Friday, April 23, 2010

Hello Human.

I'm still surviving though I do not have much urge to study. No mood. My speed is damn slow and my mind is thinking about post-exam! X: RAH, one more week with 4papers at one row and I'm done! :D I have this sudden urge to tidy up my room and sort of restructure the layout (though it's quite impossible). Okay, it shall be on the top of my to-do list! :D

I've completed one paper! :D It's a 2hr paper yet many people left after just around an hour.Well, I sat there for the two whole hours just in case anything fly through my mind during the paper. Anyway hope that my good deed will help me to get better grade! :D cos when I was on my way to school in the bus, an old China man asked someone behind me how to go NTU, and perhaps the person is a non-Chinese, I decided to help this old man. Brought him to the administrative building though I was heading to HSS building. Anyway I managed to find my exam venue cos we walked pass it on our way to the administrative building :D So not that bad la, help him also help myself! He commented that my chinese is very good and he thought that I'm from China -.= I was like "NO NO NO!!!! Because I'm from a chinese-speaking family so my mandarin is not bad la". Then he asked whether I'm working here? Okay first he say I'm like from China and now he's saying I'm old! Do I look so old??! I'm only year one okay! HAHA. Think I need to bao yang a bit after exam huh? LOL. Anyway this old man is checking about admin stuff for his grandchildren. I was thinking why make an old man find all his way to NTU instead of his children or grandchildren. Luckily he's quite fit la. And when we reach the admin office, the security guard offered to lead him to the correct building (student service building) since I'm heading for exam! :D

A photo which was taken when I'm still a kid. Calendar. and my noticeboard :D

One more week. ENDURE.

A good news to break: I won a toaster oven during a lucky draw! :D I'm so happy cos it's the first time that I won something from lucky draw! And it's toaster oven which I thought of buying it some time ago! :D :D :D

Oh ya, I love Jessca Liu's hair in the recent 9pm drama! Her hair damn chio la! okay she's chio too la!Photos above are taken from Jeanette aw's blog. Okay it's quite hard to really see her hair style. It long hair with perm! :D anyway Jeanette's hair from the above photo is chio too!

OKAY, i shall go back to my reading D:


P.S.:An unexpected post. LOL.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello Human.

Count down 10 days to freedom :D
Paper going to start on coming Thursday with my engineering paper! Yet to study it but yes I'm going after using laptop! Hope my beloved dog will give me goodluck which I seriously need during my exam period! Can you imagine I've 78 readings (excluding lecture notes) to catch up. It's mission impossible. Nonetheless I tried to read, still trying. But reading and understanding is two separate issues.

Yes, nerdy bin faster come! I just need you for 10 days!

bean :D

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hello Human!

Yesterday was officially my last day for school days for year 1 sem 2!
I THINK THIS SEM PASS RATHER FAST! okay I'll leave my reflection for sem 2 after my exam :D

Okay, so basically I had 2 presentations, 1 essay and 1 report(which I am still rushing cos due by 12AM today or should i say tomorrow) this week. Yet to start my revision but yes I'll start soon once my report is done.

After our HW111 presentation! A bunch of nice people!adele, me, wanxuan, huiyi and don :D

The one on the right is Roger / Mr Winder- our tutor and lecturer :D

People, let pull up our socks and hold our breath and JIAYOU till our last paper is over! Don't forget to take care and sleep well! :D I shall cut down of salty food that I think will make me stupid and shall eat more FISH! HAHA :)




Friday, April 09, 2010



one more week for school. How fast man.

Just realized I have around 1 week break before exam. That wasn't an official break though.

But sadly, one of the day i have to rush my MP 8083 report cos I'll barely touch it these days cos coming week I have 4 essay/presentations/assignment due. GREAT.

Okay, HS219 essay is almost done!! :D Initially scare can't hit the word limit and now overrun.Worse still I delete one of the source and it can't be found on the web. RAH. and everything is solved! :D People really need to stay calm in order to work for efficiency!

Actually today, so should I say so far, I'm being quite productive :D Done the YOG modules! Going to read my reading for presentation soon. Hope I wouldn't fall asleep!

Anyway Channel 8 9P.M. drama WUFU is like quite nice but I miss quite a large portion! D: This shows that I'm disciplined? HAHA, not really, if not I wouldn't have so many readings to catch up. HAHA. I'm so going to watch it today cos left 3 episodes only!

The weather is seriously H.O.T.! D:

Okay take care everyone.


Monday, April 05, 2010

Hello Human.

I hope that you have enjoyed your long weekend! Or maybe at least rest well during the weekend! :D

I love my school for giving out exam welfare package, assuming that was to relieve our stress due to coming examination. Yes, being a typical Singaporean and not to disappoint my fellow schoolmates who prepared the stuff for us, my friends and I went to queue up for all the goodies! (Both for HSS and student union) Is like why not take since it’s free? I know that sounds a bit auntie BUT I DO NOT MIND! Just queuing for your rightful stuff and here I save a lot! Pretty lot in fact! Cos my friend didn’t want the cup noodles thus I’m able to stock up my storeroom! They’ll come useful some day! :D The donut, subway cookies, Mr. Bean pancake and soya milk, cup noodles, snacks, pillow, clear folders and lecture pads (It shrink a lot! There are total of 70 pages last semester but this semester there’s only 30 pages! Okay that’s better than none!) (:

A book for my essay on plastic surgery!

I love my BFF! Had a meet up with them or rather a mini-birthday celebration/present giving day to HL and YT! We had dinner at the same place where XQ brought us during last meet up and the foods are relatively cheap! We ordered fried Don Fen (I didn’t know there are different types of Dong Fen…), fried yam balls, clay pot noodles and fried rice (which was ordered last minute after the last order timing! But the chef is still kind enough to cook for us!) Then we had a drink from KOI café (café to me sounds like somewhere you can enjoy your drink and sitting there to chat with your friends but I was so wrong because there isn’t any seats provided-.=) Nonetheless, a good try from the shop! It makes me feel like drinking Each a Cup from my school which I tried only once. The price isn’t that cheap you see. Okay, it was an enjoyable day, though it was a rather short session but yeah, we’ll meet up soon during our holiday! We have a long list of things to do together okay! But who’s going to be the next organizer? (: I hope you girls love the present which I think is practical:D And CS Sai, yours is still with me! You better come take it before holiday if not I’m so going to use it! HAHA(:

I think I’m pretty guai to stay at home throughout my long weekend! *clap clap*

Basically I slacked through my Good Friday with Television drama one after the other. It’s hard to withdraw from TV! Oh ya, did I mention that I set my alarm at 9plus but end up waking at 11plus? Damm shiok can! HAHA. As for Saturday and Sunday, I managed to discipline myself to start working on my HW111 presentation slides and speech, followed by the stupid Science and Technology essay! (: I managed to resist watching throughout the Saturday and Sunday! I’m quite happy for that instead! HAHA. Now I’ve typed around 1,200 words for my essay, HALFWAY THROUGH! (: Got to speed up a little cos I’ll be rushing for 3 or 4 assignments in the coming week! JIAYOU!

And, taking a closer look at my calendar, there’s like only 2 more weeks for former lessons! That’s pretty scary since that indicate the start of examination. Oh man, skip this exam and holiday come ba!

HANG ON! Rush 4 assignment/essay/presentations which all due next week, followed by exam!



P.S. Typing a blog entry is much easier compared to hit the word limit for essay! D: