Wednesday, February 28, 2007

ytd went b0wling wif pam marianne Lunfa edward y0ngh0ng jeremy n de 0ther fren[lunfa n edward's fren]...played 1 n 3/4 of de game but..c0s 3pm gt c0mpetit0n lo..den we din gt t0 finish de game...i gt impr0ve a bit f0r b0wling la..haha=) spend 4bucks 0n it... den went play car race n stuffs..onli de guys played u c........ den we went james hse f0r mahj0ng!!yh n lunfa din g0 c0s we hv 4ple lia0...den yh sae i nd t0 trg..l0l-.=" dun0 tt tym wh0 nv hu lo...we played til abt 8 which is damm's c0s i hu [win] wen i zhuang 5tyms... -.=" haha=) ytd de hand quite lucky..was it bec0s i T0UCH pam's hand?? haha=) den james's hse de whiteboard gt a math qn f0r his younger br0 t0 d0..but hos y0unger br0 din d0 la..den james sae he'll beat him... o0ps =X i nearli spell beat as -.=" cant believe sia..c0s i lyk gt bulli james de but at hm he gt beat his bro... haha=)

i t0dae super guai k!!i din pon ani less0ns!! s0mem0re i din slp in ani class!!tt's amazin rgt?gp ms lin din cum s0 we went lib wif de relief cher...den nd t0 smt wif de articles..mi n pam lazy den c0py marianne de la..=) but we gt rephrase here n dere =) den while waitin we play tic tag to...pam is realli a n00b...she can win lots of tym but she ch0sed t0 let mi win!! lol-.=" den we draw mani stuffs t0o=) break ate prata which is nt h0t at all..n taste nt nice..nvm..we went civil class aft talk was ok la..tell gals wad t0 d0 if dey c a pervert sh0wn dem smt...s0 gals shd brin knife along wif dem t0 keep safe rgt? haha=) den chem i din slp n we keep askin ms lim qn...ec0n n math t00..t00 guai lia0 h0r? haha=) by de way dun feel lyk goin f0r math test on fri..c0s n0e nth..but queen pam goin..s0 i guess i g0in"

Monday, February 26, 2007

weNt sch w/o dad fetchiN t0dae..w0ke up damm earli..haha=) we waited f0r 3 174bus b4 we can gt in l0rx!!wth..but nvm,we were still de bus keep discussin want0 j0in OGL nt..tis hv beeN disturBing mi quite l0ng la..c0s i dun0 wad i realli wan..feel lyk g0in but dun feel lyk g0in..wad a big c0ntrast h0r?..but i've made up my mind t0 go AT 1ST..But smt happen la..dey sae we nd t0 hv de 4colour jj will c0st a b0mb l0!!even if we r stayin in jj,we dunnd tt much ba..n wad if we buy le but we cant gt int0 jj?den wasted ma..den caused a lot of pr0blems la..but nw s0lved le..c0s WITHDRAW le!i w0nder if i shd b happy or sad lo.. pam ask y in de 1st place we want0 j0in when we quit nw..den she sae wen we join den muz reali t0 make s0me c0mmitment..ya..we r realli t0 but de prob is $$ =( huilinG n huiLi pass mi h0ng ba0 fr their parents!!den i was lyk sh0cked la..c0s weird weird de ma..haha=) aniwae, THX HUILING N HUILI!!

chi tut0rial--> nt much turn up..g0 thru wb..i chi rep v guai s0 gt cher v weird l0rx..can 0n airc0n dun 0n..she sae muz f0ll0w de rule..L0L-.=" nvm..i dun realli hv md f0r less0n..dun0 y sia..wen is multiple ch0ice de qn we keep ans wr0ng..den we sae 1 2 3 4 last one den c0rrect..haha=) chi's stanDard dr0ppiNg sia!! **sad**

matH lectUre--> mr f0ll0w is back!!he spent more den 20min settiNg up his lappy..but de lappy din w0rk,s0 he wasted 20min on it while de students hv chattiNg sessi0n..suddenli feel he quite ke lian..dun0 y..but i still duN realli LYK him la.c0s i dun understand wad he teach...but t0dae de lecture ok lei..c0s he asked us t0 ask him qn..den 2qn onli den end =)

bi0 tut0rial -->ms ester lee wanted t0 g0 thru tut4 de..den my class lyk n0 md den she 0s0 n0 md t0 teach! thx t0 JINGUO n WEILUN keep crapping lo!!but is damm fUNNI lo!!cos wen cher stare at jinguo den jinguo stare at him den jinguo sae "u hv husband de hor" !!haha=) den he sae ms lee de prettiest!!haha=) den ms lee dun0 sae wad gals will tends t0 hv cyst wen gt older..den weilUn lyk damm interested n keep askin qn abt it..LOL-.=" den ms lee t0k abt a lot of stuFfs la.. den she ask hu hv 1st n0 1 ans..but den suddenli heard my name..i was lyk wad-the~~..den dey start de "BIN BIN" TINGY..LOL-.=" RAH~~!!!kana bullied ='( den off we g0 for ec0n...

eC0n tut0rial--> dun hv md for ec0n..but my class went s0 i cher is relieve for de relieve cher..haha=) at 1st we want0 pon but end up din c0s dun want0 break cher's heart..kind of us sia.. but in tut0rial din listen wad she sae la..wad i was dgn is copy n copy!!but den gt play wif pam la..n use hp!!im bad but cant help it..i've smt urge t0 settle ma..den mi pam n 0basan[marianne] damm n0isy..den jeremiah ask us dun"

class 0uting for gb was change t0's tmr..but a SUPERNOOB [LUNFA] sae" den t0k t0 him til mi n pam want0 v0mit bl00d..he g0ng g0ng de den nv ans us..den we lyk t0kin t0 ourself..c0s he's gb...den went watch JUST FOLLOW LAW wif pam yt edward n lunfa!!de m0vie nt bad but v LAME for s0 parts..den we buY jas's pre lo.. haha=) h0pe tmr de "class outing " will be fun=)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

trip t0 alex's hse

p0n chi n pc s0 tt can g0 alex's j0urney t0 alex's hse was damm l0ng..walk fr jj t0 lakeside den take bus..big bungalow house... then 50 inch tv... combined wif a xbox 360 ! **envy** he hv a BIG FAT BLACK CAT which is shy =) i dun realli lyk black cat la..cats can be cute but if dey cum near mi i dun lyk.haha=)we played car racin which i keep l0st la..but finalli gt 1 r0und win pam!!=) den play wif y0ngh0ng which make mi feel tt im a n00b..but nvm..c0s it's my 1st tym playin la...p0or ple lyk mi dun hv these at hm..den y0ng h0ng asked wh0 wan t0 play majong..den i sae i wan but i dun realli n0e hw t0 play la..den he lyk despise mi n dun wan play wif mi la..den we had pizza f0r dinner..n t0asted bread n curry since we were nt full aft de pizza..alex's mum 0ffered canned longan as dessert!yummy x)alex's mum is s0 y0ung l0!!n gener0us! aft eating lunfa edward y0ngh0ng want0 play maj0ng..yet dey lack 0f 1 player..s0 dey hv n0 ch0ice but t0 let mi n pam play!haha=)y0ngh0ng keep callin pam n mi noob but i tink we hu[win] twice lo..den lunfa n edward 0s0 gt hu xcept him!haha=) it's 0bvi0us tt wh0 is N00B rgt?left alex's hse at ard 8+..missed 9pm sh0w..nvm..aniwae had fun ma=)

nxt wk will be de last wk la..g0nna miss my classmates..h0pe we'll be able stay as a class aft de 3mth c0urse! oh,
class o7s25,pls d0 chi wb cpt 41 t0 50 =) spread it ard x)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

07s25 x)
--->my class -->r0x =)
well,t0dae p0n pc's de culture u c..we hv nth t0 d0 yet we p0n pc..we shd g0 run c0s cny ma..ate l0ts den fatter lia0..s0 muz exercise..but t0o lazy t0 run..s0 end up p0n..m0s 0f de ple pon la..haha=)b0red t0 hell sia..den gp=slpin less0n..we slept openli while ms lin is playin de m0vie=) ms lin din st0p us--tt's nice 0f her=)tt's y i lyk her la..h0pe she'll be my GP cher if i able t0 stay in jj=) we t0k ester lee din cum t0dae den n0 bi0 n civic..but we wr0ng sia..den hv less0n=( civic hv t0 ans wad equippment we nd if we had air crush n land on a 1 gp sae addidas sh0es n stuffs..v lame..den de other gp 0s0 v funni..sae 1st aid B0X to put fruits,medi f0r drinkin -.='' tink my gp de is m0st sensible ba=) den chem test cher return..mi din take s0 c0pied all de ans=) /=( de test will be easy IF u studi n f0r mi is super HARD!!haha=)bi0 was ok la..den t0dae supp0se t0 hv de OGL tingy..but end up nv g0..i hv n0 stand sia..feel lyk g0in but at de same tym dun feel lyk g0in..stupid rgt?RAH.~~......mi OG8..same as ruth=) den f2..same as quite mani ple..but i hv t0 f0ll0w de OG all de supp0se t0 be happi?but i dunlyk runnin abt lei..i hate running..n i hv po0r stamina la.. but i realli dun0 i want0 g0 nt..haha=) hv t0 decide by tmr...pls help mi...den mi went wm wif la0po-dn t0 hunt f0r jas's pre..g0 c c onli 1st la..haven buy..den mit up mama f0r dinner..missed 9pm sh0w c0s i online chattin..wif my c0usin..he's lyk quite bad u c..i nt g0in t0 sae y..he shd n0e..haha=) but funni in 1way or de other...he 178cm sia..n he's onli sec2!! nt a guy s0 dun nd t0o tall=) lol-.=
tmr g0in pon pc again=) cos goin alex's hse=) but nt sure yet

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

as usual..went grandma hse..went quite late c0s even g0 earli 0s0 nth t0 do mahx..haha=)wen reach quite many ple reach lia0..but my family nt de last la..den we ate vegetarian breakfast n sit dere d0 nth..den sudden wan play maj0ng s0 went int0 a rm t0 search..den grandma f0und 1 in her cupb0ard s0 we play la..but gt missin de..all de animals g0ne..haha=) i ate dem c0s i t0o hungry=) lol-.=" tt's smt new lw..c0s every yr de same r0untine n is damm sianx de l0rx!!but nvm,we hv smt new tis yr la..den my c0usin came in..she 4gt our names nut rmb us=) tt's sweet wen we nv gt t0 c each 0ther damm long!haha=) den eat traditi0nal dishes la..tink dey gt b0red 0f de maj0ng den decided t0 play cards..s0 b0rrowed fr a c0usin [cheeky-u n0e hu u r la],but haven start play hv t0 return him c0s he's g0in 0ff t0 his an0ther grandma's hse..s0 we hv nth t0 d0 n we went 0ff de way,it's super sianx wen u realise ur fren in red cum n find u on de 1st dae of cny!! RAH!! nvm... den went msia t0 bai nian la..bai nian h0r,nt bi -.= den c my baby c0usin!!she's damm cute la!!keep usin her baby language t0 tok t0 us..den aft drinkin milk she'll "tu nai"!!cute rgt? n she lyk onli wan her papa mama t0 carry..i din carry her c0s i dun dare..scare dr0p her on de fl0or u c..n scare tis n tt s0 mgt as well nt carry la..den i tink she catch a small c0ld den she sneeze v cute!! baby is damm cute l0rx!! spend my daes [sun t0 wed] at uncle's hse..d0 nth..but eat n eat la..s0 becum fat n fatter!!RAH!!nvm..nw is nt de peri0d t0 av0id f0od lorx!!cant resist!! by de way i "pon" sch t0dae den nv take chem test..h0pe dun hv make up c0s i din studi la..haha=) tt's bad but i've n0 md..h0pe de studi md will back asap!!haha=)
well,ytd was jasmine's bdae.. HAPPI BIRTHDAE T0 JASMINE!! but 0ops,haven buy her pre!!haha=) nvm,will gt her 1 asap.. la la la =)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

14feb-valentine dae....
mit my la0p0 dn at 2.20 @ g0mbak b4 mitin la0 zy @ bb..i t0ld her wait at lift dere but we sat near de escalat0r dere..dUn0 y she walk pass we din each other la..den we wait n wait..anyway we hv t0 wait f0r la0p0 xq n mel..xq wanted t0 buy cl0th f0r cny s0 we went train al0ng de way fr JE to clementi de train dun0 y v sl0w n st0p..den xq started t0 play by descripe de green 0utside -.=" saw a 23bucks t0p at t0pshop..nice but i din hv enuff $$..wanted t0 buy lasttym wen i saw it!!but i ch0ose t0 ren la..i juz t0o br0ke k..den went f0r lunch at kfc..mi zy hl place our 0rder wen xq n mel finishin theirs-.=" zinger burger is nice =) xq said mi hl zy lyk anti s0cial c0s wen dey went int0 a sh0p t0 l0ok at de cl0th den we stand 0utside..haha=)yup,tink we r a bit!!haha=) but dun u tink we r lyk de guys waitin for de gal t0 shop?lol-.=" we r tryin t0 taste wad de guys taste :) mel keep l0okin at de sh0es while mi zy hl keep l0okin at earrings!!i watched t0 buy CR0Wn EArrinG but i cant find a nice de..nvm,xq din eye on any cl0th t0o..h0wever xq decided t0 buy de t0p fr t0psh0p which c0st 23bucks..s0unds familar?it's de same cl0ths!!she wanted size 12 or 14 f0r blue de but dere dunhv..s0 we went t0 shawn hse..dere w0rse la..s0 we went back t0 wisma..but S0Me0Ne Sae we juz nw seems t0 take a l0nger r0ute den de undergr0und..s0 we travel t0 wisma thru de undergr0und..but it seems t0 be further..den q sae we keep at yuan dian!!haha=) lol..den w t0ok de wr0ng escalat0r up t0o wen dere's a big clear directi0n b0ard la..l0l..we laugh damm l0ud at in de mrt la..thx t0 xq la!laugh til everywhere pain!!haha=)she menit0n abt GAS,10pm st0ries n's hard t0 expressi0n de tingy here eng sux u n0e..we juz laugh n laugh n0n-stop's hard t0 stop..

15feb-sianz dae
ms lee din cum s0 we hv civil free n n0 bi0=)we pon pc t0o la..but t0 my amaze alm0st de wh0le class pon pc!!dey s0 ON lorx..played daidi den ate prata..GP less0n still de same,dismiss us earli=) i lyk ms lin!!h0pe she'll be my GP cher s0 i'll hv bits of interest or heart t0 go GP=) den chem ms lim g0 thru tut3 wh0le dae din do bahx..but cher sae muz go thru c0s nxt wk tests rgt?her less0n quite quiet de lei..t0k de softest i can but i tink every1 can lin de b0ard til v loud den i sae "cher starts t0 be bu shuang lia0..haha=) den hl sms me ma,so i nd t0 re..but ms lin saw..den she ask mi a qn n i sae "rati0 ar"den she tok wad i rgt is mole ratio la..haha=) den earli dismiss at 2.30 cos ms lee nt ardin..den af gt de OGL tingy la..den we hv t0 decide we goin nt..n i din g0 cos shan waiting f0r mi n no md la..b0ught 2 pairs of earrings n 1necklace!!nice n sweet =) den went tables r nt ready even th0ugh reserved la.ytd c0nsider de earliest t0 bath lo..hv t0 wait f0r hair t0 dry c0s hairdryer spoilt..den 2am slp til 6am =(

s0 guai 0f us t0 go sch t0dae lo..but den we hv t0 go back t0 our sec..all j1 stunted by de news la..den went mac c0s s0me wan eat breakfast..den th0se nv eat den play UNO..reach hillgr0ve den play games n cheer..edward aut0 becum anti s0cial again..went c0ncert ok la..den finish=) fried rice..den waited f0r s0metym bef0re go b0wling..waited f0r de lane damm l0ng la..but de pers0n sae wear sch uni cant play..den james asked her sis t0 take shirt f0r us!!den we sh0cked la..haha=)s0 we manage t0 play afterall=) but mine keep g0 drain super use t0 it le..2nd tym playin lei..haha=) cs realli hv t0 n0e de c0rrect use 0f camera hp..haha =)den went james hse play maj0ng...he n edward teach mi zy n =)den rain cant g0 hm s0 keep playin!!addicted!!well,james parents n grandparents v ren qing n friendli!!gd h0st=)den wanted t0 buy stuffs but n0 $$..s0 zy lend mi 7bucks..den went hm aft buyin de stuffs..but went t0 wm wif parents again t0 buy s0me ny stuffs=)mit zy t0 return her $$ c0s ny dun 0wn ple $$ ma!!den we went wm sh0p c0s zy wan buy hp pouch!!but we end up buyin earrings!!haha=)de sh0p n save damm mani ple la..Q damm l0ng..ermx..h0pe can g0 james hse again t0 play maj0ng!!c0s my hse dun hv ma =)

wah,it 2.40 liao..n0 w0nder super tire!! g0in msia during cny sia..yet hv chem test on wed..w0nder if i'll h0pe nt super t0ugh la..guess i gtg n slp..haha


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ermx..rmb fri mrs chew sae we had t0o high expectati0n lia0..mayb tt's true la..but i tink havin high expectati0n is nt a bad ting t0o least u hv a aim..well,ms chew said b4,if u aim at de star,u will end on de moon,if u aim at de moon,u'll end on de earth [shdb lyk tis la]..s0 it means we shd hv high expectati0n la.. haha=) but de higher u aim,u mgt fell harder..

by de way,i've been a super tinker t0dae..tinkin which path 0f educati0n shd i take..haha=) n of c0s i wanted jc la..juz scare i cant c0pe..ec0n nw i 0ready dun understand..same g0es t0 math,which supp0se t0 be den dere's seems t0 be other sub combi i wan in jj..i cant take phy c6 lo..wun understand a single xuete de..den his?n0 way!!finalli escaped fr his lia0 lorx!!s0 i muz guai guai take de same sub c0mbi!! but but but...i duN even n0e whether can gt in jj la..h0pe i wun regret tt i ch00sed jj..haha=) juz nw registered le..

1.jj sci
2.pj sci
3.ij sci studies in np admin in sp
6.bankin n finan in np
7.opti in sp
8.psyco in np it in np
10.cj sci
11.aj sci sci
can c tt my behind ch0ices r rubbish rgt? lol..but i prefer it t0 be filled up's n0 l0nger trial..n i v KS's typical s'porean la=) haha

t0dae d0 nth much,online n ask ple send s0ngs t0's BAD i n0e.but...ya la..dUn0 hw t0 sae..den clear s0me rubbish on my desk n cupb0ard..tmr is valentine day!!g0in 0ut wif my gal frens[la0pos-dn,zy n xq] n mel!!h0pe we'll hv fUn =)

by de way.9pm sh0w is nice..even th0ugh it wun happen's lame but funni!!haha=)since it wun happen den gt sh0w gd ma..creative=) de way de c0w tee is cute lorx!!i wan it..


Monday, February 12, 2007

todae woke up at 11=) slp enuff =) lol..use com n t0k to my cousin..amazin rgt? din t0k t0 him de but msn tok quite long...hmm..nt bad la..finalli gt tok smt.. he's goin to wear braces le..haha=) but im wearin,by de way,i tok he's older den mi BUT in fact im older!!haha=) oh,i oso tok to xia0 qi gui[jinguo]..i was wearin my sj full uni for my display pic for msn ma..den he asked mi wadx de uni..den i told him n he sae he sae if anyting can find mi cos im a 1st aider..of cos can find mi la..but if anione DIE i duno la..haha=)den he ask if he feel lyk vomit den hv headahce means wad..den i sae "means u hv baby la!!" haha=) lalala=) den juz nw ask him send mi songs den he sae using NEW com so onli hv 1 w0nder he listen s0 long still tt same old s0ng la!!haha=)den he sae i spoilt..wth nt k..den he ask y so mind..c0s I DUN LYK PLE YUAN WANG MI!![**yuan wang=accuse**]haha=)

well..went interview t0dae..ok person din ask much..tink i'll be kicked out la person wanted to ask mi abt de bottle qn den i n0e already..s0 he change t0 de RED BIG PENCILBOX WIF "LIFE SUX" wordin on it...wadever..ate lots of junk food n getting fatter n fatter=( rah~~!!can somebody help mi??RAH~~

james n KING edward wanto go bowling tmr..well,i quite lazy la..dun feel lyk goin out tmr..mayb s0me fine dae aft sch k?haha=) oh,my mama sae tmr mayb goin truli asia[msia]..ya,so im sry la..haha=)

Friday, February 09, 2007

fri..t0dae release of 0s result..nt realli scare la..i've prepare for de nt so gd result..t0p sch0lar was seah fr 4e2..he scored 9!!den still gt jx pam sc dawn sheena..i hv3As,4Bs n 1 C..arghh~!!at 1st gt de result i still quite ok de..but de my mama sae my result was lan..arghh..den i dUn0 y i cry la..den wen i dry de tear den other person ask mi de same qn again n again..den was lyk so stupid lor..den i laugh while sae i mad!!hey,parents shdnt give too much stress k..dey shd encourage their child instead of giving pressure ma..rahrahrahrahhrah~!! by de way,rs xq ,thx lots =) xq cute sia,give hl de used tissue paper [*xq use de tissue to wipe my tear den give hl!!*] haha =) rs gt w0rk s0 cant stay back t0o late..mariaNne gt 16 yet she comfort mi!!thx=) jinguo gt 15...which is damm amazin la..tok he's de play play kind tt wun studi de..but...arghh~~!! he sae i despise him..pls hu despise hu 1st de way i din do tt amazing he wasted 20cents smsin mi liao..haha=) hope my la0po[dn n zy] ,pam yt cs can gt into de jc/poly dey wan!!h0pe if dey wan,can stay in jjc =) i still dUn0 where i want0 go la.. haix...

earli dismiss c0s of de offical cl0sure of de 0rientation camp atmospshere nt v sad s0 i din cry =) de OGLs r cute in de video clip sia..dey din tok but dey use de b0ard n wr0te stuff in it..CUTE..but nic wr0te he's de best OGL tt make everyone laugh!!went back t0 hilly aft lunch at jj..t0k to ms ch0ng n she t0k for more den 1hr..den went sj rm but ple havin meetin..n i tok i c wrong la..daryl's hair is realli gettin too long which T0TALLY DO NT SUIT HIM..feel lyk askin him y he dun wanna cut his hair la0po-dn sae i din realli respect daryl cos i tok v loud..but i was juz speakin onli lahx..den dey sae daryl lyk scare mi n dun dare nt t0 ans my qn!!haha=) tt's funny k..well,tt stella oso dere..s0mem0re she wear til lyk want0 go slp lo..hate her least tt daryl gt give a bit face la..wad did she give?.. din gt t0 c de cadet's footdrills..except sec2 de some footdrills..clement de little boy cute sia..i ask clear nt den he sae "yes senior"..he quite ke lian de c0s sj all gals den cant form team t0 g0 c0m..even th0ugh din gt t0 trg de cadets,we gt t0 mit our besties =) xq cut her hair..hv de latest hairstyle!!haha=) we t0k a lot on de way hm..she's lyk troubled la..hey xq,cheer up =) u hv gang of fren supportin u=)n0 matter wadx others sae tt's nt true,dey r juz t0o shall0w bahx..s0 hack care dem =) [easy sae hard t0 do..] h0pe u can solve ur prob asap!!we wanted t0 go out 1 day f0r c0ffee s0 can chat..but lyk no dae cos nxt fren which is valentine dae we free..but xq gt test on thur...nvm,we'll fix another date=)

mani ple pon sch as expected..onli guai student lyk mi will go k..we pon damm mani less0n..anyway onli abt 10 turn up for my class lahx..we went GP c0s ms lin gt play de sh0w r0me0 n juliet which is nice=)she even wanted to treat us c0ffee at cafe 1st she sae keep at $2 per person c0s she's poor..but we told her monca at canteen onli 80cents la..n she treated us=) she gd=) if i stay at jjc,i wish she'll be my gp teacher..i nd someone hu's gd so i'll be more willing to learn in de less0n..f0r civil less0n we make de lantern f0r latern is lyk damm funni n weird lahx..lyk OUT OF SHAPE..wadeva la.. lunfa n yong hong sae confirm nv go chem but dey still went lo..den bio i confirm again lo..den we din go for bio tutorial.. den went bowling wif la0pos[dn n zy],yt pam,king edward n james..1st tym contact wif bowling sia..mi pam yt la0pos share 2 games..den james keep strike la..even king edward is lesser den him..i was rushin la..den went bugis wif mama n aunt lo..dey bought shirt lah..mi onli gt food..i gr0win fatter n fatter la..c0s jjc gt mani food..lyk every break eat la..den keep pon pc fats cant be burn den i becum heavier=(

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

t0dae mani din turn up f0r sch bahx..tym f0r ec0n lecture pass damm sl0w..dUn understand a single teacher is james's tut0r..s0 in class he lyk always kana called..s0 nxttym dun sit nxt t0 james c0s will hv high chance getting called t0 ans de qn.. den chem pract was lyk shit..mi n daria d0 damm sl0w..ple start preparin de s0lution while we still washin de stuffs-.= wen we start dgn de tiltration ervin put his burette n pipette back,which means he's d0ne wif his pract!!tt was lyk damm fast lahx..0r perhaps we r t0o sl0w..wadeva..weighin de s0lid t0ok mi quite l0ng la..put to0 much de take out den too little den add..keep repeatin de 2steps..argghh..if i g0in take SPA DEN SURE D0OM SIA..=( chi tutorial onli 8ple went..s0 pathetic rgt?i chi rep s0 i went lahx..s0 guai h0r?but de chem lecture we pon lahx..want0 be guai kia de lehx..but i lyk becum bad student hu always pon lecture n tut0rial!! **omg...**

we b0ught our lunch since we pon lia0 mahx..but ms lim--chem tutorial teacher call mi..0f c0s i din ans la..den she call pam..den she 0so din ans la..den ms lim sms pam n edward t0 ans where r dey n did anyting happen tt cause dem din go lecture..damm scary la..den we eatin saw ester lee--civil tut0r..damm scary lah..den we eat finish sae ms lim walkin t0wards canteen t0 find us!!den we run t0 hide..cute h0r?s0mem0re i left my full cup of drink on de table n my file on de seat..pam wanted t0 g0 for de lecture ltr but we din want0..wad is d0ne is d0ne i sms ms lim sae we t0o tire s0 we shall skip tis leture for once n onli..den she sae my attendane will change fr present t0 absent since i din attend chem lecture-.= s0memre i've t0 write a letter?well,i din write..i t0k de day wd be admm dry..but it did nt turn out t0 be in de afternoon..we went cs hse t0 play was addicted was bad k..well,i gt addicted t0o la,but nt as much as her..den we went jp for diner..ate pizza hut even though i hv 6bucks onli in my wallet..of i b0rr0w $$$ fr ple la..den de guys[james cs edward] keep laughin at mi way i "pour out" de cheese..wadeva..i din gt t0 c wadx im dgn k..n i t0k tt will make de speed faster lahx..nvm..xi shen xia0 w0,wan cheng da wo..makin myself stupid make ple laugh is realli wei da k..miss 7pm sh0w again..nvm,at least enj0yed myself lahx=)

tmr earli dismiss=) s0 dun nd pon less0n =) n tmr onli GP n civil =)yippy=)
i wanted t0 go sj tmr de..but gt dun wad ting sia =(

Monday, February 05, 2007

ple r hurrying mi t0 update my bl0g as in case it will dead..s0 im here t0 save it =) lol-.= it will be damm l0ng..sl0w sl0w read bahx..perhaps it maybe t0o long tt u dUn wanna's fine=)

well,i din gt t0 update these days c0s im damm busy k..well,wadx i mean is lyk stayin in sch till 8+ 9+ f0r preparati0n 0f l0ve fiesta..i cant rmb clearli which dae it was..on wed stayed t0 make banner..drew de c0rn n painted it wif yanqing n de rest..pam drew de sweet n t0ne de c0rn =) de 0utc0me was lyk damm nice l0rx =) haha =) well,dey were tryin t0 steam de c0rn in de classrm while we making de banner lahx..n de c0rn t0ok damm l0ng t0 c0ok..s0mem0re it d0esnt taste nice..0ops =X we m0ved 0ut fr de classrm t0 canteen c0s de auntie nd t0 l0ck de classrm..den we cont makin de banner while de ple in de canteen watchin s0ccer match.. haha=) wen s'pore g0al ple were lyk cheering lahx..nic de crazy pers0n run abt..well,s'pore w0n lahx=)oh,by de way aftern0on we din g0 f0r less0n c0s gt help 0ut leader tingy t0 give out de free v0ucher..den we[mi pam n cs] t0ok cab t0 n fr hillgr0ve..wasted my 4bucks k..wadx amaze mi is tt mr chua rmb mi!!he taught mi in sec1 n i th0ught he wun rmb mi de lahz..haha=)

hey,i tink i realli getting 0ld..cant rmb much stuffs..0nli rmb mi wh0le wk late hm..den miss 1wk of tv!!arghh~~!!!i shall watch my tv nw n den =) last thurs mi n pam wanted t0 g0 for pc de..but den aft m0rning assembly we went t0 settle s0me e-club stuff den s0rt 0f late of pc..den reach dere de gals start run liao..s0 we went canteen n eat=) hey,we din wan t0 pon de h0r..stayed back aft sch t0 help nic wif de ice cream stall instead 0f g0in f0r de J1 leader tingy...zhen xiang went even th0ught he t0ld mi he din g0..wadever..

fri we ended sch earlier..2pm instead of 4.30..but my class pon a l0t of less0n tt dae math cher was damm disapp0inted c0s my class onli a few turned up..den he quite pissed off lahx..s0mem0re ltr we din g0 f0r his tut0rial..haha=) he alreadi s0 angry lia0 den g0 tut0rial he will sc0ld m0re mahx..s0 mgt as well dUn g0 l0rx=) den chi shdb fr 1.30 to2 de..but mani din wan go so i called de cher t0 inf0rm her..she was nice enuff t0 cancel de less0n=) well,while we pon de less0n marianne play cards wif us=) hahaa =) den we start t0 set up stalls f0r l0ve fiesta..

sat was l0ve fiesta..reach damm pam at her hse dere de busstop..she called mi at 5.30 t0 tell mi den we mit at 6.30 instead of 6..den i realise i was late lahx..c0s i still nd t0 walk t0 her hse dere..den i rush lyk mad den i onli spent less den 10min t0 reach de busstop!!amazing sia.. =) pam p0or ting din gt t0 slp much..aniway,we were damm buzy lahx..n0 ple d0 de shift tingy la..den we damm busy w0rkin fr 8+ to 3+ w/o st0p..but we gt t0 play wen s0me cum n d0 their shift..=) we played de thr0w ring 0nt0 de c0loured b0ttle game..unexpected i threw 0ne onto de white n w0n 3tokens=) den we played mani games c0s gt l0ts 0f free v0ucher mahx=) den we played de rides..i sh0uted mani stuffs lahx..lyk a mad w0man..but i dUn care lahx..s0 sh0ik t0 scream n sh0ut while de wind bl0w against u =) i sh0uted tt i wan t0 gt gd result n sc0re 13..den yt sae she wan 11 den pam sae she wan 10..u can c tt im nt as greedy as dem rgt?haha=)well,im juz j0kin=) i scare cant even secure 14 lahx..let al0ne aft playin de ride which is lyk de rainb0w de was lyk damm giddy.,.s0mem0re eileen called mi n i hv t0 ans..omg..nvm,manage t0 t0k de way de belt of de rainb0w wasnt secured lehx..fat ple lyk mi 0s0 feel lyk flying 0ut l0rx..let al0ne skinny ple lyk pam..haha=) e-club stall onli gt class sellin fried ice cream n gt 1000+ den game stall 500+..felt guilty din help my class lehx.. this pr0ve tt i hv heart]h0pe dey'll understand tt e-club nd ple m0re den class..mi n pam hv 16t0kens den changed f0r a 0range d0g..we gave nic as suggested by de way,wen we clearin de stall aft l0ve fiesta,jin guo was sittin at e-club de stall lahz..den he wanted mi t0 help him thr0w smt..but i sae no..i dUn0 y i sae no liao he still let go of de rubbish in his hands den i rubbish drop on de fl0or..den he s0rt of angry-.= den i sae "u pick up den i help u throw" den he picked n threw it himself..den i was tinkin..wah,he angry lia0 ar...den i rmb tt tym he played wif mi wif de paint brush by hitting on my head n i sh0uted at him at de lecture hall,he sms mi on de nite t0 sae sry [it was quite funni c0s he was de 1st pers0n i sh0uted at t0 sms t0 sae sry..s0mem0re he wasnt lyk th0se hu will d0 tt]..s0 i sms him sae dun s0 petty n sry l0rx..den he din re..den i ask y wen i c him..n guess wadx? he sae 1sms c0st 5cents s0 he din re..den i keep sms t0 disturb him=) c0s he cant re mi mahx=) s0rt of happi by makin fun at him sia.=) im evil rgt?haha=) den mi pam edward n nic went jp f0r dinner..saw jinguo in fr0nt den sms t0 turn behind,but he din..waste my sms de way,de d0g was named as edward..haha=) i dun want0 explain y lahx..haha=)

t0dae receive news tt 0s result will release on fri..tis is real de..n0 m0re rum0ur k..i damm w0rry lahx..c0s i scare wun gt wad i fact i n0e i wun gt wad i bl0ody his n ss n eng sure drah mi t0 hell de..h0pe other sub dun drag mi further sia...=(i seri0usli dUn0 where i wanna g0..poly 0r jc..i wan jc c0s 2yrs onli n lifestyle cl0ser t0 sec..den poly i dUn0 wad c0urse t0 family enc0urage mi g0 poly..n i dun lyk studi sia..but..aiyo..i prefer jc more den poly bahx..hard t0 explain sia.. ='(