Saturday, March 31, 2012


Hello Humans.

Hair Cut.

 Supper with Shan.


 Great Food.


Finally cleared all soci, more to go for CS.

Busy weeks ahead, till the end of exam.

HBB, stop nuahing and get going.


Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness

Hello Humans,

How do I look? Kinda CUTE right?! (:

Today is the third day that my family (except Shan and grandma) is in Taiwan, leaving me and Shan at home (and our grandma in Uncle's house). So far so good, just that I hate intruders that do not know how to behave! Had heart attacks, so please cooperate and stay away from our sights for the next 11 days ):

And strangely, despite being tied down by academic stuff, I find myself in a weird relax mood! I think the feeling of some many things to do make me stop working or doing work at a super slow rate.

Lunch for day 2: Nissin Chili Crab Mee + Cracker and Chocolate Wafer biscuit (:

Lunch for day 3: Cheese Roti Prata and...

Korean Honey Pancake! well, and the chocolate wafer biscuit again huh. HAHA.

They taste pretty decent, thanks to the oven that I won a few years back. But preparing them using oven is kinda slow but nevermind as long as I got food!

Hair Cut soon! Most probably with Bay but we ain't sure where to cut yet. Is Sandstorm better or the salon at Bukit Batok better? HMMMM....
Long or short? Got grow right!

So here's me ending off, time for 416 essay (40%) that due on Wednesday. ):


Halfway through March Madness...

Friday, March 09, 2012

needs and wants.

Hello Humans.

I thought of doing things that gonna spend me quite a few bit:

1) Hair Cut? 
Hello hair cutting issue. LOL.
Since my hair belongs to fine type, I feels that as it gets longer, it's making my hair flat and making my head big (though my mum and aunt said no -.-). And it keeps going back to center parting. Woot. Hair cut soon? Maybe. Twister at Jurong Point cost $19.90 for haircut and wash. Price seems okay, don't have to find voucher. Bangs? Maybe. Seriously speaking bangs make my head smaller right?

2) New Spectacle?
Honestly speaking BHL made me thought of changing spectacles! Well, she didn't say anything or do anything. But I sort of like her new spectacle. Though of changing it to bigger lens, but ain't sure if those big lens will be too big/suitable. Perhaps those slightly bigger one. Tempted to get transition lens too but it's kinda expensive. I could better make use of the extra $200+++ for something else right? At least my second sister SAY she'll willing to sponsor $200, not that bad huh!(:

3) New camera?
Olympus Utough is 2.5 years old now. It's getting old and blur. Thought of getting new camera from IT show! Any good cameras to recommend? I've been randomly looking at some but all mixed up. Olympus's pen min seems not bad! But seriously speaking, which is more impt- DSLR or not/high MP/can zoom a lot or not or what?

4) Lappy?
Okay, this is clearly a random items that's not under needs or wants. Just that asus is heavy and battery spoil.


Friday, March 02, 2012

March Madness

Hello Humans.

Recess week 是假的

Can't wait for March Madness (NPM, 2012) to be over, I'd rather mug for exam and then enjoy my Summer holiday.

I think the nuahness and irritation that I'm experiencing now is all the work that's waiting ahead.