Sunday, July 26, 2009

How can one week just pass so fast!

coming week shall be my last week in Choon Heng and i starts to feel a bit bu she already! this is the job which i work longest, and to be honest, it's quite a easy one especially when sok jye (the one who i covered her job when she was on MC for a month) is back! and when i get to work there longer, i get to know the people there better. oh well, there's nothing much for me to know about the aunties or uncles la, but they're actually quite nice people lah! *put asides all the office politics etc* they've been treating me quite well, at least they don't talk bad stuff about me (at least i didn't hear it) and they'll treat me nice good food which makes me FAT! HAHA,I'm so going to miss working there, for the money too of course!HAHA.

Great weekend spent with my 2 sisters!(:

yesterday went out with my er jie, we wanted to eat buffet, but the lunch buffet serves japanese sushi etc which we think don't really suit us, so we went over to the other place to take a look what they offers. there's this dim sum buffet at $28++ each, but we didn't eat it though we have the card to enjoy 50% off. we went to kopitiam at Raffles city and finally settle there cos we were too hungry. we order curry chicken and the chicken with black sauce (i don't remember the name). they're both nice and REALLY BIG PORTION! i think can 3 people eat lah! and our hunger pangs were over and we forced ourselves to finish up the food!HAHA. guess i ate around 10 pieces of chicken or even more lah! But after clearing the chicken, i suddenly don't feel the full-ness lah! HAHA. and we carried on with the durian puddin which tastes great!(: oh ya, their service is great too(:

went over to marina square to shop but there's like nothing much to shop. so we treated it as excising our legs ): headed to bugis for more shopping(: er jie bought shoes for me! Mitju really have quite many nice shoes lah! initlally my sister wanted to buy this design for me,but the largest size (40) is damn small! even my sister with usual size of 35 or 36 must wear size 38 for that design! and since they like the design too and i cant wear, she bought it for herself.HAHA. then we went bugis street. bought a top only cos we didn't carry much cash.HAHA. then meet up parents for dinner at this place flooded with people. dont ask me where cos i dont know too. but it's call tian wai tian chao zhou don't know what. not bad (:

went white sand with my third sister. then we headed loyang point to look at some stuff before we head to city plaza. bought tops at city plaza! there are quite some good lobangs but you must really go find one lah! saw one top damn cute/unique but it's selling at price of $99! that's too much for a top lah!):

okay,that's all! hope i'll enjoy my last week in the company!! (:


Sunday, July 19, 2009


So tempted to buy more tops/dresses/skirts/shoes! University should have uniform too, so at least i will have one lesser reason for spending my hard-earned money away! BUT it's GSS period! how can i miss this opportunity to buy all the good lobangs right? HAHA(:

i assume that i'll have 11days to rest before university starts BUT i still have quite a few unfinished stuff like more shoppings, more meet up, packing my cupboard,watch HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE and KBOX! oh well,it's damn quite sometime since i go kbox! but my lao po is complaining that she's broke and i wonder who can i ask to pei me! HAHA.

nice badminton session with hl yt and zy on saturday! my legs are aching instead of my arms! this shows how bad my badminton skill is cos i have to keep bending down to take the thing! HAHA. luckily i didn't promise my colleague that i'll join them today for the badminton session if not i'll be just throwing my own face. HAHA. i feel so happy that my legs are aching, crazy right? but aching means i exercised!HAHA.

anyway the above pictures were taken long long time ago! HAHA, during YOG related event!

LOVES,bean (:

Friday, July 17, 2009

I miss school days BUT I'm not longing forward for a totally different life ahead. i have to admit I'm someone who keep looking back instead of ahead! how can half a year pass so fast?! come to think of it, i didn't really do much. oh well, i can say I'm happy with my life now. though there's NO STUDIES,working isn't that stress cos I'm just a temporary staff and I'm not earning money as a living. how great would it be if this kind of lifestyle can last!(: i must be dreaming..

Finally met up with pamela zy hl and yt (: we had a simple dinner at yew tee foodcourt and nice chatting at Mac! saw quite a few familiar faces like Aaron teo and Li zhenying! HAHA. hope pam will become a bookworm! or maybe she's one already!HAHA(: oh, i didn't read for months! D':

P.S.:let it grow let it grow let it FASTER grow! i miss my longer hair,seriously!


Friday, July 10, 2009

it's so sianx to write letter. especially with the kind of English standard your friend here have and the limited vocabs i can use. HAIX.

anyway, don't think I'm going any of the university camp. cos i didn't really think about it and the camps are coming.HAHA. and I'm so surprised to see the number of camps cheryl registered! HAHA. she's going for 3camps in total. POWERFUL lo!!

that's all.



Saturday, July 04, 2009

Hello Human.

im 19years and 8days old. HAHA. Ate dinner buffet at Holiday Inn Atrium on 27th (: the buffet not bad lah. anyway, thanks to all those wished me and my beloved friends-zhenying huiling xiaoqing yanting pamela and changsheng! (: not forgetting my family(: mum bought me a Seiko watch and even gave me angbao!HAHA(:

i'm still working at Tuas that company. aren't you surprised? this is a job i worked the longest so far!HAHA(: and i still don't know when's my last day. the admin manager said they wouldn't need me till end of juy since the new admin girl come already and perhaps i only need 1 or 2weeks more. the admin manager even suggested me to work till end of june, but it's too late.HAHA. i keep emphasizing that they MUST give me 1 week notice since they've promised. But now, my account colleague says they may need me to work longer cos account need me. HAHA. actually is just those filling lah. sounds easy but is damn test your patience level. the invoices are march till june. i have to punch holes,arrange by month,then arrange by work order then write down the invoice number (since the work order is not the same as invoice no)then arrange according to the invoice number. okay,so far i spent 2days doing that! i sounds so inefficient sia, but i tried to do it quickly already. and i have admin stuff to do too! so monday i'll have to put into the file!but that's a even more tiring task cos need to remove 2 staples then slot in the invoice and staple back! so waste the staple can! okay, so i shall wait for them to tell me when's my last week..

Life seems to be quite busy, like quite many stuff on hands. i have not even touch on my After Camp Project! i was very not happy with the job allocation! i was tasked 5 jobs while others only have 1 or 2. oh well, they may think i'm not studying so im free la. BUT they're so damn wrong. im so unwilling to work for the project man, but the task im given are the first few steps for the event. HAIX!

thanks bhl for accompanying on wednesday! (: i did hair modelling and was paid 50bucks just sitting there for her to cut for an hours plus.HAHA. so im SHORT HAIR now! i seriously prefer my longer hair. nevermind, my hair is not that short, it will grow! (: ate japanese food with bhl as lunch at take. NOT THAT NICE cos it's not hot and it's too salty! then we went fareast to get to red shoes (: then we were sianx and tired so we went to have high tea at ding tai feng!HAHA(: Then before we head home, we ate mac fries.OMG, we spent $20 over on food lah! BUT ding tai feng is nice right bhl?(:

okay that's all people. half a year gone. WHY TIME PASS SO FAST? i don't want to go study! somemore is a stranger place with all the stranger surrounding me. just imaging makes me feel so sick. i don't mind honeymoon-ing with pam for the last 2 years especially she's the only closer person i can stick with. i was so dependent on her. we did almost everything together in JC and now, im left alone. PAMELA,WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME LAH! haha.


P.S. can i don't work on monday? my admin colleague not coming. i've to do those ailen stuff which i didn't touch on for a month):