gnise mi since i 0ways g0 dere sae dunhv c0s even hv de auntie will kb0x auntie v de wad de..haix..nth t0 abt her sia.. de way,qy's definiti0n of bullyin is fighting sia!!s0 inn0cent rgt?haha=) we hv t0 present a skit which ms ti0ng wanted badli..s0 we start preparing de skit at 5+ 6+ til 10+ lo..s0 ke lian rgt? mi s0rt of regretted f0r nt being OGL sia..nt c0s of de work fr eclub..but is de high spirit of de OGLs in i feel lyk cheering n stuffs la=) de way J1 were nt informed abt de stuffs la..

sub c0mb0 registrati0n..i goin take H2 econ chem n math,H1 for bio.. h0pe i wun regret la..n gt de studi md soon!!den earli leave for eclub again la..buzy n buzy n busy..wen go l0ve fiesta rm suddenli c a pers0n lying on de floor,,,scare mi sia!! haha=) n de pers0n hu is slpin in de rm was MR LE0NG!!haha=) mi qy n pam is runner..den b4 tt we eat lunch..qy sae we shd nt eat t0o full c0s ltr hv t0 run!haa=)she's cute rgT?runner=muz run?but t0 mi n pam we can walk de..haha=) deN de OGs play games n start dgn pr0p0sal..s0me oGs realli gd n c0operative la..but s0me F*** A** OGs r realli irritating la..but all de pr0blems were fr de GUYS!!gt 1 OG de guys realli shd g0 DIE la..bully de J2 n even call dem n00b..i hear lia0 v pissed off sia..den i ask is tt funni?r we supp0se t0 laugh * HA HA HA* den qy sae 4gt it la,otherwise will make de atm0sphere v stiff..haix,i realli hv t0 ctrl my temper rgt?hmm,s0 i ch00se nt t0 l0ok t0o much at de STUPID IDIOT guy s0me0ne gt de n00blet king edward l0..wad kind of fren sia..nvm..runner is nt a easy k!!hv t0 walk here walk dere walk everydae!!s0 runner is definiteli nt slacker h0r!!

dae2 of 02=) nth much t0 d0 t0dae..t0dae is prepare presentati0n n c0mpetiti0n amg de OGs...during de preparation we became runners again,,l0l-.=" nvm=) t0dae was ok la..

i hv miss l0ts epi of hua yang sha0 nian sha0 nu!!**sad** i want0 catch up sia!! haha=) i duN wanna miss it lia0 la!! l0l-.=" by de way, de graphic calculati0n c0st 175bucks sia!!exp rgt?better dUn spoilt or even kana steal la!!if nt i'll curse de idi0t la..haha=) term 1 hv ended n term2 cumin!!scary rgt? time juZ fly time t0 gt seri0us is cumin..yet de studi md is nt wif mi=( hu can help mi sia.. =(

Monday, March 05, 2007

o7s25 wif ec0n tut =)
o7s25 with chem tut
nw is jUz 11.13 yet im damm slpy la!!wad de......

chi--> my cher damm nice sia!!we had 30min less0n t0 g0 thru de wb ans den she brin us t0 de cafe..she sae she'll treat us breakfast which i t0k is sae sae onli de..BUT!!!she treated all 9 students [mi pam maria jermaine yq anling jeremiah jeremy yh] hu went f0r chi!!each breakfast set c0st $2.50 n she speNt 25bucks on us!!tt's sweEt n nice 0f her which i din expect la=) being gd students will hv benefit?lol --"de breakfast t0ok qutie l0ng t0 serve c0s is 2 by 2..we waited f0r every0ne t0 gt de breakfast b4 we start eatin la..s0 it turns c0ld-.=" nvm,it's still quite nice la=) we did a f0od cheEr b4 eatin =) ms goh went t0 staff rm t0 take her camera..she keep snappin 0ur ph0tos while we were eatin sia!!haha=) funni rgt?aft eatin we t0ok s0me pics which r NICE =) ple wif de picS pls SEND MI K!! we din attend math lecture since we d0ubt mr f0ll0w will teach anyting..s0 we went t0 de gambling area n d0 de usual stuff la=) learn hw t0 play bridge..but still nt gd at it la..

bi0-->Jermaine n i was tokin abt cca tingy la..deN pam ask jermaine t0 guess wad cca she's fr..den jermaine keep guessing but wr0ng la..npcc,ncc,choir,band blar blar blar..but n0ne c0rrect la..she tinks tt pammy hv a npcc face -.=" c0s wen she dun smile quite fierce..haha=) but she's fr MRL!!! haha=) suprise!?!? haha=) den i ask her i l0ok lyk wad cca de..den she sae i look lyk CHEER LEADING de...haha=) do i look lyk one?i dun tink s0 lei..but she give a valid reas0n la..she explained by sayin i lyk SIA0 SIA0 de...haha=)perhaps bahx..esther lee recap s0me stuffs abt bi0..i din listen n fallin aslp la..i tink i yawned t0o l0ud t0o..haha=)deN we tok abt life ting again la..she a happi lucky lady sia..**envy** den pam n i l00k at her necklace which is a dragonfly..nice=)but it look quite nt exp[im nt usin de word CHEAP cos im kind enuff=) ]'s fr TIFFANY N CO!!exp huh?den dUn0 link link link to wad.. aft bio i shout t0 edward tt he turn bad n keep ponning de others ask mi diam cos i was t0o l0ud-.=" jeremiah even sae i shd j0in OGL..den i sae i withdraw le!!20bucks juz fly away=( den yh sae i shd take de camp tee since i paid.haha=) tt's true la=)

ec0n--> wanted t0 pon de..but end up g0in..regretted c0s kana called by de cher [mdm low] t0 d0 qn n explain t0 de t0o shy t0 tok u c..haha=) lol-.=" s0 my explaination turns t0 v br0ken n SCARY eng.."cow die,ple scare kana de disease so dun wan buy"... haha=) cant realli rmb wad i said..but i tink realli broken la..den my words on board is damm ugly too la..i shd sae nt neat=) haha=)

mit ms ti0ng de eclub cher at 1pm outside staffrm..but mi n pam wait til 1.24+ den she appear in de staffrm n she obvi0usli 4gt tt she's suppose t0 mit's lyk i call n sms her le lo..nvm,at least i left b4 1.30pm..i changed my braces to purple=) it's a nice c0lour =) juz realise gt yellow..haha=)i'll put it de nxt tym!!well,de dentist said it can be rem0ved 6months ltr..but tt's soonest..actualli i dun realli feel lyk takin it so s0on yet lei..c0s i'll misssss it de!!n i gt use t0 it le la..n aft brace is retena[dun0 spellin] which is lyk m0re ma fan..haha=) ya,s0 de real reas0n behind is i lazy =)

dun0 y t0dae keep feeling thirsty sia..keep eat n drink n eat n drink n eat n drink..tink i spend abt 14bucks on food n drink!!haha=) tmr postin result out..scare cant gt into jj sia..h0pe i wun regret lo..lyk t0o late to regret aniwae..tmr still gt eclub tingy s0 hv t0 go sch..s0 ke lian rgt? by de way,xq asked whether want0 go sheep farm!!sounds cute n fun huh?i want0 g0!but i want0 t0 go beach t0 cycle n feel de wind leh..s0 can i be greedy by requestin 0uting f0r b0th?haha=)

gdluck f0r every0ne for de p0sting result =)

ytd rush eclub tingy..faced de c0m for eyes s0 kelian rgt?tt's same g0es t0 my les pammy!!haha=) we crack our brains for de eclub tingy la..but finalli it's settle la!!a big thx to DAWN for helpin us t0 print de ting!!well,slp at 3am n woke up at 3pm!!haha=) n slack de whole dae... envy mi ma? lol-.="

t0k t0 my pri sch fren wh0 we nv mit for 4yrs!!n tt's HANWEE!!he change a lot sia!!as in his l00k la..g0 to his friendster n c la..ermx..tink i din change much ba!!l0l-.="by de way,hanwee if u r readin tis post,pls link mi!=)c0mplained t0 mi tt my bl0g add t0o long..-.=" but i tink quite easy t0 rmb?haha=) online t0k t0 xia0 qi gui t0o..main purp0se is t0 ask him send mi DT's song!!haha=) den sae he xia0 qi n stuff..den he sae he gng out...12.40+am go where lo..den mi ask den he sae i KPO..hey,im KPO juz tt u dUno la..i din ask further la..c0s he v xia0 qi de ma..ltr anGry again..haha=)

nw is 12.50 le..nt v slpy..c0s woke up so tmr still hv sch!!haha=) s0 bye =) haha=)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

RAH!! i was alm0st d0ne wif de p0stin but accidentli delete dem!!wad de~!!!! nvm..i'll try t0 recall wad i've type earlier!!!rah~~!!!

yt said she heard a v0ice during chem lecture..den she turn t0 de place where my class sit..n indeed de v0ice was mine!!she laughed at mi wen my cher shh mi la!!i was too enthu t0 ask ms lim qn u c..n i juz ask la..n i din n0e my v0ice was tt l0ud tt cher hv t0 shh mi n yt cd hear it..haha=) but i tok i speak ok la..nt loud wad..haha=) earlier in math lecture disc0ver a mistake by de cher den mi n yt discuss..den we discuss until too engross..den my fren sae i t0k v l0ud n de ple in de lecture hall were l0okin-.=" well,i din realise tt la..haha=) pls dun blame mi k...but i din mean t0 speak loudli..prehaps i din speak's onli tt ple in de lecture hall were t0o quiet which makes mi so outstanding? l0l-.="

these few daes din hv much stuffs to do..tut0rial time=ph0t0taking tym n class bondin dunhv de pics's wif my LES PAMMY =)so hv t0 wait for her t0 upl0ad de pics!!s0 my DEAR LES,PLS UPL0AD ASAP!!

fri was a busy yet b0ring dae ba...
GP-->it was abt whether sex education shd be taught in pri sch kids nt..we gt into gp n write de pts down..onli left mi w/o pt..BUT i hv a pt which others dun agree..i tink yes c0s de kids mgt curi0us abt it[may due to media] n dey try it due t0 lack of kn0wledge abt it.. haha=) tink tt's de same idea as yq's gp de.. yuan kang said a funni de..he said yes c0s gals mgt tok dey r injured
-.=" ms lin cant stand us n left de class...haha=) den ms lin 0so sae gt a couple do sex ABOVE a double deck bus!!haha=) supp0singli is at de 2nd level 0f de d0uble deck bus!!haha=) wad a j0ke hor? haha=)
ec0n-->these few lecture for econ is graph GrapH GRAPH!!but luckily i gt listen during lecture..s0 it's ok la..haha=)

ec0n ended at 10am..n we decided t0 pon math lecture n math tutorial!!bad rgt?haha=) we havin math test for math's de reas0n y we pon..c0s nv studi ma..i tried to studi but fell aslp aft 15min browsin?haha=)n we r damm free lahx..c0s we havin reunion dinner for eclub at 6pm..imagine u hv nth t0 d0 fr 10am to 6pm..8hr u n0e..i slp less den 8hr per dae de lo..we made a slipper for de poster for ripples..i spelt ripples as rippers!! l0l -.=" den 2pm we hv e-club meetin la..which ended at 5+..s0 end up quite buzy.. we r supp0se t0 be de planning c0m for 0rientati0n 2 for de old intake!!amazin rgt?6ple to make up de planning com!! rah!!mi n pam choosed de easilest out of out bahx!!games!!haha=)cos de rest we dun understand wad de cher tok..

aft tt was e-club reunion dinner..onli 2 j1 turned up..n it's obviousli pam n rest r j2 de..but nt jin zhi tuo [gold pillow],bee hoon,fried rice!!nice n full=)aft eatin went t0 field dere shout..shoik man!!c0s gt echo!!haha=)do f00tdrill dere sure v gd sia!!haha=) den went back indoor n saw de 3sport attach fr my class-jinguo,weilun n menghan..dey all tuck in their shirt sia..rare lo!!c0s dey dun tuck in de..haha=) den dey look n00b..haha=) den weilun sae "hello binbin" n i sae "bye weilun"....-.=" showed menghan de pic which he yawned!!haha=)he requested pam to delete!!lxia0 qi gui[jinguo] nt onli petty but childish t0o!!haha=) l0l-.=" nic gt A for chi!!gd sia!!c0ngrates!!left quite late..8+ i tink!!den damm tire..reach hm bath n sit,waiting for hair t0 dry[hair dryng spoilt] n slpt..duno y s0 damm tire la!!

by de way,tues postin result out!!better let mi go JJC!! gdluck everyone!! =)