Wednesday, October 31, 2007

due to de high demand, i shall update my blog =D but actualli nt v long lei, 1 wk onli ma!! RAH,i cant rmb wad happened last wk la,so i shall juz tok abt de last dae of sch which is thurs =D

de 1st lesson was chem. Mr azmi said tt it's de guy's day so dey'll ans de qns =) woot,den i relax dunnd tink of de ans =D took pics wif him!! den hurry to sizzlinice to prepare de can drinks cos we r sellin dem at 40cents each =) de response was quite gd esp durin de break =) luckily my idea works if nt kana scold sia. actualli it's juz a common idea la.HAH=) RAH,we shd hv start de promotion lyk on wed sia=( but nvm,we still manage to sell on thurs=) civil is dialouge session wif de counsellors. 30min onli,so hv r dismissed 30min earlier=) de counsellors din realli ans to de qns in all de ans r so standard la..HAHA=) n well, i agree tt canteen food is sellin too exp,or de quantity is too little!! N more variety pls!! I wan JAP food n some new stuff=)

before ms martin cum into de class for GP,chen yaan damm funny sia!! She went out of de classrm to c whether ple can thru de window nt den sarah open de window n “BOO!!” HER!! Haha=) dey so funni la. Den chenyaan wanan scare ple but nt passer-by.haha=) den gt teacher walk pass cant boo dem.haha=) so she sat at 1 side n standby to scare ple!! N she managed to do it aft waitin so long!!haha=) for GP we watch video abt Americans boys.. dey so violent n at young age jiu jb wrong mindset sia.. “a man is someone who doesn’t cry n is tough n does nt cry much” LOL…de babies r so damm cute k!! well,fell aslp den neck damm pain =X took pic wif her b4 we left =D

maths no1 prepare for assignment n tut so we sit dere n chat. We thought of havin a class chalent n we seems to 4gt abt mr sia.haha=) oh ya,so r we havin any class chalent? If n0e let mi n0e k? haha=) so we took pic wif mr forllow =) he insist tt he shdb sitting in front of his table so we moved de table to de center sia..he so da pai hor? Haha=)sweet marianne gave us de card she made to every single 1 of us(teachers nt included) = ) had chi which smt %$#^$%# tt I dun wish to mention. But she duno de ting so cant blame her. But she shdnt use so harsh de words la.. RAH.

So aft sch stay back to sell de drinks n mochi =) so happi tt mr koh help us by givin de students treat!! Tt’s so kind of him!! So we cleared de mochi n icecream n some of de drinks=) so happi sia=) muz thx Cheryl n de rest of s28 ple hu supported us=) nt forgetting wenfang hu bought loads loads loads of stuff=) MUACK!! we left at 7+pm cos we nd to remove those ice stick to de sides of de fridge. It’s a tedious task man!! But I manage to use it as a mean of fa xie =D but damm hot la.mi n aaron keep knock de ice den pam sit n wait to remove ice -.=”


for pics,refer to my fren's blog ba =D

Well,it’s de last dae of proper sch on last thurs. tym pass so damm fast. Rah,still can rmb 1st dae step into jjc gt loads of crazy ple cheerin sia. Den 1st 3 mths de class n hw I gt to n0e more n more ple =) esp Marianne hu’s fr de same sec as mi but we really gt to n0e each other tis yr =) with her,it’s so fun n crazy =D life w/o her will be borin =( but nvm,it’s better off for her to choose de path she decided on =D I’ll miss de daes we spent tgt MAMA!!muz keep in contact if nt I #^$%#^ u hor!!

Tis yr wasn’t a great yr. for academic wise it’s a v bad yr. de worse yr in fact, if really promote, I will hv to chiong n leave de fate to nxt yr term 1. if I gonna fail,I may join Marianne sia, but,I dun even n0e im goin be promoted la. But I dun care nw cos of pw=)

Ok, so we had pw todae=) generally every1 improve=) perhaps it’s becos dere’s onli my team n hendri so nt tt nervous ba.but real actual op I’ll be damm freak out sia. Went yq’s hse to edit de video n slides=) but jaime n I nth much to do so we play bluff wif yq n Jaime is de winner (as usual). Aft tt mi n jaime play speed. N I keep losin cos if de 2 cards same muz shout “SNAP/SNATCH”!! I din n0e nd to do tt til todae!! Den we keep luff n luff til my back pain!!HAHA!!if u luff,u can lose 0.5kg in a yr!! =D so we left at abt 6+ n I meet sis to look for her shoe. But dun hv sia =( nvm,reach hm 9+ =) n keep use com aft bath=)

Op is cumin on tis fri!! shit,I haven finish i&r.RAH.

im slpy,im hungry. my teeth hurt,my lip pain. RAH.sln of these prob: SLP!!
so off i go le,bye ple =D

gdluck for A's n O's =D

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


went to somewhere near jinbao,nt yibao on sat=X went to msia at abt 4 den mama dey all go dye hair.mi sianx sit dere di nth. aft tt jiu buy shoes =) woot =) den quite late liao..den eat dinner n go to de place we bought de bus tickets at ard 9pm. de bus suppose to be dere latest at 10.00pm ma.. but rah,we waited til 11+ den de stupid van drive us to de bus interchange to wait for de bus. so we end up took de bus at ard 12+pm!! #$%$#$#!! anyway keep slpin in de bus n i din eat much of de food i bought! so we reach dere at ard 6am(sundae) =) den went to my mum's 2nd uncle's hse to wash up n off we go for breakfast!tt tym onli abt 7+ am.. so ate some dian xin =) nice nice=) so aft tt went to de other hse,shdb my mum's 1st uncle's hse ba..den i sit dere n rot sia..cos mama dey all chat wif their i sit dere n feed de mosquito sia.. den ltr went to eat again for tea session -.=" onli abt 11+ sia.. tried de white coffee n kaya puff which is damm nice=) yum yum xD aft jiu go back to bath!!FINALLI man!! feel so damm refresh aft bathin.. well,most of my tym is rotting la.. den aft tt den go eat lunch at my mum's 1st uncle hse. dey gt invite many frens for de lunch. de lunch is prepared by themselves!!loads man!! is nice but too oily!! but nvm cos at least it's nice=) oh ya,in de morning my mama's fren cycle pass de hse n they 2chickens in de basket den she sae she bringin them to market to kill dem.. oh poor chickens dun0 dey goin to die soon man =( ok back to where i stop earli.. ermx,den a relative gt a daughter of 3yrs old =) she's en yu =) played wif her=) so cute la..if dun hv her i sure rot much more sia! well,dere v messy. as in de relative la. duno hu is call wad sia..

den de weddin dinner start at 6pm. dey all v punture man! we 5.45 reach den lyk full lyk 6pm sharp start dishes nt bad=) eat til quite full=) oh,it was raining tt tym sia.. den my "cousin",actualli i duntink is my cousin so is "cousin",he's my ma's 3rd uncle's son la,he thought i was 20+,as in abt 20 21 la..den i sae " wo kan qi lai he lao meh?!?!" [do i look v old?!?!] den he lyk huh,den u hw old look!! den he sae i look mature. HAHA=) im mature nt old hor =) anyway im juz 17 ok!! he's 22!! so ya.. mayb i wear til too formal? mama's fault keep ask mi wear sis's gradnite de dress!so damm formal so weird la.somemore i dun0 all of dem so y wear til least tt dress is nice=) so he ask mi to intro gals to him cos he's unattached.. HAHA=) so i juz smile smile to him lo.. lol.. den we exchanged hp no. but sms v exp sia.. so try nt to msg him lo =X den he sae nxt tym go bowlin or sing -.=" haha=) c 1st lo =) cos he work in spore de..

den went to my ma's 3rd uncle de hse dere. de hse lyk chalet la!! is for renting de. RM120 per day onli!! if in spore den gd can go =) gt 3 rms,2bathrm n a big kitchen wif everyting in it!! gt aircon somemore!!so i had a gd slp tt day. but i dreamt of smt stupid la..haha=) well,msia's hse v cheap de,if de security is gd can consider movin dere!! but hor,even though there de ple all lyk super close,n dey lyk onli chat chat,lyk quite boring sia =X haha =) de nxt tym,which is mon,woke up at 7am (mon). my dad stop mi fr dreamin sia =( so went to jinbao n had breakfast =) nice nice!! den wait for de bus n off we go at ard 10am =) reach JB at ard 6!wa da long bus ride. wanna listen mp3 but low battery n de mp3 siao siao =( so i keep slpin n eatin lo =) n i start tinkin again =( rah. anyway everyting is finalised. so ya.. went to dad's shop n flip thru ikea bk n i feel lyk shoppin dere even though nth to buy!!in fact i feel lyk buying loads of stuffs fr dere!! rah!! went eat dinner near dad shop. it's w/o shelter sia.den my mama sae jinbao dere rain JB nv rain den de rain cum n is damm heavy den all de dishes kana de rain sia.. rah.. den reach hm ard 11+ pm sia =( how i wish dun nd go sch de nxt dae!! i even reject goin hm ytd n shd return on tues so i can dun sch todae!! =X haha=) but im a gd gal k =)

todae's sch was ok. pass quite fast de=) a cold dae indeed!! but i nv wear jacket even though i brought it. but todae overall v gd le cos pass v fast,hope nxt 2days oso sia.tink mr er todae quite bad md sia.. but we quite naughty nv realli listen to his lesson. so we had our extra lesson todae cos we din hv it last fri. de lesson suppose to be 2-3pm but it end at abt 3.40pm sia.. den v hungry so we eat =) den off we go hm =) gong zhu xiao mei epi 6 is out =)

well, A level papers is nxt wk!! rah! gt loads of chi papers to do n i muz do! i dun wan to regret again! this yr too much regret sia! haix! =(

well,i wanna go watch tv nw ltr den watch gong zhu xiao mei epi 6 =) bye =D

Saturday, October 20, 2007

im goin off to msia [yi bao (nt 1packet!!)] =) fr todae to mayb mon or tues!! better til mon cos tues i still hv pw!! well,cos relative's's on sunday n he tis wed nite den inform us!! he inform us so damm "earli" man!! on wed registered for de competition but gonna withdraw cos cant make it le=( so asked joy to replace mi but she hv to leave earli cos she's goin msia on yiqing replace mi =) thx yiqing n joy!! =D i tink they'll hv fun man!! =)

thurs aft sch went JE meet sis..wanna go kbox de cos 5bucks onli n tt day was de last dae of promotion!!but so disappointing man. we din bk de rm n he earliest rm is 5.30pm! so we decided nt to sing le =( so we went walk walk cos lonbg tym nv go le.. went to a shop tt sell bakery stuff!! feel lyk bakin cookies n makin cakes!! but i duno hw to make la =( rah!! bought some stuff=) at least save 10bucks fr kbox to buy those stuff =) enjoyed my day wif my sis =) oh, we went to a saloon shop to check de price of rebondin cos my sis wanna rebond..den i 0s0 ask for my length hw much.. den they havin promotion so is 99bucks for all length.. den de hairdresser sae my hair nt curly so dunnd do.. HAHA=) tt's all de hairdresser said wen i asked.. they so gd nv sae muz rebond so they can earn more =) gd ple sia=) in fact i shd sae they're professional? oh wadeva.. my hair is messy smt so i smt hope can rebond but dun tink i'll do tt =) so exp =(

ytd's sch was quite enjoyable!!! esp chi n gp!! chi pass damm fast sia.. those in camp de v noise keep cheerin..den i wanna shout diam at dem sia.. well,we hv loads of ex paper for chi to prepare for As.. GP is fun todae cos ms martin hv meetin so we spend an hr in de classrm listenin music n read mag..lyk at hm sia!! =) did pw durin pc,gp lesson so dunnd stay back =) but stay back wait for zy n we go wm =) reach hm do op slides. explored ppt but more to go man!! but de slides lyk quite messy!! still nd to some changes!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

hi im back :D

it may be rather a long post =X

de unhappi gal is gone =D but i dun0 whether she will be back aft gettin back de result which will be out on 2nov aft my op!! anyway,im NOT havin headache fr last thurs on cos i stop tinkin too much =D instead of wastin my tym to suffer headache due to too much tinkin,i shd focus on op n chi A level!! =D thx ALL DE PLE WHO ENCOURAGE MI N OFFER MI HELP=) special thx to YIQING n PAM n mayb lao sai ba:D well,let mi recall wadx been goin on.. last wk de tym seems to be pass quite slow ba..

did pw on last fri n sundae =D we did de video for grp presentation for our op!! had loads of fun takin pics=) n thx yiqing for de icecream =D long tym nv eat those kind de red bean icecream le =D ed was busy editing de slides while fy n jaime buzy makin de video.den mi n yq keep slackin n lamin!!haha=) so fun :D de video is lyk de procedure of de game,den edward is de yq gave him a whistle n he fall in love wif it man!! he dun bear to take it off his neck n he keep blow into it la! he was damm hyper tt day sia!! dun0 wad happen to him man!! had dinner at 5+ which is damm earli for mi,cos i eat at abt 8pm ma..but cos dear jaime gonna leave earli so we pei her too =) shared wif fy =D oh,fy keep sae she'll hit edward if he dun0 do wad ting!but no show de lei =( den i start sayin abt result den fy n yq lyk 2 big figures n im de small tingy figure lookin up at dem man!!haha=) oh,i asked a rhetorical qn too..ermx,shdb edward n mi hu more gentle den they say edward more gentle!! *(@#$#$%!! i v gentle de k!! hu disagree tell mi n i'll teach u how to draw si!! haha=D

sat i 4gt wad i do liao,shdb keep dgn op stuff? nt sure sia...

sundae went yq's hse at ard 2..took de wrong train sia!so i was late to meet jaime at boonlay =X den i tok can take 1 bus to yq's hse but cant!! so thx jaime!!if nt her.i'll be even much more later!! =X edward damm slpy n he stomachache ba..den v funny cos he lyk zombie.. HAHA!! so he went off aft his turn.. we practise awhile n edit a bit jiu done le =D so went JP walk walk lo..den bump into laosai 3times..haha=)

mon,tried to memorize de op tingy =D watched last epi of 9pm show!! tt show nice k! poor ruien,those close to her de lyk so in betray her.. haix.. so ke lian la.. den tt wanrou lyk so kelian n bad la.. but all drama de la!!haha= D but nice lei =D

tues,back to sch.. hv op structured rehearsal!! damm nervous n scared man!! lyk muz keep sway here sway dere man!! for my grp de rehearsal starts at 4pm,so we 3.45 reach dere but sarah juz abt 4+ den we went in n it was pam's turn tokin..she's looks ok in nt nervous la.. well done=) den we nd de wireless tingy but it wasnt drag n drag den start,somemore de wireless tingy still nt workin..oh,my battery is with him.nvm.. jaime yq n fy oso v gd! even though they quite nervous too,but they did v well =) oh,i was damm nervous den end up i 4gt most of de stuff which i noe.den i hv to explain de procedure of de game so end up i keep sae person a n b n person c n d den listen til blur sia..haha=) but luckily i still n0e wad i tok..but i even skip part of my script sia =X i took onli abt 4min!! i took nearli 5min outside of rehearsal man! means i speak much more faster durin op? rah.. ed was nervous too n he mixed up his script. den hendri sae he train his debate ple go raffle de grass dere to train!! perhaps we gonna do some trg man!! =( went to fy's hse aft our rehearsal =D thx fy for de vitagen!! jaime doesnt lyk de taste!!haha=) play dai di n bluff=D fy keep winning la!1den play bluff hor,ed cant bluff man..he keep luff wen he wanna cheat,so every1 noe he's goin to cheat.HAHA=) we luff til stomach damm pain!! c hw honest is edward sia!! HAHA!!:D went for class dinner at JP !had subway which is damm nice =)

wed,slpy day. had cca.

oh,dere was 1 day,i 4gt when,on my way hm,i saw a driver hu stop his car let mi cross de road. i was quite happi cos gt gd n considerate ple ard =) as in they "give way" to ple,which is v gd..but wen i was goin to cross de other road,i saw a car cumin ma,so i stood there n wait for it to go 1st b4 i go,cos i assume it's goin straight since it nv give de signal. n tt stupid idiot car juz turn left. wth. i hate it man. inconsiderate man. waste my tym standin dere n wait lo. ok,even though dunnd to wait too long,but as a considerate driver,dey shd give de signal since it's a muz. if im a traffic police n i caught u nv give signal,u goin dead man!! [oh,i sounds weird rgt?]

oh,on tues, dere was a traffic policeman outside my hse dere.den i nd to wait for 2hl ma,but dey wasnt dere n de policeman keep lookin at my dad's car. so no choice my dad start drivin n he did a u-turn which scratched his car!! 7$%$#%$# n wen we back to de main gate dey still haven reach so went back to de carpark n wait a while more b4 goin out if nt nd uturn again sia.. luckily wen we out dey reach le =D

oh, i wanna go kbox man!! 5bucks onli!!but it's til tmr onli!!rah!! =(

sch goin end so in,hw shd i sae man.. perhaps it will be de last few day in jjc i'll spend wif loveli s28!! oh,hope nt!! anyway,conditionalli promoted still nd c term1 de result,so if bad still will go back to j1.but at least a chance was given,which is much better for those hu retain.oh.. i shall stop tinkin abt it sia.. i dun wan de unhappi gal to back so fast!! :D

these days i keep dreamin wen i slp sia.. wadx my dream abt i cant reali recall sia..haha=)

gongzhu xiao mei epi 5 is out =) woot =D

these r de pic we took =D

my loveli pw grpmates =)

bye :D

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

oh,im nt a happi gal.hope tt's for tym being onli ba.. i wan kitkat. who can give mi one? one shdb enuff,if nt,i mgt nd mani mani more..

hv been tinkin too much these days.. tink til head pain heart pain sia..oh, hu's fault? rah,wan blame blame urself man.. if i hv de rgt attitude rgt at de start of proper lesson ,perhaps my result wun be so badli.. oh,wadx de pt of saying tis nw..

retain? conditionally promoted? hi poly?

hu can tell mi which one better? scare choose wrong tis tym round again. oh, do i hv a choice?

todae de tym pass damm slow..duno is de watch gt prob or myself gt prob..v moody todae.. gt back chi n chem..DISAPPOINTED for chi man..i gt c for promos paper.. i expect an A n i gt a C..rah.. wanna be happy becos of it but end up opp..rah.. chem was expected to be p2 mark is 1/3 of pam's!! omg!!for p1,i onli n0e hw to do qn1,which is so kelian man,de rest juz anyhw choose.n i gt 9/30!!shd i be happi or sad? had pc,wanna pon cos damm no md k..marianne pon,so naughty!! mi pam anling so guai wanna pon but 3 rounds n we went canteen.. rah.. at least i tried to put on smile on my face instead of frownin man.. i wanna shout man,shout out all those stupid idiot shit.. but nw cant shout sad..if gt sj den can shout le.. i wan beat ple,but no1 for mi to beat. haix..

well,had a gd tym talkin to anling n yanting todae!! =D

Monday, October 08, 2007

ytd went out wif zy instead of goin msia =) went AMK hub n town.. AMK hub nth much de,so diff fr wad we tok.anyway saw feng jie [quan yi feng-de hoster] at AMK hub foodcourt!!haha=) she put on loads of make up man.. but yi ren jiu shi zhe yang de lo.. keep raining sia =( haix..den went town ate de icecream which is damm nice=) n we took neoprint=) yeah!! oh,of cos we walk walk ard la =) had a fun dae even though quite short=)
de icecream we bought!!nice xD
reflection.. im FAT =(
todae wasnt a great dae. 1st period jiu noe bloody maths result..din score well of cos,oh,i shdnt use de word well,i shd sae i din pass.expected so im nt tt disappointed.. bio was bad disppointed,sad i shd sae..i tok it was ok,i shdb can JUZ pass but i er sae i look exhausted..well,more for sad n disppointed than exhausted i guess..but he's a gd n caring cher!!oh,but i still fail his paper..sry!!! omg,so disppointed man.. 1H1 n 1H2 gone.. rah..chem sure byebye too de..if econs same den i will byebye to jjc=( RAH!! thx pam n marianne n de rest hu ask mi stop tinkin -vely abt byebye to jj!! at least wait til wed den tink!!tt's wad pam sae!!haha=) thx loads ple!!but ya,sort of hard to ctrl to tink la.. can onli sit n wait for more results to be known..nvm,i shall watch youtube so i wun tink too much..haha=) oh,life still got to go on..but i nd more =)!!!! pls make mi =)!!! im goin to watch gong zhu xiao mei!!better be nicee man!! i dun wan pc tmr man!! rah =(
gdluck for ur result ple =D
here goes de random pics =D :S28!!! =Doh,tis is my messy table during exam period =X

tis kidish card is made by mi,zhenying sekchin safarah durin sec2!! took tis pic in TTS hosp! unbelievable man!!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

todae is a damm hot day!! planned to go trueli asia but end up i din go!! woot =D todae finally can slp w/o alarm clock disturb my slp =D woke up at nearli 1pm!!so shuang!!!

ytd went yanting's hse!!we [mi zhenying huiling pamelan yanting] go shop n save to buy de ingredients.. we wanna do sushi but change to cookies n change to jelly!! haha=) so off we go to yt's hse aft "shoppin" im wm... den we wash de stuff n we do lyk step by step which is in so mani ple can some do this some do t..haha=D den start de makin of jelly!! pam stir de pot of stuff nt much bubble n nt much lump compared to mine!! haha=) i dun cook u c.. n im violent so gt loads of bubbles in de pot..we chill de jelly b4 eatin it of cos..poor zy seems lyk tortured by de isqueeze bought by yt's family!haha=) den i sae my legs v sad cos nv kana "squeeze" haha=D den yt sae everyone much go squeeze at least 20min!! so they ate de cocktail left over n i can onli c dem eat cos im "squeezin" my legs.. quite pain n itchy la..but i tink more pain at de ankle duno y lei.. bad ankle?

we watched mr bean holidae! nt funni lei..rah.. den we play game n xbox!! by de way,ytd was weijun[yanting's youngest bro] bdae n we din noe!! den s awkward man..we din prepare present for him!!! den we play de snack n ladder n monopoly which his mama bought for him! de snack n ladder n monopoly so "high tech" in change a lot fr lasttym tym de paper board n a die..n de is in plastic n u press de ting den de die will roll!! mayb im too outdated.. but i tink last tym de still better xD well,at 1st quite inpatient wif a small kid [his 8yrs old=D] but aft playing a while find he's v cute =D

wen abt 6+ we wanna go off le but dey preparing to celebrate weijun's we stayed awhile b4 we go off.. his bro cried duno y la,den wen we sing bdae song him den he smile le =D so cute la =D small little kids jiu shi zhe yang de=) 1 moment cry,de other moment smile!! his cher so gd gt give him pre!!so ate we bee hoon n satay n cake n took de jelly [ mi n hl took onli =x ] n sae bye!!

oh,had a relax n fun day in yt's hse!! but she lyk v ke lian kep hostin us!! xin ku ni le!! hw i wish everydae oso lyk tt man!! =D

oh,im so sianx!!! RAH!!nth to do man =(

mon cumin,i dunwan..RAH..

Thursday, October 04, 2007

woot im back fr stupid promos!! =D
it's a GOOD news =)
shd i be =D or =( ? finalli over le but i did v badli.. even though haven gt those bloody paper back..i noe liao.. =(

gp : no comment
chi: my chi standard drop loads..spent 30min find words in dic
maths: all qn r nt fully done n many nt attempted,gt into depress stage but recover aft singing=)
chem: all org chem which means i'll die,p2 section B is lyk blank,MCQ juz anyhw sub ans in it =(
bio: rah
econ: rah

so tt's my comment for promos!!! rah.. i regret for nt study much harder,in fact study hard in de past.. i dun wan to sae byebye to jjc n of cos frens in there.. i dun wan sae hi to poly =( oh,m i tinkin too much? or is tym to tink abt it since i thought of it b4.. haix.. oh,hu to blame,juz blame urself man [i mean myself,gal].. shd hv noe it la,but nw den really feel de tingy..oh,tt's too late man.. RAH!!!

ok.. i shall try to be =) b4 getting those papers back =D
went out wif sis to renew her passport den went bugis =) oh,b4 tt brought sis to beach rd dere de hawker eat, NT BAD =) go dere will brin memorize back of sec sch in sjab sia..cos it's near SJ HQ =) trg so hard dere man!! haha=) ok ok back to topic... walk fr lavendar to bugis! actualli nt far leh,u all shd try it nxt tym =) can explore sia!! woot=) n went shop shop lo..bought 3 earrings =) saw quite a no of JJcians in bugis..=)

oh,tues hv paper but wed dunhv,den end up go party world to sing wif my sis n her fren!! oh,im a bad gal!!reach hm abt 9 liao,den nv study end up everyting push back to thur to study chem =X

oh,durin de exam period,thx dawn for de encouragement =) i doubt she'll visit my blog,but thx her =)

by de way,messy little gal [u shd n0e hu u r],sae tt my blog de music v emo!! hui meh? i tink ok lei..haha=)

ok ple,enjoy nw,n if hv to,face de music ltr!! play all u wan n be happi =)

im goin yt's hse tmr =) woot =D

oh,i hate selfish idiot ple hu tink abt themselves onli.. nd help den ask fr u dunnd den sell fish..RAH!! go n die man.. oh,tt's too harsh.. go eat shit la.. haha=)