Friday, April 29, 2011

Hello Humans.

Yesterday was my last day of official lecture for year 2. Stupidly, the last lecture lasted less than 30 minutes. I was like HELLO WHY DIDN'T HE COMBINE WITH THE LECTURE LAST WEEK?! Never mind, since I spent my morning mugging in LWM library. I don't know if I used the word mugging correctly, cos I only read around 40 pages of the damn HRM TB. And ya, I've read through 2 chapters of the TB which is around 100 pages within 2 days. X:

It seems to be more efficient to study out, since there'll be lesser distraction. And yes the aircon.

Anyway, PAP had a session with us people living in this condo. So they aren't really not hack-caring the residents here:D I didn't went down to support, since I was studying and eating and watching TV. HAHA. The PAP car that goes around the CCK area (I didn't know my area is under CCK GRC!) asking people to vote for them is pretty loud and clear. Unlike NSP, which is rather soft and I didn't really catch what the person was saying. LOL.

I was reading the NSP booklet this morning with my brother and we were like HMMMMM. They listed down what PAP promised or done over years and what NSP will offer/response to these items.

For example, an increase of GST from 5% to 7% by PAP is seen as a bad move. Honestly speaking, I was damn sianjipua when the GST increase to 7%. Commoner like me do not have money! BUT WELL, GST of 7% is rather low as compared to other countires! Correct me if I'm wrong that GST in Japan or HK is much higher.

Okay, let's not compare with other countries. What does GST really help? If I'm not wrong it helps to redistribute wealth. Again, correct me if I'm wrong. My economy knowledge really turn rusty but that should be that case if my memory didn't fail me. It makes sense that those who have higher purchasing power and consume more will have to "suffer" more by paying more GST. "Poor commoner" like me who are "supposed" to buy lesser will be less affected by this increment in GST. So I actually don't see why this increment is such a bad move when there's growing income gap that many Singaporeans are concern with.

However, NSP made a good point! Since it's supposed to benefit the poor, where does the remaining money that raised through this increment that not spent on them goes to? Perhaps someone need to explain it, if not people MAY assume that corruption or what-so-ever is going on. YES YES be more transparent.

Okay let's go back to NSP. Besides saying that they will decrease the current GST back to 5%, they even claim to exempt GST for necessities. How is the term "necessities" defined? It doesn't just benefit the poor but the rich too, since everyone need basic needs.

The points listed under the column of NSP seems to be very vague and weak. Points made like WHAT they are going to do but not HOW they are going to achieve them. Sorry but I'm not convinced. If the hows were to be listed, perhaps I'll be more convinced.

Oh, another post that looks like I'm pro-PAP. Maybe. Perhaps. Probably that I'm pro-PAP. But I don't think I'm really against opposition. It's quite true that if some seats of the Parliament were to be occupied by the opposition, it may helps the monitoring of our government. I think someone made a valid point. The opposition is unlikely to be the government anytime soon. Nevertheless, Nicole Seah seems to be a good leader t0-be. At such a young age, she's able to present herself and she's bold enough to have that speech. Well, I guess most or all members of the opposition parties are supposed to be daring to go against the current dominating party, so perhaps I shouldn't praise her bravo. LOL. But I got to say I sort of disagree when people judge so fast. Like towards, Tin Pei Lin, though I don't really know her. As in all I know about her is the youngest PAP candidate who owns a kate spade bag and she'll be contesting in marine parade. Comments made such as calling her kate spade or stupid comments on FB makes me wonder why some people hate her so much. Oh, shall stop here if not I'm gonna repeat what I said in earlier post. HAHA.

OOPS, I'm supposed to be mugging! HAHA. Okay, shall watch the noose before offing computer! WAHAHAH.


Monday, April 25, 2011

weird thoughts that people have

Why can secondary school kids own branded bags BUT NOT a 28-year-old adult who have been working for quite some time to own a kate spade bag? Just because she's involving in politics?

That's so childish. and stupid.

Hopefully people vote wisely. Especially those younger generation. I saw a comment saying he/she will vote for the opposition cos one ruling party is "so not cool". Hello, what needs to be cool for ruling a country? Yeah yeah, one ruling party doesn't really look good. Not all voices are being heard. But we can't deny the effort of nation building over decades right? I don't know. Are people losing their sense of appreciation? Neh, voting is not solely just sense of appreciation, that would be a bit irrational or emotional. But yup, we got to acknowledge their effort. that's what I feel.

Not trying to be pro-PAP but somehow I think some people need to be more rational and not so emotional, especially when it comes to big issues like election. Or maybe I should say what are they like shooting the person instead of looking at the issue itself.

I actually do hope opposition secure some seats in parliament. Get more voices heard. Get more things done.

By the way, I wonder what NSP and PAP can offer us man. I don't see any of them. Is it cos' I live in Condo and they simply just ignore us? HMMMM. My house have 6 votes okay, though I can't vote. LOL.

Okay, just some thoughts. (:

Year 2 is ending!

Hello Humans.

Last week of official lessons for Year 2 Sem 2 before final examination sets in and tatah~


It's like pretty fast. I'm done with completing half of my university life. It's kind of F.A.S.T.

Saw seniors printing their FYPs today. In 1 year's time, I got to come out with FYP topic. Then, in 2 years time, I'll be happily submitting my FYP! Well, happily doesn't seems to be the right word. I guess it would end up to be a mixture of feelings.

Anyway, probably this is my last stage of formal education. Ending university doesn't sounds that great either. Okay, this is not something I should be worry for at this moment. I should be focusing on my revision for Finals. Wait, have I even started my revision? OOPS. okay, I'm sort of trying to complete the books and materials for the courses. That's part of revision yay?

17 days to Finals, 21 days to freedom <3

By the way, somehow I was hoping that people can vote rationally and not too emotionally. Okay that's rather random.

bean (:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy birthday friend!

Hello Human.

Eileen's 21st birthday card (:

Did it in quite a rush since I was quite busy during that period of time! But yay, felt that I should make a birthday card for one of my important friend in JPS (:
Exterior of the card! Since 21st is sort of a "big" event, that's why I chose to make a big card for her! HAHA. okay not really big but it's sort of bigger than normal size birthday card la..

Interior of the card (: Sort of blur here but I like! :D blur blur so you can't see the content (:

Wanted to find some photos take years back in JPS but i only got the hard copies yet i bu she dei use X: Sort of like these blurish photos :D

Okay anyway, NEXT WEEK SEEMS TO BE THE LAST WEEK OF YEAR 2 SEM 2! omg that's like super ultra fast right? I didn't even really countdown or what and it just coming to an end! Freedom is mine in 25days' time!

Speaking of exam, how can one forget about exam welfare package right?! HAHA. Goodies are loved! <3 okay, cos imagine we're half way through uni life and this is the fourth time we take goodies together! 4 more to go before we leave NTU!! :D Btw i sort of like this photo! Whee.

And these are the goodies! Well, not all but some. Some others are in our stomach already X:

HSS's goodie bag is pretty good too! that's the best part of exam,LOL.

Anyway this sem I'm gonna have a pretty much longer study break! there was once that I was lucky to have 1 week study break, and the other i got 2, which is year1 sem 1 where I flew to China Si Chuan! HAHA X: the other sem was bad cos i didn't have any study break! So yay, sort of feel a bit weird with much longer time to study. Argh, better start studying HBB! Once again, time flies! Can still remember last sem went to the lib near JP with Pam! HAHAH.



Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hello Humans. This post gonna' be photos and photos. I'm a bit lazy to type. And these photos were supposed to posted earlier.
First time receiving flower! Okay, I think I need to change the word I use. First time getting flower for myself! HAHA. Sounds so Kelian but nvm. The flower is mad chio right? Just like me! HAHAHHA :D

So xq and I met at Bugis to get the flower and cake! The time we arranged was too early, so we had beancurd! YUMYUM :D

Happy birthday to YT aka tingting! HAHA, got her a MP3! (:

Celebrating the girls' birthday! :D

btw we were in Veganburg, at Eunos, which is not really near for people living in the West. But neh, the companion was great. <3 them!

the 2 other planners for their birthday:
<3 xq

<3 zy

posting with BHL's damn cute and funny birthday board/card! HAHA :D

Photos taken that day are seriously pretty and nice! I'm not being thick skin but eh, it's a fact that we are chio-bus? HAHA. okay, being chio is subjective so depends on your definition-which i don't care. HAHA.

Next week is week12. OMG, time pass damn fast. Freedom is mine in 1month's time.



Sunday, April 10, 2011

走了。 哭了。三,四年了,这样也好。

Friday, April 08, 2011

OMG I'm slacking away and trying to read HS207 reading which I was supposed to read for yesterday's tutorial. OH WELL. btw zi pai rules. LOL.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Updates on School

Hello Humans. 

So fast it's another week. Last week was pretty busy. Didn't even get to rest at home for a day. But anyway, it was definitely a week of fun (okay that's more like for the end of the week). Besides 2 quizzes on 28th March, the week was pretty much filled with biz-startup thingy and birthday-related things. 

HS314 quiz 2 was pretty surprising, cos I thought I would do worse cos this time round Genaro wasn't happy with our papers. But PHEW I managed to get B+ (: Okay jiayou, shall maintain that B+ for HS314 and I'll be very happy! 

But stupidly, HS302 (social stats)- which I found the work problems are pretty okay, and the essays are like shit, I got a freaking C+! D: I'M SUPER UBER DISAPPOINTED. I didn't prepared myself to fare so badly. In fact I was hoping for a much more decent grade like B+! and guess what the mean is 68 and the 25th percentile is 60. I score a 63. Arghh, even a A+ in final will not help me. RAH. 

Okay let's move on to something lighter! I've tried food from Hall canteen for the first time last Wednesday (after our meetin)! (: Eugene and I had dinner before heading home! Well, ZiXuan and ZhiHui stay in hall so I guess either they had eaten/not-so-fast eat their dinner. Tried Korea food ($3.90) which is pretty not bad. Eh, don't ask me which hall cos I'm not very sure too. It's near block 63. LOL. Talk about some topics like his cosplay roomie, travel and school issues. Anyway, the semi-final was on Saturday. My very first time wearing business formal! I was feeling so weird and seriously I can't really walk with my sister's heels! Well, it's not really a heels cos the heel is such a small tiny one-.- Okay, anyway, we didn't make it through but nevermind, we tried our best! (: At least we tried, HAHA :D And yes, this bunch of people are pretty nice and funny(: 

Met up with besties damn frequent last week (fri-sun) cos we got to prepare birthday cards and get their presents! (: Birthday celebration at Veganbur was great, loves my besties! :D We got to lie to them so as to give them a surprise! Glad that the surprise was successful and all of us enjoyed! (: Pretty photos are uploaded on FB by xq! (: Tell me why we so chio can! HAHA, so thick skin here but facts are the soild evidence man! Oh ya, we got each of us a flower at 90cents each! Poor flower of mine should be dead by now. I'm so sorry. Should have gave it to one of the girls right? HAHA.

I've HRM paper tomorrow and I'm not even done with one chapter. It puts me into sleep. Oh well. another weekend is coming, somehow it is.

P.S. I don't know what's wrong with blogger. Or is it me. Arghh, different colour for different paragraph, hopefully it's easier to read! HAHA.