Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm back, at least for a while (:

Hello Human,

Do you miss me? 

HAHA, just realized that I didn't blog for a month. Perhaps you are used to my absence since the 3 months break back in May.

Anyway, Gender paper is down, I'm looking forward to Tuesday cos that's the last paper! HAHA(: Oh well, not exactly looking forward Population paper since I know nuts about it. What I meant was the day. I'm sure you get me, don't you? (:

Anyway lying on the bed waiting to fall asleep is a torture, but heng yesterday was just a short while. Went for bed at 11.59pm and my sister was talking to me and I became more awake -.- Threaten her that if I can't fall asleep I'll on the lights and read my bedtime stories and she guai guai never kajiao me. HAHA(:

Went for Jurong Point to jalan jalan for a while to buy some stuff and to change books for sister after my paper today. Gym-ed and I'm aching now, especially my legs. It's great when there's no one in the gym cos you can just do whatever you like. (: Have been trying to hit the gym at least once a week since the start of the semester, hopefully can maintain this good healthy lifestyle huh! Though I didn't lose any weight but at least I feel healthier. :D I'm still hoping to lose some weight though since I've gained some weight after coming back from Europe and my weight remains at its peak. ):

That's all for today. 

Mini study break in progress. :)


Saturday, November 03, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

Hello Human,

Happy Birthday dad!

3rd Nov: Birthday celebration at Peach Blossoms (Marina Mandarin Hotel) for dad but it was on Xin's birthday. The soup and mian xian are nice but they are freaking expensive! The complementary cake was great, very chocolaty and all of us love it. wish you good health and good wealth!