Sunday, April 29, 2007

well,for past few dae,i reach hm ard 7pm deN slp at 2am..tired sia!!!well,failed my maths test..expected ='( rah,means there will be a retest sia...h0pe i'll pass.. chem i hv nt much hope to0..same g0es t0 bi0 n chem prac la..bi0 i onli manage to read thru everyting..seriousli nth gt into my brain k.. =( deN chem left last 2min den i realise i din find mole s0 i cant d0 anyting earlier-.=" my brain wasnt functioning in it cant realli tink..1 moment i remind maria dgn maths de othe moment i 4gt..RAH!!!! stayed back everyday for nacho ting..h0pe de sale will gt better sia...NACHO IS REALLIIIIIII NICE!! :D SO GRAB IT AT SIZZLING ICE NOW!!!! X)

tues had pc which is run 3rounds for warm up den 3 rounds for relay..deN hv idp-inline skating..look forward it v much AT 1ST..but it turn out to be damm RAHRAHRAH la..i keep screamin..den im de 1 hu fell 1st..haha :D waste my tym cos i realli cant balance la...i wun go de nxt tym r0und!!rah!!it's s0 damm stupid if go dere n stand n 1side wif tt stupid ting..RAH!!!

wed had riddle com trg,went eclub aft shan at 8+ for dinner..ate pasta :D shan bought mi a cute file n a hp pouch ;D s0 sweet of her =) even th0ugh de file is sort of kidish,its cute k..n de hp tings is hello kitty,but is grey la =) pi is d0ne,de so called real pr0ject is starting s0on!!h0pe we'll enj0y de pr0cess!!

fri had 2.4km trial wif yq at 1st..but i cant tanhan s0 walk,deN end up run wif liuli :D well,i keep walk la..stomach nt realli pain tis tym but ya..haha..failed by 4 sec !!#&*%#^%#~~~ RAH!!nvm,trial onli,try nt to walk too much nxt tym ba..

oh,by de way,my class is havin a class dinner tmr!!lookin forward to tmr since wed!!!we r goin VIVO CITY cos edward nv go b4!!-.=" h0pe we'll hv fun!! :D

i realli miss last tym de tv drama!!damm nice k..nwadays de no 60s 70s de sia..i'll stick to tv on sat n sun 3.30 for he pin de dai's nice..but sad too la..haix..luckily is history le..-.="

--i slacked tis wkend..RAH~~

oh,here goes a joke fr mr sia:
there was a king hu wans to marry his princess off,so he asked de archers in de country to gather..dey had to shoot de apple on de princess head la..
"shoooooooooooooooooooooooooo...." de 1st guy hit de apple on her head..n he sae " i am robin h0od"
"shooooooooooooooooooooooooo0..." de 2nd guy oso hit de apple on her head he sae"i am hou yi"
:shooo"de 3rd guy hit de princess's head instead of de apple...... n he sae....... ....... ..... "i am....... SORRY!!!"

haha xD my whole class laugh at tis stupid joke la..haha=)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

ytd slpt at 4am!!! amazing tt pt of tym still nt tire!!deN slp lyk s0 wasted =X but i still end up goin slp..dun waste to0 much electricity u c =) wake up 10+ t0dae ;D s0 guai of mi..

did my PI,hope dunnd to change much liao..cos thurs muz hand in le! maths i still left almost all blanks!!realli dun0 hw t0 d0 la!! stupid sia!! den cant find ani newspaper article la!!hw t0 d0 2 by tues lo!!rah!!n i haven studi bi0 test la!!!seriousli lack of tym la=( nw 6.30pm lia0 =(

i nd tym lahx!!RAH!!

proudly present: o7s28 :D

Mr F0llow n o7s28 =D

maria,pam,mi,chenyaan,yiqing,jaime [clockwise fr left]

my bel0ve sis n mi :D

Friday, April 20, 2007

maths test was h0rrible =( tink i g0nna fail it f0r sure=( realli depress la=( i nd m0tivati0n!!!RAH!!i used t0 l0ok f0rward t0 wkend..but nw wkends=d0 hmwk!!wth la!!I SERI0USLI HATE STUDIES!! =x h0w can i sae tt wen i ch0sed tis path!!rah!!nvm..i shall try t0 w0rk hard!! chi test wasnt ani better la..keep changin de ans..but end up de ans same-.=" ytd sian pregnant chan wanna s0me0ne t0 give a "speech" bef0re every less0n..n i s0 shui kana it la..p0or yiqing 0s0..haha=) i hate it sia..c0s d0ne it since sec2 f0r chi..ec0ns 0s0 hv t0 s0rt of it=( I HATE IT LA... i dun realli lyk de life nw=( I Shd be happi wen i in sec..c0s in jc is damm RAh raH RAH!! im br0ke t0o la..p0or k..all n0tes s0 exp end up class fund s00n finish la..wth... =X keep usin's bad k..i shall change it t0 WTE[Wad The Earth]..c0s we r on EARTH n NT HELL :D

chenyaan sae she lyk my name sia **h0n0ur* haha ;D but gt guys my name de lei!rah!but i n0e there's de other gal 0s0 call binbin ;) s0 ya :D sarah sae im a lame shit..RAH..hw can a shit be lame wen it d0es hv leg?haha;D n where gt shit s0 white de lorx..she m0re suitable f0r being it bahx ;)well,sarah=lim min=min min xD she always BULLY MI..i s0 KE LIAN rgt?RAH~

wen g0in alight bus saw jeremy slpin..haha=) den i wake him up c0s he's supp0se t0 alight dere t0o..i s0 gd sia..=) deN he wanna g0 ntuc buy snacks..s0 i pei him since he pei mi last tym..deN saw CRYSTAL :D she wanan b0rrow my c0mb which is inside my FULL bag..deN end up takin out de newspaper i stuff in-.=" oh by de way,she inf0rmed mi tt i can g0 hilly t0 c0llect cert le..haha=) she misto0d jeremy as my _ _..-.=" hey,im single la..haha=) tt's it ,shall start hmwk..arghh~~

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

t0dae's chem die la..while dgn chem test my st0mach damm n0isy la..damm hungry..deN i cant tink la..deN keep tink of f0od instead of chem=( i dun wanna fail my chem test!! rah!! but mi dun0 hw t0 d0 n crap blanks la =( chem pract de pipette nt guai de..n i t0k my pract will be damm nt accurate la=( den de burette 0s0 nt guai la..i 0versh00t de titrati0n..luckily is de 1st readin-.=" but luckily de ans still de same as others =) maths n chi tests on fri =( sianx la =(

these daes free lyk watching th0se drama fr de past!! hw i wish youtube hv deN i gt l0t of tym!!!den i can keep watchin=)life damm stress..pc is tough=( but hv t0 pull thru it !!! well,pw gr0uping is OUT!!!=) im wif yiQing jaime feNgyi n edward!!! =) s0 lucky sian=) but i'll miss my mama n papa=( tym for mi t0 grow up huh?haha=) ytd h0rny was in de same bus as de hillgr0ve gang,but he was standin n there's seats behind,s0 we asked him t0 j0in..haha=)a guy n abt 7 gals!! haha=)

eclub quite busy..well,h0pe 0ur effort will nt be wasted!! de nach0 tingy is out de way de drawin by pam is cute
=) haha=)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

hell0 ple!! rmb tt i miss 0ut bit n pieces f0r de last p0st-.=" these post will be l0ng since it's f0r wks la... haha =)well, 0ne fine dae jaime sent mi de class c0ntact list la..shdb 30mar,deN i c j0nath0n's bdae on 31mar..s0 i wished him happi bdae n ask him guess hu m n00b enuff tt he n0e hu m i c0s he gt de class c0ntact list t00-.= but his is hand written de..lalala..deN he sae im CRAPPY FUNNI WEIRD ...haha=) but he's funni 0s0 la..n PERVERT LA!!i shall nt say y la...pam sae i was influnced by him wen i sat in fr0nt of him during assembly-.=" pls la..we din even t0k k..n pervert tingy wun pass 0n t0 0thers s0 easily!!it's nd tym t0 hv it!! n0wadays i keep wanting MILK!!haha=)juz sae sae onli de..deN pam sae j0nath0n is influnced by mi c0s he 0s0 wan MILK x) n i sae de fresher de better=) isn't de fresher de better meh?haha=)

these days finally c de gal hu always MISSING IN ACTI0N IN S28---->CHENG YANN !!haha=) juz n0e tt she always missin c0s of her dental tingy..pluck teeth..weird la..put braces lia0 deN pluck..mine was pluck deN put..haha=) s0 nw she's back s28 =) she's damm rich la..t0ok out 100 bucks t0 pay 10bucks onli..haha=) ple,if u're p00r n0e hu t0 b0rr0w $$$ fr!!! she t00k l0ts 0f mr sia's vide0/pic la!!s0 bad la!!but funny=) well d0ne =)

tues pc tt tym gt s0ccer match [ i tink]..s0 we juz run de "D" shape f0r 5 3rd run wan er sp0t a white cat 0utside a wind0w at de 0pp flat!!haha=) cute la..deN she sae"A!!there's a white cat" mi n marianne"A!!white cat! ME0W!!"n we did tt d0r de nxt 2 r0unds wen we run past it-.=" deN we hv de race each other la..we juz run n nt race..stupid la..but it's ok..c0s marianne n0e i dun wanna race..suddenli she'll left mi behind..well,tried run faster la.. deN we hv de legs ex stairs r much more sh0rter deN last tym de..s0 is easier la=)it's quite ok but leg pain la..deN we did30 sit ups which ends up nt bad=) quite fun i mean..c0s mi n marianne keep sh0uting la..being more enthu will make u feel tym pass faster=) rgt aft pc w went canteen..sarah is kn0wn as lin min / d0g[l0yalty mahx =) ] den she ask mi shut up n slapped mi =( wah!!jaime saw it n she g0nna be de witness!!haha=) but ok la.she's playing mi t00 bad la..

wed pw less0n every1 use c0m..nt f0r pi but f0r bl0g..haha=) we "p0lluted" mani ple's bl0g=) bad ar!! cher ask us use c0m is f0r pi nt bl0g h0r!!muz be guai!! x)

im in BU4 f0r eclub..sell ice cream n cup n00dles de..haha=) pam tried t0 trick mi by saying im BU1 n she's BU4..i v gd pei he her..but of c0s i nt s0 n00b lyk her la..c0s we sure tgt de=) haha=) hv t0 d0 pr0m0ti0n f0r eclub la..eclub camp will be on 29 30 31 of may!!! w0nder hw it will be lyk!!h0pe tat peri0d care free n it will be fun =)
buzy la!!stress!!but every1 stress la..s0 ya..shdb tt's it=) h0pe tmr pc will be fun=)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


long tym din p0st lia0..c0s damm busy la..n i d0 hmwk v sl0w u c..n0 tym f0r c0m..deN l0ng wkend br0 back..s0 i cant use it=( aniwae,it's gd tt s0me1 is 0ccupying de c0m!s0 i wun gt t0 use it n i'll be a seri0us mugger x) life is damm STRESS n RUSH n TIRING in jc la!!slp lyk 12+ 1+ =( but tt's de path i ch0sed,s0 mus nt regret la!! hey ple,we can pull it thrU n d0 it well =)

well,these few daes mani ple bdae!!lyk YANTING,la0p0 HUILING n RINA!!! HAPPY BDAE T0 U GUYS !! =)

im seri0usli br0ke la..jc realli "eat" l0ts of $$$ tis n tt n0tes... =( im BR0KE LA!!! ='( n s0 breaks we eat n eat neat la..n de f00d is nt realli cheap la..s0 spent a l0t on f00d t0o!!i shall hv self discipline n eat lesser..mayb i can brin biscuit n eat huh?but still will hv PR0per meal de la..if nt die of starvati0n.. de l0cker mi pam maria anling sharing =) each $5..nt s0 bad la..can thr0w lab g0ggles in it.. de bannister tee is lyk s0 damm l0ng still dUn hv st0ck la..last wk sae will cum deN nv..deN tis wk sae will dun0 end up will hv a nt l0!!de tee 7bucks sia.. =(

i dun0 y lyk t0 draw on ple's paper la..haha=)pam's paper suffered a lot..yiQing dun let mi draw on hers =( oh,mi pam n maria f0rmed a family!!maria = mama,pam = papa,mi[bin]= bibi -.=" yup,s0 mama + papa + bibi = happi family x)

ermx..cHi gt a deNg mi tingy..mi n yiQing gt take part..haha=)n we sabo yiQing f0r de newscaster tingy!! gdluck huh?de chi cher smt quite gd but smt nt v gd lei..mayb is weird ba..c0s we hv her less0n at de 1st peri0d for tues..n she expect us t0 reach de class n start less0n b4 8am-.=" isnt less0n starts at 8am? but she sae N0.... wadeva..mayb lyk tis she'll gt t0 teach faster lo..n tis yr taking a-level chi s0 let her be bahx!!she gd c0s she'll treat us la=)haha=) PC is getting t0ugher n t0ugher!but i prefer nw de c0s de cher bettter =) haha=) c0s she make pc more fun=) n we run 3r0unds f0r de tym being la.. + other ex lah... h0pe can "thr0w" away s0me fats la... pr0ject w0rk is killin mi 0s0 la..cant realli tink of much stuff..ec0n i start t0 dun understand again =( s0 sad la.. by de way,we hv t0 d0 a newspaper article tingy for 5min b4 less0n start-.=" tt's apply t0 every class ba..s0 wad de ...bi0 de cher treated us peel fresh friut juice during de c0nsultati0n..i pass them 1st n left 1 for myself..n de flavor i dun lyk de la..dun0 wad veggi mix mix mix de lo..ha..but i still drink la..stay healthy ma...maths i realli catch n0 ball sia!!de class test i was lyk "erm,dun0 qn 1 s0 skip lo.." den qn2 i gt d0 but nt sure..den n0 qn3 s0 g0 back qn1..dun0 hw t0 d0 la.deN i use amath mtd lo..haha=) but wrong ans =X keep RAHING when de cal dun c0operate wif mi la..but tyco i gt 8/10 =) n my class many scored full marks!!WELL DONE!!th0se hu din d0 well nvm,still hv nxt tym de=) we shall add oil [mentally] tgt =) chem prac s0 ma fan la..i used t0 using de seat t0 d0 titration..den mr azmi sae im tall enuff for bench..den i sae can dun wan..n he sae no =( end up hv t0 shift up n down la..s0 ma fan =( de lab goggles is damm big la.. wear lia0 de eyes lyk cant breathe la-.=" poor eyes =(chem tut i struggling too..but h0pe dun nd struggle t0o l0ng la... GP nd t0 do newspaper aticle every wk=( sianx la..deN s00n will becum daily hmwk..rah...s0 mani mani mani damm mani mani hmwk la =(

idp start fr 24april!by rgt is t0dae de lo..but dun0 y change la..s0mem0re 7 sessi0ns change to 4sessi0ns..s0 every tues 4-7pm!!RAH!!!can dun d0 hmwk?lol-.="

glad tt even th0ugh im nt in de same class as my la0pos,we still gt t0 c0ntact each other by letters =) haha=) h0pe it can be maintained la!!m0re 0utings n g0ssip k?haha=)

well,eclub ok la..nw still dun0 wad bu..tmr shdb will n0e le ba..din went for interview c0s i gt dental appointment ytd..[dental: de stupid rubber band is back!!RAH!s0mem0re onli1 side la..nt balance=( nw braces is 0range n green..lyk carrot-.=" ] sry,im rand0m... back to t0pic... well, can stick wif pam at same bu jiu k le=) haha=) s0unds lyk les?nvm de=) haha=) de eclub cher hor,always late / 4gt abt de meeting sia..lyk sae 4pm mit den end up 4.30.. even w0rse la,woke up earli f0r de meeting la..end up she 4gt..RAH!!hw can a cher be s0 f0rgettful?

t0dae walkin t0wards LT5 c a dead lizard la..nearli step on it lo !!! eeeeeeee.... deN while walking hm deN saw a dead bird la..n de ants r eatin it ba...=( s0 er xin k.. by de way,2 lives g0ne =(

well,fr t0dae on,i h0pe i can be a guai MUGGer!!!haha=) dun0 possible a nt sia!!but i'll end up slpin while dgn hmwk la..standard de... =(

let's MUG =)

Monday, April 09, 2007