Tuesday, March 31, 2009


she's a damn irresponsible person with no determination! BUT at least she's happier now (:



looking at posts years ago can be quite fun. so i extracted my wisdom teeth on 27 nov 2006! (: okay, being random here. 

finally today is my another off day! (: and i wish everyday is my off day! no money den no money lah, that will be what im going to say now but not after being unemployed again! LOL. and sad to say i missed yesterday's 9pm show! D': it's a freakin' entertaining drama lah! luckily can watch the final episode today! (:

i think i'm troublesome. i'm weird. i'm self-contradicting. NAH, i'll still try, try to say byebye to it. if you don't get what i mean, then never mind. i wouldn't be bother to explain much too cos' probably i don't know how to. 

my phone bill for this month was OMG, i sent 1054 SMSes!! that's like i sent 554 more sms and that costs me $27.70! perhaps due to release of A's result and working bah. cos' i keep sms people while i'm having break or going toilet. there's a need for me to sms people -stay connect with my friends while acting busy so as to not to mix with my colleagues. okay, i sounds so introvert man.

anyway, i kana scolded by a aunty a lady customer yesterday. she's weird. definitly a weird one. she asked for a termination for her internet, thus i ask her go to another counter. she was like " can you understand basic english? i want to cancel my internet and make payment!". so i was like it's that termination?!?! then i say "you can cancel your maxonline at the counter behind,my colleague will do the termination for you." then she was like damn pissed off, "what termination?! i want to terminate my max online, do you understand what im saying?!". okay,she's damn freakin' irritating man. my colleague beside me come to my rescue sia, cos he heard she wanted a termination too. so in the end she went to join the Queue for termination and come back complaining me. cos she was given a Queue no to make her final bill. and she commented that i should go back to primary school for education! and the company shouldn't even hire people like me. I was sianjipua lah, it's just not my day. please send me back to primary school to study lah, i don't mind! so send me if you can aunty! okay, then will that customer went off, the 2 aunties say the one should go back for education is that customer lo!HAHA. (: OKAY,that's customer service. you'll get to see all type of people- be it good one or bad one. and i hate it. OMG. 

study and work. i like none. but of cos to make a choice, i'll prefer to study (cos' im not studying now you see). dragging my whole body to go work is so sianx lah. like waiting for another scolding session from the customer. hello, i wasn't even trained to be at that counter okay! and you people just throw me there, WTH can. come to think of it, i'll hope that the aunty i mentioned above go complain me for making her wait for damn long etc and demand my supervisor to fire me. i'll be more glad to that lah. HAHA.

okay,i sound so anti to my job sia. BUT i think it's me myself lah. cos' everyone seems to be pretty okay with their job! only me hates it, and i'll give the sianx face.

oh ya, i saw the star search girl- xu ya hui (if im not wrong). my colleague were like saying the actress is damn hot etc yet i didn't get to see her. and i don't know who they were talking about until she came over to ask me print her bill. HAHA. so i was like "ooh is you!" okay, i think she's sweet more than hot leh. perhaps she looks hot with short hair and sweet with long hair? HAHA.

ooh ya, how could i forget to mention about seeing miss chia wenfang at PS! HAHA. i was walking towards the ladies and i look at the person in front of me and she look damn familiar. den we stopped and starred at each other and burst out into laughter!HAHA. damn funny can. cos' she said she'll come find me and i told her not to. and in the end we still met w/o any arrangement! (:

okay, got to go. still have stuff to do! (:

Friday, March 27, 2009

wow, finally had my off days! so sianx tmr need to go back to work sia! planned to stay at home at least one day to rest but went out on both days -.=

ANYWAY, I'VE FINALLY APPLY NUS AND NTU!! and settled the application fees (: 

and yes,i finally watched my fav 9pm tv drama!! (: it's damn funny okay! i was so damn happy while watching it can! HAHA.

bought my pants and pumps yesterday! cost me a bomb okay! hope they can last! or at least the pants since it's so exp!

went out with huiling today. was a sort of sudden decision anyway. THANKS HUH!! (: she waited for me damn long lah. and we waited for an ling damn long too. she was late, but i need to pass her stuff so i tick off one item on my to-do list. LOL. missed the stupid bus and we have to walk to singapore flyer via bus 11 D': glad that we did what we wanted to (: though i didn't cut my hair at chapter 2 which i planned cos' they say need to book!^#$%!@$# SIANJIPUA la. the shop also not much customer lah! wanted to go gombak cut but the price is $18! so might as well go book and cut at chapter two! HAHA.

i've to agree with hl. i can't stay long with a job. the longest job i've work is only around one month lah. HAHA. and whenever i got a job i'll dread to go work,or even regret taking up the job. when im unemployed, i'll still complain. OMG, human is so weird. or am i being weird? yes, maybe it's just me. HAHA. i want a admin job! but i don't understand in the first place why i wanna take up the job since i hate customer service. HAHA. i'm so damn self contradicting lah.  im praying next time, if i ever have a job, please, i don't want customer service de, please give me something to do and there's only me and the thing. call me zi bi bah..LALALA.

okay, enough. time to rest my eyes. or watch the horror movie on channel U. this post quite random actually. BYE.

P.S: i don't want to miss channel 8 9pm show on mon and tues!! HAHA.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


OMG, customer seems to ask me alien questions. luckily most of my friends are willing to help! thanks a lot (to tingwei ken and bernice and some i don't rmb their names)! oh well, they wouldn't get to see this since they don't know about this blog.HAHA. anyway,  i still dread to work. I'm damn slow in learning. How i wish it's a admin job cos' i don't like to interact with customer. LOL. congrates zy for getting her job at MOM! how i wish i get that job too. i should have consider whether i should take up my current job longer instead of agreeing straight away. NAH, everything will be fine (I HOPE SO.) . 

oh well,missed the 6G class gathering D': but turn out was poor! hope next time will be better! 

yes, shopping is needed to get myself a PROPER pants and shoes for work. plenty of stuff on my to-do list during my off days! D":

okay, got to go off if not i'll be late for work!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

hello people, today is 22nd of march! how time flies sia! ):

9 more days to decide which courses to apply and I'm still a thinker lah! should i put material science and engineering as my first choice or arts and social science instead? i don't really like physic and i don't like writing.. I'm like so contradicting right? since i don't like why still want choose one as my first choice sia.. BO BIAN lah! not much choices for me! and environment science and engineering is too hard to get in.. ):

anyway, went for interview at MOM on wednesday with zhenying and we went chinatown to walk walk. ate Swensen icecream which is damn nice! okay,it's free since i have a coupon (: brought ZY to the hello kitty shop and doremo shop before we go KFC  eat and chat(: the snack is really SNACK lah! you should be able to get what i mean -.=" but i was given 1 packet of fries the other time and now only have less than 1 packet! D": 

went JB on Thurs cos' i wanted to buy shoes!! yes I've been saying that for quite some time and i haven buy! ): the shoes is now RM  29.90 and RM 19.90 only instead of RM 39.90 lah! i tried the biggest size which is 40 but the toes part is too squeezy ): so i end up didn't buy again! but come to think about it, those pumps in JB is really much cheaper compared to Singapore sia X: 

Had another interview on friday at PS Starhub with ZY. it's customer service which I'm v sianjipua but of cos must act nvm lah. oh ya, i went to the reception there and told the girl I'm here for interview. so she ask "so you are?" and of cos i say "bin bin". then she "HAHHAHAHHAA" =.= that's so rude can! laugh at my name in front of me! ): i should have asked her name and do the same thing to her lah! haha. okay, I'm not that childish! LOL. told the interviewer that I'll take leave during june and thought due to that he wouldn't want me. so after the interview we headed to MRT. thanks ZY for accompany me while i waiting for my sister lah! (: and we both sian about that job lah! and surprisingly i got in lah. so sad and sian that they only need one people! ate lunch with sister at HANS (: i think the chicken chop tastes nicer last time! then i received a call from my agent saying i got the job and i was v sian yet i accept it since the pay is not bad.. rushed to taka then to agent there to sign the contract. sianjipua, is 4 months lah!! I SHALL ENDURE FOR THE SAKE OF MONEY! and what dawn says is true, at least i'll assure a job for 4 months and after that i can go for my university liao.HAHA.

oh ya, yt invited us to go her house for dinner cos' her mama cook curry mutton!! (: so i said okay since my sister going meet her friends in the evening.. she even invite my whole family though she know that my family is rather big.HAHA. i must say the curry mutton is DELICIOUS! :D reached her house at 7 plus. then we went to meet cs sai cos yt wanna get the uni stuff from him. and we finally persuade zy to join us after dinner(: so we stayed around westmall while waiting for her cos' i need to make a trip to ntuc to buy stuff. but me n yt no money so have to wait for zy (the finance) to come to the rescue! HAHA(: went back to yt's house and i watch my fav drama (channel 8 9pm show) while the rest looking at uni stuff.HAAH. went back at 10plus (: THANKS YANTING AR!! (:

okay, i wouldn't be blogging that frequently since my work cycle is back!LOL. and i may have to miss some gatherings!! like 6G gathering and SJ gathering...


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


im still clueless about which courses to apply though i went open houses already! ): RAH. It's so scary to have interview and test in order to get into the courses lah! SO SCARY CAN!S: i'm still thinking of applying sociology (the NTU professor STRONGLY encouraged me to apply IF i have the passion-which i don't know if i have) ,environment engineering (which i just realised it's quite hard for me to enter with the grades i have), material science&engineering (think it's very chemistry and physic D': ), psycholoy (which i think i have no chance cos' many smart alex will apply), architecture (sounds nice but don't know i like not) and probably civil engineering and economics. OMG, left 14days for me to apply lah):

went NTU open house on Saturday with huiling zhenying anling and jeremiah. saw many JJcians over there lah! some talks are quite useful while some are quite sianx.. Then we headed to SIM after waiting for jeremiah who was lost in NTU lah.LOL. we stayed in SIM awhile only, so the main purpose of the trip seems like going there for the free popcorn which taste damn nice to me cos i was pretty hungry! oh ya, we saw fengyi and jon too.HAHA. after that we went LJS to have our lunch at 5pm lah! chatted and then i went to look for my dad. (:

went NUS pen house on Sunday with huiling zhenying and anling (: after taking the bag from NUS and the 4 of us walk in a straight row (since there's no people/car along the road) then hl say we like the 3 煮妇 in the channel 8 drama series 煮妇的假期 ! then i was "there's 4 of us leh. by right should have 3 what". HAHA. and hl started saying she's not 煮妇--but i think she's 最有资格的咯!!! okay,so we went for talks. NUS indeed better,so it's harder to get into lah! ): ate keba or don't know what thing which is damn expensive. okay, the price is usually moe than 4bucks lah, but the meat is damn little and there lots of veggi! okay,i'm not that health consicous you see.. i'' think more meat is more worth it! HAHA(:

after that went changi T3 with my 3rd sister(: we had popeyes and went walk walk. it's GST FREE over there lah! so if you wanna buy books or go watson buy lots of things can make a trip down cos' i guess will save pretty much! (: and changi seems so far lah! but i guess if you're sitting down and have someone to chat with or a book to read, the journey is actually quite short! (:

anyway, by right there's a interview on monday, but it was cancelled, guess they found people already lah): and the other agent called. He informed me that a art school located at bugis need to find people to do admin job and the pay,timing etc. He even asked me about my A's result. so he'll call me back if i need to go for work the next day but he didn't ): IM SO SIANJIPUA CAN!!


hopefully i can get a job soon! (:

oh ya, i went out with anling yesterday (: we raffles place then to city hall (: we had our lunch at a shodoku (should be bah) which is like a japanse "foodcourt". the food not bad sia(: and i spent $9.18 (: HAHA. and we went walk walk (: 1st time go walk walk with her sia. HAHA(:

OKAY,i should stop here now!BYE(:

Friday, March 13, 2009


went malaysia today. heavy jam on the way back to singapore!! took about 2hours or more lah!! D": anyway, heard an interesting story behind the meaning of "raining cats and dogs" on the radio while being stuck in the car. okay,i don't really remember the story..but it's something like this:

in the past there were many stray dogs and cats along the street. so when there's heavy rain and the drain etc not that good right, there will be a flood. so after the rain and the floor is dried, there will be many dead bodies of the stray dogs and cats!! so rain heavily=rain cats and dogs!! (:

going to open house tommorow! hope it will be a fruitful trip and i'll have some courses in mind(: oh ya, an ling is back from china!! she called me yesterday when i was working!HAHA(: finally she's back lah(: and she said she told me a top!! THANKS in advance! (:

AND,i've quit my job. 终于啦!!! (:that's why can go malaysia today mah!HAHA. hope i'll get my $135 lah! it was quite a sudden decision. not exactly sudden since i've been thinking of that since my 1st day of training!HAHA. as in.. so people are quite surprised and puzzled that i quit.HAHA, and they asked WHY? Oh well, i really don't know how to answer can! oh well, i shall ignore all the backstabbing or rubbish IF there's someone there doing these.LOL.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

finally made up my mind (:

NAH, it's not about which university courses.. it's about my job!

OH WELL. hope it'll be settled soon (:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

one agent from recrutit express called just now, luckily i didn't miss the call! PHEW. but she asked if i have admin experience D': of course don't have lah, because i wasn't really given a chance to work lah! D': anyway, she asked me a few questions and finally she say she'll send my resume to the company. hopefully i'll get a proper job! HAHA(:

went bugis then town with bay yesterday! (: ate lots of junk food lah! we're getting fatter and fatter lah! no more running around the track and doing all those exercises like we did in JJC! LOL. so it's time to control our diet! but i doubt we'll ever do that! HAHA(: bay bought a tee and finally i bought tops from max and more(: 2for $29.90! though the one i like is no longer there, i still bought two lah (: and my sis complaint that i always buy dark clothes!! HAHA(: true,but im so fat mah,dark clothes would suit me better! (: oh ya, thanks to jeremiah sia,i wasted lots of smses yesterday! D':

anyway,i still have no idea which course im interested and would like to apply!
i thought of sociology. my bro say it's tough.. lots of reading etc. he's studying basic of it now,a THICK FAT BOOK la! can you imagine if i've to study it for 4 years? omg, i think i'll be damn sianjipua lah! but mayb i shd read some pgs to gt a feel of it (:HAHA.

den i thought of engineering. my bro say need logical thinking which i don't hv -.-'' and it's so physic sia...
and.. i cant think of much ):
oh man,im like middle of nowhere.. i'm such a "thinker" sia!

anyway, environmental science and material science&engineering sounds interesting(: but i will end up in that fleid years later?
actually what my mum say maybe true, just get into a local university and get a degree! most probably i wouldn't be using what i've learnt in university when im working.. but then, i'll have to suffer 3/4 years in university! How sad can that can man! D':

can i quit my job? my mum encouraged me to do so!! HAHA(: she even said since im not in need of money and house still have food to eat what! travel so far work so few hours and come home with so little money! so might as well don't go work!HEE! :D im so sorry vincent,perhaps i'm just too bad! wasted your precious time teaching us and now i wanna quit!HAHA(: But luckily mr vincent no longer working there! i'm thinking whether i should go for work 2 more days and take their 60bucks or should i just say i not working tmr and friday.. come to think of it, it's quite bad to tell the person you wanna quit after you've really finish the training (just realised days ago that our training haven finish -.=' ).. im so confused D':

okay,i shall continue to be a thinker! LOL.BYe(:

Monday, March 09, 2009

missed a call from agent. SIANJIPUA lah! i don't know what's the name of the agent and don't know the company's name! FREAK! D': i was told to work on thursday and friday (for flyer). I really don't feel like working there anymore. But i shall not quit until i find the next job. so at least i can earn a bit of money(: hope i wouldn't make silly mistakes over there. poor zhenying have to work today! it's raining heavily now lah! ): anyway i'm going out later lah,so sorry xq can't pei you..

anyway,i've spent days at home. looking through at the booklets doesn't seem to provide me much help.  i still don't know what all those courses about sia.. SIANX! with my result there's really limited options if i want to study in a local university lah.. so i even though of going private university which is really more expensive lah. but there'll be more options open to be leh... if go local university can only go arts and social science [i don't really like writing lah! ): ] and engineering [luckily i took O level physic,but i wonder if i'll like this course cos so physic..] lah.. OMG. but who don't want to go to local uni?RAH. it's time to start thinking.. but i can't think anything much too.. wait til open house like a bit too late sia.. 

ntu application is from 6march to 1april.
nus application is from 12march (since 3working days after release of A's) to 1april.

i wonder who's rjc who tagged my tagboard sia. LOL.

oh ya, my primary school class(P6- 6G) is organizing a class outing! i think that's quite weird/funny since most of us didn't meet up for 6 years or so.. HAHA.


Saturday, March 07, 2009

i miss mahjong-ing during 1st 3 months.
i miss dai di-ing during 1st 3 months.
i miss pon-ing lesson during 1st 3 months.
i miss the cafe breakfast in JJ.
i miss china trip with my friends.
I miss honeymoon-ing with pamela in JJ.
i miss omelette in JJ.
i miss seeing mr koh in socks & sandals.
i miss my friends in JJ.
I miss walking home with my friends.
i miss struggling surviving with studies with my friends.
i miss each&every encouragement exchanged with my friends.
yet i wouldn't wish i can turn back the clock.
Finally i can conclude that i did not make the wrong choice of going JC instead of poly. (:

it's like finally everything has come to an end in JJ.
I'm glad that i managed to promote to j2 conditionally. thanks to my teachers.
I'm so sorry for falling asleep in your lesson.
I'm so sorry for stoning in your lesson.
I'm so sorry for not paying attention in your lesson.
oh well, that applies to all lessons lah.
and finally I'm not US student. thanks teachers for your patience and time (:

to my dear friends, finally result is out. relieved? worried? disappointed? It's very worrying to see my friends who are sad & disappointed. Do sms/call me if you need(: though I'm happy + worry with my result,I think after all these, what's more important is to start thinking of what should happen next.
retake j2?
retake as a private candidate?
apply for poly?
apply for private uni?
apply for NTU/NUS/SMU?
it's really hard to make decisions. with all the things holding us back, with some many things to worry and consider. it's better to think twice before we make any decisions. to my friends who are retaking A's, may i wish you all the best and study hard to obtain the grades to allow you to get into the course you want.(:

read those booklets from some university today. oh well, there's so many courses lah! and i seriously don't know which course I'm interested in and which course I'm eligible with the grades i've got. It's really competitive out there. the closing date for application is 31 mar 2009 right? or when?

okay, going rot at home. bye.

I think i'm getting more worried. OMG. D':


6th mar' 09 is a pretty important day for people who are taking back their A's. it comes and goes, and 7th mar' is coming! oh well, i was damn relieved after taking back result lah, cos' what i'm aiming is just all pass.  i have low expectation cos' i've never pass any subject throughout my jc life except for chinese lah! and i'm happy cos i did far better than i expected lah, though my result is still not that good.LOL. and surprisingly i got B for my GP, so miracle sia.

sitting in the hall waiting for result wasn't that bad actually. the talk by vp was rather short. the atmosphere wasn't that tense afterall. i believe i was much more nervous, afraid, worried for my O's years ago lah. took our result and leave the school. i don't really like people to ask me how i fared, unless u're really my friend, i mean close friend. HAHA. imagine if i did badly and u still ask me lah,i'll hate you. but no worries if u're close to me(: i will instead feel your concern.HAHA(: anyway, think my class did pretty well! well done people!(: pam did well and she deserved it! i'll miss honeymoon-ing with you in school! and for those who aren't satisfy with your result, i guess we've done our best, and those always somewhere we can go(: please take serious and careful decision! (: 

actually i don't know if i've really done my best for A's. xq asked me how i study for my A's when she was preparing for her exam. i was like don't know how to answer lah. yes i read my notes, i TRIED to memorise them without understanding most of the information, i barely did revision, and i even watched olympics( it was so tempting okay,hey wait, or was that during prelim?HAHA.) . skipping lessons for last few weeks of school to study in jj til late afternoon was quite useful. suddenly felt that i could have done better. oh well,no point saying all these.HAHA. it's good enough for someone who always get U and S! and i'm trying to tell myself "yes, u did try your best". LOL.

梁文音's song is pretty nice too(:


梁文音 - 最幸福的事

bye and take care :D

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

me pam cal wf (:
me and wf (:

hello, A's result releasing on 6march09! D':
i'm so sianjipua okay!
i wonder how that day will.
i wonder how i'll react.
i wonder if we can skip 6march.
okay, that's NONSENSE.

anyway, i'm so proud that i've finally finish reading REMEMBER ME by MARY HIGGINS CLARK(: i think her book is pretty nice! (: i've complete only 2 books by her! i wanted to find books by agatha christine yet i cant find them in library! that's so sad okay! ): and that's why i borrow Mary Higgins clark's book instead! (:


im soo like a fool. find a job sooooon!):

Monday, March 02, 2009

i'm like so free right? 
can blog every single day like that -.=

i fall deeply in ♥ with 周杰伦's 最长的电影 !!! (:

i didn't know the title of this song is 最长的电影 lah! i think my lao gong's songs are always nice and touching lah! HAHA(: though i more of his old songs than his new songs lah, i still ♥ my lao gong! :D

anyway, result coming out on 6th mar. that's a really bad news to me okay. i don't want to take it back. i don't know what to write for my resume. no more "waiting for result". okay, i maybe too pessimistic but i know my grades. oh my god. must pray pray more liao.LOL.

by the way, i dreamt of mas selemat yesterday! perhaps i saw his warrant at custom that's why dreamt of him! LOL. 

okay, i shall go read storybook. i only read 150pages lah! and they're going overdue soon! X:


Sunday, March 01, 2009

it's 1st of march already!
i think time pass pretty fast so far! okay, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

went malaysia today! NOT JB but somewhere further. it's BEKOK (oh well, i think this is the correct spelling of that place). my dad so cute lah! he kept asking me "bin, u going fall asleep huh?" when i was really going to fall asleep! it's like the travelling time takes about 2 to 3 hours leh! so what can i do beside eating and sleeping? HAHA(: it's been damn ultra since i visited the place man! it's somewhere full of memories i should say! (: i love the food over there. as in the PAI GU WANG! (: I SIMPLY LOVE IT LAH! but sad to say that it's closing down soon and it will be the last time for us to eat this pai gu wang! D": the taste is really really different lah! okay, i will seriously miss it! so will be my taste-buds!!!

anyway, worked yesterday from 4-10pm! desmond and zy worked at level 1 but i was brought to level 3 to help sharon with cashiering! i was damn freak out when the Q was getting longer and longer cos my speed is really slow. i prefer GUEST (yes, they call the customer guest. think that's a nicer way of calling them) to pay by cash so i don't need to use the credit card machine etc! HAHA(: covered hl for cashiering at level 1 after my break cos i wasn't confident enough to cover sharon! but the minute hl left me a guest came over! luckily he's the one and only! LOL. 

by the way, i love our supervisor! (:

but sad to say he's leaving soon on monday and we're his last batch! (luckily!) he's not those fierce bossy supervisor lah! though we're lack of confident and keep forgetting the steps, he don't scold us or become impatient lah! i wonder if our new supervisor will treat us this way not lah! ): and i'm pretty sure the new supervisor wouldn't treat us better. LOL.

oh well, i guess this is really a part time job since no one called us about our schedule yet! if really that's the case, i'll want a more stable job lah! i want to have a more fixed income okay!(:

found quite a number of long lost primary school friend via facebook!(: it's quite funny to look back at the photos and the comments lah! each day will become a memory for the future! and they seems to want to have a gathering! HAHA(: i think that will be quite weird since we didn't meet up for more than 6 years! and many of us changed, physically and mentally lah! HAHA(:

okay, there's no work tmr. BYE (: