Wednesday, December 31, 2008

(looking at de time now, i shd say happy new yr in advance!)

oh well, 2008 maybe unpleasant in some way or another. like de earthquake, de poison milk, terrorist attack, natural disasters etc, hope these will n ot happen much in de coming 2009! of cos there's some stuff to be happy for 2008 lah! like finally finish JC le!!yippeee, though i noe de result wun may nt be those WOW, but de struggling wif studies finally come to an end. (: but i tink i dread working even more! /: oh well, that's smt everyone hv to go thru' rgt? LOL. anw, 2008 may not be that bad lah. guess it's pretty much better than 2007 bah. may 2009 be even better than 2008!! (:

hopefully i can get a better job with a better pay! economy recover faster n low employment rate for spore n de world pls!! if nt like quite hard to find a proper gd job lei. talkin abt job, me n hl worked for 8 days liao!! tt's pretty fast sia! still can rmb how tired n sianjipua we were during our 1st day of work! there's both gd n not so gd ple who make our day gd/bad! i glad tt there's this aunty call aunty susan who teach us n help us during our work! n of cos de other aunty(sad to say i cant rmb who is who, i seriously hv bad memory!i mistook a uncle who work there as customer!LOL.) (: n i really dun like tt mr YELLOW. o h well, that's just a random name given by ms bay to de irritating uncle who act friendly! i hate being yuan wang lah! like this mr yellow ''scold'' us for nt closing de door n it wasnt us lo, is de uncle can! but we were kind enough to entertain him. okay, i shall nt end this post wif this stupid uncle. HAHA(: hl is abandonin soon D': and im left all alone in de bloody shop,i'll damn sian can. hopefully dawn can come work! if nt i kill her lah! so long still haven tell me her ans!LOL.
i missed my tv quite a lot these days! ): gonna catch up my bu liang siao hua on youtube lah!!RAH. but guess i wun hv de time since tmr i'll be goin out! n i'll be keep workin! duno when will off day lah!

oh by de way, how can i 4gt to blog abt my xmas outing wif my laopos?!?! HAHA(: was pretty busy thus din blog much u see.LOL. we went a cafe, de fish was quite tasty but i wasnt full, if de fish is bigger,more potatoe but lesser veggi, den i'll be pretty full (: but luckily there's salad+dessert+drink to fill in some space in my stomach(: poor xiaoqing left abt 3/4 of her baked rice cos it was full of mushroom!!HAHA(: exchanged our presents! so qiao la, is like xq exchanged hers wif zy den i exchanged mine wif hl's! HAHA(: hope de present hl received will come in handy!! n i love de jewellery box she gave!(: my earrings will be damn thankful tt they finally hv a hm now! but i haven pack them due to lack of time! /: BUT guess ms bay din check de item b4 she buy lah, de mirror was scratched but luckily is at de side! HAHA(:

okay, that's all ple!BYE (:

duno wad i pressed, everyting above become CAPITAL letters. paiseh ar.LOL.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

tmr no workin! happy cos can rest, sad cos no money!

hope it'll get better!(:

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

1st day of my workin day!! (:
went there early to find de shop cos we duno de place, n we reach damn early lah!like 45min earlier! TIME PASS DAMN SLOWLY CAN! D': de aunty taught us stuff and wad to do etc.. all i rmb is climb de stairs etc.. i rather stay at 2nd floor wrap stuff!!cos time will pass damn fast!! HAHA(:


Sunday, December 21, 2008

hello ple, im back todae instead of tmr! went jb only lah.

-bought a tee!

-celebrated grandpa's bdae!(:

-played wif my cousin who is damn CUTE! well, she used to love me n wan me to carry her ard early this yr! but aft mths, she totally 4gt who am i n she ignored me ): okay,i 4give her since she's just a small little kid! BUT she cdnt resist playing wif me so end up we(my sis,bro n me) keep playing wif her!

-went kukup to see their resort.. ate lunch 1st,many flies la!! but it was quite cheap afterall (: n de food nt bad(: searched for de resort..well,okay la. saw many mudskippers (: so cute lah!! but litters all ard lah!HAHA(: b4 we left, a stranger requested RM10 fr my dad. we were quite puzzled lah, n we ignored tt person. but he insisted my dad to give him tt $$ so tt he can buy watermelon juice-- so we asked him to go away (of cos in a quite fierce manner), so he asked my mum instead. den my bro like stretch out his hands to prevent tt person to stay close to us. BUT this person just keep followin us n ask us give him $$. we damn RAH la. finally some locals scold he n off he ran away. but he suddenly appear again n lucky some police/locals shoo him off again ((: den wen we pass by some cars,de person was asking $$ fr another person! like tt so easy to 'earn' $$ la!! tt's so bad can.


Friday, December 19, 2008

hello ple! (:

found this KTV shop which cost 16bucks fr 11am to 6pm for wkday!HAHA(: much cheaper than kbox rgt? den for wkend is 20bucks if im nt wrong! de KTV shop is known as
top one ktv (CLICK ON DE LINK TO FIND OUT MORE!) (: perhaps can go there nxt nxt time (: LOL. think is located in bugis area.. opp bugis junction bah..

or Ten Dollars Club Family KTV (CLICK ON DE LINK TO FIND OUT MORE!) ? fr 2pm to 7pm is 10bucks! BUT it's located at chinatown lah, quite difficult to find la..

okay,seems that im quite random! but it's okay! cos i happen to see this from my fren's (nt really my fren, just someone who i know is) blog!HAHA(:

anw, think i gt a job fr ma biao yan wo! BUT i called de person just now but she busy lah ): think de pay v low but better than dun hv la!HAHA(: so MAYB i cant make it for de xmas gathering wif my laopos leh.. D': sry sry.. will inform u gals wen i noe can make it not..

HAHA(: i actually cut n paste de entire post fr de blog i hv wif my laopos X:

oh well, went JE wif my sis today to pei her to extract her teeth! she's goin wear braces soon!! HAHA(: gt a little boy damm cute/funny lah! we were on de train den he asked his mama he can eat de ting in my sis's mouth nt( it's a cotton wool with blood). den his mama say it's bad for teeth,but de little boy say it seems to taste nice and he wan one too!HAHA(: so me and my sis laugh out loud la! den de little boy ask his mama y we laugh -- this reminds me of de other cute little boy i saw at durian shell there!! he was wearing a SUPERMAN clothes and eating popcorn wif his dad. so me smile to him den he v shy and told his dad!SO CUTE LAH!! he even waved to me b4 he left! so cute can!!(:

okay,wanna hv my daily routine-watch TV!! BYE!!! (:

--off to msia fr 20-22dec!! (: --

Thursday, December 18, 2008

wanna change hp!! ANY RECOMMENDATION OF CHEAP GD HP? haha (: shan changing hers.. maybe i'll get mine too but shall see first..

went msia ytd, can say it was a eating day? HAHA(: im seriously getting FATTER N FATTER each day! n im so lazy to exercise X: serve me rgt?

gonna' miss pri sch fren gathering on 20th dec n s28 potluck on 21st dec D': hope i wun miss gatherin wif my laopos on 24th/25th!! (: tink i'll be back by then!

watched some ep of bu liang siao hua on youtube (: tv really v slow but nvm,like tt also quite gd.HAHA(: de show really v funny la! now i can miss quite a few ep fr channel U liao (: lalala.


im a half-cooked red bean.YAY :D

Monday, December 15, 2008

keep goin out these days. spent 2days[sat n sunday] wif my family n todae wif my laopos!!

->HIGHLIGHTed my hair! well,accompanied my sis for her rebonding so i highlight mine X: it was quite a sudden decision la! din really want initially cos my hair is free fr chemical [in de sense tt i din dye my hair b4/perm/rebond] but end up i juz highlight my hair for 48bucks,including hair cutting( this allow cost 20bucks) la. we waited for damn long,so we spent 6hrs in de saloon!! okay,now im a semi red bean!! HAHA (:
->wif family again! all we did was EAT EAT EAT (: NICE FOOD!!(:
-> aft long decision making, we finally planned to go clarke quay n find a cafe to sit n chat n perhaps walk ard. anw,we went de central,but we din shop ard de mall! instead, we just walk ard clarke quay! den went liang court n ate some stuff. quite nice la!HAHA(: chit a bit den took photos! oh well, i only hv 1 photo wif me (thx zy!),de rest wif hl n xq! well upload them once i gt them! (: oh ya,de mall keep playing a stupid music la!like those music when a murderer case is goin on!! den we walk ard to boat quay n city hall area! able to catch little nyonya on time (:

okay,bro back le! ciao!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

bhl say im CUTE (:

went out w dad early in de morning ytd (: went grandma's hse n slack cos nth to do.. den went to pray pray n den to dad's shop. as usual, i'll tidy up his table n sweep de floor. sweeping can be fun. provided my rules r being followed. HAHA(: den went redhill wif my dad to do some stuff n hv our lunch! wanted to eat prata so i ordered 2 pieces, dad only ordered 1. so he order one bowl of wanton soup! quite cheap lah,pay $2.50 n u'll get 16wanton (: de prata is damn NOT NICE lah! it's nt hot n it's damn hard!! n de curry is nt nice too! so i was like struggling wif de 2nd dad ask me dun eat,BUT so waste food mah.. den he put my prata away!! HAHA(: so ate 1 pancake. i was already late cos i meeting hl at 1.10 at vivo /: im sry to reach ultra late /: luckily she was late too so dunnd wait for me longer!! HAHA(: treated her a pancake n suan pan zi!! it's damn NICE okay!! can c tt dad was v v HAPPY (:
took photos,crapped n walked ard vivo.HL PLS SEND ME PHOTOS SOON!!!(: (okay,u sent! thx for being so efficient!) we din play (try clothes w/o buying them) much cos most of de shops so high class lah!HAHA(: den we wanted to play COTTON ON so we head to CCK. okay,sounds really stupid here but we really travel so far just for tt shop.HAHA(: okay,here's a stupid damn thing im so pissed!! approached a sales girl in TT shop,she's rather friendly n ans to my qn. since we travelled so far n i wanted to buy shorts fr there, off we go to change! since there's NO ONE/NO LABEL to indicate NO SHARING OF FITTING ROOM, hl n me shared de room. so happily we keep changing n changing,of cos we talked. den two sales girls were like speakingscolding us in other mother tongue. 1 of them knocked de door n demanded one of us OUT of de room IMMEDIATELY. come on lah, u ple busy talking earlier n din tell us no sharing of rm n now u wan one of us oUT immediately, wan us naked out or out in ur shop's clothes?!?! so we changed back n out we go of de shop. din buy anything of cos.. I REALLY HATE THEIR SERVICE! PLS REFLECT ON UR OWN ATTITUDE N SERVICES. dun ruin spore's service repuatation lorx! okay, i may sound like a typical sporean COMPLAIN COMPLAIN N KEEP COMPLAINING! but their services really SUX. well, tt doesnt apply to all sales person working in C.O.! de 1st sales person i met was gd (: n well, i visited de same shop on mon. even though they were strict, but the services were rather okay. at least their attitude is correct.
oh well, so aft tt, we go eat n drink den go walk walk. saw a top which is damn nice lah! we thought is 10bucks but it's 28bucks.. so exp la.. but if 10bucks,think me n hl will end up fighting over de top!HAHA(: den hm sweet hm. took my ella fr jeremiah's hse. just nice to catch my tv show n stick to my sofa fr 7-11pm (:
OH, THX BHL FOR DE CHOCO FOR MY FAMILY!! (: i've always wanted to eat tt choco lah!!HAHA(: OH,im goin' to become FATTER):

me n hl (:
my husband(yes,MUZ be taller than me!!) n my kids (:

okay,im FAT.


we quite like de top.. but it's too exp.. n quite fat here )):
oh ya,jeremiah is in army now!!HAHA(: GDLUCK!
okay,off i go!BYE.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

nice song :D


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

hELLO =) im back again!! but this time round is to post prom photos fr my camera =)) but there isn't much photos lah! cos mostly is me n anling i guess! cos we keep wander ard de hotel :/ tt's better than i take photos of myself drawing circles lah!! haha=)

1st dish =)

shark fin is de BEST :)



fish :))

I dun like this dish.

dessert!!NICE!! :))

duno if i gt miss out any dish..HAHA=)

zhen ying n bin=)
shi jie n me =)

me n cheryl x)
cs sai n hbb :)

sry, im TALLER!!

i shall be kind n let u be taller!

okay,we're abt same height!

island ballroom :)

an ling =)

i duno wad pose im trying to make --

me n anling

me =)

mi n yixin :)

mi zy hl
sheena n me =)

reflection :))
oh man, i've been using com for de whole day! tt's so bad for eyes n waste electricity! oh well, i shall watch tv fr 7-11pm :))
had family outing ytd!! :))
we planned to go out early in de morning n go to those farm BUT keep raining non-stop!! we hesitated, but still go ahead wif de plan=) well, nt everyone went la, only me, my 3rd sis, mum, dad, aunt n grandpa went:)) had kfc for breakfast :)we missed de goat feeding time so we change our destination to farmart instead of hay dairies :( then we went to farmart which doesnt hv much animals to see.. den we were stuck there cos de driver wanna eat lunch so we had to for an hr sitting there do nth. den had lunch at lot 1 n off we go to qian hu. my dad love fish so basically he's de only one looking at those fishes lah.. den back to lot1 n shop shop den dinner n hm sweet hm!! :) watch tv fr 7pm to 11pm,tt's so shiok can!! :)) pics for prom n ytd's outing nt uploaded! im so sry :/
oh ya, i dun mind goin HAY DAIRIES to feed goat!!so xq,are u happy tt there's someone willing to go there wif u?HAHA=)anw, there's 37stops to go fr cck to de place lah..LOL.
okay,here's some photos:)

sry,im wearing black bottom n dark blue top :/

anw, i chose those slow sad songs but bhl chose most of de fast happy songs!!HAHA=) nt tt im emo-ing but HAHA. i noe some of de fast songs okay!!

(2) JJ senior prom nite 2008 :D

chio bu(s)!!

07s28 =)

me n hl

im weird.

al me hl zy looks de same as above pic but is diff --

me n yixin!! dun tink u say HOHOHO den i'll give u xmas present hor!!HAHA=)

fengyi n me
yiqing n me

jas me al
jaime n me

jas huili zy huiling bin :)

laopos n pris

laogong n laopos

ym n me ;)

contestant no1, no2, n no3!! =) in fact,i quite like this pic :))

prom tablemates
me crystal bhl n zy
jeremiah n me. where's my ella?

me n da laopo!
(3)s28 chalet @ sentosa :))

there's total ok abt 15 jump shots.. of cos i wun upload all--

someone askin for edward's no!!HAHA=)

drizzling. HAHA=) they so cute rgt?

cheryl n marianne :)

meow is cuter than lizard! tt's like of cos!!

mama me papa yq cheryl fy jon yh jas ed jj (clockwise)

okay,tt's all!!