Saturday, February 26, 2011

Busy life

Hello Humans!

Photo taken in China (:

Life is as busy as usual! Well, not as busy as to the extent that I can't rest or FB, just that I don't really have to blog. I thought of some topics to blog earlier on, but well, school-related stuff are much more important than typing in the empty space here. School work are pretty so far so good. Though I've not been complaining much about school but i still lagging behind, especailly for readings on Globalisation! Well, at least I'm trying to keep up on my readings (: Got to start working on my Com204 assignment which due on coming Friday!

Argh, I can hear my stomach making noise as I'm typing this. I believe those friends whom I asked regarding food hate me for making them hungry too! I apologise! Hopefully I can stop changing the topic that I want to do - foreigner issue, community center, and here comes food!

Okay, I'll find time to post regarding cruise and china. Sometimes we need to priortize things right? HAHA. At least I posted those photos taken on cruise on FB (:

By the way, a photo can convey different message to different people! I thought the photo below is more like cute-ness, bay say is sexy! -.- I still find it more for the former than latter.

Btw I went out with my family (to Nex and Vivo city) and bought a top and a dress! HAHA (: Oh, I'm just performing my duty as a consumer in this consumer society man! And that dress I bought is exactly the same from the pasamalam outside JP! The price is the same yet the environment is so different! The pasamalam's one is opposite of those oily food stall (got 臭豆腐 one somemore).

bean (:

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V-day :D

Hello Humans.

Happy 情人节 to all, especailly you, you and you! :D

(p.s.: i have 3laopos, that's why 3 "you"s)

Had mini birthday celebration for valerie's 21st in school! Well, her bday is tmr, just that adele and I decided to celebrate today. Just a cake (and it's hard to find smokers in school this morning cos we had a hard time finding lighter) and simple birthday song :D And yes, lighting a lighter is hard. LOL.

And val asked me weird questions that our common friend asked her. LOL.

I shall date my readings soon. NO READING MOOD AT ALL. shit.


Wednesday, February 09, 2011

CNY is loved!

Hello Humans!


Have you check with the weighing machine whether your weight has gone up cos of all the goodies?HAHA. I spent part of my CNY in China (shall update it next time)!

Have been rather busy these days!

it's week 3 for school yet I'm feeling it's week 1 since i've not been doing much in school or involve in school-related stuff! X:

My holiday ended with cruise trip and I didn't have the time to update on cruise trip, let alone uploading 1000 over photos over the 3 days. Nonetheless, I'll try to upload the photos asap! In the process of uploading day 1! LOL.

Then I started school which i didn't pay much attention during lectures. Well, I was really in holiday mood! Moreover, I was preparing for my China trip the next week (wk 2 of school) and I got to rush off some school stuff (eg homework, planning timetable, printing notes and buying tbs).

Week 2 of school is pretty relax (same as week 1) since I only have to attend 2 days of school before flying off to China! HAHA. Took relatively lesser photos over the 5 days. Shall update and upload photos after doing the same for cruise trip! :D

And yes it's week 3. I shall try to be a good student and catch up with my readings! HAHA, since my first 2 weeks are relaxing cos i slacked, it's time to make it up! But ehem, I'll going JB over this weekend to celebrate my grandma's birthday! Oh well, how busy am I right? HAHA. But I got hell lots to read and catch up. Including a book to be completed in 2 weeks time for quiz 1. that's so fast can! D:

BTW timetable is finalized. Taking only 5 modules this sem D:

1. HS207 (about Globalization)
2. HS302 (about social stats)
3. HS314 (about health and society)
4. COM204 (Basic media writing)
5. HP805 (Intro to HRM)

5 final papers, with 3 fall on the same day. Wish me luck, strength and power on 16th May 2011 man.