Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hello Humans :D

I like this photo!! :D I've out with bay twice so far. Once was to carry out a mission and another is sort of shopping/discovery trip :D Anyway we love the background of the above photo :D We were like some tourists la! HAHA. :D

Okay, so our first trip was on 30th June to town :D
We didn't take much photos on that day. Headed to Far East for our first stop to make some purchase for our dear friend but sadly, it was sold out D: Shopped around and I had dinner at 313 :D

And the camwhoring session started before leaving for home! I sort of like this photo. :D

Mirror is our best friend :D

We have short hair :D

Candid! Pretty nice yay?

What and what?

another candid :D that's an advantage that you can take candid if you hold the camera :D

Had a great day. We took more photos while waiting for the train. :D

Didn't have much to say for this trip cos i can't really recall what funny things took place. Perhaps bay can remind me?HAHA.

Our second trip on 26 July:D Think I've quite a lot to say since it's still fresh in my mind :D
Had a great day with HL on 26July! I believe she enjoyed her day more than I do! We went to a few places- Chinatown, Redhill and then Clementi.

I was quite surprised that HL doesn't know the way to Chinatown from Outram Park since in the early days there's no purple line that bring us right to Chinatown! Moreover, she loves CNY! Okay, I led the way without much clue when she wanted to go initially but just to walk and shop around! YES, shopping in Chinatown! Well, Chinatown isn't as bad as some people might think- it's a place with sei pek pek or massage salon with sexy girls or a playground for the people in their golden ages. I beg to differ! (: I would say if you spend some time around there trying to dig out some precious goodies, most probably you'll success. There are plenty of nice food around- like the yong tau foo locate at the people's park market, or the don't know what street with famous desserts, and yes the bubble tea that is rather famous in these days-Koi.

I wanted to have Koi but we can see the long queue waiting for their orders. Well, it was lunch time and we decided to shop first and revisit when lunch time is over. Brought HL to people's park market where there are many shops located on level 2 and 3 (she wanted to go there but she have no idea what the building is called). Introduced her a few good shops that sell daily items you need at home (i.e. Shampoo, soap, toothpaste, facial wash....) at reasonable prices. Okay, I would say the price is much lower than those shops you often visit or the prices are even lower after the sales price of Watson/guardian! You can save a lot by purchasing stuff there. Well, I'm not related to them but just sharing some places so my dear friends who read this entry can save some money for their families and themselves. See, I'm such a kind soul (as usual!). Clothes there are rather over budget, prices can range from $50 over to $100 over, and I wonder if it's true when they explained the stocks are from hongkong branded brand. Oh ya, how could I forget to mention about the shop which we stayed in for quite some time to listen to the sale person introducing his products? those products are mainly from nui ren wo zui da and they are selling at a much cheaper price! yes yes yes, my sister and I just restocked our stuff(mask etc) D: Shall visit it again when I need to make purchases. LOL.

Me with Koi again cos we didn't take much photos for the earlier trip D:

We came across this shop which we spent our precious beloved money! Their clothes are much cheaper than the shops located in the building! We tried a dress which is sweet looking and cost $16. I tried it with the mentality of "just trying" instead of "yes yes i want to buy it" since the dress is short and the bottom is the same as my the other dress. HL was damn excited after she tried the dress, her legs look slim with it la! As for me, I think it's not bad BUT it's really damn short, even my shorts is longer than it la!-.= But I was eyeing on one small jacket which cost $15 and I was really tempted to buy! However, it would cost a hole in my wallet and I just bought 2 jackets recently!So I decided to consider over it so we headed for lunch after HL made payment for her jacket.

We had our lunch at People's park market, with the thought of letting bay try the yong tau foo. But too bad, the store was closed and so is the laksa store D: So we tried the fishball noodles instead and it taste okay! And finally we made up our mind to return to the shop and I made the purchase of the jacket and she bought the dress. HAHA (: Had coconut jelly milk tea which taste rather different from the previous time I had it. I don't see the piece of jelly which I quite like D: Rah, quite a disappointment! Then we walk along the streets like tourists and took some nice photos (the above photos) :D

Off we go to redhill(YOG headquater) to collect my YOG opening ceremony rehearsal tickets:D Volunteer gets to see the rehearsal! I missed the bus stop that we're supposed to alight (like again) and we had to walk a distance! HAHA, we I took it as exercising since i've been gaining lots of weigh D: Meanwhile I entertained bay and she entertained me!
Next stop was SIM since HL meeting someone to collect her textbook. How could guys let girls wait?! It seems like getting common and common! Somemore he asked if they could meet at an earlier timing (6.30pm instead of 7pm) and he arrived after 7.10pm and explained he was caught in the jam! !@#$%^&* THEN YOU SHOULDN'T SAY "LET'S MEET EARLIER"! Okay, I wasn't that angry la, cos I packed my bag which was a mess and crapped with HL. I'm so entertaining sia! (: Then we had dinner at the PINES *ehem bhl* which is located at Ngee Ann Poly Alumni Club. HAHA, hl is damn funny when she say pines and pipes! LOL. The dinner was great and cheaper! :D

Nice fried tau foo with thai chilli sauce :D It cost $3.20 and there're 10 of them (:

It looks like an egg.

My not so appealing looking grilled chicken baked rice. NO LA! It taste great (: Just that the photo reflects otherwise.

Bay you don't mind me putting this since it's blur right? HAHA :D

Headed home after dinner. Gave HL a fierce response with she asked whether we can go WestMall walk walk. HAHA, I didn't know I gave what type of look! Anyway I had a great laugh at the bus stop while waiting for the bus. Poor me have to laugh alone uncontrollable! (I don't recall what makes me laugh).

Oh well, I demand an outing with BFFs soon yay?! HL please plan okay! See I so polite say please! HAHA :D But I'm so sorry that I couldn't make it for some suggested dates! And I'm leaving off to JB from Tues to Fri/sat! Can't wait to see you girls soon!

bean :D

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hello Humans.

Had celebration for my mama's 60th birthday on 10th July :D Shan and I camwhored while waiting for aunt.

Keyi then join us for the camwhoring :D (with her favourite hand sign)

Uncle and her.

She wasn't really in her mood to take photos. We have to ask her to smile for the camera but she refused.

Then out of sudden, she say she wants to be superman. HAHA.

Bought birthday cake from Bakerzin! Brother paid for it while shan n I in-charge of searching and purchasing it. HAHA, see, even if we don't pay in monetary term but we still got put in physical efforts! Moreover Bakerzin is having the 30% off promotion for their cakes and desserts! In addition, being their member allow us to enjoy 10% more! So we signed up for their membership to have further discount. Anyway it's good to visit Bakerzin in July to have some cake sessions with friends and family since the promotion is quite a good deal (:

Uncles and cousin keyi came all the way from JB to attend it :D Sweet Keyi was so tired when she have to walk from Holiday Inn to wisma and back to Orchard Central to collect the cake! HAHA. Uncle have to buy orange soft drink to make her move on! LOL.

She was very tired and refused to take photo outside Ngee Ann City.

Mama's birthday dinner was held at ah yi tian xia at orchard central! We had 2 tables since it would be rather squeezy to have one, so my mama also invited my second sis's friends(:
A must-have dish for birthday and I love shou tiao! :D The size is rather small and I ate two.

I love cold dish!:D

Sisters and their friends :D


My siblings and I don't really appreciate abalone, for me I'll rather eat fishcake! HAHA. I think abalone chews like rubber and I hate the fishy taste! Of course, I rather have shark fin and bird nest which I prefer much more la!

Shan and I, with Keyi's finger. Her finger became itchy when she saw the camera! HAHA, cute her keep moving around from her sit to mine (we were sitting at different tables).

Okay, I've to admit she don't really look cute like some other kids but some of her actions and expressions are really adorable! :D

Fried fish :D

Here she comes again :D

She wanted me to feed her fish. I was pressurized cos I scare I'll accidentally feed her with the fish bones!


Chicken :D

New York Cheesecake from Bakerzin!

Grandparents and parent. We were singing birthday song to her. (:

Mama making wishes. Dad follows though it wasn't his birthday. HAHA

YAY, cut cake!

Big family potrait :D


Mama and papa :D

Keyi used to be very afraid of my brother when she was much younger. Now she even wants my brother to carry her!

Mama and second sister.

Mama and their friends :D

We headed to Dragonfly to "hot" (hot=havoc. that's what my mama, or rather, my family would call! HAHA)! It was my first time to visit club and actually i find it quite weird to go with my family! HAHA. My sister's friends brought us there since it would probably suit my mama and my aunt better! So there's a stage and singers just sing songs-English, Canto or Chinese. The loud dance music followed after the singing session, and I couldn't stand the bling striking light sharping into my eyes. We just sat there and do nothing. Anyway I tried the drinks-coke vodka and screwdriver! Okay, only a few slips and my mama finished off everything! LOL. She's a good drinker and i don't really drink you see. But I think the alcohol level isn't that high too.

Fox, liling and ah bun :D

Dragonfly Ticket.

We didn't stay long and left around 1 plus! That's pretty early in terms of having late night fun. HAHA. Great experience, but I still do wish to try it with my friends in the future! HAHA :D
When we back to hotel to wash up, the rest (grandparents and uncle's family) was sleeping and suddenly keyi was crying in her dream! When we ask her the next day when playing with her, she say she saw a greenish yellow/orange dinosaur from Singapore in her house! HAHA, so adorable can!

Anyway I think Holiday Inn is pretty good, with its rate at around $140 per night. The bed is spacious with lots of pillows! HAHA.

The next morning, shan and I had breakfast buffet in the hotel :D
The prata actually taste not bad considering that it's being prepared before hand.

Some other food.

Me and breakfast! My forehead really high man. That explains why I don't like to expose my forehead and prefer it to be covered by fringe.

Shan and her breakfast :D
Fruits :D

Lovely cookies and muffin! Taste nice! They have a corner for children that serves food for kids!

Me and the cookies :D High forehead again!

Nice right?:D
We walk around orchard that day and had bakerzin for our dinner:D
Me and rubic cube.

seafood spaghetti

strawberry shortcake! We ordered one main dish and two cakes since I wasn't hungry and the shop is having promotion for the cakes instead of the main dishes.
Got the chicken wings for free. We received the vouchers upon signing up the membership. Not bad :D

The containers are nice! :D

On my mama's actual birthday, I was with her. So I treated her with delifrance :D
She loves the kaya thing they have! They used to have promotion where it was only $1 each!

Happy me. :D

Dinner at chuan xiang, this fried thingy is nice! :D

fen si! :D My treat again :D

So that's how my mama spent her dearest 60th birthday :D

bean. :D